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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. thousands of people pack "hippie hill" to smoke marijuana and observe the counterculture holiday known as 4-20. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. >> scary moments as thousands of people packed the annual 4- 20 smokeout, there was a momentary panic in the crowd that caused a stampede.
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ktvu's debora villalon is in the city where stragglers are still making their way out tonight. deborah? >> reporter: fortunately, that stampede subsided because there were at least 10,000 people here in the park at the time. some said gunshots started with people running but police found no evidence shots were fired. >> everybody just started running. everybody, just like -- >> reporter: one minute, all was melo. than a few hundred people on one end of "hippie hill" started running to the opposite side, why? no one knew. a fight? a fire? a gun? rumors rampant. >> it was like life- threatening. we did know what was happening. everybody just started jetting, gone. >> two friends that got trampled. they both fell. >> reporter: fortunately no injuries among those caught up in the herd. >> people scared running like that, you know how many people are out there, there's a lot of people running. >> reporter: but the buzz kill was temporary and the smoke continued to rise.
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>> [ yelling ] >> reporter: a celebration of marijuana in all of its forms. >> we got hashed, we'll get candies, we've got all-natural candy. >> reporter: police had warned no sales of anything. but that was not enforced and appetites were predictably healthy. for many people, we need that is also nap day. >> everyone together, all races come together and have a great time. that's what it's about. everyone is nice. >> awesome people. really nice. >> reporter: other places have their own 4/20 gatherings but out-of-towners like to hit this one most. >> everybody gathers together, has a fun time. relaxed time. time to get away and released from everything. >> haven't seen -- they really don't bother us as long as we
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don't fight or be doing illegal drugs or anything. >> reporter: uniformed cops kept their distance throughout the day, although probation officers were out watching for violators. police scramble as two people were robbed, leaving the event. officers sealed off a search area and went house to house, cornering a suspect they say had a knife and brass knuckles. and that armed robbery was one of only six arrests here, three others for narcotics warrants, one a traffic warned and one for resisting arrest. there was a shooting, six blocks south of the park early this evening. that was windows shot out of a car. no one hurt, but that was completely unrelated to 4/20. step -- debora villalon, thank you. today's 4/20 celebration took on some added meaning because of the push to make marijuana legal here in california. an initiative to legalize recreational pot use for adults 21 and over is on the november ballot.
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the california cannabis industry association invited lawmakers and legislative staffers to a restaurant near the capital today to lobby them about legalizing marijuana. supporters say legalizing marijuana could create up to 1 million jobs and as much as $1 billion for california's economy. >> the current market fuels an underground world. they don't pay taxes. they don't check id. >> recent polls indicate that californians are likely to support the legalization of marijuana. a similar ballot measure was rejected by voters six years ago. new developments tonight involving the drought as northern california water agencies ask the state water board to lift mandatory conservation requirements. is california's historic drought over? some water agencies are calling on state regulators to relax water use restrictions after a near-normal winter rain and snow pack. ktvu's azenith smith live in san jose where county water officials told her we still
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have a ways to go. azenith? >> reporter: julie, on the surface, water levels are much better than a year ago. as you can see, water is flowing -- is flowing into the guadalupe river. what you don't see, the county's biggest reservoir underground, needs more than a year to recover. one look at the los gatos creek, you wouldn't think we were in a drought. reservoirs in santa clara county are also in good shape at almost 90% capacity. >> we did have rain. that makes me think that it should allow us to water more often and flush our toilets? >> reporter: denise nobler has not watered much. her vegetable garden has taken a beating. she is all for letting up on emergency drought orders, agreeing with the association of california water agencies who called to end the state water board's mandatory restriction. >> we believe the time has come for the emergency provisions to be rescinded.
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we think it's really important to have credibility with this process. >> reporter: some agencies are concerned water customers won't take the drought seriously if emergency conditions reemerge. at the santa clara county -- they recommend water conservation be based on local conditions. >> groundwater storage has been reduced over four years. one normal year doesn't erase those four years of drought in terms of our groundwater storage. >> reporter: groundwater storage that accounts for nearly half of santa clara county's water supply is still in a severe stage. the county's percolation ponds will be filled to help replenish the basin. morris chasen limits his showers and water his plants with secondary water. he says he will continue to conserve even if orders are lifted. >> history repeats itself. the drought we have now or have had will be repeating itself in another couple years. so it's very important to get used to using less and conserving what we have. >> reporter: right now in santa clara county, water officials
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are calling for residents to conserve 30% until june and julie, i learned on tuesday, they will recommend easing that but the request to conserve won't go away. >> ought to hear people suggest that the drought is over after everything we've heard. azenith, thank you. right now, on our facebook page a refreshing side, this is lake oroville, california's second-largest reservoir, one photo taken in the midst of the drought, and the other more recently, take a look, the lake is now at 90 -- 93% capacity. landlords are facing new rules on how much they can raise the rent after a marathon city council meeting last night. hundreds of renters, landlords turned out for the debate on rent control. it finally ended at 2 am with a vote that lowers the current 8% cap on rent increases to 5%. renters were pleased with the result but some say it didn't go far enough. the owners on the other hand say rent controls simply did
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--'s rent control doesn't work. >> city after city, it has proven to backfire. you see declining housing stock , you see less new construction, and you see property owners less willing to invest in their properties. >> my pay never matched the increases that rent is. so yeah, i think it's great for everyone. >> now though there is concern about potential rent spikes as san jose finalizes new rules. the city plans to discuss ways to prevent that next month. along with ways to control the conversion of rent-controlled apartments into condominiums. and possibly a bond measure to build more affordable housing in san jose. the u.s. treasury department has selected harriet tubman to be the new face of the $20 bill. tubman was an abolitionist during the civil war. ktvu's cristina rendon tells us new designs are also on the way for five dollars and $10 bills. >> reporter: the face of the $20 bill is changing. andrew jackson is moving to the
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back of the bill to make way for harriet tubman. she'll be the first woman on u.s. paper currency in more than 100 years. >> i think it's about time. it's like a twofer, you've got women represented and african- americans who both played integral parts in american history. >> do you know who she is? >> yes. one of the -- she helped the slaves. with the underground railroad. >> reporter: harriet tubman was born a slave. she escaped slavery and founded the underground railroad. and network of secret routes and safe houses that led thousands of slaves to freedom. in the civil war, she was a nurse, cook, scout, and union spy. >> she had such a fascinating history on her own. so important just in terms of american history and what she represents. so to have a woman and to have a historical figure like her on the 20 is -- i'm personally very excited about it.
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>> reporter: jody half with the federal reserve of san francisco says the only two other women to be featured on u.s. paper currency in the past are pocahontas in 1879 and martha washington in 1886. wife to george washington. >> there's not a lot of history which makes today's announcement even more exciting. >> reporter: alexander hamilton is staying on the front of the tent but on the back the treasury will honor women's suffrage, depicting the movement that granted women the right to vote. >> not only is it about time but women have had respect for a long time but not equal way. >> reporter: and lincoln is getting company on the five, the reverse will highlight images of martin luther king, jr., marian anderson and eleanor roosevelt. >> it is due. i don't think it's doing us any favors. i think we're entitled to be represented on our currency. >> reporter: it's going to be a while before the bills are printed and it circulation. the government says the concepts
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to be unveiled in 2020 with final design to follow. in the newsroom, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the golden state warriors in houston for game three of the nba playoffs, the big question, will steph curry play tomorrow night? you'll hear what he told us this afternoon. checking into your thursday forecast, some rain to talk about as we head into thursday and friday. i'll talk about the showers and how much you can see in your neighborhood.
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new at 10 tonight, community kind this, dozens of bikes and other goods being donated to thousands of people in need. preparations are underway tonight in concord ahead of the convoy of hope event this weekend. >> ktvu's amber lee spoke with organizer tonight about their mission to get back and help a lot of others. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're at the calvary temple church, where it all starts. the event is called convoy of hope and organizers say it is a hand up that can help someone get back on their feet. volunteers carryout bags filled with new shoes, all shapes and sizes, donated by people in the community. the shoes are brought to a container where they are sorted by gender and size. so far, 1000 pairs received.
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>> if you have something, you need to share it with others. and that's how we all should be. >> reporter: event organizers hope to receive an additional 2000 pairs. shoes to put a spring back into the step of those who are struggling and to enable the homeless to walk a path where they are greeted with compassion and care. the event also offers health and dental services, job referrals and more. >> hope is what we are trying to convey. and whether that's job services or whether that's the family portrait, it's giving somebody a lift and a hope for the future. >> reporter: these bicycles were donated by members of ibw, local 302 based in martinez. they will be given away in a raffle to children along with helmets. an example of the $1 million worth of donated goods and services. >> our get out of it is to watch our community be uplifted in a way that is tangible and
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can be long-term. >> one woman who donated shoes says she wanted to get back. >> being able to reach out, the opportunities and the privilege to be able to give. >> we'll have chips and hot dogs and cookies. >> reporter: guests will be served lunch and be given a bag of groceries to take home. more importantly, it's that human interaction between the volunteers and the people who come that is invaluable. >> you could have been that voice or that smile for that day. that could have stopped somebody from you know, despair. [ voice breaking ] it's a beautiful thing that i know they are about to receive. >> reporter: the event will be held this saturday at metal homes park here in concord. the gates open at 10. it is free for everyone and i should point out that this is a joint effort, the church partnered with the city of concord, contra costa county food bank, businesses and other churches to make this possible.
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julie? >> looks like a great event. so many people coming together. amber, thank you. a well-known espn baseball analyst was fired today because of something he posted on facebook. former all-star pitcher curt schilling uploaded an image that depicted a man dressed in women's clothing trying to use the ladies room. the caption offered a sarcastic threat that referred to the current debate over transgender rights. shillington road in essence that a man is a man, no matter what he calls himself. and the need for laws that tell us differently is pathetic. espn says it's an inclusive company and that schilling's conduct was unacceptable. the golden state warriors boarded their team playing at the oakland airport this morning and headed to houston for game three of their playoff series with the rockets. the warriors are up two games to none but the big unknown is steph curry. will his ankle be strong enough to play tomorrow night? scott reese also made the trip to houston and got an update from the mvp himself. >> reporter: the warriors have
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taken their show on the road, but the headliner remains a big question mark for tomorrow. the curry cat and mouse game before -- staff, the only player not to walk by the media to the toyota center court, he did however find his way onto the floor and practiced in full but the prognosis is less than promising. >> based on how i feel right now, i probably couldn't play. but tomorrow, that could be different. might have to trust both ways of reporting how i feel and things the doctors and the training staff see and how to get me right and better. >> it's funny because people say, give him two weeks off. and his ankle will be fine. what about his shooting? what about his handle? players want to play. they want to feel the game, they want to feel the rhythm. got to have condition. so there's always a rest versus rhythm equation in there somewhere that we have to factor in.
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>> on to houston for thursday night. they win without the mvp. >> reporter: warriors won game two without curry by a comfortable margin though there was some rumbling that the doves were a little too purposeful on a few screens. draymond green not a fan of excuses after a loss. >> end of the day, however they're going to stop us from winning, they need to figure that out as opposed to trying out -- trying to figure out whether we are a jump shooting team. how about figure out how to beat us? >> reporter: if it weren't for curry, the physicality would be a much your storyline heading into game three but it's all about staff. he does feel better now than he did before game two but still can't do everything that he needs to do at full speed. the drama will therefore continue probably right until tipoff tomorrow night. in houston, scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. the houston area has been dealing with severe flooding for several days now, life-and- death issues that pretty much
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put sports in perspective. the death toll rose to eight. the flooding is the worst that they've seen in the greater houston area in 15 years. authorities are hoping to get a federal disaster declaration to help with the recovery. rescuers are working nonstop to get people out of their homes to safety, that include using a military vehicle to evacuate more than 40 patients from a senior facility for alzheimer's patients. >> not afraid. [ laughter ] i'm crying but i'm not afraid. >> everybody has really pitched in and done a real super job. i think. >> totally unbelievable. i never expected to see anything like this. >> flood warnings are still in effect for neighborhoods that sit behind two aging dams, the army corps of engineers is keeping those dams under way for our watch. -- 24 hour watch. tracking bank -- rain in the bay area, showers back in the forecast as we press into your bay area thursday night,
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into friday, so it's going to be showery commute on friday, we'll get to that. meantime, thursday which will have a lot of clouds, clouds already moving in, fog along the coast, haven't seen that in a while, patchy fog. clouds will push into night, wake up tomorrow morning, cloudy everywhere, here's how it looks, we got fog at the coast, fog in san francisco and middle clouds over the entire bay area. so you wake up, kind of cool out there, temperatures will stay cool until lunchtime, they get into the 60s and 70s late in the day so your forecast highs tomorrow, instead of 80s and 90s as we saw a couple days ago, we had 80s today, looking at 60s for the most part, with a few very low 70s showing up in some of the worst -- warmest locations. tomorrow the cooling trend continues leading to that chance and opportunity for some rain on friday. thanks, bill. it's happened again. another shooting on a busy bay area freeway. up next what we're learning about the driver who was killed. the sharks are hosting a
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pivotal game for playoff game, we're live at the tank with highlights and reaction.
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new at 10, san jose police need help trying to identify several people involved in the stabbing death two years ago. want to show you surveillance video showing a group of possible suspects, police want to talk to them about the death of 33-year-old michael maynard. maynard was attacked by several people on july 29, 2014 near south market street and park avenue in san jose. investigators say maynard and a suspect had argued and that after that, maynard was stabbed to death. chp searching for the gunman responsible for a deadly freeway shooting on highway 4 in pittsburg last night. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us this was the 18th freeway shooting in the east
10:24 pm
bay in the past six months. >> reporter: a bouquet of flowers and candles mark the spot where the latest victim was found, the man was driving a chevy impala on highway for near loveridge road at about 8:15 tuesday when shots were fired, possibly from another car. the apollo went off the highway, drove through a perimeter fence and crossed california avenue before coming to rest against this fence at a junior high school athletic field. >> i had no idea the car came from the freeway. i thought it was driving along california. >> reporter: the victim was found dead. a friend said the man who is killed is a young father of a daughter. officers closed down a section of westbound 4 overnight to investigate. is was the 18th freeway shooting in the east bay in the past six months. >> it's really bad. people are getting shot. like i said, all over the freeways all over california. it's not very good during the day or at night. >> reporter: chp declined to speak on camera but said
10:25 pm
investigators believe the victim was specifically targeted by the shooter. no description of the shooter or his car has been released. the chp says there's no danger to the public at this time. motorists we spoke to had mixed reactions to the latest shooting. >> as a commuter, i would like to see it up, security knowing we have this issue that's been brought to our towns that -- a little bit more often that -- i would like to see a lot more police action around the area. >> man, self-inflicted, you know? it's like my shirt say, california wildlife right now due to economy, recession, and just people just randomly going, they know who they doing it too. randomly, california, man. anything able to happen. >> it could have been targeted, could have not. i just go about my day. hopefully nothing happens. >> reporter: it's unclear if this incident is related to other shootings along highway for interstate 80. in most cases chp says the victims were targeted. in pittsburg, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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the path to the presidency facing some new scrutiny. >> it's a rigged, crooked system. that's designed so that the bosses can stick however they want. >> up next a look at the nominating process and some say it's in need of a normal -- in need of an overhaul.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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this year's unconventional race for president is bringing new scrutiny to the way the parties choose their nominees. >> donald trump has been saying the system is rigged and supporters of bernie sanders are questioning the use of superdelegates. >> jana katsuyama did some digging to find out why we have such a patchwork nominating process for the nation's highest office. >> reporter: julie and frank,
10:29 pm
primary races, caucuses, conventions, delegates and superdelegates. the country has it all and this process can be completely different state-by-state. fixing cars isn't the only concern at harry griffin's auto shop in berkeley. griffin wants a president who can fix the country's problems.'s pick is bernie sanders. but griffin and many other voters are saying the democratic party's primary system is unfair. tilted to favorites versus populist politicians. with superdelegates able to pledge support with no input. >> i don't think it works to represent the people. >> reporter: ditto for donald trump called the republican system crooked. >> it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged. >> reporter: trump pointed to the colorado convention where ted cruz won all delegates without any primary votes. >> we're the only country in the democratic world that uses primaries to help nominate the president.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: top scholars and journalists met at a conference friday to analyze this unusual primary season. where populist outsider candidates are challenging the party insiders and a patchwork of rules that can vary widely from state to state. >> not quite 50 different systems, but close to it. >> reporter: ark-la-tex professor eric says the primary process is relatively new. >> late in 1968, hubert humphrey won the democratic nomination without entering and winning a single primary. he was selected essentially by party bosses and state leaders who saw him as the best candidate. >> reporter: as both parties opened up their processes to the public, each state made up its own rules. >> it's a process that came about by historical accident. probably not one that someone would have gone back and say how should -- how best should we do this? >> reporter: imperfect process says gabriel lenz at uc berkeley but one that's being constantly changed.
10:31 pm
thomas mann, senior fellow at brookings institution says he was the one who proposed superdelegates. >> sequential primaries and caucuses produce small turnouts and odd outcomes often times. and it's good to have elected officials and party officials play some role in the process. >> in the early 1980s because they saw that the initial system was allowing candidates like george mcgovern and jimmy carter who didn't really have close ties to the party to win the nomination. >> reporter: the question moving forward is whether anything will change after this primary season. such as having national standards for presidential primaries. >> i think there will be a lot of pressure on the party to revisit its rules and try to create a process that's more transparent. >> reporter: that transparency and credibility is something which experts say both parties are struggling with right now, and scholars say california's system will come under a lot of scrutiny june 7 because this
10:32 pm
race is so tight on both sides. >> when you think about it, wasn't that long ago that this whole process changed. >> that is what surprised me. really more of a modern phenomenon of people get a vote in who the primary nominee is. >> jana, thank you. a bay area tech mobile who took a plea deal at a high profile domestic violence case in 2013 is set to appear in court on friday after san francisco prosecutors say he violated his probation. he founded the digital ad company radium one. he was arrested in 2013 after prosecutors say he punched and kicked his then girlfriend more than 100 times during a half- hour rampage in his penthouse. home security video report of the incident but a judge ruled it was not admissible because it was illegally seized. he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and was placed on provision for three years. in 2014, gurbaksh chahal was arrested again for attacking another woman he was dating.
10:33 pm
ktvu has learned prosecutors will push for a judge to revoke his probation which could lead to up to a year in jail. volkswagen has reached a deal on the emissions cheating scandal involving its diesel cars sold in the u.s. tomorrow the german automaker is expected to tell a federal judge in san francisco it has agreed to buy back up to 500,000 vehicles that exceeded legally allowable emission level. last fall volkswagen admitted it had installed it -- emissions cheating software in almost 600,000 diesel vehicles sold in the u.s. wall street closed higher on modest gains, the dow rose 42, nasdaq up seven and s&p added one. stocks were helped as the price of oil climbed 4%. east bay hospital has become the first in the nation to use a new high-tech life- saving device for heart patients. and ktvu's rob roth shows us how it works. >> reporter: at the john muir medical center, cardiologists are about to try new technology they say should detect heart
10:34 pm
failure and possibly even a heart attack before it happens. >> could literally save someone's life. >> reporter: the be vital protocol, heart patients enrolled in this study will be sent home from the hospital with a special patch that has sensors like the one here in this promotional video by the manufacturer, vital connect. doctors and nurses can monitor the patient remotely. >> we can then call the patient and say we noticed your heart rate, is higher, your respiratory rate is higher. you're not as active as you used to be. how are you feeling? >> reporter: that will allow them to detect how well a patient is responding. the doctors can ingest magicians or treatment before conditions deteriorate. >> we will have a daily picture, a daily snapshot of how that patient is doing, how they're feeling, how their heart is doing. >> reporter: patients will also receive an ipad to better communicate with medical staff. this type of remote monitoring has never been tried on heart patients in the u.s. doctors
10:35 pm
expect to start enrolling the first 100 patients next month. the study is slated to last six months. >> the goal here is to add a layer of remote monitoring to patients that will help us take better care of them, keep them out of the hospital, make them feel better and in the long run, make them have better outcomes and do better. >> reporter: patients in the study will also be able to connect with each other on their ipads through social media. if all goes well, cardiologists say this new patch and ipad study could lead to a new way of treating heart patients throughout the country. at john muir medical center in concord, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. pushing forward past the rain on friday, we're going to go to the bay area week and talk about the temperatures you might be surprised by. up next, several tons of drugs found below ground, the tunnel just uncovered by the feds.
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a small hole in the pavement may not look like much but it was the end of a drug tunnel that went beneath the border from tijuana mexico to san diego. federal officials say a border patrol agent noticed suspicious
10:39 pm
activity, agents wound up confiscating more than a ton of cocaine, and seven tons of marijuana. the tunnel itself is more than 800 feet long and was covered up by a dumpster. six people in all were arrested on charges related to the drugs and the construction of that tunnel. migrant survivors of a capsized boat are telling horrific stories of loss of life in the mediterranean sea. the survivors were rescued and taken to greece, they appear to confirm reports of 500 people drowning when the ship capsized somewhere between libya and italy. the migrants are from africa and the middle east and were trying to get to europe. they said it happened as people in smaller boats tried to board a larger ship. this is the largest number of deaths since 800 people were killed during another voyage last year. presented obama is in saudi arabia for a summit with gulf leaders and today he met with the saudi king amid new tensions over the so-called 9/11 bill in commerce.
10:40 pm
the legislation would hold countries liable for having terrorist ties. it's revived talk about possible saudi involvement in the september 11 attacks. leaders in saudi arabia are also concerned about the u.s. relationship with tehran after the iranian nuclear deal. the gulf cooperation council summit is set to begin tomorrow. jerry brown and his wife have put their house in the oakland hills on the market. it is a 33 bed, four bath home with views of the golden gate bridge. they are asking $2.6 million. governor brown bought the new home in 2007 for almost $2.7 million. during the housing slump, its value slipped to an estimated $1.8 million. the governor and his wife now live in the restored governor's mansion in sacramento. still to come, a celebrity sighting in the east bay. >> this is better than a regular human cafi. >> that's what's happening. >> hear from the comedy team
10:41 pm
about what that -- what brought them to an unusual animal shelter today. plus it is cooling down and rain is on the way. don't miss your chance tot see it all dazzle.ion.
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because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. two hollywood stars were in the bay area today, to promote their upcoming movie and make a pitch for animal adoption. >> paul chambers caught up with key & peele at the cat uptown cafi in oakland. >> reporter: what do you guys think about our oakland right here? >> i love it. that's what's happening? a replication of oaktown. that's terrific. >> reporter: keegan-michael key and jordan peele better known as key & peele are in the bay area to promote their new movie "keanu". >> this is a story about a guy who starts at his low point and fights for something that is
10:44 pm
sacred to him. >> nothing makes sense anymore. >> are you okay? >> she broke up with me. >> ♪ >> reporter: that's where his kitten "keanu" comes in, the animal fills the hole in his characters heart after his girlfriend dumped him but when "keanu" goes missing, the duo who play cousins do whatever it takes to get the kitten back. >> we put ourselves in a situation where we might get shot, we could die, walking into the wire or new jack city. >> reporter: although key & peele get the top billing, the true stars are the cats and kittens used to make the movie, the filmmakers say there's a message, adopting cats and kittens. >> every single kitten is a rescue kitten. every cat is a rescue cat. some of the cats were adopted by members of the crew. >> reporter: oaklands cat uptown cafi is a nonprofit shelter that also benefited from the movie. the cafi was renamed "keanu"
10:45 pm
crib for the day and a place where a small purchase, you can hang out with kittens and cats that need a home. if you like them, you can even adopt one. >> sometimes you can go to the shelter and get sad or depressed by the environment. so we're trying to create something fun. >> this is legitimately the nicest, coolest cat shelter i've ever seen. >> better than a regular human cafi. >> reporter: those at the shelter were happy to get the publicity that will come with the film. >> the movie opens april 29. if you want to hang out in cat town, it is open wednesday through sunday, in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. temperatures out there warmed up nicely, 81 in concord, 70 in livermore, a nice-looking day-to-day, cooler tomorrow, cooler today, cooler again tomorrow. as we head through the next few hours, then rain shows up in the bay area forecast as we head into friday afternoon. you can see the jet stream -- jet stream showing weather system over the top but the next system gets in here friday, will start with increasing
10:46 pm
clouds tomorrow. so tomorrow is mostly cloudy, we talked about that. then as we head into your thursday night, friday morning the rain should start. not yet, outside right now you've got a few clouds, tomorrow morning in san francisco, partly cloudy, that's in the morning. in the afternoon, clouds break out your little sunshine and then late in the afternoon, thursday afternoon you get mostly to partly sunny skies, 65 degrees at 4:00. so that is san francisco's high. warm weather takes a break, temperatures trending down today, further tomorrow. and further still on friday as we head into a wet period. i think we're going to get real rain on friday. that means a commute friday morning that might be slower than you'd like and maybe even friday afternoon, also means snow in the mountains. so thursday morning, cloud cover tomorrow morning. thursday afternoon, there's the day, rain stays north but the atmosphere is going to be primed, is a lot of moisture in place. when the dynamics get here on friday, could trigger significant, significant rainfall. 0.1, 0.25 of rain.
10:47 pm
significant in april. so friday morning at 7:00 a.m., there it is, the frontal passage, that's right on the heart of the morning commute, that could give you some grief. scattered showers, want to follow behind, winter weather advisories around lake tahoe, this all happens on friday. by saturday morning, pretty much out of here. even in the mountains. it lingers saturday morning. afternoon commute, saturday morning and there's your saturday afternoon, just a one and done, trying to deal but not bad. now even more so, each day closer to it, looks like it's going to happen. so we will get some rain on friday and it might have an impact on your commute, mostly on the morning. five-day forecast, showers in there on friday, saturday, sunday and monday things shape up pretty nicely with temperatures trying to get back up there but instead of being in the 80s like we were a couple days ago and low nineties, we're going to be the warm spots in the mid-60s. so not expecting in april,
10:48 pm
actually a little below the average for this time of year. >> it will be nice to see some rain again. >> it will. >> all right. let's talk a little hockey. san jose sharks in the drivers seat. >> yeah. who says the sharks can't win at home? right? man, they get something off their back tonight. sharks have skated under the radar, but no longer. this was at gut wrenching as it gets in the stanley cup playoffs, literally down to the final seconds before the sharks were able to move within a victory now of clinching the series against the l.a. kings. scoreless first, and the sharks definitely pumped up. they come out, second period, 2:09 in, the theatrics end and joe ward will get down to business with a perfect pass for brent burns on his knees. whacking it home, we've got a 1- 0 lead. you can feel the energy at the time, no doubt about it. watching on, 9:21 into the second, joe thornton, watch him sort things out, under the gets
10:49 pm
it to joe podolsky, his fourth, postseason goal, he shows up to play no matter what in the playoffs. 2-0 lead. in the third, a guy who has been mia in playoff action, finally shows up, patty marleau with his first postseason goal this time around. gave him a 3-0 lead. i tell you what, the la kings came on strong in the latter stages of the third period, scored two goals and had an incredible flurry right in front of the net, right down to the final second but the sharks hang on to win, 3-2. they lead three games to one, headed back to l.a. for a friday night game and by the way, the goalie, martin jones, 26 saves, and we go to joe fonzi now, standing by at the tank, man, that was a wild and woolly finish. frank is always talking about playoff hockey, that was some of the finest and it's best tonight, joe. >> reporter: you had to be sweating this one out along
10:50 pm
with everybody else, all four games decided by one goal. tonight, no exception although it looked for a while like the sharks might walk away with this as they lead 3-0. you could make the case that the game in some ways was won in the first period. because of the job that both goaltenders did, jonathan quick for los angeles, martin jones for the sharks, both teams had their opportunities and jones was able to keep the kings of the board. i talked to him a few months ago about just that, keeping his team in it and then building momentum later in the game. >> they are a desperate team, down to-1. we knew they were going to push. we did a really good job managing it, playing well in the zone and was not called on to do anything spectacular. >> you always want that. any chance you get, you want to find ways to win. the fourth win is always tough. your desperation has to keep improving each game. they're going to come out and play a good game.
10:51 pm
so are we. >> reporter: the other thing the sharks talked about was being rewarded for their execution. all three of their goals came on power plays, they had the same type of opportunities in game three, didn't get the puck to go in. tonight, it did. they felt like they were rewarded for their efforts and now as we know, the sharks up 3- 1, they've been in this situation before, they had a 3- 0 lead the last time these teams met two years ago, we know how that turned out so the sharks taking nothing for granted but very much would like to wrap things up friday night in los angeles. >> yeah. we don't want to be reminded of that. for sure. thanks a lot, joe. the next game will be in l.a. where the sharks have actually played their best hockey. moving along, the san francisco giants are lucky the spotlight is not on them right now. while the a's, definitely enjoying bright lights, big city. yankee stadium.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
from virtually anywhere. to warn of danger it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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all right. signs of hope for a healthy steph curry soon. but not like to monitor soon, the warriors touched down in houston today, go right to work. all eyes of course on his
10:55 pm
workout, which was far longer than the other day when he shut it down quickly. actually be 14 two, he seemed to be moving freely but they don't expect him in there tomorrow night for game three. that is if you take him at his own word. >> not in jeopardy of hurting myself even more. balancing that with the time, a great time right now for us to keep doing what we're doing and take advantage of this playoff run. so we're in good shape either way i think. and i'm going to get out there as soon as i can. >> nice to be up 2-0 and say, all right, we'll give him rest or whatever but it really isn't about that. it's about whether he's okay or not. and if he's not quite okay and there's a risk of him injuring himself or making it worse, then we won't play him.
10:56 pm
>> all right. the road is apparently where the a's feel most at home, still haven't lost a single game away from the coliseum, only five games, but sounds good to say, yankee stadium not an easy place to have it your way but they have. and even if they don't have a whole lot of support, anyway, it's the fourth inning, josh reddick didn't hit it hard but hit it just right. softserve into left field, chris coghlan will make it to the plate because brian mccann didn't hang onto the ball for the yankees. 2-1 lead. 3-1 in the eighth. chris davis struggling, comes through with a two-run single, billy butler, stephen volk score, 5-2 lead. 6 1/3 and the victory. giants and a's, madison but gartner outdueled again tonight. zack greinke beat him to-1 and the giants have lost four in a row. and seven out of eight. that's the sporting life. more on that tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us tonight. good night.
10:57 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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