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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a westerly wind, and a northwesterly breeze, but mostly sunny today. we had this piece of energy sliding by to keep that breeze in place. and mostly sunny with some 30s for lows, and 60s in a few 70s for the highs. a nice-looking commute for the most part, and no major problems outside. you can see traffic is moving along okay, a little bit of a back up in some lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. looking at the commute on interstate 880, traffic moving well in both directions with no major issues. driving in the south bay, so far so good on the freeways, and not showing any major delays. 5:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. developing news right now out of san francisco, a homicide just a couple of hours ago, and it happened at larkin
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about 2:20 am. by the time the police arrived, the person had died. investigators have closed off the entire block as they look for clues. and we are also there, and we will have the latest on this coming up at 5:30 am. the crews in santa clara county still on the scene of the overnight fire at a restaurant that started just before midnight at the doubled the sports grill, and quickly group. the crews had to work on the flames for the next few hours, and no reports of injuries, but it did cause major damage. there's no word yet on how the fire started. our time is 5:01 am. the man accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar due in court today, and the judge may decide whether the trial can start sooner rather than later,
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and we are in san jose with more.>> reporter: the family of sierra lamar as been waiting four in years for answers, some type of closure, but the legal process has been slow. the trial for the man suspected of killing sierra lamar, antoine torres, now up in the air, and the public defender says they need more time. and torres went against his attorneys and said he wanted to stand trial in 60 days, and now it's up to the judge whether to delay the trial or go ahead and begin.>> we need answers. worse than any other court delays in anything is the not knowing, not knowing what happened is one of the worst things to deal with.>>
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reporter: sierra disappeared in march 2012 while walking to school, and her body was never found, but her dna was found in the car of torres, and his dna was found in some of her clothing that was thrown in a field near where she disappeared. her family plan something in court when the trial begins, and the hearing will get underway in several hours this morning. the san jose police are investigating two deaths, the bodies of a man and woman found yesterday afternoon on lucas court. a concern family member called the police after not hearing from the relatives for some time, and the police and not reached any details. there have now been five homicides in the city in the past few weeks. in 18-year-old man was shot and killed while walking with friends, two days later a 24-
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year-old father killed and then just last week, a 43-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his father to death. the golden state warriors need one more win to move on to the second round of the nba playoffs, but the fans want to know how badly steph curry was hurt when he slipped and fell in the game yesterday. and we have alex savidge in the studio. he may get some answers from the doctors today.>> we may all get some answers, and everybody is certainly anxious. steph curry will have an mri on his sprained right knee later today, and the team and fans are quite anxious to see how serious the injuries are. you can see where he slipped on a wet spot on the floor during the game yesterday in houston. this was just before halftime, and after that, he went to the locker room and we were told it
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would not be able to play in the second half. but the warriors did not need him the rest of the way, 41-20 in the third quarter, finishing with a record 21 three- pointers. klay thompson leading the team with 23 points, and andre scored a season-high of 22, and the warriors, 121-94.>> when your best player goes down, all of your senses get heightened and you are more aware of the game. we cannot just rely on him to bail us out in the close game, and we have a lot of work to do. i feel like collectively we came together and put together a good act.>> in the meantime, the warriors are focusing on game five that will be at the oracle arena on wednesday. and the warriors could close out the best-of-seven series, winning the first to back games at oracle, and there are still
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tickets available for the wednesday game. the cheapest seats are $120 on the warriors resale website. and we are all concerned about the health of steph curry, and they say that will reveal the results of the mri once they are available. in this comes after he sprained his ankle, finally coming back, and now injured again, a tough break. >> i was watching the game, and everybody was just deflated. it look like he came down really hard on his knee. >> we can hope for the best. the good sign, i guess, is that he gets up and able to make its way off of the court. >> he is a tremendous athlete in great shape, so yes. your time now is 5:06 am. a hunger strike to protest the police shootings in san francisco in its fifth day, a
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small group of people camping out in front of the police station in the mission, and they say the hunger strike will continue until the police chief is fired or the mayor edley resigns -- mayor ed lee resigns. this is in response to the shootings by police, including the killing of margot woods. some protesters say they are feeling the effects of t eating but the support from the community is helping to keep them going. and announcing new legislation cracking down on the illegal listings on the short-term rental sites like air bnb. according to the recent report, out of the 7000 listings, about 1000 air bnb hosts have not registered with the city, --
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only about 1000 have registered, and the proposal would allow air bnb to only advertise rental listings that are registered with the city. new questions surrounding sexual assaults on uc berkeley campus, coming up, the reason why some say that the sports department is not doing enough to stop it. and back open in belgium after the terror attacks in brussels, the metro station reopens and how the passengers are honoring the lives of those that were killed. looking at a morning commute does not look too bad, it looks normal, and we will tell you where these roads are beginning to fill in. and there is a chill in the morning air, but mostly sunny in the temperatures coming up for this monday.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. welcome back. new this morning, the metro station in brussels is back open about one month after the deadly terror attack in belgium. the suicide bombing killed 16 and injured dozens more.
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the station is under tight security, and the remembrance wall has been set up where people can write messages to honor the victims. the entrances and exits are limited at the station, and repairs are still in progress. >> there was not any structural damage, and there were some works that had to be done, but not everything is really finished, but it is covered so that the passengers were not be confronted with the damage. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the brussels airport that was also bomb is still not fully operational. the australian police have arrested a 16-year-old boy suspected of planning a attack on a veterans day ceremony, and the teenager was arrested in sydney yesterday, and this is video of the ceremony held today in australia, charged
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with one count of planning a terror attack, and they believe that the boy tried to get a gun over the weekend, the second year in a row that authorities have prevented an attack linked to the australia veterans day. last year they arrested five teenagers were trying to carry out an isis inspired terror plot. killing dozens of people and leaving a lot of damage, over the past three days, the airstrikes have been targeting several neighborhoods in syria, and emergency workers are scrambling to get to the injured. the syrian government has restricted travel to the area. in the meantime, president obama is sending up to 250 more troops to syria to help to fight isis. the president has been talking with the chancellor of germany about the u. s.-european free trade agreement, and the u. s. joining 50 u. s. special forces already in the worn torn country. president obama says this will have to keep the momentum going
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against isis. >> these terrorists are doing everything in their power to strike our cities and kill our citizens, and we have to do everything in our power to stop them. that includes its closing gaps so that they cannot pull off attacks like those in paris and brussels. >> and the german chancellor said she is prepared to increase the german commitment against isis. keeping tabs on companies that have a history of settling complaints about construction defects. issue comes up after six people died in several injured after the balcony collapsed in a berkeley apartment building. the investigators said that there were mistakes and construction shortcuts that led to the deadly collapse at the building, and there have been signs of problems as much as one year before the collapse. today there will be a hearing to determine how the state and local agencies are following up. and your time now is 5:14
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am. looking okay this morning, not too bad. we are looking at the freeways, and they're just beginning to wake up. 80 is one of the busiest in the bay, and traffic is moving along okay between the carquinez bridge and the maze. let's take a look at interstate 880 a little bit farther south, and looking good. and into south bay, no major problems but roadwork on the northbound 87 and if that is your commute, give yourself a little bit of extra time. it could be a little bit of frustrating stop-and-go traffic until they clear out the roadwork. and the rest of the south bay freeway's looking good, and you might think about using 85 to 17 for another alternate. or 82, i don't think it's called el camino anymore. or use 101 to drive through.
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87 northbound near carkner, a few complaints were people have said it's terrible. and we do not want terrible on a monday morning. >> if it's not el camino, what is it? >> i know, but it is escaping me, i'm having a senior moment.>> the young man that you are. >> you are not a senior yet.>> you mean i cannot get the special. >> when you get the mailer from the aarp. let's get to it, we have a chilly morning, but this system did exactly what we thought. in the sierra and points out, and we have over 2 mile an hour wind gusts. the sfo had 40s and 40s at the altamont pass. snow in the sierra and boomers toward the bikers filled.
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-- numerous reports of pale avenue bakersfield, and pretty impressive with numerous lightning strike. and this system had a pretty good punch. it will be a wet commute in las vegas, the system is rotating in. and swinging into northern arizona. 40s on the temperatures for many, and a few 30s. calistoga at 41, bodega bay 45, petaluma also 45. the northwest breeze at 25, 30 in truckee, 39 in reno. a few snow showers yesterday, and they may pick up a little bit later today with that piece of energy rotating through. this is north and east of us, but keeping this breeze in place. mostly sunny, breezy to windy at times, and another system dropping in with off and on
5:18 am
rain returning on wednesday, and the weekend should warm up. the next few days will be pretty cold in the morning, breezy to windy, mostly sunny, 60s for most. napa in santa rosa could benefit from that northerly breeze, so with penciled in some low 70s, but everyone else in the 60s. tomorrow morning cold but sunny, and clouding up on wednesday and out of your by friday and looking good for the weekend. >> this morning is cold. >> idiots, a few 30s. >> i forgot my jacket. back in coming to work i realized. i knew it was cool, but not that cool. it is 5:18 am. a major development in the race for the white house, up next, the candidates that are teaming up to be donald trump.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. learning more about the killing of the eight family members in ohio. they say that the killings were sophisticated and preplanned executions. seven adults and one teenage boy found shot to death, and several marijuana growing operations were found, but they did not say it the deaths were drug-related. they do believe there was more than one killer and that they are still on the run. the northern wisconsin high
5:22 am
school will hold classes after shooting at the prompt over the weekend. the former student opened fire outside of the dance saturday night, two students shot and suffering non-life-threatening injuries. the officers heard the gunshots and fired at the shooter that later died from the injuries. the shooter is identified as 18- year-old jacob wagner, and no motive has been released, but the former classmate says that he was bullied in school. we may soon find out more about the documents that will show a possible saudi connection to the september 11 attacks. the white house is expected to release some of the classify pages of the congressional investigation. the cochair says that the documents point to suspicion that the members of the saudi arabia government gave aid and support to the 9/11 terrorists. and neither the panel or commission found evidence supporting the claim, critics say that does not rule out that the lower level officials and
5:23 am
members of the saudi arabian royal family may have been involved. >> the most important unanswered question of 9/11 is did these 19 people conduct this sophisticated plot alone, or were they supported. i think all of the evidence points to saudi arabia. >> there's been a lot of pressure that is growing from the former officials, families of 9/11 victims, and members of congress to release those secret documents. the white house is expected to make a decision on this in the next several weeks. the time is 5:23 am. hundreds in sacramento does ella break the fifth annual muslim day at the capitol, organized by the american- islamic relations, and more than 600 are expected to be there. they will meet with state lawmakers and talk about civil rights issues, along with social change. one thing being considered is the safe place to learn, earned -- aimed at making sure that
5:24 am
students have the resources they need to deal with bullying and discrimination. a major development in the race for the white house, and the campaigns for ted cruz and john kasich have announced they are teaming up, aimed at defeating donald trump. we have the latest. >> reporter: donald trump has republican rivals teaming up in a latch differ effort to defeat him. the campaign managers for ted cruz and john kasich confirmed the move on sunday night. this as ted cruz focuses on indiana instead of the northeast states holding the primaries tomorrow. >> there is no doubt that winning elections is better than losing elections. we will do everything possible to win here in indiana.>> reporter: they have realized that they need to team up in order to prevent donald trump from clinching the gop nomination before the summer convention. john kasich has been planning on the contested convention all
5:25 am
along. >> we are going to an open convention, and i've been saying this for two months, and it turns out i am right.>> reporter: and donald trump calls ted cruz and john kasich desperate. and he has increased his campaign spending to try to hold off the threats as he tries to secure the nomination outright. >> it's fair to stay -- to say that you need to 1237, and i think we will get there, so i'm not complaining about it.>> reporter: and in the meantime, hillary clinton turning her attention already to the general election. >> when you hear what ted cruz and donald trump say it's not only offensive but dangerous.>> this campaign unlike hillary clinton has not raised $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: the indiana voters will head to the polls on may 3 after the primaries
5:26 am
tomorrow. in the meantime, all three republican candidates will be in the bay area later in the week. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich are scheduled to be at the republican party convention in berlin game. john kasich will speak on friday, and ted cruz will be the lunchtime speaker on saturday. an assault in abduction being investigated in redwood city, and what happened to the eight-month-old child, and they are extremely concerned. a homicide investigation shuts down a busy san francisco thoroughfare, and the latest coming up. we are looking at a morning commute that is beginning to wake up, and some places are beginning to get crowded, and we will run that down for you and tell you where it is still a decent drive. the night to not that long, but it is chilly out there this morning. looks like a nice day, but the breeze is not going away, and more coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, april 25, and i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook, and it's about 5:30 am, and thank you for joining us. if you are just joining us, don't forget your jacket. it is definitely a day for layers. and we have the air flowing out of the northwest, and after
5:30 am
yesterday, that was a pretty impressive system. not much for us, but some big rumors in the san joaquin valley, snow in the sierra, and wind gusts over 50 miles an hour at the sfo. and down there in bakersfield, a pretty good boomer with numerous reports of hell, and snow in the high country. also rain heading toward las vegas, so a pretty active system. 40s on the temperatures, and up few 30s. 43 in blackhawk, 47 in dublin, 46 for lafayette, in a breeze out of the northwest. it will continue to be with us most of the day. this has been will keep the snow showers going in the sierra, and highs today in the 60s with mostly sunny skies in the next chance for rain on wednesday. and here is our 5:30 am update
5:31 am
and metering lights clicking on. they usually do at they usually do at 5:30 am at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the commute is just getting a little bit slower getting into san francisco. from the maccarthur maze, it does not look that bad. a little bit of waiting at the bay bridge toll plaza, but what you get on the bridge looking good. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland, moving along nicely. we are also looking at the commute on interstate 880 in oakland and heading to the south bay, slowing on northbound 87 due to the roadwork. alternates, and the other roadways doing very well. following a developing story, the police in san francisco investigating a homicide in the tenderloin district, and we are there at the scene and we can see that the police are still in the area.>> reporter: yes, as the morning goes on, the closure
5:32 am
for the investigation could impact traffic. this is a well used to thoroughfare, larkin from turk, to eddie street is shut down with the crime scene tape. in this extends a half block further and possibly to ellis street. and you can see the crime scene tape, and since our last report about an hour ago, the crime scene investigators are putting up evidence markers, and appeared to be focusing their attention of this black suv parked on the side of the street. at 2:20 am, the san francisco police received a call about a person injured at eddie and larkin, and when they arrived they found the person had died. they are investigating this as a homicide, and we don't know whether the victim is a man or woman or the circumstances.
5:33 am
the pleas of not confirmed whether this is a shooting or stabbing, and we asked a few people that live on the block, and so far no one i've talked to said they heard anything further this morning around 2 am. no commotion, arguing or gunshots. we will continue to her -- continue to monitor the situation, and for now between turk and eddie on larkin, and possibly as far as ellis is shut down as part of the homicide investigation. it is now 5:33 am. on campus at the martinez high school, the crisis counselors to help them to deal with the death of a classmate. according to the principle, the freshman died of the weekend, and the cause of his death is not been made public. the nonprofit organization set up a crowdfunding site for the family, and the organization was started in memory of a 13- year-old girl that was hit and killed by a freight train while
5:34 am
trying to retrieve her cell phone she dropped on the tracks in that was two years ago. new concerns about the police wearing body cameras. the east bay time reports that many local law enforcement agent his are reconsidering the rules for when the cameras will be used. this comes up after the report that the alameda county sheriff's deputies beat a suspected car thief and none of the deputies at the same turned on their cameras, and the only video came from an overhead hybrid security camera. east bay time says that 31 bay area police agencies have approved body cameras, at all but two have policies calling for the body cameras to be running as much as possible. the news organization is that overall there are no penalties for not using the cameras. the violence prevention expert is suggesting that the uc berkeley athletics department is not doing enough to combat the sexual harassment, and head of the prevention program at the university of florida, opening
5:35 am
the questions of whether cal is doing everything they can to crack down on the offenders. this comes after uc berkeley hired an outside investigator to look at the allegations by the former female member of the rowing team that she was sexually assaulted by a teammate. this following similar scandals involving the assistant men's basketball coach and demands diving coach. two san francisco police officers recovered after the patrol car was hit by an suv last night about 5:30 pm in the bayview near evans avenue. the suv driver stayed right there at the scene and is cooperating with the police. the officers went to san francisco general hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and one of the officers has been released, and the other treated overnight. the police in fremont need your help to find the driver of the deadly hit-and-run that occurred late saturday night on fremont boulevard and thornton
5:36 am
avenue. the 52-year-old woman was walking along the street and was hit by a jeep. the police are looking for a light-colored, two-door jeep wrangler with the black top, left in large tires. the vehicle has damage to the front passenger side and her, and anyone with information is asked to call the fremont police. the redwood city police arrested a 30-year-old father on suspension of assaulting the mother of the child and abducting the eight-month-old daughter. rodriguez was taken into custody early yesterday morning, and the 17-year-old girl called 911 and told the authorities that rodriguez had assaulted her and left with their eight-month-old baby. about an hour later, he was spotted walking on bradford street, but no sign of the baby. after a short chase, rodriguez was arrested, and told the police that he let the baby girl in a nearby yard. after a two-hour search the baby was found and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the firefighters in venecia
5:37 am
investigating a fire that tore through the historic washington house over the weekend. the helmet camera takes us inside this historic building, getting an up-close look at the light. the fire started about 1:00 yesterday afternoon, and the first firefighters cannot find the fire. but listened to this as they fight the flames. >> fire, i found the fire.>> the fire was in an area between the first and second floors in the attic. several different agencies responded, including the fire crews from venecia, vallejo, vallejo refinery, contra costa county and no one was injured. the divers and san francisco, these -- the pacific heights neighborhood can expect road closures, repaving that area were that sinkhole opened up between lion in baker street, and it has been
5:38 am
successfully field over the week end. the ground gave way early thursday evening, and the public utilities commission says that it was caused by a broken sewer main. the number of people boycotting target over the transgender bathroom policy is growing, and the retail giant says they will allow transgender workers our customers to use the fitting room that corresponds to the gender they identify with. the american families association objected, and launched a website to pledge to boycott target, and the number has grown to more than 486,000. and the justice department has with drawn its case against apple to have them unlock the cell phone in the drug case, and they say they no longer need the help of apple. and someone related to the case is given the fbi the code to access the phone. the fbi dropped the legal fight to get into the iphone in the
5:39 am
san bernardino terror case after receiving help from an israeli company to unlock the phone. the jurors in california could soon face fines for social media and internet use violations. the legislation supported by the state officials would authorize judges to find jurors of the $1500 to the research the trial online or post about it on social media. currently they can only be held in contempt, and supporters say this would prevent mistrials and overturned convictions, but the opponents say there will be no practical of that. and the teamsters union trying to form an association with uber drivers, and some have reached out to the teamsters for help in settling issues with uber, and also reaching out about receiving more benefits from the rideshare company, but state law does not allow unions to negotiate for people that are not members. uber is not commenting directly about the teamsters involvement. the drivers are acting after the last week's $100 million
5:40 am
settlement against -- with uber, and still question whether the uber drivers are contractors or employees of the company. the bay area bike sharing program is expanding into these pay, and widely available and san francisco as bikes lineup throughout the city, and the program is also offered in san jose and along the pended chili -- peninsula, adding 1500 mb and 100 and bike stations, and this will happen at berkeley, and transportation officials will release more details about the expansion later today. and the relay kicks off today, and lined with cars and drivers as drivers participate in the road adventure, re- curating -- re-creating one of italy's most famous road races, 1000 miles. only cars manufactured between
5:41 am
1927-57 will qualify. and this course rolls down the california back roads to the morro bay, and down across the valley.>> we have to go see that. your time now is 5:41 am. and a popular bay area bar catching fire. new developments in the possible move for the oakland raiders, up next why some say momentum is building and it could come to a possible move to las vegas. in the east bay, westbound 24 traffic not looking bad. nice look at the commute as it feels in. will tell you where the traffic times are beginning to get more severe. hold onto your hat yesterday afternoon with wind gusts of the 50 for some, not that bad today but it will be breezy and chilly this morning.
5:42 am
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welcome back. we are looking at the solar- powered airplane safely on the ground, coming into mountain view. the solar impulse 2 landed over the weekend on the moffett field, and a cool looking aircraft. attempting to become the first to fly around the world on solar power, and started his journey 13 months ago, and the trip from hawaii to california to 62 hours. it's hard for me to fly for five hours. considered to be the risk is leg of the flight because there is obviously nowhere to make an emergency landing. your time is 5:44 am. shaping up to be a big week as the raiders explore a possible on the move to las
5:45 am
vegas. and davis is expected to promote the plan to possibly move the raiders oakland to the gambling capitol of the world, las vegas, and become the las vegas raiders. but this is far from a done deal, and the raiders need the nfl approval with at least 23 other teams signing off on the decision to allow the raiders to move to vegas. in the meantime, a big rally that could affect the potential move to the new city, los angeles, held by the san diego chargers. the team brought out big names for the signature drive kickoff event, all in hopes of drumming enough support up for the new stadium in the city. if the chargers decide to stay in san diego, they would open the door for the raiders to move to los angeles, and joining the rams at the new complex being built near lax. the time is 5:45 am.
5:46 am
the lakers fired their head coach byron scott, and he lasted two seasons as the head coach, and the worst in the history of the lakers. the lakers finish will be the worst -- second-worst records of the season, and the manager says it's in the best interest for the lakers to make a change, and he did. and luke walton has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the head coaching job, and played nine seasons with the lakers. walton is also mentioned as a possible candidate for the sacramento kings head coaching job. and the giants were not able to complete the three-game sweep against the marlins, and the giants tied up in the sixth inning, and they get the rbi single in the eighth, and hitting a tie-breaking home run for the marlins, and they win,
5:47 am
5-4. and the san diego padres plane tonight for the first game of their series. and the a's heading to detroit after dropping two out of the three to the blue jays, and toronto had a 6-1 lead in the third inning. the a's scored two more runs but cannot get any more off its going, and they blue jays won, 6-3. off to a good start though. the time is 5:47 am. and let's go look at a 880.>> i feel i am fans of football and basketball, and after that warriors game was over, there were still baseball to watch.>> and why did they had those on at the same time. >> and their works sharks to watch as well, busy time if you are a sports fan. good morning everyone.
5:48 am
and of course we have our regular lives, and let's take a look at those trying to get to work. the commute on interstate 880 southbound moving along pretty well as you drive past the coliseum, no major problems. getting to downtown oakland, at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 15 minute delay. taking a look at 101 in san jose, beginning to slow down. as we go to the maps, the slowdown that you can see right here, that is where the camera is, and 87, avoid that. there is some long-running roadwork and it is terrible. in 17 months good, a decent alternate. in 101 will be better than 87, and a lot of people are complaining about that, so keep that in mind. 5:48 am. and making a prediction, the sharks are built to make a run this year. they have what they need this time around. >> the team does look different from years past.>> that is
5:49 am
correct, and they have a very good goalie. a nice day, but not warm, pretty cold with a few 30s. 40s, and a robust and fresh northwest breeze. it will be keeping temperatures in the 60s, but mostly sunny, and coming down out of the northwest with a few clouds. and with some big boomers yesterday at bakersfield and the and joaquin valley, and snow in the sierra, rotating around in the central and southern sierra, heading toward the morning commute in las vegas. 40s on the temperatures, a few 30s showing up, woodside checking in at 41, pacifica 46, and cooler than san mateo, belmont in hillsboro due to that breeze. 46 at stanford, and 45 at the loss out those hills. 30 in truckee and a few snow showers possible. things have calmed down considerably considered to 12
5:50 am
hours ago. but this center of energy has to rotate through, giving us a more snow shower activity in the sierra, and for us on the dry side. mostly sunny. but the breeze will kick in giving us an opportunity for rain on wednesday, but not much. in a chilly morning, breezy to windy with 30s for a few, and a lot of 40s. a few clouds popping up later in the day. the breeze is the big story, and for most of us keeping temperatures in the 60s and that northwest when will help napa in santa rosa. it will be cold tomorrow morning and then sunny, clouding up on wednesday. keeping out of here on thursday and warmer as we go into the week end.>> it sounds nice. it is 5:50 am, and new startling specific surrounding the danger of the laundry pod and children. the reason experts say that more needs to be done to keep
5:51 am
the children safe.
5:52 am
5:53 am
child safety advocates say that the number of children injured or killed by the laundry pod is continuing to grow despite the steps by the product manufacturers. the u. s. poison control centers receive call every 45 minutes about a child exposed to the laundry pod. they have already replaced the clear containers that could
5:54 am
look like candy with the opaque containers, and making the packaging harder for the children to open. 22,000 young children had been injured, and the biggest problem is when they bite down on the pod, pushing the toxic chemical into the child's throat. >> the concentrated chemicals cause serious burns, and causing severe damage in the lung, and when absorbed can cause effects on the brain.>> the doctors recommend that parents of young children should avoid using laundry detergent pods, and they also say that you should store them in a locked cupboard where the child cannot get to them. a woman spending 16 years on the run with the boston gangster james whitey bulger is set to be sentenced this week, and catherine greig has pled guilty to the contempt charge,
5:55 am
not testifying on whether others helped the fugitive. she is already serving an eight- year prison term to help him avoid that capture and bolger is 86 years old, and he fled austin in 1994 and captured in 2011 in santa monica. he was convicted in 2013 for his role in 11 murders, sentenced to life in prison. the popular soul singer, 1972 number one hit that you can still hear on the radio today has died.>> [ music playing ]. >> you remember this song, "me and mrs. jones, "billy paul died yesterday at his home in new jersey after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. that song earned him a grammy award, and a lasting legacy,
5:56 am
billy paul was 80 years old. the tower bells of minneapolis city hall playing the songs of prince and yesterday afternoon honoring prince after he died unexpectedly in his home in minnesota at his recording studio and home. he was 57 years old, and the bells toll to his greatest hits for a half-hour yesterday, and the cause of his death is still not known. and he has been cremated, and we are waiting on autopsy results to come back in the meantime, sales of the prince songs are skyrocketing , more than 2.3 million songs of been sold since prince died, and 1 million sold on the very day he died. the most popular songs that were sold, "purple rain" , "little red corvette", "when little doves cry, a" and "let's
5:57 am
go crazy." and beyonce fans, she has dropped her newest album. the album is called "lemonade" and includes 12 tracks and a lot of lyrics about relationships, infidelity, empowerment and love, and beyonce has released very little details, and the title is a conceptual and visual album. still following developing news from sam's is a, someone killed overnight in the latest on the investigation underway as we speak. and we will show you the crime scene, just down the street of a popular hotel. new concerns about the police body cameras, and the ruled that the law enforcement agencies are considering changing.
5:58 am
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good morning, mandy is
6:00 am
killed near a very busy bus stop in the street is partially shut down as the police investigate. steph curry hurt and this time it could be more serious, but the team responds with a big win, your mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us, 6:00 on the dot, monday, april 25, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and let's do a check on the weather.>> cold out there for many, and breezy to windy. alex savidge looking very savage on the set over there. you can see we have good breeze, and wind gusts at 58 miles an hour yesterday, and it was roaring about 5:00 yesterday. and it is clear, but it's not going to be very warm. and unless i take your route santa rosa, and then we get that north breeze helping them, and everybody


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