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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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days as crews work on repairs. >> we are tracking scattered showers throughout the bay area. >> and remembering music legend prince as fans pay tribute. we are learning more about the investigation into his death. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> and good afternoon everybody. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. repair crews are at the scene of a big sink hole in san francisco's pacific heights. >> this afternoon, we are getting a closer look at the sink hole. christien kafton tells us just how long it will be until the section of sacramento street opens. >> reporter: we are here at sacramento street. repair crews on the scene of this major sink hole, about 20 feet across, ten feet deep. water running through the sink hole. now, crews here have actually diverted water away from this sink hole so that as rain rolls through the area, it won't shed quite as much water. they are working to get some reware work underway.
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they are investigating what caused it in the first place. >> they typically occur when there's space and air in the ground where it shouldn't exist and there is pressure and it collapses. and it causes the sink hole. we will be looking to see if the sink hole or the sewer main break, how they are related and of course, make a determination and of course fix it. >> reporter: the sink hole opened up yesterday and it started as a depression in the street. we spoke to a woman who said she saw the depression and heard the cars rolling over it and called 311. they came out and we were on the scene as the sink hole gave way. >> someone called in 8:30 this morning. oh! oh it just fell in! >> reporter: you can see just how big it really is. it will take crews about two or three days to repair the sewer line that runs underneath and then fill this hole to make it safe again for cars to travel over. in the meantime, there will be more traffic on nearby roads
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traveling east and west. in san francisco, christien kafton, fox 2 news. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused a two alarm fire that injured two firefighters. started at 9:30 in the mission district. crews reported two firefighters suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. it was a wet start across the day with rain in much of the bay area. >> and it did clear up for a bit. rosemary orozco will tell us what to expect. >> it will keep coming. we have scattered showers out there. though we have peeks of sunshine and clouds, the downpours continue. let's take a look at a wet, wet east bay there. you can see the wind is blowing as well. temperatures in the low 60s for most of us, but it's a cool breezy cloudy damp day. even though we again are seeing breaks in between, storm tracker 2 showing us it is fairly widespread with the
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scattered showers. you see a little bit closer now over portions of the south bay, over the diablo range. some areas have picked up a half inch, maybe a little more than that in the last 24 hours. that is some great news. when i come back, we will take a look at the rainfall totals and what we can expect in the evening hours. we have the weekend upon us. >> all right. >> see you in a few. >> sure. we are continuing to remember music legend prince. we want to show you live pictures outside of his paisley park home where fan haves been stopping by to pay tribute to the pop icon. as you can see, the memorial has been growing with flowers and balloons in the singer's signature purple. meanwhile, we are awaiting the toxicology results after the examiner completed his autopsy. >> the results are expected to take several weeks. our alex savidge has more.
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>> reporter: as tributes to prince pour in, there are still many questions surrounding his sudden death. an autopsy was just completed today. prince had reportedly been sick recently. just a week ago, his private plane was forced to make an emergency landing for medical reasons. representatives for the musician say he was suffering from the flu, but, tmz reports that prince was treated for a drug overdose at the hospital. less than a week later, the 57- year-old singer was found dead in his paisley park complex outside of minneapolis. fans in the bay area are celebrating his life and music. this was the scene in san francisco last night as people gathered outside city hall for an inpromptu dance party. fans gathered to remember the
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one of a kind artist. >> he speaks to people in san francisco in a special way. >> he is just a force to be reckoned with. that is like an understatement. he is a musical genius. >> reporter: and in his hometown of minneapolis, thousands of people spent the night at a dance party outside a downtown nightclub where prince's movie purple rain was filmed. the owners say the party gave fans a way to share their emotions. >> prince was everything to me growing up. he got me through my middle school, my high school, my ups and downs. and like, 1999 came out when i was graduating from high school in 1989 and it is just like everything that i celebrate. >> reporter: though prince was reportedly quite sick, he was still seen out and about in
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minneapolis over the past few days. he even hosted a party for some of his fans at his compound this past weekend. an autopsy has been done to figure out what caused his death. but the results may not be made public for several days. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we have so much more on prince's death including tributes here and across the country on our website you can join the conversation, go to our facebook page and leave your own condolence message. >> now to developing news on a horrific shooting in ohio that has left at least eight people dead. all believed to be members of one family. officials in pike county 80 miles east of cincinnati say two of the victims are children. those killed were all shot to death execution style and found in at least four different locations this morning. there are reports that four children including two babies were found alive. authorities are trying to determine a motive. they say no suspect has been arrested and the killer may be
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among the dead. san francisco police now releasing some new detail ins the disappearance of two-year- old ariana and the killing her of mother nicole. oakland is where her former babysitter live. she refused to let nicole see her own daughter in the weeks before her death. they also revealed a piece of spray painted plywood was found covering nicole's body on april 8. >> it has spray painted markings on it we hope someone may recognize. these markings may be construction related or even graffiti. but it is our hope someone will recognize them. >> meanwhile friends and family are holding out hope that little ariana is still alive. the director of the fbi suggested they paid more than a million dollars to break into the iphone of one of the san
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bernardino shooters. james comey made the comment. they unlocked the phone with the help of an unidentified third party. now the fbi can use the same software on other similar iphones. >> how much did you pay for this software? >> a lot. >> really? >> let's see. more than i will make in the remainder of this job which is seven years and four months for sure. >> wow. >> and so, it is ... but it was in my view worth it. >> the fbi director serves a ten-year term. according to public records, he makes $183,000 a year. that means he will make about 1.3 million while he remains the director and breaking into that iphone totaled more than that number. the head coach of the men's crew team at uc berkeley is accused of failing to report a sexual assault claim against one of his rowers. a female february of the team told coach mike teti she had been sexually assaulted at a crew team party but instead of
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reporting the incident, the coach told her to stop crying and asked her about her sexual relationships with other rowers. she told the mercury news the allegations are false. this is the latest in a string of sexual misconduct allegations, jackie spear announced new legislation that would make it easier to prosecute energy companies for pipeline problems. pg&e is facing criminal prosecution for alleged violations of federal law in the san bruno blast. but was just granted another postponement in that trial. the city of oakland is preparing to mark the legacy of the black panther party with the 50th anniversary commemoration at the oakland museum of california. former panther members are among those planning three days of events. they were founded to oppose police brutality and provided food, healthcare, and education
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to the community. the theme of the anniversary event is where do we go from here? >> the black panther party stahist looms as a vision of hope. we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the party for all those who find their way to oakland. >> organizers say 50 years later, communities continue to wrestle with the same issues including income inquality, and access to healthcare. the oakland museum says it will offer a new exhibit opening october 8 called all power to the people. black panthers at 50. on this earth day, online retailer amazon is taking steps to reduce waste. amazon has launched what it calls frustration-free packaging. the company says when ever possible, products ship in their original packaging eliminating the need for additional shipping box. paper and cardboard make up a huge amount of bay area waste. the recycling plant alone
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receives 100 tons of paper and cardboard every day. new york, 900 tons a day. >> when you buy things online, they can show up in two or three boxes within a box. box within a box. kind of a russian doll of boxes. that is really bad packaging. and we encourage people not to support that. >> an estimated 90% of packaging is recycled but critics say that process has its own cost such as pollution from shipping. and still ahead, we are profiling a local group doing its part this earth day and every day. we will look at seed to table producers. >> plus, incredible video of of china where a child was lifted off the ground by a whirlwind. >> and the clock is ticking down to another round of primaries meaning next tuesday's votes could set the political stage ahead of the
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summer convention. that story and more after a break.
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>> take a look at your screen, we circled it for you. scary moments in china on camera. a dust devil lifting the child off the ground. he fell to the ground seconds later. here is the whirlwind in action. the little boy was taken to the hospital with minor head injuries, but what a chaotic
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scene. students gathering for a sporting event wednesday. three dust devils tore through the area. the last one lifted that little boy right into the air. the cuban government has lifted a ban on cubans and cuban americans traveling in and out of the country by commercial vessels. it including carnival cruise lines. the move clear it is way for carnival and other cruise lines to add the island to their list of destinations. they hope to start sailing to cuba by may 1. now to politics. shaping up to be a mini super tuesday as hundreds of delegates are up for grabs in five states next week. >> voters in connecticut, delaware, maryland, rhode island, and pennsylvania who traditionally vote so late their choices are limited may finally have a shot at picking their respective party's nominee. >> reporter: with the first of
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the presidential conventions less than three months away, neither republicans nor the democrats have a firm candidate with enough delegates to secure the nomination. these states will have more sway than in previous elections. >> if there is a large voter turn-out, i believe we will win. >> reporter: front runners donald trump and hillary clinton are leading the most recent polls in all five states in both campaigns are hoping a clean sweep for their candidate will be enough to force their rivals to drop out of the race. >> most republicans have realized donald trump is the best thing we have going in the republican party because we have grown the base, we are winning elections and he is the only candidate who can fight hillary clinton. >> reporter: for republicans, 172 delegates are up for grabs in the five states. the same number as delegate rich california which has its primary in june. while donald trump is agreeing to play nice with the rnc and calling on the party to unify
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behind him, texas senator ted cruz maintains the nomination is still up for grabs. >> now it is easy to talk about making america great again. but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> reporter: pennsylvania is the biggest of the states. so it is no surprise that almost every candidate is holding events there today with kasich, trump, and clinton fanning out across rhode island and connecticut this weekend. in washington, i'm gary tenny, fox news. rosemary orozco, rain all over today. >> yes. much needed rain and it feels good out there. we will continue to dry out as we get into the evening hours. your weekend is looking dry. breezy. we will talk about that in just a moment. all that gray. and it is breezy out there.
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bundle up. make it a waterproof jacket. you will be fine. santa rosa, more than a half inch reported for you. mount diablo, seven tenths of an inch of rain. kentfield, a half inch. we almost have seven tenths reported. in san jose, just shy of a quarter inch. could see anywhere from a few one hundred to maybe a quarter inch as we get into the afternoon and evening hours before it finally pulls out. here is a look at storm tracker 2. a little more widespread over the diablo range. we will get a little closer. take a look. the santa cruz mountains. milpitas and san jose, looks like you have a little bit of light activity going on. the moderate to heavy rain over the higher elevations. shifting into the inner east
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bay. crossing into pleasanton. you will find some here as well. a pocket of moderate rain falling. the debate stretching into antioch, for the north bay and the east bay, we have some on the richmond san rafael bridge. and i-80 and vallejo, over the north bay, just light scattered showers reported at this time. snow in the sierra. all the way down to the pass. there is an advisory. if you are thinking of heading up. it lasts until 8:00. several inches of new snow here. as this continues to push through and moves out of the area. here is a view of what we are looking at. the entire state, at least northern california down through central california getting the brunt of this. southern california dry at the moment. they are not likely to see much of any of this. but as we roll through our afternoon, here is 3:00, scattered showers. here is 7:00, notice right there in san francisco, mainly dry. but if you are going to see the giants game, it will be cool, it will be cloudy.
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and we will leave in a slight possibility of a little drizzle. a few sprinkles. it shouldn't be too bad. as we get into the evening hours we will be drying out. temperatures in the 50s to low 60s . 59, sfo. low to mid 50s over portions of the north bay. it is a cool one. as we get into the afternoon, we have low 60s pacifica, san francisco, 63. mid 60s in antioch. temperatures will be slightly warmer as we get into your bay area weekend and we will be dry. i'll have a look at that as we get into your saturday as well as sunday. coming up in the next half hour, but again, if you are planning on today, keep the umbrella handy. back to you. >> beautiful. thank you rosemary. bart is planning another weekend closure between two east bay stations. no service saturday and sunday between the san leandro and bay fair stations. a bus bridge is planned to get passengers where they need to be while they make repairs. the bus bridge is expected to cause delays of 30 minutes to an hour. the same work will continue
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during two weekends in may and is scheduled to be complete in mid june. still ahead, several festivals and parades all across the bay area this weekend. we have details for you in this edition of weekend watch after a break.
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>> stocks have turned mixed. afternoon trading on wall street, the close just about 30
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minutes away. the dow jones is slightly higher. the s&p 500 is still flat. the nasdaq also down 45 points. tonight at sun down, the jewish holiday of passover begins. it is one of the most important religious festivals of the jewish calendar, it commemorates the liberation of the people of israel led out of egypt by moses. it has been celebrated for thousands of years. for eight days, jews are not allowed to eat leavened bread. today is earth day and celebrations are going on. >> those are not the only events. there are also several parades and festivals as well. the details are in this edition of weekend watch. >> all over the bay area this weekend, earth day festivities and celebrations in addition to so many other events. in san francisco, the international film festival gets underway. the 59th edition features film
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makers from nearly 50 countries. they will be here with a list of documentaries and premiers. the annual festival features the parade of 11. this sunday is opening day on the bay. your annual celebration includes the blessing of the fleet. a boat parade, and lots of sailing. you can watch from pier 39 to sausalito. in the north bay t butter and eggs parade is downtown petaluma. it is free. you can enjoy the fun from 10:00 to 5:00. in the south bay, a cherry blossom festival is happening in cupertino. the japanese festival is free and runs saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 5:00. in sports, warriors and as are on the road. giants host the marlins. sharks host the kings and quakes host sporting kc. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch.
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still ahead, we are remembering prince. his fans honor him across the world. >> and we will have the investigation of his death as well as we will be joined by d.j. davey to talk about the music icon's legacy. >> and we will introduce you to a local group teaching children about seed to table produce. >> having a baby, maybe. >> see it next right this minute.
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>> today, fans are expressing their grief at the sudden death of music legend prince. so many people stopping by his home to pay tribute to the pop icon. we can see more people in this picture now than when we first checked in a half hour ago. more and more people. the balloons and the signature color of purple. >> it is not just in minnesota, but people all over the world are continuing to mourn the loss of prince. >> now, there are new questions surrounding his death and indications that drug use may have played a part. there are now questions over possible drug use after the death of musical icon prince. he was found dead thursday at his paisley park compound in minnesota. this a week after his private
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plane made an emergency landing for medical reasons. >> the most likely thing from the history is unfortunately some kind of drug overdose. >> representatives say he was sick with the flu. investigators are trying to contact the
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winner. >> in new york, patricia stark, fox news. joining us now is the bay area's own d.j. take us back to the days when you knew that prince had something. when you were djing. were the phones just going off the hook? was it one particular day that stands out in your memory? >> well, prince was already big before i even started djing and he is still big now. but i recall, you know, in the early 80s , records like controversy had things like the dirty mind album were really big at parties. and of course, after the purple rain movie came out, that kind of just put him in a whole other vein.
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i think since then, just like the mainstream is always discovering prince with each album, but the one thing about him is that he has a fan base that is very musically inclined. they are people that are really into the music. we have always known prince was bigger and a little bit more polished and had a lot more depth than what people would, you know, would know right off the bat. >> so many people paying tribute to him say he was an artist. these days there are a lot of pop stars. that's the difference? >> he is an accomplished musician. he plays everything. he appreciates talent. so, a lot of people know the myth about prince being this recluse. somebody who is just like stay away from me. but people that know him or come in contact with him will tell him look, prince is somebody who showed up at the
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back of my club. you know, he comes to the bay area. hanging up with up and coming artists. picked up up pam the punkstress. a lot of musicians he would tap into. he would influence them or be influenced by them. so i think he was a consummate perfectionist and musician and somebody who could really appreciate the art. >> there is something about sitting at home, spinning the record and listening to it. and also being at the live show. when you saw him live, you said not this last time, but, what stood out about his live performance? >> again, um, his commitment to the audience. he wasn't somebody to do the same show twice. that is why you found people would go to the concert. and find the afterparty. then find the after-afterparty. and with each show it would be different. he was always somebody who wanted to connect to the
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audience. you might see them at a party in oakland, a show in la. i have friends that have gone up and down the west coast. following prince, but not on some groupies but because they really were inspired by his music and got into the showmanship. >> we have been talking about his hits. let's go crazy, 1999. when doves cry. is there a song you want people to listen to that is not on the front burner for everybody? >> i will tell you some songs i'm looking for. i didn't realize until recently he had done things with dougie fresh. they did eight songs. i have been trying to find those records. they are kind of political. the one they did for freddie gray in baltimore is worth listennenning to.
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some of the songs i personally like, i don't know if we could say it on tv. but he controls a pretty good one. these are more adult in nature. >> i will say growing up, my parents were very conservative about what we could hear in the house. i listened to a ton of prince. so for the wide fan base out there, you know. >> listen to purple rain, you will be okay. >> and we will listen to it. we are wearing it. thank you very much for joining us on this day. so many people are talking and thinking about prince. we have seen a number of tributes online. if you want to join us, head to a lot more information there. the facebook page on ktvu fox 2 news is a nice place as well. in other news in the city of san francisco, it is now confirmed a second case of the zika virus. the patient who was a pregnant woman contracted the patient in south america. but there is no risk to public
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health and zika is not circulating through san francisco now. the woman has no zika symptoms and is receiving care. the zika case, the first case of zika was confirmed back in february by a person who had also traveled to central america and that person has fully recovered. it is earth day of course. we are profiling groups and businesses doing their part to celebrate the earth every day. >> as ktvu fox 2 news' claudine wong reports, there is one group in alameda where youngsters are learning the process of seed to table. >> reporter: you know, 20 years ago, alice waters started what is called the edible schoolyard. it started at an elementary school in berkeley. since that time, things have really grown. the idea of an edible education has spread. the boys and girls club has a project called seed to table. kids come here to learn the importance of growing and cooking their own food.
12:37 pm
so, gretchen is the director. thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: so tell me about what you want the kids to get out of this program. you have hundreds coming through here. you cook, you grow. you do it all. >> yeah, we want to teach the kids how to cook and grow their own food. to inspire some healthy lifestyles so that they feel comfortable and enthusiastic about eating vegetables. >> reporter: this idea of edible education. where do you see it really click? >> we have 32tivity graders here. that is a good time for them to understand. fifth graders. second graders like to look for bugs and discover the bugs and they like to taste stuff too. but it is really around the third grade that it really starts to click about the plant cycles and the fact that what they are growing is healthier for them. i have had third graders say why don't we cook more food for the boys and girls club? they understand that cooking
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from scratch is healthy. >> reporter: and just getting their hands dirty. >> we have some new raised bed theres waiting for the plants to come in. we will put in fruit trees and blueberry bushes and they have loved aerating the soil. kids don't often get a chance to get out there and dig. many of them don't have yards or their parents don't want them to dig up their yard. but getting the skills, weeding, tearing stuff out of the ground, as well as delicately harvesting. >> when they finally sit down,ly go over there and quiz them. what do you think they will say about their food? >> they love making it themselves. they are not following a recipe. we have made salads many times and we eat what is out here and they have a great time doing it. >> all right, let's go talk to them. >> reporter: so we have made our way to the table and we have these experts. what is in this salad? >> there are strawberries and
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kohlrabi, lettuce, garlic, and onions. >> did you grow all of this? >> yes. >> would you rather eat stuff someone else grew or the stuff you grew? >> you grew yourself. >> we learn how it grows. >> it tastes better. if you buy it, if you buy it, you don't know where it has been or how it got there. if you plant it, it is better. >> that sounds great. thanks guys. all right, still ahead, the sharks look to and advance in the stanley cup playoffs and we will tell you why no-hitter ins baseball are bad news for the golden state warriors. >> president obama helping the queen celebrate her 90th birthday, but also addressing serious business as well.
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>> tonight, the san jose sharks are looking to advance in the stanley cup playoffs. they are up three game to one over the kings going into game five and they are coming off a big win at home. puck drops at 7:30, that is down at staples. if the sharks win, they take the series. if the kings win, they move back to san jose. meanwhile, the golden state warriors are coming off a tough loss in houston. >> it came down to the last seconds of the game, but they were not able to pull out the win. steph curry. >> reporter: a different feel. they knew they would be without steph curry, but they also have to contend with a hostile road crowd here at the toyota center
12:43 pm
and a desperate rockets team. >> should be ready. >> and houston played desperately with emotion fueled by the home crowd. they out-battled the dubs much of the game but give the warriors credit. they fought back from 15 points down. actually took the lead late in the fourth quarter. in the end, the rockets had just enough left in the tank to win the game. and get back into the series. >> they are a very talented team. you have a lot of individual players that can get 20 or 30 points. they play very well tonight. >> reporter: steph curry never saw the floor. in fact, the first time we laid eyes on him was after the game at his locker. he watched the entire game from the warriors locker room. no word yet clearly on his status for game four, but my guess is the ankle is going to heal a little quicker after what we saw last night. >> we had a lot of good individual performances but we have to play better as a team.
12:44 pm
so other steps here or not, we should perform at a high level. which we did for much of the game. but we have to eliminate some of the mistakes we made. >> reporter: we wondered what kind of backdrop the toyota center would be here in houston because there was not a lot of buzz downtown when the team was getting thumped in oakland. not sure there were a lot of believers here in red nation. there were still tickets available prior to game time. but the home team and home crowd did what they had to do to make this a series. as for the warriors, they were out steph, klay and draymomd only had sub par games. this team which has not won back to back the entire season will come back with a vengeance game four on sunday. scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. now to baseball, the as are headed to toronto with their perfect road record on the line. just finished a sweep of the new york yankees with a 7-3 win. chris davis broke a 2-2 tie in
12:45 pm
the 7th inning yesterday with a solo home run. that is his first of the season. coco crisp sent one into the beach. chris coglin padded the lead. the as are on a five game winning streak. so, as for the giants, they are looking to break their five game losing streak. johnny cuado broke a 2-2 tie. things got a little heated in the 8th inning when josh osich hit david peralta in the elbow. words are exchanged. the bench is cleared. the two teams were issued warnings. diamondbacks went onto win 6-2. the marlins are next tonight. and in cincinnati, speaking
12:46 pm
of baseball, jake arrieta struck out his second no hitter in eight months. his gem overshadowed the cubs hitting clinic. he was last year's nl cy young winner with 22 wins on the year. take a look at this statistic proving that no hitters are bad news for the golden state warriors. as you can see during the curry era, their last two playoff losses came on days that a no- hitter was thrown. the warriors are 0-3 when no hitters are thrown overall. >> that gets you going ooh. let's head back to weather. gray cloudy day for so many. i have to find my umbrella. >> keep it handy. at least through today. for the weekend, we are all good. we need the rain and it is kind of nice. we know we will get to the warm weather. we have the entire summer to look forward to. but here is a look at what is
12:47 pm
happening now. we have the clouds in place. the wind in place. temperatures on the cool side. we have snow in the sierra. all great news. here is a look at the storm riding through california at this time. you can see over northern california stretching all the way down along the central coast and over to the sierra. we have rain and snow. so that is some great news. as we squeeze in closer here, we have periods of sunshine early on. but now we are pretty much partly to mostly cloudy with the rain continuing. over portions of the north bay, let's go there first. take a look at where we may have a few light scattered showers falling. santa rosa through petaluma. sausalito looks like you have wet weather overhead. crossing into the golden gate bridge and into san francisco. we have some right here on the sunset district. daly city. all the way to edgemar. and san francisco getting wet at the moment. at&t park if you are going to the giants game, i'll have your forecast. in the east bay, highway 24,
12:48 pm
oakland to lafayette, we have light rain there. 680 over san ramon. 580 over livermore. we have some that continues right over the diablo range. at the top of the hour, i showed you some of the rainfall amounts in the last 24 hours. half inch even more than that. that is some good news. and as we get into the sierra, the snow is falling below pass level at this point. you are going to need chains or snow tires as you get up there. an advisory is in place until 8:00 this evening. and the winds. take a look. concord sustained at 20. gusting to 30. and napa gusting to 34. san jose, you have a gust to 20 miles an hour. scattered showers begin to taper offer. mostly cloudy. maybe a fewstring sprinkles add we head into the game.
12:49 pm
we will be drying out. 57 degrees. a strong one at times. here is is a look at the afternoon highs for the rest of us. low to mid 60s in the forecast. 66 expected in san jose. and your extended forecast with the bay area weekend always in view. temperatures will be on the mild side, mid to upper 60s in the forecast. tomorrow a little breezy, but dry saturday and sun. back to you. >> thanks rosemary orozco. president obama in the u.k. today as well as meeting with the members of the royal family, he is talking with the british prime minister. >> this comes after the president stirred up controversy about britain's exit from the european union. >> reporter: a royal welcome for president obama. between elizabeth ii and her husband greeting the president and first lady at windsor castle. they pose for a photo before having lunch to celebrate the monarch's 90th birthday. >> thank you. >> reporter: president obama headed to 10 downing street for a meeting with the british prime minister david cameron.
12:50 pm
two heads of state talking concerns like the global economy and homeland security. >> president obama has found a prime minister cameron to be an effective partner in accomplishing goals that have been prioritized by both our countries. >> reporter: the president wading into the ongoing debate over britain's potential exit from the european union. he urged the u.k. to stay in the 28 country group writing even as we cherish our sovereignty, the nations who wield influence do it through the collective actions that today's challenges demand. his views angered london's mayor. >> the united states would not dream of subject subjugating with another jurisdiction. >> reporter: the coming of the june referendum is of interest
12:51 pm
to the united states. if you are thinking of going to the movies, we have a preview of the latest installment of snow white and the hunts man series after that break.
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>> the next installment of the hunts man series is now in
12:54 pm
theater. >> it is bigger in every way. >> this is what i trained you for. >> reporter: chris hemsworth reprizes his role. it proceeds the block buster tale snow white and the huntsman. >> i'll rule the world. >> reporter: charlize theron is the evil one and emily blunt is her sibling. we spoke with hemsworth and jessica chastain about vanity and aging in hollywood. >> i worry. there is so much i want to do, you know? as far as the business goes, as you say, then, to have, you know, to keep playing different characters, i love it. but not from a vanity point of view. >> you can't tell from our lip injections? [ laughter ] >> is it taking effect?
12:55 pm
>> your botox looks amazing. >> thank you. >> reporter: they both got in their fight scenes and scenes. >> i had ha lot of fun doing the fight scenes. so i knew i was going to have fun doing that. the thing i was a little intimidated with was having to do things opposite chris who is this huge guy. you are like a foot taller than me. >> the fight scenes were so impressive in the four five inch lifts and the acrobatics. i would be watching saying i want some of that. the flips. and she has high heels on. >> so he would take my shoes an wear them in the next fight. >> in between the shots. >> this is the most fun ever. >> reporter: so when it comes to the biggest differences between this film and the first one? >> i think it is more fun. i think it is larger. i think it is a bigger sense of humor. i loved the first one, but it
12:56 pm
was darker in tone. this is a fine adventure. it is a solid love story too. >> a big surprise. >> yeah. it is a roll back. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. a young actor is making his theater debut. matthew dean of san jose is starring in billy elliot. we had a chance to go behind the scene. billy elliot is the story of a young boy from an english mining town who discovered his love of ballet. the sixth grader says he can relate to the themes of the show. >> it's the kind of true feeling you get when you are dancing and it just shows that you can be who you want to be without anybody judging you. >> the first performance was for local school children this morning. you can catch the show at the theater in san jose. >> keba arnold is off today.
12:57 pm
and rosemary orozco will be joining me coanchoring the 4:00 on 2. >> she can do anything. so i will be watching you today at 4:00. thanks for joining us at noon. see you all day long on, facebook, and twitter. ter. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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