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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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like it cloudy and rainy and they tell me so. a fairly nice weekend for the rest of us. the wind could be an issue at times. a little breezy into the afternoon today. for allergy sufferers that makes it more miserable. giving you a look at numbers outside now you can see the skies lightning a bit. 48 in santa rosa and 59 in san francisco and 53 in oakland. winds generally light and overhead you can see there's a mix of clouds out there as well. the low clouds along the coastline and partly cloudy skies the entire day and we will continue to see those clouds sweep across the bay area as well. the south easterly breeze picking up. maybe even 20 miles per hour for
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some locations like santa rosa and napa. i'm going to throw you all the way to saturday afternoon. we went past friday drive and work day all in one. here we are in saturday. notice the arrow, a north easterly breeze in place and that will help to drive temperatures up. for today in the forecast low 60s at pacifica and upper 60s in san francisco and upper 70s near the east bay shoreline and inland east bay and upper 70s into the south bay and 72 for san jose. 80s in the forecast tomorrow. i will detail that weekend forecast coming up in a bit. how about the highways? good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. traffic is moving well alock the bay area. we're starting off with the east shore freeway. not a bad commute between the macarthur maze and bay bridge
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toll plaza. about a 25-minute delay before you make it on the bridge this friday. they're investigating a deadly crash that happened overnight. the investigation continues and should be out there for a little while longer and traffic will be slow. let's go back to the desk at 6:02. police in milpitas are investigating an officer volcanoed shooting that happened early this morning. janine de la vega tells us the investigation may affect your morning commute. >> reporter: yes, it might. i just spoke to a police sergeant. he says they are trying to work to find out what the actual condition of the suspect suspect is. right now he's at the hospital and was shot near the executive inn here. we don't know if his injuries are life threatening yet. you can see this investigation
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is affecting traffic. calaveras boulevard is shut down from the freeway to park victoria. this happened just before 1:00 this morning. an officer made a traffic stop on a cadillac and pulled into the parking lot of the check tive inn on calaveras. -- -- executive inn. we don't know if the suspect had a weapon or what made the officer shoot. the suspect reason across kvl kvl to the north bound 680 onramp. police caught up with him in the bushes there. he looked like he was slumped over. the officer was standing there and you can see he had his gun drawn and other officers running over to the area. of course police officers got their spotlights on and everything. >> reporter: that suspect was taken to the hospital where he's now being treated. police tell us he's 27 years old
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and from san jose. he had three outstanding no bail warrants out for his arrests. the officer involved in the shooting is not injured and back at the station being question. there's security camera video that captured image of the incident so that could prove to be helpful for this investigation. let's go back out here to live pictures. they're not letting any cars come out here. if you could come out and see where the other closures are, you can see the onramp at calaveras completely shut down because that is where the suspect ran to. so they're making sure to look for evidence. also across the street is the exit ramp, the eastbound exit ramp to calaveras so you can't exist from north bound 680. that's also closed.
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they're anticipating possibly they could reopen around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. we just don't know at this point because they are still conducting their investigation. back to you. very interesting. thank you janine de la vega for the update. 6:05 now. the chp is investigating a deadly overnight freeway crash in san ramone happening shortly before midnight on interstate 680 near the boll jer canyon off ramp. the driver of a sedan was killed after slamming into the back of a large crane. there's a photo of the area. the crash shut down two south bound lanes of the freeway for several hours. chp officers still trying to determine the cause. the time is 6:05 turning to the race for the white house. there was violence outside the donald trump rally in orange
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county. the donald trump supporters and his critics crashed. police put themselves between the demonstrators. 20 people were arrested after blocking traffic and attacking a police car. the republican frontrunner pumped up supporters by attacking hillary clinton over issues like the benghazi embassy attack and the investigation into her e-mails while she was secretary of state. >> you know, hillary -- crooked hillary. she's crooked as you can be. crooked hillary. >> cracking down on illegal immigration is a key issue in donald trump's campaign and during his speech this happened. he brought out people who held up banners with photos of people killed by undocumented immigrants. now donald trump will be in the bay area today. trump will speak at a noontime
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luncheon at the gop convention in burlingame. christian captain in burlingame now and convention leaders expecting a big turn out. >> reporter: yes, expecting a major turn out here for the republican convention. they are set to meet here at the hyatt regency later today. it's going to be a very largely attended party, one of the biggest gop conventions in years. come june, california could play a major role in deciding who will be the republican nominee. the convention will launch with a luncheon with donald trump speaking. john kasich speaks tomorrow and ted cruz tomorrow night.
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with the turmoil of this political season the state could play a very important role. >> depending on what happens in indiana and the other states that are remaining, this election could be decided in california. >> reporter: a live look, you can see the barricades out here. trump a very po lorizing figure. protestors have pledged to come out. the police force is going to be dealing with that anticipated protests set for today. jay kiley is joining us here from burlingame police. he just arrived here. thank you for joining us. can we talk about the security cautions to take? the aim is to make sure protestors and convention goers have a safe time. >> exactly, to ensure the first amendment rights the protestors are guaranteed and not infringed upon while insuring safety of
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attendees of the convention and the hyatt are maintained. >> reporter: protestors last night -- were you able to learn from that and things to apply here? >> our focus is the safety of everybody present. i have been in contact with costa police to see if we should amend our tactics to change anything we could see happening here. we are evaluating to see what would best serve the needs to establish safety here for the participants. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll check with you later on this morning. again guys, we're anticipating this will get underway shortly. you can see some of the media making their way towards the convention hall right now. we're going to be moved back here in a moment. we're parked in an area that's secure in a matter of minutes. so the next report we'll move
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but another update coming up in about an hour. >> okay christian captain in burlingame, thank you. the time now is 6:10. a bitter war of words between ted cruz and john boehner. yesterday during a speech at stanford john boehner called cruise "lucifer in the flesh". john boehner said he would support donald trump over ted cruz. >> donald trump and i are friends. we have played a lot of golf over the years. he calls me once a month and pats me on the back and cheers me up. >> you think john boehner is the kind of leader you want in the republican party then donald trump is your guy. >> senator ted cruz says john boehner is part of the washington establishment voters don't like. the next big primary election is in indiana next tuesday. the polls are showing hillary clinton and donald trump in the lead. the democratic nominees also
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making sure their present is felt here in california. bernie sanders is opening an oakland office tomorrow. hillary clinton opened an office yesterday. the mayor took a jab at donald trump. >> seriously, there is so much at stake. i mean america did not afford to play a starring role in a really scary reality tv show [ laughter ] mayor scaff is proud hillary clinton chose oakland as a campaign office. two sons arrested for their murder of their parents in san jose. what the oldest son is saying from jail as the funeral is held later today for the couple. mark davis, the raiders owner wants to move the team to
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las vegas. what he's promising if they can approve a financing plan for a new stadium.
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welcome back. jared goff is now a los angeles ram. >> the los angeles rams select jared goff. >> we were with close friends of the goff family as they watched jared become the number one pick in the nfl draft.
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he graduated from maren catholic high school and the second player from cal to be picked number one since 1975. >> it's truly a dream come true. something that you dream about as a kid and it becomes reality and it's awesome. at the same time i'm taking it as an honor. >> i love to see it come together for him. he worked really hard and he's dedicated to his friends and family in a quiet way. i love seeing him take ownership of it now. >> everybody says jared is a great guy. the first game is september 12th against the 49ers at levi stadium. the 49ers had the 7th pick and they chose deforest buckner. the 28th pick they chose joshua
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garnet. rounds two and three are today. kaepernick won't be going to denver. the broncos manager says he's ending negotiation united nations with kaepernick. he selected paxton lynch in the draft yesterday. he requested to trade back in february. the raiders have two draft picks today. the 14th pick they selected joseph, a safety from west virginia. he may replace charles wood son who retired last season. on the very same day of the first round of the nfl draft raiders owner mark davis told nevada tourism officials he wants to move his team to las vegas. he's proposing a $1.4 billion
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dome stadium off the vegas strip next to the airport. he pledged $5 million towards the construction if a public financing plan is approved by the nevada state legislature. oakland mayor lib by schaaf says talks with the raiders are continuing and they are committed to finding a solution. >> 6:17 is the time. let's check with sal. the commute gets busier right now. how does it look? it's busy all over the place. >> yes the bay bridge is busy trying to get into san francisco. we used to have friday lights but that doesn't happen at the bridge. traffic increasing in the last years. we haven't seen friday lights at the bay bridge for a while unless it's a holiday. this is a look at the commute on
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interstate 880. south bound near bollinger still doing an investigation taking away a couple lanes from a deadly overnight accident. south bound 680 we have a slow down that lasts for about a mile or so heading down through san ramon. nothing major, it will just take longer to drive than usual. let's go to rosemary. a nice day in store for you. today a lot like yesterday. you're going to enjoy today and then getting into your weekend temperatures are going to climb and be unseasonally warm. sunday looks to be the warmest. more on this in just a bit. how about this glorious start to the day? sunrising right aabout now. that's a gorgeous hue there. here's a look at the pattern setting up in time for your bay area weekend. ridge of high pressure is strengthen over the area into
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the coming days. this system here will be dropping down. that borderline of california and nevada into the desert southwest eventually. today it's a north westerly breeze and by tomorrow it's a north-north easterly breeze driving temperatures as well. the warming trend begins in all earnest on saturday. today maybe warmer than yesterday but saturday and sunday look to be the warmest when temperatures reach into the 80s. looks like sunday is the warmest. mid 80s in the inland commutes. he's a peak of what we're looking at now. 84 expected for you. 76 in san francisco. so that's how we will round out the weekend. but for today temperatures starting out very similar to yesterday and will end very similar to yesterday with the winds picking up for the afternoon. 49 degrees in livermore.
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53 in concord. 46 in nevada. redwood city low 50s and mountainview into san jose and east bay shoreline 53 in oakland. afternoon highs for today feeling pretty good for most. 78 in nevada for the afternoon. 74 in san ra feel. a beautiful day by the water. upper 60s for berkeley and low 70s for oakland today. inner east bay upper 70s. 79 for antioch. 72 in san jose and along the peninsula 68. 68 in san francisco low to mid 60s expected stretching to half moon bay. are you going to tahoe for the weekend? late tonight and tomorrow we have the possibility of showers. it's going to be cool and low to mid 50s for the afternoon. mainly dry but again, scattered showers is a possibility saturday morning.
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for us here at home it's about the warm up. low 70s at the coast and low 70s around the bay and low 80s for the inland communities and cool it off by monday. >> thunderstorms though, wow. >> same system bringing us the wind and warm up. >> it's been very windy, yes. >> thank you rosemary. a real shock for major league baseball. the national league reigning champ suspended for 80 games. he just signed a $50 million contract. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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it's the 90s on sal's traffic jam. >> i was thinking it would be "california". >> that could be it too. the 90s's flash back friday. we have songs from the 90s you can request on our twitter or facebook. this is requested by amy lamb. send us your requests. i'll be playing them all morning. choosing from our flat form, it
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will be easier. have fun with it. . the a's are heading back home to oakland to host the houston astros after dropping the final game in detroit. chris bass set and he could not recover and the a's fall. miami marlins player is being suspended for 80 games after testing positive for a enhancing drug. dee gordon is in his 6th season. he led the league in stolen bases. he will lose more than $1.5 million in salary. he said he made a mistake and
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accepts the con consequences and apologized to his teammates and fans. new this morning vice president joe biden is in rome at the vatican attending a conference on stem cell research. they are talking about the potential for adult stem cells and other therapies to treat cancer, diabetes and other medical problems. the vice president is representing the obama administration initiative that sets aside a billion dollars for speeding up cancer research and prevention. >> cancer is a constant emergency. the united states alone we lose more than 3,000 people a day. >> the vice president's son died from brain cancer last year.
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almost 1.7 million new case cancer cases expected this year. this is a scary story. a warning in one san francisco neighborhood. the man police say is impersonating a pg&e worker to gain access to homes. plus, we are live this morning at sap center in san jose attempting to skate here. this should be interesting. the sharks kick off round two in the nhl playoffs here later tonight. we have a preview of their match up with the predators when we return. alex is prone to accidents. take it easy out there alex. a mild afternoon in store for today followed by a warmer weekend. i'll have your forecast for your neighborhood coming up. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
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good morning i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. rosemary is here covering for steve. >> good morning. mostly cloudy skies and partly cloudy as we get into your afternoon. the mix of sun and clouds outside right now, look at that, it looks a bit gray. just a bit gloomy but not add at all. for today temperatures a lot like yesterday. we're talking about 70s for spots and then we get into the 80s as we move through saturday. san francisco 59 for you.
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oakland 53 and livermore upper 40s. oakland has a southerly wind at nine miles per hour. very calm over napa. a cool start for you but as we get into 9:00 and 10:00 temperatures begin to rebound into the low 60s by 10:00. 70 degrees for your lunch hour and for the afternoon i have napa going to 77 for the warmest part of the day. when i come back a detailed look at the afternoon highs and we'll talk more about the warm up for your bay area weekend. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. we have traffic doing well around the bay area. we're looking at the approach to the bay bridge. we don't see a big unusual back up but it is a back up nevertheless. about 25 minutes so nothing unusual on the stand. we don't have friday lights anymore here at the bay bridge. this is a look at interstate
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880. this doesn't look bad. all lanes open now in san ramon after the investigation of a deadly accident overnight. they were out there for a while but now traffic is starting to dissipate approaching bollinger canyon road. all lanes open and the alert has been lifted. the oldest son of a south bay couple shot and killed last weekend says the truth about what happened will come out if and when the case goes to trial. brian flores in your newsroom with the latest developments. >> reporter: later today the 22-year old man is expected to make a court appearance. later today his parents will be laid to rest. this as the community, family and friends say all of this is heart breaking. he gave a jailhouse interview to the san francisco chronicle. he says "the best thing is to
6:33 am
wait for the trial to know what happened". him and his brother are both being held facing murder charges in the death of their parents. he told the chronicle that his younger brother is innocent. he was caught hiding at a friend's house. neighbors say they can't believe this happened. >> they are like a normal family. they live a private life and we don't get a chance to hang out with them a lot. but i mean, they appear normal. >> police arrested the two brothers on wednesday and still no official word from police of a possible motive but a source confirms at least three messages were written in ink and scrolled on the floor and walls near one of the bodies. he is currently being held at the santa clara county jail. his younger brother at juvenile hall and both are being held
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without bail. back to you dave. time is 6:34 san francisco police investigating two sexual assaults in the city. take a look at this photo of a person of interest in the first case. police say on sunday a 23 year old-year old sexual assaulted a woman. police still looking for him. he's between 25 and 35 years old. the victim told her his name was sergio. police want to talk to this person of interest where the victim was a 74-year old woman. police say burglar broke into a home on pacific avenue and stockton street on sunday. he attacked the woman and then fled the area. look at this picture and if you have any information about the cases call police. san francisco mayor has written an open letter to the
6:35 am
police department amid a scandal over racist text messages. the letter is a show of appreciation but also a warning about acts of discrimination. nation. justice last week curtis lu ou was involved with a rape. he is accused of writing homophobic and racist text messages that could jeopardize 200 other investigations. the time now is 6:35. san francisco police warning about a scam where a man is impersonating a pg&e worker. surveillance camera captured video of this man in the bay
6:36 am
district. he tricked a 79-year old woman into letting him into her garage. the woman became suspicious because he didn't have tools with him and he said he could detect the gas leak by smell. the neighborhood advised her to call police. >> basically, you don't know what he's capable of doing once he gets in someone's house. he may be casing for coming back and doing a burglary and trying to assault somebody. >> police gave us this image of the man taken from a different camera. they say the impersonator came back to the same block the next morning but that woman did not let him into her home. police are advising you to check for an id or contact the company to verify who that person is. the shark tank will be rocking tonight. the san jose sharks open round two of the stanley cup playoffs
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against the nashville predators. alex savage is there on the ice. pretty good moves there. >> reporter: i think this is dangerous. we'll find out. >> it definitely is. >> reporter: i'm doing okay. not entirely comfortable on skates but i'm doing okay. i'm working on my slap shot. let's see what i got. >> nod bad. >> reporter: what do you think? >> not bad. >> reporter: that would have been a goal assuming there's no goalie there. we're inside the sap center this morning and i'm on the ice. there will be 17,000 loud shark fans here later on tonight as we kick off round two of the nhl playoffs and it should be a fun match up. the sharks are really riding high. they just knocked off the la kings in the first round of the playoffs a week ago. the sharks are well rested and
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now they face off against the nashville predators. on the flip side, the nashville predators have just been wrapping up their series with the anaheim ducks and finished game seven on wednesday night. so they have had not much time to rest at all. i talked with someone from the sharks about this match up and what it will look like in the second round of the playoffs. it should be a fun series. >> i think both teams are evenly matched and it will be a real defensive battle between both teams and real physical. i think that's maybe where that time off gives the sharks an opportunity to rest and heal up. where nashville are coming right off the big win but they played a seven game series and probably coming more fatigues and more dinged up but it will be a great
6:39 am
series. both teams playing great hockey. it will be great. >> reporter: tickets still available for tonight's game. you can get tickets at ticket for tonight. so game one is tonight and game two is sunday night here at the sap center and then the series shifts to nashville. as i make my way up the ice here -- he shoots, he goes left -- well, i won't get ahead of myself. all the fans will get one of these sharks towels. >> oh, nice. >> reporter: even if you don't have tickets to the game the sharks are doing a big rally outside of the sap center. you don't need a ticket. it's free so show up. >> we have been talking about
6:40 am
that. that's awesome because everyone can be included. >> patrick marlow called and he's jealous of your skills. >> reporter: oh, i'm sure. i'm going to keep practicing. >> okay, we'll talk to you later. be careful. it's 6:40 rocked by another text messaging scandal. the mandatory training being announced by san francisco police chief who combats bias in the department. a man claiming to have a bomb walked into a tv station in baltimore and what he demanded and why police opened fire and shot him. good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll tell you more straight ahead. a mix of clouds out there this morning. partly cloudy for the afternoon and a cool start followed by a mild day. details on your forecast for your friday and the bay area warm upcoming our way in time for your weekend.
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a man wearing an animal costume walks into a tv station in baltimore claiming he had a bomb. he demanded the station cover a specific news story. he then threatened to blow up the station. what believed to be his vehicle was found with flames coming out of the gas tank. employees were evacuated and
6:44 am
police called in. >> several us could see the guy pacing back and forth and sitting there like he's relaxed with that suit on. his jacket was open and he had a red vest on and you could see it was something, some kind of device. he was holding a flash drive and something that he could probably set a bomb off with. >> he was later shot after refusing police calls for him to remove hands from his pockets. the man survived the shooting and now in a baltimore hospital. the time is 6:44. police in richmond searching for the man who shot and killed a man outside a gas station. he was shot several times and died at the scene. the you have any information call richmond police. the richmond police have arrested this man, 19-year old brandon pain for the killing of a teenager girl from pay point
6:45 am
on tuesday. police have recovered a gun -- -- bay point. doctors and nurses and dozens of other healthcare workers at san francisco general hospital are demanding action saying there's a crisis involving patients. they rollied outside the hospital yesterday claiming the psychiatric unit is in a state of emergency -- -- rallied. a nurse said they often turn away mental health patients because of staff shortages. there are also shortages in the emergency rooms thechlt fear when the new er opens next month they will be forced to treat more patients -- -- they. >> people with mental crisis like suicide or they're having severe depression, they need to be sent to another hospital.
6:46 am
>> the san francisco health department says it does have gaps in the psychiatric care system and they're trying to fill them now. the nurses say they plan to appeal directly to city hall and mayor ed lee next month to ask for more staff. it's 6:46. checking in with our newsroom on this friday morning with what's coming up in the next hour. >> it was a painful night for the parents of audrie pot, the south bay team who was sexually assaulted and bullied on social media four years ago. we will show you the premier of a powerful new documentary about her life. the parents had to be there although it was difficult for them. in a couple seconds this kid slips down to the bottom of the roller coaster car he's in. thank goodness is there videoing and hanging on to the little guy
6:47 am
and it's a wild ride after that. more of this video and we'll talk about what happened and what the attendant at the ride told the dad has a lot of people outraged. more on this story and more of that video when i join you in a few pam and dave. the time now is 6:47. a wild ride in our commute, sal? it's looking okay. not terrible but there are slow downs. dave and pam, good morning. we're looking at a commute here. the traffic is okay on 80 westbound as you drive out to the macarthur maze. no major problems as you drive there and to the bay bridge poll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza traffic is normally backed up like it would be. no major problems getting into the city. i do want to mention all lanes are open at bollinger. we had an earlier investigation of a crash that's gone but the
6:48 am
lanes were closed a bit and i see a slow down there. the good news is 580 from livermore to dublin looks good with a couple slow downs. filling in for steve is rosemary. >> good morning, a warm upcoming our way. in the meanwhile to get us started we are waking up with partly cloudy skies. giving you a look over the bay these will clear out but we will be in and out of clouds for your afternoon as well although not quite like this. before we go any further i want to say happy birthday to jj. hope it's a great one. he's turning nine years old today. we're excited for you and congratulations to mom, a big deal for you. your little boy turning nine years old. hopefully you have a great day. if you're celebrating a birthday, happy birthday to you as well.
6:49 am
take a look at these clouds spilling in over the bay area from the system that will continue to bring us the clouds as well as a little wind as we get into the afternoon. the ridge of high pressure is strengthening over the area. you see the circulation going on in there and you see how the winds are north west for us into the afternoon they will continue to be west. a second weather element is coming into play as well. this system here is dropping right down the border of california and nevada. if you're going to lake tahoe for the weekend, there's a few showers and a little bit later few showers possible in the morning and sunday. for us it's the cloud cover and eventually winds will turn from west southwest to north-northeast. here we are in the afternoon. breezy for some. 10-15 miles per hour and even reaching 20 miles per hour in san francisco and redwood city
6:50 am
17. notice the arrow there is westerly. saturday it begins to shift and we are north-northeast as we get into the afternoon. another breezy day expected even a wind advisory late tonight and tomorrow for the hills. the breeze is driving up temperatures for the afternoon on saturday. right now we have 45 degrees in nevada and 52 in san jose. afternoon highs a lot like yesterday. mid to upper 70s in the forecast for inland cities over the north bay. upper 60s in areas like berkeley and south bay 72 san jose. peninsula we have 71. wood side as well as redwood city 68. there's your extended forecast. temperatures moving upward as we get into saturday and sunday looks to be warmer. slightly warmer but low 70 at the coast and around the bay.
6:51 am
low 80s for the inland commutes. beautiful. that's great. thank you rosemary. it's 6:51. california will not celebrate a john wayne day any time soon. the controversial comments the actor made. he's just a little dog but has became famous after this chase on the bay bridge. we'll tell you where he is now and how he found a forever home. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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pam is going down the soul train line now. you know who mar ki mark is now. he's a famous actor. he tried to get in the rapping game for a bit. it's a good song. if there's a special song you want to hear, let us know. i'll play your request every friday morning. that request was by -- i forgot who it was but it came off our
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facebook page. cal train services preplacing bus services because the quinn street rail bridge is being replaced. it's part of a $60 million construction job. bus service for passengers going from the san francisco cal train station from 4th and king to bay stations. saturday's train schedule will be altered if you ride cal train check for changes before you head out. more wild weather is expected in the south and midwest today. heavy rain is causing the worst flooding in more than ten years in mississippi. a tornado touched down in indiana and damaged homes. many people say this is the worst damage they have seen since hurricane katrina. >> we have seen water rise but never that magnitude and never that fast. >> several people say they're still paying off the costs from the last storm. more rain is expected in many parts of the midwest over the
6:56 am
weekend. the time is 6:56. sonoma county has its first case of the zika virus. it's primarily spread by mosquitos found in latin america and parts of the caribbean. so far the zika virus has only made it's way into the bay area by people becoming infected after going to central america. there has been 35 positive cases in california. a nice update to a story of a chihuahua involved in a chase on the bay bridge. he's being placed into a new home. >> we already have a small dog so he's going to be her brother. >> maryland and spens were chosen from 50 applicants who won'ted to adopt ponch. he made headlines when he made a frantic run on the bay bridge. one of the officers who picked
6:57 am
him up says he's much happy today than he was that day. >> we got him off the bridge and it was very traumatic. he was so scared and then now, look at him, he's curious and alert and wants to know what's going on and eating treats. he wouldn't even eat treats when we got him because he was so scared. >> oh, he wouldn't eat a treat? he looks like he will be very well loved now. they named him ponch after the tv series, "chips". he looked good. still following a developing situation in milpitas. police shot a man overnight. the latest on the investigation and how traffic is affected in the area. a violent clash outside a donald trump rally in southern california last night. the dueling protests that ended with 20 arrests.
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