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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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valentine's day morning with her boyfriend. the next day aguilar's family reported her missing. police say they did question several people about aguilar's whereabouts including her boyfriend. saturday investigators found the body in a rural area of fremont off morrison canyon road. police say aguilar was killed in hayward and her body was dumped in fremont. >> i'm confident moving forward hopefully sooner rather than later we will be able to provide you with a name, a photograph, and suspect information. >> at this news conference investigators say there's a person of interest in custody on an unrelated case. however, they would not say who that person is at this time or if they have any relationship to the victim. still, police feel the person of interest is aguilar's killer. >> the people of this community can sleep at night, not being worried that there's a murderer out on the loose. we're very confident moving forward that this person of interest is the right person. >> reporter: investigators say they are being tight lipped
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because it's unclear if the person acted alone or with others. in hayward, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00 tonight uc berkeley police say they are investigating a reported sexual assault at a fraternity house last friday. investigators say the alleged assault happened inside a bedroom during a party. no arrests have been made. this latest assault comes about a we can after three other reported sexual assaults near the cal campus. police released surveillance video of a possible is in those cases. he is described as black or east indian, in his early 20s, standing about 5' 9" to 6' tall. a jury in san jose delivered guilty verdicts in a campus hate crime case but not for the hate crime charges. jurors found three students at san jose state university guilty of battery but they deadlocked on hate crime charges against colin warren and logan beaschler. prosecutors had said that the
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harassment of donald dj williams junior in 2013 in their opinion rose to the level of hate crimes. the accusations included putting a bike lock around williams' neck, hanging the confederate flag, locking him in a bathroom, a closet, and calling him derogatory names. >> while today's decision was partially disappointing, it was not de-spiriting. our resolve to fight hate crimes remains unwavering. >> we're obviously disappointed that colin was convicted of the battery. i thought there was a reasonable doubt but i'm not surprised at all that the jury didn't reach a verdict on the hate crimes. >> the defendants claim the incidents were nothing more than pranks. sentencing is set for march 14th. they could each get up to six months in jail. the interim president of san jose state september a letter to students, staff, and faculty today after the verdict. susan martin said, quote, much work lies ahead as we seek to create a truly inclusive
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welcoming and safe environment for every member of our community. you can read the entire letter. we have posted it on our web site, now to san francisco where today mayor ed lyanne nunsed sweeping reforms to the city's police department as ktvu's tara moriarty reports those changes come after the controversial shooting of stabbing suspect mario woods late last year. >> we are fundamentally reengineering the way police officers use force. >> it's an effort to rebuild the broken trust between communities of color and law enforcement. >> to those who have spoken out at police commission meetings, written to us, or even come up to myself and my fellow commissioners at the supermarket, we have heard you. >> reporter: mayor ed lee, police chief greg suhr and sues' loftus announced sweeping police reforms. >> regardless of zip code, everyone deserves to have a
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relationship of trust with the police. >> reporter: this comes more than two months after the police killing of mario woods in the city's bayview district. cell phone video of officers shooting the 26-year-old stabbing suspect more than 20 times sparked outrage. >> we're trained especially since 1999 and column bayne to move towards a threat to end it quickly. we're asking the officers to almost be counterintuitive when they realize it's an edged weapon. >> reporter: today officials announced better training and tactics as well as creating more time and space so that no one gets killed. they talked about to sanctity of life and the creation of a new bureau that would oversee professional standards and principled policing. >> chief suhr responded to the call of the naacp. >> reporter: reverend amoss brown showed support for the chief but lashed out at the association. >> the naacp has unsuccessfully reached out to the police officers association who put up
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a firewall. >> reporter: sfpd sheets doubled its less lethal bane bag supply and hopes to have all its officers outfitted with body warn cameras, all changes the mayor says will help foster more positive attitudes and help break the cycle of violence. also in san francisco authorities identified a man shot to death outside of a mcdonald's. the shooting happened just before 3:00 in the afternoon as a car was pulling out of mcdonald's drive-through on fillmore and golden gate. it happens to be right across the street from a police station. investigators say the shooter walked right up to the car and opened fire hitting the passenger. he was identified as 23-year- old curtis cale and police say he was targeted. so far no arrests have been made. in vallejo a second person has now died following a drive- by shooting last friday. police say the 22-year-old died from his injuries.
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he and his father were shot while they worked on a car in the 500 block of porter street. the older man died at the scene. a woman and a nine-year-old boy inside the house were also shot. they're expected to survive. police are still searching for a motive. so far no arrests have been made. new at 6:00, pleasanton police say two robberies were likely carried out by the same person. police released this sketch of the robber described as black, 18 to 25 with a medium bid. investigators say he was with two other young men when he grabbed a 17-year-old girl's purse in the parking lot saturday night, then last night police say it appears the same man used a gun to rob a 63-year- old woman in that same parking lot. police say a burned body was found today in well-known oakland park. police were called to joaquin miller park in the oakland hills just before noon. when officers arrived they found the body on fire in a
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stone fire pit. authorities say it's still too early to tell the person's race or gender. police say they suspect the person committed suicide. >> there are new concerns about the safety of the bay bridge after a piece of concrete fell on a car in the yerba buena tunnel. tom vacar spoke to the driver of that car who says that accident could have been a whole lot worse. >> reporter: on january 30th schoolteacher liz was oakland bound in the yerba buena island tunnel when she got a very bad scare, swerving. >> all of a sudden a big piece of concrete just fell directly down in front of my car so i didn't hit it head on but it scraped along the side of my car and the rocker panel, and then popped my back tire. >> reporter: caltrans will be responsible for what happened to her, but it also needs to make additional repairs so this doesn't happen again. >> what we normally do with that, it sounds fairly low tech, but hitting with it a hammer, because good concrete laugh good ring to the.
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bad concrete sounds more thudy. that's when we found the additional 12 problems. >> reporter: though the tunnel is 80 years old the root of the problem appears to go back 52 years when the deck that holds the westbound traffic was rebuilt. decades of leaking water have attacked the masonite fiberboard pads laining the tunnel, causing expansion and corrosion of the steel and concrete underneath. but caltrans says for now all is safe. >> the concrete that's there is sound. we just to have make sure we know what factor or factors caused it to split in the first place. >> reporter: that would be one thing if it were just this tunnel ahead of us. but the problem is this is just one of many structures needing billions and billions of dollars worth of repairs. >> we clearly do not commit the funds that are necessary to take care of aging infrastructure. and it's not just that we are not now committing the funds to take care of aging infrastructure but we have deferred this for a generation. >> reporter: for california
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that price is now $700 billion needed over the next 10 years. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. another new express lane opened up on interstate 580 in the east bay today. it will run 14 miles westbound from livermore to dublin. two lanes in the eastbound direction opened up on friday. solo drivers can use the lanes if they pay a toll that's based on the traffic flow, the maximum toll would be $11. carpoolers, motorcycles, buses, and eligible clean air vehicles can use the lanes for free, but they will need an adjustable fast track flex tag. the napa valley is mourning the loss tonight of wine making pioneer peter mondavi. he was 101 years old. mondavi, seen here in the blue and white shirt, helped turn his parents napa valley winery into one of the top wine producers in the country. he and his brother are credited
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with helping to put the napa valley on the map as one of the premier wine regions of the world. a 97-year-old woman being kicked out of her home where she has lived for 66 years. >> scared to death inside. i try not to think about it because i'm libel to have a nervous breakdown. >> the outrage over her eviction. plus, mystery sold. what officials now say happened to a lot of birds covered in oil in the monterey bay last year. and i'm tracking that warm- up around here. it's going to get pretty warm tomorrow, and we'll go push forward and try to find some rain in that five-day.
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she is 97 years old and battling cancer. but now this bay area woman is in a different kind of battle. she's also fighting her landlord. >> a long time to live here, one home. somebody wants to take it away for nothing. >> marie hatch says she has lived in the same house in burling game for more than 60 years, and now she's being forced to leave. >> the lapped lord is selling that house and says that she has to be out in a little over month. >> ktvu's rob roth visited the woman who has a lot of community support and says she's not leaving without a fight. >> reporter: 66 years. that's how long marie hatch has been living in this home on california drive in burlingame. >> it's comfortable. it's a comfortable old home. >> reporter: but now at the age of 97 and fighting cancer, the landlord is evict ising marie. she received this notice
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telling her she needs to be out by mid-april, and that includes the 95-year-old tenant who rents a room from her. >> scared to death inside. i try not to think about it because i'm libel to have a nervous breakdown. >> reporter: marie says her landlady six decades ago told her she could live here the rest of her life, but the landlady has since dade, and so has the landlady's daughter and granddaughter. the attorney for the current landlord issued a statement saying the house is in a trust that must be sold and that, quote, the tenant's family must cooperate in this matter, rather than use the media regarding a purported life tenancy, according to the landlord's personal knowledge, no such guarantee ever existed. >> if he would have exempted it, he would have told me. >> reporter: two attorneys are helping her. they say they've got a pretty good case. >> when your ancestor has made a promise to someone that did so much for the family, that's just wrong so we're dog fight, and i think the community is
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rising up. >> reporter: a tenant's advocacy group says skyrocketing rents are pricing people out of town, and that marie's case is a prime example. >> this is disgusting. it's just -- it's her home. it's her garden. >> reporter: marie says all this is taking a toll. she doesn't sleep, she has panic attacks. the home where she raised her son, the home that's familiar, now the home she soon may have to leave. >> not fair. not fair. how old am i? 97? why don't they leave me here until i go to heaven, or hell, wherever i'm going. >> reporter: in burlingame, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a mysterious oil spill that covered bay area sea birds in oil has been traced now to a sunken ship. at least nine birds were rescued along beaches in monterey and santa cruz county since december. and today the international bird rescue group out of
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fairfield said the tests have linked the leaked oil to the sf jacob luck luchenbach. it cask with half a million gallons of oil. three of the rescued birds have been released. two more are still at the wildlife center. four others ended up dying. the marin county search and rescue team saved a 10-year-old girl in the sierra. she was snow shoeing with her family when she fell into a large hole. it happened off interstate 80. the 14-member team was training in the area when they happened to hear about that emergency. officials say the girl's family tried to pull her out but realized they couldn't because the hole wasn't big enough, and there was a risk of the snow collapsing in around her. rescue workers say they weren't equipped with the right emergency gear and had to rig a special rope system to pull her
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out. >> when we hold her out, and she fell on robert and scott, i'm glad i had goggles on, because i had tears. it was very emotional. >> rescue workers say they showed up at just the right time because the girl was starting to show signs of hypothermia. can you imagine how scary that would be to see your little girl fall into that hole. >> as a father of two little girls i can't even begin to imagine what. are the chances that they would happen to be training nearby and come up with that way of rescuing her, because it wasn't an easy rescue. they really had to work at it. >> very lucky. let's talk about our we that you are. >> and that's bob galen. he's the most get it done guy. if i was in hole, i would want bob. he's the real deal. he training the kids over at
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redwood. we did another story on a rescue they were involved in, the young pool boy helped out. i would want to be stearing up to bob with a caribener and a rope. what's happening with our weather? >> it stays warm and dry the next few days. 70 in vallejo, 71 in concord. so these are the forecast -- not the forecast. these are the observed highs for the day. the forecast highs for tomorrow, we're going to add four and five degrees. there's a few clouds out there now. beautiful sky, lights coming on in the city right now. just a beautiful day. it's good, and it's bad. enough said. we need rain, and we're not going to get it. that's a nice looking weather. look at the trajectory and you can see clearly, you look at the motion of the symptoms, it's all going that way. it's going to go up over the top. the problem is, in a regular
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jet stream configuration, in regular february this thing would mow into us and be good for an inch 1/2, two inches of rain, maybe more in the coastal hills. as it is now the jet stream is set up in such a way, where it's going up over us. very similar to the last four years. that we are not going to see any rain from this. maybe see a little bump in some cloud cover on sunday this week. what it's going to do is warm us up. that's the weather story this week. it's good and bad. and as we head with this high pressure the next few weeks, next few days, we're going continue to see temperatures on the increase. so i think we're going to see numbers easily make into it the mid-70s and upper 70s as we head into the next couple of days. definitely warm. cooler as we head down past that. but really since september, october, november, we all have been, you and me, all of us, have been cheering these storms on. and we have been getting them week after week after week. el niño delivering.
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then we hit this february, and it just -- it's eerie what it d. el niño is still delivering. it's delivering storms all over the place and changing weather patterns. cyclone winston, the second strongest recorded storm out in the pacific, hitting if i jail. that's a product of el niño. but the product veal anyone why he this month for us in february has been dry, almost -- certainly as dry as any of the drought years that we had. so march will light up, julie and frank, and we'll get more rain, but we needed february, and we're fought going to get. >> all right, bill, thank you. california lawmakers want to protect state parks from trademark claims. two state assembly men are introducing legs thraition would prohibit concessionaires from claiming ownership of a name. would it not affect famous hotels and attractions soon to be renamed at yosemite. >> the yosemite issue is
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federal law. so we cannot directly rewrite federal law. but i would actually say the idea inherent in this bill that if you want to be in the core business of concessions, don't betrayed marking because it raises the question whether you're the right sort of concessionaire. >> a company placed trademark protections on well-known yosemite attractions. the national park service announced last month it will change the names as of march 1st. coming up, the sharks are on the road in st. louis, battling the blues tonight, and the warriors, they're in atlanta right now taking on the hawks. mark is coming up with sports. right now we want to check in with the newsroom with a look at what we're looking on for 7:00. >> reporter: frank, the uber driver accused of killing six people in michigan makes his first court appearance today. what happened in court, and what prosecutors say suspect jason dalton has said about this string of deadly shootings. also, superstar singer taylor swift comes to the aid of a fellow artist.
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what's behind swift's quarter million dollar donation to another singer. these stories and the headlines at 7:00 on tv 36.
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mark is here with sports. warriors in progress. >> this is more like the warriors. they've been a little rusty since the all-star break. lost one, almost blew one against the clippers saturday night. but down in atlanta in the atl playing a pretty good hawks team. the warriors definitely looking like themselves, and the newcomer, the latest warrior to join the squad, the veteran center. hasn't got in yet, but he could play. look at the spin and the left- hand pass. out the corner for harrison
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barnes. he's money from there. the guys are purposed up as they're set to pull away. curry, from way downtown, got himself 19 points at intermission. the warriors are leading 58-39, up 19, and they are early going in the third quarter right now. warriors taking it to the hawks. spring training we get to a point where we can't wait for it to start, then after a few drills and all that, you're like, let's get to the exhibition games. a few exhibition game, and you're like, real game, we need it. the a's are finally in action. nice to see them start their camp over the weekend. it is none other than sonny gray creating some stuff down there, their ace pitcher. a lot of a's fans hoping that he doesn't get moved, that's for sure. tess one true star on this team. sonny gray talked about his uber ride to the park today, where the driver wasn't quite sure he was a big leaguer.
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>> i still hear it all the time, like i took an uber to the field this morning, and, you know, the guy was -- he dropped me off, and he was like, oh, i thought pitchers were taller. he had no clue who i was or anything, but it was just funny. he asked me if i was a pitcher, if camps were starting, and he was like, pitcher? and i said yeah. and he was like, i thought pitchers were bigger. and i said, well, normally they are. >> he may be administer you active by big league -- he may be diminutive by big league standards but he can throw. >> i just hope the a's can hang on to him. >> it would be nice. they need some star power, and sonny gray, definitely may not look like a big leaguer, but his arm. >> mark thank you. tonight at 10:00, a medical
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transport company shuttling patients in banged up vans. now two investigates accusations and the agency that is supposed to regulate that company. that's tonight at 12345067b8g9 have a great night, everyone. see you later. >> good night.
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