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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a shop opener gets a nasty surprise from a very bad shot. >> he missed hitting him three time >> what happens when the world's worst assassin meets the luckiest man alive? a guy and his girl perform for an enthusiastic crowd. >> we have to do enencore. what are we going to sing? >> the backstage meeting leads to this choice. >> i don't even know that one. and the guys who believe in surfing anymore made it happen. and -- >> what do i say?
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>> you look cute. >> dating advice from kids on -- >> how to approach somebody across the bar. >> you have to say to yourself, i'm so dumb if i don't go over there. >> what happens when we put it to the test? >> hi. this is my frie. nick's really good. >> both weirdos. i think the outcome of both of these videos can be attributed to just luck. this shop owner in bridgeville is setting up for the day when another man walks up to him and i'm just going to let this video play. yes. >> what on earth! he missed! >> yes, exactly. you should be shot. that is a hitman that came up to that shop owner and at point-blank tried to kill him. he missed hitting him three times. he ended up having one bullet graze his head. and one did strike him in the stomach.
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but after a little treatment, doctors believe he's going to be just fine. >> that is the worst hitman on the planet. >> he aught to be glad. >> yeah. >> this case is under investigation although authorities have identified that man and he is wanted for a murder last year. now this video from south africa where we see a lot of burglaries happen. in this home they have already happened twice before so the family tried to do everything they could to secure their home. you see some of the razor wire on top of their fence, they have a motorized gate, surveillance cameras. that is not a deterrent for these very determined burglars. they show up, they start messing with it trying to get it open. they even open up the motor on the the inside of the gate trying to manually disable it. eventually, they just use a crowbar. they pry the gate open, just roughly two minutes after having gotten there. several men get out of the vehicle and break into the home.
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and then just about two more minutes after that they walk out with televisions, computers, jewelry. >> it would be glorious to look at their license plate. >> i wouldn't worry about that. they have to be in a stolen car or a stolen up plate. >> well, it is a fake plate where police ran it. it came back as a false. license plates, they are still looking for these guys and do believe they are responsible for a series of other burglaries, especially because of the way these work. these guys are pros. >> the next thing you need to do is built a mote around this place. >> yeah. i can imagine folks who pull off the impossible go home at night and go, whoo, i'm kind of cool. when they do it a second time, i'm a bad man. remember the story of the 19-year-old in peru who rescued this dog? the dog was trapped on an island and the floodwaters swept the
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police officer away. when he jumped into action and saved the dog. >> well, he did it again. >> girl, yeah. he did it again this time while news cameras were rolling. local media caught up to him to talk to him about that rescue. when suddenly he sees a dog in the rushing water and points at it and he's like, hold on, i'll be right back. he takes off running to his truck where he has an inner tube in the back of it and he's going to save that dog from being swept away. >> oh, my gosh, is this the same dog? >> no, it's not the same kind of dog. >> somebody hire this guy as a lifeguard, huh? >> it's a tiny little doggy. >> he didn't need the inner tube. the dog got hung up on another little bar of debris. >> i think that dog was at the right time in the right place at the right time and they caught it all on camera for all of us. >> this guy has to be careful, though.
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the rocks are getting kicked around out there. i hope that's the last time this guy finds himself in this situation. we always talk about motorcycle riders wearing their safety gear. and when they do, it turns out great. now, this is a pc gear that we had to get used on a motorcycle ride. j.t. is out on his suzuki suv. how about a little fun delivering riding for about a year and that's's why he got into this kind of trouble. >> oh! >> he went flying. >> he sure did. hit here, he hit a mountain. he's quickly to his feet walking about and just popped to the ground the same person he believed saved his butt. >> that is like an air bag when
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removed from the at the titethe bike. jake says that does inflate around your neck so your head doesn't flop around a lot. he says he's fine. >> that could be game changing. yeah, i'm okay. the jacket saved me. now the next rider, my buddy brad, was training with a champion by the name of simon. here he is charging up some dudes about 80 feet high. >> what happened? >> here it is from a different angle. >> yeah, the bike just flipped to one side, then the next and kicks him off like a bucking bronco down to the stands. i was talking to brad about
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this. eventually all the tapes and scars, it's conspiracy. >> i don't believe that. >> he has more on his blog ridemylife. if you want to go body surfing, you don't need to be in california or the waters of south africa or honolulu. just go to alberta, canada. that's right. if you want to surf, you can surf the river in alberta, canada. check this out. this video recently posted by steven sludd. basically, they got on their surfboards and started surfing t the waves. what they do is create the waves in the river. the thing is they shut the dam
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down every night so they can go into the riverbed and create waves and change things around to improve it. >> oh. >> i was like, how do you create a way? that's brilliant. >> this is how they created the waves right here, you can see, and you'll be excited. giant excavator. they do this in order to encourage people to do this. they have a surf club where people can learn to river surf. here at the end of the video you can see another guy jumping up there. what is amazing to me is they call this the mountain because the beauty is yet while you are surfing on this mountain. that's up ahead. >> how many other stepping spots do you know? >> the best part about it, no sharks. >> yeah, no sharks. rocks and boulders rain down on the -- see what happens next.
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h.ñqjni closed captioning provided by -- tastes great and helps reduce% for better checkups. act kids. there's a ring on your screen and that lady will be receiving that ring at the end of this video. that someone would be danielle, the girlfriend of this man, jordan raycroft. >> is that how you say his name? >> probably. >> oh, you're a big suck-up. >> that's awesome. >> he is a canadian folk artist and leads the band. he was named folk artist of the year a few years ago. ♪ look at that. flower petals on the stage
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unbeannounced to danielle. she realized, oh, we have to do an encore, what are we going to sing? >> i haven't heard of it. is it your's? >> yeah, it's our cover. >> just get on stage. >> she is a little worried there. >> now he figures, he doesn't have the ring, he hasn't asked yet but she knows. >> they have known eachther for 24 years. >> i wrote this really cool song. >> i do! i do! i do! >> oh, i would marry him. >> will you be my wife? >> yes. >> there they are. there's a little sign, will you marry me?
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you know the old saying, when it rains, it pours. well, in pakistan, these aren't rain drops. >> oh, no. >> rock slides? >> those are boulders. heavy rainfall caused a rock slide. this highway had to be closed. you can see people standing on the other side trying to take cover while other people in buses behind them are taking it all in. >> i hope there's nobody left in the buses. >> look at the size of that one, holy cow! >> i cannot believe there wasn't a warning or they don't know that something like this could happen in rain like this. >> yeah, but you have probably one way, one road to get where you need to go. and they risk it. >> fortunately, the road was closed with no injuries. but that is a sight to behold. a scary sight. >> that's the kind of day where you are glad you missed the bus. i think at this point we've all fallen in love with angrygram. even though it's the grumpy old
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gram. >> gram-bro. >> yes, but now he has a relationship with the man who has been filming him for all these years. making him get super grumpy about everything. now because it is easter, let's bring the easter bunny into the mix. >> is it a relationship or is it just pure hatred. >> watch. no, it's the easter bunny taking the beating. >> yeah. bam! >> the best part is the noise the bunny makes. >> oh, it's one of those. >> that's right. that's right. i just killed the easter bunny. >> oh, get this, you would think they are almost becoming friends and then -- nope. >> bam! this video a little bit older but too cute not to show you. you never know what is going through the animals' heads. i can't get to the food! there are two boxes. >> hot lava! hot lava! oh, no, you have to help me
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there. >> the owner says he's scared of the boxes obstructing his way to the food. here's the best part, these guys are having too much fun at the expense of this poor dog. because one of them -- one of the owners is bringing in some ham. >> they try to get more food. >> right. but he still goes over the boxes until five minutes of coercing this poor thing. it finally is able to push it. >> oh, that was easy. spring break, backflips and a guy who -- >> just won't stop that full load. >> see how this one ends next. and we're shaking up easter with a cadbury egg shake. >> that's a th that's a thing. >> see how to make that thing on "right this minute." , a scientist,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. there's a world of flavor in every jelly belly jelly bean. enjoy the adventure! kids mix. 20 flavors kids love! nothing adds wind to your sail, that's why we are starting your spring break video like this. this guy is watching girls in bikinis and realizes everybody will want me. >> this is the quickest way to end your spring break. >> pretty sure somebody is going to get hurt. funny enough, it's not him -- clunk! >> oh, dude. why would that guy walk up? >> this guy obviously up aware somebody is about to do an olympic backflip onto his head. >> wow, he's all disoriented
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now. >> the interesting case is this guy just landed on his head and he's like, oh, sorry, bro. no worries. the next video is where this little one gets going book boogie boarding and yet he's not. >> then it just pushes you up to the top and it's fine. and this one is the epic battle of one young daughter and her turtleneck sweater. much to the amusement of mom -- they say it's like a chinese finger trap but with her cranium. the frustration builds as she hears mom laughing. >> mom! mom! >> how is it on so tight? that turtleneck must be extremely tight for it to be that difficult to take off. >> she's just making it worse as she pulls and pulls. and the great part is mom just
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refuses to help. >> grab the scissors. >> no, just sit there, record it and laugh. >> i can't get out. ladies, one of the most delicious things in candyland is the gooey-ooey center inside the cadbury. >> you better watch yourself. >> it is delicious. >> happy easter, it's getting so close. you need some recipes, right? you want to know how to make delicious things, like a cadbury cream chocolate milk shake. >> that is a thing? >> that is a thing. and jessica horton is here to show us how to make it. >> we are making a fondant. the same thing inside the cadbury cream egg, the nice center to put into our shake. >> puts a bunch of chocolate ice cream in there, basically makes a shake with this creamy center.
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coats the glass with a little caramel, pour your chocolate milkshake in and then it's the toppings that turns it all into deliciousness. >> and then you'll just take your eggs and kind of put them on top. there's a nice little decoration topper and bam, your easter shake is done. >> and please, jessica, bring a few our way. >> oh, hey now. >> girl, let me help you out here. >> brought some tastes for you guys. >> nice. >> all right. fill in some of the banks here. >> so really what this is is the egg itself, the chocolate ice cream, the nice fondant inside. >> that's the word you were using. >> it makes a cradbury shake. >> i'm scared to mess it up but i guess i have to. it's really rich. >> it's a once-a-year type thing because of the calories in there. but it is so good, it's so
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tasty. it is very healthy for you. >> cheers. happy easter. >> if you guys want to make it at home you can. go to and click on tv show or go to our mobile app. it's time for a little pick-up advice from kids. >> this video is proving that men are just children. >> hear the kids'
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year is tripping. you no longer have to worry about this but there are some guys to it there that still need a little help in the dating department. well, forget the experts and talk to the kids. >> he is totally stressed out. it really helps. >> this guy is onto something. the video, kids on how to approach somebody across the bar put together by canoodle content. >> everything they suggest i'm going to try on you, all right?
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so get ready. we'll see if it works. >> i would like to be your friend this year. >> someone to support me. >> yeah. >> nick's really good. >> you're both weirdos. >> you have to say to yourself, i'm so dumb if i don't go over there. and once you know that i'm so dumb if you don't go over there, then you go over there. >> stupid, stupid, stupid! >> hi. i'm nick. >> get drunk. >> come on. just like that? >> yeah. >> how old are you? >> clearly that's advice coming from a boy. >> you need to like stick up and you need to be strong. and you can't hold back thinking -- oh, she could already be gone. >> pump up my chest. >> yeah. >> hi, i'm nick. >> what's your name? and what do you do sitting here waiting for someone? >> oh, that's game.
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>> what do i say? >> you look cute. oh hot. whatever you prefer. >> you're hot. >> exactly. >> to see the entire video and all the the advice from the kids, head over to and click on tv show or see it on our mobile app. thanks for hanging with us today. we'll see you on the nextriri the gillette mach 3 turbo still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: we broke the story on the website yesterday about garry shandling dying, now we have some information and tragically, he was minutes from going to the hospital where his life could have been saved it turns out. charles: he started feeling badly the day before on wednesday and told his doctor that he was going to get help on thursday morning. that was, like you say, minutes away. harvey: the doctor had gone over to the house on wednesday to see him. he said he was achy, he had shortness of breath.


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