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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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thrown overboard. seven firefighters have to be rescued off ocean beach after their rescue boat capsized in heavy surf. either they're not paying attention or they don't get it or they're incompetent or they just -- don't care. >> time to go? the call for the sheriff of the bay area's largest county to step down. in the wake of misconduct at the santa clara county jail.
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and wanted for shooting a child. police say this is the man who shot and wounded an 8-year-old boy who was playing in his front yard. good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. tonight, in the wake of a number of scandals. culminating with the killing of a mentally ill inmate. allegedly at the hands of three jail guards. the blue ribbon commission requested by sheriff smith following that inmate's death is now calling into question smith's own leadership. as the head of the jail. ktvu's monty francis is live outside the jail in san jose with details. monty? >> reporter: well, ken, today if commission had its final meeting and made a number of recommendations but the real bombshell here is that a majority of the members think that the current leadership at the jail should go. >> where was the pilot all this time? and right.
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so it's a poor plane, and a poor pilot. you're going to crash. >> reporter: retired judge cordell heads the blue robin commission set up after a mentally ill inmate michael tyree was killed in august of 2014. allegedly hat the ands of three -- at the hands of three guards at the santa clara county jail. a majority of commissioners calls on the board to take immediate steps to change the leadership of the operation of the jails. >> either they're not paying attention or they don't get it or they're incompetent or they just don't care. i don't know. it doesn't matter. what matters is it crashed. we've now spent all our time saying fix it. >> reporter: and the thing that's the concerns about inadequate health care for inmates a scandal involving racist text messages sent by guards. and at the commission meeting saturday sheriff smith pointed to reforms put into place at
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the jail. >> changes into institution of this size and scope of the jails is every i s -- never easy and never fast enough. what we've done over the last 18 months really demonstrates our commitment to making the move faster. >> reporter: the tension between the commission and the sheriff reached its peak when cordell recently suggested that the sheriff's purchase of cameras for the jail and an ensuing fight among inmates amounted to a publicity student orchestrated by the -- stunt orchestrated by the sheriff. >> just connect the dots. start with find cameras. -- buying cameras, and putting them in that unit and voila, what do you know? magical. how magical? >> there's a fight. >> reporter: sheriff smith fired back with a letter calling cordell's accusation that she allowed feuding gang members in the same area of the jail knowing a fight would break out a disgraceful lie. commissioner rick calendar of the naacp says although the sheriff initially appeared
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supportive, he says smith eventually began to undermine the commission's efforts. >> we were robust on trying to to be given information that we requested. even looking into the fight. the -- our investigator was told they weren't going to get the information from us. >> reporter: cal indan wants to u.s. justice department to which will in. >> just like in l. a.. we need that here. >> reporter: and speaking for the sheriff's department, sergeant james jensen released the following statement to us tonight. it says -- >> reporter: and judge cordell is scheduled to present the recommendations to the board of supervisors on april 12th. ken? >> do we know how soon the action might take place after that as presented to the board? >> reporter: that's unclear and there are a number of options
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here. federal oversight is one of them. of course, the sheriff is an elected official and can't be fired any action would have to be approved by the board of supervisors ken. >> monty, thank you. concord police are hoping a picture will lead lem to a parolee wanted for shooting an 8-year-old boy. a $1.1 million reward has been issued for the arrest of 32- year-old james gerard. now police say he is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. the shooting happened around 6:00 yesterday evening and someone in a silver honda drove by the house on la salle avenue just east overby fan january field -- buchanan field and started firing. the child was struck once near his shoulder and he underwent surgery and now recovering. the sheriff's department is looking for a man who aledgedly assaulted a hiker at and it happened yesterday afternoon in the cold canyon area. sheriff's deputies say two women were hiking when they were approached by a man with a
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handgun. the suspect forced the victims off the trail into a secluded area where he assaulted one of the women. he then demanded money and fled on foot. authorities say the suspect may live in that area. he's described only as an hispanic man about 25 years old and about 5'5" tall with short black hair and he may have a light mustache. anyone with any information is asked to contact the sheriff's department. rescuing the rescuers. a training exercise turned into a real rescue operation if members of -- for members to have san francisco fire department. our cristina rendon reports. [ sirens ] >> reporter: a dramatic rescue operation unfolded in the frigid waters off ocean beach. seven of san francisco's most experienced firefighters and swimmers went overboard. when the rescue boat they were training on capsized saturday morning. >> the conditions were pretty calm. as i understand it. what i do understand, there was
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a big wave that came up i mean some might call a rogue wave and flipped the boat. >> reporter: firefighters on jet skis participating in the practice drill nearby quickly came to the aid o the crew members -- of the crew members. >> he was conscious. he came up and we grabbed him and we just heard screaming. >> reporter: the coast guard and people on a private boat lent a hand too. returning to the popular tourist spot land's end. >> we want hikes -- went hiking and we ran into fireman who said that we heard five people were in the water, it turned out there were seven and that everybody was safe. [ sirens ] >> reporter: four of the seven firefighters were taken to the hospital as a precaution. but the rescue boat was left behind. only the nose of the 30-foot water craft can be seen peeking above the surface. >> a lovely day and i'm sorry these people you know got their lives threatened. >> the members are okay. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: the fire department is sending a big thank you to the people on that private boat who helped in today's rescue mission. they say they're going to be doing a safety investigation
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following today's incident. reporting from land's end, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00 minimum wage in the golden state could be on the rise soon. state legislators and labor unions reached an agreement that will take the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. the senator leno of san francisco says the proposal would go before the betture as part of the bill that billed last year. he also said the would avoid taking the -- bill would avoid taking the issue to the ballot. california has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation. b.a.r.t. is in the middle of a weekend of track work on the fro font line and that work will affect fans heading to norm's warriors -- tomorrow's warriors' game. the tracks are closed for needed retears. crews plan to replace more than 2,000 feet of worn out rail and more than 900 railroad ties and other track parts. now buses are running between those two stations. passengers including warriors' fans going to the game tomorrow
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at oracle arena should add 30 to 60 minutes to their travel time. they will reopen at 4:00 monday morning. the head of the university of california plans to personally monitor how uc berkeley handles sexual misconduct on campus. the uc president napolitano said today that uc berkeley chancellor will provide her office with written report tonight university's plainest awe -- reports to on the university's man to address -- plan to address sexual harassment. in fact their first meeting is on friday. her involvement comes amid criticism that cal mishandled cases involving faculty members. two more americans have been identified as victims of the terror attacks in brussels. justin schultz was confirmed dead earlier today. and late tonight, his wife stephanie was also confirmed dead. meanwhile a new suspect is now accused in the bombings. mike toe bin is in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: the family of 30-
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year-old justin sludge confirming she was killed in the airport bombing and his brother tweeting quote -- the last thing my brother ever told me is that he loved me. go rest high on that mountain. sasha and alexander were the other two americans killed in the attack and belgian firms also confirming a retired diplomat is among the dead. [ speaking foreign language ] >> among the -- the victims of this attack is we also counted former colleague who used to be -- to go to the u.s. and the united nations and has had several other posts. >> reporter: meanwhile investigators confirming a new suspect is now in custody. local media claims he is the last of three men suspected in the airport bombings. that man has been identified only asaphia siserl -- as faisal c.. he's described as a local activist known to police for trying to rally asylum seekers and homeless people to radical islam. the attacks at the airport and
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a train station killed more than 30 people and left 270 injured on tuesday. tonight they are flooding you're ask candles to a memorial at a plaza in brussels. >> they have allowed us the muslim students and my wife too, and in fact she -- she has one of the man who explodes himself and -- as a pupil some years ago. so she is very troubled by that. >> reporter: no word on a second possible attack fresh the metro bombing -- attacker from the metro bomber. in brussels, belgium, mike tobin, fox news. a bay area mother of three gearing up for the challenge of a lifetime. how she snagged just one of 29 spots available worldwide for an arctic adventure. >> a supersaturday for bernie sanders. the big wins for the senator tonight drawing him closer in
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the race with hillary clinton. >> and in weather temperatures warmed up nicely today. lots of sunshine but a few changes coming up for easter, coming up talking about strong winds in we have any rain keselowski in the five -- clouds in the five day forecast.
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big wins today for bernie sanders in his quest for the democratic presidential nomination. he picked up significant number of delegates with sweeping victories in today's caucuses in alaska and washington. but as lauren blanchard tells us the delegate map is till in hillary clinton's favor. >> reporter: the coldest state in the nation is giving some heat to the campaign of bernie sanders the senator from vermont won alaska with its 16 delegates.
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>> republicans win elections when people are demoralized and they don't come out to vote. progressives and democrats win elections when working people and young people and senors and veterans -- seniors and veterans stand up and fight back and come out to vote. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's turns out to be a supersaturday for sander. the democratic socialist is also heading into the new week with a state of washington behind him. >> we just won the state of washington! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: sanders also expected to win hawaii. saturday's victories could mean hillary clinton's focus on the general election may be too much too soon. bernie sanders is not going away. >> that's really hillary clinton's biggest problem. she's been really pivoting to the general election talking about who she's going to run against in november. but she's there and he's a bigger problem than she portrays him to be. when she's out campaigning. >> reporter: on the other side, it seems to be a race to the bottom as the two front runners talk trash about each other's
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spouses. a week that saw western europe again bloodied by the terrorist attack. trump can cruz saved anger for each other. >> it's not acceptable for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald. you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> reporter: wyoming and wisconsin are the next big contests for both republicans and the democrats. in madison, wisconsin, lauren blanchard, fox news. a mother of three from concord is set to take on a challenge that few would dare to dry. zach is one of 29 worldwide winners chosen the take part in the 2016 fall raven polar 016. this video received enough votes to get her a spot in the five day event. it's a wilderness challenge that involves navigating a dog sled more than 186 miles across
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norway to sweden. she is an avid hiker with a passion for taking on challenges but no experience with dog sledding and in fact she says she has a fear of dogs after being bitten by one when she was a child. >> i thought i can't do it because it's -- going to be really hard. and then i told my husband, and he said you can do it. it's easy for you. and then -- i thought, okay maybe. i'll try. >> the fall raven polar challenge will take place on april 5th and she wanted to take on the challenge and face her fear of dogs to set a good example for her children. and hopefully she'll have good experience with the dog. >> hopefully she will. but that's quite a challenge. >> yeah. yeah now with our meteorologist mark tamayo about the easter forecast. a lot of people keeping an eye on that. >> yeah looking pretty good and the weekend off to great start. with the lots of sunshine for today. and we had some pretty warm temperatures but we're going to cool things off for the second half of the weekend for your easter forecast.
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let's take a look at some of the numbers from this afternoon. they range from the upper 50s in pacifica. we'll point that out to you here in the -- look at the warm spots we have some 80s to talk about out towards antioch. 81-degrees and lots of 70s on the board for santa rosa and oakland, fremont and san jose and morgan hill. here's the cram at san francisco city hall and you can see the higher clouds on the increase and also lower clouds and fog redeveloping near the coast and pars of the bay. we actually have a weather system right now producing light rain up in northern california up toward crescent city. at last check. but right now we have some scattered high clouds in addition to some of the fog and the fog will be pushing back into the bay area as we do head into the overnight hours. current numbers out there we'll take look at these as you can see we have right now san jose checking in 58 degrees. napa 56. santa rosa one of the warmest spots look at that 60 degrees. probably because they have a bit of a wind kicking up here and san francisco 55 and half- moon bay 54 degrees with that
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fog making nearby. in fact we can check on the winds and santa rosa winds only right around 5 miles an hour but we could have some stronger gusts in the hills there. oakland winds withoutest at 14 and -- out of the west at 14 and sfo winds gusting to 28 and half-moon bay 22 miles per hour. here's a look at the easter forecast and we are expecting this looks pretty good out there with some areas of fog though. 47 to 52 degrees by lunchtime. partly sunny skies and you will definitely notice an increase in the wind speeds throughout the afternoon hours. winds increasing around 20 to 30 miles an hour so winds right around increasing by about -- 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. but really not much in the way of rain expected for tomorrow. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to the 50s out there. first thing sunday morning. and the winds we talked about those and you can see our forecast model really increasing so a bit of a breeze for the afternoon but look what happens by sunday night. winds easily topping 30 miles an hour at half-moon bay and san francisco 29 miles per hour. the storms and the cooler air and also the winds. this area of low pressure parked up here to the north not
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really approaching the bay area. but mostly approaching nevada. with that a cooler system. partly cloudy skies for sunday into monday and in terms of major heat, nothing really in the forecast. or significant rainfall as well. but this could generate some snow showers out toward the sierra. here we go tomorrow morning areas of fog out there and then you will see that by sunday morning. partly cloudy skies and anoas the showers popping up in the sierra and monday we're expecting partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of a shower developing up in the north bay. watch that on that possibility especially up in the north bay monday afternoon. easter forecast it will be cooler than today. lots of 60s out there for afternoon highs. santa cruz 65. it's starting to look like spring out there. a slight chance of a shower on monday and partly cloudy skies later in the week and temperatures lots of 60s out there. but it's that time of year the winds pick up and you'll see that over the next few days. >> hang on to the little ones
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running around trying to get the egg tomorrow. >> the egg might be blowing around as well tomorrow. we'll see. >> i hope not. thanks mark. after almost a year, oakland's andre ward steps back into the ring. >> the olympic gold medalist goes for his 29th career win. joe fonzi ready to tell us all about it coming up next in sports.
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all right, that was big night in oakland and we're not talking about the warriors. >> i know. unusual night in that regard. >> right. >> it was a new weight class but a very familiar result for oakland fighter andre ward. at oracle tonight refought for the first time as a light heavyweight. he lost the point for a low blow in the eighth round and drew a warning but still not bearing down in the third. that is the reaction from
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someone who knows all about receiving cheers in this building. the fight went the distance and ward won a unanimous decision. the former gold medal winner is now 29-0 and expected to be in line for a title fight against unified champion sergei cove lev well, the san jose sharks has a chance to clinch a spot in the playoffs with a win. today was the third straight time they were denied. douglas murray taking his turn in ceremonies this year that have celebrated the team's 25 year an verse re. frustrated and annoyed by the stars. russel getting his hair as part of three separate permits in the first few minutes. then doubled it beauty of the assist by jason. in front of the net the stars went on the build a 3-0 lead before san jose rallied too late. the stars win 4-2. sharks continue to hold the number six spot in the west. two of the ncaa
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tournament's final four teams were decided today and both knocked out regional top seeds to get there. in the south villanova -- the wildcats took on overall top speed kansas. time running out in the first half. jenkins trails throe -- drains a three for villanova. jay hawks made it close in the second half. bridges controls the loose ball. and gets the hoop for villanova here, the wildcats up but four. that was the last field goal they'd made but they got it down on the line down the stretch and they knock down kansas. his name is buddy hield and becoming a cult figure at oklahoma. and the sooners against oregon in today's other game. he hits a three and sooners ran to the 18 point lead at halftime. here's the kind of game it was for the ducks they turn it over and he got two more. hield has 37 points as the sooners were 80-68 winners. two number one seeds go down today. it will be oklahoma against
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villanova in one of the final four pairings. well, this was the weekend in which northern california champions met southern california champions for the overall state basketball titles. the task was not easy for de la salle in the boy's open division facing the number one team in the nation chino hills am rare game in sacramento in which cousins didn't get a technical foul. spartans gave the huskies all they wanted in the first half when peters hit this shot. de la salle took the lead to the halftime locker room 30-28. the dream ended there and all chino hills in the second half. the huskies outscored the spartans and the ball with the lob to eli scott. de la salle not often on the wrong end of one of those as the huskies win the state championship 70-50. san mateo's is the state champion after beating long beach polly 48-43. girls taking on shammed in of west hills in the girls' open division final.
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trailing by 20 in the first half they came back to take the lead on to three by santos in the 3:00 but the eagles dug down. odom with of her 33 points and they win the girls' open division title 80-71. bruce bochy watching the team today against the cubs in mesa and hoping this is what the regular season will resemble. the giants scored three times in the first three innings and matt duffy was the big hitter and went 3-4 with this home run and three runs scored and another development that had to make the manager happy. jeff samardzija retired the first 11 batters he fired. and -- faced. and tune in right of this newscast for our preseason special on the oakland a's. "diamonds in the rough." the a's today lost to kansas city 5-2. >> great thanks joe. >> thank you for watching tonight. look forward to the special coming up. >> coming up and always here for you online at and facebook and twitter all the ktvu apps. have a happy easter and we'll
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see you tomorrow night. >> good night everybody.
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how's it going everybody. welcome to oakland athletics 2016 diamonds in the rough. and it's been a rocky last
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couple years for the a's. on the precipice of a world series two years ago to 94 losses and last place in 2015. the man who calls the shots, billy bean doesn't really like talking to the media very much. but he did sit down with us in arizona to discuss the plate of this year's oakland a's. he lines it to short. off the glove. calhoun keeps on running. the ball is lined. it pops up. he throws. not in time. the 1-2 pitch. there's a groundball to shortstop. considering recently the a's went for broke in trying to bring a world series title back to oakland last year's loss, last place finish was particularly hard to stomach. the man who pulls the levers
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and calls the shots. executive vice president of operations billy bean is not one for making excuses and this interview offers no exceptions. >> last year was tough after having the years that we had in front of it. sometimes when you're really good and then you're not really good. that drop seems deeper and you feel it a lot. when you come in last place, you'll make changes. >> billy bean has gone on record saying he flat out does not believe in team chemistry, and considering the well documented financial constraints for the athletics, long-term continuity will always pose a challenge. so he sees it a little like the chicken and the egg theory, if you win, you'll get chemistry, if you lose, nobody's happy, one of the a's team leaders on the field echoes those sentiments. >> any time you're on a team that loses 94 games, you're sitting next to a guy on a plane and he's chewing gum loud when he's hitting .400 you're
10:33 pm
okay with it. when he's hitting .200 you're going to knock him out. >> when guys aren't playing well. they get on each other's nerves. as a result you have team chemistry. i've never been around a team that said we lost 100 games and we had great chemistry. >> we're starting our show with breaking news, no rest for the blue jays. >> explanations from the front office and various players always well and good but interaction with a's fans recently seems to come back to one particular topic. >> josh donaldson is coming to the blue jays. >> how do you trade a team star like josh donaldson. billy told me i could ask him anything. >> the criticism that certainly is deserved is ultimately when you trade a player is do you
10:34 pm
get enough in return? you don't ever know that, you may know it right away. you may not know it for a few years. to just accept the fact that you're going to be in last place with a good player wasn't something we were willing to do. what we're trying to do to mitigate that is to try to win. over the last 15 years we've done a good job of doing that. any criticism of myself or the organization is justified as it relates to did you get enough back? we don't know. it may be 20 years before. there's a few five-year-olds we acquired. >> despite the seriousness of the a's current position. you'll never catch him looking distressed in public. cool as they come, even as the team gets ready to descend into what could be a long dark tunnel of a season. we get acquainted with the new arms in the a's revamped bullpen. and sit down with all-star
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i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price. it's a deal you'll devour.
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oh my gosh. robert downey jr. >> i'm going to go with larry david. will farrell. >> i'm in beast mode right now i can't talk. >> will farrell. i think he's hilarious. >> kevin spacey's character from house of cards. >> so many times last year the a's took leads into the 8 innings but the bullpen frankly combustible. so job one in the off season, revamp things down there. scott reese has the story of the revamped bullpen. >> that was down the left field line. that's the ball game. >> an all too familiar scene last season. >> we weren't as bad as our
10:38 pm
record. >> the bullpen had the highest e.r.a. in the american league. hence an off season facelift that brought in major reinforcements. john axford, ryan madison, liam hendrix, and mark. >> we have guys that have done it. that have shut teams down year in and year out and have experience doing it. >> big game experience. from big men with big arms. >> we've got the power. and i think the power is always going to be able to get away with those things. my jobs different than the rest of theirs. he might give you a slider from down here every once in a while but everyone is in full attack mode. a lot of veteran guys. 9th inning. 8th inning games on the line. then there's old reliable at the back end of the pen.
10:39 pm
sean doolittle. ready to resume his role as closer. >> once you're on the field, no restrictions, the training wheels are off. >> the a's pen appears to have reverted from a weakness back to a strain which it will need to be for this team to compete. >> we have the guys now that emotions aren't going to get in the way for the most part. it's going to be execution. >> when you combine what they can do on the mound with the winning experiences they've had. i think that's really going to help the mentality of the entire team. >> if you're an a's fan, you're used to new faces and lots of them. on the mound and in the field led by the two chris. >> there's a fly ball. wow. chris davis. >> the 28-year-old davis has
10:40 pm
mega power. last year with the brewers he hit 21 home runs after the all- star break. that is second most in the national league. but davis says he's not focused on the numbers but rather -- >> just being a competitor out there. i think just playing the game the right way and working hard. just showing up everyday ready to compete and win ball games. i think the numbers will speak for themselves. >> he comes over from the cubs. he's a do everything type of guy. and so far he's fitting in with the new ball club. >> this fits my personality. somebody that goes out there and plays hard, respects the game. and has fun. >> speaking of having fun, nobody on the a's has a better time than catcher steven. more on the team's most entertaining player and the man who helped him become an all- star behind the plate. >> if anyone should know about
10:41 pm
the state of the a's catchers and the grind of making a living behind the plate, it's the manager. >> defense straight away on melvin. he cracks it deep to right center. and that one is out of here. bob melvin spent ten years in the major leagues playing for seven different teams. at the beginning of last season melvin was happy with the combination of steven and josh. >> other the last couple years we know steven will need time off. not necessarily just against left-handed pitching. josh probably takes more of a role this year. he got hurt in a time last year where he was getting all the at bats. we feel comfortable with those two guys. >> his understanding of the grind of the season and back in the demanding position and the things we go through. and he's on our side doing anything he can do to help us
10:42 pm
out. and very knowledgeable. and us have a good guy to play for. >> a catcher is probably the most qualified person to talk about the marathon that is a baseball season. his value over 162 games is at evident in the clubhouse as it the on the field. >> i'm so versatile. >> do you want to be called steven everything bagel. >> absolutely. it's good to have multiple people in the clubhouse that want to keep things light. when you're together, you have to have people that will keep you laughing and smiling. i learned from one of the best, chris farley, i loved chris farley. he was so talented and so funny and so versatile with his characters. obviously that was my favorite actor and comedian growing up the fans believe in steven vote and last season was part of the reason why steven vote believes
10:43 pm
in steven vote. he was 27 when he made his major league debut. he was 30 when he was made a starter by the a's. >> first pitch to right. and that bay by's gone. and that's a grand slam for steven vote. i think he feels okay. >> he responded by putting up a half season that earned him a spot on the american league all- star team. >> it meant a lot to me. it was definitely my top moment of my baseball career. it was an unbelievable experience to go to a major league all-star game as an all- star and know you belong there was a hard realization for me to come to. i went through the what the heck am i doing here. i don't belong here with these guys to yeah you do. i think that's a huge step for everyone to take in their career as a baseball player is to know you belong with your peers. both of their seasons parallelled the a's team.
10:44 pm
vote wasn't as good in the second half of the year as he was in the 1st. for the a's to be good this year, they'll need not one but two catchers healthy and in the lineup everyday. >> coming up, ron washington has returned to the a's to do what he does best, school the teams young infielders on the fine points of
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