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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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governor jerry brown made history by standing -- signing a bill that will gradually raise the minimum wage in california to $15 an hour. the governor signed the bill 20 plaza at a gathering the city of los angeles. the minimum wage will be bumped up toward -- $.50 next year. there will be a one dollar an hour increase every year and till january 2022.
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smaller communities worried that jobs will be cut. >> this is about economic justice. it is about people. it is about creating a little tiny balance in a system that becomes more unbalanced. >> businesses with fewer than 25 people will have an extra year to comply. california is on track to have the highest minimum wage in the nation. lawmakers in new york working on a lasimir increase per a police sergeant will have to wait several more days before he learned his fate. he was convicted of performing a lewd act while at a store in 2015 and then lie in under oath. today the judge moved his sentencing back to april 15 due to a completion of a report.
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the police officer is being held without bail. the man beaten by sheriffs deputies is in court right now. we are learning federal agents busted the man for having a gun and 125 g of methamphetamine. you may remember he was beaten by sheriffs deputies after high- speed chase. his attorneys filed a complaint against the sheriffs department last week. we are in the courtroom following this case right now. she will have more free tonight starting on the floor. caltrain will be making longer stops. more than 16,000 people take caltrain on a daily basis. more people take more time to load and unload the trains. it is causing delays. the agency is shifting the schedule to accurately reflect the times the trains do arrive and depart. they are also adding a third
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car tomake more room for by silicates. -- bicyclists. >> a lot of people went to ride their bikes in the city. you often do not get a chance to load the train. >> we have a full schedule of changes for you listed right there on bad news for some writers. they will have to once again use shuttle trains between pittsburgh bay point and north concorde. there was hope that service will be going again today. the system has been plagued by voltage spikes. it is not yet ready for regular weekday service. shuttle trains will run after
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more engineers are brought in to figure out what is causing problems. the giants are underway right now on the road in milwaukee. we have our east bay native on the field. >> reporter: i have attended one or two a's games in my life. there is nothing like opening day. it is a special feeling here at the ballpark. they are almost ready to roll. the grounds crew is hard at work getting the field already to go. you can see that they just painted it. it is freshly painted grass. it is opening week in major league baseball. it is a fun time and we are here to kick off the season tonight. the a's face off against chicago white sox. you will have 35,000 a's fans on hand at the coliseum getting ready to start another season. this was the scene a short time ago. there are fans already lined up
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waiting to get inside for an afternoon of tailgating. a's fans are diehard and they got here early this morning pumped up for opening day. we caught up with a couple who came here. they say they have not missed opening day in 36 years. >> it is a holiday. >> it is like christmas. >> it is better than christmas. >> reporter: do you hear this song a lot? there are the unique giveaways for fans. we got a look at some of the items the oakland a's will be handing out the season. there is the sean doolittle known. -- known. it plays his entrance song by metallica. those will be given out during the game on april 30 here at the coliseum. osse gray socks will be handed out. there is even an a's dog bowls
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so that you can keep your four- legged friend hydrated throughout the season. the oakland a's prides itself on creating a special atmosphere for fans. >> we want people to come here and enjoy the game, enjoy each other's company, and do it at a relatively cheap price. we are one of the most affordable options as far as professional sports in the country. >> reporter: there will be a lot going on for fans. tonight the team will be paying tribute to dave henderson and tony phillips who died this off- season. their loved ones will be tossing out the first pitches before the game. the start time is 7:05. take on the white sox, the first of four games they will be playing here at the coliseum. we are hoping to kick off a winning season for oakland a's baseball. it is a fantastic day here at the ballpark. i have my see all ready to go.
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i will just hang right here. do not say anything. you know what i mean. >> your secret is safe. >> given their all morning and afternoon. yet had a great day out there. nice work. a brilliant evening out at the coliseum. the giants began their season right now and it is underway at milwaukee. madison baumgartner got the opening day start. the giants will come back to at&t park for their home opener on thursday against the la dodgers. a garbage truck driver crashed into a powerball this morning trapping him inside. official shut down lafayette for traffic safety. the northbound lane is expected to stay close into 8:00 tonight while crews repair the power
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pole. one man was able to get out. the driver had to be rescued. the police are investigating what caused the crash. the only major airline is about to be solved. alaska airlines says they are buying virgin america. they will pay a reported $2.6 billion in cash for the airline and create the fifth largest air carrier in doing so in the nation. alaska is based out of seattle i will keep its headquarters there. the deal is expected to be given final approval by january. federal investigators are inspecting video from an amtrak train that derailed near philadelphia. investigators covered -- recovered the video hours after the crash. the train was headed from new york to georgia when it hit a piece of amtrak construction equipment. the operator, the equipment supervisor where both quilt.
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caltran is discussing -- conducting construction. it is their property but about 80 homeless people were living there in 10th the makeshift shelters. officers are there. they said this is too dangerous for anyone to live there they often get calls of homeless people trying to cross the freeway. we were there with our cameras. we saw a number of transients leaving with grocery carts. >> i am actually frustrated and mad at myself and i don't know what to do or where to go. >> homeless advocates say the sweeps are not helping the situation. they think people will just move to another area until they get kicked out again. it is a waste of financial resources. workers are trying to find
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trooper rent. the bay area council reports the tech businesses are booming with 440,000 jobs added in the region. their only 50,000 new housing units. rent control pop up in a number of bay area cities. activist in alameda, richmond, burling game are fighting to get rent control boats on municipal ballot this fall. a san francisco this company is planning to deliver medical supplies by drones. their focus is delivering critical medical products to places that are hard to reach. packages the way up to 3 1/2 pounds can be delivered in 15 to 30 minutes cutting down on refrigeration will blood and other supplies are transported. >> it is really hard to make sure the people have access to medicine that they need. zipline is designed to allow public healthcare systems to be able to always make a delivery when someone is in trouble. >> zipline is backed by google
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ventures is hoping to start distribution in july. still to come up, an international scandal. >> documents reveal offshore document of the rich and famous. we are taking a look out side. it is beginning to warm up all around the bay area. water conservation efforts are going so well that some water restrictions may be lifted in parts of the state.
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today marks 48 years since the death of dr. martin luther king jr. he was 39 years old when he was shot and curled -- killed as he stood on a hotel balcony in 1968. he was in memphis to lead a march of sanitation workers. the man convicted of the shooting, james earl ray, died in prison in 1988. voters in wisconsin head to the polls. their presidential candidates are starting to worry as their campaigns take up momentum. >> reporter: the wisconsin primary is a day away. the republicans continue to fight over who would beat
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hillary clinton. senator ted cruz is leading in the polls and wisconsin. >> it is right -- possible for republicans to throw the election away. i think nominating donald trump would do that. donald trump loses terribly. >> he has more than a 200 delegate lead over ted cruz make it hard for them to catch up. >> i am leading ted cruz, who would be a terrible candidate. >> bernie sanders is pulling slightly ahead of hillary clinton. he is hoping to continue his winning streak. he believes he is the only candidate that can be donald trump. >> democrats want to make sure that if donald trump does not end up in the white house, you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> both campaigns continue negotiations over a debate in
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new york. hillary clinton has already focused her campaign on the general election. she is taking a shot at donald trump's mexican border wall. >> at least we have had a saying -- same debate on our side. the last thing we need to do is talk about building walls and we need to be building bridges. >> the next major contest is not until april 19 in new york. an international scandal after a leaked documents from a law firm revealed the offshore financial dealings of the rich and famous including 12 current and former world leaders. journalists obtain more than 1 million records per the law firm says the records were hacked. reportedly beat documents revealed how powerful people use banks, law firms, and offshore companies to hide
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their assets. some were included were superstars and russian presidents. >> some of it will not be illegal. if it is money laundering, sanctions busting, tax evasion, that is definitely illegal. >> the panama papers covers a period of 40 years dating back to 1977. state regulators may soon lived water restrictions. today the state will release conservation numbers for february. they are expected to talk about where restrictions can be lifted. in southern california it has been much dryer so water restrictions there could stay in place. monday morning had a weak system dragged by and gave us a lot of fog.
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mostly sunny skies and we can look ahead to tonight. it will be a crazy week for temperatures. it looks clear to me for the a's home opener. it will be 63 degrees in a northwest breeze. there should be plenty of body heat. for the next couple of days it looks sunny, warm, and really warm. we are going for a high of 64 today and 75 or 77 tomorrow. and maybe up to 90 on wednesday. there will be a lot of temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90s. it is generally about one and down. on wednesday it will be warmer and then on thursday they will be a 20 degree drop. we are going to get an offshore breeze. the high pressure is showing signs of coming in. it would give us an patchy fog down to the south. amateurs over the last 24 hours are running warmer.
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there is a couple hints of it already. we have a south west component. watch for it to turn north tonight and tomorrow. right now there is an offshore in the mountains. the system went into the north and brought a little bit of rain up to a crescent city and gave us a more fog. this will play into the weather on thursday. high pressure will come in. tuesday wednesday will be our big warm-up. the projections are near record- setting by wednesday. then we will get a southerly surge comes screaming up the coast. tuesday and wednesday look to be warm. a good warm-up as we head toward wednesday. i think it will still be okay on thursday. we will have patchy fog and 70s inland.
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some 60s by the beaches. tomorrow i think everybody will jump up into the 70s. it will be a day where we start to begin to warm up. the biggest warm-up will be on wednesday. on wednesday we could drop 15 or 20 degrees. a little rain could be flirting with us on the weekend. they had their 69th win of the year last night. home state has to win four of its last five games to break the chicago wolves record for most wins in a single season. if they don't lose another game, the first chance would be able to break the record would be against the san antonio spurs on sunday. take a look at this moment. and evolves stefan curry and it is making headlines. you see him here in a post
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interview. he ends up knocking 2 cups of water out of his hands. the splash attack has become a postgame victory celebration. a new championship will be crowned tonight. the tar heels will play the wildcats who blew out oklahoma in their final four game on saturday. it is villanova's first championship game in 30 years. the women's basketball champions will be ground tomorrow night. it is university of connecticut against syracuse. these are stealing from children. items were taken from the make- a-wish foundation.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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we are taking a live look at stocks. dow jones is down by 4/10 of 1%. the story is the same of run smp. a new report says salary expectations are dropping. salary expectations have gone down 13% compared to last year. the report says bay area tech workers are more concerned about where they are working and what title a have. many bay area tech workers are willing to move out of the bay
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area to find a job that is important to them. severe global -- some people are facing ó back. a part shortage is delaying the delivery as some virtual reality headsets. they started shipping on march 28. this weekend the ceo of the company posted that all preorders will be getting free shipping. he added that the free shipping allows to all preorders made before midnight on april 1. california supreme court is set to release his opinion on whether employees have the right to set our work. it stems from lawsuits filed by cashiers. the employees argue that they have been wrongfully denied seats at work. the state supreme court is being asked to consider whether each task should be evaluated to see if workers are entitled
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to a seat. the court is being asked if the employers opinion should be taken into consideration. state law gives employees the right to sit down depending on the nature of their work. underpants is asking for the return of a stolen scooter the autographed and donated to make a wish foundation. two people were spotted on surveillance to steal it. the man carried it down the stairs. make-a-wish says these ransacked the office and stole ipads and other items. >> the scooter was an incredible donation and we were able to raise $40,000 offering it in our live auction. it is devastating. >> this is the second time the scooter has been sought. it was taken from a restaurant 2014 and was later returned. >> he said i cannot believe it. a man being by alameda county sheriffs deputies is in federal court facing drug and
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gun charges. >> this is following a raid on friday. he was beaten by deputies last year following a high-speed chase. we will have the very latest on the case. thank you for joining us and have a great afternoon.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> turns out kylie jenner might have some maternal instincts after all because she shut up a bunch of whiny kids last night. >> she went to craig's because she released her lip gloss. the fans are there and this is how she reacts? >> no, you stop for the selfie and go -- >> yeah, what is that? >> what are you doing, mike? [laughter] >> manny pacquaio. we're like, you know the reaction from getting banned from the grove because of his homophobic comments. >> do you think you still have the privilege to go there, have the rights to be there? >> yeah. >> there could be a public risk if manny goes in. >> gays would beat him up. >> the bears will take him down. >> the bears will take him down. otters will be pretty good. >> what's an otter? >> an otter is a lesser level of a bear.


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