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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we get silly. the further along in the week you get a little bit sillier. >> you have the day off. >> i prefer silly versus loopy. >> exactly. we're looking at a gorgeous forecast. hopefully today is your friday as well. we have a warm upcoming our way and temperatures well above the seasonal average saturday and sunday. we're in the 80s but for today and at this hour partly cloudy skies streaming over the bay area. this ridge of high pressure begins to strengthen and will continue as we get into the weekend. the off shore winds helping to drive up the temperatures. 53 in concord. 51 in san jose. the afternoon could turn breezy. we're looking at winds picking up 10-15 miles per hour in napa
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and oakland. 4:00 in the afternoon we have santa rosa at 20. a little breezy out there. temperatures mild to nice. warm for inland locations but not bad at all. looking at 72 in san jose into the north bay. closer to the bay upper 60s in san francisco and 49 in hayward and as we get into your extended forecast, there's the warm up. i will detail what you can expect for your saturday as well as sunday coming up in a bit. let's jump on to the roadways with sal. good morning to you rosemary. traffic is doing well. incidents in closed lanes overnight but we're off to a decent start now. only an 18 minute drive to the macarthur maze. no major problems getting into
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san francisco. it's been a nice drive. . they're doing an investigation of a crash, no huge slow downs as a result of that. there's also a truck that came apart from its trailer. i don't see any big delays there either. 4:32 back to the desk. we begin with developing news out of melpedes that happened earlier this morning. janine de la vega joins us with what we know so far. >> reporter: we spoke with the lieutenant who gave us more details. i want to show you what it looks like here. they have the parking lot of this hotel blocked off with
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police tape. this cadillac you see here, this was the suspect's car that an officer stopped around 1:00 this morning. it was a traffic stop we're told. that lieutenant said the person in the vehicle exited. the shooting happened and then the suspect ran across the boulevard and police took the person in custody where the onramp is. that's part of the crime scene and you see that police have that blocked off. it's going to be blocked off to traffic indefinitely this morning. so police are here and the chp are here and they're saying to avoid this area if you can for periods of the morning calavaras boulevard may be closed because they have to do markings on the road and go through evidence. they have spoken to people who
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are staying in the hotel who may have been witnesses. we're trying to figure out what he was stopped for. police are tight lipped about this incident. we don't know the extent of the victim's injuries. he's at the hospital right now being treat. we are going to work to see what information we can get and we'll bring it to you hopefully in the next hour. pam? thank you, we'll check back with janine de la vega later. a deadly overnight freeway crash in san ramone that happened near interstate 680. the driver of a sedan was killed after slamming into the back of a large crane. the crash shut down two south bound lanes of the freeway for several hours.
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new protests at a donald trump rally. about 20 people were arrested. there are anti trump demonstrations planned in the bay area later today. the republican presidential candidate whether speak at the california gop convention in burling game. a live report at the top of the hour. a scam involving a man impersonating a pg ande worker. he tricked a homeowner to allow him in her garage by telling her he was there to inspect a gas leak. here's a surveillance photo of a person of interest in the first case. police say on sunday a 23-year old woman reported meeting a man in the financial district. they went to a nearby hotel
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where the woman claims he sexually assaulted her. police still looking for that man. he's about five feet, 8 inches tall. the victim says he told her his name was sergio. another sexual assault case of a 74-year old woman. a burglar broke in a home and attacked the woman and left the area. anyone with any information about these two cases is asked to call police. a badminton coach at san francisco high school has been arrested for having a relationship with a student. investigators say she was having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year old male student. she was booked into santa clara county jail. she worked for the school for
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three months. this follows a series of arrests following high school teachers and coaches having inappropriate relationships. a letter written to show appreciation and warning about acts of discrimination. here's an excerpt. cerpt. . >> just this last week retired police officer curtis lou told an officer that a woman had accused him of rape. also accused of writing homophobic and racest text messages that could jeopardize 200 other investigations. police looking for a suspect
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who killed a 26-year old man outside a gas station. the victim has been identified as reg inald atkinson. richmond police arrest a 29-year old man who killed a girl on tuesday. police have recovered a gun. he was arrested where 16-year old was killed. richmond police are asking if anyone has more information on the case to contact them. the powerful new documentary of the south bay teenager who took her own life after she was sexually assaulted and then bullied on social media. they hope this film will put a
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spotlight on affects of cyber bullying of young people. >> it was a tough night for us. it really opens up wounds. >> it just takes one voice to stop an event that could go horribly south like it did in audrie's case and it could change someone's life forever. >> two san francisco film makers made the film. she passed out at a party and sexually assaulted. photos were posted on social media later. the teenager committed suicide just a few days after that. there's a disturbing new report involving two of the bay area's most respected universities. a study conducted by the u.s. department of education found stanford and uc berkeley have the highest campus crime rates per student in the entire state
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of california. berkeley averaged three crimes per 1,000 students. both universities point to the fact that they are in a highly populated area. looking for something to do outdoors? >> it's bay area dance week which means you can find hundreds of free dance lessons in the bay area. a dance festival is happening in oakland at jackson square. some of the best teachers and choreographers will be there for a fabulous day of rhythm and fun. the free event is saturday 11:00 to 6:00. a family street festival alameda point.
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whimsy fest is until 6:00 on saturday. the race will be saturday. food drinks and music are provided afterwards. all proceeds go to support programs for at risk youth. sunday streets is happening in san francisco. they will be held in the dog patch area from 11:00 to 4:00. earth day and arbor day festivals. the free festival is saturday 11:00 to 3:00 at center civic plaza. warriors and sharks continue their play off runs. that is your weekend watch. i'm wearing my sharks colors. >> yes, you are. you're attuned to the sports world in the bay area. >> dave and i were matching in
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pink yesterday. a bunch of people on my facebook page said wear shark colors. students wanted to create an environment of acceptance. the new addition to a high school in san jose. doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are demanding action because they say a major bay area hospital are in crisis and why patients aren't getting the help they need.
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sonoma county is reporting its first case of zika virus. the victim traveled to central america and bitten by mosquitos. zika virus is spread by
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mosquitos. it's dangerous for pregnant women. so far the zika virus has only made its way into the bay area by people who have become infected after traveling to south america. doctors, nurses and dozens of other workers at san francisco general hospital demanding action saying there's a crisis involving patients. they rallied claiming the psychiatric unit is in a state of emergency. they frequently turn away mental health patients because of staffing shortages. nurses say there's shortages in the emergency room and they fear when the new er opens next month they will be forced to treat more patients with the same amount of staff. >> people with suicidal problems
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or they're hah lus with severe depression they need to be sent to another hospital. >> the hospital issued a statement. statement. nurses say they plan to appeal directly to city hall and the major next month to add more staff. san jose police are asking for your help in identifying three men in a high school stabbing last month. the stabbing happened near andrew hill high school on march 10th. other details in the case including the victim's condition have not been released. right now it's 4:46. we're checking in with sal for a look at traffic.
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it's early but i still want to know what our friday traffic jams are. what's the theme? >> we don't know yet. >> can we throw out suggestions? do we have a say in it? >> i don't know. i'm looking around here. you know who sits back there. we'll see. >> how do you feel about jared goff and cal? >> i love jared goff. i followed him at cal. he will be a great quarterback. i'm a little sad one of the bay area teams didn't get him. >> at least he's here in california. >> that's true. good morning everyone. let's look at what we have now starting with interstate 880. the traffic is moving well as you drive past the coliseum. no major traffic jams here. it looks good up into oakland and hayward. you will see the traffic is looking good in both directions
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here. no major commute delays. a couple earlier incidents and of course we'll keep watching but now the traffic is light throughout the east bay. at 4:48 let's go to rosemary. >> sal, can i help you out with the tea? >> a little green tea. >> hopefully that will change the little froggy. those are hard to come by. >> only a few of us in the building have those coffee mugs. let's talk about your morning. perhaps you're just getting your first mug of coffee or tea or whatever helps you get out of bed in the morning. low 50s in oakland and livermore. san jose checking in at 51. a little kyle for inland communities. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy
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skies over the bay area and winds continue and you can see north westerly directions. again this has to do with what's going to be transitioning over the course of the next 24 hours when winds go north west to northeast. here's a look at the system dropping along the border of california and nevada. that is driving the off shore breeze. as we get into the afternoon today we will be breezy but notice the arrow. it's a south westerly wind coming in the pacific anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour. a little breezy for some. we have a calculation here for santa rosa at 22. mild to warm temperatures but now i've taken you into saturday afternoon and notice it's a north easterly breeze and that will be driving our temperatures up as we get into your bay area weekend. in san francisco a mix of sun and clouds for your lunch hour.
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64 degrees expected and as we get into the afternoon upper 60s with breezy conditions on tap for that. 78 in nevada today. 76 in petaluma. mid to upper 70s for the inland east bay. mid 70s for morgan hill along the peninsula 71 in redwood city. daly city and pacifica. seven # 0s at the coast. low 80s around the bay. very comfortable weather. if you like it warm, head inland. head to the coast for nice weather also. mild to warm weather around the bay also. >> it's great to be outdoors this weekend. cool. >> thank you, rosemary.
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a little dog became known for being involved in a case on the bay bridge. there he is. it's incredible. he was okay. now we'll tell you where he found his forever home.
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welcome back. the brother of the san
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bernardino shooter syed farouk could soon be arrested. the brother and his wife who are u.s. citizens and her sister from russia all appeared in federal court a short time later. they are charged in a conspiracy to get a green card for the sister by paying a friend $200 a month for a sham marriage. gun control advocates are taking action on tightened california's gun laws. the governor says he will turn in half a million signatures today to put a gun control initiative on the ballot. it would have a process for if he lons to relinquish firearms and report lost or stolen guns. gun rights groups plan to block the initiative. a man wearing some kind of animal costume after walking into a fox television station in
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baltimore. he walked in and demanded the station cover a specific news story. his vehicle was found with flames coming out of the gas tank. employees were evacuated out of the building and police called in. >> several of us could see the guy pacing back and forth and standing there relaxing with that suit on. but his jacket was open and he had a red vest on and you could see it was something, some type of device. he was holding a flash drive and something that he could probably set a bomb off with. >> he was later shot after refusing to remove his hands from his pocket. the man survived the shooting and now in a baltimore hospital. we have an update to the story of a chihuahua involved in a chase on the bay bridge. you remember that little dog running around? he's now been placed in a new home. >> we already have a small dog so he's going to be her brother.
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a couple known only as maryland and finch were chose among many applicants. the husband saw him and said he wants to adopt him. it's amazing he was okay and they were able to stop traffic and catch him. ponch is a much happier dog today it was very traumatic. he was so scared. now look at him. he's curious and alert and now eating treats. he wouldn't eat treats when we got him because he was so scared. >> they named the pup after the chp officer in the series chip.
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they love the name and have no intention of changing it. coming up in the 5:00-hour, a violent crash outside a donald trump rally in california last night. new information in last weekend's murder in san jose. what their oldest son told the reporter during a jailhouse interview following his arrest. his arrest good morning, we're looking at a commute that is still light. right now doesn't look bad here on interstate 880 through oakland. outside the doors this morning a cool start with partly cloudy skies and mild weather in store for your afternoon with a bigger warmer upcoming in time for your weekend. we'll line up the numbers for today coming up.
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we're going to take you to the scene where an officer was shot. the republican convention set to get underway in the bay area. we'll tell you more when
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mornings on two continue. continue. good morning, we have a nice weekend in store. >> good. >> but would you like it a bit warmer? >> i would. >> mid 80s is warm enough to jump in a pool, at least for my little one for sure. upper 40s for our inland communities. areas like santa rosa and nevada. a lot of low 50s from redwood city through hayward and walnut creek. into the south bay we have 51. a few more numbers like antioch, 59 to start your day. 50 degrees in danville. temperatures are very similar to where we started


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