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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 20, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> last 15 minutes i have been locked inside a bathroom. >> dude trapped so he decides to go live on facebook. >> what else are you going to do if you're stuck in the toilet. >> see minute by minute trama and he finally breaks through that door. it's a high altitude rescue that could go up in smoke. >> there's no safe place to land this helicopter. >> how a pilot with mad skills managed to pull it off. a guy on the town suffers blunt force trauma -- >> when another guy hits him. >> why police hope this video can catch the dirt bag that did it. >> travellers at the airport try
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to plug in until -- why the fake outlet prank lights them up all the time. >> i need to carry one of these in my carry out bag. we'll head to the ymca. of all places the go it's not the most interesting room. >> in the last 15 minutes i have been locked inside a bathroom. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. he's been in the stall for 15 minutes. it's a live facebook broadcast video that he started because what else your going do if you're stuck in the toilet. >> at least he has wi-fi connection. that's good. looks like he's been scratching at the door. [ laughter ] he's warming up. people are going to come back. all for a few minutes he sees somebody. >> sir >> yeah.
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>> can you open the door. >> okay. all right. fire department will be here shortly. >> sorry about that. >> okay. thank you for the wi-fi. >> see? >> gives a shout out just in time as the fire department shows. they start testing the door finerman asks an obvious question. >> it's okay. i'm done flushing. >> i would have not used that tone. >> so they start pushing. pushing more. looks like it's going to open. >> oh. >> then they start putting their should toirt. you see debris starts gathering at the bottom of the door. by now they are realizing they have to whip out their big guns.
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did you say axe? >> and eventually -- [ applause ] >> this gave him a quick work out. >> trapped in the toilet. still jumped treend mi-- treadml and did 5.5 miles. >> no problem. a night out on the town went terribly wrong in england when this happened. not sure what started the altercation but you see one man gets shoved in the neck. he falls to the ground. as the woman tries to apprehend the man who was just hit, he comes across and gives him a one. this dude lays on the ground and stays there. >> from so many years living in
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england seeing people get robbed and shoved because people feel like it. >> they are people who echo your sentiment. there's a group who called one punch. they want to end them because they leave devastating results. this victim suffered hearing loss, snapped tooth and unable to go back to work since the incident happened. police are looking for them. moving over to santa cruz police caught this guy because he was inside of that business, knocked a hole in the glass and comes sliding out. when people noticed him one called 911 the other whipped out their camera. he turns around and looks at them and takes off. >> a guy has all kind of glass cuts on his belly and torso. >> santa cruz police did catch up to him and found this suspect
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had scars on his hands. >> i had a dream last night i was trapped in the building. >> and there was broken glass. >> there was broken glass. >> the officer advised him it was not a dream. they have entered into the world record books with this stunt in the ukraine. at the very top of these two 17 story balluildings there's a li stretched out between these two buildings. they are about to walk across that line using nothing but their own balances, arms to balance. >> what's the record? >> this record is the first-ever high line between two residential buildings in ukraine. >> because we've so many awesome stupts and feat stunts this looks a little pedestrian. >> they are working on the next stunt which is 400 feet.
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this was roughly 200. they did have to battle winds of 50 miles per hour which made this stunt more challenging. the distance is 50 meter, roughly 160 feet. the next one is going to be twice as long. >> i would imagine the longer the line the tougher it is, right? because you're balancing that whole time and that's where it uses up your energy. that's where it takes the effort. you can be two feet off the ground. >> you're absolutely right. >> any visibility, the cloud cover way down on deck. this is mount doom as it's more commonly known because this is the mountain that was featured in the lord of the rings movies. it's in new zealand. here comes the helicopter. there's an injured hiker with two rescuers nearby. this is a very dangerous rescue.
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the helicopter does not have a long line attached to it so this is where the steepness of the mountain is working against them because the rope is going to get closer and closer. >> you see it happening right here. looks like the pilot tries to come in sideways and then that doesn't quite work. there's no safe place to land with this helicopter. the pilot backs up a little bit and now appears to come in maybe a little bit more nose first. >> wow they are so close. so close. >> that's so risky. they do what they call a hover step. the pilot holding it in that precarious position long enough for the rescuers to hoist the injured hiker on the skid. man on board and he backs away from the mountain. >> that was incredible. now over to a brush fire near edmonton, canada. these firefighters out in the
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distance have been working on this fire for a while that's been started by a camp fire. high winds and lots of dry brush and grass have picked this thing up into what they called a fire tornado. watch closely. look at those four firefighters begin to run away as that fire tornado whips up and appears to get close thoerm. wait for it. one more guy running out and jumps into that river there. he did suffer minor burns to his face and ears, but otherwise was okay. >> incredible they caught this moment on video. think of this guy. what was the scariest part? this one where i ran out in the middle of the fire tornado. she's the latest rich kid of instagram showing off her extravagant lifestyle.
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abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. he goes by the name of luke. but to us, he's known as the traffic joy. as you can see he takes it pretty seriously. this guy is covered. he catches all kinds of weird things. here is a perfect example. pulls up next to this black audi at a traffic light. she's never seen this one before. she's using her laptop while in
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the driver's seat. he saw her driving down the street, also with the laptop. now granted she's at a stoplight, she's somewhat incredulous someone is saying you shouldn't do that. and she's not wearing her seat belt. so he can reach her laptop. she gets irritated because when the light goes green you almost catch another accident. watch that motor bike. almost turning. that was close. in fact, he says he'll be sending it to see if they want to do anything about this. another video you may want to send to the police. in singapore. driving through the streets in the industrial area. takes this handright-hander and of nowhere -- >> yes as he takes this corner out of nowhere, this older gentleman takes a leap on to the
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car and rolls off the front. >> wow. that was totally an accidents. >> nice try. >> we know now because of the camera this is totally bogus but without the camera it may have been a lot harder to prove. introducing stuff e inie ii. he was behind bars and watch when mr. tuffy is freed. >> he exists in a tiny cage and had an opening in his stomach. look at him. so long the. >> i just can't imagine how somebody can be so cruel to keep an animal like that for years. >> this video comes to us from asia. he had some medical issues and resort him back to health. there you have it. just splashing around, enjoying
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life. it looks like on social media. rich kid of instagram. >> this rich kid of instagram. >> this chick from england is the latest feature. >> this 23-year-old spent over 200,000 pound a year on designer clothes and takes a plane to moscow every time she wants her hair done. >> guys caught up with her and she shows us the struggles of being beautiful. >> i want everybody to be jealous how beautiful i am. >> just wait until you see how she spends her family money. >> did she spend some of it on her lips? >> lots of it. she's been injecting her lips since she's been 18 years old and spend $43,000 with all the different types of treatment. >> she has 100 designer handbags. her designer wardrobe is worth
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150 million pounds. >> everything she wears is terrible. >> she believes you're hating on her is because you are jealous. >> don't hate me because you ain't me. >> it's the conspicuous consumption that everybody hates. it's almost like so conspicuously consumed and wasteful. >> i'll become a powerful lady. >> her parents encouraged her to dress well, to dress in couture gowns and to be the best she can be for her social las. >> from the outside but horrendous on the inside. >> i do something extra that people hate me. >> warmer weather, watch out. >> you might see something like this. >> yes. >> next on "right this minute."
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and fun off roading like this guy. they are still unstable. he's like at the top of the hill. his buddies are like you made it. >> now you got to get down. >> oh, you made it. >> oh. >> atvs can do everything but one thing they are best at is rolling over and nearly killing you. >> he ran out of this. it was amazing considering it didn't go over him. >> any atv crash you can walk away from is amazing. like this one. he has high-speed going on. having a blast. oh! let's watch in slow motion to break it down. can't slow down quick enough. he can't make that turn. so he has to go straight here. there's a built up berm of rocks. it bounces over the back end. like a bronco. up and over and roundabout he goes.
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that's the proper roll over. he's pretty quick look at the ground. >> the description says it looks a lot worse than it was. >> what is that? >> oh, yeah. >> she's full at it. biggest fan. >> or have ever been. >> she's in the house. >> these pairs let their little ones to make a big decision
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early on in life. >> pokemon decision. calm down guys. what are the choices? >> squirtle. >> let's see who she picks. oh, i don't know, this is going to be interesting. i'm going with the orange one. >> and she choose -- oops -- >> this is hard. where is she going to go? >> this is too simple. >> no, no. the middle one. she's teasing us with the other ones. credo! it is. people try to plug in but they are being pranked. >> these things are obnoxious.
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>> see why things get hilarious when a fake outlet exists because it's
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pretty useless but awesome to watch. >> and you don't have to do it home. >> fight with the vacuum. ♪ you see these pranks on the show before but always so funny. this one from our buddy rich ferguson. looks like he's at an airport. >> that's sky harbor. phoenix sky harbor. you can tell by the carpet. >> we're just freaking nuts. >> at the airport.
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boom! >> people lining up >> you're a good sport, dude. >> crazy part you can be sitting in a nice comfortable chair but most people sit on the floor three feet away from the outlet. >> this woman shows up. she tries the top and bottom. they are not working. they take a closer look oh, we got -- >> like a dollar bill glued to the floor trick. we find out it doesn't work they make the same face as the outlet. they do get a laugh out of it and rich eggs them on. >> did you try the top one? >> no. >> i need to carry one of these in my carry on bag. >> great way to kill five hours in a flight delay. >> what your supposed to do in the airport. >> their phone is dying, flight
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is delayed, they need to call-up somebody and here you are. funny thing is people keep falling victim to this over and over and over again. >> they aldo what we do. i must be putting it upside down. >> if you're at the airport and see an open outlet -- >> it's too good. >> huge thanks to all of you for sharing your time with
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. a paraglider coming in hot and clips a couple of trees. still flying after that? see the frontic moves to get untangled before he drops like a rock. rescuers reach a dog on a rocky coast who fell over 100 feet up a cliff. how he finally got back to his owner. >> look at that. she's a popular blogger. >> she's so cute. >> but she's going jail. >> the story behind her trip to the slammer. plus a mental telepathy trick that will blow your mind. and how awesome is that? >> a surprise in the grass.


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