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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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we have sues banks for this. >> if you have any concerns, call the law firm. fox 2 news at noon starts now. we're continuing to follow rapidly moving developments in the brussels attacks and the political controversy at home as the candidates weigh in and hillary clinton is in the bay area speaking right now. good afternoon, everyone. >> a city on high alert as police search for a man seen on surveillance video with two south side bombers yesterday. the men in the light colored coat is still at large. he was seen with one of the two brothers now identified.
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>> john has more on the man hunt. >> authorities officially identify two brothers as attackers in tuesday's bombings they say that they carried out two of the suicide attacks and then hit the airport with another bomber. >> he says he is in a rush, unsure what to do, hunted everywhere, no longer safe and if he goes on, he might end up next to him in a cell. >> reporter: a third attacker left a suitcase left with explosives, it later blew up but no one was hurt. >> investigations are ongoing. it will continue for days. >> reporter: belgium holding three days of mourning as the investigation goes on they're holding a minute of
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silence at the commission building while flags based in brussels fly at half staff. pope francis says his prayers are with all belgiums. >> reporter: to appeal those in good faith, it causes only death, terror and horror. >> the airport will remain closed through at least thursday night as the morning continues here in downtown brussels. fox news. among those killed were mothers of four-year-old girls from peru who husband had just taken them out when it went off. the obama administration says john kerry is headed through friday to express condolences to the people there. >> he denounced the call by republican president candidate ted cruz to patrol
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american-muslim communities. >> any approach that would single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong an unamerican, but it also would be counter productive. >> many are calling trump's an echo. >> we want to make sure that anyone that is running for leadership in our country knows what we feel about religious profiling and they understand this kind of law enforcement is not effective and doesn't make us any safer. >> the council is calling on cruz to retract and apologize for his proposal. democratic candidate is at sanford now addressing the attacks in brussels she's scheduled to speak at the last minute.
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he was already in the bay area for fundraisers. clinton is calling for u.s. leadership and solidarity as a way to stop terrorism. >> we need to rely on what works not bluster that alienates our partners and doesn't make us any safer. >> hillary clinton says she does not want to step up police monitoring of muslim communities like ted cruz and donald trump are suggesting. we hope you stay with us as we continue to follow all of the developments from brussels you can follow us for updates. san francisco police and the chp completed their four-month investigation at union square. 19 people were hurt. the bus slammed into a dozen vehicles and this morning, investigators said they have concluded it was due to operate error and the driver stepped on
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the gas instead of the brake. >> we concluded it was operator error. we have cited the man for unsafe speed and the da has concurred with our findings. >> previously, the double- decker bus suffered mechanical failure it's tested the bus and checked out with no problems or issues with the brakes. part of a report regarding the severe beating of a suspect by deputies in san francisco has been leaked online. we have surveillance video. 11 deputies did not turn on their body cameras, but they turned on dash cam video. it happened when they spotted a stolen car and that sparked a chase across the bay bridge. the beating happen after he crashed in san francisco. no charges filed yet. a driver walked away with
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just a bruise after a hit-and-run crash last night. it happened when the driver of a dodge challenger ran a stop sign. the challenger hit a prius and that's when the driver jumped out and ran away. the driver says he was just pulling away after stopping at the stop sign. >> when i move up, i saw the car coming from the right side, maybe he was 55-60, i didn't know. he hit me in the front and in the back and the air bag blew up. >> he said he froze for about ten seconds as police came to see if he and his passenger was hurt. he says that he's upset about
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his 3-month-old car. officials trying to determine the electical damage. it happened during the morning and evening commute hours. officials say that the trains are an important step in returning full service. 42 rail cars damaged have now been returned to service. a long-time critic, bart is blasting the agency over reported employee bonuses. it first reported that bart paid $1000 bonuses to 3300 employees last year. they're on track to pay out more bonuses because of increase in ridership. >> it's crazy. out of one pocket they say they don't have any money and out of another one they're giving millions in bonuses. >> they say it's not a good
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one. labor costs are nothing compared to the billions of dollars needed for system repairs. a person shot and killed, officers responded to international after reports of gunshots after 10:20 p.m. the victim was pronounced dead with gunshot wounds. the victim's name has not been released and they did not provide a description of any possible suspects. tomorrow's portion of the highway is going to be dedicated in honor of the fallen officer, michael johnson. he died in the line of downtown responding to a 9-1-1 call. a portion of highway 87 between 85 and interstate 280 is going to be named in honor of johnson. a '90s hip hop legend has passed away. >> can i kick it?
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>> taylor died. he and childhood friend produced several top albums together. although it's not been released, he's dealt with several health complications. he was 45 years old. still ahead, new details about who is planning to hack during the terror attack. a new poll showing leads on both sides. >> a slight warmup begins, here to tell us how long that is going to last. >> the mystery of the navy tug boat that was declared lost at sea nearly 100 years ago. it's been found right here in the bay area.
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candidate ted cruz received a pretty big endorsement today while sanders racked up victories in last night's caucuses. >> ted cruz and bernie sanders defeating the two frontrunners in some key races. sanders walking away with nearly 80% of the vote in idaho and utah. >> the media could said could
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believe in a political revolution. >> despite the big win, the senator trailing clinton by more than 700 delegates. a winner take off state gave trump another 58 delegates. the billionaire came up empty in utah where cruz surpassed the 50% threshold snagging all delegates there. the senator celebrating what many consider a major endorsement. >> it's fantastic. i'm very grateful to have jeb's support. we've been supported by jeb bush, mitt romney. >> donald trump and hillary clinton have commanding leads in their bids for their party's race to washington. >> we now know the organization
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offering to unlock the i-phone. an israel company gave them away to open the cell phone without erasing the data. it still needs testing and . the city of vallejo sued for defamation. the attorney say that two were drugged and bound by an intruder who broke into the home while they slept. it accuses the law enforcement for saying it was a hoax. a serial bank robber named the bearded bandit.
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he's robbed or attempted to rob 15 banks. the first one happened on february 12th and the most recent happened on monday at the chase bank in lafayette. police say he casually talks to the teller before handing over a demand note. >> what do you do? it's very brazen, it's bold, there's images from the security cameras from the banks and he's disguising himself and we're positive someone knows who he is. >> the bearded bandit has gotten away with $27,000 since february. you're asked to call your local police department or the fbi. some dog owners are pushes back on the number of parks dogs could be off leash.
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last night, dog owners showed up voicing concerns. the recreation area says it's necessary because every year there's 400 cases of dogs biting. >> there's so many dog owners here in san francisco. and what a pleasure it is to get up and walk with your dog and not let him run and go over and play with other dogs and it's a wonderful moment. >> golden gate recreation is looking to adopt new leash rules this year. there are plenty of chances for dog owners to weigh in. a place where many tourists go, golden gate officials plan
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to close it, it may be your best view of the bridge. this one looking from the toll plaza north. that's going to be shut down on peek hours saturday and sundays because the growing number of tourists are causing long traffic problems on the bridge. navy tug boat that sank 100 years ago has been found and located in the waters outside of the golden gate. it left for pearl harbor back in march of 1921 but never made it to hawaii and the 56-man crew was declared lost at sea. federal researchers mapping out 300 ship wrecks have confirmed that it's among the wrecks. taking a look outside, it's warming up. >> this is right. in fact, talking about eventually more 70s in the bay area forecast and bringing a few
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changes toward easter. clear skies and a few high clouds and shaping up to be a very nice wednesday afternoon. after a chilly start, temperatures recover nicely later on today. you can see on the satellite, we have a weather system here, this is a source of clouds approaching and some rain showers approaching, but for the most part, we're expecting partly sunny skies and we'll check on the current numbers in your neighborhood. san jose 61 degrees. walnut creek 62 degrees and half moon bay 60 degrees. as far as the wind speeds, the winds gradually pick up this afternoon, it's that time of year. that's when the winds pick up in the afternoon, it will be happening, winds around 9- 12 miles per hour. you can pick out half moon bay.
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today, one again, a few high clouds, it's going to be a nice afternoon. the winds do pick up around 15-25 miles per hour and then we take the forecast into the next few days, thursday, friday, into the weekend. high pressure rebuilds, it will be the source of warming and by saturday, that will be the warmest day of the week. that means temperatures in the mid-70s for easter and we bring in clouds by the afternoon hours and looks like the shower chances to the north and the east of the bay area, we have to keep an bay area. here we go into saturday, mostly sunny skies, putting it into motion. we have the weak system from the north, it's going to be here. sunday, a few clouds, cooling things off and let's keep it on the shower chance by late in the afternoon into sunday night. it will be outside of the bay area but close enough to watch as we head to track the forecast. you can see the changing pattern. we're trending up and you can
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see a lot of 60s for afternoon highs santa rosa 68. and heyward 66 degrees. more neighborhood, more 60s out towards san jose and half moon bay, a high of 60 degrees. looking good this afternoon. if you're wedged in and like the warm temperatures, you like the sunny forecast for thursday and friday even into saturday, the easter bunny returning and a few changes by the afternoon with more clouds and some gusty winds out there and temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 60s. planning the easter egg hunts, it looks good out there. the afternoon could be cooler and some breezy conditions making a comeback. >> i made the graphic, had to find it in the weather system. >> fantastic. >> very well done. >> thank you. the general manager said
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that the meeting in florida, no deal is eminent. he does expect him to attend off-season work outs with the niners april 4th. there's some confusion, the two sides can't seem to agree on details of when those payments are supposed to be made. the city says that the 49ers have not paid any rent since december. santa clara is concerned about a provision that could let the team pay less than the original agreement. >> i think that we use a cliche, some trans parentcy issues
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going on. >> for now, a team spokesperson says that city leaders should expect the next rent payment sometime next week. still ahead, as seth curry's fame continues to rise, so does the sale of his shoes >> if you
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stocks and trading, the
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price of oil fell, disappointing earnings including nike weighed in on the market. down 87 points, nasdaq down 53. starbucks joining a list of companies that donate unsold food to those in need. they want to donate all of the food to the the hungry. starbucks says the aim is contribute one hundred percent of the food by this time next year. do you want an extra 10 10 grand in your account? hackers have to find four bugs before receiving the cash. the golden state warriors are back in oakland where they will defeat that home winning
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streak. they're back in oracle after playing three games on the road. they will playing tonight. the warriors won the last five regular season meetings. one of the company's most notable, but he could have been sporting the nike symbol, but nike missed out. b e cause they mispronounced his name. part of an effort today to make sure that california is prepared for a tsunami. of course, the attacks in belgium, more coming up at 4:00. >> thank you for watching make sure to check in with us
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online and twitter and facebook. have a great afternoon.
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houghton. test. arvey: so who doesn't like selena gomez more today after seeing video of her on a table dancing? >> she was celebrating her cousin's engagement party. >> selena's stealing her show and it's her engagement party. harvey: what do you want to do? >> if that would be my engagement party, i would be


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