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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  March 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a training exercise in the ocean goes wrong, what caused a san francisco fire boat to capsize, throwing several firefighters into the water. >> and police released a picture of a man suspected of shooting an 8-year-old boy in a drive-by. drieb i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a rogue wave capsized a san francisco fire department rescue boat today. they're all recovering. it happened this morning at ocean beach near land's end during a training exercise. christina has the story.
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>> reporter: firefighters are very familiar with these waters. but today went from a training mission to an actual training rescue. [ sirens ] >> reporter: a dramatic rescue operation unfolded in the frigid waters off ocean beach. seven of san francisco's most experienced firefighters and swimmers went overboard when the rescue boat they were training on capsized saturday morning. >> the conditions were pretty calm as i understand it. but i do understand there was a big wave that came up and flipped the boat. >> reporter: firefighters participating in the practice drill nearby came to the aid of the crew members helping pull a few from the water. the coast guard and people on a private boat lent a hand too. >> we went hiking and we ran into a fireman who said that
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there -- we heard five people were in the water, there were seven. and everybody was safe. >> reporter: four of the seven firefighters were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the rescue boat was left behind. only the nose of the 30-foot water craft can be seen peaking above the surface. >> lovely day. i'm sorry they got their lives threatened. >> our members are okay. >> reporter: the fire department is sending a thank you to those in the private boat who helped today. they will be doing a safety investigation. >> it's good they're all okay. i take it they were wearing foul weather gear or wetsuits to keep them warm? >> reporter: yeah, i think so. that was part of their training mission. that's why they were out here this morning. it was all part of a drill. they are highly skilled, and all they were doing was practicing to enhance their skills. so they
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were prepared, they just didn't expect they were the ones having to be rescued. >> thank you, christina. concord police released a photo of a man suspected of shooting an 8-year-old boy yesterday. a warrant has been issued for 32-year-old james derrod. the shooting happened at family's home at about 6:00 last night. witnesses say a honda drove up and someone inside started shooting. police sate child was in the front yard and was struck once. she recovering at children's hospital. menloe park police are warning parents to remind their children about stranger dangerer. a 12-year-old boy was walking yesterday afternoon when a car pulled alongside him two. men asked him if he was running late and told him to get in the car. he said no and walked away. police say they don't know if the men were trying to get the boy in the car or just trying to scare him. police say the men are in their 20s, riding in an older silver 4-door sedan. the head of the university
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of california says she plans to personally monitor uc berkeley's antisexual harassment plan. the president said that the chancellor will provide her office with written reports on the university's plan to address sexual harassment on campus. she also said today that she and dirks will meet in personal monthly to discuss the issue. the first meeting is scheduled for next friday. this comes amid mounting criticism of the university's handling of recent sexual harassment complaints. a jail reform commission established by santa clara's sheriff appears to have turned on her. the panel is urging supervisors to transfer supervision of the lockup to someone else. there's been a series of problems at the jail, including the death of an inmate, allegedly by guards.
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and the sheriff came under fire for cameras when the county said it would take two years to buy them. the acting president of the santa clara county correctional peace officer's association released this statement today saying in part "the sheriff cannot freeze us out, cannot go around us to the media. if there is one takeaway from the work of the commission, we're all in this together." >> the peace officers association is recommending that 50 more correctional officers be hired and guards get better training. investigators in solano county are looking for a man who allegedly assaulted a hiker yesterday afternoon in the cold canyon area. two women were
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hiking when approached by a man with a handgun. the suspect forced the victims off the trail and into a shrewded area where he assaulted -- sleweded area where he assaulted one of the women. he demanded money and fled on foot. the suspect may live in that area. he is described only as an hispanic man about 25 years old, 5'5", he may have a light mustache. anyone who has any information about this individual is asked to contact the sheriff's department. more problems for bard riders -- bart riders. crews working to replace 2,000 feet of worn out rail. the tracks close at 6:00 am this morning and will remain closed until 4:00 am on monday. this will affect bart riders trying to get to tomorrow's warriors game. those planning to take bart to see the 76ers will want to add 30 to 60
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minutes. and another transportation alert for those planning to take light rail in san jose this weekend. emergency repairs are underway on vta, no trains will run between the civic center and st. james stations. but there will be a bus bridge in place. requireds told us the construction will add 20 to 30 minutes to their commuteiders told us the construction will add 20 to 30 minutes to their commute. service is expected to return to normal monday morning. democratic caucus voters lined up today to cast ballots in three states. seattle opened at 3:00 pm. martin luther king elementary school played host to this event. voters in alaska and hawaii also had the chance to weigh in today. analysts say bernie sanders has won alaska and washington and favored to win in hawaii. they say the delegate count would still keep him far behind hillary clinton. just ahead of easter
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sunday, worshippers flocked to the church of the nativity in belt lehem -- bethlehem. it is the first celebration of jesus christ's resurrection after crucifixion on good friday. christians around the world celebrate. in brusz brussels, the security is so tight that a demonstration against the attacks planned for tomorrow has been canceled. the former belgian ambassador to the united states was among those killed. >> reporter: spring is in the air in belgium, but so is fear. airport that was the site of so much carnage earlier in the week will remain closed until at least tuesday. the airport services 23.5 million passengers per year. keeping it clezed is making it hard for people to get in and out of the nation that is the seat of the european union. this tourist thought about staying home, but then he said
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the terrorists win. >> no, we want to live our lives. we want to show the belgian people that of course we can come to brussels. >> reporter: as belgian warfels are cooked, others are concealing their fear to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of brussels. >> we try to prepare but whatever can happen, but we feel scared. whenever we are walking around, if you have so many people around, we're avoiding. >> reporter: echoing that fear, mariah carey is canceling a concert planned for sunday in brussels. a solidarity march his also been cancelled because security resources would be better used elsewhere. on saturday, belgian prosecutors formally charged three men with terrorist offenses linked to the attacks. it was revealed on saturday that the former belgian ambassador to the united states was among those killed in the attack, he served as ambassador during the clinton
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administration. gearing up for the adventure. a lifetime. why a bay area mother says she wants to travel thousands of miles to take on the arctic wilderness. ess. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> it has been quite a week for cuba. the historic concert in havana.
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>> i sis suicide bombings in
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yemen. the death cut has risen to 26. soldiers and civilians are among the dead and injured. officials say they expect the number of fatalities to climb even higher. we're hearing new details about the death of a key isis leader. the isis finance minister was killed this week in a gun fight with u.s. special ops. ops. >> reporter: military officials tell fox news that after weeks of practice, this operation went just as planned and even looked like something out of the a hollywood movie. early thursday morning, he was riding on an isolated road in eastern syria when an elite team of u.s. forces swooped in and surrounded the vehicle. he was considered next in line to take over as the leader of isis and was given the option to surrender. instead started shooting. within seconds, he and those he was travelling with were killed. >> the removal of this isil leader will hamper the
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organization's ability to conduct operations inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter said friday he was the third isis leader taken out by u.s. forces this month, including omar, isis's minister of war. >> leaders can be replaced. however these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior, they're experienced. and so eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result. >> reporter: though both carter and chairman of the joint chief of staff were quick to say the war against isis is far from over. >> the momentum is in our favor. there's a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about
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0001 as long as there is a drought declaration, we have the ability to ask districts to keep conserving water with their customers. >> the mandatory water restrictions are staying put until the state says otherwise. people living near a
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residence advisory in nevada county say the area is being used as a dump site for drug labs. almost 450 bu tain canisters -- butane have been found. some people are worried the cans could use health problems or harm the environment. officials say there is no immediate health threat. a mother of three from concourse is set to -- concord is set to take on a challenge. she is one of 29 worldwide winners chosen to take part in the 2016 fall raven polar challenge. this indiv -- video received enough votes to get her in the event. involves navigating a dog sled 126 miles across norway to sweden. she is an avid hiker with a passion for taking on challenges. she has no experience with dogsledding! in fact she has a fear of dogs
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after being bittin while a -- bitten while a child. >> i thought i can't do it because it's gonna be really hard. then i told my husband, and he said you can do it! it's easy for you! and then i thought okay, maybe! i'll try it. >> the polar challenge is set to take place on april 5th. she said she wanted to take on the challenge and face her fear of dogs to set a good example for her children. six astronauts aboard the international space station got an early easter gift today with the arrival of a supply ship full of fresh food and experiments. it holds near 8,000 pounds of groceries, equipment, and experiments. cygnus was the first of three shipments coming up in quick subsession. a russian -- succession. the rolling stones made history this weekend taking
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stage for the first time ever in cuba. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the band kicks off their free 2-hour show with their 1968 hit jumpin jack flash. it wasn't that long ago that most western rock and pop music was banned in that country. >> amazing to see all the changes happening. let's of people have outdoor plans tomorrow on easter sunday. >> we're looking pretty good. at least not much in the way of rain to talk about in the bay area. but get ready for the wind. it will be picking up in the afternoon. temperatures today really warmed up. 81 degrees in antioch this
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afternoon. santa rosa, 76. lots of 60s on the boards for san francisco. oakland in the 70s. pacifica in the upper 50s, 59 degrees. our live camera toward the bay, the golden gate in the distance. and some patchy fog trying to regroup. the fog will bump up into the coastline, around the bay first thing tomorrow morning. in addition to the fog, we have some higher clouds sweeping across northern california right now. fairly quiet, but the wind speeds have been picking up. santa rosa right now 71, oakland 55, and livermore, 67 degrees. as far as wind speeds, they're up there around 10-16 miles an hour. santa rosa winds gusting to 23. and sfo winds out of the west, sustained, 28 miles an hour. easter forecast for tomorrow, we are expecting this first time tomorrow morning. some patchy fog at 7:00 am, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. partly sun i skies by the afternoon
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hours. the wind speeds do pishg up by 4:00 -- pick up by 4:00. 60 to 68 degrees. fog near the coast and the bay, the readings in the 40s and the 50s. but our wind speeds will continue to be somewhat of a factor as we head into sunday. the red color here corresponds to some stronger winds, winds easily topping 30 miles an hour. especially near the coast and the bay. the source this is guy, this area of low pressure moving down toward northern california and toward nevada over the next few days. not a direct hit for us. it'll be close enough to bring in cooler temperatures, partly cloudy skies and winds picking up as well. and this could generate some rain and snow showers out toward the sierra by tomorrow night. this forecast model tries to generate a few sprinkles in the south bay tomorrow morning. probably just some clouds increasing throughout the afternoon hours, rain showers toward the siary. then monday, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle developing throughout the afternoon hours.
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energy dives in from the north. the main impact in terms of shower activity will be to the north and east of the bay area. easter sunday, cooler than today. lots of 60s out there. san jose 67, half moon bay, 61. and here is a look at your 5-day. the easter bunny to talk about tomorrow. and a slight chance of a shower monday, partly cloudy skies for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. but heather and ken, get ready for those winds! a lot of people like to head to the coast. seeing a lot of crowds out there. you'll definitely notice the fan blowing around out there. >> so the easter bonnets that have the tie-downs? cinch that pretty tight. [ laughter ] >> you could see it in christina's shot. >> absolutely. and the swells have been huge over the past few days. so i'm sure they were targeting today to be a good practice today. imagine the swells bigger yesterday. >> whoa, yeah. >> for the rest of us, the
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professionals had trouble out there, so that should give us an idea. idea. the last pac-12 team tries to keep its march madness hopes alive. >> and the sharks look to clinch a playoff spot as they face their rival stars.
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robots are doing battle this weekend in the bay area. part of the first tech challenge robot tournament in oakland. the competition is designed for students in 7th to 12th grade. small teams of students are going head-to-head in the tournament. they each designer and program their robots for this competition. >> the true beauty of this is it's more than just the robots. what it's all all about is getting young students to engage in a challenge where they learn valuable work skills in terms of work together as a team, solving complex problems, and being able to communicate. >> teams from all over the u.s. participated in today's tournament. there were also competitors from mexico and canada. working together as a team, that's what the sharks are trying to do. >> their fans are still waiting for the third straight home game, they needed just a win to
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clinch a playoff spot. and for the third straight time, they were denied. douglas murray, part of the 25-year celebration in today's game against dallas. the sharks were frustrated and annoyed by antoine roussel. he was penalized in the first nine minutes, even a little hair-pulling. pretty assist in front of the net. stars built a 3-0 lead before san jose rallied too late. sharks continue to hold the no. 6 spot in the west. the ncaa tournament has its first final four member. and it came in part to someone who is becoming a folk hero in oklahoma. buddy heel, probably more popular than most of the presidential candidates. he and the sooners in oregon this afternoon against anaheim. the sooners ran to an 18-point lead at halftime. and here's the kind of game it was for the ducks. they turn it over, the result is
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two more for him. ducks are the final pac-12 team to be sent home for the season. bruce coachy watching -- bruce bochy hoping this is what the regular season will resemble. 3 runs in the first 3 innings. here's another of duffey's hits and run scores. he does it all himself. another development that had to make the manager happy, the pitcher retired the first six batters he faced. and you can see our half-hour special on the oakland a's, diamonds in the rough tonight at 10:30. and the a's today were 5-2 losers in the royals. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. coming up on the 10:00 news, a blue ribbon commission looking into operations at the santa clara county jail. >> that panel is calling for
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new leadership. we'll have more on why some say change is needed. >> we're always here fur online at, facebook, twitter, and is all of our apps. and hang onto your easter bonnet! it's windy out there! [ laughter ]
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we're back! funniest thing-- stella fell in love with this dog on our walk, just stared at it lovingly. turned out to be her reflection in a hubcap. i got an "a" on my history exam, by the way. really, you're competing with the dog? don't let it bother you, girl. jay, we need to talk. i went to an allergist today, and he thinks that joe's rash is an allergy. what a surprise-- an allergist found an allergy. he thinks he might be allergic to stella. the only reaction this dog gives people is the giggles. i mean, when she tried to lick her own [laughing] face... in my village, if a goat acted that dumb, we wouldn't even eat it. this allergy thing is very serious. we need to separate them for a week to see if the rash goes away. i don't know if i can go that long without seeing joe. not joe! the dog! i already called mitch and cameron. - they're gonna take her. - for a week?! she'll be traumatized! she's very sensitive! she scrapes her butt on the driveway.


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