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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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for gasia. >> i am mike mibach. we begin with developing news as japan has been rocked by another major earthquake. a preliminary magnitude 7.1 hit in japan. it was followed by several aftershocks, including a 5.7 and 5.8. according to the ugsg, those are indicated with the orange dots there. that quake did trigger a tsunami advisory, which has now been lifted. at least nine people were killed and about 800 others were injured in the quake that struck yesterday. >> cameras were rolling as one of many strong aftershocks rattled the area sending people falling to the ground. 45,000 people have evacuated thundershower homes and spent the night outdoors. authorities are conducting searches after new reports that people may be crapsed inside
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homes and buildings. positive news from overnight as crews rescued an eight-month- old bay bridge from a collapsed house. the little girl said to be in good health after six hours and the rubble. >> traffic is recovering in the east bay after a big rig flipped over on southbound 880 this morning. it grinded traffic to a halt there. >> christien kafton was on scene as crews lifted up the big rig and opened the lanes back up. >> at three this morning traffic along i-880 ground to a halt after a massive four- vehicle accident involving a big rig. the big rig wound up on its side, blocking all southbound lanes of traffic. the cab knocking out a traffic line in the northbound lanes. chp says it started with a broken down vehicle in the southbound lanes. >> we got a call of a vehicle
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stalled here on the freeway southbound 880 just south of eighth street. as we were responding to the call we heard a couple of vehicles collided into that vehicle. we arrived on scene and noticed it was a four vehicle collision. >> reporter: chp says the driver of the big rig was hospitalized with minor injuries. several others had minor injuries as well. then investigators had a mystery on their hands. witnesses say one of the drivers took off on foot. >> there is a possibility that someone did flee the scene, the driver of one of the involved vehicles. everything is still under investigation. we don't have suspects names or anything like that. >> reporter: crews began clearing the debris. crews first removed the fallen sign from northbound 880, getting northbound traffic moving after seven. then moving the truck and hoisting the trailer on the back of another truck and
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driving to the eighth street off-ramp while they hauled off the wine coolers it was hauling. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new evidence in court next week in the case of a murdered 8-year-old girl in oakland. the evidence will come from the defendant's cell phone. alaysia carradine was at a sleepover when police say 25- year-old darnell williams opened fire through the front door killing her. during a hearing outside the jury's presence prosecutors say they recently downloaded text messages and feature to test froese from williams' phone at his request. it shows guns that reportedly look similar to descriptions of the gun used in the deadly shooting. the weapon, however, was never found. >> in contra costa county the sheriff's department is investigating a homicide happened at driftwood drive in port chicago highway in
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unincorporated section of highway four and ses soon bay. so far they have not named a victim. >> an update on the controversy surrounding next year's nba all- star game. within the last couple of hours the league says it has no plans now to move the game from north carolina. so this comes as performers and companies canceled plans for shows and business in the state following the passage of a law limiting protections for the lbgt community. nba commissioner adam silver says the law is problematic and that the league will work with elected officials to change it. while pressure has been mounting on the league to pull out of the city, atlanta and oakland are being mentioned as a replacement. again adam silver says for now they have no plans to move the game. >> if they are considering moving out of north carolina, as so many are now, as way to make a statement against that
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kind of bigotry, one of the best ways to make the statement would be to move to a community like oakland, like the state of california where we have a long history of valuing diversity. >> the 2017 nba all-star weekend is set for february 17 through the 19. kaplan says she checked the calendar and right now those dates are open at the oracle arena. as it stands, that game will happen in charlotte, north carolina. >> excitement building for the warriors playoff run start this weekend. >> warriors fans are gearing up and will be packing oracle arena for game one tomorrow night against the houston rockets. brian flores was inside the arena earlier with what fans can expect. >> are you ready w nation? we are gearing up for the big playoff run. game one this weekend. check these out. these are some of the shirts through the warriors playoffs run. we are the we believe campaign
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in 2007. loud proud warriors from 2013. strength in numbers was introduced last year and it is back again this year for the warriors' 2016 playoff run. but staying on the theme of merchandise, it has been literally flying off the shelves. the warriors say merchandise sales are up 423% compared to last season. and why not? the team won an nba record 73rd game. steph curry's jersey by the way is number one. what can fans expect if they are coming to the game on saturday? for one, there will be a warriors ground tailgate three hours before the playoff games. it is open to the public. it will have picnic tables, food trucks, merchandise and a basketball court. we talked about strength in numbers. the team says it resonates with fans. >> i want fans here to be able to say i remember the strength in numbers era. i have the shirt. i was there. and i want this to be a multi- year campaign. >> reporter: tickets are still available. they range from $200 to $5,000
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courtside. keep in mind, too, that if you are going to get tickets, you need go through a reputable retailer, notably ticketmaster and during the week, about 60 fans had to be turned away because they bought counterfeit tickets. some of the other giveaways, first 8,000 fans get thunder fix. also flags. oracle arena, this whole coliseum complex is going to be rocking this weekend. brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. >> george clooney and his wife are scheduled to be in san francisco today for a high priced fundraiser for hillary clinton. the event will be held at the san francisco home of a silicone valley entrepreneur. tickets start at $33,000. but for about $350,000 you can sit at the same table as the clooneys. supporters of bernie sanders say they are planning a noisy
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protest outside the nob hill home. paterno left of the country soon after -- bernie sanders left the country soon after the debate last night in new york. that debate was quite heated at times. >> right. this as new poll numbers paint a new picture for the race for both parties. joe waldman has the details. >> i believe that the pope has played a historical and incredible role in trying to create a new world economy and a new vision for the people of our planet. >> reporter: bernie sanders at the vatican this morning. hours earlier, the vermont senator battled hillary clinton in a brooklyn debate, trading fiery exchanges over everything from wall street to the iraq war to wages. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> you know, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. i have stood on the debate --
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>> can i -- >> >> senator senators -- >> excuse me, senator, please. >> reporter: it was the last scheduled democratic debate before the crucial new york primary tuesday. the latest fox news national poll showing the race is tighter than ever with sanders trailing clinton by two points. it also reveals democrats beating both donald trump and ted cruz in a hypothetical match-up. but on the republican side trump's speed is growing. the billionaire now 18 points in front of cruz, who is now barely ahead of governor john kasich. >> none of these things that we need do are that difficult. it is politics that gets in the way. >> reporter: several hundred protesters demonstrated against donald trump last night as the billionaire picked up an endorsement from the "new york post." in washington, joel waldman, fox news. all three republican presidential candidates are planning to be right here in the bay area in just a couple of weeks. donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich are set to attend
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the state republican convention in hyatt. there is a chance the california primary will decide if the gop has a clear winner. police are concerned that protesters may try to disrupt the convention. anti-trump activists have caused problems. authorities worry the same could happen on the peninsula. >> i am hoping that they get their security mechanism in place and make sure that we are prepared for that because there have been protests in other parts of the country. i wouldn't be surprised to see protests in the bay area when donald trump comes. >> this year like no other for republicans. historically, the party's nominee has been wrapped up, the necessary delegates, long before the california primary in june. >> we are learning new details about the man the police call the ninja burglar. >> the unusual weapons he was carrying. >> plus, a big warm-up on the
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way. calling all bay area beaches. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with the details. >> and a controversial new rule for bart riders. why there is some concern about how it will be enforced. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪
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i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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>> we are getting a look now at the unusual weapons police say the so-called ninja burglar was carrying while lurking near homes in the oakland hills.
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police say 27-year-old justin holmberg was carrying two swords when he was caught on surveillance video prowling through the yards in the montclair district last week. he was arrested monday near a stolen car in east oakland. police say the swords were also in the car. >> this weapon here here is illegalled on the size of the blade and the fact that there are two here. the blade here is a fixed 16- inch blade. in total, the swords are -- or in total, each sword is 24.5 inches long. >> police say surveillance video from neighbors helped lead to the arrest. holbert has been charged with burglary and auto theft. the redwood city police department is asking for help in identifying a woman who allegedly stole two packages from someone's home. this is a video released by the police department. it shows a blonde haired woman taking two packages from a front porch of a home on dori lane in the we had wood shores neighborhood last month. if you recognize this woman you
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are asked to contact the redwood city police department. and in hayward these photos were taken by residents who say they have a package thief in their neighborhood. in the photo you can see a man picking up a box and walking away. this happened wednesday afternoon. the man may have also taken another package from a nearby house. a north korean missile launch turned into an embarrassing setback from kim jong un. >> the tensions it's now causing. >> reporter: a missile launch failure north korea on his 104th birthday. china is asking for a peaceful resolution before details emerge. >> at the present, the situation on the peninsula is complex and sensitive. we hope all parties can strictly respect the decisions of the security council and avoid taking any steps that could further worsen tensions.
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>> reporter: south korean officials believe this was an attempt to test a medium-range missile. they emphasized its military will prepare for all possible scenarios. >> our military is monitoring for the possibility of a fifth nuclear test and additional missile provocations and preparing for such situations. >> reporter: this launch follows north korea's fourth nuclear test in january, and a long-renning launch in january. this failure is seen as a setback for leader kim jong un and is considered a breach of u.n. security council resolutions. the u.s. says it was aware that north korea was preparing to test a mid-range missile. it is closely monitoring the korean peninsula. 28,000 troops are stationed on the south korean side. katie logan, fox news. taking a check of stocks right now, the dow is down some
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30 points. staying below 18,000 at 17,985. the sky high price of homes in san francisco may finally be leveling off. home prices in san francisco fell last month for the first time in four years. red fin says the average price 2%. last year home prices in the city grew 15%. right now the median price of a home in san francisco is just over $1 million. >> starbucks has reportedly withdrawn its application to start serving beer and wine at three san francisco reports. chronicle reports that the chain came under fire from the board of supervisors. a group that works to prevent teen drinking protested a similar plan in the city of napa. they were unhappy that alcohol is served in a space that is usually alcohol free and where some teenagers like to hang out. >> thousands of fisher-price cradle swings are being recalled because that swing
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could fall unexpectedly. the problem is with the cradle and the swing sets. the seats. the peg that connects the seat to the base could come out of the seat causing it to fall. so far, no injuries have been reported. 34,000 swings are included in the recall some -- so if you own one of these stop using it immediately. >> sky fox with live pictures over candlestick point. right there you can see a seal that sky fox has zoomed in on, on the beach. park rangers we are told are monitoring this elephant seal that may or may not be injured. sky fox has been over head for ten minutes. it does appear that it's struggling to move towards the bay. the marine mammal center we know is sending a rescue expert to assess that elephant seal. you see one individual there watching that elephant seal. hopefully, once the marine mammal center gets on scene they can assist this elephant seal back into the bay where he
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or she belongs. >> speaking of beaches, my goodness, mark, it seems like this weekend will be a perfect time to head to a beach? >> that's right. temperatures in the 70s and near the coastline could be approaching the lower 80s this weekend. that will be the key headline. add on to that elephant seal story, there was a rescue near rodeo beach on tuesday. i talked to the marine mammal center and they are seeing rescue amounts of records we will fant seals. they have 109 elephant seal patients right now. it has been a busy time of year. it's that time of year it happens. looks like it's happening today. as far as the weather for today, lots of sunshine out there. you can see this big ridge offshore, this big circulation. this will be the source of big- time warming this weekend. we start that process today. the warming trend kicks in for saturday, but especially on sunday. right now though we have the clear skies out there. the northerly winds will be kicking up this weekend.
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with the northerly winds keeps the fog out of the region and it's going to warm up the numbers across the sierra, towards the central valley and the bay area itself. current numbers. santa rosa 66 degrees. livermore 64. san jose 61. in san francisco the lower 60s. 62 degrees. wind speeds. can you see a bit of a breeze across parts of the bay area with santa rosa winds out. north checking in 6 miles per hour and towards sfo winds out of the north 20 miles per hour. that northerly wind, that change in the wind direction, that is key with the warmer forecast over the next few days. our old system moving out to the east. in fact, this could be somewhat of a player into the weekend for texas. and then we have some more development offshore. high pressure is building in. that will be the source of some warming. today we see sunny skies. it kicks in for saturday and sunday. our next chance of a shower, there is a chance by tuesday, and that's mainly up in the north bay. in terms of significant rainfall nothing showing up on
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the forecast maps. trending up today. trending up tomorrow. that's going to set the stage for a pretty warm sunday. widespread 80s in the bay area. even the beaches in the upper 70s to 80 degrees the second half of the weekend. our forecast model keeping the clouds way out near in the pacific. sail deal saturday. basically sunday as well with mostly sunny skies. we will take a look at the afternoon highs for today. as we mentioned, 60s and 70s. these numbers up a good 4 to 8 degrees over yesterday's readings. be extra careful near the immediate coastline. some dangerous conditions out there if you are visiting the coast. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. lots of sunshine. looks like we hit the jackpot friday, saturday, and sunday with more sunshine. looks good monday as well and then cooling off tuesday of next week and even a chance of a shower primarily up in the north bay. i wouldn't bet on it just yet. but mike and keba, as we mentioned a jackpot with lots of sunshine today and into the
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weekend. >> thank you. coming up after the break, several new movies now in the theaters this weekend, including the much anticipated "jungle book." we will tell you what you can expect if you are thinking of checking it out.
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>> he may have received praise from president obama, but now ra rapper, kendrick lamar, is in a bit of legal trouble. >> he is hit with a lawsuit for
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copfy right infringement. it allegations he ripped off music from the 1975 bill withers song don't you want so stay -- to stay for his song i do this without permission. the music group is suing for damages and wants lamar to stop using the track. >> now to the movies. the 1967 disney animated classic the "jungle book" comes to live this theater this weekend. >> and the latest installment of barbershop. adam housley on what's new in the theaters. >> the jungle is no longer safe for you. >> but it's my home rich a classic adventure heads to theaters this week as the "jungle book" offers a pg option for the whole family on screens in 3d and 3d imax. >> if anything happens to that kid. >> reporter: the story of a boy raised by his animal family is convicted by jon favreau and an incredible list of a-list
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actors, bill murray, bill kingsley, scarlett johansson and christopher walken. >> it's where everyone comes together. >> reporter: a star-studded cast in the barbershop the next cut, ice cube, cedric the entertainer, anthony anderson, nicki minaj. >> some of my best work. i bet you won't be talking back to mama no more. >> reporter: they are joking around and catching up while also coming together to help the neighborhood. >> he can't help you. >> reporter: for a psychological action thriller, kevin costner and ryan reynolds bring "criminal." a death row inmate is implanted with the memories of a psyoptive who was killed with the idea he will be able to finish a mission to stop a terror plot. >> all your accounts have been
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frozen. >> reporter: still entertaining in theaters is melissa mccarthy as "the boss." the number one spot at the box office last week. >> all right. still ahead, more trouble for johnny football, including a recent car crash and also claims that he tracked a multi- million dollar mansion. >> and new proposals to text in movie theaters. what the ceo now says about the idea.
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>> this makes it two completely different faces. this person is people who watch
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the show will recognize. and then this is over here. >> it's almost like some form of modern art. you can look at them and trickier brain to see both halves of either side. >> you can't tell that anything is different at this point. then you go to this. >> the city of richmond is changing our it handles complaints against its police officers. now for the first time ever a civilian will be in part of internal repairs. >> it's something they hope will improve transparency. >> reporter: around the clock, day in and day out, richmond police are working with the public. >> in all reality, you know there are drunk drivers a lot. >> reporter: sometimes emotions run high and things get heated. if an officer's conduct is called into question, the
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office of accountability steps in. >> it's a place where the public can lodge a complaint against an employee or they can complain about any one of the police services we offer. >> reporter: some officers got the chance to meet the new head of the opa. >> some of the things we are looking at is enhancing transparency, providing accessibility, assuring accountability. >> reporter: he will be the first ever to head the imterm afirst in richmond. >> our police community relationships are stronger than they have ever been, you know. these relationships are built on trust. trust is fragile. >> reporter: that's why the op a's office is moving from the police department to richmond civic center giving the public more accessibility and less pressure when they make reports. >> it gives them to opportunity to talk to someone who is not a police officer, who is there to make sure that it is fair and unbiased. >> reporter: his background is
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15 years as a police officer in santa monica and l.a. he was an attorney in seattle and a part-time judge. >> when you are a judge, you look at the facts, the rule of law, judging the credibility of people. >> reporter: his pedigree that officers think will be a welcome change. now that the job is held by a civilian, that takes some getting used to. >> the police and law enforcement have to adapt to change. we will do that. from an association's point, we will be able do that as well. >> reporter: paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. lafayette police are investigating what they are calling the suspicious death of a 66-year-old woman. she was found dead after receiving a call for a welfare check by a relative. that was wednesday night. so far the woman has not been identified. the investigation is ongoing. >> another victim has come forward in the child molestation investigation against a dental assistant in concord bringing the number of victims now to four.
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24-year-old alejandro soro was arrested after a little girl reported inappropriate behavior. since then more young patients have come forward saying that soro did the same thing to them. investigators say he had a number of videos and they expect a number of victims to rise. more state lawmakers are calling for the resignation of uc davis chancellor linda katai hi as it was revealed the university spent thousands of dollars to scrub negative internet posts about campus police. you remember that pepper- spraying incident. this was back from 2011. this is the video of a police officer spraying students with pepper spray. this happened during a student protest there. records now reveal the university spent at least $175,000 in public funds on consultants to help clean up this online image and get rid of references to the pepper- spraying incident from search
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results. >> the process is to flood the internet with lots of really good information so that it drives down all the negative information, but it's still there. >> it's now april of 2016 and here we are talking about the pepper spray incident. so backfire. >> a uc davis spokeswoman says the university just wanted to make sure it is portrayed fairly online. all right. a new rule is coming to bart after the board narrowly approved an ordinance to fine people who take up more than one seat on a train. >> right. as ktvu's janine de la vega reports, there is some concern over just how this will be enforced. >> reporter: when people first hear about this new rule, they say it sounds good and then they start thinking about it and start wondering how police are going to handle it. under this new ordinance, riders are not allowed to use more than one seat. they will get a warning first. after that they will be fined $100 for the first violation. $200 for the second. $500 for each one after that.
12:35 pm
the rule will only be in effect during commute hours when the trains are at high capacity. so from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 3 to 7:30 in the evening. we talked to commuters this morning. here's what they had to say. >> i think it's fine. i mean, during commuting hours there is not a lot of seats already. not everybody gets a seat. it makes sense not be able to hog a seat. put your bag in one area and you're sitting another one. >> the bart police have bigger issues to friday, i think. more so like bart unfortunately is a hard place of crime. a lot of car thefts. things like that. i think that's more important. yeah, i don't think they can enforce that very well. no. a waste of time. >> reporter: the police officers association is concerned about clogging the system if they have to stop trains to evict passengers if they violate the ordinance. it goes into effect about six months from now. police will develop guidelines for enforcement that gives time
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for bart to educate the public about the new rule. reporting from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. >> an update to a story we told you about yesterday. the ceo of the movie theater chain amc says he is dropping a proposal to allow texting inside theaters. ceo adam aaron suggested the idea in some theaters in an effort to appeal to younger moviegoers. he now says the feedback on social media was fast and negative. aaron issued a statement saying there will be, quote, no texting allowed in any of the auditoriums at amc theaters. not today. not tomorrow. not in the foreseeable future. one bay area county is now joining farmers and environmentalists to save the delta from being purchased by a southern california water district. contra costa county joined san joaquin to stop the water district from buying 20,000 acres in the delta.
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metropolitan says it hasn't decided on a use. critics think they plan to ship water south. the lawsuit says the purchase should be subject to an environmental review. the $175 million deal is set to close in june. now, a new field poll shows california residents feel that batter conservation is still -- water conservation is necessary to deal with the treat. the drought. 86% say they will continue to conserve water even after the drought has ended. a 4-year-old with inoperable cancer. several months ago we introduced you to melody who was die nosed with a -- diagnosed with a rare and deadly brain tumor. >> her family is set to travel to england for treatment. >> we have the latest on little melody's fight and how the community is coming together to
12:38 pm
support her. >> she is the best. she is the best kid. >> reporter: melody takes hospitals in stride. >> she has always been a good kid. she goes with the flow. >> reporter: the four-year-old walks a bit crook i had. -- crooked. >> she has an inoperable tumor in her brain. >> if love could make this go away, there would be no problem, you know? that's not the case. >> reporter: so much rides on this appointment. >> the scan. >> reporter: looking for signs radiation might be helping. >> where is it the largest? is it going downwards? >> this is her nose. and then you can see this enlarging ponds. >> reporter: this type of tumor invading the brainstem kills a few hundred kids every year. usually in six to nine months. >> it's intertwined. you can't take it out. if you take it out, you would kill the patient. so immediately from diagnosis you switch to am end of life
12:39 pm
discussion, you know. it's really one of the worst cancers out there. >> who wants to go first? >> me. >> reporter: trials for childhood cancers are always ongoing, including here at ucsf. but the one melody's parents want her into is at a research hospital in the u.k. >> you put half of those directly into -- catheters into the tumor. >> reporter: a technique allowed only in adults in the u.s. british doctors are testing it in kids directly targeting the cancer because pills and iv's don't clear the blood-brain barrier. >> you can infuse the medication into the brain tumor. >> reporter: by this time next month, hopefully they will be planning a trip to england for melody's treatment one week long followed by three more trips over the course of the summer. >> the cost of the drugs alone $14,000 each time. >> there are so many people that we, you know, want to thank for, like, helping us. >> reporter: a gofundme account for expenses continues to grow.
12:40 pm
boosted by a fundraiser in their community of martinez. >> it's just sad that it's not available here. i mean, why is it we have to go out of the country to get in ground-breaking treatment? >> we are going to take her anywhere we can. we raise the money. we are going to raise the money. we are not ever going to give up on her. ever. >> yeah? >> reporter: it's what any parent would want to do in the face of a diagnosis that came only three months ago. but like the girl they call didi, they are trying to smile through their fears. >> did you get your blood drawn today? >> reporter: keeping one foot in front of the other. >> were you brave? yeah, you were. you didn't even cry. >> reporter: in san francisco, deborah via loan. the city of boston is marking three years since the deadly boston marathon bombings. but -- it's with a call for public service. survivors joined massachusetts
12:41 pm
governor charlie baker for wreath laying ceremonies at the sites of the two attacks this morning. they are honoring the victims with what they are calling one boston day. a call to connect with the community. the mayor says there will be a large security presence at the marathon this monday, the 18th , with the attacks in paris and brussels on their minds. >> you are not going to have as the commissioner said, what looks like a police state here. we are going to have people coming in and enjoying themselves. there will be a lot of security and police into the crowd. >> three people were killed in the attacks three years ago. a bay area boy, 11-year-old aaron hern of martinez, was among the more than 260 people injured. still ahead, the san jose sharks come up with a big win out there on the road as they get ready for game two of the stanley cup playoffs. >> also, more problems for johnny manziel. after the break, a recent car crash and claims of trashing a hollywood mansion. >> and we will check back in
12:42 pm
with our meteorologist mark tamayo about how hot it's going to be this weekend. i am calling for 90s inland. we will tell us if i'm wrong. we will be right back.
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>> now to the nhl playoffs in san jose. the sharks got off to a great start last night by beating the l.a. kings at the staples center. >> in the third period, a second goal of the game. nice little wraparound. not so quick on that one.
12:45 pm
the sharks beat the kings 4-3. last two seasons san jose has been eliminated. last two times in the playoffs by the kings. a lot of sharks fans came out last night looking for revenge. >> we got to get these guys, you know. we have had some recent history against the kings. it's a nice revenge series. >> i am excited. i am very, very excited. >> the sharks lead the best of seven series one game to none. game two is tomorrow night. again they are in los angeles. game three will be on monday in san jose. all right. the nhl draft is less than two weeks away. while the regular season kickoff is in september, the league has released the list of games for the 49ers, the entire league. you know what? it's going to be a busy start. >> it will be, mike. the season begins thursday. that is september 8 with a super bowl rematch. the world champs denver broncos
12:46 pm
will host the carolina panthers. the broncos just beat the panthers in super bowl 50 at levi stadium in february. other prime time games in week one include the patriots and tom brady. they are going to visit the arizona cardinals. >> then the 49ers open week one on monday night football against the los angeles rams at levi. after that the 49ers will visit seattle in week three. they also go to carolina. they are going to host seattle on new year's day. and in the final game of the season, in between they play just one other prime time game at home on thursday against arizona. the raiders open up week one in new orleans. they will play three prime time games, including a sunday night game at the coliseum. that will be against denver broncos. two weeks later they play monday night football in mexico city against the houston texans. the radarrers' final game of the season is new year's day in
12:47 pm
denver. troubled nfl quarterback johnny manziel in a car crash in california. >> this video from tmz. as can you see here in the video, there was a lot of damage. the impact was so hard that all of the car's airbags reported. no injuries. the driver left the keen and is -- scene and is investigated for hit-and-run. manziel was not accused of any wrongdoing. >> in another incident manziel is accused of trashing a mansion. according to the broker, he partied for two days straight at the house. the broker found manziel passed out on the couch. there was alcohol, cocaine, mushrooms on the table. also broken glass around the mansion and some $32,000 worth of damage. now, johnny manziel is a free agent after being waived by the cleveland browns. >> in baseball. a rivalry between the giants
12:48 pm
and dodgers plays out this weekend in los angeles once again. madison bumgarner taking on clayton kershaw. the giants must rebound from the two losses in colorado. the fifth inning doomed the giants yesterday as they gave up nine runs to the rockies. 13 hits for the game as they beat the giants 11-6. >> rich hill takes the mound as the a's host the kansas city royals. all of the players in the league, including the oakland a's will be wearing number 42 in honor of jackie robinson. don't forget, plan on attending the game tomorrow. a reminder that the coliseum complex is going to be very crowded with afternoon a's and you have the warriors games. just go early, right? avoid the stress. >> or take public transportation. >> that's a great idea. >> and as we gear up for the nba playoffs, we invite you to join us tonight for a special on the warriors. it's called road to the championship right here on ktvu
12:49 pm
fox 2. it starts at 10:30 following an abbreviated 10:00 news. >> lots of sunshine out there. i am taking some notes because mike was forecasting 90-degree temperatures this weekend? >> that's right. i am going on the aggressive side. i am sticking with it. >> you know, i think there will be a few backyard thermometers showing 90 degrees by sunday. >> perfect. >> yeah. as you can see right now, we are heading in that direction. go warriors. looking towards san francisco bay. lots of sunshine today. a bit of a breeze with winds around 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is the live satellite showing you this with some high clouds moving into northern california. just about it. big circulation in the pacific. this will be building into northern california the next few days. as the high moves in, this will be the source of some warming really for saturday, but especially for sunday. here is a closer look at the satellite. we are in the clear. not much in the way of fog.
12:50 pm
temperatures not extremely warm out there. kind of mild towards fairfield. fairfield in the low-to-mid 60s out there. not reporting right now. walnut creek 65. san jose 61. san francisco downtown checking in 62. and santa rosa 66. the winds will continue to ramp up this afternoon. that on shore breeze. more of a northerly wind developing. you will see that coming up here. wind out of the north. sfo 20 miles per hour and san jose winds around 12 miles per hour. this is from vallejo saying it's beautiful out there. off to a very nice start this early friday morning and shaping up to be a nice afternoon as well. talking about the warming trend. for instance, here is the temperature profile in san francisco. yesterday 60 degrees. today 65. tomorrow in the 70s. upper 70s. sunday san francisco will be in in the lower 80s. two systems. the old one you can see out to the east. this will a snow and rain
12:51 pm
producer for parts of the country. our warming trend begins for today. kicks in this weekend as high pressure sets up shop and temperatures we are talking about some upper 60s to possibly -- 80s for possibly 90s for the second half of the weekend. if you missed the rain, a chance of a few showers in the north bay. that could be for tuesday next week. for the most part looks like a dry weather pattern and a warming one as well. temperatures definitely cooling off early next week. the 60s and 70s out there this afternoon towards anitoch and brentwood. san jose will go 72. san mateo 70. half moon bay 64. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. the big weather headline will be the warming temperatures. if you are heading to the coast, be extra careful. the rip currents out there, the beaches will be crowded this weekend. with that the rip current danger is high. it's high right now and into the weekend. and maybe that chance of a light shower up in the north bay, mike and keba. we welcome any more raindrops and that could possibly be -- i wouldn't bet on it yet -- but
12:52 pm
maybe tuesday of next week. >> we hope. april is not over yet. thank you. >> still ahead, get ready to celebrate earth day or take part in one of san francisco's biggest dog events. we have the details on what's going on around the bay area in the weekend watch right after the break.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> if you are looking to go to
12:55 pm
a museum this week and the oakland museum in california they are celebrating the marijuana plant. >> interesting. >> yeah. very interesting. that is one thing you -- >> popular out there? >> it could be. you can also celebrate earth day and kick off walnut creek's restaurant week. >> rosmary orozco has the details in this week's edition of weekend watch. >> reporter: we start in francisco. one of the biggest dog events this saturday at duboce park. they will compete for best trick, costume, ears, and more. the festival, carnival and parade includes kids games and food. it's from 11-4. >> earth day on the bay. held at the marine science institute combines music, mud and sea creatures to make an enjoying educational time. it's free from 10-5. >> in berkeley, cal day 2016. the entire uc berkeley campus will open to the public with a full day of events, lectures,
12:56 pm
tours and concerts. fans can watch the cal bears football spring game. activities include opportunities to interact with the football players and coaches. it's all day saturday. the football game starts at 11. >> walnut creek restaurant week starts sunday. celebrate with culinary cuisine, with a prefixed membership u at two dozen restaurants. ask for the restaurant week menu at participate be restaurants. >> in the north bay, the sebastapol apple festival. tickets are $12 for adults. children are free. >> in sports a's host the royals. giants, quakes, and sharks are on the road. i am rosmary orozco and that is your weekend watch. all right. she has met pope francis. she is also spoken before congress. most people know sister norma for her work with refugees and immigrants. >> today on the 4 we will sit down with the sister to discuss
12:57 pm
the work she is doing helping families in conflict and violence in their home nations. tomorrow she will be honored for her humanitarian work. her story on the 4 and two. meantime, a beautiful picture outside as the weekend is knocking on the door. have a great afternoon, everyone.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: the war on salad, is it overrated, find out if you should stop eating salad today. we break it all down in our food truth series. and b. smith's battle with alzheimer's. how has it changed in the last year and more difficult and the night she went missing. >> she was gone between 14 and 17 hours. >> it was very scary. dr. oz: coming up next. e'll save lives today! are you guys ready to get healthy! cheers and applause] dr. oz: in t


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