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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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twin. >> we're twinning. >> but she looks better. i'm dave clark. steve paulson always looks good. and he knows the forecast. >> you too. >> people are commenting on facebook. love it when you coordinate. >> what are you wearing tomorrow? >> what are we going to wear torment? let's all decide. warriors, sharks? >> we have low clouds in the san jose area. most locations are clear to mostly clear. 52 in san jose and some of the low cloud deck. and i think that's going to hold back the temp a little bit in the santa clara valley. i think those will be the warmest. and 52 to start for san jose under mostly cloudy conditions. and that will burn off and then mostly sunny. and 70 for a high in downtown san jose. and a little bit of a slower process. oakland starting off mostly clear and also 52. and looks like a breezy day for
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oakland. sunny and 61. and only a high of 67 as temperatures near average. that thunderstorm activity is all the way in southern california and southern -- northern arizona, southern nevada. 40s and 50s on the temps. the sierra nevada will be much lower. mostly sunny and breezy at times. it will be warmer than yesterday. 60s and 70s. sal, how are things? nod rat, heavy, or what? >> yesterday we had such a bad morning and today seems like an improvement and it is. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach. this has filled in. you'll be waiting for 20 minutes. nothing out of the ordinary. and you get on the bridge with little or no delay. traffic looks good getting into san francisco. once you make it past the delay. and looking at a commute on
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interstate 880 where traffic is moving nicely. there are no major issues. traffic continues to look good in the east bay. we have a report of a crash. this one just came in. 580 westbound in the livermore area. we have slow traffic from the altamont pass. and today, the traffic from livermore to dublin is looking pretty good. 6:02 and let's go back to the desk. >> the manhunt is focused on the peninsula for the man who shot a pregnant woman in the head. christien kafton is following the story for us. police are looking for suspect in this case. and christian, the woman and her baby, unborn baby are recovering. sounds like pretty good news considering. >> reporter: considering the circumstances of the case, it's amazing and miraculous that mother and child are still in stable condition recovering this morning. i gave a call to pacifica
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police. they have no new updates on the search for the suspect. that suspect shooting that woman in the head wednesday morning. friends have identified the victim as 25-year-old marissa johnson. she is eight months pregnant and is recovering at an area hospital. she works as a receptionist at an apartment complex on terra nova boulevard. is victim refused to go with the suspect and he pulled the trigger. the victim, johnson had a restraining order out. and that expired last month. pacifica police are looking for a motive in this case. >> it's obviously a tragic circumstance. and we are going to have to look into their present and past relationship. and put together through our investigation. >> johnson was rushed to the hospital where doctors considered an emergency
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delivery. and ultimately they decided not to induce labor. they are still searching for the suspect in this case. he took off in a silver toyota camry. he is a transient and frequents the brisbane area. police are looking for the public's help in trying to locate the suspect. call 911 if you know where he is. that suspect is armed and dangerous. >> thank you, christian, for that update and advice from police. also new from overnight, emeryville police are asking for the public's help in finding the gunman and the target in a shooting. at 9:30 last night. police received 911 calls about gun fire at 42nd and adeline streets. a dark colored vehicle was chasing a red car. the red car pulled into a driveway in an attempt to get away. the dark colored car came by and someone inside fired several rounds and then both
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cars drove off. several bullets hit that house where the car was parked and no one inside was hurt. police have checked local hospitals and so far, no reports of any gunshot victims. >> the warriors eliminated the rockets from the playoffs in game five. the warriors came out firing. clay thompson led the way with 27 points. steph curry's replacement livingston added 16 points. we'll have more about that win and hear from the players coming up at 6:30. senator ted cruz is trying to put a spark in his campaign after big losses in the primaries. the republican candidate introduced carly fiorina as his running mate. traditionally, announcing a vice presidential choice is done after a candidate wins the
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nomination. donald trump does not think much of the team. he spoke during a town hall patterns. >> i think it's really a waste of time honestly. [ laughter ] [ cheering ] >> i think it should be over. if indiana treats us right, we'll make america great again. >> republican candidates john kasich has lost out on free advertising in oregon ahead of the primary on may 17th. his campaign didn't file the paperwork in time to get his name in the voter pamphlets. and kasich's name is still on the ballot. california will be taking the national spotlight in the presidential race. none of the candidates have gathered enough delegates to clinch the nomination. janine de la vega joins us now to talk about the event that's going to have a big impact on the race for the presidency. janine-- >> reporter: pam, the state
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republican convention is going to be held here tomorrow at the hyatt regency. and all three republican candidates are scheduled to be here. now, donald trump is starting his campaign in california a day early. he's holding a rally in orange county. and democrats expect to protest. and that's not the only protest. activists from groups such as color of change and move are heading to google in mountain view. and handing over a petition with half a million signatures that urges the tech giant not to sponsor the republican national convention if trump is the nominee. and there'll be a plane flying over google as well as the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge that reads google don't be evil, dump trump. he has the edge over cruz and kasich. all three rivals know how
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crucial a win in california is. there are 172 delegates up for grabs. in the race to be the nominee for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders is focusing a lot of his attention on california after he lost in four primaries. and he's laying off hundreds of staffers so he can concentrate on the remaining contests. hillary clinton is opening up a campaign office in oakland located downtown on 14th street. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you what some are saying about the other woman who is now part of the presidential race as a running mate, carly fiorina if she is going to be making an appearance at the convention tomorrow. >> back to you. we have some breaking news now to tell you about out of san jose. i want to update this story we've been following for you. the oldest son of the couple found shot to death in their
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home is now in custody. a source tells us he is in custody, accused of shooting and killing his parents in their home last weekend. he was picked up by the covert response unit yesterday. we're working to confirm more details on this story. and we'll bring them to you as soon as they come in to the newsroom. a 19-year-old man suspected in the deadly shooting in south san francisco is now in jail. christian omar cruz was arrested early yesterday morning in stockton. he's accused of opening fire on two men monday afternoon at orange memorial park. nicholas gomez died and a second man is in stable condition. police believe there was a dispute between the three men and this is not considered gang related. new developments in the beating of the suspected car thief by alameda county deputies in a san francisco alley last november.
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ktvu news has learned of a new video that reportedly shows one of the deputies twirling around something shiny after stanislav petrov was beaten. and you can hear a metal clink. this is considered important because a homeless couple told ktvu the deputies gave them a gold chain in an alleged bribe to keep them quiet. >> any jaw dropped. it completely corroborates what the witnesses have said. and now you have more than a smoking gun. you've got the smoking chain where he's actually twirling this chain around. >> so far, the two deputies have not been charged in the beating. one deputy, sean osborne, is on leave. investigators believe he's the one in the video with the chain. it's 10 minutes after 6:00. and there's counterterrorism training going on for some college students.
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coming up at 6:30. the one lesson a uc berkeley professor says everyone should take away from the drill. and we've learned more about the death of prince and the medications found near his body. we're looking at a commute where the traffic is not too bad approaching the richmond bridge. in fact, it looks pretty good heading to san rafael. and no thunderstorms and rain but we have a low cloud depth. we'll see how temps are going to behave for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:14. the weather has been wild across northern california. and look at this incredible video. a water spout. i'm not kidding. this was posted by charlie post. many areas have had rain and hail. and we'll have a big warmup starting today. steve has been telling you about that. the midwestern states are sizing up the destruction caused by several deadly tornadoes, incredible. the national weather service confirming in the past two days tornadoes touched down in at least seven states. stretching from texas to illinois. other states saw a lot of rain and hail. a 62-year-old woman was killed near houston. a tree fell on her mobile home. this really bad weather system dumped several inches of rain in new orleans. a flood warning is in effect
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this morning in parts of louisiana. >> we've not seen this amount of damage in a very long time. >> it was like an earthquake or something. i'm not going to lie. >> it was terrifying. >> the national weather service predicted 60 million americans living across the central u.s. were in the path of this extreme weather. >> we are following new developments in the death of prince. several news agencies are reporting prescription painkillers were found near his body when he died last week. the drugs were reportedly found inside his home near minneapolis, the home is known as paisley park. investigator have not said what role the drugs may have played in his death. a judge in minnesota has appointed a corporate trust company to oversee the huge estate of prince. the emergency appointment was necessary because the superstar
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did not appear to have a will. and there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. he was not married and had no known living children. and he has only one full sibling, his sister, tyka nelson. and she confirmed that he didn't have a will. >> surprising. >> a lot of people were surprised to hear that. >> we'll get you out the door. sal is watching the roads and the bridges. how does it look? >> it's more of a moderate and routine commute than yesterday when we had a couple of incidents. there are slowdowns, and we'll start by looking at the east bay as we normally do. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. and you'll see the traffic is slowing down for sure. getting up to the toll plaza. this is about a 25-minute delay. there are no major problems reported. and we're also looking at a commute on northbound 101 that looks good. there has been no reported issue on highway 101. just got word of a car fire a
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few moments ago reported in the livermore area, westbound 580 before north flynn. they are heading out to check it out. and smoke is coming from the rear of a truck that's pulled over to the right-hand side. the fire department is on the way. now at 6:17. nice day today. 60s and 70s. >> that's correct, sir. perfect. >> you like that. i know you do. >> we had a pretty good rain yesterday. it wasn't crazy. but there were decent amounts as you head to the valley or closer to it. low clouds around and a little bit of a breeze. and it will be mostly sunny. and that low cloud deck seems to be banking up to the santa clara valley. livermore hills, 42/100ths. and around stockton, a half inch to 2/3 of an inch. the farther's you go closer to the valley. there were heavier amounts.
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alameda, 18/100ths. mill valley picked up a .09. san jose, .08. and redwood shores .08. that produces a water spout. and numerous reports of hail. mainly east as the system rotated through. it's now long gone and we are on the dry northern side. and the northwest breeze behind that has churned up -- 50 at bodega bay, that's cold. and 40s and 50s napa airport a cool 41. upper 40s, low 50s in other locations. 38 up in kelseyville. and 47 bodega bay. and 45 reno. a cool 52 in las vegas with rain. and 44 in ukiah. is sierra nevada looks much quieter. there could be an isolated snow shower. and most of the area is diving
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towards central and southern on the crest of the sierra. utah-- there'll be another low dropping in, clipping the sierra nevada on saturday. that could give a little isolated snow shower. and the end result will be the wind picking up for us. it will be a northerly breeze and that will give us sunshine. and i don't think it will turn northeast but in the 80s for many. mostly sunny, breezy at times. a little warmer. and near normal temps close to the ocean and the bay. 60s there. and inland temps f you get that north wind that helps. there's too much low cloud deck. mostly sunny friday and warmer weather and windy as we go into the weekend. it's 19 minutes after 6:00. and we are about three months away from the summer olympics in brazil. but what one country is doing to the uniforms to protect athletes from the zika virus. and up next, because of a
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rare beer, a big wind fall of cash is pouring in to sonoma county. we tell you about the money generated by miny the younger -- pliny the younger.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:22 and we're learning what happened to a new bart
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train when it tailed -- failed to stop during a test run. a damaged wire pinched by a door caused the brakes to malfunction, sending a train into a sand berm at the end of the test track in hayward. it was going about 10 miles per hour at the time. >> car did not fail. >> the operators did not do anything wrong. they did everything they could to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. >> bart says the car was not damaged and the agency also says it's on schedule to put the first 10 car train into service by the end of the year. bart police have installed two automatic license plate readers in hopes of launching a pilot program that would help reduce property crimes. bart police say the plan is to present the program at the board of directors meeting today. the plan is eventually to
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install the automatic license plate readers at every bart station. privacy and civil rights organizations are concerned about how long bart will keep the information or how the data will be used. the chp reminds drivers not to text, even if you are sitting at a red light. talking or texting the main cause of distracted driving. the state department of motor vehicles is reminding drivers that while the car's engine is on, keep devices off at all times. >> if you're in control of the vehicle in the driver's seat on a public roadway, you can be cited for driving while texting. >> did you know that? the police say it's easy for them to see if you're on your phone. they'll be looking at where your hands are when you're behind the wheel. it was only available to the public for two weeks. and sales of a rare beer brought in an impressive $5
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million to sonoma county. a new sea by the economic development board reveals the limited release of pliny the younger attracted 16,000 people to the area. a majority of the aficionados came from out of town. and people from 11 foreign countries women to try the beer. the brew has a reputation of one of the best in the world. the giants are on the road after sweeping the padres -- sorry, pam -- at at&t park. all starters either scored a run or drove in a run. and the giants won 13-9. brandon belt had 5 rbis and finished a home run short. and jeff spa gentleman got the win. the giants start a series against the mets tomorrow. the oakland a's can leave detroit with a series split or
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a loss. sonny gray lasted two innings, the shortest start of his career. the tigers took a 4-0 lead. chris davis tried to help the a's with a monster home run off justin verlander. they estimated it was 449 feet. the a's lost 9-4. the series finale with the tigers this morning and then the a's move on to houston. >> i always tell people i'm a giants fan. i grew up in san diego and my family doesn't watch sports. i'm a giants fan. >> i know. 6:26 is the time. and fake painkillers through contra costa county. the strong warning to help keep you safe. plus the golden state warriors moving on to the second round of the nba playoffs after a convincing
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victory with steph curry on the sidelines. we're talking with the hosts, and getting a feel for how the fans are feeling after the convincing win -- coming up. good morning. we are look ago at commute where traffic is moving along pretty well in both directions here in oakland.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for quaking up with us. it's almost 6:30 and sounds like it's going to be about the same as yesterday. >> well, no rain. >> well -- it was just a tiny bit of rain that ended up in my area. >> i was in your area. >> you were in my area. >> it was windy. >> very windy. you were checking out the
6:30 am
salmon. >> we're doing a story on the salmon. it's fascinating. plus beautiful. i can see the cues building in the distance. today will be mostly sunny. and there are areas of low clouds through the santa clara valley. and temperatures rebounding, 60s and 70s. and there's about one car on the golden gate bridge. there goes the that you are activity -- the thundershower activity. >> the sierra nevada will calm down and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. you can see where the system is. also down in southern nevada and arizona. it has a pretty good punch. 40s and 50s on the temps. upper 40s and a few mid-50s. patchy low clouds and overall we look good under mostly sunny skies. there's the low as it heads into the four corners. patchy low clouds and a little
6:31 am
warmer, especially away from the coast. 60s and 70s. i don't want to jinx anything but so far except for slow traffic. >> we've had a couple of incidents, and they haven't been like yesterday. yesterday we had a really bad day. today it's normal and we've had a couple of crashes and maybe a couple of minor incidents pulled to the side. the bay bridge is backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay before you make it to the span and get in the city. we've been looking at a commute where traffic has not filled in yet between san leandro and oakland. a lot of people like to see what they're getting. 580 and 880 look pretty good. we had an earlier crash southbound 880 near thornton. and that crash is in the clearing stages, and there's slow traffic associated with it. give yourself extra time if
6:32 am
you're headed south. you'll see slow traffic. 6:31. let's go back. no curry, no worries. with steph curry injured the golden gaten state warriors blew out the rockets and now they move to the second round of the playoffs. alex savidge is joining us live from 95.7 the game in san francisco to see how fans are feeling this morning the. >> i'm doing well. and fans are feeling good about the victory. it was a convincing win to say the least, and we're talking with the host of 95.7 the game. we're inside the studios in san francisco. and we're talking with one of the hosts a short time ago. and they feel like the win was so convincing that it bodes well for the warriors moving forward in the playoffs. we'll talk with everyone coming up in a bit. the warriors showed they can
6:33 am
win and win big even with steph curry on the sidelines. he has that strained knee. and curry was on hand for the game five, cheering on the team from the bench. his fellow splash brother came out firing. thompson finished with 27 points and the warriors cruised to an easy win, 114-81 and the players are glad to be moving on. and they looked pretty tough even with curry out. >> weaver not going to be satisfied with this though. great series for us, especially instead of being out. everybody had a big contribution. i can go down the whole list. but i mean, that gives us a lot of confidence. and we're not going to stop pushing. we'll be that much better when steph gets back. >> reporter: looking forward to the second round of the
6:34 am
playoffs. they could face the portland trail blazers or the element a. clippers -- or the l.a. clippers. we could find out as soon as tomorrow night whether they'll face the blazers or the clippers. no chris paul or blake griffin. tickets go on sale later on today and then to the general public tomorrow. and we're live this morning at the studios of 95.7 the game. and we'll be talking with the host coming up later on mornings on 2, getting a feel for how -- what everyone thinking about the warriors team and the chances moving forward in the playoffs. certainly, they looked pretty good in the first round even though they played a number of games with steph curry sidelined. and we'll be checking back later on.
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>> warriors season ticketholders are auctioning two tickets to game one to the highest bidder. they're doing it to help a little girl who is battling brain cancer. we'll tell you about that coming up. the warriors have granted permission to interview luke walton for the coaching job. steve kerr announced that the lakers will be allowed to meet with walton as soon as there's a break in the warriors schedule. wall ton who played nine seasons with the lakers, is a prime target for l.a. he's become a hot coaching commodity after filling in for coach kerr. the sharks will face the nashville predators. they beat the ducks in game seven of their series. game one is tomorrow night.
6:36 am
and game two is sunday before the series heads to nashville. for weeks, counterfeit prescription pills have been turning up in the sacramento area and some people have died from overdoses. and local health agencies say the fake painkillers are showing up in the bay area. the health department reports four people in the county recently overdosed on what appears to be counterfeit prescription medications laced with fentanyl. don't buy from anyone other than a licensed pharmacy. >> people are buying them on the street, thinking they are getting hydrocodone or norco and have fentanyl. they are getting a much stronger narcotic medicine than they are aware. >> there have been overdoses in bay area counties and no reports of deaths. fentanyl laced pills have been
6:37 am
linked to deaths in the sacramento area. they are teaming up with walgreens to combat prescription drug abuse. a medication disposal kiosk will be unveiled at the walgreens pharmacy. it's one of four locations walgreens is introducing in san francisco to dispose of unwanted and expired medications at no cost. the installation of the kiosks began in california and they'll expand to 39 states by the end of the year. we are getting to hear the radio dispatch call connected to yesterday's death at apple's cupertino headquarters. [ indiscernible due to background noise ] possibly has a gun. >> investigators will not confirm nor deny the details in the recording but they say it was an isolated incident and there are no signs of foul
6:38 am
play. the body was found inside a conference room just after 8:30 yesterday morning. and the man's name has not been released. a group of uc students went through a counterterrorism drill that seemed quite real. the students teamed up with the fbi agents yesterday as part of a class in the international relations department. the scenario involved terrorists taking over a bart train and holding hostages. students played the roles of terrorists, police negotiators, journalists, and diplomats. >> it speaks to the importance of practicing being in different scenarios. >> when you see an incident occurring in real life, it's always good to keep a mental note what would i do in that situation? >> the class professor says one lesson everyone should take away is to run and hide during
6:39 am
a terrorist attack but people must also be prepared to fight. past advice was to comply with the terrorists who wanted to exchange hostages for their demands, and the modern day terrorists just want to kill as many as possible. another controversial story. police in baltimore shot a 14- year-old boy. coming up at 7:00. the reason police say they opened fire. the raiders owner is meeting with nevada tourism officials about a proposed stadium in las vegas. what the nfl commissioner has to say about this development. we are look ago at a commute if you're 24 westbound, it's slow up until the lafayette bart station and then it breaks free on the way to the tunnel. >> mother nature put on a good show yesterday. today much quieter. and we'll talk about the temps and see what's in store for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a football star is expected to take center stage at the nfl draft. you probably don't watch football if you don't know his name. jared goff is expected to go to the los angeles rams. losangeles has a glaring need. they traded up to the number one spot in a deal with the tennessee titans. he is considered a true franchise player who could get
6:43 am
the rams back in the playoffs. mark davis is scheduled to meet with tourism officials in nevada to talk about a potential relocation to a domed stadium in las vegas. a casino mogul is proposal a $1.3 billion stadium project a few blocks off the strip. and davis has also toured unlv stadium as a potential temporary home. the raiders will be at -- signed a one-year deal for the coliseum. roger goodell says there's no official proposal and it would ultimately be up to nfl owners. we don't know when the second round series will begin. but two people are auctioning their playoff tickets to the highest bidder. the money will go to the family
6:44 am
of a young girl who is battling brain cancer. >> reporter: she digs into a gift box with wishes from the golden state warriors. >> say thank you to everybody. >> melody is like any 4-year- old except for the inoperable brain tumor doctors say will kill her in six months or so. >> she woke up and she was trying to stand up and fell down. >> the doctor at ucsf is encouraging the family to get her in a trial in england. unproven but promising and unavailable in the u.s. >> one evening we were watching channel 2 news -- >> her story caught this couple's attention. >> it grabbed my heart strings. i would hate to be in that
6:45 am
situation. i have kids and a grandchild. and what could we do to help. >> out came their playoff tickets. >> i work in the health care profession. my heart goes out. any help that we can give. >> the pair of seats are on ebay. twelve rows up and the starting bid is $1000. whatever they sell for will go to the go fund me account to pay for the travel and treatment. >> hopefully, help the life of a child. if i put them online they'll sell anyway. why not do it this way and the money goes to a good cause. >> the money is grateful for all the help they've received. a community fundraiser brought out a few hundred people. >> the kindness of strangers, one family to another, will help even more. >> i feel this guy is going to be a friend to me from now on. >> it puts me in the same
6:46 am
village. even if i don't know you. >> he's a special guy. and thanks -- [ laughter ] and that was debra villalon reporting. we posted information for the auction and the go fund me site. it's on the web link section of it's 6:46. and that means it's time to check in with gasia for a look at the next hour of mornings on 2. good morning. >> good morning, pam and dave. when i join you, how many times have you heard i'll be right there. certainly it's okay to keep moms or dads waiting but not uber. uber would charge customers a fee if the driver is still waiting two minutes after arriving to pick up a passenger. two minutes. right now you have a five minute window. also a new study on spanking shows that while some
6:47 am
parents think it curbings bad bayer at home it may lead to bad behavior elsewhere. it remains a hot topic among parents. i'll see you in a few for mornings on 2. i see sal right over there. you're watching the commute. everybody behaves this morning. >> everyone seems to be behaving. we're looking at a couple of slowdowns. southbound interstate 880 is beginning to slow all the way back in hayward. i want to show you the maps. we'll go there first if we can. and the traffic is going to be busy all the way from 238. we had an accident at thornton with injuries. and people are getting off 880 and heading west on 92. we've heard reports of a collision on el camino real near 380. 380 looks good to the airport.
6:48 am
no problems on highway 101. and at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks like a 20 to 25- minute delay. and we're looking at 280 in san jose and that traffic is looking good out of downtown. on the right is northbound 280 heading up to highway 17. 6:48 and let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. much quieter today. we had the rain in the morning be the thunderstorm activity started to pop up over lake county and napa county. and lake berryessa with the water spout. and solano county, and also in the sacramento and san joaquin valley. the livermore hills had two reports of 42/100ths. and hayward a third of an inch. and alameda 18/100ths. and san francisco 13/100ths. and mill see,.'09. and there was a bunch of .03s.
6:49 am
and hardly worth reporting. sacramento, downtown had 2/3 of an inch of rain. and socket airport had nothing. if you were underneath one of those cells it was pouring. and if not, i can see it and it's not here. today it's long gone. in the sierra, rain and snow showers, and we'll keep the beat going. the southern central is here. high desert, southern california, and southern nevada. into northwest arizona and northern arizona. that's good. 40s and 50s on the temps. half moon bay, 45. low clouds towards san jose and santa clara valley. and 43 in menlo park. stanford, los altos. and northwest, north, this will turn northerly later on. and that northwest breeze has
6:50 am
taken the water temps, san francisco buoy a brisk 49 degrees. that's coldest in a long time. off of santa barbara, 53. much quieter in the sierra. and also for us we have mostly sunny skies and that's something to watch. this guy across the country as it moves out of the rockies it will be another severe weather maker. and we have another system that will clip the sierra. an inside slider is what we call it. that might produce snow showers on saturday. be advised. it will be sunny and there could be wind advisories for the north and east bay hills. patchy low clouds and a little bit warmer. above average on some inland temps. it doesn't take long to jump up. 60s and 70s on the temps. and we're looking for upper 70s to near 80 tomorrow. and looks like 80s on the weekend with the one caveat.
6:51 am
the old breeze will be kicking up so keep that in mind. >> it's been very, very windy. >> wind surfers love it. >> wind surfers and sailors love it. >> it's the number one complaint from people -- in my department. >> the allergies should be picking up. if wind is hurting the allergies and the hair. >> not only the trees but the grasses. >> and everybody is out gardening. i am. cleaning up the yard ask all that. 6:51 is tame. wanning marijuana in homes. >> even if it's legal. coming up in 20 minutes, the strict new law being considered right here in california. and a sale rescued at -- a seal rescued at ocean beach in san francisco. how the police rescued it until the experts arrived.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time now is 6:54. the san jose planning commission approved building a housing complex for the homeless. last night's hearing was packed with those on both sides of the issue. the project will include a four story apartment complex that would provide permanent housing
6:55 am
to 160 homeless people. neighbors fear this project will increase crime in the area which includes two elementary schools, a library, and a homeless encampment at a nearby creek. >> there's a lot of kids in the neighborhood. and had i known that this was going to be there, i wouldn't have bought my house. >> affordable housing when run well does not decrease property values. it does not increase crime. >> neighbors say they'll appeal the planning commission's vote. but if the project passes, the homeless could start moving in as early as the fall of 2018. a plan to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars for the terminal project is moving forward. the cost of the project has almost doubled to $2.25 billion. the mtc, the agency blames the
6:56 am
soaring costs object inaccurate engineering estimates and the complex design. the budget and finance committee approved the proposal. it will go before the full board of supervisors for a vote next week. the olympic torch has been handed over to brazilian organizers ahead of the games in rio. the first modern olympic games were held in 1896. the flame was lit in ancient olympia. the torch will travel to the united nations officer in switzerland and then to brazil. 12,000 torch bearers will relay it before the games begin on august 5th. south korea is sending its olympians to rio with specially made uniforms to protect against the zika virus.
6:57 am
it will be dyed with mosquito repellent materials. the uniforms have not been altered though. we want to show you photos posted by the san francisco police department. officers helped to protect a sale from people passing until rescuers could arrive. the sale was found on the beach yesterday morning. and the sale appeared to be mall unusual issued, weighing only 15 pounds. a record number of sales were rescued in the bay area last year. i was at the center in sausalito and say said the winter has created rough water and separated babies from mothers. still ahead a pregnant woman was shot in pacifica. the kidnapping that led up to the shooting and the search underway for the shooter.
6:58 am
and the presidential candidates shift their focus to california. what the two front runners are doing to try to get more votes in the golden state. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
6:59 am
don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. and right now, you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel.
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breaking news tied to the mysterious killing of a san jose couple over the weekend. the person now in police custody. >> a pregnant woman shot and a man still on the run. we'll have the very latest for you as mornings on 2 continues. >> 7:00 on the dot. thursday morning, april 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check our weather. i think steve paulson is doing a good job with the weather. >> yesterday was fun for some. wind was crazy. it was crazy windy yesterday. today will be breezy. it will not be as bad as yesterday. no thunderstorms or water spouts like lake berryessa. there were numerous reports of hail. livermore hills, .42. hayward had


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