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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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against workers >> it is where people are supposed to get helped and not hurt but prosecutors charged haley with assaulting an irs worker after being told she wouldn't be able to get the tax transcript she needed. investigators say that's when fletcher cursed at an irs employee and purposely threw her shoulder and elbow into the worker as she went to get a security guard. fletcher is facing federal charges. this lady's office is in the same center as the irs center. if agents push a button ... >> it is never a good idea to be violent. >> a man went to a tax center to see why his tax requests for refunds were denied. over the course of six visits the man was hostile and spat at and threatened to fight a guard
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and would return with a gun. in the third case authorianothe his hair and hyperventilating at another tax center after being told that he couldn't get his tax refund because he had filed too late. he said "i will be back with my gun." we spoke to two taxpayers that said they were in line because they couldn't get anyone on the phone. even with the frustration, both said the attacks go too far >> i don't think that's a good idea. they are just doing their job. >> you can't win, you have to wait. either way or they will throw you out if you will be so violent. >> it is frustrating for a taxpayer to take time off of work and go sit in an office for hours at a time and get their irs issues resolved. when they get frustrated and they lash out at employees making threats, and sometimes physical assaults on employees
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the actual threat is a violation of the federal law so by making a threat to hurt or kill an irs employee, you have committed a federal crime. in california, the irs typically sees one hundred to 200 threat assault cases air- conditioning year. the busy season starts around february so the message here is bring your documents and anything else including your patience. >> good advice. like in the newsroom. thank you. to the weather as we take a live look at the conditions from sky fox. it is a spectacular night all around the bay area. >> and our meteorologist rosemary orozco is live now from upstairs and we got a look at the view up there and it was a beautiful day and just a bit breezy >> your right. the breeze blowing a little bit and i expect it will before it dice down. i'll step out of the way and give you a view to san francisco as we look towards the northwest and we got
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glistening water and a light breeze and seeing folks on the water and they passed by a moment ago and another boat coming in. it feels like summer out here at this hour. temperatures warmed up quite a bit this afternoon and we are not done. we are going to see temperatures temperatures continue to climb as we get to wednesday. here is a comparison for you. today 83 in santa rosa and 81 in oakland and 82 in san jose. take a look at where we are headed. a ten degree warmup expected for wednesday in santa rosa. oakland you will go to 89 and concord 90s and san jose topping out at 91-degree and near record heat and breaking a few records at the coast. low 80s expected in areas like pacifica and half moon bay and hotter than that for santa cruz. and when i come back i will have a look at the afternoon highs around the region and we will take a broader look and in the extended forecast, a huge, huge drop coming on thursday as far as our temperatures are concerned and the weather coming back in the picture for
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friday and saturday and i will detail that in a bit. with temperatures set to soar tomorrow. some bay area schools are bracing for the heat. in san jose lucka elementary school does not have air- conditioning so the administrators will do their best to keep students cool and urging teachers to be flexible where they teach >> it is comfortable to be under a tree than a classroom. >> the school has portable air- conditioners. officials suggest if possible to pack a water bottle and wear short sleeves. you can download the weather app for the latest on the conditions. also the weather team is constantly posting updates on facebook and twitter and instagram >> crews are fixing a water main break in the east bay to cause major tie-ups. it happened at 6:00 underneath a
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stretch of san pablo avenue and emeryville at 5 third street near the oakland border. a ten inch water main broke to several businesses. east bay mud was worried that it could cause a sinkhole. the street closures caused a big headache for a nearby middle school. the streets around here were flooded and students could not get to class and we don't have water in the bathroom. unfortunately when we don't have water we can't have school and it is a health code >> east bay mud is working to fix the problem and so far no estimate when the road will reopen. a fatal accident in the east bay today brought traffic to a standstill on a major free way. this happened around 12:40 this afternoon in walnut creek on northbound interstate 680 near the off ramp. emergency officials say a collision sent the motorcyclist flying across the center divide into the southbound lanes. the highway patrol has not said
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if the victim was the motorcyclist or someone in the car. all lanes were backed up for three hours but it has lingered to the evening rush hour a california assembly woman from stocktan is backing a bill to create legal drug injection sites in california. the congresswoman says it would reduce the deaths from hepatitis c and a injection site has saved money and lives. a canadian lawmaker says the facility has saved the city of vancouver one-and-a-half million dollars in emergency room fees >> we have done this since 2003 and nobody has died >> in california those opposed said those locations would just in coverage drug use to san francisco where
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police announced the recovery of a scooter donated by hunter pence and two people are under arrest. >> lori and the staff and the police have recovered the scooter. >> san francisco mayor ed lee made the announcement after receiving an unexpected text from of police chief >> we are thrilled to have the item recovered >> last night police arrested two men. officers on patrol in the soma district recognized them from bulletins from surveillance video >> they were able to identify through video the suspects involved in the burglary >> the customized scooter was sold at auction for $40,000 and autographed by hunter pence and
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in described to michelle >> the bidding got hot for the item. as much as i think people wanted the scooter, i think they were excited to have dinner with pence >> it was stored on hawthorne street and stolen sunday. people have it booked as evidence >> hunter will be thrilled to have it recovered and to go to the donor that has had a tremendous impact >> the mayor delivered 8 ipads that he and the san francisco giants donated to replace the ones stolen during the burglary. authorities continued to search for a third suspect. in san francisco. tara moriarty. fox 2 news the polls are closed. up next the latest from today's primary in wisconsin and how the results could help shape the race for the white house the lineup is out for this year's big outside lands music festival. we will tell you who is headlining this year taking a look at the tuesday evening commute. 880 right next to the coliseum
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complex. tonight the warriors and the a's are playing and look at that, almost no traffic on 880 and a live look outside. interstate 80 in berkeley. this might be what you expected >> exactly >> the university avenue exit toward the top of your screen.
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the polls closed in the wisconsin primary 11 minutes ago at 6:00. another key test for candidates. >> and that's true for the republicans and the democrats. we are keeping tabs on the results and waiting for the number glass they have not come out but they should be coming out soon. a tough week for republican front-runner donald trump in light of his comments on women and abortion.
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the polls show that ted cruz leading in wisconsin by as much as ten points. for the democrats bernie sanders leading. believes a win could propel him to the nomination. here is what is at stake in terms of delegates. republicans have 42 delegates up and the winner gets most and the rest of dolled out proportion nately and 86 delegates an and won on a proportionatal basis. the latest polls show senator ted cruz with a lead over donald trump and the republican race. cruz says wisconsin is important to stopping donald trump and keeping him from getting delegates to secure the republican nomination. but at least some voters say they are not pleased with the tone of this campaign. >> i am very disappointed in a lot of what is going on with what is being said by different ones. >> i don't like it. i feel like america has turned
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into a joke kind of. i have a brother that lives overseas and he says all people do what is going on in your country >> on the democratic side. the latest polls show bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton in wisconsin. he has been campaigning there while clinton has been focusing on the new york primary. that is in two weeks. >> exit policy think most democrats thinks bernie sanders is inspirational but hillary clinton would have a better chance to beat donald trump and others say ted cruz has a chance to beat clinton and only a third say trump has a better shot. it is going to be interesting night and stay with us for continuing coverage on the wisconsin primaries. we will have updates on twitter
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and our ktvu mobile app >> intervening in san jose pension union. it gives the go ahead for the reform plan >> it is certainly great to see the process move forward. we have been working hard and we want to end the battles of the past and be able to con serve the $3 billion and ensuring that we can hire and retain police officers. >> there are issues of the agreement that need to be ironed out. a measure on the november ballot will ask voters to approve key elements new parents in san francisco will benefit from a first in the nation family leave policy. the board of supervisors passed the measure unanimously to ensure families get 6 weeks of paid leave. san francisco mandates businesses pay the rest to add up to full pay. this does not impact small businesses with fewer than 20 workers. the law goes into effect in
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january for large businesses and in july of 27 for smaller ones. twitter is enhancing its own parental policy. new parents that work full time will get up to 20 weeks of fully paid leave. the policy goes into effect may 1st in the united states. and starts for workers around the world on july 1 are on a rolling basis. twitter says it is for all parents no matter what form parenthood takes we now know which acts are set to take the stage for the outside lands festival. >> radio head will be headlining this year's event with lcd and sound system and lionel richie. august 5th through the 7th in san francisco's golden gate park. some of the other bands scheduled to perform this year include durant, durant and miguel >> we have probably some of the best audiences in the world
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with the fans and the bay area. so we are fortunate to have that and then we just build upon that >> this will be the second time and they said the last year was in 2008. let's hope they get weather like today. it is just spectacular out there. rosemary, what more can you ask for? >> good weather and tomorrow will be warmer. if you do like it warm it will be the place to be from the coast around the bay. we have temperatures in the 80s and if you like it hotter than that, the inland community will warm in the low 90s. outside the door right now temperatures are beginning to cool some. still mild in santa rosa 78 degrees. 69 in san francisco. and low 70s in oakland waiting for the a's game to start. about 70s at game time. 79 in livermore and san jose right now 77 degrees. here is a look from up above.
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the high clouds pouring into the bay area. just at times. not seeing a whole lot from time to time and seeing a few high clouds. and that's pretty much what we are seeing for wednesday. the ridge of high pressure will stay in place. then by thursday the system here going to bring the cloud cover back and going to bring us cooler weather for the thursday as well. and in fact we may see that cloud cover work its way in the bay area by wednesday night. take a look. your future cast model looking at mostly clear skies over head and by wednesday afternoon and evening i'm stopping it for you at 11:00 on wednesday. there is the cloud cover coming from the south. so wednesday night into thursday, we are going to have clouds over head and by friday scattered showers in the forecast for the bay area. you see it is not a whole lot or not organized per se but it is there for us on friday. it is also on saturday. so friday and saturday we are going to be the two days where we may see wet weather with partly to mostly cloudy skies. in the meanwhile, tomorrow.
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ridge of high pressure in control. the offshore breeze and temperatures will peak tomorrow with the hotter spots hitting the low 90s. here is a look at the future cast model for the winds. anywhere from five to ten to 15. getting to tomorrow morning. notice the arrows pointing from the east and the northeast. this is the type of wind that helps to keep the skies clear. the northeast breeze will be there for tomorrow. tomorrow morning in the 50s. we have seen a lot of 40s lately. this morning 40s and yesterday in the 40s. you may notice getting out tomorrow morning not quite as chilly. 53 in concord and 56 in the morning in oakland and 57 for san mateo. afternoon highs, low 90s in santa rosa. today 83 and tomorrow you will go to 93. expected in san rafael and upper 80s for berkeley and hayward and low 90s for berkeley and antioch.
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a warm day as well as pacifica. 82 for you there and in the south bay, low 90s, 89 for santa cruz. under partly cloudy skies and the clouds expected to roll in by the second part of the evening tomorrow night. and then as we get into thursday, temperatures a lot cooler. friday into saturday, the chance for scattered showers moves in and sunday we look dry and temperatures remain on the mild side. next week it looks like we will get a better chance of seeing wet weather >> in the five days, i saw 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s >> a lot of sun and a little bit of rain >> and no fog in pacifica. >> it will be nice >> spectacular >> normal bart service resumed between the pittsburgh bay and north concord station. the problem still is not totally fixed. and bart is still using bus
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bridges during noncommute hours. engineers are trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem. they plan to unveil a new car tomorrow. the first of 800 new train cars for what bart is calling its fleet of the future. the golden state warriors going for 70 tonight. yes, that would continue to put them on pace to beat the 1996 chicao bulls for the all best record during the regular season >> coming up on fox 2 news at 7, a bill signed to law at one southern state that allows the denial of services to gay couples. how critics are responding >> a high risk sex offender reduced in sonoma county moved again. where he could be headed next.
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first lady michelle obama released a new video to celebrate more at the white house garden.s steph curry and the first lady. you know the song. turn down but it is turn up for now. the curries visited the white house and mrs. obama has video featuring them >> i could watch that all night >> i don't know that song. >> come on. >> it is out of my almost >> go ahead. >> i'm good. >> that was enough >> warriors on the verge once again of making history going for number 7 >> number 70 and you know this is at the stage of five regular season games left. turn up the heat.
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the margin of error to break the bulls record only one and two would tie the record. joe fonzi is out there and playing the timberwolves, not a pushover, joe. a decent young team and the warriors have struggled against them and we know they are working on a run streak working for two in a row at the oracle >> the good news behind me is the fact that andre iguodola and andrew boggen are loosening up. in full strength. they get ready to play the last five regular season games of the year. seth curry was warming up a little while ago. this is the end of the court where he does his routine and did it earlier for this game. for what it is worth. his shot did not go in this evening. i don't know whether that means the warriors win or lose when that happens but you said it, they need to go four and one in the remaining five games to
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break the chicago bulls all- time record set in 1996 and it is something that has the players surprised. there is so much that has happened so quickly for the team. >> i mean it is crazy. i remember it is funny now but we were hooping and hollering a few years ago with 51 games and we were like we got that many games and we are doing it and we have arrived and last year it was 67 wins. this is kind of crazy. i think we could have got a few more. even has a chance to win 70 and i think that just speaks to our consistency has a team. everyone is just playing with a team effort >> not losing two in a row is special. i mean i remember last year it was don't lose three in a row and we were able to accomplish that and this year every time we have had a loss we have been able to bounce back and have pretty top-notched performers. talks about our resiliency. >> i think all of the numbers besides the one thing the
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warriors know when they play their best basketball, they are the best team in the league. if they play as they can, the numbers kind of take care of themselves. mark, obviously the main thing they want to be concerned about is to be healthy and to be 100% in the right frame of mind and heading in the playoffs. we got more tonight at 10:00. until then reporting live from the oakland coliseum marina. thanks a lot and a mixed pleasing. you would like them to be rested and ready and have to focus on the weather. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. let's talk giants baseball. brandon crawford to right. a solo homer evening things up. the giants have taken a 2-1 lead and johnny cueto making the san francisco debut and don't forget the a's in action tonight trying for the first victory of the year. getting it together against the white sox. a lot of games left. mark, thank you and thank you for joining us.
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we will see out 10:00 news with election results from wisconsin. a crucial race in the primary for republicans and democrats. see you at ten.
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