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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 6, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a scary scene as a 2-year-old is run over by a car. >> but then, boink! he dusts himself off. >> the moment the mom behind the wheel got her miracle. one man's journey takes him to madagascar where -- >> he manages to snapchat. >> how the phone app makes him the life after of the party. the baby elephants are down by the water when -- >> all of a sudden they start running away. >> see what has them high-tailing it. plus, any idea who it a sister's yogurt? >> look at me. and a world war ii workhorse. >> and guess who got a really close look at this sucker? >> how christian got and epic dose of b-17 on one sentimental journey. >> i have never seen him yelling.
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you guys will not believe what i got on video in brazil. here's a 2-year-old boy and here's a car being parked by his mother. it happens really quick. the boy runs up to the front, mom doesn't see and then the car runs over his face. now, this explanation is mom as they were parking with the automatic door, the kid ran out of nowhere and she was distracted into what she was doing. then boink, he jumps up and dusts himself off. he literally has tire treads on his face. he got run over by the car and the worst that happened was six stitches. >> wow. >> and the bruising, everything, they do tests and he's playing in the hospital. just an unbelievable story. heading over to my former home, singapore, this one went crazy viral. what you're keeping an eye on is the yellow sticky tab there. the driver gets inside the car
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and then -- >> oh! >> just reverses into that honda. you can hear the engine revving and then push-up against the car. obviously, it's some sort of mix-up. but we're not done yet. he shifts into a forward gear and then -- >> was this stolen by somebody who doesn't know how to drive? >> just full-on panic, i think. now this video went viral but i was able to find a new story, which is the company that owns the cab. they saw this video, they found the driver and he's been found just because of the way he crashed. if this is an example of new york professional drivers, in this situation, you have to let it go. >> most definitely. because there's no excuse for that type of driving. well, hello there. we are snapchatting with some kids in madagascar.
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>> cory has given me a whole new perception of snapchat. >> oh! >> this is cory and he went to madagascar for a special project. this isn't the project but this is a part of his trip. he introduced these kids to snapchat for the first time. you can see the smile on their faces as they see the new app. >> that must've been so much fun. >> now here's the deal, he is there saving the lemur. he needed to raise $10,000 in 24 hours and guess what, he did it. >> there he is. that's the animal that we're going to save together. we set a goal, we raised the money. you guys aced it. >> wow, 24 hours, that's impressive. >> it most definitely is. >> goal! >> while he's there building this new environment for the lemur and raising awareness,
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he's also bringing a few laughs and smiles to kids who may not have seen this otherwise. >> that is absolutely wonderful. >> kids all over the world just love it. they get in front of the snapchat and just mess around. >> and it doesn't take much to bring a little joy to other people. humans sometimes complain about big brother cameras everywhere looking out and capturing stuff. but when it captures things like this, you're kind of thankful. the guy just got off his motorcycle, two other bandits run up, one is armed and they start wrestling with him to try to stay el the motorcycle. but the guy in the blue shirt has a gun and keeps shooting at the motorcycle owner. they start to run away but something in him says, nah, despite the sos, i'm going to run back and spite these guys. he throws his helmet at the
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gunman. the gunman's still firing but the guy is not giving up. >> oh, my gosh. >> they keep trying to steal the bike and the bandits run off. he win this is off five shots are fired. he was struck in the leg. >> he never should have survived that situation. over to canada where grandma's house has been broken into. grandma passed away a couple years ago and her house has been vacant. uncle has been looking after the house and just on a fluke the uncle said, i've got this camera, it's kind of a toy, let me just set it up and he captured this. >> no way. >> two guys came into the house, they were looking for anything of value. >> oh, look at this. >> smile. did they ever notice this? >> there's a camera right here. >> too late now! >> your big smiling face is up there in the clouds perfectly capturing images. the video has been released and
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provided to the police. the family is asking anybody if you recognize these guys, please let us know. we would love to recover some of grandma's cherishable items. >> i hope they captured them and this leads to their capture. >> perfect ending. if you wanted to assign a theme song to this video from the national park, i would say "tiny bubbles" because this sparked this stampede. check this out. you have baby elephants by the water and all of a sudden they start running away. >> did they get scared? what happened? >> they did get scared from the bubbles. watch it in slow motion. on the right you see in the water that hippo. he loves some bubbles. >> that's one kind of elephant stampede you can probably survive because they are so little. speaking of little, you have a
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small dog on the back of a large or t tortoise that happens to be called nicholas. nicholas says let me take you into my tunnel, but the tunnel is so dark he says, no dice. >> it's a dog riding a tortoise. doesn't watching this guy's black line make you want to join in? >> no, it makes me want to watch from a long distance away. >> see how they play next. and this is the craziest thing he's surgically removed -- >> looks like he swallowed a chocolate donut. >> oh! >> see what the dog ate on "right this minute." paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden
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which are set in such beautiful surroundings as well with a great drone shot, it really does bring you into the experience and make you just want to do it. >> the no, they don't. they just make me want to watch from a long distance away. >> it makes you think and wish you could do that over these canyons with the incredible views. >> if you want to go to iran, this is the place to go. another cool part about this video you don't often see in flat lining is they do show us some of the falls. that would hurt. >> yeah, you guys really have to be very careful with your man boots. >> for sure. black lining, you get a bit sleepy. what are the odds you're sleeping out there? >> you can do that. if you have kids that climb in your bed and you have to sleep like this, you would be the best at it of us three. >> totally fine.
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what are you doing? ♪ >> yay! the people who posted this video said they found a done dopey bee, by dopey they probably met woozy. they put sugar water, put it in the cap of a plastic bottle and decides to give it to this bee. they get so close you can see the tongue of the bee coming out to sip that sugar water.
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>> it's like someone crawling through the desert, water, water! ecause bees are turning up dead these days and it is really sad. we have to save the bees. >> it just goes to show you. typically videos we get from the ranch and doctor vets are for animals that do have a forever home. but this poor puppy has something in her belly. so dr. matt goes in, does surgery, opens up this animal's belly and he thinks that maybe remy has eat up up cotton and it got lodged in their bellies. >> dogs will eat anything. >> whatever it is, it's a big black mass. i'm sure it is just tons of decayed hair and junk stuck in it, too. >> what is it? >> it looks like he swallowed a chocolate donut. >> once the doctor finishes the
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stomach, he sutures the tummy back up. >> yeah, it's hair. just a humongous ball of hair. >> how did it get all that hair? >> the good thing is, remy made it through the surgery okay. there she is. all better. >> looks like the dog is going in and just lking the shower drain. >> oh, sick. >> if you want to see the full video, go to and click on tv show or check it out on the mobile app. animal planet's "river monster" show is going after even bigger monsters. >> those are dangerous. >> oh, my gosh. >> see what they find this season. mason is digging the cat. >> it's comedy for kids. just being entertained, ohoh, again. >> stand-up for kids next on "right this minute." o makeup at? neutrogena® cosmetics. powders,
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for a 12 hour shield of protection. act® advanced. my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d®. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. i am operating right to the edge of my capability here. >> this comes from jeremy wait, host of animal planet's "river monsters." you know it's serious. this guy knows what he's talking about. he's the ultimate -- >> biologist, angler and explorer. >> he's traveled the world. he's legendary with scary monsters. but now they are pushing him to new heights. >> now it is time to take the unparalleled experience and apply it to the vastness of the ocean. >> from rivers and lakes to the oceans of the world.
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he'll go to find and book these monsters. like this right here where he finds himself near something he's never found before. >> it's a truly iconic fish and it's the first time i have seen a striped marlin. >> those are dangerous because they will be right near your boat and it can do some damage. >> it does breech the boat. look at the size of it. >> that's not santa claus! oh, my gosh. >> get these stories live, we have jeremy! jeremy, you sounded pretty nervous in that promo. how scared were you that season? >> i was quite scared. because as well as fishing, i was going underneath the water. this is something i've done before. i've been skew bcuba diving for years but i was going down at night and we were expecting
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something large and very unusual there. >> you have seen some scary stuff. so i'm kind of impressed to hear you say, yeah, this freaks me out a little bit. how did you overcome that? >> the program is very much about balance of fear and curiosity. what motivates me to go and encounter these things is the curiosity. but in order to do that safely, you have to inform yourself about the creature, the situation. so superior concentration of the mind. as long as you don't take it too far. >> you have been doing it for nearly a decade. is the wonder still there? >> yeah, the wonder is still there. that's the thing about the underwater world. generally speaking, we don't have a lot of interaction with a lot of surprises there. >> what was it like having that marlin encountering such a beautiful animal? >> they are amazing. they are almost the work of to engineering. it is almost a bit like a spaceship in a way. the important thing in the program, it's very much a priority that the fish goes back
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alive. although i would like to spend a lot of time looking at it, actually, no, we get it here and we have a really quick look at it and it goes back. we have one shot at it and that's all we're allowing ourselves otherwise it is unfair to the fish. >> oh, nice. >> if you guys want to catch "real monsters mysteries of the ocean" tune into animal planet thursday at 9:00/8:00 central. animals are the official entertainers of the world and don't get paid for it. >> they get food, maybe. >> but in these videos you see how much they entertain the people around them. this first video nick elliott shared on our "right this minute" facebook page. he said his son mayson is just loving that cat. >> it's priceless. you're a parent, you live for the giggles. something that costs $1.99 at big lots is entertaining anybody. >> it's entertainment for kids.
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you're like, oh, again! >> i can't get enough of that laugh. it's so precious. now see if you can tell based on the face of this dog who done it? >> did you get into megan's yogurt? look at me. >> they know what they've done. i keep saying dogs know when they've done wrong because when the head turns that means i'm the guilty party. >> true. >> you turn your head. >> we know when we do something wrong. >> and it looks a lot like this. >> look at me, thor. thor, no! >> busted! >> oh, my gosh, thor is a dachshund. >> look at me. look at me. did you eat mia's yogurt? it's the star attraction of
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the air force past. and krchristian's trying to hit a ride. >> if that takes off "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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that. you might get a taste of that in your mouth. >> you mean aluminum? >> yes. no sliding. ♪ i want to introduce you to one of the coolest world war ii airplanes ever. this one is known as sentimental journey. it's a b-17g built in 1944. >> this is one of my favorites, you know that. a b-17 flying fortress is gorgeous. >> the plane was actually recently displayed at luke's air force base. they celebrated 75 years of air power with a magnificent air
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show featuring the air force thunderbirds. this is a shot of sentimental journey. and guess who got to get a really close look at this sucker? >> the funny thing is, i saw you out on the air show at sunday. >> you did. and i borrowed your gopro. >> i had suspicions of what you were doing with that. >> i got to hang out with the pilots and the crew that now manage this airplane over at the commemorative air force. all volunteers diligently taking care of this and other planes of their co commemorative fleet. they put me to work. here you see he grabbing the propellors and turning them because they have to do that before turning the engines on. >> if that plane takes off the ground, my head will explode. >> i'm going to just go ahead and explode your head right here. before you know it, the plane, yes, oli, starts taking off.
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and i get to sit right in that belvedere seat. the f-35s are the fifth generation fires. and luke air force base now has the most 35s at any other base than any other. >> look at you. >> i'm just -- it's killing me. >> here's the best part, we land and i'm thinking, that was great, time to go home. no, we need to clean the plane. >> yeah. >> i had to earn my keep! but you know what? it was so worth it. it was great hanging out with all of these guys. captain luke attwater, steve bowen and all were amazing. if you do want to see this, they tour the country and visit 60 cities every year. and you get to come inside this
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plane with all the nooks and crannies. thanks for sharing your time with us today. we appreciate it. hope you had fun. and we'll see you on the the hope you had fun. and we'll see you on the the next "right this minute." (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: if you didn't see the end of people versus o.j. simpson. but seriously. charles: what are you doing giving it away, what if i had it on d.v.h. that wasn't the true ending of the show. the real entering of the show was maybe more shocking. harvey: remember, when they said they were going to do the show, they were making a big deal about the kardashians and robert and kris and all of this stuff, kris was a minor, minor, minor player. charles: she was in maybe three scenes. harvey: they forgot about her. they decided to bring her back, at the end, boom, this is what they showe


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