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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 23, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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it's a mission to thin the herd from a helicopter. but -- >> it all goes wrong. >> see the moment things start going south. a free diver gets up close with a whale. >> who also gave her a concert. >> how she got the best seat in the south pacific. he wished away his girlfriend to a mountain top where -- >> he vowed not to let her get away. >> the stunning sunset proposal that sealed the deal. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and hang in at the famous gum alley.
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think of one of the most shocking things you could do. >> he does it. >> why this one's a little hard to swallow. oh! they say everything's big anywhere texas. this is how they do wild hog hunting. a couple of guys riding along in this helicopter taking shots at this hog. you can see on the left-hand side. before you ask why they're doing it, because a lot of states in america, huge overpopulation with wild hogs. they estimate 2.6 million or more. and this costs $500 million of damage a year. as such, in texas it's legally to hunt wild hogs year-round. what's going do happen here? are we going to have a gun jam? see something incredible? then it all goes wrong. the pilot seems to let up on the stick. >> they are going down. >> they're going down and they're going down hard. >> but they lean over -- >> the rotors evaporate into a
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number of pieces. you can hear it rotating as it slowly comes down. >> they've got a lot of loaded weapons and hopefully everything is on safety. >> i got it. i got it. >> oh my [ bleep ]. >> i think he's a little angry about the situation. i think everyone will be thrilled about it as well because -- you saw the situation. >> everybody walked away. >> what happened, what took this thing down? did the pigs fire back? >> the engine goes down -- >> i'm surprised the pigs didn't attack once they did hit the ground. >> any injuries to the guys inside the helicopter? >> all we heard is everybody walked away, which is pretty lucky, considering the violence of when the rotor exploded. i think quite the hunting story. [ whale song ] >> natalie para is a free diver. those are people who don't take any gear with them, just a flippers and a bathing suit. and they see what they can see under the sea, as long as they
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can hold their breath. she got an up-close view of a whale who also gave her a concert. [ whale singing ] >> what? >> oh cool. >> that is so cool. >> it's such a unique way to dive. there are inherent dangers, but the fact that you're not hearing the rebreather or the bubbles, you can hear everything in the water, it must be magical. [ whale singing ] ♪ >> at this point she's much more like the whale. she doesn't have all the encumbrances. >> some people might get intimidat intimidated, not having any gear. when you see something like that big you would like to take a breath and breathe in.
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i can't imagine free-diving like this. >> the video was posted by keiko conservati conservation. they're a social media platform that want people to be more aware. world around us and take care of the animals in the water. philadelphia police are looking for these two men. you see them here on camera entering this barber shop. they have on ski masks and they're about to pull out their guns and order everybody to the ground. it's a stick-up, y'all. >> sticking up a barber shop? it's not exactly like there's going to be that much money. >> this is something that happens often in various neighborhoods. there happens to be cash on hand. customers who have cash, the barbers have the cash as well. and they're open late and most of the time they're unsuspecting, so it happens, unfortunately. just like nail shops and salons. >> i feel like this is as much about a power trip and establishing territory, as it is about the money.
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it's an easy target, you go in there, flex their muscles a little bit. people know now those guys are in the neighborhood. >> one of the witnesses told the police that the robbers started yelling, this is not a joke. >> they did get away with $170. the fortunate part is nobody was hurt. >> more masked men in russia this time a jewelry store. the three men run in again with ski masks on, bags in hand and this is just brutal. they start to smashup all of the counters. they have their bags out and they're just snatching rings, necklaces, bracelets. >> the guy reached in the cabinet. took out the trays of jewelry. but they're busting it up, anyway. >> it seems like they spent a lot of time thinking about it somebody jammed the door open. a lot of jewelry stores have a lock that can prevent that. >> a total of about $66,000 u.s. in damages and property that they took. it just -- it's a bad situation all around.
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this time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need tuesday's buzz word. be 18 years old at least and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm bus word is coming up. we've seen tandem sky dives on the show before, but this tandem jump you have never seen before. and it is going to blow your tandem-jumping mind. this is in slovenia. you have two professional ski jumpers, rok urbank and jaka root. they're hoping to set a world record. they're both going to jump on one set of skis at the very top of this hill. the idea for the tandem ski jump came from and dare i say these two skiers jumped at the opportunity.
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>> this is like four blown knees to me. >> i will tell you they are scared for this. because yeah, lots of things can go wrong. will it work? this has never been done before. >> this is going to be brutal. >> here we go, three, two, one -- down the ramp they go. and you have this from multiple angles. >> okay, okay, okay. >> is that just their warm-up? >> no, that was the jump. sue he they land, they both end up basically doing splits at the very bottom. but they nail it, you guys. they jump about 150 feet. >> it looks like they went about 150 miles per hour. >> regardless of what this looks like to you, they still did it. >> how many times have we seen people fall over on the bunny slope. the most impressive part to me was the joint pizza. >> now that we know it's
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possible. are we going to see this in the olympics now? >> come on, a lot of people are going to watch it, team ski jumping. after having a little dental work -- >> she thinks she's a reality star. >> see which star she immersed herself into. this is so sad. and a joyride gz bad real quick. >> up ahead there's a deeper rut to theht soto the right so she . >> when the unexpected happens. i do ? but no phd... i do have a masters in early childhood development you don't mind if i record this, do you? first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas... ...likes to pull on jewelry, so you might want to... ...lose the nose ring
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scratch relief. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by --er plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond®. relief starts now. tweet us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. this love story is somewhat of a fairy tale and they've got the engagement video to prove it. >> once upon a time -- >> kevin met diana in 2011. >> he walked right up to her, he said it was love at first sight. he felt so lucky. he bought a lottery ticket and won -- >> how much? >> $200. >> he vowed not to let her get away and he decided to propose. >> he put together this
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beautiful sunset mountain proposal. >> he had help from just because vancouver. pulled out all the stops. beautiful flowers. and an arch, hanging lottery tickets to signify their love. >> taking in this view of grouse mountain near vancouver. >> that's beautiful. >> time to pop the big question. friends looking on. of course she said yes. >> i love how emotional he is. he really loves this girl. >> and he feels like he hits the jackpot. >> to seal the deal they're going to release the balloons and make a wish but he says his wish already came true. they ride off happily into the sunset, happily ever after. the end. this guy on the suv looks to be in the outback of australia. guys will do this if they're spot fogger a four-wheel drive vehicle. they'll run ahead, look at the trail and say you're good. hop back on the running board.
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i imagine that's what he's doing. but it goes real bad real quick and i just didn't see it coming. >> slow down, slow down! >> what the heck happened? >> suddenly he gets thrown off the board to the ground. >> ran over my foot. >> oh now! >> i'm all right, i'm all right. >> i don't see him what caused him to so violently fall off. >> he claimed to have a broken foot. >> it's bizarre. >> this one is bizarre. because they're going so slow on a trail that's pretty simple. and suddenly he is being run over by a truck. >> slow down, slow down! >> this guy on a mountain bike. rodgers trail, as he progresses down the trail you notice there are some wash-outs, some rut. perhaps there was some rain and mud that caused this trail to erode a little bit. and if you you've ridden a bicycle or mountain bike of any kind, you know those rut can tense you out.
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they can be kind of dangerous. >>. oh! >> that's a rut. >> that's an opening in the earth. >> he got into the rut and quickly and violently got spat out. >> yeah. >> that one hurt. >> oh. >> this is emma and she thinks she's a reality star. >> i'm kim kardashian. >> she thinks she's related to kim kardashian. because after a little dental work, her lips got swollen. she thinks she's kim's little sister. >> the kylie challenge. >> yeah, she thinks she's kylie jenner. >> so your dad is cate lin. >> what? my dad is caitlyn jenner?
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>> are you kris jenner? mom? >> no. you need to stop talking so much, you're bleeding. >> she's like, i want to go home. >> where. >> to my house. >> to your bedroom? >> my mansion. >> she's just fully immersed herself in the kylie jenner persona. >> that makes me so sad. get off the steady diet of reality tv. >> this does make a lot of sense. because living with the kardashians would be like pulling teeth. >> i'm not the parent, i'm not caitlyn. i'm just a kid. kylie. that ball has now become her worst nightmare. >> the toy is big enough that it's filling up her bike. >> see if she gets rid of it.
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for just $9.99. online only. at >> announcer: promotional considerations provided by -- many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. what did you do, honey? >> look at this precious dog chilling on this couch with one of those chew toys in his mouth. he's so happy. except -- it's actually stuck in her mouth. >> no way. >> it's stuck. >> and this is the -- look of humiliation, because she can't get rid of it. >> let me help you. let me help you. >> oh, my gosh. it's like the long ways, she
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can't open her mouth any further. >> her canines are stuck in the hole on either end of this chew toy and the toy is big enough. that it's filling up her bite. >> like is like one of the old cartoons when the lions stuck a stick in. >> that's exactly right. >> it takes a little working in there to unhook the tooth from the toy. >> got it. >> eventually they remove the chew toy from the poor dog's mouth. >> you going to do that again? >> he's like all right, thanks, what took so long. >> what do we know about dogs? they're cuddle bugs, man. they're pack animals. they like to cuddle up and sleep together. >> what do we know about cats? >> they're a little tempermental. >> they don't at all. >> this dog cozies up to that cat. meanwhile, the cat is like no no, not today, sucker and he starts pushing him away. that cat is twice as big as that
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dog. >> like let him just snuggle up. >> the cat is like you got the whole bed here. you smell like dog, get away. >> just think right, somewhere right now out there in the world, kanye west is tweeting about it. >> that's happening right now. but this might actually distract him for a few minutes. >> plus some cooking with name-brand clothing. >> this cooking experience we got to make batter. i've never done this before. i just bought this deep-fryer. >> he's getting together his batter because he's going to be deep-frying something. >> what is he going to be deep-frying. >> you're asking me why deep frying is easy. honestly, i think it would be dope to have a deep-fried pair of yeezys. that's so much doper to me than wearing them on my feet. >> this man is not deep-frying
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his yeezy tennis shoes? >> yes, he is. >> yeezy boots, they go for about $1,000, $2,000 online. at resale they sold out in like two minutes and this guy has decided that he's going to deep fry them. >> great. and then -- eat them, obviously. >> obviously. >> you want to flip it over just like that. >> he said he paid about $650 for his. but now he's going to deep fry them. probably won't be worth that much afterwards. >> that batter is all wrong from beginning to end. >> he's going to ruin the shoes. >> i am so confused. >> you and 100,000 people 0 on youtube may be generally confused by this. i get it, i get that he's doing this because of how ridiculous it is. >> congratulations. >> it's really good, it's
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actually really good. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. it is village. >> get over to "right this minute" click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzz word, village, v-i-l-l-a-g-e. >> and late they are week we're going to be having a bonus give-away of a flat-screen tv. what is one to do when in gum alley? >> you can't go to gum alley in california and not leave your mark. >> see what prankster rich ferguson has up his sleeve. >> i wasn't expecting t to be
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♪ ♪ clearly, a peanut butter
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fan. ♪ you can't go to gum alley in california and not leave your mark. and one guy who is going to make sure you do that is rich ferguson. >> you want to get a shot of someone putting gum on it. here, take a piece. >> oh -- >> wait a second. >> that was clearly english. >> i wasn't expecting that to be the trick. >> neither was that guy. >> that old classic. like, really?
2:57 pm
>> the famous gum alley. >> you take a piece of gum and stick it on the wall. >> i love it. >> it's so classic. and that's why it's stuck around all these years, it gets a reaction every time. >> you did not just see them do it? >> i don't know. >> filming this little video on youtube for gum alley. obviously you do have a stick of gum. >> i should have told you. it's actually a prank video. >> it's so funny then how with the real piece of gum people actually freak out. >> you want some gum? >> yeah. >> is it real, man? >> yeah i promise, you can trust me, i'm a magician. >> we got the wrong one, bro. >> that's disgusting. i don't know that i want to walk down that alley. i feel like germs are just raining down on your head. >> disgusting, huh?
2:58 pm
rich doesn't think so. >> which one you want me to get? >> pick one out for me. >> that tastes like cigarettes. >> it's rich ferguson. simple sleight of hand. he's got a fresh piece of gum in his mouth. thanks for watching, see you on the next "right this minute"! -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: on this very interesting khloe kardashian p.i. she sniffed out james harden and says she found out that he was a cheater and she dumped him. she actually kind of revealed this on her show, "kocktails with khloe." charles: "kocktails with khloe." harvey: and you have to listen -- charles: it's not only that he's a cheater but she says that he's the one who wanted this relationship, he's the one who


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