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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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epidemic. the extra layer of security being added at san jose city hall. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. it's friday eve. let's get the day started with the weather and traffic. pretty hot yesterday but today is what, steve? >> it's turning cloudy. it's going to be a 15, 20- degree drop. >> it did feel like it. but nice cool air blowing through the windows. >> there's a breeze in the parking lot. a sign of things to come. not the parking lot but the breeze. it's an all important day because it's home opener. and this is a tricky call. there'll be a lot of high clouds, just nothing like it was yesterday, that's for sure. and the temperatures 60s to near 70 degrees. i think that breeze will be kicking in. 50s on the temps to 60s for some. the cloud cover coming in is
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holding some of these temps up, up, up. san jose, 67 degrees. and everything is turning. the cloud cover is streaming up from the south and a series of lows will be working in. and could give us rain but more likely on friday. san jose, gusts to 22. that's much stronger than anybody else. that's an indication of what is coming up from the south. that's low there. this one there and the next one will drop into the picture. turning cloudy. and it's mild and much cooler than yesterday. higher humidity. with the cloud cover coming in you might notice it. and patchy fog will play into the picture. we're looking for 70s for most. 70s now. not the 90s, sal, or the 80s. >> that's more like it. >> good morning, everyone. right now we're off to a nice start as we are on this morning
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commute. looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. today is the giants' home opener and that means a lot more traffic in south of market in the city. looking at interstate 880 north and southbound, the traffic is is off to a good start. and northbound 280 in san jose looks good through downtown san jose. it's 4:02, back to the desk. a police task force is hitting the east bay. the goal is to get guns off the streets. but they are looking into the string of shootings. the task force is made of federal, state, and local law enforcement. officers arrested suspects at two different locations. one of the men is wanted on attempted murder charges. however, none of the people arrested are connected to the nine shootings between hercules
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and berkeley which primarily involved gangs. >> when the gangs are feuding and they recognize somebody on the street and they happen to drive up on the freeway, some of them in recent past have engaged on the freeway as far as shooting. >> reporter: since january, the task force has made 69 felony arrests and recovered 29 guns. >> the chp is looking for driver of a brown van involved in a hit-and-run in redwood city south of woodside road 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the van clipped a silver scion and it spun out and turned over several times. >> the driver may have known there was a collision. they were driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed. >> the driver was a 58-year-old man from new hampshire and he
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died a short time later at stanford medical center. the van may have been a 2000 brown toyota see yen ya. a truck was full of hot asphalt when it crashed into a house on lower crescent avenue. that was 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the driver jumped backwards and suffered a broken arm. >> we were sitting quietly reading good books and i heard this very loud sound which could only be a truck rolling backwards down the hill with a tremendous crash. i said a truck has rolled down the hill and smacked into our garage. >> the garage was knocked off the foundation and fire the li quarters appear to be
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undamaged. a recent increase in graffiti is prompts security at city hall. they'll pay for private security to patrol the outside of the building. this was 4th incident in a month. >> this is not my city hall or your city hall. it's our city hall. and to see graffiti here is something we want to combat. >> if the extra security carries over to the next fiscal year, the cost to taxpayers would reach $140,000. the mayor objected but diverting officers could make residents vulnerable to more serious crimes. a judge in brussels is expected to rule to hold the terror suspect.
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the isis terror suspect was arrested last month after four months on the run. he's accused in the paris attacks on november 13th. 130 people were killed. are u.s. airports secure? that's the question the tsa is trying to answer. and many members of congress are not happy with what they are hearing. >> reporter: the most visible thing the tsa does, passenger screenings, but there is an increasing awareness of another potential threat coming from the people who work here. washington's dulles airport with great fanfare welcoming the first direct flight from brussels since the terror attacks. and beyond the flags and banners, there are lingering questions. u.s. transportation officials know they are still dealing with a jittery traveling public
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at home. >> people can attack us anywhere no matter how many we can try to protect ourselves. >> reporter: the head of the tsa was grilled by members of a senate committee looking specifically at transportation security. the basic questions not just about passenger screening methods and effectiveness, but airport perimeter security. and airport employee vetting. and that is increasingly seen as a weak spot. >> the best practices are obvious. you have to check the airport employees. so is it your testimony that nothing has been done. >> we've done quite a bit. the tsa itself has increased the inspections of employees by five fold. >> and one of the challenges for the tsa, to address the latest threats and it's grown into an enormous bureaucracy
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with 60,000 employees. i'm doug luzader fox news. and it's a very, very busy day in sports. the giants are back for the home opener against the dodgers, and there's a four game series starting today between the white sox and the a's. and the giants take on the dodgers at 1:35. and the giants minor league team, and then the jets visit the shark tank. and don't forget the warriors hosting the spurs. if you don't have anything to do tonight, you have a problem. jake peavy will start the home opener. the dodgers have not allowed a run so far this season.
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and if you're going to the game or any game. you'll notice some changes at at&t park. that's one of them. a higher and wider safety net. >> we also took measures to try to increase the traps parentcy of it. the net is thinner and we reduced a lot of the vertical posts that supported the old net. and good news for golferrery riders. service has been reinstated. maintenance issues have been resolved and the boat will depart from larkspur at 11:50 this morning. and the giants dropped yesterday.
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mat duffy. >> the a's picked up the first game of the season. i think they won for ellen. it was her birthday. and they got the first home run of the year in the second inning. and that gave the a's a 2-0 lead. sonny gray started the game after he was scratched because of a stomach bug. he held the white sox to one run. the a's will try to split the series with a win. >> there's a lot of sports going on today. don't play hooky. it's a good day to do it. in the case of a stolen ring, solved in walnut creek. the unusual place police found it. investigators are looking into a suspicious brush fire burning on the border between california and arizona. the challenge to bring it under
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control. good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy. if you're driving in some areas but not here on the golden gate bridge. it looks pretty good heading south. a lot of cloud cover coming in and it's going to cool off dramatically. still on the mild side but nothing compared to yesterday. 60s to 70s and turning cloudy.
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there are large brush fires in four states now. it started in the lake halve sue refuge. there was no lightning in the area and the fire is suspicious. and the fire has jumped the colorado river. >> any time you have the low humidity and the high winds and this type of fuel burning, it's going to spread. >> firefighters in parts of oklahoma and kansas are also battling some big wildfires. in oklahoma, northwest of oklahoma city, high winds caused power lines to arc. i want to show you video from the march 28th grass fire that burned 13 acres across the street from menlo business
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park. fire investigators determined it was started at a homeless camp. investigators are still searching for an exact cause. time now is coming up on 4:15 in the morning. let's check in with sal, one of the biggest giants fans i know. and you'll be at the game later on. >> i'll be at the game. and pam, you wore your giants colors today. and you wore your a's colors for the a's opener. i definitely wore orange all the way to the toes. >> very nice, very nice. that does not go unnoticed. and brian, you look all right too. >> whatever, whatever. it's light out there. there's not a lot going on. it may be the calm before the traffic storm so to speak but the traffic is going to be moving along okay.
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there are no major problems on interstate 880. it's light and the roadwork is not there either. and we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to remind you at the bay bridge we'll have a crowded day. right now light but later it's crowded with the giants home opener. 1:35 start and everyone will be on the way back out of the city -- not everyone but a lot of people -- later. let's move to 280 and the traffic is looking good on 280, 101, and 85. we're off to a very good start in the south bay commute. steve, today at the stadium, can i get away with a light jacket. >> sal, why couldn't it have been yesterday? sunny and warm. no, we have to make it tough. it will be cooler but i think it will be okay. for your seats, it will be fine.
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>> thank you, steve. yesterday it was all about sunshine and warm. a lot of cloud cover coming in and a little bit more of a west or southwest breeze. not the easterly breeze. it was roaring off the caldicott. this is a brutal forecast because everything is changing rapidly. there'll be low clouds in the mix. 68 southwest. and 15 to 20 miles per hour. 67 in san jose. 50s for some. we're already seeing a dramatic drop and temperatures are warmer. this can be a little deceiving, but it's a sign of a pattern that's warmer in the morning and cooler in the afternoon. look at the cloud cover moving up. most of this is high base, and i'm sure low clouds will be developing as well. i felt the cooler breeze and you can almost get the sea breeze. mostly cloudy and a mix of high
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and low clouds. and eventually, rain from the south. the wind is all over the place but it should turn southerly. and we have a delta breeze at fairfield. this low will play into our weather tomorrow. and the next one drops in to open this one up and take its place. most of this looks to be central california. increasing clouds turning cloudy. on the mild side and more of a west, southwest breeze. the humidity is up there. if you're not by the bay i think you'll notice the higher humidity. and rain developed friday to saturday. a break sunday and monday and the rest of the week looks unsettled. >> just one day of really hot temperatures. >> it wasn't that bad yesterday. >> it was gorgeous. >> as long -- >> if you're in the city, you know -- >> and you're not used to that. and my friend texted me and said the air conditioner just went out.
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>> we don't have air- conditioning so when it gets warm for a few days in a row, you start feeling it. >> see you in a little bit. president obama going back to the university of chicago law school where he taught constitutional law for 10 years. he is going there to push his case that the senate should pick up his nomination merrick garland. the president is scheduled to arrive at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon at sfo. he'll attend two fundraisers and spend the night in san francisco. he's scheduled to leave san francisco at 2:00 on saturday afternoon. it's not clear what is on his schedule for saturday morning in the city. in the race for the white house, the rhetoric is heating
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up in both parties ahead of the next primary in new york. a new poll shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton virtually tied. sanders is leading 49% to 47%. the clinton campaign has released new ads questioning sanders' preparedness to be president. sanders says he doesn't believe clinton is qualified. and ted cruz is campaigning in new york. and trump is reminding new yorkers of cruz's comments where he spoke critically of new york values. the way the delegate math is working out. none of the delegates will be able to clinch before california's primary on june 7th. that means the candidates are scheduling appearances here in our state instead of fundraisers. donald trump plans an patterns in socal.
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>> we're going to see candidates going to places they weren't expecting to have to show up. >> it's fun to be a part of the process rather than a decorative primary for sure. >> donald trump was invited to speak at burlingame. taking a stand against bullying in honor of giants fan brian stowe. the 500-mile journey that's set to begin tomorrow.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. if you need a parking place in san francisco, you can rent one. the service is called parking cupid. it allows people with an extra parking spot to rent it out. prices vary from $75 to $400 a month. and the basic service membership is $15. today uber plans to announce it's giving four bay area drivers $1000 each. it's to pursue projects focused on helping women in the communities. uber will send links to the crowd funding websites. past projects have included teaching stay at home moms and launching the uber eats program. a capitola woman will take
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the longest walk of her life for her friend bryan stow. she tells the sentinel she'll take part in a 500-mile walk across northern spain and hopes to raids awareness about his -- raise awareness about his life. he's been spreading a message against bullying. tributes are pouring in for merle haggard. he died on his 79th birthday yesterday. haggard was considered the outlow hero of country music and even sang about his time in prison. he died after a bout with pneumonia and was a long time resident of bakersfield. the stage is set for the
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final episode of american idol. >> one more time. thank you, dalton. [ applause ] >> last night the final kents were narrowed down to two when dalton was sent home. >> that's who i was picking to win. >> i was picking michigan state to win but they didn't make it either. >> it comes down to the final two. ♪ [ music ] pam is continuing her commentary. it's so funny. >> before the winner is announced. the judges will take the stage. and you can find out who takes home the top honor tonight on ktvu at 8:00. and it's the day that harry potter fans have been waiting for. thousands are expected to
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gather at universal studios for the official opening of the wizarding world of harry potter. the fictional village is based on the hit movies. take a look at that. the attractions in hollywood are similar to the rides opening at universal studios. there's beverages created just for the new park. >> i feel like i'm embracing all the magic. i got so excited because it felt so real. >> can't wait to take my daughter. >> the park was under construction for 2 1/2 years. the park opens at 6:30 this morning. >> i'm not a harry potter fan but that looks like a lot of fun. >> i wasn't until my daughter got interested. i watched the movies and read some of the books along with her. and you get hooked. you definitely get hooked.
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but for the people who anticipated each new book, they're very excited. time is 4:two. a young girl battling cancer stands strong. how a community is granting her a special wish.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday eve, everybody, otherwise known as thursday, april 7th. >> we have so much sports in the bay area and everybody wants to know -- mostly for the a's and giants. >> they want to know what the weather is. >> cloudy. a big change from yesterday. yesterday was easy. sunny and warm. not today, we have a lot of high clouds and there'll be low clouds. it won't be bad. it just won't be like yesterday when it was in


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