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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a good friend of mine was there. it kept the low cloud deck hugging areas most of the day. might be a few showers up north. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. temperatures continue to be close here. upper 40s low 50s. 52 danville and black hawk.
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close for san ramon. concorde 50 degrees. after that system goes by later today we'll get more sunshine in the afternoon. still plenty clouds to go around. some sun. cool to mild. near normal temperatures here. patchy fog, as well. 60s. 6:01. i know metering lights are on. what is on your screens? >> we have traffic getting slower. if you are going to be leaving the house and using i-80 from richmond to the mcarthur maze we have a look at the bridge approach for some from the bridge to the mcarthur maze. 22 minutes. [ no audio ] [ no audio ]
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580 dublin to castro valley is looking good. 6:01. now back to the desk. o the desk. now to new developments in a series of freeway shootings in the east bay. we are learning the chp is investigating yet another incident. the 17th along the i-80 corridor. alex savidge is live with what authorities are saying about this latest case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fortunately nobody was hurt in the latest car to car shooting in the east bay. authorities are concerned. they are trying to track down the folks involved in the latest shooting here. it happened 8:30 sunday night. authorities say what happened is that a minivan pulled up alongside a taxi carrying two passengers at the time. someone in that minivan opened
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fire on the taxi hitting the cab. fortunately no one inside the cab was hit by the gunfire. taxi driver pulled off the freeway into a parking lot. that's where the two passengers in the cab ran off before authorities could get to that scene. this was the 17th car-to-car shooting along the i-80 corridor since late last year. authorities believe the victims are targeted as part of an on- going gang feud in and around the richmond area. it has many drivers on edge. >> the shootings are scary. i don't want to expose my children to seeing it or being a victim of it. >> i'm surprised we have not done anything. i don't know what they can do but it is just sad.
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>> reporter: right now richmond police are working alongside the chp and federal law enforcement agencies to catch the people responsible for this on-going violence. last week authorities carried out a joint raid. one man was arrested who investigators believe is connected to one of these shooting cases. chp and other law enforcement agencies still are searching for more people who may be involved. in the meantime, the chp is increasing patrols along this stretch of freeway trying to put drivers at ease. even though these are not random shootings you have a lot of people traveling this stretch of freeway who are concerned. >> in general any time a car
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pulls up next to you and they are not giving your general space it should raise some red flags. >> reporter: if something doesn't feel like, like you say, a car pulling up next to you or weaving in and out of traffic that's what the chp is looking for. they would like people to keep an eye out for that behavior on the freeway. if you see something like that call right away. san francisco police need your help to find two people accused of stabbing a british tourist to death. police released these sketches of the suspects yesterday. the one on the left of the screen is the male suspect. the one on the sight the female suspect wanted in connection with this case. the stabbing happened on post street at franklin and goth. it shows three people getting in a confrontation. the video shows the victim tries to run away.
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he is chased down and stabbed by the male suspect. he dies several weeks later. his niece was there during the mugging but wasn't hurt. anyone with information about this case is asked to call san francisco police. the chp is asking for the public's help to track down people involved in a side show this weekend on the bay bridge. someone posted the side show on instagram sunday night eastbound i-80 outside the tunnel on the bridge. traffic came to a full stop as several cars spun donuts. chp was called to the scene. everyone left by the time officers arrived. oakland police now say they have a man in custody who has been lurking around homes in the oakland hills. surveillance cameras caught him on video. neighbors called him the ninja burglar. first reports of him prowling around came in last thursday morning. a woman saw help in her yard and called police. they did not find him then.
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another surveillance camera caught him taking several bikes loaded on to an suv driven by another person. neighbors we spoke with admit they were unnerved. >> i would rather not have anybody like that around me. i have two kids. i do not feel safe. i would be alarmed if i was overnight at a client's house and there by myself. >> police are asking for anymore surveillance video that shows the man. they are trying to figure out what the long, black object the man is carrying. a man is held on $2 million bond this morning accused at a vicious attack at a house party in february. authorities released a blurry photo of the suspect after the incident. the contra costa and u.s. marshals booked him on suspicion of attempted murder.
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californians who take paid federal leave will be getting a nice boost in pay in the next year. right now workers get 55% of their pay. the new law raises it to 60% for people with higher salaries and 70% for the state's lowest- paid workers. most people take six weeks paid leave to bond with a baby. others use it to care for a sick family member. >> we want to do as much as we can in a creative way to make sure everybody has a decent life and particularly the kids coming along have that opportunity. when the mothers can take off time or the fathers can take care of the kids when they are born or family member when they become ill, that's human. >> the changes take effect in 2018. last week san francisco approved some of the best benefits in the country making it mandatory for businesses to give new mothers and fathers six weeks of fully paid time off.
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president obama is marking equal payday by dedicating the women's equality national monument. they were figures in the women's rights and suffrage movements. white house says president obama has made equal pay for women a top priority. signing his first piece of legislation as president the lily led better fair pay act. r pay act.
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a large earthquake magnitude 7 or above on the fault will cause movement of the seawall that stretches between fisherman's wharf and at&t park. the movement could impact transportation and damage buildings. also, according to the report, seawall needs $2 billion in repairs to make it earthquake- safe. safe. a morgan hill gym coach is arrested. coming up, what he is accused of doing with minors and adults. adults. we are looking at a commute that is not all that bad. right now traffic on 237 is still light heading into the valley. cloudy, mostly cloudy morning again. it looks better this afternoon. i'll have an update on your temperatures for a tuesday.
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republican presidential candidate ted cruz fired up supporters in san diego attacking democrats and his gop rival. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. >> cruz said california will decide the race. he is spending time in southern
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california in gop strong holds before the state's primary. cruz said he, not donald trump can beat hillary clinton in november. donald trump learned there are two votes he can not count on for next week's new york primary. his children eric and ivanka. they did not register to vote in time. in an interview with fox news donald trump says quote they feel quote very, very guilty. he added they were not aware of the rules. a new poll shows hillary clinton and trump with big leads ahead of the new york primary. trump has 54%. john kasich 21%. ted cruz third at 18%. on the democrat side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 55% to 41%. clinton has the lead amongst african-american and amongst women. sanders gets the backing of voters who consider themselves very liberal as well as younger voters.
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there is new video of prince william and kate middleton paying respects to gandhi civil rightest leader museum. today they'll visit the park of rare species including one horned rhinos. it has been an easy tuesday according to sal so far. it is still only 6:15. how are we doing? >> it is better than yesterday so far. we are looking at a commute that is busy. you can see it in the traffic pictures. we have stop-and-go traffic around the bay. this is a look at highway 24 westbound. it is okay in law enforcement
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law enforcement officer law enforcement officer yet. on the span -- -- lafayette. the traffic is not bad on 101, 280 or 85. here's steve with the weather. >> we have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the low cloud deck in place. there are higher clouds above. maybe a few breaks. not many. yesterday was sold out day for many with the low cloud deck. just never budged except out to the valley and south bay. cloudy for oakland. 53 degrees. we'll see some sun breaks. mostly sunny, partly sunny later. but until the noon hour things look to be cloudy. we'll go 65 today. cooler than yesterday. there is too much cool air in
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place. san jose 67-55. average 69-48. below on the high. well above on the low low clouds in place. gray. a weak system dragging across could be a few light, light showers or drizzle to the north. there is not much to this system. it is there. 50s on the temperatures. we had more 40s. santa rosa 48. palo alto 49. with the cloud cover and front the lows have gone up. there were more 40s here earlier. now they are all low 50s. this system will sweep by. after that we get sun. 41 truckee. sierra nevada had a few pop-up showers yesterday. probably the same today. our next system will be up
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there. that's thursday morning early. it will not give us much rain. most is well north. we'll get a little from it. also cooler air on thursday. most amounts will be a tenth of an inch. lots of clouds. some sun. near normal to slightly below average temperatures. upper 60s to near 70. 63 to 68 degrees from north to south. tomorrow we'll start to cloud it up again late wednesday early thursday we'll get the system to sweep through with light rain. not a lot. sunny breezy on friday. it looks nice on the weekend. >> it is nice to have the rain sticking around. >> it is needed. >> yeah. >> we are going into may. >> we need to get a lot. >> it looks like a series of weak ones. not a lot. >> okay. we'll take what we can get. a's are sharing top spot with houston after losing to the angels.
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a's pitcher did well. it was a rubber ride in the 6th. mike trout took advantage of the sinkers. he sent it out beyond the center field fence. his first home run of the season. he gave the angels 3-0 lead. a's got a run at the end of the night. same two teams go tonight and giants play rockies in colorado tonight. it looked like there was some confusion about which team was on board of a charter flight on saturday. this is the team's ride home to oakland from seattle. you can see the giant's logan under the window. he said apparently we made the jump to a new plane hashtag re you kidding me? a's charter plane contract has them sharing a plane with the dallas mavericks. that plane was being used. a's management was unhappy. the giants didn't seem to mind. they tweeted the plane is
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rather giant. enjoy your comfy flight. a spectacular view at yosemite national park. up next how this year's el nino played a major roll in something people from around the world come to visit every year.
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our director's are fantastic. check out this story. a hungry intruder was caught on surveillance video just making some dinner at a five guy's hamburger restaurant in washington, d.c. last month. >> the sixth guy. >> claudine is here all morning, ladies and gentlemen. you can see him cooking two cheeseburgers while talking on his phone. the man snuck inside the restaurant after the delivery person left. he eventually took off with a bottle of water and a full belly. >> it is breaking an entering. >> when you are hungry you are hungry. hungry.
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starting today teachers and other workers can apply to carry concealed weapons at a central valley high school. the kingsburg school board approved a plan that will let five district employees have a gun anywhere in the high school including classrooms. kingsburg is 20-miles south of fresno. the new policy allows the superintendant to decide which staff members will be allowed to have guns based on training. the workers chosen must use their guns if there is a life- threatening emergency on campus. >> the location of the individual will be important and the understanding of the responsibility that goes along with it. >> the district is not reacting to any threat against the school. last month the school district told parents a few employees who have concealed weapons permits will be allowed to bring the guns to school but no guns are allowed in the classrooms there.
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southern california's largest water agency is buying a chunk of the sacramento delta in a water grab. the $175 million purchase includes islands in contra costa and san joaquin counties. they intend to divert water to southern california and use the islands to build water tunnels. agency delivers 1.7-gallons of water each day to people in southern california. the rain and snow this year is making for spectacular views at yosemite national park. the park announced water falls in the yosemite valley will reach their peak between now and may. in the past falls normally reach their peak in the third week of may. now the falls are the best they have been in a long time. last weekend the park closed the river to rafting for a few days because of the high water.
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as many as 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike tomorrow. they are mostly customer service representatives on the east coast. some of the main sticking points include a lack of protections for new workers and the possibility employees could be required to work far from home. verizon was offered a 6.6 raise. new allegations accusing uc burkeley of being too slow investigating sexual harassment cases. >> we are looking at a commute that's busy. you can see traffic is slow around the corner to the
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mcarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. >> looks like we are stuck in another mostly cloudy morning and most of the day. we'll try to get sun here. we'll start off cool. we'll'll see what's in store for a tuesday forecast.
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2". it is tuesday april 12th. i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today. >>i'm brian flores in for dave clark. it is 6:29 on the dot. let's check in with steve on the dot. >> on the dot! >> on the dot! a lot of clouds out there. it is cool out there. >> you said sun was coming. >> later today. >> all right. trying to be patient. it is difficult for me. >> cloudy skies, low clouds and higher clouds. could be drizzle out there.
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as we pan right yesterday was a tough one. we had the low cloud deck that never budged. unless you were out to the valley. a few locations had moments of sun. it was a cloudy mostly cloudy day. temperatures mostly 60s. looks like a similar pattern today. low cloud deck down to san jose. 63, 53 forecast high low. what is average? 63-49. so close. 87 the record high in 1848. low clouds in place. weak system moving across. might give us a little drizzle. there is some light rain well north. not much. 50s on most of the temperatures. there were 40s and the cloud cover enhanced and increased. that sent temperatures back in the 50s. system will keep us on the cool side today. mostly cloudy staying cool. temperatures 60s and below average. might be local drizzle. a lot of mid 60s in the mix today. here's sal with an update at
6:31 am
6:31. things are good? bad? >> things are moderate. how about that word? not great but not bad. moderate. if you are an optimist i would say they are goodish. let's look at what we have now. we have some things out there that i want to talk to you about. we'll see slow traffic here and there. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is moderate and throw a 15 minute indo san francisco. we have no problems. san mateo bridge is crowded to the high-rise. northbound 101 is filling in. 880 southbound is much better than it was yesterday with some slowing at highway 92 hayward. now back to you to the desk. esk.
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bart union employees agreed to a new contract. a strike should not take place if workers agree to the offer. >> reporter: nobody wants a repeat of the 2013 strike. rider i spoke to say they are pleased about this agreement. they are still bothered with some other issues that are plaguing the system. but with this new tentative agreement bart is saying service should be consistent and uninterrupted through 2021. the deal gives workers a 10% pay increase over four years. both sides still need to ratify the contract. now there appears to be compromise, bart says its main priority will be rebuilding its system. trains are the oldest in the country. public trust is slipping because many feel the trains are not reliable. new trains are on order but
6:33 am
they are slow to arrive. >> dirty stations, dirty trains. everything is worn out. it is going twenty times the volume of people it was designed to carry. they have a tough task ahead of them to keep it running. >> reporter: bart still needs to raise millions for the capital improvement projects and plans on asking voters in november to pass a sales tax and bond these to help pay for that. senator glazer is set to hold a news conference this morning commenting about this deal and bart's actions going forward. >> thank you very much. you very much. a candlelight vigil will be held tomorrow at a san francisco best buy store where nicole fitz worked before she was killed. there are no signs of her 2- year-old daughter. she has possible ties to santa cruz, fresno and southern
6:34 am
california. her body was found last friday at the park. officers will not reveal her cause of death. sources tell ktvu she was severely beaten. this killing shocked a woman who used to live next door to nicole in pacifica. >> i was boggled. i could not understand how this could happen. they seemed like really nice people. >> best buy released a statement: a morgan hill running coach has been arrested for sexual assault. the facility trains runners ranging in age 12 to 60. police say the charges involve children as well as adults assault at the gym. according to the chronicle he is a former head coach of a cross country team in morgan hill. police are investigating
6:35 am
whether or not there may be potential victims at the high school.
6:36 am
there is a new warning from the white house on the zica virus. u.s. health officials say much more of the country is at risk for the mosquito-borne disease than first thought. doug luzader has more on why the administration thinks this is a $2 billion problem. >> reporter: good morning. look at the states at some level of risk here. this is where the mosquito goes that can carry the zica virus. you are talking about 30 states. the hope is they can come up with a vaccine before there is an actual outbreak. ual outbreak. it is the tiny bug with the sometimes devastating bite. beyond that, we just don't know much. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> reporter: officials for the centers of disease control and
6:37 am
national institute of allergy and infectious diseases painted a dire picture. zica virus is transmitted by the 80s mosquito. so far there have been 300 known cases in the u.s. all over the country. those cases believe to involve individuals who traveled to country where is the zica virus is known to exist. it most notably causes birth defects. babies born with abnormally small heads. it may be linked to a nervous system condition. the tiny mosquitoes are headed north for the summer. we they not be prepared. >> this is a very unusual virus that we can not pretend we know everything about that we need to know. >> reporter: already in texas blood banks are taking precautions. >> people who always donated blood are having to defer even if they went to mexico for a day. >> reporter: all of this will require resources, the administration says. already they are tapping into leftover funds targeted at the ebola virus. >> the money transported over
6:38 am
from the ebola account will help us to get further but it is still not what we want. >> reporter: you are talking about eye popping figures as far as the money they want. $500 million being transferred from unused ebola funds. on top of that, they want from congress $1.9 billion. they hope to have a vaccine in the testing stage maybe as early as the fall. >> still unanswered questions for this one. thank you very much. a burkeley woman is celebrating a milestone for helping patients at a bay area medical center. she was marking 70 years of work at alta bates medical center. she was 20 when she first started her job. now she is 90 years old. she has only called in sick a total of four times. she works in patient relations
6:39 am
four days a week in oakland and burkeley. during the course of her career she's worked all over that hospital. >> in this business you never know what is going to happen. so many times you don't have a choice of thinking that's not even in my job description. you don't have time. you just rise to the occasion and you do it. >> it is obvious why she is in patient relations. she is a sweet, sweet woman. she said she always weared her three inch heels to work. i love that. i hope i can still wear three inch heels at 90. she says they make her stand up straight. her other passions include music, jazz. frank sinatra is her favorite. orite. today a top navy official will take his case to military leaders in camp pendleton about allowing women in navy combat. he'll address 300 leaders in the expedition force. marine corp leaders fought
6:40 am
against the plan saying studies show combining men and women in combat is not as effective as male-only units. defense secretary ash carter overruled the marine corp last year ordering all positions will be opened to women. if you are like us you spend quite a bit of time on your exphone or tablet. now there is an app to encourages you to put the gadget down. ahead how the app will not only help you but your entire family. warriors look to break a 20- year-old nba record tomorrow night. star who is spending his own money to give an underprivileged kid a chance to witness history. ess history. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that is busy for sure. many areas including the bay bridge. we'll give you trouble spots when we come back. another morning of mostly
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cloudy skies. temperatures on the cool side here. we'll see if there is a break in the clouds or rain in the forecast. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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warriors are preparing to make history tomorrow night at oracle arena. later this morning the team will start decorating the building for the record- breaking 73rd victory of the regular season. team members are focusing on
6:44 am
fans as well as hoops. power forward spent time helping the boys and girls club raise money for its programs. >> to be able to come out here and represent the organization is a blessing. to be able to go around the city and the amount of love and support we get from the fans. >> that spirit endured the entire warriors organization to fans and businesses near the arena are also fans. they say the warriors dominance on the courts boosted business every time the warriors play. final home game of the regular season is tomorrow night. grizzlies coming into town. victory would make history. no team has won 73 games in the regular season. of course the game is sold out. at last check the cheapest
6:45 am
seats we could find for resale online are going for $340. that's down ten dollars from yesterday. >> a bargain. the most expensive are courtside. asking price is $16,000. that's up $6,000 from yesterday. green posted on twitter he bought ticks to the memphis grizzlies game. he wanted to give a deserving child in oakland a chance to see the game. heat you'll find our
6:46 am
continuing coverage of the warriors. that includes mark's one-on-one interview with steph curry. look for it in the sports section of our website. i can not wait for this game. >> you are all going to be really tired thursday morning. >> i'm staying up for it. i may be tired thursday morning but it is worth it. >> i think what i'm going to do is nap. you might want to think about taking a nap in the afternoon. staying up and completing the second half of your sleep after the game. you'll be really happy. already starting to plan for those of us who get up super early can already start planning for that. good morning. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i like to look at the toll plaza because this gives me a barometer of what the commute
6:47 am
is looking like. this is a moderate toll plaza. we don't have anything major. you have a 20 minute wait. there is a little waiting to do on the 880 ramps. speaking of 880 traffic is not bad. northbound and southbound the traffic is busy. people commented it looks like spring break is over for most people. the volume is up. as we look at the south bay commute traffic is looking okay. there are no major problems driving through. i have been look at highway 17. slow traffic getting. we have a look at a tweet from stacy. highway 17 northbound due to a car accident on the shoulder. friendly mountain upstate for you. thank you, stacy, for that. 6:47. less go to steve. >> sal, thank you for joining
6:48 am
the show-to-tweet party. >> every once in a while i get on my horse just like you do. >> that horse is expensive. they have to eat every day. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. mostly cloudy. cool conditions. drizzle in the mix. light rain well to the north. another system is on the way. this is a weak one. there will be a stronger one late wednesday into thursday. if you are stuck in the cloud coverage it is tough to warm up past the lower to mid 60s. if we get sun maybe upper 60s to lower 70s. high today 70. that's probably going to be close. mostly cloudy today. clouds increase tomorrow. late wednesday into early thursday we'll get a fast moving system that will go through and give us some rain. not a lot of rain. oakland forecast starts off cloudy. 53 degrees. low clouds are thickening up as the system moves over. most cloudy. 59 around the noon hour.
6:49 am
mostly sunny partly sunny later on. clouds in the mix. mountain view looking for a mostly cloudy day certainly in the morning until early afternoon. started off in the upper 40s. going for a 65 today. you can see the low cloud deck that's getting a push from the system to north. that's not much but that's all it takes. that will continue to keep the cloud cover in the mix there. you can see light rain north. not a lot. drizzle. 50s on the temperatures. we had 40s for a while. now they are all in the 50s. napa and palo alto. a few upper 40s now all 50s. brentwood 56. antioch 55. alamo 53. it is close for everybody here. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning. we'll get a few breaks later on as the system swings by. our system coming down up there is late wednesday into thursday. mostly cloudy staying on the cool side. a breeze picks up once the clouds burn off. below normal temperatures to near normal for a few.
6:50 am
a lot of mid 60s to upper 60s. not much of a spread on inland. only 67 degrees with too much cloud cover in place. it is out of here friday. it looks like a nice weekend. >> looks like a very nice weekend. >> yes, it does. >> we'll take it. e it. tesla is recalling 2700 model x suvs because the third row seat could get unlatched and fold forward during an accident. tesla says there is no reports of failures. but passengers should avoid using the third row seat until the cars are repaired. tesla says the vehicles were made before march 26th and sold in the united states. only one pickup truck got a top rating in the insurance industry front crash test. that was the ford f-150. crew cab and extended cab got the crash rating at 40 miles
6:51 am
per hour. chevy and gmc received acceptable scores. ram 1500 pickup got a marginal rating in the test which tries to simulate what happens if a vehicle runs off the road and hits an object. there is a new picture of a mom breast feeding her baby. it has her husband in the hot seat and a photographer facing backlash. the reason this photo out of new mexico is causing controversy. a new lawsuit emerged from last years balcony collapse that killed six students from burkeley. ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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we are following a developing story in india where a massive fire broke out in a garment factory. flames could be seen shooting out of the building. ground floor of the building is the garment factory. upper floors are the apartments. crews rescued some people. others took refuge on the roof. it is feared many people were trapped inside. the cause of fire is not determined. seven people who fled after a deadly fire over the weekend in southern india turned themselves into place to face prosecution. 116 people were killed during an illegal fireworks show at a hindu temple. authorities told the temple not to hole the fireworks show because of safety concerns.
6:55 am
they went ahead anyway. a car bomb attack in turkey hit a military police station killing one turkish soldier. the southeastern part of turkey has seen an increase of violence since the cease-fire between the turkish government and the collapse last year. turkey considers the workers party a terrorist organization. belgium authorities charged two more men in connection with the terror attacks in brussels. two suspects were involved in renting an apartment that served as a hideout for the bomber that attacks the brussels subway. suicide bombers killed 16 people at the brussels airport that day. there is another legal claim resulting from last year's deadly balcony collapse in burkeley. east bay times reports three young women who say they left the balcony before it collapsed are now suing builders, owners
6:56 am
and the apartment management company. the women say they could have been killed or injured. their lawsuit alleged poor construction and that warning signs of extensive water damage were ignored. balcony collapse killed six students at a birthday party last june. happening today almeida county woman who went on a hunger strike hopes her protest will lead to a stiff sentence against the man who killed her brother in a car crash. she ended her 19 day hunger strike yesterday. she lost 26-pounds and can only drink liquids until her body gets used to solid foods again. last year her brother was riding in the bed of a friend's pickup truck in castro valley. the 20-year-old driver went too fast to make the curb. her brother was ejected from the truck and died. >> it resulted in real pain. if the rest of my life i won't have any brother. i turned 23 and realized he'll always be 19.
6:57 am
that's messed up. >> she only drank water during her hunger strike. she sat outside of the district attorney's office and carried a photo of her brother. what police and east bay residents are saying about the shootings along i-880. paid family leave just got better for californians. how much money you can receive as you take time off. high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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good morning. there's been another freeway shooting in the east bay along interstate 80. we'll tell you who was targeted in this latest attack coming up. >> plus, police want your help in finding a man who's lurking around homes up in the oakland hills. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, april 4th. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is telling us we'll see a few changes. >> a lot of cloud cover out this morning. another chilly start. mostly 50s. there are a few upper 40s. but it's a cloudy, mostly cloudy
7:00 am
morning. our observer dejah, clouds that look like they could produce rain loom everywhere. 53, breezy. no drizzle yet. there's a weak system coming by. san francisco's almanac, 63, 53 today. the records go pretty far back here. 87 on the record high back to 1898 and 42 back to 1911. low clouds in place and now some higher clouds as this system moves in. that could give us a little drizzle. santa rosa the lone outpost in the 50s. had some 40s for a bit but not now. start out cloudy, mostly cloudy. it's another cool day. mostly cloudy. 60s for highs. slightly below normal temps. could be a drizzle in the mix as well. low to mid, few upper 60s. 7:00 in the morning and the traffic is still moderate. >> it's moderate to heavy now in some areas. go


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