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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's tuesday morning, february 23rd. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson has his nose to the grindstone. this is a forecast that only he can handle. >> everybody is asking about the rain but none in sight. >> north but not here. it's a quiet pattern and a couple of 30s this morning. they are starting to show up. we have a lot of high clouds. and another nice sunrise. we've had a string of those and we'll see another round of that today. temperatures though starting off a little bit warmer than yesterday. santa rosa -- we'll focus on santa rosa which was 72. 71 today. i go into this projected forecast of 71 degrees. that looks good to me. let's head to oakland. and partly cloudy with a lot of the high clouds. and '4 in downtown oakland. and it won't take long to start
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warming up. 72 in downtown oakland. and a few high clouds. san jose climate data is very interesting. not so much the high and the average. but the record, 24 in 1897. except for the higher clouds, mostly sunny. fairfield and san ramon, and nice to mild to warm. above average on the temps, there could be a little bit of fog but nothing compared to yesterday. temperatures well above average and here's 70 for almost everybody. all right, sal. we have a couple things. i have an update on the crashes we've been following. in the fairfield, cordelia area. west 80 near 680 a crash has been moved to the shoulder. and traffic is slow from fairfield. and soon it might be backed up to vacaville. after that through vallejo
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looks fine. highway4 is getting slow in pittsburg and bay point. and san francisco -- avoid northbound 101. there's an overturned vehicle at vermont street. and traffic is terrible northbound 101. use the 280 extension and save yourself plenty of time. or it's early enough to use the side streets and not get on 101 at all. if you're coming into the city you'll save yourself a little bit of time. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up all the way to the maze with a 15 minute delay. and let's take a look at 280 in san jose. 6:02 and back to the desk. we have been following a developing story out of oakland. flames engulfed a buddhist temple early this morning. alex savidge has been on the scene this morning. incredible video of the fire, alex. >> really amazing to see.
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and fire investigators are narrowing down a possible cause. and what they're focusing on are reports of the people living inside temple. there were possibly some lit candles that remained lit as everyone went to sleep. they are trying to figure that out. we should know something in the next couple of hours. the people all made it out safely. you can see based on the damage that the temple was destroyed by the fire. this is the oakland cambodian buddhist temple. everyone got out safely. and three people had minor injuries of some kind this morning. this was scene. firefighters arrived before 2:00 and huge flames were tearing through the temple on east 10th street at 52nd avenue. the flames quickly spread to an unoccupied house on the back side of the property. and then to a house right next door. and because of the sheer size of this fire, there were extra
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crews called in to help control the flames. a total of 18 people were forced out by the fire, including several monks who live here at the temple. and we talked with a man who was sleeping inside the temple this morning. >> the fire -- i see -- [ indiscernible ] they were coming. >> some of those 18 people forced out by the fire are getting help from the red cross. they are on scene here and others are staying with family members nearby. a total of three homes were destroyed by the fire. that includes the home that houses the temple. and five cars were charred by the flames this morning. and as we come back out live. there are firefighters still working on hot spots, spraying the water on the hot spots,
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even though the fire broke out about four hours ago. they are still working to make sure that nothing flares back up. and the other thing is we have the fire investigator from the oakland fire department at the scene. and he has been interviewing all of the people staying in the temple and the nearby homes trying to get their account of what took place and trying to pinpoint a cause. we expect they'll have a determination of maybe about 8:00 this morning commute. we should find out more information by then. 6:05 is the time now. and police in danville are investigating the deaths of a man and a woman believed to be a murder, suicide. the neighbor called about 6:15 last night to report fumes coming from the closed garage door of a home on cross bridge place. the police found 63-year-old paul sween unconscious.
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he was pronounced dead at the moment. a 55-year-old woman was found dead from a gunshot wound. police have not released any information and the investigation does continue. there'll be demonstrations around the world showing support for apple in the fight against the federal government over phone privacy. apple is fighting a court order to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. janine de la vega -- >> reporter: we're not sure how many people will show up. but there's a planned rally at the apple store on university avenue and the protesters will be holding up iphones with a sign saying fbi don't break our phones. and what they're referring to is that the phones are pass code protected and they are concerned that the government is going to hack into their phones. grass roots group called fight
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for freedom is organizing demonstrations in 30 cities across the country including san francisco, los angeles, and new york. they are going to take place in front of apple stores. in washington, d.c. protesters will be in front of the fbi headquarters. demonstrators will be holding banners saying secure phones save lives. they support tim cook for not complying with the court order to break into the phone of syed farook. the fbi thinks there may be clues to terrorism on the phone. cook says making software that undermines encryption sets a dangerous precedent. they say they just wants to open one particular phone and apple could destroy the software. the associated press is
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reporting that bill gates thinks apple should help the fbi. lots of opinions and heated debate. no surprise that there are these rallies happening across the country. >> all right, janine de la vega in palo alto. thank you. time is now 6:08. the people of kalamazoo, michigan are coming together in the face of the tragedy there. there was a candlelight vigil for the six people killed saturday night in a shooting rampage. the victims range from a high school senior to a 60-year-old retired english teacher who was a mother figure to students at an alternative high school for the at risk teams. >> we have a kalamazoo community. we are a kalamazoo family. and together we are saddened. >> earlier in the day the suspect jason dalton appeared in court. he was denied bail. investigators say he confessed to killing six people and injuring two others, he was an
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uber driver and picked the victims at random. police have not been able to determine a motive for the shootings. jason dalton did pass an uber background check. but they are facing tough questions about safety. dalton picked up uber fares after the first shooting and possibly others after the other shootings. one passenger who road with him before the shootings started said he started driving recklessly after getting a phone call. when the passenger was able to jump out of the car he called police and uber. uber says it suspends drivers accused of violent acts. in the case of erratic driving, they typically contact the driver to get both sides of the story. the chief security officer wouldn't say if they were able to get in touch with dalton.
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tougher background checks would force the ride sharing companies to fingerprint drivers. san francisco unified is set to vote tonight on whether to provide condoms to middle school students. the vote was delayed over concerns that many parents would not be able to make it to the meeting because of chinese new year's celebrations. students would have to meet with a social worker or the school nurse to receive the condoms. and parents would not have a right to opt out. some critics say the program is shocking and unnecessary. time is 6:10. all the political eyes are on the republicans today in the nevada caucus. many experts expect donald trump will win again. we'll bring you a live report on the race for the white house coming up at 6:30. and up next, changes to the loyalty program at starbucks. the reason it's making some customers unhappy. good morning. we are looking at a couple of
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issues out there in the commute. 237 is getting slower. but san francisco is trying to steal the spotlight. we'll tell you what's going on on northbound 101. a lot of high clouds and the full moon was yesterday at 10:20 in the morning. and now we see the waxing gibbous. the forecast is coming up.
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a report examined the deaths of inmates in the alameda county jail system. the family of mario martinez will file a lawsuit against the county, the sheriff, and the jail healthcare provider. the rally is set for 11:00 this morning. mario martinez died last july at the santa rita jail from respiratory problems after he didn't get a recommended nasal treatment despite two court orders. the lawsuit is citing corizon for failure to train the medical staff, failure to implement policies at the jail, and also deliberate indifference to the serious medical needs of patients. >> everyone just failed him. and he suffered and died an ugly death and that probably is the worst part for me. >> the sheriff's department is
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responsible because they didn't provide the medical care or the proper housing, and corizon had a duty to provide medical care and they didn't do it. >> corizon has faced lawsuits around the country with settlements worth tens of millions of dollars. they say they provide high quality healthcare and reentry services and will improve the safety of patients and reduce recidivism and better the communities. skyrocketing rents were the subject of a town hall meeting held by congresswoman jackie speier in san mateo. renters, reality or thes, and landlords were there. she's been hearing stories about massive rent hikes and i victims ranges. she organized the gatherings to hear the stories firsthand.
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>> no reason was given me. i tried to reason with the landlord and they would refuse to speak with me. >> my family and i have been homeless for five months. our studio rent raised from $850 to $2100. >> i agree that there are outrageous rent increases but not every unit is an outrageous rent increase. >> at least one woman felt the problem of rent increases did not affect everyone. according to zillow. the median rent in san mateo county is up almost 63% since 2010. starbucks is changing its reward program and some are not happy about it. under the old program. members received a star per visit and it didn't matter how much they spent. after 12 stars you received a free item. the new program you'll need 125
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stars to earn a free item. a customer would have to spent $62.50 to get a free item. i'm looking at the coffee. that's what i was thinking about, coffee. >> do you need some this morning? >> a little extra would be good on some days. >> i think i'm going in for my second cup, stand back. >> move out of the way everyone. we have one of those things where if you work in san francisco and use the car you might want to take your coffee took. northbound 101 there's an accident with an overturned vehicle at vermont street. they've issued a sig-alert. use the 280 extension to get into downtown or you can use city streets and don't get on the freeway at all. lots of times i use the other
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streets because i hear about a crash or use the 280 extension to the sonoma area. bay bridge toll plaza -- traffic is a 10 to 15 minute delay. 237 is going to be backed up as you drive past -- i'd like to go back to the map. i forget to mention something that might get me in trouble with the people of fairfield. there was an accident at cordelia junction but traffic is slow. let's go to steve. i need to make a correction. i said the waxing gibbous, it's the waning. waning is after. thank you. it happens, right? >> it sure does. we do have a lot of high clouds and temperatures will be near 70 degrees in the sunrise photos, three, two, one, go. [ laughter ] they will start to
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come in. barry was watching earlier. and we were talking. and pamela, pay attention and get off your phone. he's in north boulder creek. about your comment on san diego -- >> uh-oh. >> my son lives there and surfing is the way he starts and ends his day. remember those days. you were saying how the weather report starts with the surf report. and sausalito, nice sunrise. that's a purdy one, yes, sir, that's purdy. and the forecast headlines, high clouds and warm and upper 60s, 70s. warmer tomorrow. and mostly sunny. friday and saturday, rain well to the north. san francisco starting with a lot of high clouds. and 52 downtown. and we go mostly sunny and a high of 70 degrees. and i think there'll be more clouds than in the afternoon. look at the record low of 38 back in 1890.
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stay, 70, 52. average is 61, 48. above on both. and hayward we'll go 70 degrees. and starting at 48 degrees. that's about right. almost everybody coast, bay, and inland will be near 70. fairfield is 39. and san ramon is in there. want towards the south? not morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz is 46. saratoga is also 46. and 14 in truckee. and these higher clouds are on the way out. and every system coming in is very weak. so it's a dry forecast and we zip ahead to friday. a possibility of light rain to the north. and another system on sunday. these look to be north of mendocino and not here. nice to mild to warm and patchy morning fog. more sun in the afternoon and more high clouds in the morning. and a dry pattern. 60s and 70s. temperatures are well above
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average and looks like they'll stay this way through thursday. and we may flirt with records as we get to thursday. 70s for many. and warmer wednesday and thursday. and cool down on tap friday with the system to the north. time now 6:21. a young girl who fell through a hole while snow showing in the sierra was rescued just in time. up next, the lucky coincidence that had a search and rescue team in the right place at the right time. and coming up in 15 minutes, we have a story you'll see on two. san francisco police take a record number of illegal guns off the street.
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>> within back to mornings on 2. one person was killed and seven hurt after a commuter train slammed into a crane. there were just a few passengers on the train at the time. the maintenance crane was crossing the tracks when the train collided with it. the driver of the crane has been detained for questioning. scary moments for 165 people on a jet in japan.
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>> not what you expect to do. an engine caught fire as the japan airlines plane was about to take off. smoke got in the passenger cabin and the crews stopped the plane on the taxiways so everyone could use the emergency chutes and get to safety. the plane was headed from northern japan to southern japan. meantime, the death toll from the cyclone that hit the fiji islands keeps rising. 29 people died in the storm. officials expect the number to grow as searchers are able to get to areas cut off by the damage. many of the buildings on correlate island are flattened. almost all of the rest are badly damaged and teams will looking for places to build temporary shelters for the 4500 people who lost their homes. a 16-year-old boy on the helicopter that crashed in hawaii last week has died from
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his injuries. last thursday's crash was caught on video. the boy was one of five people on board the helicopter and he was trapped underwater and had to be cut free from the seat belt. the others on board survived the crash. federal investigators are investigating the cause. the marin county search and rescue team was practicing drills in the sierra and rescued a 10-year-old girl who had fallen in a hole in the snow. it happened off interstate 880 near donner pass. she was snowshoeing when she fell. family members tried to pull her out but the snow was close to collapsing. the 14 member rescue team was training nearby. and they rigged a special rope system to get that child out. >> they put like a harness over me and they pulled me up. i said thanks for helping me and getting me out. >> the rescue workers say they
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got there just in time. the girl was just starting to show signs of hypothermia. we are learning more about the death of a woman last seen at a party. what police are saying about the investigation and a person of interest who is in custody. >> reporter: a woman and teenage girl attacked and robbed. how police are now trying to track down the three men they believe are responsible for strong arm robberies at a shopping mall parking lot in the east bay. we are looking at a commute that's going to be slow in many areas. this is a look at the richmond bridge approach. not too bad on the way to san rafael. a lot of high clouds and a nice sunrise and another beautiful day. there you go. there's the morning sunrise, a beautiful day. temps coming up.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday,
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february 23rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's coming up on 6:30. went to go right over to steve. once again, bringing us a beautiful sunrise. >> had to paint you a pretty picture. yeah, yeah. >> thank you. >> number 72 is a little tough. i wouldn't say it's a bob ross painting but we're close. we have a lot of high clouds coming over. might hold the lows up a teeny bit. cold for some. and upper 40s, 50s for others. let's look ahead to march and the annual rainfall. we're going to need a lot of help in march. especially southern california they are falling into uh-oh territory. let's hope we double the amounts. partly cloudy downtown oakland with the higher clouds. and mostly sunny. and a high of 72 in downtown oakland. if you work or live there, it will be sunny.
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40s to 50s. and a pretty big spread on some of the temps. and temps will hover near 70 degrees after everything is said and done. nice to mild to warm. no fog yet but we'll keep it in the mix. more sun in the afternoon. and near 70 pacifica. hayward, livermore, vallejo. sal, good morning, sir. good morning to you. we've had a couple of things that have caused unexpected delays. and those are the ones that get people upset when you're driving to work and it takes longer than usual. and northbound 101 is backed up from near third street all the way to downtown san francisco. near vermont street is where the crash was. and they have just canceled the sig-alert but the traffic is slow. they've gotten the cars out of
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the way. i would wait a little bit before using 101. they just got rid of the crash. it was out there for a while. let's move along and take a look at the commutes. 80 westbound near the cordelia junction there was an accident there. 680 is a lot more normal than yesterday and slow through pleasant hill and walnut creek but nothing like yesterday. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. if you're using the richmond bridge, so far, so good. 6:32 and let's go back to the desk. shoppers in the east bay are being asked to be on alert. there were two robberies in a shopping mall parking lot. and one of them involved a gun. allie rasmus is in pleasanton with a police sketch of one of the suspects. good morning, raleigh. >> reporter: a lot of people
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say what's startling is not just the fact that robberies happened in the parking lot. but one happened 1:30 on a sunday afternoon. that's prime time for a shopping mall. and there were a lot of people here when this happened. the area where it happened is the southwest side of the mall outside the cheesecake factory and p.f. chang's restaurant. a 63-year-old woman was by her car and three men pulled up in an suv. they got out and tried to grab her purse. one had a gun or a rifle. and when the woman tried to yank her purse back, she fell backwards. the suspects kicked her in the back. and shoppers that ktvu talked to say car break-ins are not unusual but a robbery involving assault definitely is. >> i guess it could happen to anyone so it was like someone
6:34 am
in their 60s and a teenager. so they're not targeting a specific type of person so i'll hold onto my bags tighter. >> a lot of cars have been broken into. and that's completely different from armed robbery. when armed robbery is in person with a gun. >> reporter: the second robbery happened saturday evening. this involved a 17-year-old girl. it was in the same parking lot area. she was leaving the cheesecake factory with her friends. this young lady was punched in the face and they took off with her purse. the vehicle in that incident was different. a silver honda pilot. and pleasanton police believe the same trio of men were behind it. here's a sketch of one of the robbery suspects. three men between the ages of 18 and 25 may be tied to other strong arm robberies in the
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pleasanton area. anyone who has seen anything should call police. shoppers in general should be on alert. and pleasanton police have stepped up patrols in the area in light of what happened. dave and pam, back to you. time is 6:35. police in hayward have a person of interest in custody who they believe shot and killed a young mother from san jose. 22-year-old stacey aguilar was last seen leaving a party in hayward with her boyfriend on february 13th. her body was found saturday in a rural part of fremont. police won't say whether the boyfriend is that person of interest but they say the boyfriend is in custody on a domestic violence charge related to aguilar. police say they'll tell us the person's name as soon as prosecutors file homicide charges. >> the people in this community can sleep at night not being worried that there's a murderer out on the loose.
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we're very confident moving forward that this person of interest is the right person. >> police say one reason they are not releasing much information is they are trying to determine if the person acted alone or if others were involved. some harsh accusations are flying on the campaign trail as the republicans go to the polls that i. brian flores joins us with more tough rhetoric from the front runner donald trump >> reporter: and coming into the nevada caucuses, this could be a victory for him. the bat eight for second place is heating up. with marco rubio scoring endorsements and may have gained voters from a blunder from a member of ted cruz's campaign team. the new york billionaire has a double digit lead heading into the caucuses. ted cruz made headlines for firing his communications
6:37 am
director after a doctored video spoke. rubio says the bible has all the answers. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. and then he olds up the bible and he lies. >> marco rubio is coming off a second place finish in the south carolina primary and is hoping for a strong showing in nevada. the florida senator held a rally in elko where he took aim after bernie sanders and hillary clinton rather than his republican rivals. there are several days until the south carolina primary on saturday. senator bernie sanders continues to attack hillary clinton's ties to wall street. and hillary clinton has been making campaign stops in california after nevada and south carolina, democrats and
6:38 am
republicans will vote in 12 states on super tuesday next week. meanwhile, voter turnout in nevada is expected to be pretty low. and officials expect 10 to 15% in nevada. >> all right, brian. >> that's low. and we'll continue our coverage. we'll have full results from nevada tonight on the 10:00 news. and we'll have updates on, twitter, and facebook. time is 6:38. and san francisco mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr announced sweeping police reforms aimed at rebuilding trust in the police department. they talked about the new policies at a news conference. it's in response to the protests over the deadly police shooting of mario woods. the reforms include better training, body cameras, and requiring officers to report whenever they point a gun at a
6:39 am
suspect. san francisco police say they're taking a record number of illegal guns off the streets now. officers seized 1085 guns last year. and ktvu received an exclusively look at some of the 304 guns taken off the streets last year by officers in the bay view district. shotguns, pistols, and a military grade sniper rifle. >> it's amazing how many guns some of these officers get. >> the captain of the bay view police station says the increased seizure efforts all contributed to a 15% drop in the number of shootings in the bay view last year. the captain says a big number of the guns officers recover -- about 30 to 40% of them -- they're stolen. >> san francisco police have identified a victim in a deadly shooting at a mcdonald's. curtis cail was targeted by his
6:40 am
killer. he had been arrested for a homicide in 2013 but that case was dismissed. greg suhr does not know if it was related to the shooting, but cail was a passenger in a car. the shooter walked up to the car and fired before getting in a gray sedan that drove away from the scene. investigators are now reviewing surveillance video that may have shown the suspect or the getaway car. a man died following a drive-by shooting. he succumbed to the injuries yesterday. he and his father were working on a car. a woman and a 9-year-old boy inside the home were hurt in the shooting. no arrests have been made. the time is 6:40. is it possible workers at the
6:41 am
super bowl were cheated out of their pay? coming up in 20 minutes, the lawsuit filed over the allegations. and up next, another win for the warriors, and the milestone reached in the middle of a long road trip. good morning. we're looking at interstate 880 here. and traffic is going to be okay as you drive up to downtown oakland. we'll see a little bit more slow traffic at the toll plaza. san jose, you are looking good this morning. sunrise over the big city. and we have a big sunrise. temperatures will be warming up. we'll tell you how much.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:43 and uc berkeley police are investigating another reported sexual assault. this time at a fraternity house on friday. police are not saying which fraternity but the assault took place in a bed room during a party. no arrests have been made and anyone with information is asked to call uc berkeley police. the latest incident comes a week after three other reported sexual assaults near the cal campus. three white college students at san jose state have been found guilty of battery against a former roommate who is african-american. colin warren was the only of the three in the courtroom yesterday. the students were found guilty of battery but the jury deadlocked on hate crime
6:45 am
charges. joseph bomgardner was found not guilty of a hate crime. there are allegations of putting a bike lock around his neck, and locking him in a closet and calling him derogatory names. >> today's decision was partially disappointing but not dis-spiriting. our resolve to fight hate crimes remains unwavering. >> we're disappoints that colin was convicted of the battery. i thought there was a reasonable doubt. i'm not surprised they didn't reach a verdict on the hate crime. >> sentencing is scheduled for next month. they could get up to six months in jail. >> the interim president of san jose state sent a letter to students, staff, and fact actuality after the verdict.
6:46 am
much work lies ahead as we seek to create a welcoming and safe environment for every member of our community. it's time to check in with gasia who is in the newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: when i join you in the next hour, what appears to be a big change from ted cruz on the issue of illegal immigration. what he says now about rounding up illegal immigrants that's in stark contrast to what he said. >> bedbugs were to blame for kyrie irving missing the game. what he says about the unwanted visitors. the golden state warriors have reached 50 wins faster than any team in nba history. they beat the hawks 102-92
6:47 am
despite giving up a lead. receive curry came back in during the 4th quarter and helped the warriors regain control. he finished with 36 point experience the warriors head to miami to play the heat tomorrow. the san jose sharks won on the road, something they've done consistently all season. a big hit right there. it sidelined -- san jose beat the blues 6-3. and the sharks 21st road game win ties the washington capitals for most in the league. the most road games won in a season is 31 by the detroit red wings, and that was 10 years ago. >> >> 6:47 is the time. back over to sal to check on traffic. you were keeping an eye on a few things. things have improved a little bit but we still have slow traffic.
6:48 am
if you're wondering what it's like to get into san francisco, it's a 10 to 15 minute wait at the toll plaza. no major problems getting in to the city and traffic is okay. in san francisco we had an earlier accident that's clear on northbound 101. it's slow from 280 gets better after cesar chavez. 280 is getting a little bit of slow traffic on the extension getting off at 4th and 6th, king street and 6th. westbound, 80, fairfield, slow traffic through fairfield. there was an earlier accident near the cordelia junction. and now on 280 in san jose we see northbound traffic there getting up past the downtown area. it's slowing all the way to cupertino. 6:48 and let's go to steve in the weather center. another cool to mild start here. i won't say cold but there are
6:49 am
30s and high clouds. and in the afternoon, it looks to be mostly sunny. still a dry pattern and the sunrise photos have been roaring in. a red sunrise this morning. thank you. that's very nice. one of many i've seen. and knack pack, snack pack on twitter. i love your tie selection. it's so lovely. thank you, snack pack. i appreciate that. snack pack. >> i like that name. >> i do too. and glad you like the tie too. we'll go with high clouds and starting in the 50s and end at 70 warm degrees. that's 9 degrees above arch. and santa rosa has a lot of high clouds. i cooled you off 1 degree. yesterday was 72. and i'm going 71. 42 chilly degrees to start with. everybody will be close here. the higher clouds in the morning. and mostly sunny in the afternoon. a definite break.
6:50 am
and a few will filter through later. the system is weak and moving north. 38, 39. thank you, san ramon and fairfield. and palo alto, that observation, 43. and livermore is in there as well. 42 novato. and upper 30s at walnut creek. and danville. 47, 49 for antioch and brentwood. and 40s, for lafayette and moraga. 30s mendocino county and lake county. and the clouds are holding up a wee bit. and lots of sunshine. so nice to mild to warm here. i haven't found any fog, maybe a teeny bit. yesterday there was a lot more. 70s on the temps or upper 60s. everyone is pretty close. sausalito 71. and 70 for livermore. that's two warmer than
6:51 am
yesterday. alameda 70. and walnut creek at 72 degrees. and 75 in gilroy to 72 santa cruz. and 74 cupertino. and take your pick. san mateo, san francisco, pacifica and half moon bay. warmer wednesday and thursday, and there'll be a weak system to the north and it might give rain to the north. >> one of our viewers, tom, wanted to know if you saw a fire ball shoot across the sky. >> have not. did you? >> i didn't see it. >> i didn't see it. >> i said i'd check it out with steve. there are the stars of the academy awards. we'll take a look at how oscar statues are made and the story of how they got their name. and another san francisco
6:52 am
business demanding action. what it wants customers to do as the homeless tent city continues to grow nearby.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:54. danville police are looking for a teenager who hasn't been seen since he was dropped off at school. he went missing thursday morning at san ramon valley
6:55 am
high school. investigators believe he ran away after arguing with his parents. they say he doesn't have a cell phone with him. and hasn't been in touch with anyone. she's described as 5'10", weighing 150 pounds. and you have any information. call danville police. california's capital city has seen the largest increase of violent crime of any large city in the country. the public policy institute of california compiled a report based on fine statistics and found that sacramento's rate of violent crimes increased significantly in the first half of 2015. sacramento police say 2014 had actually one of the lowest crime levels in 10 years. here in the bay area, san francisco ranks eight on the list for vital crimes and number one in property crimes. san jose ranked 13th for violent crimes and 6th for
6:56 am
property crimes. there's a new bill making its way through the state legislature. it sames to set a limit on how much alcohol people can drink at a bar. if approved it would require anyone serving alcohol to take a course to identify customers who may be drinking too much and then intervene or cut off the customers. most server training courses are voluntary. 18 states are laws requiring servers to complete alcohol training courses. an increasing number of people are demanding that san francisco do something about a growing tent city. the camp lines the sidewalk. and some businesses in the area say there's a lack of urgency at city hall to keep the area safe and clean. the rainbow grocery store is handing out fliers asking customers to contact city leaders, the cfo plans to speak
6:57 am
at a city meeting thursday. >> we need portable toilets for 24 hour accessibility. discharge cans with daily discharge pick up. >> city hall is working to get people off the streets and out of the tents. it recently opened a shelter at pier 80 which holds up to 180 people. there was a massive early morning fire in oakland that destroyed a buddhist temple and two other buildings, we just god an update on what started all of this. alex savidge is out there. and he'll have a live report. and showing support for apple as it battles the fbi over privacy rights. the rally is in the bay area.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. flames destroyed this buddhist temple here in oakland this morning. and burned two neighboring homes. we'll tell you about the annual celebration that likely led to the destructive fire. >> reporter: rallies are being held across the u.s. in front of apple stores.
7:00 am
we'll have the latest on the fight for phone privacy and the legal battle between the tech giant and the fbi. >> this is she show. >> 7:00 this tuesday morning, february 23rd. i'm gasia. >> gas ya, you like lovely. >> it feels like summer. >> it will be summer like for february. 70degrees in the forecast. we have the waning moon setting here. and some higher cloud. a cool to mild start to the day. there were a few 30s. not easy to pronounce and i'm going with janet. she also got the picture of the sunrise and moon


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