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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we reported earlier that bart did have one of the newer cars in the area and all they are supposed to have ten test cars in the bay by the end of the year. it appears that this bart car has some sort of damage, rosemary due to an incident on the tracks. we are still trying to get bart on the phone and possibly as you see one of the current cars rolling right by it. it appears to have hit something on one of the sides of the other tracks there. again, this is one of the new bart cars that has arrived in the bay. sky fox overhead in the city of hay ward. the new cars filled with improvements and a lot of talk about it from bart. 70 feet long and 65,000 pounds and here we are fresh off of its arrival and appears to be involved in an incident. >> it looks to be a side rail. we saw a train go by that means it is not necessarily blocking
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any future travel but again looking at something perhaps a test run of some sort that went awry. >> in all 775 cars expected to come to the bay area between this year and the year 2021. sky fox will continue to monitor the situation. we have folks in the newsroom going to bart. >> obviously nobody in the train so that is good news. no passengers. >> and we will get back to the picture if we find out more information. great having you on board this friday afternoon. let's go to the weather. started off wet and woke me up at 4:30. >> peeks of sunshine and breezy. take a look at this, rainy view. we do have still sleek roads as we begin the evening dries. the scattered showers continuing for the next couple of hours and winding down. fortunately it looks like in time for the giants game, a little bit later this evening. maybe just a little bit of drizzle to start and we will be
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drying out for the evening. here is another picture from san francisco over the bay where we can even see peeks of blue skies. it is still breezy and a cool day and we will turn it to the radar and take a look at what is going on. a three hour time lapse, you can see a few hours ago widespread showers over the bay. we have picked up more than a half-inch of rain in some spots and even an inch in some locations. i will have the details in awhile. it is beginning to wind down. we will talk about the bay area in a bit. now to the story after music legend, one day after the news of prince passing away the sheriff in his hometown said no signs of trauma on the musician's body. >> it comes as tributes flow in. henry lee joins us with the latest. henry. >> reporter: rosemary, local officials in michigan say suicide is not suspected.
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friends say that prince had a medical issue history including epilepsy and trauma from jumping off risers during his electrifying performances. officials in minnesota went over the timeline of events yesterday. the county sheriff called prince a good neighbor and pledged to respect his privacy. a spoke woman for the medical examiner explained what went on today. >> the autopsy this morning began at 9:00 a.m. central daylight time and concluded at one p.m. and i received word that his body did leave the medical examiner's office and release to the family. >> samples taken during the autopsy need to be analysted by the laboratory. the cause of death is pending. the information surrounding the cause of prince's death is being filled from a variety of sources including the hollywood media. harvey le v en says prince's plane made an emergency landing
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six days ago because the emergency allegedly overdosed on the painkiller percocet. >> it was so serious and life- threatening that they had to administer a save shot that reverses the effects of opiates. they gave him the shot at the airport and took him to the hospital. >> he says prince visited a pharmacy hours before his death. it could be weeks before toxicology results available. henry lee, fox 2 news. thank you for the update. as you can imagine prince was front page news all over the u.s. here is the image from the new york post. icon dead at 57. the new yorker's cover page, a purple rain tribute and in
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minneapolis the headline purple majesty with a big picture of prince playing the guitar. >> and there is a growing memorial outside prince's home, purple balloons and flowers being left behind by fans in 30 minutes we will go live out to paisley park and reporter maureen glover to get a feel of the scene there tonight. san francisco held officials say they have confirmed a second case of zika virus according to the city's public health department. the patient is a pregnant woman infected in central america. they say the woman currently has no symptoms and is receiving care. the first case of zika was confirmed back in february. that patient had also traveled to central america and has fully recovered. officials emphasize that zika is not circulating in the city. meantime in the nation's capital congress is considering a bill that would partially fund president obama's 1.8
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commitment to the fight of zika. organizers met with the press this morning at the oakland museum of california. former panther members among those planning three days of events starting october 20th. the militant group was a controversial part of the black power movement of the 1960s. the theme of the anniversary event is where do we go from here? >> the black panther party looms as a deacon of hope as a resurrection for america. this is what we hope to set forth in october when we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the party for all of those that find their way to oakland. >> organizers say 50 years later communities still continue to wrestle with the issues including income and equality. the museum is planning a new exhibit october 8th called all
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power to the people black panthers. no win for the warriors. their first round with the rockets two games to one in favor of golden state. clay thompson going 5 for 7, the warriors lost by one point. >> any steph curry sightings for you, scott? >> reporter: eventually, yes. and you know guys the warriors are taking last night's loss in stride as they always do. they know that if they bring their game to the arena in game four, it will be virtually impossible for the rockets to beat them especially if that curry guy is back on the floor. so that is the big question. cameras not permitted in the arena for the tail end practice which is normal protocol. we saw steph moving around walking slowly to the locker room. remember yesterday, he got his
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shots up as you see. today he went hard and played three on three and the results encouraging. >> it feels good. playing good game reps. and always fun and you hate nursing injuries and what not. getting shots and breaking a sweat and a little competition. definitely fun and hope to ramp it up more. >> are you pain free? >> pretty close. >> steph looked good and played 3 on 3 and did a pretty good shooting workout afterwards and reported no pain seemed to be moving well and so all of that is good news and we will see how he responds tonight and tomorrow. >> and the plan for tomorrow is for steph to practice in full, go five on five and do everything that he would normally do and if there are no issues and no set-backs it appears that he is on track to
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play in game four and guys clearly the warriors need him more now than maybe 24 hours ago because the rockets are back in the series. >> yes, 3-1 is better than 2-2. all right, scott thanks for the report. here is a look at the series schedule. game four is sunday in houston. tip-off is 12:30. game 5 back here wednesday. no start time has been announced on that and if needed game 6 would be back in houston next friday. it is earth day around the world. coming up next. we will learn ways to green your housecleaning. plus what a major online retailer is introducing to cut down on packaging waste. outside the doors this afternoon. the rain clouds are slowly clearing. we will check in on your current conditions and talk about your bay weekend coming up. >> alike weekend. 24 in lafayette headed towards the tunnel. not bad. making your way to walnut creek
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is choppy on the eastbound direction. sky fox overhead. that scene and we brought you at the top of the newscast crews working here trying to figure out what is going on between hayward and union city on one of the test tracks. i emphasis the word test. we saw a bart train rolling by. this is a new car that has made its way to the bay area. don't know what happened but apparently it is stuck. it has collided with something down there. the crews are on the scene and so is sky fox. we will bring you the latest, the four on 2 will be right
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back. >> today is earth day and here at ktvu we are celebrating the ways you can go green inside your house from cleaning supplies to laundry and options to cut out the harmful chemicals. to help us with this is sofie. thank you for joining us. i was looking at your videos. so incredibly interesting and useful and you seem to love vinegar. that is definitely one of the primary elements i think. >> i do. thank you for having me. happy earth day. >> happy earth day. >> beautiful day. >> yes. it is. what a view. vinegar, this is white van gar is one of the cheapest things that you can use for your home. it is chemical free and by
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mixing with water you can clean your countertop and avoid chemicals. pollution indoors, if you reach under your kitchen cabinet and you look at the products that you use, we have too many chemicals so i highly recommend using these earth friendly products. they sell everywhere, trader joe's and whole foods and ranging from 2.99 and 3.99. and everyone can avoid that. just think that you are spreading chemicals on your countertops and windows so green your home by using these products. >> so for me for starters my initial question would be really to do it without chemicals we really can clean our countertops and our laundry and get out the dirt and the
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odors and things like that. you say yes. >> absolutely. >> give me a simple recipe for your countertops to clean around your house that you would normally use something else. >> i would take a cup of water, regular water with two tablespoons of white vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice and a tablespoon of baking soda. a whitening agent and it will whiten your toilets and bathtubs and replace bleach. that is such a chemical that is harmful to our children and to our streams and the rivers. so this is my favorite. recipe. >> vinegar and baking soda and water. >> those three. >> amazing. i read or i saw a youtube video with you talking about how to come away with spot free glasses out of your dishwasher and i think it was a cap full of vingar. >> absolutely. you open your dishwasher and
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instead of the agents that they put through the rinse cycle. i put two tables of white van gar, boom, it gets rid of all of the streaks and the deposit and buildup. >> i can't wait to try that. your tip on how to get your laundry nice and white without using chlorine. >> i add lemon. and i love lemon juice and it smells good and i use it in the dispenser, i put lemon and it whitens the laundry very well. and it is good for our planet because like president obama said today, we only have one planet and we need to save. >> it we need to care of it. >> you will be emceeing the earth day event in san francisco. >> yes. a beautiful event and takes
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place on 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and we will have amazing environmentalists. happy earth day. thanks for coming. thank you, ladies. online shopping one of the best ways to get what you need and fast but what happens to all of those cardboard boxes that you get delivered to yourself. pam cook has the story on earth day. >> recycling centers flooded with cardboard boxes and as the online shopping increases so has the boxes. >> it is more convenient and it saves my time. >> and your time is valuable. >> yes, a silicon valley entrepreneur that does online shopping including his groceries even though he lives five minutes from a store. he recycles the boxes and bags like many of us however san
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francisco's recycling plant receives one hundred tons of paper and cardboard every day. los angeles gets 115 tons a day and new york almost 900 tons a day. the cardboard may be recyclable but the recycling process takes up other resources including water and electricity. >> when you buy things online they can show up in two or three boxes. box within a box. a russian doll of boxes and that is bad packaging and we encourage not to report that. >> customers are noticing and retailers like amazon taking action. it launched frustration free packaging. the company says whenever possible products ship in the original packaging eliminating the need for an additional
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shipping box. environmental advocating ordering all at once to cuts down on shipping materials and boxes. going back to the bart incident that we have been following. a test track between hayward and union city, you are looking at one of the new cars that bart is trying to get on the main tracks at some point hoping by december if everything was going well during the testing but apparently not everything is going well during the testing. we are getting information from bart that the new car was going 10 miles per hour and no injuries from any onboard and what happened the car overshot the end of the test track and you can see the crews assessing the damage. the good thing, rosemary, no injuries and this happened agent about it before 2:00. >> and this is just a test. they are on the side there and
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it is not going to impact the commute home. >> i think we have a map to pinpoint for your folks exactly where this is taking place on this friday afternoon. on a test track between hayward and union city. the target date was for the first ten cars in december. and if testing goes well not off to a great start and we are hoping for better results. if we get more information we will bring it to you. in the meantime weather, couldn't ask for a better afternoon as the precipitation moves its way out of here. >> we won't complain. we have received a decent amount. we want to see what is going on. partly sunny skies as we watch the showers push out of the area. for the evening we will start to dry out where we still have
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rain and snow in the sierras if you are going away a winter weather advisory lasting until 8:00 and on storm tracker 2 partly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles, great news for the folks heading to the giants game. cool but nice weather for the bay area weekend. we are breezy and as we get to saturday and your evening hours. when i come back i will have a look at what you can expect and in the extended forecast another chance for rain. got it. a bill to hack into a terrorist iphone is in. how much the f.b.i.
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paid to get the information.
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all right. we are tracking new details on a large sinkhole in san francisco. a section of the street won't be prepared until this week. ktvu cristina rendon joining us from sacramento with more on the story. cristina. >> reporter: well, crews from the san francisco public utilities got their work under way. putting steel plates in the sinkhole to shore up the skies and get in and prepare the
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broken sewer line. i want to show you video that ktvu captured. showing the sinkhole giving way. 30 seconds later the sinkhole grew as more concrete asphalt fell and caved in. we are being told by sfpuc that the sewer line that was bused, a very old one more than one hundred years old and no indication that anything was wrong. crews have spent the day cleaning up all of the mud covered by the sinkhole so they can get inside to repair the piping and need to replace that section of broken pipe. crews are telling us no indication that the pipe was broke an and called out to repair a pipe hole. they were patching it up and had no idea it would cave.
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>> this piece of pipe had been monitored with cameras in the past 12 months and everything had been okay. >> this sinkhole is 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. a lot of work that will be needed to actually repair it and taking a live look. the residents did not have their coverage cut and so no interruption and crews hope to have it repaired by tomorrow and putting in a temporary pipe and tomorrow bringing in a more people fix and get the road opened by tomorrow night. back to you, guys. >> cristina rendon, good news. thank you. well the director of the f.b.i. suggests that the agency paid more than one million dollars to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. james comey made the remark yet.
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according to the justice department it was unlocked with the help of an identified 3rd party. the f.b.i. will be able to use the same software on other phones. >> how did you pay for the software? >> a lot. more than i will make in the remainder of this job which is 7 years and four months for sure and so it is -- but it was in my view worth it. >> the f.b.i. director serves a ten years terms and comby makes $183,000 per year and that means he will make 1.3 million while he remains the director and as he said breaking into that iphone totaled more than that. >> and it is a day that people living in the bay won't forget about. a pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in san bruno.
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i talked to michael cardoza about why some evidence is not being admitted in the criminal investigation. >> the number of people outside and the size of the memorial at prince's home keeps growing. coming up next, we'll go live with the latest on the artist's
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stunning death. purple rain. isn't that amazing. that is what thousands of people singing purple rain sounds like. the people in minneapolis were packed last night especially out the nightclub. that's the music video he made famous. >> hundreds of fans dashed but live music from people performing prince songs prince on the screen. the doors opened last night and the party did not end until 7:00 a.m. people from all over have been showing up at prince's home recording studio and concert venu named paisley park. >> that's just west of minneapolis and where the singer died yesterday morning. we are outside of paisley park where there's a growing memorial and how is the mood out there this evening, morry?
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>> reporter: the mood is pretty relaxed and pretty chilled i guess. people are sad obviously about the passing of prince but also celebrating his music and sharing the fact that they are out here grieving and the crowd has grown a lot in the last few hours since we have been out here since people have been getting off work and coming out, there is purple everywhere, purple balloons and flowers and notes that people are leaving and a canvas all to share how they field. paisley park has a special place. and this is where prince's home base has been for the last 30 years and hold impromptu parties and people would do dance parties. there was a pajama party years ago about a skit with prince
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from a few years ago. this is one of the places that people are coming to kind of pay their respects to prince. as you mentioned last night outside first avenue thousands of people gather in the streets to have a party and celebrate prince's music and they were dancing and listening and a couple of artists that performed. really it was just a place to come and shed a few tears. share some hugs and take some pictures and just listen to good music and remember the good times they had with prince. there was one moment in particular where the id s, the tallest building, the lights on top were purple and the dj of the street party was playing purple rain and a very emotional moment. i got chills actually there and i think it was something that i thought prince would actually enjoy. just people enjoying his music and peace and love and hanging
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out in the streets. the memorial here and outside paisley park will continue to grow and expect it to grow over the weekend as people come to pay their respects and the sheriff mentioned that they will continue to block off the road and reassess on monday morning. nice and actually a couple of hours ago the folks from paisley park came out and brought pizzas and they say they appreciate everybody coming out and taking the time to pay their respects and show how much they love prince. >> i was listening to the sheriff during that news conference. he said a comment that struck me. he said you know to you guys he was a celebrity and in the san francisco bay he was a celebrity but to us in minnesota, family and community. what can you say about what prince meant to the state of minnesota and really in the hometown where he was living? >> reporter: he's our hometown
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hero. there is nobody bigger in minnesota than prince. he put us on the map. i have i have been a fan of him for 30 years. people are proud of him. he grew up here and raised here and decided to stay here even after a superstar and you would bump into him at the supermarket and people would see him around town. he is not ordinary. he would be wearing prince getup but he was shy and reserved but folks from his band, matt fink, he said he was funny and would keep the band in stitches behind the scenes. a well loved i con.
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like i said nobody bigger here than prince. all right. before we let you go any plans going to the weekend? do you expect the crowds to continue to grow or what will we see? >> i think first avenue will continue to have dance parties all night, dance parties throughout the weekend. and here outside paisley park a lot more people are coming out and i imagine the crowds will grow and as people come to pay respects, a very special moment about saying goodbye to a hometown hero and the people will want to come out and just experience it and take part in it. i know you have a very busy 36 hours there. morry glover live from paisley park. we appreciate the report. still to come. a delay in the criminal trial
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against pg&e following the deadly san bruno pipeline on the verdict. a look at the evidence to be admitted and not admitted in the trial. we woke up to cloudy conditions but take a look at this view. the storm is moving up and what we can expect. the a's and the warriors on the road but that southbound traffic pretty heavy on this friday afternoon. the four on 2 will be right
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back. the sun bruno explosion. 8 people kill and dozens injured and 38 homes destroyed and the criminal trial against pg&e on violating laws and obstructing justice was set to begin next week but delayed. the federal judge in the case felton henderson ruled on what could and could not be admitted and a lot of it. dive into it with our legal 's analyst michael cardosi. he doesn't wanted videos of deaths and proposed testimony by a firefighter. he said it could prejudice the jury. come on. how does he know what the jury is thinking? >> you do know.
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you don't want evidence coming in that the jury will be so emotional that they don't look what the case is about and vote on the motion. >> so the judge is not trusting his jury. >> i didn't know that happened. >> they say they do but in this case he is right and will outweigh the probative value. this jury is to decide the facts of the case. did pg&e violate the pipeline act that the u.s. attorney has. >> you think there is one person on that jury that is not going to know about the deaths or what happened in san bruno. they will get up their and voir dire and they will say i do know about it but i can put it out of my mind. do you think you can put it out
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of your mind and not consider it? >> yes. >> that's what the judge wants them to do and that's why he is doing it. >> he says we wouldn't be here if there was an explosion. >> we won't be here without the explosion. >> they will let part of it. >> it has been 6 years and you forget how bad it was. >> the devastation. >> and bringing the pipe in and the judge said no. i don't understand that when the pipe would have that much value, even if he said bring the pipe and put it in front of the federal courthouse you think that will sway the case one way or the other? they know what happened, a pipe blew up. the issue is did pg&e violate the laws. the one big witness is the lady by the name of mcneese and what she did was get hired by pg&e
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to go into help correct the recordkeeping, what happened they were going from paper to computerized bookkeeping and they messed it all up and lost information about pipe 132 to pg&e did not pay attention to it. the government can bring her in because she will testify from what i understand that, yes, i was hired by pg&e and i was met by resistance at pg&e. >> no executive has been indicted. >> they haven't. it is all about fines and millions to the billions. >> does it surprise new. >> the level of proof to get an executive of a company is gross. they have to show they were grossly negative and beyond that.
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the problem i have is we are talking about money. a jury brings back a million dollars, who gets the money, michael? the u.s. government? what do they do with the money? so it is a punishment to pg&e and as a taxpayer i look at that and say wait a minute why didn't i don't -- don't you get after the executives, if you don't get their attention they will say the company will have to pay a half billion dollars, a lot of money but it is pg&e and i am thinking will you jack my rates up now. >> the judge delayed the case, too. >> he did. >> we don't know the date yet. >> no. >> and now all of this new evidence, right? >> here is the problem. what the u.s. government does, at the last minute, they will come in with paperwork and with documents. boxes.
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this is 110,000 pages and put that into perspective, 55 banker boxes of paper. >> here is the trial, good luck looking at that. >> and the judge feels bad. >> yes. he feels bad. >> and rightfully so because if they do come back with guilty verdicts here, the defense will appeal and say you dropped all of this discovery on us at the last minute, i really don't understand why that happens. the government should give it all before -- months before so when they are ready for trial you go to trial and don't have the issues. this happens a lot unfortunately and i think judge henderson is right, we are continuing it. >> it is a big criminal case against pg&e and we will follow it and that is michael cardosi and the verdict. rosemary to you. >> taking it from here with a look at the weather out there. much-needed rain fell over the bay. half inch in some areas and more than an inch for some of the hills and i'm all smiles. the system is working its way out of the bay and by tomorrow, dry weather for your saturday. here is a look at the rainfall
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amounts. so far over the last 24 hours you can see areas like santa rosa picking up .7 and kentville .55 and ben low man an inch and danville about a third and mound diablo, 92, one hundreds, almost an inch..9 and san francisco a little more than a half-inch and oakland .15, maybe more than that but the reading doesn't look good and we will continue to monitor that. giving you a look at the storm in california bringing us snow to the sierra. a winter weather advisory for folks getting onto the roadways and heading up for the weekend. that winter weather advisory that will last until 8:00, here is a look at the bay area, we got cloudy conditions out there. a few peeks of sunshine and the showers winding down and great news for the folks seeing the
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giants game and the sierra, the snow levels have dropped down. blue cannon 5000 feet and we look at the winds, breezy out there. cool and breezy and fairfield reporting gusts up to 29 miles per hour. napa to 30 and we got nevada at 26 and the sustained winds anywhere from 15 to 25 and shift south and san jose gusts at 29 and livermore 25 and cool and blustery but as far as the rainfall, we are winding down. as we get to 7:00 i want to stop it here because we are keeping our eye over at&t park where we are mostly dry and maybe a few lingering showers for the evening hours and that's it. we are tapering off and by tomorrow looking good. at the ballpark, 57 degrees and a blustery southwest breeze at 20 miles per hour. that to be aware of, if you go there it will be cool.
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temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. 62 for redwood city, overnight lows for tomorrow morning getting going about sunrise. 49 in fremont and low 50s from san francisco and san mateo and redwood city, 50s. and tomorrow partly cloudy and breezy and 72 for redwood city and 63 in san francisco. and low 60s in pacifica and your extended forecast with your bay area weekend in view, temperatures won't change as we get in the second part of the weekend but looking at dry weather, sunday, monday and tuesday. not a lot of change going on. by wednesday the long term model wants to hint at the possibility of another wet system coming our way. we'll be tracking that for you between now and then. mike. rosemary, we will see you soon. frank somerville with a look at the stories we are looking on for ktvu at five. dozens of people need help after a big fire. >> they sure do. nearly 170 people without a home after a fire destroyed
4:49 pm
their apartment complex. many of the people have lost everything and they didn't have a whole lot to begin with. tonight what is being done to help them find a new place to live. >> talk about a woman that is passionate. >> this is a really nice story. a woman that is making a difference. she wanted to know what school in oakland needed the most help? she went out and collected nearly 2000 books to donate to the school and we were there as she dropped them off today. also of course more on that situation that you have been reporting on that bart car and the situation, whatever happened with it, we are working to get more information and we will have that at five. love it. we will see you soon, frank. the four on 2, you have seen purple tributes and musical tributes are being shared and see how two casts honored prince including jennifer hudson.
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>> time to get social for a second straight day. prince is dom ma mating social media and it is all about the bout the tribute videos from broadway. >> i think that would have brought me to tears. golden globe and grammy winner jennifer hudson and the cast of the musical, the color purple singing purple rain. hudson is an american idol
4:53 pm
star. the cast got to meet prince earlier. the widely popular musical hamilton took to the stage with heavy hearts and this was their interpretation of let's go crazy. it is about the life of alexander hamilton. the creator of the show tweeted stay away from your computer, walk around, blast some prince. it is the only thing that has saved my day and it may save yours. it was retweeted thousands of times and liked thousands more. one last vine and this is from last night's warriors game
4:54 pm
and they lost by a point and everybody is bummed about that. they wanted that last second shot but the players if you watch this didn't seem happy about that particular shot here is james harden making the basket. >> and look at the reaction from his teammates. dwight howard and cory brouwer asking like warriors fans, more anger than excited. >> looking at the clock. 00.0 on it but that is my assumption that they saw 2- point whatever it was leaving the warriors too much time. you got to clap right there. >> what is going on. it is still not over because the warriors will come back and win. >> how many times have they done that. >> a landmark climate deal. details on what the u.s. and
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173 other nations signed today.
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at the united nations 174 nations including the u.s. signed the paris agreement on climate change. >> calling for lower emissions to fight global warming. it will be need to be approved
4:58 pm
by global nations. john kerry signed on behalf of the united states. >> the new energy future and the efficiencies and the alternative resources and the clean options, none of what we have to achieve is beyond our capacity technologically. >> the obama administration is by passing congress by calling it agreement rather than a treaty that would require congressional approval. let's bring in frank and julie. the interesting afternoon for bart. >> rosemary a test start to the new era of bart trains. >> conducting a test when this happened. it overshot the tracks and crashed into that dirt embankment. >> good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have developing news about
4:59 pm
bart. one of the new cars derailed during a test run. it happened near industrial park way and pacific street in hayward before two this afternoon. sky fox 2 captured these pictures from above the train and live pictures and bart says it was only going about 10 miles per hour and there were a few operators on board. no one hurt and the car overshot the end of the track and plowed into a into a berm. bart took delivery a few weeks ago and hoping to get the first ten car train in service by the end of the or next year. you can see they are leading that new car away. we will get more information this afternoon. wanting to be transparent
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about officer discipline. henry lee is here and joins us with what the city is doing. >> reporter: frank and julie, the city will providing to the public a summary of police misconduct allegations including whether officers were disciplined or cleared of wrongdoing and which cases are going to arbitration but no officers identified by name but police records confidential. this is a big step towards police accountability. you might recall federal judges overseeing the reforms because of the rider scandal where officers were accused of beating or framing drug suspects. last year the drug was fed up over the fact that officer terminations and suspensions weren't sticking because the city was doing a poor job at arbitration hearings. libpy shaft and police chief sean wentt says the city doesn't claim to have the perfect police department but proud of the progress that the city has made including the steps that have been taken to improve the discipline process


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