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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mornings on two continue. continue. good morning, we have a nice weekend in store. >> good. >> but would you like it a bit warmer? >> i would. >> mid 80s is warm enough to jump in a pool, at least for my little one for sure. upper 40s for our inland communities. areas like santa rosa and nevada. a lot of low 50s from redwood city through hayward and walnut creek. into the south bay we have 51. a few more numbers like antioch, 59 to start your day. 50 degrees in danville. temperatures are very similar to where we started right around
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the bay and inland but things have changed up a bit in areas like napa and fairfield. having to do with that wind kicking up and stirring things around. a noticeable change in napa this hour. here's a look at future cast model. waking up with low clouds and partly cloudy skies around the coastline and bay. rewill remain partly cloudy. temperatures at the coast. mid 60s to mid 70s around the bay and inland communities mid to upper 70s in the forecast. when i come back i'll have the numbers on your screen and we'll talk about the warm up in store. let's go to sal with the roadways. good morning, traffic is looking pretty good coming into san francisco. no major problems there. it's a nice looking drive to the city. we have a live look at north bound 101 on the left approaching the 80 split. that traffic is looking good.
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an investigation near boll injer after a car ran into a crane overnight. there's an investigation because the accident turned to be deadly. south bound 680 a little bit of a slow down but nothing major. some lanes are taken awae. now at 5:02 back to the desk. breaking news from milpitas. an officer involved shooting after 1:00 this morning after a traffic stop at a hotel parking lot near interstate 680. the person shot taken to the hospital. we don't know that person's condition or what led up to the gun fire. janine de la vega is out there now and will have more on this story in our next half hour. we're following developing news from san ramone where a deadly overnight freeway crash is being investigated. just before midnight near the boll injer canyon road off ramp a car slammed into the back of a
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large crane and the driver was killed. two south bound lanes of the freeway were shut down after that. chp is still out there investigating the cause of the crash. new developments in last weekend's murder of a husband and wife in san jose. the eldest of the two sons suspected of killing their parents says his younger brother was not involved in their deaths. 22-year old man gave a jailhouse interview to the san francisco chronicle and said his 17-year old brother is innocent but he would not comment on his own guilt and innocence. police say they shot and killed their parents in san jose. the woman who lives near the home talked to ktvu but didn't want to be identified. >> they are like a normal family. they live a private life and we don't get a chance to hang out
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with them a lot but they appear normal. >> still no official word of a possible motive. two days after police arrested the brothers, a source confirms to fox two that at least three messages were written in ink and scrolled on the floor and walls near one of the bodies. the funeral for the couple will be held later today. turning now to the race for the white house. violence last night outside a donald trump campaign event in orange county. trump spore es and opponents clashed and police had to place themselves between the groups. 20 people were arrested after protestors blocked traffic and vandalized a police car. inside the trump rally the republican frontrunner revved up supporters by lashing out against democratic frontrunner hillary clinton over issues with
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benghazi and e-mails. >> hillary -- she's crooked hillary. crooked as can be. crooked hillary. >> cracking down on illegal immigration is a key issue in his campaign. he brought out a group of people who held up with banners of photos people killed by undocumented immigrants. anti trump protestors are planning to protest at the gop convention in burlingame getting underway in just a few hours. this will be interest. california can play a pivotal role this time around. >> reporter: absolutely. we're here at the hyatt regency in burlingame where the convention is set to be held later on today. if you take a look there are
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barricades in anticipation of the protestors later today. come june, california could play a major role in deciding the nominee. the convention set to get underway today. the state's 341 delegates are up for grabs and it's set to be the most attended convention in years. a lunch banquet will begin sponsored by donald trump. the burlingame police department called in mutual aid to make sure it's safe for event goers and protestors. >> when it was confirmed donald trump was going the numbers on social media started to rise and we're expecting a decent number of individuals. it could be 500 or 3,000. >> reporter: john kasich is scheduled to speak at the banquet dinner tonight and ted cruz is expected to head line
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tomorrow's luncheon and his running mate, carly fiorina set to deliver tomorrow night. we'll talk about how significant this year's california primary could be in deciding who the nominee will eventually be. thank you christian. we'll check in with you and cover this all day today. the democratic presidential candidates are making sure their presence is felt here in california. senator bernie sanders will open a campaign office in oakland tomorrow. hillary clinton supporters opened an office yesterday and the mayor was there and took a jab at donald trump. >> seriously there's so much at stake. i mean, america cannot afford to play a starring role in a really scary reality tv show. >> the mayor says she's proud
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clinton campaign chose the oakland office. a war of words is erupting between republican presidential candidate ted cruz and former speaker of house john boehner. john boehner called ted cruz "lucifer in the flesh" and said he would support donald trump over ted cruz. >> donald trump and i are friends. we play a lot of golf together over the years. he would call me and pat me on the back and cheer me up. >> you think john boehner is the kind of leader you want in the republican party then donald trump is your guy. >> ted cruz says john boehner is part of the washington establishment that voters don't like. caitlyn jenner is finding herself caught in the
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presidential race and the north carolina controversy transgender bathroom koshl bathroom policies donald trump said people at trump towers can use the restroom they feel comfortable in. abraham lincoln high school one of few k-12 schools in the area that have transgender neutral restrooms. a scam where a man impersonates a pg&e worker. security cameras captured video of the man. this is 2200-block of bay strict in the marina district. the man tricked a 79-year old
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woman into letting him into her garage. he complained about a gas leak but she became suspicious when he didn't have any tools with him. he told him to leave and her neighbor advised her to call the police. >> basically, you don't know what he's capable of. he may be casing for coming back and doing a burglary or assaulting somebody. >> police also gave us this image of the man taken from a different surveillance camera. they say the impersonator came back to the same block the next morning but that woman did not let him into her house. police are advising to check for an id or call the company to verify that person. when construction booming in
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san francisco, crane safety is now an issue. always a 49er and ram. i love the rams right now. go jared. >> as expected the la rams take cal's jared goff as the first pick in the nfl draft. when local fans could see him in action in the bay area. good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well in san jose getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. it's a cool start this morning but a notable climb in store for your afternoon today. more on the warming trend coming up in a few minutes.
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jared goff is now a los angeles ram. ktvu was with some of goff's closest friends as they watched jared become the number one pick in the nfl draft. he graduated from moren catholic high school. he's the second quarterback to be picked from cal as number
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one. >> it's something you dream about as a kid. for it to become reality is awesome. it's an honor. >> he worked really hard and he was dedicated to his friends and family in a quiet way. . the 49ers and oakland raiders made their first round draft picks last night. the 49ers chose buckner. with the 28th pick they chose joshua garnet. with the 14th pick of the first
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round the oakland raiders picked a safety from west virginia, joseph. he may be the replacement for charles who may retire. on the same day of the first round of the draft raiders owner mark davis told nevada tourism officials that he wants to move his team to las vegas. he wants a $1.4 billion stadium next to the airport right off the strip. oakland mayor is not surprised other cities are courting the raiders but oakland is committed to finding a solution to the stadium issue. >> we have gotten through our negotiations and now we're hitting the ground running to get the raiders a permanent stadium that is respondable to taxpayers, fans and nfl and that
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great team that belongs in oakland. >> davis says his goal is to find a stadium and home and any relocation has to be approved by 24 of the 32 nfl owners. soccer star david beckah said it could be used to bring the major soccer franchise to vegas. >> a lot of reaction on that. >> yes, las vegas a lot of sports fans there. they could use more but don't take the raiders. >> if a team goes to las vegas, those games are going to be a lot of games coming in for the opposing team. if the 49ers play the raiders,
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how many people from the bay area would fill that stadium? >> yeah, like a little mini vacation. >> it may be like a home game for the raiders because their fans will travel to las vegas because why not? i would go to vegas to watch a football team. why not? >> because there's a few other things to do in vegas. >> yes, maybe. good morning everyone, traffic is doing okay around the bay area. one trouble spot i want to point out. this is highway 24 looks good between the walnut creek interchange and oakland. traffic is off to a good start. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza usually 5:30 the lights go on. south bound 680 near boll jer they're doing an investigation of a deadly crash overnight. the investigation continues on 680 south bound.
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5:18 let's go to rosemary. a warm upcoming our way. we're looking at temperatures in low to mid 80s saturday and sunday. here's a look at what's happening this hour. the clouds rolling in the north west wind continuing for your afternoon. it could be breezy. temperatures will only be slightly warmer than yesterday. here's a look at the bridge building over the pacific. we also have another weather element that will come into play and has to do with this system dropping along the border of california and nevada as we get into your weekend. the high pressure building as that low is dropping in. we have that gradient in between the bay area. winds will be picking up and tomorrow afternoon. today north and north west and even west as we get into the afternoon. by tomorrow they're turning north and northeast. that north easterly breeze helps to really hike up the numbers as we get in the afternoon on
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saturday. here's a look at what you can expect today. notice a little breezy in some spots. anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour expected over portions of the north bay and north west and west is expected for today. the change for the northeast will come as we get into your saturday. upper 70s in santa rosa and concord and antioch. 72 for san jose. 70 for you redwood city. upper 70s in san francisco. 71 in oakland. if you're going to see the a's play by game time we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s and mostly clear skies and should be a fies late afternoon early evening there for those doing tailgating and staying for the game. your extended forecast as we get into your bay area weekend always in view. temperatures climbing as we get into saturday and low to mid 80s in the forecast and slightly warmer expected on sunday.
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mild to warm around the bay. if you're thinking about heading towards the beach low 70s in the forecast. just a very good looking weekend. as we get into monday and tuesday maybe some rain down the road by wednesday. doesn't look like much but perhaps a little bit of a cool down with wet weather coming by wednesday. >> does that sound okay? >> i think it sounds great. >> sure, make your plans. >> you're both happy? okay. the time is 5:21. hundreds of homes lost by a huge wild fire. the penalty pg&e could face for their role in the fire.
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the state is demanding pg&e pay $90 million to cal fire because of this devastating fire. it burned for three weeks spreading and two people died in the fire. it burned 71,000 acres and destroyed 550 homes. three days after it started pg&e said a pine tree fell down on a power line and started that fire. brush fire in southern california forced the evacuation of a drug treatment center. it burned along a mountainside yesterday afternoon. strong winds fanned the flames and made it hard for
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firefighters. they say this behavior is typical of what you would normally see in july or august. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the time is 5:25. vice president joe biden is at the vatican attending a historic event. pope francis is addressing a conference on stem cell research. it's bringing together doctors, patients, politicians and religious leaders talking about the potential for stem cells and other ethical cellar therapies for treating cancer and diabetes. the vice president is there representing the obama administration and the moon shot initiative that sets aside a billion dollars for cancer research and prevention. >> cancer is a constant emergency. the united states alone we lose more than 3,000 people a day.
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>> vice president biden lost his son to brain cancer last year. there's almost 1.7 million new cancer cases this year. healthcare workers demanding action because they say a major bay area hospital is in crisis and why some patients are not getting the help they need. we're live in milpitas where police are investigating an officer involved shooting this morning that occurred near a motel. it's going to affect traffic in the south bay. we will have the latest coming up. when consultant josh atkins books at
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good morning, it's friday. it's pam cook friday. >> it's payday friday for us. hope it is for you too. we're doing our shark colors because it was a suggestion on facebook. someone told me to wear shark colors since i was wearing pink yesterday. >> it was by accident for me today. >> today i planned the sharks colors. >> looks great. >> you go do look great. i love that color. >> how is the weather? >> it's nice. similar to yesterday. a notable coming your way. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for most of us.
5:30 am
50 degrees in napa. 49 in santa rosa. temperatures around the bay upper 40s in redwood city. our east bay locations low 50s. a few more numbers along the peninsula. 50 degrees in boston city and san mateo and wood side. these numbers similar to yesterday for most of us as we get into your afternoon. here's a look at your day planner for napa. by 9:00 feeling a lot better after a cool start. by noon 70 degrees in the forecast. this model has napa at 75 for the afternoon. i have napa at 77. it's going to be a great day in napa and concord. 76 in livermore. low 60s in san jose. redwood city and 68 for san francisco. if you're going to see the giants play it will be fabulous
5:31 am
there as well. i'll have that forecast for you and just how warm i expect we will get coming up in a bit. in the meanwhile let's go to highways with sal. i think you meant the a's. did i say giants. >> you did. >> i need more coffee. >> you know i make more mistakes than anyone on this tv station. >> no, sal, never. >> i'm kidding. >> i appreciate that. sometimes people tell me off the air, by the way you said this. thanks a lot. what do i do now? >> i know what you meant. you were talking about the a's game and the people going should be aware traffic will be busy as the a's come back. they're playing home games here and the game tonight as rosemary mentioned earlier at 7:05.
5:32 am
she mentioned the weather would be quite nice. in case you're going. you will see traffic is looking good on the macarthur maze getting up to interstate 880. bay bridge toll plaza lights are. there is an accident investigation at boll jer canyon road. the crash vehicles are gone but they're doing an investigation and there's some lanes taken away. exit 532. back to the desk. developing news out of milpitas. police investigating an officer involved shooting. the overnight gun fire has led to the closure around 680 at calaveras boulevard. janine de la vega is out there
5:33 am
this morning. we understand you just spoke to a witness? >>reporter: yes, i am here at the executive in on calaveras boulevard. he heard gunshots and a lot of hotel guests did. it's shaking everybody up. they have the parking lot there closed as well as the onramp around 680. we have learned they have also closed the eastbound off ramp to calaveras. that's also closed as well. and let's go to video that we have right now of what was shot earlier. police have told us this all started at 1:00 in the morning an officer made a traffic stop and pulled into the executive in. it was a cadillac that was involved and the suspect that got out that's when the shooting occurred and police aren't releasing details about the suspects but shortly after that the suspect ran across calaveras
5:34 am
boulevard near the north bound 680 on bound and he was arrested and rushed to the hospital. police have spent the early morning hours interviewing guests of the motel who heard the commotion. >> we heard the doors after the shots. real quick. we hit the floor. >> reporter: we don't have information about the suspect's condition yet. we know he's been treated at the hospital. we did learn new information about the suspect. we're told he's 26 years old from san jose and has three warrants from for his arrest. i asked the lieutenant if that's the reason he was stopped and he said no just a traffic stop. i'm showing you'll a live picture of calaveras boulevard. it looks now the westbound and eastbound lanes of calaveras
5:35 am
boulevard are closed between park victoria and calaveras. so avoid this whole area. you can see it's where the 680 entrance and exit is to calaveras. so lots of police activity. they say it's possible that it could be closed here in this area until maybe around 7:30 or 8:00 this morning. they really just have to go over if scene because it is an officer involved shooting and continue to gather evidence and look at everything that they need to pick up here. so that's why they don't want any interference with this. back to you. thank you for the update. the time is 5:35. following new developments in last weekend's murder in san jose. the eldest of two sons suspected of killing their parents says his younger brother was not involved in the death. brian flores in our newsroom now to tell us what's happening today in the case. the funeral for the victims
5:36 am
in this case will be held later today. the oldest son we talked about accused of killing them will make his first appearance in court. the evergreen community where this took place remains shaken up. the suspect was arrested yesterday. they are facing murder charges for killing their parents last sunday. the main question everyone wants to know is why. he gave a jailhouse interview to the san francisco chronicle and he says his younger brother is innocent but would not comment on his own guilt or innocence. police say the two brothers shot and killed their parents inside the home in ever green neighborhood. one neighbor talked to us but didn't want to show her face. >> they are a normal family and live a private life. we don't get a chance to hang
5:37 am
out with them a lot. they appeared normal. >> police arrested them on wednesday. no word on a motive but a source confirms to ktvu at least three messages written in ink and scrolled on the floor and walls near the bodies. he says we will all know the true story of what happened during the trial. he mentioned that in the article. he says he can't speak more on that because he doesn't have an attorney. they are both being held without bail. okay thank you brian flores. san francisco police investigating two sexual assaults in the city. we want to show you surveillance photos. this is a person of interest in the first case. police say on sunday a 23-year old woman reported meeting a man in the financial district. they went to a nearby hotel where the woman claims he sexually assaulted her. the victim told her his name was
5:38 am
sergio. police also want to talk to this person of interest in connection to a second sexual assault where the victim is a 74-year old woman. police say a burglar broke into a home in pacific avenue in stock ton on sunday. he attacked the woman and fled the area. anyone with information is asked to call police. the time is now 5:38. a badminton coach was arrested for ago a sexual relationship with a student. investigators say she was having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year old male student and booked into the santa clara county jail. she had worked for the school for three months. this latest case follows a series of arrests by san jose police of high school teachers and coaches accused of having inappropriate relationships with students. the san francisco mayor
5:39 am
wrote an open letter to the police department in the middle of the scandal over racist text messages. it's a show of appreciation and a warning about acts of discrimination. here's a part of it. art of it. a justice retired police officer curtis lye was charged with obstructing a rape investigation involving other officers. investigators say he told the second officer that a woman had accused him of rape. he is also accused of writing homophobic and racist text messages that may jeopardize more than 200 other investigations. san francisco undergoes the building boom. the city is considering more safety rules when it comes to construction cranes powering
5:40 am
over the city. 56 cranes have risen in san francisco. at a public hearing yesterday there were calls for local regulation changes. crane safety has captured the attention of the board supervisors following recent collapses in new york city in february and last month in florida. the city is considering changes as far as having on site inspectors and requiring a flag person to be on site when a crane lifts over pedestrian walk ways. sonoma county is reporting its first case of the zika virus according to county health officials the patient traveled to central america and was bitten by a mosquito. the zika virus primarily spread by infected mosquitos found in latin america. the virus is dangerous to pregnant women since it can spread from a mother to her unborn baby leading to life altering birth defects. so far the zika virus has only
5:41 am
made it's way to the bay area by people who become infected after traveling to central america. there have been 35 positive cases in california. doctors and dozens of other workers are demanding action saying there's a crisis involving patients. they rallied outside the hospital yesterday claiming the psychiatric unit is in a state of emergency. a registered nurse who works in the unit says they frequently turn away patients because of staffing shortages. there are also shortages in the emergency room and they worry when the new er opens next month they will be forced to treat the same amount of patients. people with mental crisis like suicide and severe depression need to be sent to another hospital.
5:42 am
>> the san francisco public health department issued a statement saying "we do have gaps in our system of psychiatric care and we're working hard to fill those. they're primarily in the area of nonacute hospital care". nurses plan to appeal to city hall to next month. ending speculation about former quarterback kaepernick and why the denver broncos won't be trading for him after all. the san jose sharks are ready for round two of the stanley cup playoffs and what fans can expect when they head to sap center tonight. good morning, traffic is not that bad on highway 24 heading up to the tunnel. more about the east bay commute when we come back. a notable warm up in store for your weekend. i'll show you what you can expect for today and when the warmest day will arrive coming up.
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the predators are coming off a seven game series against the ducks. game one tonight at the sap center. game two sunday. the series then heads to nashville for game three on tuesday. alex savage will be inside the sap center for us for mornings on two coming up at 6:30. if you don't have tickets for game one, you can go to a pregame street rally tonight. it's free and open to you, the pub luck. there will be a dj and sharks
5:46 am
give aways and food and drinks. tickets for the first three golden state yar your home games in the western conference semi finals go on sale to the public today. season ticket holders and priority wait list members got access to tickets yesterday. the warrior insiders get access at 10:00 this morning and the then the general public can buy tickets at 2:00 this afternoon. we still don't know who the warriors are playing. it's either the clippers or trailblazers. we have a nice update for the story of the chihuahua involved in a chase on the bay bridge. he's now being placed into a new home. >> we already have a small dog. he's going to be her brother. >> a couple maryland and spens was chosen from 50 applicants. she saw him on the news running
5:47 am
on the bay bridge. it got national and worldwide attention. he saw that and wanted to adopt him. ponch had a frantic run across the bridge. they named him that after the tv series chips. the new owners love the name and have no intention of changing it. >> i'm sure eric estrada would approve. >> i'm sure. >> let's go to sal. how does it look? >> looking good. let's look at what we have now. you will see traffic is moving along pretty well here on highway 24. not a major commute. we did have a crash reported on 680. i'll show you that on the maps in a moment. for the most part we're looking at a decent commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. i'll show you the traffic on 280 moving along nicely in san jose. i also want to mention the south
5:48 am
bound 680 and ramone doing an investigation of a deadly crash. there's a traffic jam there and slow traffic approaching 680 near creek boulevard. there's a brief slow down there. now let's go to rosemary. >> weather not bad for your morning drive. partly cloudy skies but the winds are generally light out there. can't find a whole lot of fog, at least none to impair your visibility. giving you a look at a beautiful bay bridge. looking towards the east we have 45 minutes until the official sunrise. waking up with a mix of sun and clouds this morning. let's look at the pattern in place for today and your weekend. we'll get to your numbers on the back end. here's a view from up above. you see the clouds continuing to spill into the bay area. you can see the wind coming in from the north west. as we get in the afternoon a
5:49 am
north westerly breeze expected. here's a look at the ridge strengthening our way into the bay area weekend. there's a second element that's going to help combine what we will see for our weekend. it has to do with the system here that we'll be dropping in. this is called an inside slider. that system i showed you going to kick up winds at times and bring a wind advisory to the hills late tonight but it will change your wind direction. tomorrow a north easterly breeze that will increase our afternoon highs. giving you a look here as we get into friday. winds pick up again as we get into the afternoon. 10-15 miles per hour. by tomorrow that begins to change. we're looking at northeast and the winds will be breezy again on saturday. a bit tough for allergy sufferers. 50 in oakland and 53 in
5:50 am
livermore. these numbers are similar to yesterday so stepping out not going to feel a whole lot of change. for the afternoon today temperatures come up slightly for some. maybe a near repeat for you. 78 in nevada. heading to the east bay 76 in walnut creek and upper 60s for the east bay shoreline. 72 in san jose. along the peninsula 71 in redwood city and 68 in an fran and there's your a's forecast for the north westerly breeze at game time with mostly clear skies and a beautiful day to be out there tailgating and grilling food. it will be a great weekend to grill food. low 70s at the coast and low 80s around the bay and mid 80s for inland cities. we will cool down on monday. rain in the forecast on wednesday. that's well down the road. >> pam can go swimming too. >> yes, swimming and the beach
5:51 am
and barbecue. i love walking out side and smelling that barbecue grilling. >> yes, burgers. >> thank you rosemary. it's 5:51. there's a disturbing report. what the u.s. department of education is saying about crime at stanford and uc berkeley.
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5:54 am
san jose asking for your help to identify three men in a stabbing near andrew hill high school. police say the victim was beaten, stabbed then robbed by the three men. other details in the case including the victim's condition have not been released. our time is 5:54. the brother of the san bernardino shooter could get up to five years in prison for arranging a sham marriage. the brother and his wife who are u.s. citizen and her sister from russia appeared in federal court a short time later. they're charged in the conspiracy to get a green card for the sister by paying a friend $200 a month for a sham
5:55 am
marriage. gun control supporters taking action to make california's tough gun laws even tougher. lieutenant governor says he will present half a million signatures today to put a gun control initiative on the november ballot. it would require a background check when you buy ammunition and have a way for felons to give up their weapons and gun owners to report lost or stolen guns. gun rights groups are trying to block the initiative. a disturbing new report found stanford and uc berkeley have the highest campus crime rates per student in the entire state of california. stanford averaged eight crimes for 1,000 students and uc berkeley averaged a little more than three crimes per 1,000 students. both universities say their campus is in highly populated
5:56 am
areas where criminal activity is common. bus services replacing cal train services because of repair work to replace an old 100-year old bridge. the work will start tomorrow on the quinn street rail bridge. it's been deemed structurally deficient as part of a $16 million project. trance service will provide service for passengers at 4 and king streets to the 22 nd street station. cal train riders check the changes before you head out with that station. coming up in our 6:00-hour, heavy police presence near milpitas hotel there. right now we're out there on the scene. there was an officer who shot a man following a traffic stop. we'll tell you what police and hotel guests are saying about the incident. part of interstate 680 is still shut down hours after a
5:57 am
deadly crash out there. we'll tell you what happened and following the slow traffic in the area. a bay area warm up in store for your weekend. i'm show you what to expect today and we'll detail the warmest day coming up. ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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live in milpitas where police have shot a man. the latest on this investigation and tell you about the impact on traffic in the south bay. violence at a donald trump campaign event. the chaos in southern california on the eve of the state gop convention happening today right here in the bay area. mornings on two continue. . good morning, thank you for joining us. it's friday april 29th. >> let's talk about your weather. steve is off today. rosemary, can you give us a nice forecast for the weekend? >> i think i can. especially if you like it sunny and warm. >> who likes it sunny and warm? >> there are some folks that
6:00 am
like it cloudy and rainy and they tell me so. a fairly nice weekend for the rest of us. the wind could be an issue at times. a little breezy into the afternoon today. for allergy sufferers that makes it more miserable. giving you a look at numbers outside now you can see the skies lightning a bit. 48 in santa rosa and 59 in san francisco and 53 in oakland. winds generally light and overhead you can see there's a mix of clouds out there as well. the low clouds along the coastline and partly cloudy skies the entire day and we will continue to see those clouds sweep across the bay area as well. the south easterly breeze picking up. maybe even 20 miles per


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