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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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temperatures an isolated 30s. 47 in menlo park, 47 in hillsboro. and the breeze is the big story with wind gusts at almost 30 for some, san jose airport west at 12, and look for sunday the morning with the buildup of the clouds as this system dropsy in. cooler, breezy and sunny with clouds in the afternoon. it is windy for some, but not for all. temperatures on the cooler side, slightly below average. 6 am and the traffic is okay. we do have some issues on bart, between daly city and cuomo, due to an earlier issue, the stalled train and there are some major delays on bart, daly city, 760 and coma, so give yourself time and may not be
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there at the time that you normally would expect them. a look at the bay bridge plaza, moving pretty well, and there is a backup at the toll plaza and if you're driving on 101 in san francisco, looks okay approaching the split. there is a car fire at the bottom of these to know -- said no -- sinole grade and it is backed up into pleasanton, 6:01 am. new this morning, more tragic news from brussels, and the terror attacks, with at least four americans among those that are dead. we have more from the newsroom with more information on the rising death toll. >> four people have died in the hospital bringing the total number of people killed the 35. u. s. state department says that
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two more americans are confirmed to be among those that are dead, that they are not publicly identifying them yet. it has been confirmed that americans just in and stephanie scholz died in the attack at the brussels airport, were living in brussels and dropping off stephanie's mother when the bombs went off. the belgian authorities have conducted numerous raids following these attacks, and have made some arrest. hours ago the federal police in belgium released this surveillance video, highlighting one of the suspected airport bombers. the caption says that the police are seeking to identify the man, and previously the belgian media had reported that this man, faycal chaffou and they had reported that he was in the custody of the police, and the release of the video is a bit puzzling. the police put the video on youtube and did not clarify who they thought the man was or explain why they were releasing
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the video now. this new video we get a look at this morning of one of the surviving such that. -- be surviving suspect. -- the surviving suspect of that attack. and more protests in brussels yesterday as hundreds of self-described fascist protesters showed up at the side of the memorial for the victims of the terror attacks with the police in riot gear using a water cannon to break up the cloud. the protesters were chanting racist slogans.>> it was important for us to be here symbolically, and there were right police blocking the way, and lots of men that were here and doing the [ null ] salute shouting death to arabs. >> after the police controlled the protesters, those they were honoring the victims were able to string a banner of flags from various countries on the
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steps to show their commitment to peace. secretary of state john kerry says the rhetoric of the republican candidates about the brussels terror attacks is an embarrassment to the u. s., and donald trump and ted cruz calling for surveillance of muslim communities in the u. s., and kerry said -- said that everywhere he goes and everyone he meets abroad is asking about what is happening in a cup. and they were asking why the president didn't cut his trip short in cuba and john kerry said that the president schedule is not set by terrorists. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the bomb in pakistan in lahore, and area you with christians and near the children's rides. >> we are so upset because this is a day of our worship, a day of our festival.
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and the terrorists have attacked. >> today in lahore, schools and businesses will stay close, and all of pakistan is observing a three-day mourning.. pope francis announced the recent terror attacks in his recent message as tens of thousands of catholics went through tight security to get near the pope and listen to his message of hope, urging people to support the victims of terrorism and support in an effort to stop the violence. >> may we draw closer to the victims of terrorism, that blind in butyl -- brutal form of violent shedding blood throughout the world.>> the pope also said we should help those that are fleeing from the war-torn areas. and in san leandro, they want to know who spray-painted the graffiti on the walls of the park. splashed across the wall, and
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alex savidge is in san leandro, and tell us why the police think this could be gang- related.>> reporter: they certainly do and good morning. a lot of people that use this park, they are frankly disgusted by what was found behind us over the week end on this particular wall near the south end of the marina park. there were racial slurs spray- painted on what is an amphitheater of some sort. the police believe this was likely the work of a local game, and you can see that clearly everything has been painted over now, but this is what it looked like over the weekend. the slurs targeting african- americans and hispanics. they found symbols associated with a local street gang, and they are working with the gang investigators from the city of hayward on this case.
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they believe this could be an act of vandalism that may have to do with a turf war of some sort.>> it appears that this hayward-based gang is taking or marking their territory, expletives painted on the wall and derogatory comments about african-americans and hispanics. >> reporter: during the day yesterday the police were in the park, making a point to make their presence felt near this particular wall that was defaced over the weekend. because these hateful messages were not necessarily directed at one particular group, this may not rise to the level of being a hate crime. the police believe this was associated with a local gangs in the area, and they believe that this was more of a prank, but they are obviously taking this case quite seriously, and asking for anyone that has information on who was behind this vandalism to put in a call to the san leandro police.
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time now is 6:07 am. the presidential candidates focusing on wisconsin, a key state or the voters going to the polls for one week from tomorrow. >> donald trump esterified to engage in a debate, and he is hiding in the trump tower not doing political events or campaigning. when you campaign, people ask you questions, and when you don't know anything about anything, it becomes evident with donald trump.>> ted cruz and donald trump running neck and neck in wisconsin, and if ted cruz wins, it will deprive donald trump of the delegates he needs to win the republican nomination outright. in the meantime on the democratic side, alaska, hawaii in washington, wrapped up by bernie sanders. >> you are assuming that every superdelegate that now supports hillary clinton will stay with
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her, and not taking into consideration there are hundreds of delegates and superdelegates that of not yet made it did -- a decision and we think we can win many of them. >> and an uphill battle for bernie sanders to take the nomination. the latest poll among the republicans in california showing donald trump with 37%, ted cruz 30%, john kasich 12% of support. among the democratic candidates, 45% of the california voters support hillary clinton, 37% support bernie sanders, and these polls conducted by the usc and the la times. 6:09 am. something that low-paid workers have been to many for more than a year, coming up, who is offering to support to increase the california minimum wage. and an egg hunt gets out of
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hand in what the parents did to cause the easter event to be called off. good morning, a pretty full commute in many areas, and on the richmond san rafael ridge, not looking too bad. skies are clear but a chill in the morning air, and the breeze is downright cool for some, and we will show you this coming up.
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wcome back to mornings on
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2, breaking news, and these are live pictures from los angeles. this is a massive fire at a church in la. the officials say that the flames broke out just about one hour ago at the greater bethany community church in south los angeles. our sister station is there, reporting that the area is used for the homeless housing as well. we've not heard if there are any injuries, but you can see all of this activity, and we will keep an eye on this and bring you updates as soon as they come in. opening statements begin today in the trial for the shooting death of an eight-year- old girl that was killed three years ago during a sleepover in oakland. 25-year-old darnell williams is on trial, accused of firing into a home were several children were having a sleepover, and elation carry dean -- alasha carridine was
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killed, and prosecutors want the death penalty. a $5000 reward being offered by the san francisco police to find the person that stabbed the british tourist during a robbery, and 48-year- old paul tan died more than one month after being attacked, and he was walking with this niece near franklin when a man and woman walked up and tried to rob them. the surveillance video shows the attacker chasing the tourist, and the attacker stole his bag and his niece was not injured. the organization mothers against drunk driving or calling for the state of california to expand the use of the ignition interlock devices, the equipment that will prevent a car from starting if the driver has been drinking. california right now is running a pilot program in four counties requiring the drop
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drivers convicted of using the device on their cars, and senator hill will introduce a bill requiring all drivers convicted of a dui to use the device and law enforcement is a boarding the plan -- is supporting the plan. are police chief and the head of the highway patrol and announcing that april is april is distracted driver awareness month. more than 3100 people were killed in crashes involving distracted driving in 2013, more than 400,000 were injured in the incidents. that is up 7% from the year before. the police say they see this problem growing every year. your time now is 6:15 am. in connecticut, the easter egg hunt gets out of hand, and the egg hunt organized by the pay is candy company was
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supposed to -- pay as -- pez candy company said this was for the kids, but adults rushed the field knocking down the children in the process. >> this was supposed to be fun if reactivity, and we did our best, but it fell short.>> that is kind of crazy. >> more than 9000 easter eggs were hidden for the kids to find, but more people showed up and they expected, and it was the parents that were out of control.>> sadly enough, that happens. a competitive nature. 16 staying -- 6:16 am is the time. and you sit back and let the kids have added. >> yes, and the easter bunny was in control.>> but you did
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not compete with your kids for the eggs? >> no. mom, dad and the adults sit in the lawn chairs and watch. and my brother and i had our man so does. >> -- we had our man drinks. moving on, traffic is moving slowly. if you are sitting around at the toll plaza, let's take a look at what we have. traffic will be busy around the bay area. taking a look at the richmond bridge into san rafael, not too bad. also looking at san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looking good as we approach the 80 split. if you're driving on the east bay commute, with an earlier problem on 680 that has been removed, and it is still slow
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out of pleasanton heading south. 880 between hayward and fremont not looking bad, and san mateo not looking bad. and we did have some disability -- disabled trains on bart, and some significant delays between daly city and the airport and from daily city -- daly city to the east bay. we have a cooler pattern for a couple of days, the low dropping in and not a lot to work with. and in the sierra more cloudy with flurries, windy and cold. there will be off and on snow showers with this low dropping in, son in the morning with clouds popping up, and could be a few isolated showers. it is possible to the north and east, but mainly breezy and wind gusts already in the higher elevations. and look at the sierra, it
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keeps going, and doubtful this will make its way toward us, and could be in the santa clara valley this evening, so it is possible. it will die down tonight and pick up during the afternoon, tuesday into wednesday looks like fear will be dealing with snow. cooler and breezy, 49 for oakland to start with clouds filtering in. we are starting off clear and 59 at noon. the high at 65 to date with clouds popping up toward the east as well. san jose, not too much of a breeze yet, but it is picking up, 46 degrees for the high at 65. some clouds later in the afternoon, and mostly clear for the morning. the system bringing an isolated snow showers to the north, and plenty of cloud cover with isolated showers off of the coast, cooler air going over the warmer ocean temps. and the buoys are much cooler in the
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bodega bay in san francisco bay buoys, 51 and 52, cooler than they had been in a while. wind gusts at 30 at the lake tahoe airport. 40s for us with isolated 30s. the breeze is holding off a little bit, gilroy down to 41, 40 44 a lot of us. the breeze is trying to show itself for us. so far the west at 12, northwest west at 10, so you get the idea of the wind in place today. 32 in truckee, and a wind advisory all the way to phoenix. this low moving in and picking up the wind, cooler breezy today, clouds popping up through the afternoon and showers early, and east and south. windy for some but not for all with higher elevations and the coast, no doubt about it. brentwood 66, and not much of a
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difference for those that are close to the water and those inland. 60s for the coast and the financially, cool and blustering -- peninsula, cool in blustery for most. your time is 6:21 am. a swarm of bees forcing their way into a baseball training game, and what happened to jason heyward of the chicago cubs, and he proves that the insects don't faze him. a chihuahua trying to cross the road, and a traffic jam, only in australia.
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maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. welcome back to mornings on 2. the largest roman catholic television network, mother mary angelica, the franciscan nun born in ohio died yesterday, and she went on to use the network to criticize the liberal trends in the catholic church, including gender-neutral language and allowing girls to act as altar servers. she was awarded the cross of honor in 2009 for service to the church, and mother mary angelica was 92.
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today's today -- is the day that many crab fishermen have been waiting for. the state is lifted the ban on commercial crabbing over the weekend, and after the season was delayed for five months, dangerous levels of toxins found in the crab. two boats went out to catch the crab for a quality text, from half moon bay in san francisco. test results are expected later today. if all goes well, commercial crab season me begin by the end of the week. the warriors can match the when total it -- win total if they beat the team tomorrow, and they had the victory over the philadelphia 76ers, and klay thompson stayed hot with the 40 point game. to others -- to make other
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scoring high points, and they will play the wizards tomorrow, and in the warriors will go to utah on wednesday. the season is over for the stanford women's basketball team and they lost to the rival washington in the elite eight. they got off to a slow start, but may to come back in the second half before losing, 85-76 . the first ever final four appearance for the washington huskies. the men's final four is set, university of carolina tar heels are the only number one seed in as they beat notre dame, 88-74, the 19th final four, playing syracuse in houston this weekend. villanova and oklahoma will play in the other game. some drivers in australia stuck in an unusual traffic jam as the koala was walking on the
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highway and hanging out. this was on saturday and some drivers got out of the car to catch a glimpse and take pictures. the police officer follow the koala and eventually got it to move to a nearby tree.>> you cannot push a koala, the symbol of australia. >> i have only seen them in a tree, usually sleeping at the zoo. i did not know that that is how they walked, not very quick. a new debate over the rideshare drivers and fingerprinting checks in one city, and some people are upset about the results. sexual assault and harassment continuing to play uc berkeley, and who the university's brought on to tackle the issue. looking at the east bay commute, and so far looking pretty good on highway 24, more crowded in lafayette. a big
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change today compared to the weekend, temperatures going down and breeze is picking up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and thank you for joining us on this monday, welcome back to mornings on 2 and thank you for joining us on this monday, march 28 and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us, and the time now is 6:30 am. and coming in like a lion. >> came in and going out like a lamb. tell us how is the traffic. >> looking okay. back to the
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cool and breezy day, clouds popping up with this low dropping in. it's like circling the wagons. clouds to the west and the east, and off to the south. we will start off on the cool side, and it is breezy in some areas stronger than others. san francisco 48, breezy and cool with mostly sunny now. it will get partly cloudy this afternoon. 62 degrees, and clouds definitely off over the ocean where that colder air is. the almanac for san francisco, 62-48, and back in 1986 he was 81 degrees, with go back to 1897 for the record low of 42. look at this, coming down you can see this parallel to the ocean, and that is unstable air going over the warmer water. this could develop later, and there will be off and on snow
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showers in the sierra. 40s on the temperature and the breeze is the big story as it picks up for a blustery day. wins in the higher elevations and cloud buildup coming into the afternoon. cooler breezy with some for a while and clouds will come in with showers possible, and windy for some. 60s on your temperatures. 6:32 am. and the issues with bart are cleared up? >> we still have some issues with bart. whenever reporter getting us more information -- we have a reporter getting us more information, and i want to mention the commute, traffic is busy on 580 westbound coming in from the altamont pass and some slow traffic. also 680 a slow away from the dublin interchange heading south. 880 is not too bad, beginning to slow at 238 heading south
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toward 84. no problems on the peninsula, 101 and 280 looking good. let's go to 880 on the map, traffic is moving along okay, and a little bit breezy. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up all the way to the maccarthur maze. there is some waiting to do. a bad morning for those commuters that use bart, and where life at the daly city station, and the problems are the worst on the peninsula. a rough morning for those commuting on bart, particularly on the peninsula, this is the platform 2, trains going in both directions, and the daly city area, we have heard that they will be single tracking trains between daly city and como due
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to a train being stuck on the track. we drove by on the freeway, and this is going toward san francisco heading northbound, you can see that the train is stop on the tracks. we can also see workers on the tracks trying to do some kind of adjustment or work to get the train going again. they had line is that this means they will be single tracking trains between daly city in como until they get the problem resolved, and not making any announcement on how long this will take, and the train is heading southbound, and again the trains are single tracking between daly city and cuomo, and workers are trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and we will get in to see if we can talk to some bart passengers and see if we
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can get in contact with bart to find out what the problem is, and if it is related to the other problems we've seen in west oakland and in the north concord area. there have been ongoing problems, and when this problem we will be resolved, we will let you know. we will keep going back to get the details. your time now is 6:35 am. look at these live pictures from los angeles, a church on fire in south la, a major fire, and reportedly the roof of the church has collapsed, 75 firefighters battling flames since 7 am this morning, and all of this activity in no word on the injuries. the roof has collapsed, and we do not know how that fire started and we will keep checking for the latest on this church fire in south los angeles. changes at uc berkeley in
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an effort to stop the recent incidents of sexual harassment and assault. uc berkeley has announced an interim leader to deal with the growing issue, and we have more life on the campus to tell us who the person is, and her experience that is a critical part of this job. good morning. >> reporter: it certainly is an good morning to you. the issue of the recent sexual assault and harassment here on campus continues to plague the university, and they say dealing with this is one of the most urgent challenges they are facing today. the chancel us -- chancellor has appointed carla hesse to oversee the sexual assault and harassment claims, the executive dean of the college of letters and sciences, and has been with the university since 1989. one of her primary responsibilities includes the expeditious resolution of all pending cases, 26 cases that
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the university's handling. the university has been under all water for not being transparent in the recent harassment and assault cases, some normal ones include the recent firing of the basketball coach and the resignation of the law school dean, and the famed astronomer geoff marcy. she will begin the appointment immediately, and we will talk to the students to see how they feel about this and whether this appointment will make a difference at all. we will also try to get in touch with the administrators as well.>> brian flores that uc berkeley and thank you. time now is 6:37 am. the police in concord are searching for james jarrard, wanted in connection with the drive-by shooting where an eight-year-old boy was injured when playing in his front yard. investigators have received several tips about where that manny is, but so far they've come up -- where that man is, and so far they have come up
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empty and the boy is doing well and will be released from the children's hospital soon. the fire started just before 4 am yesterday morning at the building on j street on mare island, and witnesses say they heard an explosion, and the firefighters found evidence that people were living in the building and the cause of the fire is under investigation. in santa rosa a woman is being treated for burns after fire in a four unit building yesterday afternoon on barbara. firefighters say that down oxygen tanks in the injured woman's apartment, but they are trying to figure out if the oxygen tanks had anything with causing the fire. no reports of other injuries, and they also rescued two puppies. state lawmakers expected to announce a plan to raise the
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california minimum wage to $15 an hour as early as today. state senator mark leno of san francisco says that the lawmakers and labor unions have reached a tentative agreement to make california minimum wage the highest in the nation by 2022, and the current minimum wage is $10 an hour. if this still gets approved by the legislature, and wage will go up $.50 and then raises over the next five years. but restaurant owners are saying that raising the minimum wage would increase their calls and they would have to increase their prices, meaning you're customers. the other concern is that other workers that are more than minimum wage will be demanding raises. one restaurant owner says he could save money by serving food that requires less work so that he could cut back on staff. other business owners say that the minimum wage does not take into account that some restaurant workers get tips
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that exceed the hourly rates. illinois senator mark kirk is breaking ranks, meeting with the president obama supreme court nominee, and he says he will meet with judge merrick garland tomorrow, and the first republican senator to have a face-to-face meeting with judge garland, and president obama nominated garlic to fill the basic see -- the vacancy left after the death of judge scalia. they say it should be up to the next president to fill the supreme court vacancy and the other republicans have refused to meet with him. some the countries busiest airports, the rideshare, and adding more thorough screening for uber and lyft, and other drivers, and in houston, they found that driver applicants without a fingerprint check
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have been charged in crimes including murder, sexual salt and robbery. -- sexual assault and robbery. the mayor of los angeles is asking legislators to allow fingerprint screening in la. dozens killed in the deadly explosion pakistan, and it happened on easter sunday, coming up at 7:00, the social media mix up after the bombing, and why facebook is apologizing this morning. the dramatic chase in southern california what this woman tried to do before the police right her to the ground. looking at highway 24 westbound, looking pretty good, and getting a little bit slower, a look at your east bay commute when we come back. your phone at made say -- app may say 49 degrees, but much cooler and your forecast coming up.
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welcome back, 6:44 am. a wild chase ended with the rest of a woman that tried to still a patrol car in the los angeles suburb of sherman oaks. the pickup went on freeways, blew through the stop signs and driving on the lawns. at one point the officers rammed the pickup to stop the woman and she tied to -- tried
6:45 am
to jump into the officers car and was arrested. japanese police have arrested a man accused of kidnapping a teenage girl and holding her hostage in his apartment for two in years, and the girl is now 15 years old. she escaped yesterday while he was out shopping and forgot to lock the door. she used a pay phone to call home, and the girl disappeared two years ago from her hometown near tokyo, and the man accused of kidnapping her graduated from the university this month, apparently continuing to go to class and allegedly keeping the girl locked in his apartment. the two day bay area prostitution sting ending with the rest of the 14 men, mostly from airfield and the bay area, and one man from orange county. the men were arrested for suspicion of solicitation and offering undercover police money for exchange for the sex.
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and the trains are back up and running after service been shut down for the emergency track repairs, and replacing the device allowing trains to transfer from one set of rails to another, and they discovered a crack in the device a week and a half ago. dick -- the crack could've caused a derailment if not repaired. your time now is 6:46 am. baseball spring training wrapping up and kicking off in one week, and the giants have a few more games to go, playing the white sox in chicago yesterday, and thanks in part to the run starring single, and the white sox raring back, and going three for five with five rbis, and the white sox win the game, 13-9. the giants will be back in the bay area thursday
6:47 am
to play the a's at the at&t park. the oakland a's have three more games before heading back, and they had the defending champion kansas city royals yesterday, hitting home runs and the a's 10-1 win. the a's in the giants will begin the annual preseason battle of the bay on thursday in san francisco. the game on friday is at the at&t park, and the saturday game will be at the coliseum. >> a swarm of bees at one game and causing the delay in that game between this cargo cubs and the seattle mariners. jason heyward was surrounded in the top of the third inning, waving his club in trying to move to different parts of the outfield, and he had to run out of the park. >> he was stung at least 10 times on his face and neck, but he says it's okay and he is not
6:48 am
allergic, and the game was delayed for about 10 minutes, and to prove he is okay, he hit a home run. >> i understand it is typical for the bees to be moving from one location to another at this time of year in arizona. and let's move over to sal, and have you mix things on bart? >> they have had some delays, and they told me they were managing to get the train off to the side, but they are inspecting the tracks between the daly city and coma and that is something we are watching with some delays on the bart system, and let's go and take a look at what we have, traffic is busy in some areas, and 24 is a little bit slow, lafayette, and nothing too bad between walnut creek in oakland. the traffic is basket -- backed
6:49 am
up at the bay bridge toll plaza, some schools have spring break this week. looking at the peninsula traffic on 101 and 280 looking good. 6:48 am. and we do not want to show favoritism, the giants home opener is thursday, april 7 against the dodgers, and the a's are on monday night against the white sox.>> april 4, night game. breezy and cool. and just bring the jacket. i try not to show favoritism, and call it as i see it. and i see a cold pattern today for us, no doubt with temperatures, breezy out there, and combine that with the temperatures in the 40s, and it feels like the upper 30s for some. there are clouds building up offshore in over the sierra, and those will develop later on
6:50 am
for us as well. and marty is saying this is an awesome opportunity monday. thank you. too bad he does not have a good attitude, windy and 47, and in redwood shores, 48, northwest wind at 15, and i agree, cloud cover building up pretty quick. there is plenty offshore with that cold air moving over the ocean shore water. that is where the focus of the monterey peninsula is looking at, and that low should take this farther south. in the sierra dealing with isolated snow showers, windy and cool, and mostly north of late tahoe. -- lake tahoe, showers off and on. 40s on the temperatures, and breezy, calistoga at 40, and 43 at petaluma. novato 44, and bodega bay and
6:51 am
45, that is cool for the coast. wind gusts at 34, 30+ and the higher elevations, though blaze and blustery. 32 in truckee, 44 in ukiah, 45 in sacramento, and we are surrounded by the us, but not a lot of moisture. this is picking up the breeze, and a cool and breezy pattern, mostly sunny through the morning, showers developing over the hills later on. windy for some, breezy for everybody, 60s on the temperatures, low to mid, and not much difference from the beach or vacaville, everybody in the mix. not all have a breeze yet, but we expect that the pick up. temperatures will be held in check, slightly below average for this time of year. it's clear now, but noticeably cooler pattern. looking better toward the end of the week.>> interesting that
6:52 am
we have the same temperatures from the beach to vacaville, that is a good 40 degree difference sometimes. >> yes, but not today. your time is 6:51 am. just learning about that legal action in north carolina, challenging a new state law to block the cities from passing antidiscrimination rules. coming up in 15 minutes, the petition among the republicans gaining momentum.
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new this morning, two transgender people, law school professor and a civil liberties groups have filed a lawsuit challenging of the law in north carolina. we've been talking about this bill that has been signed in by the state governor last week, blocking the local government from passing antidiscrimination rules, and requires transgender student to use the bathroom set of been assigned to their biological sex. the lawsuit says it is allowed to discriminate against transgender individuals, corporations are criticizing the law. the governor says he is providing uniform rules across the state. your time is 6:55 am. thousands of kids at the white house for the annual easter egg roll. hopefully we are live with some
6:56 am
pictures. here we go, look at all these people at the white house. this year's theme is "let's celebrate." the easter and role -- egg roll dates back, and it is an old tradition, and president obama getting in the middle of everything with the event, and this year michelle obama is hosting a fun run for the first time. and here we have your being -- bring your own big wheel race and people riding down that kirby piermont street, and this video is from the fresco app bar our user devon myers, and this started ticking years ago on lombard street, but people were not happy about
6:57 am
it so it moved to vermont street in 2008. you can submit your videos and photos and if we use it on the air you could get paid, and check us out on hopefully the people don't share your opinion. >> gotham city and be have a bad history with some stressed- out clowns.>> and claiming the number one spot, batman versus superman, $170 million in ticket sales, and the disney utopia took number two, and by big fat greek wedding, miracles from heaven and the the burchett series rounding out the top five. and hosting the la kings, the potential playoff opponent at the center, and who winds will clinch the playoff spot,
6:58 am
and the sharks starting seven points back fr the kings and four points back from the anaheim ducks in the pacific division. a troubling discovery into east bay cama -- east bay, it and of next racist graffiti found and who did it. the mayor, major bus that ended with the seizure of thousands of pounds of drugs.
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good morning. well, if you ride bart expect another rough commute this morning. the problem on the bart tracks causing delays right now. plus, san leandro police this morning are investigating racial slurs that were spray painted at marina park over the weekend. we will tell you who investigators believe may be behind this act of vandalism. and new video released of one of brussels terror suspects and two more americans are confirmed dead in last week's attacks. we are following the very latest developments from belgium still ahead here


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