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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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of the most critical of the year. your mornings on 2 starts now. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning, april 19, and i am pam cook.>> i am brian flores and let's get started. we have rosemary here for steve.>> we have a switch and the weather pattern coming.>> a little bit toasty yesterday. >> we broke several records, and another drop in the numbers this afternoon. high clouds associated with this pattern switch already in place, waking up to partly to mostly cloudy skies, a look at the at&t park, and the giants play this evening. cooler than yesterday, 48 degrees in santa rosa, and a cool start.
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san francisco checking in it 58, 57 in oakland, 53 in livermore, san jose checking in at 58. some of us slightly warmer and some slightly cooler, but hard to tell the difference. a repeat to start the morning, and take a look at the cloud cover that is rolled in overnight. this is ahead of that system with this cool down. santa rosa hit 85 yesterday, today 78. san francisco expected to be 10 degrees cooler. oakland broke record at 83 in today at 77, san jose will be 10 degrees cooler, and 91 yesterday set the record, and 81 is the expected high. we will have a better look at the afternoon highs, and this cooling trend will continue, and a possibility of rain in the second part of the week. and let's go to the roadways
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with alex. looking forward to that cool down, thank you. the roadways are looking good on this early tuesday morning. no major issues. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, very light traffic as people make the drive from the east bay into san francisco. here is a shot of the san mateo bridge, and 92 and over toward the peninsula, moving free and clear at this hour. here's a look at the livermore valley, things look pretty good westbound on 580 through the livermore valley from tracy. we are tracking a crash, 880 southbound, but not causing issues, and that is just south of highway 92 in the hayward- fremont area. 4:02 am is the time. the warriors up two games
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to zero against the houston rockets despite the fact that steph curry set out. he was out because of an ankle injury that he suffered in the game saturday. and klay thompson leads the team with 34 points, and shaun livingston started in place of curry, and had 16 points, lawyers, 115-106. >> we had to pick up the play, and we had to put on the realm because we of some great offensive rebounds, and we know something good will happen.>> will see how he responds in the next few days, and obviously, being up 20 gives us more christian, but it will be based on his health, not the score.>> and andre had a great game last night. in the series would move to houston for game three,
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on thursday, and game four on sunday, and game five back here in oakland one week from tomorrow. the sharks first-round playoffs, drops the game in overtime. and pumping up the crowd, and a good way to get the ball rolling out the door. scoring 30 seconds after the opening, and that was about the only scoring the sharks did, and the kings tidied up, and the sharks had five power-play chances, but could not convert. the game remained in 1-1 until overtime, and the kings get the to-one victory. game for tomorrow night, game friday for game five, and game six is in san jose on sunday. there are still tickets
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available for the game tomorrow, just under $80 for seats in the upper corner, and the most expensive are $350 in the sideline club. new this morning, police are trying to determine the circumstances around a deadly shooting in east tote -- east san jose in the area of windy road near the capitol expressway. the victim drove to the location, got out of the car and was shot. the officers found him lying in the street and they have not release the name, but he has been identified as a 25-year- old that lives in the general area. >> our victim was traveling down the street and becomes engaged with one or more suspects and they produced a handgun and shot the big m. >> -- shot the victim.>> the police spent hours checking to see if any homeowners had surveillance cameras with footage of the shooting.
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and race against time in ecuador defined the survivors from the earthquake that struck over the weekend, and the death toll is now rising over 400. this was a rare bit of good news as rescuers found a man that survived more than 32 hours trapped in the rubble, thousands of troops digging through buildings, all along the pacific coast.>> it looks like we were in a war, everything is collapsed.>> more than 200 aftershocks have hit the area, and shelters are being set up for the thousands that a been left homeless. and in japan, finding survivors as they dig in an area where the earthquakes triggered landslides, and the death toll is 45 with more bodies found buried in the by. more than 100,000 people living in evacuation shelters, and landslides causing extensive damage to roads, bridges and
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buildings. the new hospital under construction in san francisco using a rubbery goo, that will help to withstand a powerful earthquake, specifically designed with a rubbery compound that was developed in japan, and used to make soccer balls. and 120 wall dander's filled with the good. -- goo.>> it absorbs the energy of the earthquake. >> the engineers at the university of california have subjected it to the equivalent of a 7.9 earthquake, and in his past every test, the first building in the u. s. to use this shock absorbing technology. people facing eviction in san jose want their voices to be heard at the rent control meeting tonight. some of the 500 people that live at this apartment complex
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say the landlord wants to replace rent-controlled units with market rate housing, and they expect an eviction notice around christmas time, and with the 3% vacancy rate, it will be tough for them to find homes. >> i think they should provide financial assistance to the units that are moving to help cover the cost of moving, and to help cover the rent, security deposit and pet deposit. >> the big debate at the rent control hearing will focus on the 8% cap on the rent hikes, and for 44,000 older apartments, some are in favor of keeping the 8% cap, and others pushing for a 5 to 6% cap. expecting to both our pilot program that will change were cars are allowed on twin peaks. they are only allowing bikers and walkers on the west side, and that would be turned from a
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one-way street to a two-way street, and supporters say it would make it safer for the people that want to enjoy the view, but some drivers say that a two-way street would make it risky sharing the road with tour buses. if it is approved, they will make a one year past before making the final decision. one of the most presidential contest of the gear is today, and the results could determine whether the democratic and republican front- runners are going to lock up the nominations, and a longtime since the new york primary carried this kind of weight.>> reporter: all in for new york, hillary clinton hoping to find the win, and break the bernie sanders and donald trump hoping this will push him to a massive victory carrying 95 delegates. and donald trump made a verbal stabbed yesterday referring to the 9/11 attacks.
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>> i wrote this out and it was very close to my heart because i was down there and watched our police and firemen in the world trade center after it came down. the 7-eleven, or 9/11.>> reporter: and he is up more than 30 points, and in second place is ted cruz, who represents the biggest national brick, and john kasich is only carried one state so far, something he was clearly sensitive about when he was asked about it.>> i am answering the question the way i want to answer it.>> reporter: what do you think?>> i am hoping to do very well tomorrow and helping to wrap up the democratic nomination.>> reporter: hillary clinton hope your years as a new york senator will help her with the state today, ending her dry spell with her rival bernie sanders winning eight out of the last nine states.
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but bernie sanders has new york connections two, and he says he can score and upset if his enthusiastic supporters actually show up. >> we win when the turnout is high, we lose when the turnout is low. things are getting complicated for bernie sanders, but he is attracting a large number of young people to the rallies, and a lot of the independent voters, but new york is a closed primary. and for those registered as an independent would've had to change the party affiliation to democrat back in october 2 -- in october in order to vote for bernie sanders today. controversy at the popular san francisco par, and we will tell you about the lawsuit that is being filed against the city of san francisco, and what the group wants removed. but first, the tragedy in
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texas, still underway, searching for those impacted by the flash flooding, and the reason the situation could get even worse.
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welcome back, the time now is 4:14 am. at least five people have died in the texas flooding area. those that died were trying to drive through the high water, and the houston mayor says
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there is bleating in every part of the city, and emergency crews performed 1200 high water rescues, and many homes flooded. >> heed the warning and remember the easy phrase, turn around, don't drown. stay out of the rising water. >> more rain is predicted to fall across texas today, and power outages are continuing, and a big concern. at its peak, 123,000 homes and businesses lost electricity yesterday. we will not see rainfall here in the bay area until later in the week. temperatures will start falling today, and several cities wrote some records yesterday in the spring out like the middle of summer. san francisco, oakland and san jose so record high temperatures with a high of 83, san francisco broke record dating back to 1914.
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the firefighting agencies in northern california are worried about the increased fire danger in the coming months, checking the homes to eliminate the dead shrubbery around the properties. this will begin with the eastern county first and make their way to santa clara county over the next two weeks. fire danger syncrude -- fire danger includes tree limbs hanging over roots and dead shrubbery around the houses. >> did shrubbery and those with the larger yards need to start taking care of the launch and getting prepared. >> homeowners are advised to trim the branches that overhang over the house, and drought resistant plants that need water, and keep the brush less than 6 inches high. and the space should extend 100 feet from the property to ensure that the grass fires do not destroy your home. >> good advice. >> i spoke with somebody to come to the house to help me
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clear out the weeds. with all of the rain we have had, it's crazy. 4:16 am is the time. good morning, alex, and sal is on special assignment. >> yes, sal was questionable this morning, so i am the backup. i think his ankle is the problem.>> he and steph curry are taking a break.>> the traffic is looking good around the bay area, and first let's go to the east bay if you're going to be traveling out of the richmond area and in through berkeley, here's but the east shore freeway looks like heading west on interstate 80, looking good coming up toward the toll plaza. and the south bay, 280, not too many cars traveling along 280 this morning in san jose.
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now is a good time to make the ride if you are traveling in that bay area. let's take a look at the maps, showing you south bay in the big picture, all of the freeways are moving along this morning. and if you're traveling up the peninsula on highway 101, or 280, looking good as well at this early hour. 4:18 am is the time. good morning, rosemary.>> we will put the numbers down, and it is hard to collect cool because some of us will still be in the low 80s, but we will watch the temperature drop anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below yesterday. and we've been talking about texas, houston with that devastation. we will have scattered showers continuing to fall, and in areas over houston as well as louisiana. a flash flood watches still in
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effect, and another 36 inches possible in texas, louisiana and arkansas. we will watch that as we roll through this tuesday. this is the element responsible for the cooldown coming our way, and you can see we had mid and high level clouds over the bay area. and we have this southerly wind as opposed to the north northeasterly breeze that brings us to warm weather. outside the door this morning, relatively mild with cloud cover, 57 in oakland, 59 in san francisco. at the inner east bay, 53 in livermore, in santa rosa 48 as well as snap up. upper 50s in san jose in mountain view checking in at 58. the afternoon hyper today, upper 70s in areas like santa rosa. 77 in vallejo, and partly cloudy skies. low to mid to upper 70s for the
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north bay. mid to upper 70s for the east bay shoreline, and lower 80s for livermore, antioch expected to go to 82. south bay locations, 81 for san jose, 75% of crews. and all the peninsula, 75% matteo, and 73 for san francisco. you will feel the difference as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will continue to fall into thursday, an increase in cloud cover thursday night and friday, and the chance of rain coming our way. we are still holding onto the hope that we will see some scattered showers on friday, and drying out for the bay area weekend.>> a reminder over the past few days of what summer may look like.>> drying out for the weekend. we are following developing news out of afghanistan, of next the latest on this suicide bombing that has already claimed several lives.
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we are following a developing story out of afghanistan, the taliban is attacked by a security agency in kabul, killing at least 28, and injuring more than 300. this is an agency that will provide personal protection for the high-ranking officials, setting off a powerful explosion near the agency gates, and there was a gunbattle.
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the uc berkeley student that said he was removed from the southwest airline flight for speaking arabic is talking about his experience. the student is in a rocky refuge, heading from los angeles to oakland. as the passengers boarded, he was talking on the phone with his uncle in baghdad about an event he attended, and the other passenger alerted the airline employees, and he was asked to get off of the plane and the police were waiting for him. >> he said look what you have done, the plane will be delayed because of you.>> and i said i think this is islamic phobia. i am waiting for an apology to recognize that in this country, we have a problem. they discriminated against a student that came to this country as in a rocky refuge to pursue his dreams. and i am going to continue that.
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>> the southwest airlines said that it refunded the student airfare and try to contact him but that he is not responded to their request for direct communication. our new calls for international regulations on drugs, after the pilot of the british airways jet reportedly set a drone hit the plane as it was landing at the heathrow airport on sunday. that possibility is raising more concern over the growing number of near misses between the drones and aircraft around the world. the animation shows that if the drone hits the jet engine, the hardware can break up the fans and potentially explode the lithium battery's that can start a fire, causing a catastrophe. >> buying a drone into the engine which is equipped with a lithium battery will cause those turbos to set fire, and the pilots will no longer have full control over the plane. >> the u. s. has ruled that require nearly all drones to be registered, and banning drones
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within 5 miles of an airport, but there are worldwide concerns that they could be used like terrorist to carry explosives. the time now is 4:26 am. nasa is showing off their program for drones, and the system is regarded as a key safety system that would allow a larger number of drones fly into skies while avoiding collisions, letting the drone operators use flight plan similar to what aircraft already do, and request clearance. in the system will reject or accept the plan for safety regions. the san francisco police are preparing for thousands of people at the annual smokeout, known as 420, and the changes for the celebration this year and the golden gate park. the police in san jose are investigating a homicide that happened overnight, and we are live at the scene and we will have the latest on this
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investigation. we are keeping an eye on your roadways around the bay area, no major problems that we are tracking at this hour, and we will show you what the ride looks like on the san mateo bridge, and what looks like and east day as well, coming up. a transition to cooler weather and store. tuesday afternoon, and will check on the current conditions in talk about the extended forecast.
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working back to mornings on 2, and it is tuesday, april 19, and i am brian flores. i am pam cook, and we have rosemary in for steve today. bringing those numbers down, and it will feel more comfortable, and especially for those that have been in the upper 80s. breaking records on both days, but no longer the case as we
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switch in the weather pattern, and outside of the doors right now, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and these clouds ahead of this system that will bring us this cooldown by the afternoon. templars -- temperatures are similar to yesterday morning, 59 in san francisco, empty seven in oakland, and san jose at 58 outside the door. the storm tracker showing you the view from up above, and we have all of this cloud cover. we will be in between partly cloudy skies and mostly cloudy at times with filtered sunshine. temperatures dropping by 5 to 10 degrees. the forecast for santa rosa into the 7:00 hour, into the 50s and in the 60s by 10, 11 the clock intothe low 70s for the lunch hour. mild for the noontime, and in in the second part of the day, mid to upper 70s as opposed to the mid-80s


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