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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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she works as a receptionist here at this apartment complex. her ex-boyfriend tried to kidnap her. when she did no go along he shot her, fracturing her skull. >> they found a 25-year-old female with a gunshot wound to the head. >> she has taken to a hospital where the doctors considered an emergency delivery but ultimately decided not to induce labor. >> she was eight months pregnant, i don't know the status of the baby, i believe everyone is stable at this point. >> reporter: police are trying to determine a motive in the case. >> and it is a terrible circumstance. we're going to have to look into the present and past relationship, he flet on highway 1 in a silver toyota. he is a transient and a friend of the victim said he was stunned by what happened. >> i feel bad she was a good girl. she was a person that was trying to do good for herself, maybe she got caught up in an unfortunate circumstance with a young man.
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>> reporter: as a precaution, several schools in the area were looked down for several hours. now, the police at this hour are looking for him and the 2003 toyota camary with plate 6cgn644. if you see the suspect or the camary, call the police immediately. live in pacifica, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you. new developments now in an ongoing scandal at the san francisco police department. a retired police lieutenant has been charged with obstructing a rape investigation involving another officer. the former lieutenant kurtis lou was accused of interfering by tipping off a police officer that a woman accused him of rape. he is accused of making false statements to investigators. the police officer has resigned is accused of writing homophobic text messages which have called into question more
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than 200 criminal investigations. a shocking start to the day for apple employees as a body was found at the campus. and the coroner now is working to figure out a cause of death. and jessie gary has been working the story. he joins us with a update. jessie? >> reporter: the update is the update from the last hour which the coroner has not determined the cause of death and he is trying to contact the victim's next of kin, as for the investigation into this. it is focusing on a wide array of possible motives or reasons, including but not limited to apple's recent 7 percent stock rise. >> they were dispatched to a call to a person down. >> reporter: the spokesperson said the call came in 8:35 this morning prompts are response. a man's body found in a
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conference room. card keys are not required to enter the lobby but are needed inside where the body was found. employees called for help. we have a portion of the sheriff's radio calls as deputies responded to the scene. >> and an attempt and with a head wound from the head. looks like security was escorting the employee down. >> investigators will not confirm or deny the details in the recording, however, they say there are no signs of foul play, only one person is involved, the deceased, who is an apple employee. there is no threat to the public at large or other apple employees. >> they found a one individual, male, down, determined he was deceased and through further investigation they determined that there was no other individuals involved. and they believe it was isolated. >> reporter: the employees say that the campus has been open for business as normal for the entire day. you can see all the cars behind
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me here in the parking lot. there is one small section of building number one, the building behind me, that's where the coroner has been doing the work for most of the day, trying to determine the cause of death. he has not done that yet. there is no timeframe when that information will be handedment. >> thank you for that. jessie, thank you. a 19-year-old man suspected in a deadly shooting in south san francisco was arrested this morning in stockton. christian cruz opened fire on two men at orange memorial park on monday afternoon. the 20-year-old nick gomez died, a second man is in stable condition. police believe the shooting stemmed from a previous dispute between the three men and they say that it is not considered gang related. hundreds of teachers walked off the job in san francisco today at city college. (chanting). >> it was a one-day strike. in all nine campuses. >> administrators canceled
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classes saying they did not have the staff to keep the buildings open. teachers, counselors and librarians are angry about plans to cut classes and protesting pay cuts from several years ago when the college was fighting for accreditation. they want that pay restored and a 4 percent raise for three years. the college says that it is trying to recover from the effects of the recession and the accreditation battle. >> as a result of that, we have lost about 25,000 students and since we get paid by basically the number of students we have, that's about a $44 million step down. luckily, the bill has helped stabilize our finance as bit but even with that, what very a step down. >> the college is offering 7 percent over 2 years with possible yearly bonuss. this is just a one-day strike. faculty members will be back in the classrooms tomorrow and they're hoping to return to the bargaining table to work out a deal soon. a terrible accident on i-
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580 in pleaseonton. a truck slammed into a car and caused a chain reaction. six-vehicle pileup. one person was killed. and rob ross spoke with the police. >> the chp said the investigation could take a few more days but so far no charges have been filed against the truck driver who apparently caused the six-vehicle pileup on 580 this morning. >> the fiery accident happened just before 6 this morning on westbound past the hop yard exit in pleaseonton. the investigators for the chp said a truck with a trailer slammed into the bmw in front of it. >> traffic slowed down to a complete stop or nearly stopped when a commercial truck for an unknown reason could not stop in time. >> the collision set off a chain reaction involving six
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vehicles. flamesstarted shooting out of the bmw. he was killed. the identity has not been released but it is registered to a man in his 40s. none of the other drivers or passengers were injured. >> with nobody else being transported, it a miracle. >> we found the driver of the truck who said he speaks limited english. he said off camera the other cars were stopped in front of him, the driver claimed to have applied his brakes but then it will be determined how much brake application he did before or after. >> reporter: investigators say the driver was carrying cardboard and traveling from river side to hayward. the accident caused a backup for miles. >> i saw the backup. then i decided to turn around and go home so i would not be stuck in that traffic. >> reporter: many regular commuters described the traffic in the area as horrendous. >> it stops it is abrupt and. there is no reason that you can
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see ahead of you, why that is done. you know it is frustrating. >> it is something we try to enforce when a person is, you know, making unsafe lane changes in front of others. >> investigators say drugs and alcohol will not be factors and how much the driver got prior to the accident. >> when you see that wreckage that's amazing only one person was killed. rob ross in pleasianton warnings about -- warnings about drugs. four people were rushed to ers in march after taking pills laced with the drug. no one died in the four cases but there have been at least a dozen drug deaths in the sacramento area. it is 25 to 50 times more powerful than heroin and is cheap to manufacture. officials say that it is being added to pills loo look like
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more costly drugs. a trust company has been named to take care of the multimillion dollars esstay of prince. he died last week outside of minneapolis, apparently without a will. the family asked for help to deal with the huge estate and the properties that he owned. it's not known how much his estate is worth but it could potentially be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. the trust company will manage the estate and identify the heirs. he had six siblings. he was not married and no known living children. there is talk of turning his huge home and studio into a museum like graceland. prince called it paisley park. it is about 20 minutes outside of minneapolis. 65,000 square feet. you can see there it includes a studio where corecord music, work on his dancing and rehearse with his band for upcoming tours. according to the architect, it did not have windows because when he was working he
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dependent want to know whether it was night or day. in an attempt to jump start his campaign, ted cruz announces his vice presidential running mate. and carly fiorina's reintroduction coming up. >> live pictures as the warriors warm up tonight against the rockets. they can eliminate houston if they move on to the second round. we'll go back to ocacle. we'll talk about life without steph curry. ahead, an embarrassing toned a test run on the first and only new bart car. the failures that caused this crash into a pile of sand. >> and that's a water spout at 2:30 this afternoon. the storms that are occurring out in the central valley.
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some severe. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back.
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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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. the warriors can take a step forward. >> they will eliminate the rockets and advance to the second round of the playoffs. and mark and joe at ocacle. they have to do it without steph curry, hey, guys we'll change the tune here to the producer, foreget everything we planned. you had a great career with the rockets. one of the great all time free throw shooters. give us the real, the rockets, do they have a chance left in the series? >> they do. obviously, i'm a fan of steph
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curry, like everyone is. i hate to see him go down like that. what that does is of course opens the door for the rockets mentally to think they have a chance. if you have a chance, you do. >> can you talk about. are you a great student of the game. and you were not one of the big tall trees in the nba. people talk about how he is revolutionising the game. the shot was there but not near as prevalent as it is today. >> we're '64, right? [ laughter ] >> you know and the game is based on the 3-point shot. he is a tremendous shooter. but i'm old school. there was just they were downtown freddie brown and calvin murphy. they could shoot. what makes him who he is his flare to doing it and the confidence, you know i have never seen anyone outside of me that had that kind of confidence,. [ laughter ] , calvin, how would you have done as a shooter in this day and age. >> that was -- you know i was a
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3 point shooter based on the distance. i went for count -- quality not quantity. i'm a middle distance shooter. i could not have been the three point shooter that was not my forte. i wanted to get close where i could make things happen. he was a better shooter than i was. ky not believe i said that. [ laughter ] i cannot believe you said that either. >> i have to ask you, you know what kind of mobility you have to have. to play the guard. from what you saw of the video that we all saw with steph curry. i will not hold you to it, how long will steph curry be out? >> you know based on what the doctors say the severity but you know adrenaline is a powerful medicine. and if a doctor says he can play, then he can play. you know, adrenaline will take over from there. if he has a bad bruise, he does not need to play that can turn
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into something that can hinter him as his career moves on, one final thing, people talk about how they rose to the occasion in the 3rd quarter. took the heart out of the rockets. what do they have to find the heart add will? >> the rockets made the mistake they were waiting for someone else to do the work instead of doing it collectively. golden state knows how to win. nobody is trying to be the star. they are collectively coming at you. when the rockets recognize that think have a chance to get into the series. you know the only people in the organization that i love still, not the players now kicking our butts, you know is al. >> one of the greats. >> i know you know enough television to know they are giving us the wrap. >> i'm not done. we ain't wrapping yet. this is my time in the sun. thank you, fellows. >> great to see you. calvin murphy one of the all- time greats. a tough act to follow.
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i know that you guys are so young. maybe you don't remember him, i remember him. >> he was great. >> i remember the name downtown freddie brown and calvin came dressed for the occasion. >> what a great personality. >> yes, calvin is the sharpest dressed duty here -- sharpest dressed dude here. a wounded war veteran found a career as a race car driver in spite of losing his leg in combat. retired u.s. marine staff sergeant lian dwyer is competing at the continental grand prix in monterey. he stopped by dublin to talk about the new career path. back in may of 2011 on patrol in afghanistan, he stepped on an ied and he lost his left leg and injured his three other limbs. after years of rehab at walter reed he started racing cars and
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hired by mazda to race professionally. >> just my love for cars got me to be behind the wheel to begin with starting off with auto cross, drag racing, time trials. i never thought i would get to this point where i am now and it is a dream to get here. >> that is something. he has already won his share of races and a race in monterey. as for how he operates the pedals, he has a prosthesis that connects his upper left leg to the pedals. >> that's remarkable. >> he is not letting it slow him down. >> no. >> the technology with the prosthetics and lead a quality life after being injured like that. good for him. that's a great story. to the weather now and bill has the forecast. what is it looking like, bill. >> we had that water spout. and now i'm looking at the base of that thing. we want to -- so far it is a funnel cloud f we see something underneath. that is like it is touching --
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cloud. if we see something underneath. it it does not touch the water it is a funnel cloud if it touches, a water spout. this is intact for a moment it will be considered a small tornado if it touched down. but it would fall apart. that's impressive and gives you the indication how powerful the atmosphere is at. so. that video is, it was taken at 2:30. let's go to the radar i'll show you what we're talking about in terms of the storms that complex and that moved around. i'll stop it here. stop then i will back this up. we'll go right back. see right there. right there. right -- well, i cannot point to it. where the red is. and right around 2:30 right here. there is that cell, it my greats through the area. it is popping lightning and thunder out by the east side of fairfield. starts pushing into concord
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like it will have game there and swing back to the south. into the east the activity is over to sacramento. see the storms, the main action right now around elk grove where they are severe at times. would not be surprised to see another funnel cloud. i mention that not another funnel cloud that was a water spout a cloud would be a possibility here. we mentioned last night, any time you get unsettled, unstable at peer this time of year where the days are long, you have a potential for that and windy out there. and 41 miles per hour and 41 miles per hour is windy. doing a story and on rip tides. but say this when the winds are blowing 35, 40. great highway was closed for a time and the sand is blowing and blowing in your house, too. and the clouds are lingering
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the showers and tonight. and east of us. >> add then done. the lows will be on the mild and cool side. 43 is cool. and a beautiful day and a warming trend as this water spout. and alleged at this point. we'll move and high pressure moves in. and we'll see the numbers on sunday into the mid and upper 80s. let's look at the forecast. breezy and spring like. and nice, let's wind, warmer, boom, temperatures pop on saturday and sunday. and get out there do the gardening and i put new seed on the lawn. i had the brown spots and seed on it. i'm waiting for the magic to happen. it is not happening. >> it's not? >> it is about time. plenty of rain and the seed has
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not sprouted. >> if i do the birds come out. >> i have a problem i have the mites on the rose bushes. i have to spray them. yes. >> you know a lot of people take lady bugs. can you get them and put them on there and eats it. >> can you see me going to the store getting that in the backyard. >> we have deer that come in and they eat the roses. >> that happens all the time. >> dessert for them. >> a beautiful weekend for the yard. >> thank you. a big announcement from ted cruz today in the race for president. owe announced that carly fiorina is going to be his running mate. what she said after she was introduced. later new at 6:00. caught on camera a sheriff's deputy involved in the beating of a suspect. what it shows and what the public defender has to say about it. >> my jaw dropped it corroborated what the witnesses have said. >> i'm not playing unless you
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do something in the truck.
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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. after disappointing results in five primaries last night, ted cruz introduced the former gop candidate carly fiorina as his choice to be his running mate at a rally in indianapolis. indiana has the primary on tuesday. the former ceo of hp relishes her role challenging donald trump and hillary clinton. , i will tell you about
5:26 pm
challenging the system and the status quo, can you do more than ruffle feathers, do you more than rock the boat, you make enemies so i'm reassured, i am proud of some of the enemies that ted includes has made. >> by tradition, nominees revealed the selection at party conventions but cruz said this race has been different. some say it is unusual to pick a running mate especially this early and considering cruz is behind donald trump. and analysts said that carly fiorina will be cruz' attack dog and go after hillary clinton. that's what carly fiorina did when she was running for president. this is one day after donald trump went five for five in the primaries last night and hillary clinton won four of the five states. the results increased the possibility that they will become the nominees. james rossson in washington now with -- rosen has the report. >> after the big wins, did
5:27 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton lock up the nominations. and the math shows that a trump versus clinton matchup likely, some say the front runners, particularly trump, still have their work cut out for them. >> it should be close but at this point it is impossible to say who squeaks it out. >> they are turning to indiana where the contest could prove to be divisive in bringing down the field. they have forged a non- aggression pact to prevent donald trump from locking up the nomination with a whoser state victory. >> indiana can make a decision that will impact the party and impact the country. >> trump who is holding a big lead is laughing off the cruz- kasich alliance and focus on foreign policy, our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster.
5:28 pm
no vision, no purpose. no direction. no strategy. >> and bernie sanders reaffirmed his determination to stay in the race through the primary in june, despite only winning one of the five east coast contests on tuesday. the senator now trails the former secretary of state by more than 800 delegates. >> we intend to win. >> bernie sanders said he is laying off workers and going to focus on california's june 7th primary. he said he will stay in the race until the democratic convention. yesterday he lost four of the five primaries he won only in rhode island. sanders said if he takes more states from hillary clinton in the races ahead. he will hire back the staffers. an embarrassing end to the run of a bart car. what led to the train crashing into a barrier. it had to do with one single
5:29 pm
wire. ahead friends and neighbors are desperate for answers after a husband and wife are killed in their home. the message on the floor of the house that talks about the killing.
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bart was embaird when a new generation train ran into a sand pair er on the test track.
5:32 pm
and we know why now. tom, what happened. >> reporter: it should not have happened but bart knows what happened because it recreated the problem that guarantees it will not happen again. the carloaded with the bags and weighing in at 55 tons ran into a barrier on a track. at the time the driver training was going on but the car was hooked up to test equipment to record how the systems were functioning. as it applied the brakes, the system failed and hit the barrier. it turns out, the wire connecting the test equipment to the car shorted out because it was pinched by a cab in the door. that short confuse the the computer that controls the slow speed braking system. the car did not fail, the operators did not do anything wrong, they did everything that they could to apply the brakes
5:33 pm
and stop the vehicle,. >> reporter: we decided to put that to real passengers on the tracks. do they buy the explanation? >> i mean that's what happens when you build something like that. stuff happens, they have to work out the kinks i'm sure that later on they will figure it out. >> and riders give battler high marks. we would not want it to happen in reality. it could be a disaster. that's not what you're looking for for your daily riders. >> we look if it fails, you want it fail during a test. i'm good with that. >> reporter: the car was undamaged by the run into the soft sand barrier. >> we're going to go back into testing and resume the testing. the car is ready to go. we just need to implement a few precautions and we'll continue. >> reporter: despite the glitch it is on schedule to put the first ten-car train into
5:34 pm
passenger service by the end of the year. >> tom, thank you. friends of a couple killed in their home say they are desperate for answers as we report. a message left at the scene is making a tough situation even worse. >> reporter: light rain fell today on this home in the ever green neighborhood where the couple were found shot on sunday. flowers are outside of the deceased couple's home where they lived with their sons. >> it is very, very hard to believe that this happens. it was very peacefully, a source with the scene said a note was found on the floor inside which read, sorry, my first kill was clumsy. says there was a second note described as a manifesto written across the wall in the same ink. >> and it was not a random act
5:35 pm
of violence but probably sig that had design behind it, a purpose. that shocked us more and we rant to put some closure on it, he has known the couple for 30 years and they are humble people of service. he said the father and elder son seemed to get along well. >> i always saw the son with the father, did not see anything special that stood out but i have to say the son was not very talkative, he was more on the quiet side, the elder one, they are searching for that son, the younger, 17-year- old has returned to ever green valley high school. >> the younger brother is back in school but the kids are saying he looks a little disturbed. >> the neighbor is watching his children closer while getting anxious for answers. >> up until this point i was fine because we were thinking okay one of the kids, they will
5:36 pm
catch them. whatever. but wednesday is here, what. we still don't know. >> reporter: the police have yet to name a suspect. they only said there is nothing new when we reached out to them. los angeles police have identified the body of a woman found stabbed 150 times near the scene of the 1969 manson family killings. this is reigniting suspicious that it was connected to manson. and she was from canada. she was identified from a dna sample after a friend recognized her picture in a database. police are now trying to track down a man who she planned to meet in los angeles. investigators say they have interviewed charles manson about the woman but that did not turn up any information. they have long suspected though her death was connected to the manson family members. this very not found proof. a rising star in oakland is appearing tonight on the fox
5:37 pm
hit show empire. >> love is a cloud. >> this is fantastic's first time on national v. his song is lost in a crowd. and the cast member joins him on stage f are you interested in more, the album the last days in oakland is due out june 3rd. he calls the style black roots and blues with a punk attitude. >> congrats to him. a most wanted fugitive in france. the secret transfer of a man who coordinated the deadly paris attack last year. a mission planned for mars. elon musk set as goal to reach
5:38 pm
the red planet. sets a goal to reach the red planet.
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5:40 pm
the secretary of defense appeared on captiol hill on the subject of sending more troops oversees. more troops would be sent to syria. the secretary of defense end defended the plan to sceptical lawmakers. the troops will not be used in combat. >> these additional 250 personnel, including special operations forces, will expand our ongoing efforts to
5:41 pm
identify, train and equip capable forces in syria. >> the administration says that it is on the right track to defeat isis. there is momentum and they pointed to a report showing the number of fighters joining isis is down 90 percent from this time last year. a surprise development in the terrorist attacks in paris that killed 130 people. the suspect has been quietly send from belgium to france. and ben hall has more. >> the former most wanted fugitive is back in france. he quietly extra didded from belgium to face justice for his role in the attacks. his french lawyer who was taken off guard said he is willing to cooperate. >> he said he would explain himself he said it to the judge who charged him for murders and complicity to murder and use of bomb bees and weapons for the
5:42 pm
attack. >> reporter: he is on the run for four months following the november siege. he is believed to have coordinated logistics for the series of attacks that killed 130 people. and isis claimed responsibility. the 26-year-old will be kept in a high supreme court prison -- high security prison, will be watched by guards used to watching dangerous figures. >> and he was arrested in the neighborhood where he grew up which was home to several other attacks. he was taken into custody days before the deadly attacks in the capital. >> and our priority today is to eliminate the network which he was part of. it is necessary that there are no existing connections any more. >> he is charged with the attempted murder after a shoot- out with police. a newspaper said his lawyer
5:43 pm
called him a little jerk and said he was more a follower than a leader. in london. benjamin hall, fox news. he created pay pal then an electric car company. now elon musk has a plan to get to the mars. the coal goals he set for his company. why the president of the uc system is demanding the resignation of the uc davis chancellor. severe weather out in the valley. we have some new video in from the water spout. impressive video you want to see that. we'll talk about a warm up coming your way.
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5:45 pm
5:46 pm
. the founder of spacex announced plans for a mission to mars. musk will launch a dragon capsule in two years. it will be called the red dragon. no humans will be on board. nasa is the only agency to land a craft on mars and get information back. spacex is using the capsule to send supplies to the international space station. the f.b.i. will not share the software that unlocked the iphone of one of the shooters. the bureau paid more than a million dollars to a third party to open the phone. it does not have enough
5:47 pm
technical information about it and did not by the rights. we don't know the information the f.b.i. got about the shooter. a student is in the hospital after being injured in a high school brawl. it was cawing on video near detroit. the video shows the ninth grader in the chair throwing a punch at another boy. the boy punches him, knocking him and his chair over. the boy's mother said her son has a bone disease and suffered a broken leg in the fight. >> i feel awful. he is in a public school, going to get an education. he is in a wheelchair. he has hurdled already. >> administrators have suspended the boys from school for five face. a person has died many homes are destroyed by a system that's tearing through the central states and heading south. check out the intensity here of
5:48 pm
this rain at a gas station in oklahoma. you saw how powerful the storm is. the weather service said they ripped up homes in five states. a woman in texas was killed when a tree fell on her mobile home. and members of a family needed to be rescued when a creek overflowed. we pulled that boat back and forth across and make that shuttle. the struggle bee didn't have the man power to pull the boat across. we took it and out of the boat we did not need. nobody was hurt. >> forecasters say the storms are headed to states along the lower mississippi river. they say the threat of tornadoes has tee creased winds could reach 80 miles an hour. back here in the bay area, nothing like the weather they are having in oklahoma and texas. but rain did come our way. let's go to bill martin now. we have individual he of that water spout. >> i will say this as we cue
5:49 pm
the video up, look at that. >> this is great video of a spout. and now we know it is a water spout, you can see the water vapor being stirred up in the base. that's an impressive picture of a water spout. it is a tornado over water, right. >> and the surface has little friction or less in land and see it fall apart. there is a long time. that's the best i have seen. >> how strong. if you were close would would happen. >> it will be a problem. a regular boat could be a problem. it could sink you, if that hit landed they could give you a f- 1. but, yes. they're dangerous out on the water. >> that is close to 80 miles per hour winds. >> 70, 74,. >> and confined just that area or is that -- just where it is. >> you know what happens, you
5:50 pm
get a storm right over the lake there and the water wants to come in. over land the -- the air is trying to come in. it is turbulent. it is slowed down the surface it is slowed. the water it is just like ice. the air can fly in in a flow where it is clean and lined up. you get the water spouts. i heard them. >> there was one i was in college out there. i had never seen one like this. this is a good shot here. >> and whipping up the water you can, there are examples of those that picked up fish and turtles and depositing them on the land. >> why in that picture when you think of tornadoes you think of them flying across the plains. here it is the spout is stuck there. >> that's a good question. usually a storm like that, a tornado, a water spout will
5:51 pm
move to the northeast. they come in behind them and follow them. this system, that cell looked like it was standing still, which i don't know maybe it was perspective. >> look at the radar. that's great video. it is south. you have snow and severe weather south of sacramento. hail. rain. a funnel. lows tonight. this is winding down. when the sun is away that takes the fuel away. tomorrow in san francisco a high pressure building back in. it is a partly to mostly sunny day. highs are 60. 67 for a high.
5:52 pm
we'll warm up tomorrow we knew that. the temperatures will warm as we go right into the bay area. i wanted to go back one graphic. the temperatures will warm as we go into the area weekend. this is the fuel for that storm. and it is kind of exciting. 35 years i have been watching this. college, 40, you don't get good video like that. that's not like that. >> and of a water spout in a local area. the last time we had we had spouts off shore. it's not that clean the video and taken. there is the five-day forecast. that is interesting what you said. which way it was moving. that's what we'll do. the weather service guys look at the video. try to make them and understand. these are not completely perfectly understood. we have an idea but don't look. don't diagram that. >> that was interesting to see how fast it broke up. >> the future of a chancellor
5:53 pm
is up in the air and asking to resign and her. >> and caught on camera and the sheriff's deputy accused of covering up the beating of a suspect. what it shows and the public defender has to say about that. >> you have more than a smoking gun, you have the smoking chain where he is twirling the chain around.
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the nfl commissioner said today the league is ready to move on from deflategate. the comments follow the decision from a court that the quarterback tom brady must serve the four-game suspension for using deflated footballs of the afc championship game in january of last year. codecide to appeal the decision to the u.s. supreme court. but legal experts say there is little chance the court would agree to hear the case. the future of uc davis chancellor may be in doubt. uc president has asked her to resign. but she indicated today she is not going anywhere. she has come under fire for spending 175,000-dollars to rerace. >> en line references to a pepper spray incident during a protest five years ago. and many of the students at uc- davis want her gone.
5:57 pm
>> another day another demonstration. >> and they are looking for transparency. >> and the derby laundry with photos strung on a loaths line across the quad. there are rumors going around. a lot of people think she may have just left without telling anyone. >> she was not on campus and access to the office remained block blocked. no one answered the door at the davis residence. >> they have not found on campus answer the questions in the last two days. >> students continued demanding the chance to resign it is from the decision to accept the rolls out of the university and spend money to improve the image. >> and the forum will be the thursday and at 12 noon. >> the chancellor posted this to her channel announcing a forum where they can ask her anything. >> they will not be questions. >> and the originallers abruptly called off the event
5:58 pm
with no explanation. soon after this letter was leaked and the president has asked her to resign and request she reconsider this. >> and she is still on the job, she he is still the chancellor and doing her job, they may not see her walking around today but they might. >> what do you think about that? >> it is just like there she is again, she runs away from her problems. >> in an e-mail she side she is 100 percent committed to serving as clans lor. but -- chancellor. but no commitment will change their minds. >> i don't know why she has been here for so long if people. she has been allowed to do this. >> and the reason that access to the office was blocked was for improvements that were planned. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. a public health alert after
5:59 pm
several reports of overdoses on counterfeit pills. people are buying fake pain medications laced with a drug. good evening. it is a nationwide problem that's now made it here in the bay area. tonight officials say that four people in contra costa county say people have overdosed there. we have more on why the officials are concerned here. christina? >> reporter: frank, it is a tank rouse drug and it can be deadly. the four people who overdosed on the fake pills are lucky they made it to an er in time. according to the cdc we know of two people treated here at the medical center. health officials say they believe that people are getting fake pills from the street or they're buying them off friends thinking that they're getting norco but they are getting a
6:00 pm
drug with fentynalt is stronger than heroin and morphine. it is linked to 14 deaths in the sacramento area and at least 7 overdoses here in the bay area where people have survived. here ins county, the four people who overdoseed were given a reversal agent. the problem is that it is very hard to tell the difference between real pills and fake monday. >> people are using them the pills that look like the real thing, they are risking their life, and the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, passing out and in some cases difficulty breathing. you should never buy the prescriptions that were not prescribed to you or not by them if they were


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