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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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battery and dui and now charged with murder. 23-year-old esmond appeared in court to face charges that he killed his girlfriend, stacy aguilar, they lay out a sudden and brutal killing and they were at a party off jackson street on february 14 and documents indicate they got into a fight, went to a car and he allegedly shot her to death. one of his friends heard the gunfire and then helped get rid of the body by dumping it down a hillside. the two men then allegedly clean the car at a car wash and a surveillance system caught them doing so. we met a man married to the cousin of the man and they said they are stunned by the crime and none of them knew he had a gun or a girlfriend. >> a lot of the family was surprised because they did not
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see that coming and they did not know there was anything like that with him, violence or anything like that. nothing like that. it's surprising. he was a good guy, he was your average youngster these days and like to go out and hang out and do that take the deal and he was a good guy. >>reporter: immigrations released a statement saying they wanting the joy -- jail to know prior to release so they can take him into custody. it will not happen until he served a sentence. they did explain why he was not deported and 20 fort teen and both men are scheduled to appear in court monday morning. john was anyone from stacy's family in the courtroom? >> we saw no one other than the gentleman representing the defendant.
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he did say they knew of no incidents of violence in this case but the chief of police in hayward did say that there was a case of domestic violence possibly involving miss aguilar in this individual's history. a lot more to be fleshed out. john sasaki in hayward, thank you. >> when the san bernardino terrorist attack happened no one knew it would set off a legal battle between constitutional privacy rights and key technology. we are joined with the situation almost 3 months after the smash shooting and here we have tom. >> this is about all phones and computers, cable boxes, everything and anything that transfers or stores info. >>reporter: the fbi wants all the information compelled by a
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judge but at a shareholders meeting this morning, tim cook reiterated that they will not assist investigators in cracking it. >> this is remote codes and this cannot be replicated or seized by anyone else to be used, it's for this one phone only. >> if they got this access they would use it again later and there would always be something that they would feel important enough that they had to do this. >>reporter: gaylin gruden has covered cyber security for years and compares it to a home burglar alarm. >> the police can disable your security system to slip into your house whenever they want to do what they want and then the theory that's essentially what they are asking apple to do. >>reporter: going to make this a lot has gone before congress.
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>> these have always been rejected. >>reporter: there are many examples of them overstepping their bounds by gathering masses of information from innocent people without knowledge, consent or more. >> we have the nsa spying program, the fbi, other spying programs. >> the english, the chinese, the russians, you name it. they asked for the same ability all the time and apple is saying we will not give you any access that the government does not have and they cannot make this argument anymore if the order stands. >>reporter: they say that if the fbi wins state and local law enforcement will try into the same thing. tom's a car, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you tom. firefighters rescue man
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from inside a burning home and the fire started about 1215 on oz array avenue near 287. the fire started and firefighters said they were on the scene within minutes. we were able to assist him out and he was one of the people that was in the building of origin. it took about an hour and a half to report these flames. sky fox took these images over the san mateo coastline and this could be the first sign of change on the way and chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. >> coastal fog, advection fog usually shows up in the late
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winter but it is showing us the system to the north of us that is pushing the fog north of us and delivering a few stray sprinkles into the north bay. this has shown no reports of it hitting the ground that there is a much cooler temperature and here is where we are and 58 degrees in santa rosa and look at this departure, santa rosa is 15 degrees cooler and the on show flow is changing the texture by bringing a few sprinkles and dropping temperatures massively. we will talk about that more next. remember the 97-year-old woman that's being evicted from home she's lived in, today attorneys filed a lawsuit on her behalf and marie hatch agreed to an oral contract more than 60 years ago.
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the agreement allowed her to live there for the rest of her life and the attorneys say the estranged spouse of the original owner's granddaughter searcher an eviction notice in december and they are claiming breach of contract and more. >> we have elder abuse and you cannot take these actions against the elderly and not have responsibility and we have a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress. >>reporter: georgia rothrock has also been affected as she was renting a home and is now trying to find a new and affordable place to live. an suv rear-ended a bus in san francisco sending seven people to the hospital, including a child, the seven at 9 am this morning near bayshore boulevard and industrial street , the driver of the suv was arrested on dui charges. no one was seriously hurt but everyone was taken to the hospital.
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>> we will able to determine that no one had life- threatening injuries and we put them in four different ambulances and one pediatric patient. this was at san francisco general hospital. >>reporter: the bus driver was letting out passengers when the suv hit the bus. california democrats kicked off a convention today and it's the largest leader of grassroots volunteerism leaders in california. and ruben is life outside. and? >>reporter: people of coming from all over the state and the real work begins in terms of advocating for the candidates and causes they believe in. >> >>reporter: the stage is set in the democratic convention is underway in california. for politicians, delicates and
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dust delegates and -- delegates and volunteers there is a lot at stake. >> i believe in change. >>reporter: this is that we can the california party platform will be decided in endorsements given. a key race in the senate is to replace barbara boxer and they had been coding in the party's endorsement. >> this is on behalf of all the people that they care about. and they will be giving a speech on saturday and for some the drama is what's driving their activism. >> i'm more interested in watching these debates and whatnot. >> there is a statewide conference but there is a lot of national implications. >>reporter: topics include legalization of marijuana to
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electricity coming from sustainable stores -- sources to minimum wage that rises with inflation. >> we are very focused on economic recovery. this is part strategy session and part pep rally. >> emotions are about translating our values into actions that we can make these policies. >>reporter: the event here at the convention center runs through sunday. >> can anyone chopper go and or just to be invited or buy a ticket? >>reporter: it's a good question, i am not sure the answer and i will try and find out but i know that people than flying in from all over and there are plenty of volunteers and delegates and a lot of people that are very excited to be part of this. in san jose tonight, thank you.
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a big day on the campaign trail and the former presidential candidate who came out today and endorsed donald trump. there is something rotten in denmark and something fishy in san francisco. the family of a man killed by police in san francisco on calling how evidence was handled . great news about the missing bald eagle who was tracked down after being gone for several days. time is up, the deadline has passed for the homeless to be out of their tents in san francisco, some tens are still up and what the mayor is saying about those left behind.
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the 72 hour deadline for the home is living in tent city on san francisco st. to clear out has now passed and city officials declared a public health hazard, they were told that they needed to be out by 5 pm tonight and the deadline passed about 15 minutes ago. it appears that some tens remain and rob roth joins us. >>reporter: the deadline has come and gone but as you can see, some tens still remain here and we have not seen any police here in a while. the department says they have not been asked to remove the tents, not yet anyway. whether all some tens many people have packed up and left. >>reporter: for many of those living in tent city it is moving day today as the city declared the area a health hazard and said that they must move out by friday at 5 pm. >>reporter: what unit do? >> pretty much do what they
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say, it's only way to stay out of jail. >> >>reporter: where you going to go? >> wherever they tell me to. they took my dog from me last week and i'm not looking for more trouble. >>reporter: they found needles and human waste and cleaning up in one worker said he spilled 80 plastic garbage bags per day and the city estimates there were 140 tens stretched along the freeway overpass. this morning there were 3510s remaining in some of those are gone. many of those living here went to the shelter. >>reporter: this woman says the situation had gotten out of control. >> it's much better than it was in several weeks ago this was an impassible area, there were so many times along with maybe 50 dismantled bicycles, garbage, sewage. >>reporter: they want to take a
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humane approach. >> we have alternatives that are better for them and we have to take a look at these options. a assume that this crackdown that will just move the homeless to another neighborhood and we talked to several homeless people in the said they are just moving around the corner. julie? >>reporter: every time they try and move the end of a short distance away or come right back, what is to stop them from being gone and then coming back to the same spot?>>reporter: they said homeless people will be staying here on division street and make sure that more times do not -- tends to not crop up but the goal is not to arrest anyone or site homeless people but to move them inside. they are trying to get them
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some help, but it is a problem. they will have to keep moving it street by street. rob roth reporting live in san francisco. thank you. great news about the bald eagle that has been missing since monday, she was found monday and is back at home in a zoo, the bird named sequoia flew off during a routine exercise on monday, her handlers tractor until wednesday and then they lost her signal. people called the bird and called the palo alto junior museum and this morning her handler climbed up the steep ridge at the san antonio space preserve and saw her flying over another ridge, he pulled out a whistle and blew it and he flew right -- she flew right to him. >> people asked why we turn our loose in the public in tracing the eagle flying in the eagle
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enjoys flying and we enjoy flying the ego, but it does have risks, in 27 years that we've been doing this, we have always gotten her back. >>reporter: she was shot and wounded when she was young and i just cannot stop staring. she is an incredible looking bird and just as an enormous and to see her play and they can take care of her. bill is in the winter center -- weather center let's check in with him. >> those prayers are stunning and i see them, there's a couple bald and there is some golden eagles as well. and you can tell because they are big and when you see a vulture go by they have a v in their wings and bald eagles have this flat wingspan and you
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can pick them out every time. if you know what you're looking for then you will see them. look on your house. >> it's kind of neat, it's a national symbol and when i was a kid growing up you would never see a bald eagle in the bay area, it seemed like an impossibility and they were on the endangered list and they were almost all taken out of california. suddenly here they are and you are seeing them and i love that. as we look at the forecast you can see that there is clouds out there and those showers will continue to linger and we have reports of showers of the above the santa rosa area and that is about as far south as it gets. you can see that it's partly
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cloudy and fair skies. there is your 5 day forecast and that is where the sprinkles are coming from. another system wants to roll in on sunday and that system slides in here and does exactly what the last one did. in short, your bay area weekend will be stunning and we are looking at temperatures that will be warmer than this on sunday. lots of mid-60s and upper 70s and exactly what you do not expect in the bay area on february and this is exactly what we do not need. i don't want to be a downer but let's just enjoy this, as we push forward there are indications that towards the end of next week things will start to break. >> coming up a grim warning when it comes to grass -- gas prices how much and how quickly they could rise. a beer area vintage store
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at the center of the raid and items that were confiscated and what the owner of the store is saying. and you seem berkeley targeted by hackers, the data breach that's putting people's information at risk, that story coming up at 6 pm
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all the republican presidential candidates were campaigning today just hours after debate where they went after each
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other. today donald trump was informed by one of the former candidate and hillary clinton and bernie sanders were headed to a primary tomorrow in south carolina. joe has more from the campaign trail. >>reporter: chris christie is showing support behind the candidate leading the race. >> i am proud to endorse donald trump. this comes just a couple of days before super tuesday when one quarter of them were on the line. donald trump was showing his appreciation for chris. >> he has been my friend for many years and this is a big reason why marco rubio tag teamed him and delivered more scathing insults today. >> we have a front runner in
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the republican party and he has made a career out of this. >> visit niceties were no longer working. they stopped attacking donald trump and they realized that attacking him as a liberal does not work and they could be the bully from the sandbox. >>reporter: with 53 and the line in south carolina's primary hillary clinton was talking about the importance of each and every vote. >> we want to make sure that everyone else votes on super tuesday and this will be sequential. >>reporter: hillary clinton holds a big lead over bernie sanders and in washington, joe waltman, fox news.
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>>reporter: there could be a big hike in gas prices possibly by this weekend and the increase could be $.30 per weekend, they link the rise on refineries switching to more expensive and mandated by state law. guess prices are down $.70 from one year ago but higher for the rest of the country. one that we talked to said it is not fair. >> it is better than it used to be but it is hard as it's pretty expensive here. >>reporter: a personal finance expert says the spring will be a good time to clean up your finances, for starters there is a portfolio and they say that reallocating your investments a couple of times per year is a good idea and then there's your personal credit. >> know what your credit score is in trying to stay two 740 or
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higher and try and check over your reports carefully for errors. >>reporter: if you own your own home, dillow is renovating your back -- bathroom. and this would close down 57 point and this would close down 57.1 smp dropped 3. overall markets for up by one and half percent or more. >>reporter: some of the candidates are protesting today and why they are with the airlines. how was bill could totally change the construction industry . a family in disbelief nearly 2 years after their son was shot by san francisco police and the evidence they say does not add up.
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the family of a man shot and killed by san francisco police two years ago is gearing up for trial next week. tara marie spoke to the parents of this man and she tells us that the couple's attorneys are challenging the way authorities handled evidence in the case. >>reporter: they say a prayer for their son every day. and what they call his alter.
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>> he was fascinating and i could not believe it. i did not come up here for almost 2 days.>>reporter: this was the 28-year-old's favorite spot in the city and he was shot and killed by san francisco police march 21. >>reporter: the families lawsuit says that he pointed a taser and pointed it at the leaves. there something rotten in denmark and the sheet and san francisco. they say that he died under a halo of 59 bullets. >> he was shot and number of times after he was already on the ground. >> there is no way to alex did the things they claimed he did. he was a good man and went to
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school to be a probation officer.>>reporter: a were cleared of criminal wrongdoing but there's a critical piece of evidence that has been overlooked, the taser and the timestamp don't match the times when he was being shot at. >> i was asked to recalculate because it did not match the story. the district attorney's office says it's not true and they simply had to account for clock drift or how it do synchronizes over time. they also say that it would release confetti but no confetti was found at the scene and the da said that the wind could have blown it away. they hope more evidence will come out during the trial and that they will receive justice for alex. >> i hope nothing like this ever happens to another young person. supports have been helpful.
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>>reporter: people plan to turn out by the hundreds. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. new buildings could be required to have solar panels under new legislation this week. it would require everyone to have solar panels with new construction in california loss is that 15% of the roof area must be solar ready. this bill would add to that and require that 15% approve area actually has solar panels installed. united mechanics are picketing around several places. members voted overwhelmingly to reject united spinal contract offer after three years of talk. they're upset over health care
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provisions and out sourcing jobs overseas. >> a lot of guys are close to retiring and they want to make sure they have a job to retire with.>> one third of the 9000 mechanics work at sfo and in the meantime airlines that they will continue mediation with union. a firefighter that was seriously injured battling a wildfire above malibu has now died, shawna lynn jones was airlifted to a hospital with head injuries after she was struck from a rocket fell from the hillside 100 feet above her. >> she was part of the only all- female cruel -- crew in los angeles county and her organs were donated at her family's request. police identified the gunman in kansas where 3 people were killed and 15 others where wounded before they shot and killed him, matt dean has more
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from the town of heston. >>reporter: authorities are still putting pieces together following a shooting spree in the gunman has been identified as 38-year-old cedric ford who was served with the protection from abuse order 90 minutes before. >> he was armed with an assault rifle and automatic pistol. mr. ford was residing in newton, kansas had been served a pfa and we had the first shooting around 5 pm. >>reporter: it's not clear what prompted the order or the shooting but he had several prior offenses stretching a decade including rest of brawling, burglary, grand theft. they were aware of his violent history and say that the officer that shot and killed him was a hero. >> the man was not going to
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stop shooting and only reason he stopped is because the officer stopped the shooter.>>reporter: no matter how quickly police respond there was still the casualties unless employers start taking this threat more seriously >> congress may not have an appetite to do something about this but we need someone that does and i will keep bringing this up even if it is not getting the same attention that it should. >>reporter: the sheriff's office has not released any more information but they said they could have stopped this rampage. ktvu, fox 2 to people that received a great honor and what they did that earned them an invite to the white house. part did not save his life. a young bay area woman is considering her fianci's legacy after he passed away from aware
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-- a rare form of cancer. a missile launch that comes as tensions are building in the us and north korea.
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the united states sends a clear message to north korea about nuclear capabilities with a test launch of a missile overnight from vandenberg air force base, that missile is seen as a response to recent missile tests in north korea. dan springer tells us that the obama administration is seeking to increase sanctions. >>reporter: the us launching an unarmed missile is the second test this month and is largely considered a show of military might to discourage an attack. they carried off this test in january and a rocket launch earlier this month that many believe to be a ballistic missile test. >> the purpose is to help them recognize that the only way forward for them is this .>>reporter: insole they held talks in washington is considering a missile defense system launch in light of these
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actions and they are concerned with the system radar capabilities in a state official says the only purpose is protection from an attack by the more -- north. >> its aim is that defending the citizens in service members that are here. the us is also introducing a draft council on sanctions with north korea and comes amid an agreement with beijing who is a longtime ally. >> this is tightening of ice in china has not been prepared to do that, it's a significant move. the us is also trying to punish with new sanctions from last week. dan springer, fox news. heavy fighting before a scheduled cease-fire went into
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effect and the us and russia came up with this and the syrian government came up with this. video showed that the social media showed smoke rising over major cities hour before this took effect. obama acknowledges the potential for difficulty in this is the us will do what they can to keep the peace and everyone can focus on fighting recess. >> history would charge us harshly if we did not try and in this fight. the deal will not completely stop the fighting since i says and al qaeda did not agree to the truth. they can attack to any of these during the cease-fire. two people were honored at the white house for empowering and inspiring youth. alec lee is the cofounder of aim high and simmons is the
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president and ceo of youth uprising in oakland. they are among nine people that have been chosen as champions of change and were picked out of 700 nominees. this morning they took part in the white house panel for young people. at bay area man lost his battle with a rare form of cancer and now his fiancie is prepared to continue the legacy and write in a cherry -- charity race, what she hopes to raise funds for, coming up next. let's try and think back on how we can help her. a serial stole away arrested 6 times including here in the bay area and why some are saying putting her behind bars is not doing enough. light sprinkle showing up outside on the camera lens on
5:44 pm
ktvu studios and sprinkles in the bay area, widely scattered and i will give you details on where they are and where they will be in the next few hours.
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hundreds of people are gearing up to raise money for where cancer research and this is taking place tomorrow in palo alto and san francisco. brian roosevelt died last year after battling cancer and
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christina ran down and tells us how the young woman is continuing brain's legacy. >> he really embraced life. >>reporter: sue novick looks back on the memory she shared with his last months of life. >> he lived life so hard, all in, everything he had, every day. >> this is video of him raising money at a cycle for survival event. >> i am one of the luckiest people i know even though i have terminal cancer. >>reporter: he had a rare cancer and died in april 2015 3 days after proposing to sue. >> i think that day is probably one of my most favorite because i forgot that he had cancer. his legacy lives on and his cells are being used in research.
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>>reporter: his family and friends have raised more than $100,000 and for the first time he will not be by her side. >> it's hard to imagine him not being there and it is hard that it did not save his life.>>reporter: they will keep writing until there is a cure for cancer. it did not save his life but it will save someone's. >>reporter: in palo alto, christina ran down, ktvu fox 2 news. a san francisco giants will make an appearance until our house and he tweeted out this picture with the cast of him on the upcoming netflix show and the program is a sequel to full house that ran from 1987 to 1995 and hunter is playing the boyfriend of stephanie tanner.
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we are seeing raindrops in one of our cameras in the weather center and over your shoulder rain has arrived. we would expect more rain in february but we are getting some light sprinkles and this is over our station. most of you are not seeing anything and this is widely scattered from highs today the drop from five, 210, 215 degrees. the system with the fog pushing in has cooled things off and there is satellite imagery. you see this coming in and you basically see this system as it moves to the north bay. right now that's coming close and there is oakland. it is over berkeley by kensington and it's working it's way over towards alameda. it is widely scattered stuff.
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knocking the tree pollen down is there but it will not make a difference in rain accumulation that we are paying close attention to. this evening the system slides through and if you sprinkles linger and in the morning we get fog and then on sunday a drive-by weather system that is similar to this last one. do not change your plans for sunday, just like you did not change your plans for today. maybe a few more drizzles or sprinkles and there is your saturday afternoon. sunday rolls in the clouds will thicken up as we head into your sunday afternoon and maybe a few sprinkles, but that was quick. it's very similar to the last system and sunday we will have temperatures like these. and it will not be amazingly
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warm but you are still looking at 60 degrees. and partly sunny tomorrow and maybe a sprinkle on sunday and then it continues on with this one set up and as we head towards the middle of next week there could be something rolling and just like the system it will be great if it was linked to something. this is not happening for cities where it falls rapidly and we are 77% of rainfall and we were about 20 before. until we get rain these numbers just keep toggling off. this will not be excessively wet but this is the kind of rain that we need. there are lots of the
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friends celebrating the diverse culture. we haven't new edition for we can watch. >>reporter: in san francisco you can enjoy russian food, dance, music, and art. in addition to a museum of russian culture and performances that will be vodka tasting, kids crafts and games. this is friday through sunday. chinese new year's festivities continue and the sixth annual lunar celebration is happening this saturday and you can help celebrate the year of the monkey with other live performances and the events in courthouse square are both free. in the east bay there celebrating the year of the
5:53 pm
monkey with arts and crafts and it is also free from 11 am to 3 pm. it is the final weekend of pirates of the caribbean and they typically want to answer questions and tell stories and tickets are $43. they will be there and this starts over the weekend and features jazz, latin, and blues and for ticket information log on to san francisco giants. ward -- san francisco an elderly woman for trying to sneak onto planes has been arrested again and they are looking at her mental health. and new at 6 pm, tens of thousands of people's information at risk. this is being investigated at uc berkeley. plus illegal fashion that
5:54 pm
was confiscated and what the store's owner is saying. coming up at 6 pm.
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100 inmates and the sheriff estimates that. rob roth is there with more on the new developments. >>reporter: for many of those living on tent city today is
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moving day in the city declared a health hazard and said that homeless must move out by friday at 5 pm. i'm going to do what they say. if i could stay out of jail. >>reporter: where he went to go? >> wherever they tell me to. >> they took my dog to me last week and i don't want more trouble. >>reporter: one worker said he's been filling 80 plastic garbage bags per day and they estimate that was 140 tents stretched along division street south of morgan street. this morning there was 35 tents remaining and some of those are gone. many went to the shelter. this woman works at a ceramic store and says the situation has gotten out of control. it's much better than it was an several weeks ago this was an impassible area. there were so many tenants along with maybe 50 dismantled bicycles, garbage, and sewage.


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