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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 27, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> a chicago area woman disarms a kid after she says she saw him -- >> shoving something down in his pants that looks like a gun. >> the video striking a nerve with folks who want to stop the violence. a dog jumps onto an elevator before the door's closed. the moment the unthinkable happens and who managed to save a pet's life. this little girl has no idea -- >> she has a big surprise waiting for you. >> the amazing reunion two years in the making. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini.
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and a guy shows up at a girl's house -- >> dressed up as a hot dog wienie. >> this is awesome. when i was a child, there were people in my community who lived by a strict code. see something, do something. and this woman embodies that. this all goes down in harvey, illinois, just outside of chicago. she sees these two boys walking down the street, and she stops them. she saw one of the boys shoving something down in his pants that looked like a gun and she stopped them and confronted them. >> it looks like a gun. >> and she took the gun away. >> you tell your mama. >> she knows this kid. >> she knows the kid and she knows his mama and she's not
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afraid to let him have it. >> i just saw you walking with this damn gun down the street. >> i really hope it's a toy. >> she's completely right. what happened last year to a kid with a toy gun. >> you're right. tamir rice was killed and they said he was playing with a toy gun. he goes onto tell her he's going to tell his mama, so she takes the gun, gets back in the car. >> that's how kids get shot. >> she posted a second video to her page. >> this how kids get shot. kids die from [ bleep ] like this. >> it could be a bb gun, whatever. even then, in one second to me, that looks like a real weapon. and if anyone else thinks the same thing, something terrible is going to happen. >> that is her sentiment exactly. >> i just gave you your life back. >> she later posted a message,
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are you willing to risk your life for that of a child. people in their community take back their community, take charge. she may have saved that young man's life. it looks like it has millions of views. hopefully her message gets out there. >> this is how kids get shot. the relationship built between human and dogs over thousands of years means they hold a very special place in our heart. explains why these two videos have gone so viral. we start in russia. we see the tv camera inside an elevator. a young kid, mom walk in, press the button. guess as the doors are closing. trailing behind it was its lead. >> it's going to get stuck. >> unhook it! >> not the time to do that unfortunately because the lift starts moving very quickly.
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moves up and now -- >> no, no! >> oh! oh! come on! >> the dog is lifted up. it's kicking away. the mom hits the emergency stop button. i think that is exactly what manages to save this pooch's life. still hanging there. the lead gives way. you can see just after a few seconds -- >> oh, my goodness! >> the dog survived without any serious injury. they also said it did, however, need a new lead. >> you don't think? >> we'll >> we'll head to brazil for our next video. this is outside a veterinary clinic. you can see here the couple come walking along. the guy carrying a pretty big box. puts that box down before they head off. there were 11 puppies inside this box. people quite outraged. in fact, i found out, it appears
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to be a federal crime to do this. in fact, you can face three months up to a year. >> but they did it right outside a veterinary office. they were thinking about it. >> i'm with you as well. instead of dumping them, put it outside a vet clinic. five have been adopted. >> see, it all worked out. you're going to love this video. because it has all kinds of good in it. first, we have a cute little girl. dad is telling her to go to her room. but it's for a good reason. she's got a big surprise waiting for her. [ screaming ] >> that's not a brand-new dog. you see, he ran away in august of 2014. they looked for this dog, didn't find the dog. then two weeks ago, he strolled up to the house, i'm back. >> hold on a second.
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2014 you said. dog just disappears. >> yes. >> suddenly it's like what's up, everybody. >> that's a long time. >> look at the emotion on her face there. for kids, it's a really hard loss the first time they lose a pet. this is a unique one. >> i got to know this dog's story. start from day one, where did you go, what did you do? >> it makes me wonder if someone took the dog and then brought it back. would you bring it back to the same place nearly two years later in. >> it's not crazy for it to find its way home. just this morning, i was reading a story about a dog that had gone 200, 300 miles and found its way home after being lost. >> the dog just walked back home. it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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>> you're going to need one big buzz word, be at least 18 years old. >> coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. this is a weather cell that's going through uraguay. the people there seeing it are mesmerized by its magnitude, you can see it taking over the sky. they feel safe enough to stay there and record what's going on. >> this is when i go into the underground bunker. >> just looks like gray skies, thunderstorms coming. >> it's not just -- that is a massive funnel. you can see it when it pans to the side. >> it's coming right at them. they run for cover. but at this point, kind of a little late because watch -- keep an eye on this shed up
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ahead. >> oh! man, that was close! >> insanely close. the building right in front of them, you see as it's descent grated by this tornado right in front of their eyes. no word on the condition of these guys. but that tornado ended up injuring 200 people and it killed four people. >> you're never going to be abt to outrun those kinds of winds. when you first see something like that, if you don't know what it is, hide. this kangaroo's ready for a fight. but see why his worst enemy is himself. and shocking video shows a 3-year-old taking the wheel. >> she'she's not drifting. >> what happens when he tries to handle the ride.
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closed captioning provided by -- ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. just go about their business and never get caught. well, guess what, the universe had other things planned for them. like this guy in china that was apparently trying to steal from an internet cafe. the bottom line is in his attempt to escape, he ended up getting caught between these two buildings. >> he imprisoned yourself. if you're the police, i'd just leave him there. instead of going through the process, we will just leave you here for two months. >> he has made it pretty easy on them. the recuers are going to come
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and go, all right. over to ireland where this new technology is actually helping to stop crime before it even starts. this thief breaks into a storage unit at this store. as soon as he does that and the alarm is setoff, it triggers a smoke machine that fills the room with white smoke making it impossible for the thief to see anything and basically get lost. you can't see the merchandise and can't see the door to get out. >> perfect for a rock concert. >> this is great, though. just how effective. you're taking away all of their senses. they really don't know which way's up. >> the video, we don't know for sure whether it's an actual cctv video or whether it's a marketing video put together by the company to show exactly how this works. the bottom line is that this fog
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machine is being employed and apparently is actually working. this kangaroo seems to be angry with its own reflection. chest puffed up. >> i did not know kangaroos had claws like that. that thing looks like a beast. >> look how it's squared up. it's ready to fight. we've seen videos of them fighting. >> you hard bro? you want to live, bro? >> while that kangaroo is still fighting its battles, these two are pretty peaceful. see that raccoon, it comes to that house daily. >> sure. it looks like they're putting food out for him. >> but it has a friend. the friend is the cat. >> feed the cat, not the raccoon. >> gayle's had some negative experiences with a raccoon. >> doesn't look like this one is
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causing any trouble. they're putting out the food and it's going on about its merry way. >> it's a very gentle raccoon. these guys are treating it as such. they're riding sport bikes through saudi arabia with nothing more than their chonies on. as viral as this video went, it gotten times the negative responses as it did positive. people are outraged. i'm not sure if they're outraged more by the nudity or the stunts they're pulling on public roads. >> did anybody get any road rash? >> as far as i can see from the video, no road rash, but they may be getting their hides by the police. no word as to any kind of punishment or sentencing. >> i feel like they're trying to make a statement by doing this. unfortunately, it may come and bite them in the booty.
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>> irresponsible behavior, you might say. so is this. 3-year-old behind the wheel of a bmw. so far, he seems to be handing the car just fine. >> he's not drifting! >> he's actually going to rip the bmw around in some donuts. >> that is not real. >> it looks to me like this car has been set up. they possibly just have the wheel turned and locked in position. >> right, the rear wheel drive car. if you do that, it's going to end up spinning in circles. it's pretty dangerous for the 3-year-old! >> i'd like to say to the kid, good job, man, it was awesome. and i wish i were you. epic trip to the grand canyon. >> it's like the caribbean in the middle of the grand canyon. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, he's trying to pick up the ladies by falling
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right now for just 6.99 each get two medium two-topping pizzas. that's two medium pizzas for just 6.99 each. papa john's - the official pizza of major league baseball. h promotional consideration provided by -- plus 7 healing moisturizers. it's good to be itch free. cortizone 10®. feel the heal. act dry mouth mouthwash can cause dry mouth. and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. they hit the arizona state university campus. >> welcome. this is "i think i just fell for you". >> and well, they're falling. >> i think i just fell for you.
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>> corniest line. >> she's like okay, get up. >> that's cute, but no. >> will you be my girlfriend. >> no, sorry. >> but he got her to hold his hand right away. >> i think i just fell for you. >> this is so silly. and they come running. let me help you, honey. >> continue to sweep me off my feet. >> it's such a super corny pickup line, but it's cute. >> it is. and think about it, he's on crutches and he falls. so the initial reaction is to help him up. and then that comes out of them. you're like -- >> dude, no, sorry. >> but we like a guy with a sense of humor and he's got a corny one. >> i think i just fell for you. >> i like how the dude went over to try and help him up and he's like, no man. >> the fall is so exaggerated. >> i think i just fell for you. >> oh, my god.
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i am so sorry. >> what are you apologizing for? >> i love this girl. >> so does he. >> she's walking by, he falls, she comes back and watch her reaction after the reveal. >> i think i just fell for you. >> don't waste my time, boy. >> i love the guy that's walking around her. he's thinking he should help and realized what's going on. >> for the most part he gets rejected by everybody. i don't think he got any numbers. ended up with a broken knee probably. military base. get in here. >> the guys are going to go ice skating at a former military base in greenland. i'm like, awesome. i would so run. throwing their ice skates into
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this big hole. >> that looks skeshy. >> they gently make their way down because as you can see, pretty slippy. >> that entire staircase is covered in ice. >> not just the entire staircase, everything inside. this has been abandoned for 50 years. and there is about 4 foot of solid ice. you're seeing half the room. you see how the doorways are cut in half? you realize they're just crawling underneath the ceiling of this abandoned missile silo. >> wow. cool, man. >> i know! they find an abandoned room, enough room to stand up. >> i have all kinds of travel s a operations. never once did i want to go to green land until now. >> a truly original video. it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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>> you're going to need the buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then click on the "win ipad" button. >> you can enter every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word, it is "soldier". >> get on over to and enz wednesday's buzz word, soldier. >> and make sure you soldier on with the competition. we'll be giving away a flat screen tv on our bonus giveaway day. >> good luck, everyone! it's a prom-posal that can only be described as -- >> random. >> see how the hot dog pulls
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pull-ups. i'm going to be trying this one. >> piece of cake. >> what you doing, willis? ♪
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♪ how can you say no to this? >> will you go to prom with me. >> that's grant and he just showed up dressed as a hot dog weinie to olivia's house. [ laughter ] >> this is awesome. super cute. >> super random. we have seen a lot of prom-posals. i know, i'll dress up like fast food. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> he's wearing the borat man-kini. you see the official proposal is written over the moon. >> if i was her father, i'd come
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storming out that front door like, oh, heck no! >> what a cheeky question he's asking her. >> it's cool that he doesn't take himself that seriously. >> who wrote prom? >> we have pictures of them enjoying their prom, and they looked very cute. >> very normal. what's he wearing? come on. >> a suit. >> i'm glad he went a little bit more conservative. thanks for
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a clueless driver winds up on the sidewalk. why they're not any better at backing up, either. a woman tempts fate. >> let's see how this works out. >> see how a little fish will get you a big fish. no skateboard? no problem. the downhill slide that takes some serious skills. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and we pull a prank on charity to prove -- now see why one good scare deserves another and another. >> i don't know why you're so jumpy though. [ screaming ] it's


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