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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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2012 republican presidential candidate mitt romney speaks out about this year's election. his criticism for frontrunner donald trump and how trump is now responding. and san francisco's own beach blanket babylon is holding open auditions this saturday. we are live with joe schumann silver about the qualifications you need for the show's long running success. and plus, he is one of the hardest working members on the warriors' franchise and is not even on the court. we go behind the scenes with the man who keeps the team in the game. game.
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welcome back to "the 9". mike mibach, sal castaneda, and pam cook. >> i take back all those things i say about your music. >> thank you. >> you recognized it. >> you like a lot of good music, mike. >> that reminds me of roger craig a lot. even though it's not football season. >> can't go wrong. >> absolutely. >> we saw the clouds there in the south bay in san jose. let's check in with steve paulson and rain falling on the way as i was making my way to oakland, steve. >> i hope my forecast isn't in dire straits, guys. >> very nice. >> thank you, mike. also pam and sal, we have some steady light drizzle. or areas people have been writing where is it, steve? sadness. you be patient. it's on its way.
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fort bragg .67. cazadero .60. the russian river could get an inch of rain even though it's a steady drizzle. calistoga, st. helena hills .20. anywhere from two to four. i have seen seven days about 10 inches for some. mendocino county around the feather river canyon. that's liquid precipitation. a lot of cloud cover. there is no support for it right now. by that i mean no lift. floss cold air. there is no -- there is no cold air. there is a steady stream. hard to see. sometimes this is below the radar beam. we are getting reports of light rain, especially north bay. i think that's the main focus today. other areas have a lot of cloud cover. speaking of that cloud cover, there is a lot that has to filter in and it's on the weekend, you guys. that's when everybody will get in on the rain show. that looks good. this wet weather along with the big waves could mean more
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erosion there along the coast. storms? january caused part of the cliffside to crumble away forcing the evacuation of an apartment building on esplanade avenue. it damaged a portion of the seawall and promenade on beach bull. the city is making emergency repairs to try to stabilize the damaged area. the sierra is getting ready for snow. up to 3 feet of snow could fall through monday. steve says that temperature drops later in the weekend. some ski resorts expect to see some of the best spring skiing conditions since 2011. the strongest part of the storm expected to arrive saturday night. snow not only expected to fall at the higher elevations, but all the way down to level. if you are planning to head up to the sierra, expect delays and bring your chains unless you have four-wheel drive. time for the race for the white house. it continues tonight with another gop debate. this time in the city of detroit. it looks like super tuesday may have knocked out carson.
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he says he does not see a political path forward. on stage tonight it's kasich, trump, cruz and rubio. trump will be front and center in the city of detroit. >> this morning more criticism towards donald trump. former presidential candidate mitt romney spoke about 30 minutes ago. allie rasmus was listening. i was glued to that. >> yes. >> he did not shy away from criticism. >> no. he used harsh words. and he spent 20 minutes on this speech and 90% of it was talking about donald trump. he said rubio, cruz, kasich, any of these men should be the nominee. basically, it was the opposite of an endorsement for trump. >> right. >> mitt romney spent 20 minutes making his case to his party about why donald trump should not become the gop nominee. and the speech this morning given at university of utah, the former 2012 presidential candidate called trump a phony and a fraud and he went on to use stronger language about him
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at one point saying, quote, trump is dishonest and not stable and that, quote, his imagination must not be married to real power. romney started talking about the idea that trump is admired bus of his acumen. >> is he a huge business success? does he know what he is talking about? no, he isn't, and no he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. and whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there is trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genious he is not. >> romney went on to say that trump should release his tax returns. romney and other republicans believe that there are some quote-unquote bomb shells or some evidence that might be in those tax returns that trump support he is might not like.
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and he also went on to say that trump's anti-muslim rhetoric is hurting american security and our position in the world. >> he creates scapegoats, the muslims and mexican immigrants. he calls for the use of torture. he calls for killing the innocent children and family members of terrorists. he cheers assaults on protesters. he applauds the prospect of twisting the constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press. this is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss. >> towards the end romney sort of seemed to anticipate trump's possible response to some of the negative things he had to say about him. he said, quote, watch how he responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences? no, he will result to bullying, massage any --
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>> he was saying that -- it was a strong mutual like a few years ago. that calls into question his credibility. >> right. >> i am going to ask all three of you, because i am dumbfounded, what are the analysts saying? why is mitt romney doing this? >> i was trying to find out. >> donald trump is the leader of the middle party right now. why not paul ryan, someone who is in congress. the we will see if this was a brilliant genious move and all the trump supporters that have vote and there are millions of
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them. >> you're keeping an eye on it, right? will this drive people to trump or away from trump. in addition to the question of whether this is going to add to trump's momentum, you have to ask the question how effective can the speech really be since most of the people who in the gop who are supporting trump are upset with the party, quote-unquote party establishment and people like romney. >> especially at this point in the game. >> we are creating a divisive party -- they are creating that. >> this is the first time i have actually seen people fighting openly. a lot of establishment does not want, trump, obviously. >> all of this comes on the heels of trump sweeping institute. i think that's when most political analyst will say after his super tuesday win, the gop went into panic mode. >> we were sharing? the newsroom it appears john mccain has come out in support of mitt romney's statements this
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morning. the response starting to filledder in. all right. thank you very much. and here is what is next. several states are voting this weekend on saturday. louisiana will hold its primary. both democrats and republicans will caucus in the state of kansas. republicans will also caucus in kentucky as well as maine and democrats will caucus in nebraska. sunday democrats will caucus caucus in maine and the u.s. territory puerto rico will hold its republican primary. some say respects could focus a lot of attention on california's primary. that's if donald trump hasn't locked in the gop nomination by june 7. the date of california's primary. republicans who don't want trump to be the party's nominee would likely flood the state with anti-trump political ads. there are 172 delegates at the stake in california's primary. >> i have heard people say this. google is also saying that after donald trump's decisive showing on super tuesday, there was a surge in searches for how can i
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move to canada. according to google trends, the move to canada search has reached a peak higher than at any time in google history. >> a man on a canadian island has country it'sed a page welcoming americans saying if they want to go to canada if donald trump wins. he says it's a beautiful place but it's experiencing a population decline so they need more people. >> and following a strong super tuesday showing hillary clinton brought the star power for her campaign last night. >> bringing a nice strong woman, katy perry and elton john performed at a sold out clinton fundraising concert at radio city music hall. clinton won in seven states. senator bernie sanders won four states. he is far from conceding the nomination though. sanders told supporters in maine that a victory in sunday's
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caucus will be another step forward. two uc berkeley students have come up with an idea to encourage more young people to vote. they seemed up with local lawmakers for a bill that registers public college students to society. it would automatically register voters when they sign up for classes ononline. in the november 2014 election only 8% of eligible voters between 18 and 24 cast a ballot. the pentagon is looking for a few good computer hackers. no, they say they want them to break into its own security. the defense department wants responsible individuals who try to breach its public internet pages in order to find and fix vulnerabilities. this is a pilot program. it has not worked out exactly how hacking the site would be done or they would be paid. they say their systems get probed and attacked millions of times a day. the hired hackers would not be working on anything sensitive or
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secret. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", people making plans for spring break. it looks like the top destinations are changing. we are talking about where the crowds will be and how to make your money last. and it could be the first major overhaul in 40 years. the changes in the works to san francisco's residential parking permit program that could make drivers' lives a little bit easier when "the 9" returns plasm
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welcome back to "the 9". we are taking a look at stocks this morning. keep an eye on the markets. dow jones down 53 point right now. the nasdaq and s&p are down. costco's profit fell. we are talking about jobs as well. the big important monthly employment report comes out tomorrow. that is definitely going to give us an indication of stocks.
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and that report comes out at 5:30 tomorrow morning. >> all right. so let me ask you real quick. why do you think costco's profits came down? >> i don't know. i was surprised. i will say what it seems like, because target is in groceries now, and walmart. there are more options for people. there is so much competition out there. >> i don't go to costco. >> i don't like going because i go for toilet paper and toothpaste and i spend $400. we are following other top stories around the area. let's go o dave clark. >> sal, thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following for you. police are investigating a deadly shooting. police were called about a missing suicidal man who had a gun. this was about 3:00 this morning. they found him sitting his car behind the police station on dolores street. now, the police backed off when they saw he had a shotgun. now, as they backed off the man
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fired the shotgun and one police officer returned fire. the police are saying it appears the man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. some new cameras are going to be installed today in slayer county's troubled jail system. sheriff lori smith told the "mercury news" she bought 12 surveillance cameras at costco with her personal credit card. now, those costco cameras are a temporary solution until a better camera system is installed, which may take two years. the cameras come after incidents involving guards and inmates, including last year's beating death of inmate michael tyree. now, a preliminary hearing is underway right now for the three accused correctional officers in that case. well, the bay area now has its first confirmed case of the zika virus. it's a napa county woman who went to central america to a region where zika is spreading. because of patient privacy, we don't know a lot about this infected woman, but she is over
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the age of 30. she is pregnant. she recently came home to napa from central america. ato lay health it's a long time community clinic in napa. flyers have been circulateing for weeks. the zika virus is linked it a birth defect where babies are born with unusually small heads and brains. it doesn't happen in every baby whose mother is infected but there have been enough cases for health officials to spread the warnings. those are some of your morning headlines, mike, pam, sal, right back to you. thank you, dave. spring break is around the corner and people are parking for their trips. >> yes. the travel website orbitz is taking a locations how the top destinations have actually changed and what is fueling the traveler preferences. we will be joined via satellite from the space center
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in houston. good morning, thanks for taking the time. >> good morning. my pleasure. >> let's get right at it. it's been a while since i have been on a long spring break. what are the emerging destinations across the united states or the grown, for that matter? the hot spots? >> well, at the loft the tried and true hots spots remain at the top of the most popular lists. places like orlando, cancun, las vegas. this year we took a look back at five years worth of historic hotel booking data over spring break to find out what destinations might be emerging and on the rise and we got some interesting results. i am here in houston, texas. you mentioned the space center houston. this is one of our emerging destinations with hotel bookings up 60% in the last five years over spring break. it's these marquee attractions like space center houston that are driving people to a place like this over spring break. that and the affordability. the newest exit here at space center houston which is
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independence plaza, the it's the only place where you can walk through a replica space shuttle and the original carrier aircraft that has been on 200 flights with a shuttle on top of it. it's attractions like this i think that are driving people to houston. we also have mesa, arizona on that list. of course, spring training becoming a more popular spring break getaway. carlsbad, california, if you are looking for a beach destination and you have done l.a., you have done san diego, you want somewhere affordable with a lot of great family options. and also on the international side we're seeing places like panama city, toronto owe coming up on the emerging list was well. people are taking advantage of the strong u.s. dollar and upgrade the spring break vacations to something on the international side. >> it's great that you mentioned that. there is spring break like we did in college, right? then there is spring break you do with a family. i am glad you are mentioning the educational.
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i like to combine some education in with the fun. i am curious because a lot of times when you book a trip, if you are booking a flight, you have to do it early. the closer you get to the time, the more expensive the flight gets. but in spring break, it seems like as you get closer there is some amazing deals if you wait to the last minute. is that the case? >> it can be. some of the most popularizes nations oftentimes you want to book further in advance. this year we have seen that there is a 15% decrease in prices year over year for airfare. combine your airfare and hotel. book those together as a package. >> do you find that people want to get away too hot weather destinations in spring break because a lot of the you country, obviously, is trying to get out of the no he? do you find weather is how people pick these locations, too? >> weather is certainly a factor. this year 40% of travelers told us that lower airfare prices
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and lower gas prices are really the main influences in where they are going. although you will see that 40% of our top destinations are places in florida. >> houston, texas. home of the next super bowl. janine, senior editor with thanks for taking time on this thursday morning. speaking of spring break, this wet weather in the bay area would be a perfect time to get away for a couple of weeks. we want to know where would you if go you to take a vacation right now or what was your best spring break destination back in the day, speaking of the college days. >> not too many details. >> hashtag #ktvuthe9. >> one popped up in my mind. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a dramatic crash in walnut creek. a car flew off a road and ended up inside a yoga studio. we will hear from the paramedics who just happened to be right in the right place at the right time.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2: the 9". several businesses in walnut creek could be closed today following a crash. >> that car went off the freeway, traveled a huge distance, and plummeted right into a building full of businesses. >> and the two people actually inside that vehicle are still alive. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge's joining us from the scheme. two paramedics who happened to be in that area, alex, came to the rescue? >> reporter: yeah, right place, right time. a couple of partnerships were parked in -- partnerships -- paramedics were parked in this lot. the car that flew off the freeway wound up inside that yoga studio over there where you see workers are doing some repairs this morning. trying to shore up that building. where the car came from, let me give you some perspective. you can see probably the skid marks here on the ground. this car flew off of the freeway. this is near the transition from
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highway 24 eastbound to 680 southbound. just when the car made that transition it went off the roadway. you can see we have another crew up there. we will give you another vantage point of what happened. the driver lost control and went right through the side guardrail down a hill. the car apparently went airborne, went over a fence and flipped over. then it skidded across the parking lot and in the lower floor of that building into a yoga studio. this all happened just before midnight. the man behind the wheel of that car and the woman who was riding with him both needed to be extricated from the car. obviously, it was quite mangled and it was wedged inside that studio. firefighters, it took them quite a while to get them out of there. they went to john muir medical center, both with major injuries. an amr ambulance just happened to be parked here in this lot this morning. two paramedics inside, they saw
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that out of control car fly right by the front of their van. it was just feet away after it flew off the freeway. those first responders who witnessed this crash then ran over to help. >> we just tried to keep them calm and tell them to stay calm, we are going to get them out. that's the best we can do. at that point we were concerned with the integrity of the building. >> reporter: you couldn't go down there? >> no, we had to wait for fire to put supports on the structures of the building. >> reporter: that paramedic told me he wasn't sure those two people were going to be able to survive this crash when he saw that car go by this morning. it caused a lot of damage to the building it self. this particular corner of the building has some structural issues, obviously, and will need to have some major repair work done. this was a yoga studio and day spa. it's called just be yoga. this particular studio is going
9:27 am
to be closed today. the people tell me they have a separate studio that's just a few doors down. that will be open today for customers. so again you see all the repair work underway. they are trying to shore up this portion of the building and obviously this will be a long-term repair job are for the owner of the building. as far as this pursuit, the chp says that initially this was lafayette police who pursuing this car. the pursuit was canceled shortly before the car flew off the freeway and crashed. i reached out to lafayette police and the contra costa sheriff's office this morning. we have yet to hear back. we will update you through the day. >> thank you very much for that report. yesterday right here on "the 9" we did a live interview with raiders cornerback t.j. carrie. he was at the walt disney school
9:28 am
for read across america. here is video of him in action after we talked to him. it was also to celebrate the birthday of dr. suess. he told us he loved being back home in the bay area and spending time in the community. >> i am paying fan of him now. that's for sure. >> great interview. >> just really an inspiration. 9:33 is the time. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9" i love this show. it's the san francisco tradition. the world's longest running entertainment show and we are going to find out more about the auditions being held this weekend for beach blanket babylon. >> get in there. >> yeah. and it's not just the players who are working hard during the season. one of the hardest working men at the golden state warriors. there i is on screen there.
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what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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we just had a little spring break interview with orbitz. where do you want to go for spring break? solo, maybe with the family. on twitter, hashtag ktvu the 9, we are going to l.a., hitting california adventure park. hashtag spring break. >> a lot of spring training. a few out of concord say san diego! my hometown. >> that's right. cabo san lucas from someone who calls themself g. and claudio otero. kona. the big island under rated now. i went down to spring training to watch the giants. i was staying in a hotel where there were a bunch of college students doing their spring break. >> it's a little different than you do at this able maybe. >> yeah, i go to the pool, hang out with my buddies and there
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is all these college co-eds running around drinking. >> did you mingle? >> i said stop this right now! no, i didn't. >> your wife said stop, look the other way. >> i wasn't with my wife, pam. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> who knows? maybe people are saying i want to go to san francisco for spring break? >> la lot of people do. >> come on down. not much sunshine the next five days. it's going to be a wet spring break if they are coming up here. there are a few breaks. we will set you up for what looks to be a quiet day today. there is some light rain especially for the gold gate northward. south of that there is not much. it is mild. very humid. in fact, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s of the don't forget the ktvu fox 2 weather app or mobile device. it will have a lot to say and show over the next three to five days, especially as we get
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towards saturday night and also into sunday night. multiple systems here. system one today isn't much. it's setting the stage for the next two systems which will be saturday afternoon, evening, and sunday when the colder care comes in. there are many signs of even more rain on top for late next week around the 11th and 15th. next weekend could be the biggest of the series. rain is slowly working its way towards us. we simple ledon't have the jet stream or any cold air with us. it's a warm pattern here. the rain will pick up a little bit on friday. then it kicks into higher gear on saturday. next five days looks good. and seven to ten days more impressive than this. rain owes on the way. people are inpatient here. it's on its way. by tomorrow look at the south bay tomorrow morning we will have more to talk about, especially peninsula, south bay and santa cruz mountains. it juices up towards friday afternoon, evening, maybe the friday night commute could be tough. going into saturday, watch this
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right in there. picks up saturday morning and then it really cranks up saturday afternoon, saturday night. that's the deeper moisture. that's the strong wind and also the heavier rain. then the colder air comes in behind that. there is another wand of moisture coming in sunday night. not a lot today. i drawer your attention to the to the far left of the screen. it's streaming across. this is the best we have seen maybe, maybe since december 2014 when we had 20 days of rain and everything shut down. this looks good. today's kind of like the teaser. >> okay. snow is coming? >> snow level will be high. it will come way down on sunday, monday. >> great. thank you, steve. >> you bet. i think we know parking in san francisco's kind of tough. >> a nightmare sometimes wright? but changes are in the works that could make it easier for some drivers. >> reporter: if you live in the city you know how tough parking is. you know that you will likely
9:35 am
need a parking submit. sf mta says since the rules haven't been changed iner more than four decades, it's time the rules reflect more of change in the city. transportation officials finished the first round of public comment on what san francisco officials would like to see changed. again, the rules for the program have not changed since 1976. and that's really where the issue is because since that time sf mta says the city's weekday commuter population has grown to more than a million people. op population in the city alone has ballooned to more than 840,000 people. in terms of this program, it has grown to encompass 29 parking permit areas, which is about a quarter of the city. people we spoke with this morning say they hope the changes or the possible changes lead to something that is desperately needed. >> give us more parking. these cars are taking more parking. those are rental cars. even though we have them at the
9:36 am
gas station. >> reporter: the examiner reports at a public meeting about this at city college many say drivers pack their cars on the san joaquin and there is no enforcement of the current rules and people have suggested that less polluting cars pay less for a per h others say this should be new permit boundaries. there is a lot of talk and no decision as of yet. we understand another public comment period is tentatively scheduled for april. back to you. >> thank you, brian. we are following some of the other top stories coming out of san francisco. ktvu's tara moriarty from inside the halls of justice. what's going on there today? >> reporter: well, you know, today we are going to have another officer take the stand. all four officers have been there since the beginning of this trial. yesterday we heard from one of those officers and he said it was tragic but unfortunately i was forced to do what i had to do. those were the words of officer
9:37 am
richard schiff. he was talking about the shooting and killing of nieto two years ago. authorities received a 911 call regarding a man carrying a gun and acting erratically. shift said he had no choice after nieto pulled a weapon from his hip. that weapon turned out to be a stun gun that nieto carried for his job as a security guard. . >> i tell you what, everybody time i am going northbound 101 right by candlestick point it's strange not to see the park there. anyways, i know a lot of people are decided about the development. but changes going on? >> we miss it. >> right. >> yes. yeah. definitely. we know that they are redoing the area and today the planning commission is going to consider some first major changes that developers have said that they want to do to the area.
9:38 am
now, initially this was supposed to be like a single 10,000-seat arena that they wanted there, but they are making some changes kind of breaking it down. the idea is to create a new neighborhood that includes housing, retail space, housing, hotels and parks. so they want to create a 1,200 seat film arts center and 4400 seat performance venue instead of that 10,000 seat one. they want to cut down an office space to allow for more retail a spaces. it will include 6,000 residential units and a 220 room hotel. we will be anxious to see what it looks like when it gets going. >> disappointed about candlestick going down. now you're hearing chicago could be out and it's coming back to the bay area?
9:39 am
>> i don't know. george lucas has his ranch in mar. we would price of housing to see "star wars" here. he was considering chicago because that's where his wife is from. they have run into a couple of legal issues. the mayors of san francisco and oakland have said, hey, lucas, we are both interested in housing your museum somewhere. lucas' campus said they are set on chicago but they let the legal problems known to put pressure on the windy city there. maybe we need jj abrams in on the act. >> . "beach blanket babylon" is one of the world's longest running musical entertainment shows. it tells the story of snow white as she travels the world look fog her prince charming. >> yeah. and along the way she meets a cast of characters. pop culture. over the years oprah, elvis presley, members of the giants, former patients. >> you know what?
9:40 am
this saturday open auditions are being held. that means you can come and perform if you get lucky enough to get selected. for more we are joined with the producer joe schuman silver. good morning. thanks for being here. >> a fabulous show. >> the show is fabulous. the performances are amazing. do you get more excited about the auditions and seeing these fresh faces? >> we all do. seeing the auditions, everybody likes to see fresh new people. and it's open auditions. sometimes we have specific. this is open to everybody. >> do you need people from around the world to try out? or is it local? >> hopefully, local because we don't want to move them here. so mostly local. los angeles. some people want to move up here and stuff. but we get hundreds of people and the addition process is fun. >> one of the requirements for the show, do you have to have
9:41 am
acting experience? >> you have to have a good voice. stage presence. >> a lot of stage presence. >> a lot. then there is the beach blanket imagination that we are a creative team. then the pineapple princess. king louis. snow white. it's so fun. >> i imagine you look for certain looks. notes a show where you say, okay, you have seen it once. you go again because i am sure political fodder right now? >> this is amazing. somebody said clinton was the golden age of comedy? this is. with trump we have a cast of characters, we change the lyrics every night. >> we have ted cruz dressed as bris springsteen seeing born near the u.s.a. [ laughter ] >> we have trump. we have him off and on since the '90s. >> the warriors.
9:42 am
>> of course. bernie sanders who is hysterical. oh, she is one of the funniest. kim davis. >> what about the turnover? do you get a lot of turnover? >> no. >> do you have actors who want to stay forever? >>. >> how many people are you looking to grab? >> there is new hillary clinton. we don't really know. we are just looking for people that we think have that beach blanket magic and we will see that saturday and then we will see if there is an opening. if there is not, we keep lists of people. say somebody leaves that's pineapple princess or snow white, we have a list of people. >> how many places do you have open at this point? >> one or two. >> okay. >> not really sure. sometimes somebody comes in that just blows you away you know, and we add them as an understudy or principle. >> we want them to be a part of show. >> who makes the decisions? just you or is it just a team
9:43 am
of people? >> no, i have a wonderful creative team. kenny, our director, bill our wonderful music director, and mark our choreographer. the four of us have the final say unless one of them feels so strongly about somebody. then we'll look at them again and again and again. >> have you ever taken a chance on someone and said, wow, i'm glad we. >> yeah, all the time. we have been pretty lucky with people. we have been right on more than we have been wrong, thank god. so we have a great cast. >> when people audition for a spot, usually they say or, you know, in any kind of interview you know in the first couple of seconds, you know in the first -- >> i do. i do. i can't really say that because i have a team. >> right. >> and i have to let everybody get to that. but, yeah, i could pretty much tell because i know what i'm looking for. but as i said, if one of them feels really, really strong, oh my god, i listen to everybody.
9:44 am
then is doesn't matter. you have to have them come back again. they have to try on wigs. they have to have the face that works for wigs. >> the "beach blanket babylon" magic. >> right. and they have to have that face. most important to us is likability. even if they play an awful character, an awful character, i am not naming anybody, they still have to be likable. that's the whole thing with beach blanket. >> and what's neat and important i am sure for you each person plays a bunch of different roles? >> at least teen. >> we have understudies who are just as good as our principals. they have to play at least ten characters a night and be able to switch really quickly. >> sal, i think you would be great at this. >> you know what? >> thank you so much for coming on and we have more information about how you can --
9:45 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> again the open auditions begin saturday 2 p.m. they are being held there on beach blanket boulevard in san francisco's north beach district. go to and look for it under the web links section at the tonight home page. we will be right back.
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9:47 am
new this morning bay area star brandi chastain says she will donate her brain for concussion research. chastain tells "usa today" she hopes that neuroscientists can examine her brain anderson varejao death and answer questions such as whether it's okay for someone before the age
9:48 am
of 14 to hit a ball. the 47-year-old chastain said she suffered two concussions at uc berkeley and santa clara university. the warriors have a big game tonight. hosting the oklahoma city thunder. they beat the thunder last saturday. looking for revenge. steph curry, that amazing shot. 37-foot. did you see what i posted on twitter as well. the reaction to curry's shot. earlier in the game he hurt his left ankle. missed tuesday night. andre igodala questionable. they did well. they did all right. >> you know what? it's not all about steph. it takes teamwork on and off the court. it's not just the players that are working hard. >> scott reiss on one of the hardest workinggeist guys in the nba who wears a suit instead of a jersey.
9:49 am
>> reporter: these are the faces you see. this is the guy behind the guy. raymond ritter's official title vice president of public relations, which loosely translates to person who does everything for everybody. >> steady face you see handles a lot. making sure that the players are taken care of. >> are we all good in here? are i taken care of and taking care of their off-court responsibilities, which can require a delicate touch. >> pop play up here. three minutes. we are going to do one of those two interviews. >> i need you to do monday postgame. you are going to do that katie couric thing after practice at the facility. >> you know, he comes up having a general conversation. like all right. what's up, guys? like, you know, talking about stuff. hey, draymond, i need you to do this tomorrow. i am like you, you saint have to shooter it over.
9:50 am
>> i have never worked with a better group of players. we have a great relationship from the standpoint we're together eight months of the year. we have to have some fun. >> thank you. >> reporter: handling players comprises a fraction of the job description. >> you're the good bob fitzgerald. >> reporter: he is the primary conduit between the team and the media. no small task. >> you all set? you're god? okay. you're good? >> reporter: before, during, and after a game he is always on the move. >> do the feet ever get tired? you're putting a lot of mileage on those shoes. >> they don't. i am 50 years old now. since i was about 20 i have ran about probably five miles, four or five times a week. >> reporter: counting this? >> yeah. >> reporter: that boundless energy has fueled a 25 year career. the last 18 with the warriors. talk about a wild ride.
9:51 am
>> i have seen pretty much every end of the spectrum. my first three years here we won 17, 19, and 21 games. so, you know, i was pitching to the media that point in time we are getting better every year. >> reporter: the current climate pretty much the polar opposite. the media challenges exponentially greater. >> typically for a regular season game we might issue 40 to 50 credentials. for the nba finals we have to have 500 seats for 500 media folks. >> reporter: i was meaning to ask you about my seat last year. >> do you know where the coliseum is next door? >> reporter: we kid because we care. from media, to coaches. >> see what happens? >> reporter: to players. >> great updated wardrobe. >> reporter: even the logo himself. >> raymond ritter, who i don't know if i like him any more.
9:52 am
>> reporter: it is blaise ently obvious in warrior world everybody loves raymond. >> he loves a fantastic job. he makes life easier for all of us. >> you are talking about the guy who really cares about us personally in this organization. it's raymond. got to be the best in the nba if not in sports. >> reporter: great job in there. it was good. >> reporter: in oakland, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i was out at the nba finals and he always knows us. he says got everything sal, got everything you need? very nice guy. >> thunder a rough lost against the eclipse last night. they were up in the fourth and lost. welcome to oakland. check out this next story. it's on our instagram page. in boulder creel in the santa cruz mountains, take a look at
9:53 am
this. >> holy [bleep]! >> okay. so he opened his door to find a mountain lion catching a raccoon that happened to be underneath his home. as soon as he opened the door he saw the mountain lion get away with the animal. again we just posted this to instagram so you can check it out. follow us @ktvu 2. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", it was a superhero sized surprise for people visiting warner broncos studio in hollywood. how ben affleck played a part in their special tour and his reaction when they took superman 5 in the upcoming movie.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
"batman vs. superman" is growing and the stars of the comic books face offare fueling the fire. >> you see the machine gun on the front of my car? >> yeah. >> superman actually has a mazda protege. >> well, ben affleck teamed up with a company that gives people a chance to win their dream experience by donating $10 to a good cause. so thanks to affleck who plays batman in the upcoming movie, lucky fans at the warner broncos studio in hollywood are getting more than they bargained for on their tours. who do you think would win? batman or superman? >> superman. >> superman [ laughter ]
9:57 am
>> who do you think would win in a fight? batman or superman? >> superman. >> superman. >> unbelievable. >> how you doing? >> now everyone -- >> "batman vs. superman" "dawn of justice" in theaters march 25. cool idea. pam, nice having you up here. >> thank you. >> sal, as always. >> thank you, mike. >> always a pleasure. glad you like my music choices. >> mike will be back at noon. pam and i are going away. >> thanks for watching. have a good one. >> ♪[ music playing ]
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. yes, i'm about to


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