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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 11, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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you are looking at -- >> the youngest paraglider we've ever had on the show. >> why a tandem jump is nothing for this 2-year-old. a trucker watches in horror as a semi wipes out. >> it goes smashing into the side of the road there. >> the moment a hero runs to help. i hereby denounce the effects of social media have on my children! >> a fed-up mom makes a strong statement. >> enough. >> how the poor phone pays the price. kids are running to look for a phone to call the police. and all's fair in love. but according to a breakup this step may be --
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>> too far. >> why this cringe-worthy video has a lot of people thinking -- >> you know what? it was about time. i do believe this is the youngest paraglider we've ever had on the show. little stone here is 2 years old and is paragliding with his dad. >> gosh, that's got to be so neat! what an experience. his little swinging chair they put him in, right? >> this is so great. you know what? >> isn't it wonderful? >> it's so dangerous, how can you do it to your child? >> it's sharing, bonding, dad clearly has a handle on this. and the kid looks like he's having a great time. >> not only that, it looks like
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he's thought about the landing because when they land the kid is nowhere near the ground. it's almost like he's suspended high enough and angled in just the right way when they land, even when dad goes down, baby doesn't touch the ground. >> perfect. this kid is constantly going to be looking for a thrill, though. if he has that excitement at 2 years old. >> he's going to be bored at everything. >> he'll be a wing pilot at 6. dash cam video from a car transport hauler. that's why you see that orange bar across the top. going across the bridge in pennsylvania, up ahead, you can see two trucks. looks like everything is going fine. but we know something is about to go down. after they clear this bridge and get a little bit closer to that overpass up ahead, watch the truck on the right. starts to drift, a little space between him and the other truck and then -- oh! oh, wow! >> whoa!
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>> it goes smashing into the side of the road there. looks like a big rock embankment. the truck with the dash cam driven by 57-year-old mark coblerman. you see him jump out and race over to that truck. >> the driver fell asleep? >> we don't know but it looks that way. the truck didn't slow down at all before he crashed. other cars came up to race over to help mark get the driver out. moments later, you see mark come running back to his cab, he needs tools to try to bust the windshield of his truck to get the driver out. this video shared on our facebook page. mark's sister tells us that the driver of the overturned truck was okay. >> wow. this dash cam from alberta, canada. keep your eye up ahead on the red car. >> boom! >> ow! >> although the wheel goes flying, i don't believe that's
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the wheel of the car. i think it was just something in theed road. you guys tell me if you see something different. >> yeah, it was a wheel. that wheel came from somebody else and the red car hits it. >> i think so, too. as you watch the video, the red car does make its way over to the right-hand side of the road. it doesn't look like it's riding, that it has a wheel, but it's hard to see. welcome to our latest episode of animals versus humans. our first one starts on a boat. it's a beautiful day in this video. look at the sunset. look at this, a guy and his bro are on a boat and he's got something big at the end of that line and he's reeling it in. >> you're reeling us in, gayle. what happens? >> you're about to see. >> this is hard work, man. look at the guy, he's really working for his catch. >> fishing is hard work because you work hard to bring something big in. but there's always something bigger that's lurking around. >> oh! oh! dude!
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>> wow! >> did it get hit? >> no. this boat is coming to help. one's got a net to scoop the fish out, but that gruper denied. >> that thing was huge! >> get another fishing pole in the water to get that gruper. taking off to go to australia, this is a lizard in queensland and his family decides, let's feed it. but what do we know about australia and wild animals? >> they will kill you. >> yeah. >> be careful how you feed a wild animal. >> oh! >> it wanted to pound a human flesh. guess what? after that all happened, it walked away from the piece of meat that got dropped. as soon as it grabs it, the guy had to grab its head. >> how much damage did it do? >> i don't believe the guy lost any fingers, which is a good thing to know. they are not venomous, but you do not want them to bite you
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because they do eat dead animals. faith is so important in asia. they try to shame people as well. this is getting a lot of attention because of that very thing. outside what looks like an office building, you can see a lot of business-dressed people outside the building. that's the staff. about ten of them get down on their knees and start crawling down the street. in fact, apparently, this is the boss going past with the red flag. why is this happening? >> i bet their performance wasn't up to par and the bosses are making them do this. >> ding, ding, ding, ding! right there, the boss is making them do this because they didn't reach their sales target. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. and that's supposed to motivate them? >> yes. the management thought that object humiliation would be a good way to encourage the sales team. >> and it's a good way to make somebody so angry they will
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quit. >> apparently some of the extra sales staff volunteered to take part in this as well. maybe they are feeling it's an act of contrition to their bosses so the boss will give them a break or feel better about it. they have lost faith because they didn't meet their sales targets so they are doing this to gain faith back. but for us, this is humiliating. super cars hit the streets. but one hits a little too hard. >> oh! >> dude! >> why the driver's lucky to escape unscathed after this one. plus, some guys spot a cow stuck in a tree. >> what? it's going to be okay, i promise. >> that poor thing. >> oh, no! >> how some patience and a good heave-ho set it free. >> brought to you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. live clairitin clear.
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♪ wow! beautiful sights and sounds with super cars racing through the streets of lebanon. according to reports, they were filming a commercial to promote the upcoming super car race. >> hence nobody being on the street. >> that's a good thing because -- oh! >> dude! >> that was a big porsche gt3. this is what they find, the porsche upside down smashed and spilling fluid. however, the driver was caught in a picture looking like this. hey! he doesn't seem to care. i guess he's just happy he's alive. >> maybe he's smiling because it's no hair off his back and he'll buy another one.
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look at this video from st. bart's in the caribbean. that's a beautiful view, a landing strip off in the distance. >> ah! >> we have seen that before. >> i'm suspicious. >> the 360 indicator, we just saw the plane come over our heads, but you can take this video, spin it around and watch the plane on approach. here it comes, here it comes -- >> oh! it almost hit the girl on the right. >> it almost hit the guy in the bike. but it almost hit the guy in the t-shirt. he ducks at the last second. the reports that we found, he said it hit my hand repeatedly to the woman behind the camera. she didn't believe him until she went over to see the mark on the back of his hand. he actually got hit by the plane. one of the most shortest, dangerous runways in the world. every woman has a breaking point.
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when enough is enough. this video came out last year. this momma's kids have been acting out and she decides to take matters into her own hands, enough! >> i hereby denounce the effects of social media have on my children! they're disobedient and disrespect. >> oh! not the phone, not the phone! >> i'm worried about the dog. >> i refuse to be cursed. i refuse to be disobeyed. >> yeah, there's more. >> i take back my role as your parent. >> well, momma's got a shot,
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that's for sure. >> she most definitely does. >> my children are more important to me than any electronic on this earth! >> and funny as this is, this woman is preaching because some kids out there are completely out of control. and i hereby declare her the white madea. >> oh! this lady is creating a lot of ways, this is like a psa all over the world. my momma would say, if you're going to act out, i'm going to act out with you. take that. >> dang! hair challenged. no dates, butted a some hair -- >> does his love change? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, mack dradle is back to break down some real or fake videos. this time around, a super heavy
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sleeper -- >> no! >> a machine that stays in motion -- >> this is incredibly good. >> and a workout for the camera that ain't working. >> oh! >> see them all and decide. ebaum's world is next. starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today olive garden put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. so we brought in a phd phd to help explain them. you're getting this refund because your son is a qualifying dependent, i, i can see that. good. good. good! good. great. intuit turbo tax.
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promotional considerations provided by -- ne plus a powerful decongestant. ne breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. we're going out in an hour...? fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra® is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra® gelcaps... not just fast. allegra® fast. it's monday. and that means the weekend's over, but it also means we've got some real or fake to determine here. so let's get to it. welcome to the show, mack! >> mack dradle representing
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ebalm's world for life, yo! you know what's up, so let's get into the first episode here to break down the first clip. roll them. >> here we go. >> so this is an alarm going off, right? it's loud and sounds like fire trucks. >> i think maybe his buddy is trying to wake him up. >> every imaginable alarm is going off. this guy will never survive the apocalypse. >> unless he's under some heavy medication. >> my brother used to sleep like this and we had to smack him on the head before we could get him to wake up. i'm going with real. >> wake up! >> oh, finally he wakes up. >> hey, man, i've been asleep to have an eyebrow shaved off. >> yeah. i would say real, too. >> looks like we have two fakes and three reals? >> i actually have the evidence here to prove whether this is real or fake. and all you need to see here is
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this still frame, which makes it real. you know, you can't fake that look. that's the guy that just woke up in the freeze frame right there. that's it, that's my evidence. that's the proof. this one is real. >> all right. next video. >> so they're saying this is a perpetual motion machine. >> there's no such thing. >> it's cool. >> this is incredibly good. >> i think maybe the poster didn't really mean literally perpetual. maybe they meant the fact that it kept going until the rubber band ran out. >> i'm torn, too. i'm questioning oli. >> can we go with real? >> this is going to be fake since they claim perpetual motion. here's the science behind this, is that what they've done here is before the video starts rolling, they've twisted the pencil up and wound it up and wound it up. then they say, roll it. and then you see it unwinding. what you're seeing with the ball there with the ring around the
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pole, that's just making the thing last longer. it was a good attempt but it was a fake. >> all right. video number three. >> oh! >> the dog is the only one that feels sorry for her. >> is that a parrot in the background? >> i think that's a bird laughing. >> i say real. >> i'm going with this is a really big fail because i know some women who do sit up like that. >> this is totally real. >> real. >> we all think it's real. >> after hearing the experts on the panel, i'm switching it up and going real. >> i love that we can sway your opinion. >> cool, see you next week, dude. >> sweet. peace. i have a couple animal videos for you. one's super heartwarming. the other, a little bit funny. first off in brazil, passing by the alley, you can only order
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this help. they were trapped underneath the sidewalk so utility workers grabbed their drill and started drilling into the ground. >> how the heck did they get in there, man? >> i don't know. but they go through the concrete and some piping. you see everybody sticking their hand in there. but it's not that easy. they have to go back in with the small shovel and dig some more. >> they dug a whole other whole. >> these kitties were in there pretty good. >> oh, they were in the pipes! >> yes, their relentless hard work paid off. you can see how tiny they are, they are newborn. >> where's momma? >> not sure where mom is. but reports were they fell down into a gutter pipe and this is the result. >> how many were in there? >> there were several and they ended up taking them to a vet and they're going to be okay. this video is is a little bit funny. but it's going to be okay, i promise. >> that poor thing. >> oh, no! >> did you see that calf? he has his head stuck in a tree.
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look at the other cows, like -- >> when have you ever seen a cow do that? that's not dead. >> he's wedged in there pretty good. >> that is -- that cow is utterly stuck. i wonder if this is a beast between cow. >> you're really milking this one. >> you see they try to help this guy out. they give the head the heave-ho and that was close. >> he's stumbling away. >> what happened to the cow? where are you going? >> he's about to break some news to his lady. >> he's packing up. >> oh, gosh. >> what do you mean? >> the
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do it again. thirsty crunchy.
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♪ after all the things that brad has done to his girlfriend jen, it really is a miracle that they haven't broken up. for example, there was this video from valentine's day where he got down on one knee, opened the box to propose and said -- this guy, honestly, you feel like, where is the line? and when is he going to cross it? the line is there, brad is over there. in this latest video, already a million views on facebook. brad has a camera set up in their bedroom and he's packing up. >> jen comes in and is like, what's going on? >> where are you going?
2:27 pm
>> she starts going to check the bags, checks the drawers, finds them empty. why would she be upset? >> after all this guy has put her through -- >> the whole thing is confusion. >> what's going on? >> he's playing awkward. >> we need to work things out. >> finally he comes clean -- >> i met someone else. >> her legs fall out from under her. and she's just crushed and it continues. she's crying and he starts to crack. then she hears him laughing. eventually, he comes clean. >> what?
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>> don't ever do that! >> over 2 million views. and the top comment on there is him say iing, i was going to se out tissues tonight. thank you for spending time with us today. we sure appreciate it. catch us on the next "right this minute." have a great monday.
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a rescue team surrounds a deep dark hole. pretty quick it becomes apparent what is down there. the real question is, how to get there. >> what? a guy hears a drone but what he doesn't know is -- who's flying it. >> the moment he finds out where it's going to land. >> whoa! remember when you got all your movies at blockbuster? >> i do! >> how one man found where you can still get your fix. >> i'm going to cry. and a team of animal experts decide to teach -- >> dogs to fly. >> see which fido can master the figure eight. >> i know! somehow it's still fascinating. >> a dog flying a plane!


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