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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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big upset for the presidential frontrunners in wisconsin as bernie sanders and ted cruz rack up wins and just in time for baseball season, san francisco's stub hub is releasing a neuvirth yule way
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to pick your seat. and a glued en-free beer. we are joined by the cofounders of stuffer fest. >> hot and cold this weekend. we are taking a live look at the bridge. it is going to be hot. not only in the far east bay but even in san francisco. possibly 90 degrees in the city today. hot pretty much every where. >> too hot, gasia. >> i grew up in livermore. >> too hot. >> 90, we expect it. but in the city? no. >> i like the dry heat? you came down from meridian and the driver was wonderful. yeah, talking about the opportunity. the trashing was not great. >> in san francisco, i grew up in san francisco. 90 is too hot. >> san francisco, yes. >> 75 in san francisco is
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perfect. >> that's right >> for you. for us, livermore, 90, no big deal. we want to ask you, with temperatures expected to break records in some spots, 90s in some places, we want to know, do you like to stay inside and beat the heat or go outside and enjoy it? >> did you work going to the beach? not endorsing that. >> you are asking for a friend, right? >> right. we start with news. >> republican ted cruz and democrat bernie sanders were the big winners in the wisconsin prime rhythm tonight is a turning point. it is the rallying cry. it is the call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> donald trump's campaign reacted to cruz's win by releasing a statement calling cruz a, quote, trojan horse
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used by the party bosses to steal the nomination from mr. trump. and bernie sanders says that this win shows that he is gaining momentum. >> we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. >> despite losing in wisconsin, hillary clinton still has a significant delegate lead over sanders and clinton is leading sanders in new york which is the next big contest set for april 19th. joining us on set this morning, ktvu fox news political reporter russ palumbo. trump had a tough week. did that impact here. >> ted cruz won by 13 points, the billingest win over donald trump yet. pretty amazing win. the three major fumbles that
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donald trump made played a role. >> talking about the abortion comment, retraction and then the nuclear comment. >> i have to ask you about that trojan horse comment that the party put out. they are saying that the republican bosses are denying him the nomination. wasn't that just called voting? >> well, it's really interesting last night because donald trump on twitter, just about every moment. but yesterday after the results came in, he said nothing. he never even came before the cameras. he did issue a statement. he says, ted cruz. >> what does steal the nomination mean? >> this is really a shift. you know, donald trump just last week med with rnc officials. the rumors were, because no one knows for sure that he pledged to support the republican party. now, last night, my point is
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that he was out saying that the republicans are trying to take it away from him. there does seem to be some evidence. large part of the vote was the anti-trump vote. there was an enormous anti- trump campaign. >> i don't know if that's cruz trying to steal it or voters. >> the exit polls say that the majority of gop winners are concerned or scared about a potential trump presidency. that's spot on. that's the voters saying, i don't know anymore. that's april, we are getting close to the convention in july. >> numbers are not bad news for trump. it is the information behind him. what is he saying? independent voters actually went slightly more for ted cruz, that has never happened before. that's also bad news for donald trump. >> let's look ahead to new york. both hillary clinton and donald
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trump have strong ties in new york. >> uh-huh. >> what is going to happen >> losing your home state is not good. hillary clinton is putting all her efforts into new york. she was in new york last night already campaigning. that's a must-win for her. she really need to start stopping this momentum from san bernadino. he from bernie sanders. she has to stop him. >> how do you balance momentum versus the delegate count which, at this point, is pretty clear. >> that is an excellent point. hillary clinton was in the same position back in 2008 but barack obama had the lead. remember, the exact same thing happened early on. he got a substantial lead and she could not catch up. many people say that momentum means nothing, all about the math and of the math frankly is not with bernie sanders. it's almost imfor for him to catch up tip point. >> what do you think will happen if it becomes clear that bernie is not going to win or once he actually gets to 1237
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-- or whatever it is for delegates. what do you think bernie will do? >> he will throw his support towards hillary clinton but we won't see that until after she clinches. >> he won 87% of the votes. >> the issue is how much money he has. last month, he raised $44 million, more money than schintsd in than -- than clinton. she has more money now. >> you'll start seeing political ads both on the republican and democratic side? we'll see the candidates pop up. >> you will see it much sooner than in years past, 172 delegates, for the republicans to pick up here. many more, of course, on the democratic side. the threshold is much higher. this is the furs time in years that california is this significant. it will come down to the wire to june 7th and most likely the
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conventions. on the republican side, last night was basically saying a contested convention is more likely now than ever before. >> all right. thank you. >> fasten your seat belts. >> we'll do that. the city of san jose is putting rent increases and evictions under squeeze now. >> reporter: oakland is no exception. after a very popular and crowded city hall meeting last night that went on past midnight, the city council passed a 90 day moratorium on rent increases above 1%. more than 200, renters and property owners signed up to speak on the issue. along with banning rent increases, the moratorium close as loophole that allows landlords to increase rent. the legislation scratching housing and tenant rights
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advocates who say they have heard of long-time residents who live in fear of being forced from their home. residents this morning say that everyone seems to have had some sort of experience with rising rental costs affecting their family and friends. >> my son who is moving out of the house got an apartment over here not too far from city hall. him and his girlfriend. one bedroom, $2800. it is more expensive, i believe, than what my wife and i are paying on a mortgage. so it's tough. >> reporter: other residents that we talked to this morning were more sympathetic to property openers saying that this puts an unfair number on them. oakland has the fourth highest rent in the nation. the city of alameda pass add
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similar moratorium. san mateo considered enacting rent most there but that did not pass. the city also plans to put out more information on tenants rights so they know more. mayor ed lee says he wants to address property crime. while he was doing that on a patrol with another police officer, they were pulled over by another officer. they were patrolling property theft in an unmarked car when they were pulled over for driving suspiciously slow near the embarcadero. mayor lee asked to ride along. he plans on giving police more action for property crime. i believe this is one of our news trucks broken into. >> want to make sure that's not the mayor's car.
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>> no. >> stolen scooter that giants player hunter pence donated to the make awish foundation has been found. >> police have recovered the scooter. >> san francisco mayor ed lee, as you just heard, announced it. the scooter was auctioned off for $40,000 and was being stored at the office. police arrested 37-year-old judd jenke and nicholas tiller in connection with the theft. some officers recognized them from surveillance video of the crime. >> hunter will be thrilled to have recovered it and now it's going to go to the donor who had a tremendous impact on our foundation. >> the yesterday, the mayor and giants donated 8 ipads that were stolen during the recovery. coming up, earning a badge and preparing for disaster. up next, more on the training program fema is holding with
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the local girl scouts and how your troop can sign up. and rick riley wrote a column called "nothing but net". now it's turned into a movement to deliver bed netting to countries dealing with malaria.
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>> 9:14. taking a quick look at stocks. the dow is up by about 1/3 of 1%. s&p and nasdaq also up but by less than 1% so far. april 14th, fema is hosting an emergency girl scouts day to teach them about being prepared and emergency management. registration for the opportunity to earn the disaster readiness patch is still open. we are joined by fema external affairs mary simson. 13-year-old poly young and chloe, first.
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st. john's elementary, my old school. >> the bond is strong. >> in glen park. i love it. how do you feel about the program you are participating in. >> i really enjoy it. it builds confidence and it's really fun. >> what's going on on the 18th, mary? why is it important and why is fema involved in? >> thank you. absolutely. the girl scouts is an organization that focuses on preparedness. fema is coordinating lots of different activities, different commutes at the grassroots level, doing all sorts of things to be prepared. so, this is just one activity happening. fema across the nation is going to be hosting the girl scouts days. we are hosting one out here in oakland. we are inviting girls to come in, really get hands on and under stand what it means to be an emergency manager. chloe's mom works as a fema
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worker. and she also is a veteran like me. those are careers that are more traditionally male dominated. to bring girls in and have conversation to help them explore some of these interesting avenues is something that we are excited about. >> i'll give you my troop 932 girl scout salute from my livermore days. what i learned as a browny and scout is vastly different from what young ladies are learning. it was all about banking pancakes and that sort of thing. the fact that you getting this hand on experience in a field as emergency preparedness. tell me why you are interested in that instead of baking the pancakes. >> i am interested in emergency preparedness because you get to, like, teach other people how to be safe and you get to make sure that everyone knows what to do. so it's just not like big craziness. >> it's relying on the plan.
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>> some things that i learned when i was younger made a big impression and stuck with me. is that the idea why you start them so young? >> absolutely. giving this as an option for kids to consider, because chloe will decide what to major on in college but secondarily, and a big push for heramerica's prepare-a-thon is to get people to move from prepareness to action. we have a huge earthquake risk. we are about to approach the 110th anniversary of the 1902 earthquake, which will take place on april 18th. >> 7th grade, thinking if -- are you thinking about a career, anything specifically? >> not really but the world is
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full of possibilities. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> love it. >> fingers everywhere and eventually you make a decision years down the road. awesome. >> congratulations. >> and spots open? >> absolutely. we have lots of spots open. registration. actually a lot of people don't realize that the program goes from daisies to ambassadors which go go up to 18. >> if you are interested in registering your girl scout or the troop for the event, we have posted the information for you on our website on under the web link section. thank you very much to both of you. coming up on mornings on 2, the baseball coach who used to play for a minor league team collapsed during practice in arizona up next, how a teenager jumped into action desperately trying to save the coach's life.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.
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we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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an arizona teen is being hailed as a hero for helping save his coach's life. the coach is 28-year-old weinrich. the coach collapsed. wine rich used to play for the minor league team. nathan jumped into action after seeing his coach collapsed. he called 911 and jumped into cpr. >> listen, listen. is he son his back? >> i remembered it from boy scouts a little bit, from like a couple of years ago, like of it sort of rang a bell. need to lock the head and pushing on his chest. >> he did just that. paramedics arrived. just a few minutes later. >> weinrich is expected to make a full recovery. the warriors suffered another very rare loss at home. perry struggled in the first half against the minnesota
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timberwolves. harrison barnes was there with the follow. warriors ended up blowing a 17 point lead. when was the last time i said that 24 turnovers. timberwolves won in o t. they host the spurs tomorrow at oracle. with the win, the dubb will clinch home team advantage. to break the record by the bulls, they need to win their remaining four games, two against the spurs and two against memphis. sport columnist wrote a column called "nothing but net". that campaign is supported by steph curry who for the second consecutive year is donated three bed nets to nothing but net for every three three pointer he makes.
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>> i didn't call steph. he didn't give us as many nets. >> no, he didn't. we are disappointed. we are back to back play jofs. >> you have to stop -- at this point, you might not think about the record so much as wrapping up home court because they seemed bored with it, exhausted. you kind of knew this was going to happen. i mean, if you ate lobster every night, you would eventually get sick of lobster. they just -- because i was -- i did ten pages on them for sports illustrated. you could tell that this was starting to become a grind. as much fun as they bring to the nba, it's still hard to just dig in every night and never rest your starters. spurs are resting their starters all the time. it's kind of a crucial moment in the season right now. >> what do you think steve kerr tells the team. let's go get the record, don't worry about it. let's focus on beating popovich
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and the spurs not once but twice? >> i would guarantee you that don't worry about the stupid record. i'm going to give you rest a soon as you wrap up home court advantage. they don't care about the record. they want the ring. >> when you wrote "nothing but net" ten years ago, did you expect that? you have been pretty successful. >> no, when i wrote that, 3000 kid per day were dying. since, people like steph curry and people in the bay area got hyped this. ten years later, we are up to $60 million, $60 million off one column and 10 million nets thanks to the u.n. foundation and nothing but net and steph
9:25 am
curry. i never dreamed, not in a million years. that's the best column i railroad wrote. one person said, do you realize that steph curry came with us to africa and hung nets? would does that here? he is such a caring young man. >> we are showing the video. did people have any idea who he was or was he just another volunteer. >> no, i told them he was michael jordan and they went crazy. [ laughter ]. >> we did. most people didn't know -- here was the best part. they have this refugee camp for congo refugees in tanzania, awful clay basketball court and the rims were all cock eyed like this. he went up -- he got a fast break and he dunked. nobody -- everybody just sat on
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their hands. they had no idea what he had done. he came over to the sideline and goes, they have no idea how hard that was for me. i can barely dunk. so they didn't really know who he was. they would know now. >> did curry reach out to you after that column or did you touch base with him, following the nba. >> our guys in san francisco ran "nothing but net". and curry started donating 3 after three. it's like kardashians donating three nets after every selfie. that's an unselfie what curry is doing. >> i'm going to let you know. thank you for being with us. i enjoy your sport illustrated color piece. you wrote a nice article about the warriors and this program. there is the cover that we are showing to you. this program that you are doing is also very successful we
9:27 am
congratulate you and thank you for what you are doing here. >> thank you. >> that was good. on mornings on 2, san francisco makes history by retiring businesses to offer paid paternity leave. how much time off will new dads now get and the complaints from employers. >> and, yes, this is a real alligator. almost 15 feet long. where the 800-pound guy was discovered lurking. >> wherever he wants to lurk.
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enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! we have the a/c on, only
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for one day. so happy. >> john griffin is reading inside my mind. west marin, wonderful. >> perfect out there. >> on a day like today. >> john griffin, a snack pack east bay all the way. going to spend the day at beautiful spots, beautiful view spots in oakland. >> alex says, it will be 88 degrees in fremont. that's what he meant. we we love the weather, go to 7- eleven and get a slurpee. >> steve paulson is here. just one day the heat. >> one and done. the focus will be on the giants tomorrow. it's going to be cooler. clear on the coast, beautiful on the coast. half moon bay hit 60 degrees. 64 degrees, still, calm and
9:31 am
clear. that's a 14-degree jump in one hour. they are on their way to 90 degrees. san francisco had one heck of a temperature ride here from monday, tuesday. we are going for 90 today. that is not a record, believe it or not. the record is 91 back in 1989. most of the reports in 1989. sfo 70 degrees, by the way, i should add, at 1:00 in the morning. napa as well and san rafael. kentfield, 89, impressive. live more is 90. that will probably set a record. the others won't. close. leading edge of the cooler pattern is right there already lifting northward in northern and central california. late tonight and tomorrow here. berkeley, 73. >> half moon day, 77 now. there is a roaring offshore
9:32 am
breeze. sunshine. a bunch of lows. rain latfriday into saturday. late 80s and 90s. tomorrow all cools down, clouds come in and we cloud it up with a big change by the weekend. back into the 60s. so today is the day we'll talk about the giants only opener tomorrow. it will be okay, not just as warm as today. >> that's probably a good thing, actually. >> yes. >> security at airports and train stations will be the focus of a senate hearing today. dem skrastins are proposing a plan to strengthen security in response to the terror attacks. they want to double the number of armed tsa teams that patrol transportation hubs. the head of tsa is expected to testify at today's hearing we are still waiting to see hear from the fbi what information they extracted out of the san bernardino shooter's phone. investigators want to find out
9:33 am
where farook and his wife went after the shooting. and they want to know if they had any help outside the united states. the fbi and apple were locked in a lawsuit. but that abruptly ended after the fbi announced it was able to access the phone. and san francisco is expected to be the first city in the country to require six weeks of fully paid timeoff. the leave program gives parents 55% of their paycheck for up to six weeks. under the new law, businesses will have to make up the the difference. businesses say this will hurt them and hurt their ability to hire workers. >> this applies to people who work at least 40% in the city of san francisco. smaller companies are to be
9:34 am
phased in later next year. the measure requires another formal vote by supervisors and mayor ed lee. he is expected to sign it. here are some of the top stories we are following. new documents released by uc berkeley say that 19 employees were found to have sexually harassed students or other employees since 2011 following a requested made under the public records act. seven victims were student and ten employees. janet napolitano changed how the university handles miscon connecticut the city of san jose is cracking down on illegal massage parlors. there are nearly 300 massage parlors in san jose, according to police, some are believed to be a front for illegal
9:35 am
business. >> it's full of vehicles when the parking lots should be empty. it's full of vehicles, well past midnight. when you have windows that are blacked out. >> to deal with that problem in san jose, the city requires that customers only go inside through the front door. sleeping quarters are banned and businesses have to be at least 200 feet away from homes and 500 feet away from schools. some other proposed regulations are still being discussed. stanislav petrov, the man zeron beaten by officers is due back in federal court. ktvu learned that the federal charges are from a drug bust on march 8th in visitation valley. the chronicle reports that he was traps ferd on monday from the custody the marin county
9:36 am
sheriff department. at this point, we don't know why he was transferred and the federal charges against him remain under seal. those are just a couple of the morning's headlines. gasia, mike and sal, back to you. >> thank you very much, dave >> the giants look to sweep the milwaukee brewers today. no problem so far opening the season on the road. >> he's going to hit a dry drive to right. it is out of here. >> my goodness. that was a blast. brandon crawford hit his first home run of the year last night in milwaukee but the game belonged to the defense and pitcher johnny cueto who impressed in his giant debut. the giants took down the brew crew 3-1. the a's are still looking for their first wind season -- lets me say that again. the a's did not win last night. they are still looking for
9:37 am
their first win. they dropped another game against the white sox. oakland native jimmy rollins -- remember him -- he won the game, 5-4 with a solo shot in the 9th. is he from alameda? >> yes. he is from the east bay and i bet you he had a little bit of fun running around the basis. >> all good fun. speaking of baseball, stub hub has unveiled a new way to get your seat to you. let's start with tomorrow's home opener. tickets are still available. >> still available on stub hub. we have 2400 tickets left. prices range from 100-dollar all the way up to dwight a bit more than that but it's opening weekend as we mentioned. >> against the dodgers. >> huge rivalry. >> talk about the technology. what is this. >> they have a new technology called mobile view. it actually gives fans a
9:38 am
realistic 360-degree panoramic view of the stadium section where they are looking to buy tickets. instead of seeing just a flat i am panel of what field might look like from your seat, you actually can take your mobile phone and move it, pan it around in a virtual reality. >> how did you guys do in. >> stub hub had a lot of technology with the one dimensional map but we worked with a company that was able to create a three dimensional map of major league baseballs. >> that's good for people who don't go to major league games as much as these guys do. >> that is one of the reasons that we launched it, especially here at at&t. that is one the most iconic baseball stadiums. if you think of this view that you can look at from mccovey cove or sit out in left field or by the coca bottle, you can look at what it looks like.
9:39 am
>> here is my concern as a fan. i'm going to go dive into it and i'm going to start looking around. it's going to make me want to get closer and when you get closer, i will want to spend more money. that's a terrific idea, but will you make fans spend more money. >> the virtual view is about the experience. first stadium, first opportunity to test this out and see what virtual reality looks hike for fans who might have the goggles that you started to see come out and even fans who just have a mobile phone. we've created two versions of the experience. so whether you have the goggles or not, you will still be able to get that panoramic view. >> i would imagine that certain stadiums are more pop leonardo di caprio than others, at&t but this is available for all stadiums, right. >> we are launching its for at&t park but we are plans to launch it around the league.
9:40 am
>> are you going to go to the game tomorrow? >> i may. well, hey, this is part of the study. >> you two guys will be out there. >> mike and i will be out there isn't that enough incentive for you to show up? >> absolutely it is went. we are getting a peek at some of the songs that you will hear tonight. mornings on 2 will be back after this.
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trail runner kate lind lander discovered she was gluten intolerant and another problem. not a lot of gluten-free beer that she enjoyed. >> she and a friend began launching their own. they are the founder of the beer here in the bay area. they join us now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> kaitlyn, did you ever think about not drinking beer? >> no. that was not an option. >> what kind of a question is that. >> we run, work hard and that's the reason why we named the s&p -- the company suffer fest.
9:44 am
we run. you talk about the suffer fest, what you justendured. >> is it targeted to athletes. >> it's targeted to everyone who cares about what they put in their body and wants to enjoy a great beer. alyssa avoids gluten because she is training and that makes her feel better. i avoid it because i have allergy. we should not settle on taste or quality. >> you drank regular beer before but that made you feel bad? did you realize it? overtime. i didn't realize it. i was feeling worse and wore. some tests told me that i had to leave beer and pizza behind. >> can i take a pull >> sure. >> how hard was it to create this gluten-free beer. >> it was hard at first because i didn't realize there were
9:45 am
many options. the difference brewing met tholings. uses sorgum and buck wheat. >> the new technology for the beer which is what we make at sufferfest, you make a full body based beer but in the post brewing fermentation process, we get to remove the gluten so you are left wallet beer taste you want and expect but everyone can enjoy it. >> it's good. >> it's a break through in my opinion. >> all right. all right. >> don't mind if i do. >> why don't you get on board? >> kaitlyn and i run trails together. >> you knew each other in. >> yes. >> she would tell me what she was doing, as we were running and i would say, you should do it. we kept running over the years and last year, she thought, i think i'm going to do this. i said, you should because i've
9:46 am
been telling fewer while. you should do it with me. >> did you have a nice kushy well paying job that you hated to have to leave to strike out on your own? what was your life? >> yes and no. we worked together in a social fitness application. we knew each other, learned about each other. i was in thin tech in all places, kushy and exciting but i found myself at my lunch break, going to the abc and filing for my license. i thought i would be a really bad employee and i knew i had to either follow this crazy, zany path and shake it off but i think i'm going to keep shaking you guys feel like you want to break out into the mass market because this tastes like regular beer to me. >> right. >> people who drink it don't even know it's gluten removed. they are putting us in the craft beer section and i think
9:47 am
it's because -- >> because the case there is nice. >> i was going to say festival. >> are you going -- >> we are going where athletes are right now. idea is tons of athletes are following glued en free diet, whether for dietary reasons for by choice, because it makes them feel better. runners are doing, professional athletes are doing it. we are athlete ourselves so we are making the beer for ourselves and knowing that there's lots of other athletes out there who are going to be looking for it. >> 79% for the ipa. >> you are giving people their beer back. >> that's exactly right. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> glad you did strike out on your own. >> happy trail, ladies. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> coming up, is your dog a star out there on social media? there is a company that can turn that into real world fame. up next, more on the dog agency that could turn you and
9:48 am
your friend into real stars. we will finish our ipa. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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we just learned that san francisco police arrested a third suspect in connection with the hunter pence scooter theft. the man is jacques mann. police arrested two other men
9:51 am
earlier. judd jen keee and nicholas tiller. the scooter was auctioned off for $40,000 and was being stored at the make-a-wish foundation. and one of my favorite show is raining up. it is looking for talent. they will give a $15,000 scholarship for the arts. the finalisting finalists will perform -- the finalisting will perform in front of the judges. the lineup for this year's outsidelands festival in san francisco is out. >> radiohead radiohead is scheduled to be one of the
9:52 am
headliners. along with lionel ritchie. >> you heard that right. and san francisco's third eye blind. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. guys. >> yes. >> just a little tip if you go to outside lands. do some walking. it would not kill you to walk because -- >> leave the car at home, right? >> yes. >> be a if you have to take uber or lyft, just walk away from the park a few blocks and then try to get a car from there. >> yes. >> take a walk along the highway and come up on the beach? a lot of opportunities. >> go down to ocean beach and chill, mike. what do you say? >> i'm into it. >> american idol -- coming to an end after 15 season, competition has been fierce between the three if i am christs. the judges say they will be as surprised as the viewers when the winners are revealed. >> some people who think that
9:53 am
la poresha can win, no way that trent or dalton can win and fans will say, i will vote for him. >> a lot of people are team laportia in my informal poll in the newsroom. >> and there will be finalists, past winners and judges who will sing. >> i watched it last night. interesting the history of american idol. >> i know. >> ryan secret talking about that. >> he used to be on the mornings on 2 with you. >> yes. >> he was there for every season. >> that's right. >> university of connecticut women ales basketball team wrapped up a perfect season with a history-making ncaa championship. >> that's a couple of blocks and a couple of bothers for steward. >> not even close.
9:54 am
huskies beat syracuse 82-51 to win their fourth straight national title. senior brianna steward was voted outstanding player. you con has won more titles that john wooden when he was at u.c.l.a. >> not even close. and the men's national championship team returned home to philadelphia. >> they were greeted by nearly 2000 fans one day after their buzzer-beating win over north carolina. a victory rally was held at the football stadium. the team had get a championship parade through philadelphia friday pretty intense video of a confrontation between motorcyclist and a driver.
9:55 am
they drove at speed at more than 90 miles per hour into oncoming traffic. the motorcyclist came to a complete stop into between two lanes angering the rider. you can see the guys here yelling, exchanging gestures. the guy was angry, hit the car is a more report. the driver follow the him after he took off. heated exchanges. full close calls if you watch the whole video closely. no word yet on whether either driver is facing any charges. the only good news to come from all of is that nobody was hurt. >> who is taking the video? >> the guy on gopro. >> i see so many go gopros out there. doing agencies focusing on
9:56 am
finding dogs popular and social media. the creator says it is helping dogs sign with google and merck. dogs with 160,000 followers can fetch more than $3000 for a post. >> if they are looking for a dog on a bed pose, i know one, my dog. quite an actor the owner of out west farms posted this on his facebook page showing the son standing next to an alligator 15 feet long, weighing in at more than 100 pounds. they were hunting gators when they spotted it in the pond. they used a farm engine to get it out. it had been eating its cattle.
9:57 am
>> we have earthquake here but no alligator. >> we have to head out to the ballpark to invite the giants home for their home opener. >> we'll be there. >> i'll be there with alex savidge. enjoy the heat. san francisco close to 90. you guys know having grown up there, it's rare. >> maybe we should invite alex. >> i need someone. >> alex is fine. we'll figure it out tomorrow. >> that will be cool to have you out there. >> i want to go. i want to go. everybody to the ballpark.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, "the wendy williams show." >> my girls are always turned out. i'm giving it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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