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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 27, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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several people were pepper spray here in california. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. middle of the week. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm brian flores. let's get a check on the weather and traffic. no rain this morning. >> it doesn't look like it. maybe late morning or early afternoon. >> it felt like a storm was moving in last night >> the breezes picked up. temperatures will be cooler today. partly cloudy skies with rain on the north coast. you can see the system there. it is an upper-level low that has to move through.
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you can see some spin in the atmosphere. that is off the oregon/california coast. this is a pretty intense line moving in. that will play into our weather later today. 40s and 50s for temperatures. there is a decent breeze for some. picking up out of the south and southwest. most of this will clip to the north of us that it is close enough that i think we will see mostly cloudy skies and maybe scattered showers. that may be more in the afternoon. 50s and 60s or low 70s. sal, how about that johnny cueto? >> nice game. >> when he's right he is right as rain. >> you know him? >> i do. that was a good game. a good night to be out there. good morning, everyone. traffic is off to a good start.
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here is the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic continues to look good as you drive into san francisco. very light. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. traffic looks good in both directions. if you are driving in san jose or in the south bay you can see traffic is moving along very well according to apple road sensors. there is not much going on. you do have some time to get your wednesday morning together. let's go back to the desk. gop presidential candidate, donald trump considers himself the presumptive nominee of the republican party. this morning he is basking in the glow of sweeping all five states in tuesday's primary. hillary clinton nearly as well. she won four of the five states in the democratic race. peter doosy is in washington as both candidates are eyeing each other for the fall.
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>> reporter: donald trump is treating last night like a knockout punch. naming himself the last man standing way ahead of the convention. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee absolutely. >> reporter: after winning five states last night, trump thinks it's time for the other two republicans to hang it up. >> senator crews and governor kasich should really get out of the race. they have no path to the nomination. get out of the race. >> reporter: to maintain a realistic chance at denying donald trump the delegates necessary to win the nomination, ted cruz needs to win indiana next tuesday and he has a lot of ground to make up. a new fox news poll shows trump leaving there with 41%, cruz summit eight points back. >> i want to thank the people of indiana because you are going to have the opportunity,
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the eyes of the nation are gazing upon you >> reporter: sanders only one one contest last night, rhode island. but vowed to keep campaigning until the convention. >> this campaign is going to win because we are listening to people whose voices are not often heard. >> reporter: the other four states, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut and maryland, all went for clinton who isn't calling for sanders to drop out but is hinting to followers that it will be hard for them to back her. >> let's win the nomination and in july let's return as a unified party. thank you all so much. >> reporter: donald trump is coming to washington dc today for a highly anticipated foreign-policy speech where he is expected to contrast himself with hillary clinton more than with his republican rivals who continue to fall behind. in washington, peter doosy, fox news. tensions between trump
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supporters and opponents are bowling over in california. someone squirted pepper spray at trump supporters during a rally yesterday outside anaheim city hall. five people were hit, including two girls. no injuries are considered serious that the demonstrations happened as the city council considered a resolution denouncing what some called trump's divisive rhetoric over issues such as immigration. the council late last night, borta 3-2 to table the revolution. vallejo police are investigating a shooting near six flags discovery kingdom. around 8:30 pm, officers received several calls of gunfire coming from mark avenue. that is north of highway 37 and the amusement park. when police arrived, they found the victim suffering from life- threatening injuries. no word of an arrest or possible motive to the shooting. fairfield police say they
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found their suspect in the kidnapping of young boys that happened more than 30 years ago. in 1984, clark toshiro handa disappeared from his home. now a man who was a friend is in prison for child molestation and faces kidnapping and murder charges. debra v alone spoke to the victims family after the arrest. >> very darling. a huggable kid. he used to go fishing with my dad a lot. >> reporter: earl has memories of his nephew, clark who have long called to sherry. photo stop at age 3. the kidnapping of a little boy who was snatched from his bedroom was baffling from the start. his mom found him on one morning. the windows open in their home and a ransom note. it was not a wealthy family and the kidnapper never pursued the ransom. investigators say this man, michael fejerang, a family friend , 23 at the time, took toshiro and killed him soon
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after. fairfield police note the abduction back then shook the community. leads came and went but it wasn't until five years ago that a cold case unit with fbi help started digging. tashiro's father, ron, who made pleas for his son is long divorced. he said now he remembers michael fejerang as a friend of his stepdaughters. he went on to be convicted and three child molestation cases and has been in prison more than a decade. the house in the street where the abduction happen are gone. it's a stripmall >> your heart always thinks that we will find something wonderful less happen. >> always there was hope that toshi was alive. >> some family wanted him and he lived a good life. >> reporter: the family could look at age progression photos and try to imagine. >> now i am a grandparent. i think about how my parents felt about him and how much they cared about him and i think, i couldn't go through that. >> police still consider this
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an active investigation and won't say the suspect acted alone. they also will not reveal whether there's been a confession or if honda's body was found. >> san jose police say a double homicide over the weekend was not a random act. shamima rabbi and jason lai for found shot to death in their home . the couple had two sons, police tell us they have spoken to the younger son but have not been able to contact the older son. police say the older son could have information and they'd like to speak with him. investigators say whoever is responsible for the killings was familiar with the family. it is a day seven of a hunger strike to protest police shootings in san francisco. the protesters say they won't leave until mayor ed lee resigns or police chief greg suhr is fired. about 200 showed up at the mission police station yesterday to support the hunger strike and attend a meeting.
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police canceled the meeting because there were too many people and not enough seats. chief suhr did respond to calls for his resignation. he said he does not plan to step down and his officers will not cite or arrest the strikers at this time. >> should the situation deteriorate to where it's a health situation, the officers will take action as appropriate. but right now, it's purely a facilitation. >> the people on the hunger strike have been surviving on liquids. mayor ed lee said he is concerned about their well- being and will monitor their health to make sure things do not get dangerous. teachers and staff at city college of san francisco are going on strike the strike is the first in the union's history. the school and its workers are at odds over class reductions and pay. officials say they offered a greater than 7% pay increase over two years the teachers say that would still put base salary levels close to what
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they made in 20 -- 2007. >> we love and serve the city of san francisco and our students. we want to give them the opportunity for their personal growth and enrichment, educational opportunities and job growth. >> all classes are canceled today at all 11 city college campuses. registration for fall semester is supposed to begin today. ccs f said online priority registration will still be available. a police officer is accused of sending racist and homophobic texts. coming up, the latest scandal at sf pee dee and how it could affect criminal cases. a newly refurbished hotel in san francisco is getting homeless people a chance to call it home. the reason residents are getting more than a roof over their heads. we are looking at a morning commute that is not bad. right now it looks good on the east shore freeway. we will give you drive times for this freeway. we are waiting on a system
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that is coming down off the oregon coast and will be her later today. the possibility exists for afternoon thunderstorms. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a memorial has been set up to remember a woman killed in an accident in alameda. the body of angela marie lewis was found monday morning inside a clothing donation bin behind a grocery store. police think she climbed inside the bin to clothing but became
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trapped and suffocated. members of her family say she struggled with homelessness and addiction they have been leaving flowers and messages at the bin to honor her. nobody ever gave up on her. she was only 42. she had a lot of time to figure it out and that's been cut short. through this accident. >> lewis leaves behind two daughters ages 22 and 10. or the 160 in sunnyvale are struggling to find a place to live after a fire destroyed their apartment complex earlier this month. it housed mostly low income residents and many of them are staying in motels. the nonprofit, sunnyvale community services, has stepped into house 15 of the families that say it's tough to help them all because affordable housing is hard to come by in silicon valley. >> unfortunately there's no place that can replace the 70 units that were lost.
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there's no one place where we can send all of them. this was a low-cost housing. >> volunteers have been helping by cooking dinner for them the santa clara county board of supervisors approved $150,000 to help pay for motel rooms through june. a newly refurbished hotel in san francisco's tenderloin is getting dozens of homeless people a home. as rob roth explains, they are getting more than a roof over their heads. >> here are the keys. >> reporter: inside the new henry hotel on san francisco's sixth street, this woman now has a home of her own. is only one room for her and her boyfriend that it beats sleeping on the sidewalk which is how they spent the past 10 years. >> i met rejoining life which means getting up and having a routine. looking for a job. trying to get back into a lot of people's lives. my family.
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>> were just glad to be off the street. >> reporter: the couple is a long -- among 90 who used to be homeless who recently moved into the hotel. the new residents came from the city's highly regarded navigation center which takes in and tiring campus and provide spend with services and find them permanent housing. mayor lee was there to celebrate noting how much people want something done about people sleeping on the street. >> my intent is to make sure our streets are safe and livable for everybody. that's why we have fixated teams around the city that are helping people get out of street and can't miss. >> reporter: at this and kevin, this man said he is ready to move to the navigation center >> the weather, the police come of the rain, i just want a change in life. >> reporter: the city is so pleased with how the navigation center is working, it's looking into opening a second one.
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the henry hotel is home to one of the largest groups the navigation center has been able to place in one building. greta and anthony say the henry hotel is just the start. the future doesn't seem like a nightmare anymore. >> i'm hopeful for the first time. hopeful for my future. >> reporter: in san francisco, robbie ross, services go -- mornings on 2. the fate of a 99-year-old san francisco woman who was fighting eviction from her home could be settled today. iris has lived in her neighborhood since the 1940s. the principal owner of the building once to convert it into a condo and she wanted tentative ruling halting eviction proceedings. this morning's hearing is to iron out a deal which may include allowing candidates to stay in her home and free her of legal fees while the building is being turned into condos. let's get a check on traffic this morning. sal is there. nothing major right now.
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it is a nice quiet wednesday. that means people may be able to stick around and watch us a little longer. we are starting off well. let's talk about the east shore freeway. that looks pretty good getting out from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. also looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is light. we will be off to a decent start. on the peninsula, 101 and 280 look good. likewise for the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. 4:18, let's bring stephen here. >> what time is it? >> 4:18. it's early. we do have partly cloudy skies. the breeze is picking up. we are waiting on an upper low. this will be very hit or miss
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but if you get some of this, i think late morning early afternoon, shower activity. this is right off the northern coast and it has a pretty good intensity. mendocino, lake county, napa and solano county are in the mix for some thunderstorm activity. crescent city has rain. this is just off parts of the mendocino coast. it looks like it is headed toward fort bragg and will start to work its way inland. 40s and 50s for temperatures. much warmer than yesterday because we have breeze and cloud cover. 52 and mill valley. 49 in windsor. 51 in nevada. napa wins west at 13. the breeze has picked up. of westerly and southerly component. 43 in ukiah. 32 and truckee. there are some flurries being reported in south lake tahoe. some rain around lovelock you
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can see that going just past reno. our system has a ways to go but it will set the stage for son in the morning and this has to swing through. it looks like it will clip lake county and over toward sacramento. it will be close enough that i have to mention this for the afternoon. a mixed bag of sun and clouds. windy at time. showers in the afternoon. possible thunderstorms as well. it will be cooler for most of today. 50s and 60s for temperatures. tomorrow we will start to rebound a little bit. clearing in breezy. all sign -- signed point toward sunshine and warmer weather toward the weekend. it looks like a cooler pattern as we go into may. >> do we bring the patio furniture out yet? >> i would weight. the weekend will be okay.
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>> tested out, poet out and put it back. a pair of helicopter pilots stop a train from colliding with a car stuck on the train tracks. how the pilots quick thinking have been being hailed as heroes. johnny manziel has been indicted on a domestic violence charge. the consequences he could face if convicted.
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the u.s. government is warning american citizens about threats if they travel to turkey. the embassy said it's received credible reports that terrorists are looking to attack popular tourist destinations throughout the country. the agency posted the warning on its website last night. there have been six deadly suicide bombings in turkey since july. engines on the korean peninsula are growing as north korea's leader is making threats against the u.s. and its asian allies. north korea is defying un security council resolutions and continues firing ballistic missiles that have a variety of ranges and capabilities. north korea said it launched one from the submarine on saturday. that's after indications it conducted a nuclear test in january. north korea said it is preparing for a fifth test. the u.s. and south korea are working on a plan to deploy domestic missile defense system but one regional analyst said the u.s. needs to be more aggressive to keep north korea in check. >> the administration has put in place to critic council sanctions. china is
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implementing them more than before although there are loopholes. but it's late. >> china, which is north korea's strongest ally in the region, opposes the u.s. putting a missile defense system on the korean peninsula. the white house said it is assuring china the system is designed only to keep north korea from carrying out its threats. there are 100 days left until the olympics in rio. brazilian officials say olympic venues are 90% ready. yesterday the olympic torch was passed to a competitive swimmer in athens, greece, excitement is building for the games but there are some concerns. the country is trying to recover from its worst recession in decades. and the president is being impeached amid a corruption scandal. there are also health concerns about the zika virus and bacteria filled water venues for olympic events. despite that, it the games are set to start on schedule on august 5. the attorney for johnny manziel said the indictment
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against him is incredible. the player nicknamed, johnny football, was indicted, accused of hitting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. she told police that manziel hit her so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. manziel's attorney said he will plead not guilty to the charges if mental is convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and a $4000 fine. at one time he was the most powerful republican in the country but former house speaker, dennis hastert could be sentenced to prison for paying off people he sexually abused years ago at an illinois has go. he could not be prosecuted for the crime because of the statute of limitations but he pleaded guilty last year to raking a bank law in connection to the hush money. his deal suggest he could receive anything from probation to six months in prison. one of his accusers will speak at today's sentencing hearing.
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there is another inmate death and santa clara county. up next, with a sheriff department said happened at the jails infirmary. a common painkiller laced with a powerful opiate. the cluster of cases under investigation in the bay area. we are looking at a decent commute this morning. highway 4 digit -- highway 4 is not bad as you drive toward concord. pretty quiet now, breeze has picked up in the system will drop and close enough to maybe give us scattered showers. we will talk about that coming up.
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good wednesday morning. there are certain perks to waking up this early in the morning. if you leave early, you miss
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all the traffic. if you go across the bay bridge you get to see this. that is a sight to see on this wednesday morning. there are some changes to the forecast coming later this morning. stable be her in a moment to talk about that. welcome to mornings on 2. it is april 27. i'm brian flores. i'm pam cook. you also get to see the beautiful moon many mornings. can we see the moon today? >> it's maybe a little cloudy. >> i saw it on the wane. >> there are breaks in the cloud. it's still very dark out. we do have partly cloudy skies in the breeze has picked up. there is an upper low off the oregon/california coast. it is not here yet but it is on its way. there will be scattered showers, lake county, napa and solana. maybe later for everyone else. more toward the


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