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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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where she briefly met with oakland mayor shaft and went to a rally in oakland. cristina rendon has more on what hillary clinton had to say. >> reporter: you guys it is kind of hard to hear you. so i'm assuming you are talking about the fact that she visited her campaign headquarters in oakland and came over here. she finished her speech and talking with supporters and taking pictures and selfies. she really targeted her speech towards women. she says right out from the beginning that her highest priority was guaranteeing women equal pay and she wants affordable college tuition and defended the affordable health care and talked about the
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opioid crisis and saying people's addiction to pain pills is a high priority. and mostly her crowd kept chanting every time she brought up donald trump. she went after him as well saying there is no way they can let him into the white house and listening to what she had to say a few moments ago. >> look at what we have seen from the republican nominee. i want to tell you where i stand and you can compare. i will defend a woman's rights to make her own health care decisions. and i will defend planned parenthood. and people need to remember that he said people should be punished for making our
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choices. and that he wants to defund planned parenthood. i will defend inequality. and defend the lgtb community. >> she rallied out the crowd here. it is taking place in oakland. we anticipated students would be here and this was an event for the public. as you look, all of the people have gathered here trying to get a picture. she is heading to san francisco for a sold out event and senator diane feinstein are expected to be there. in los angeles there were a few bernie sanders supporters that protested it. we did see bernie sanders supporters in the crowd and they cheered bernie, bernie and meal they were told to leave. so not too big of a distraction here for hillary clinton. herself, it only happened at the end of her speech but there
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were more supporters in attendance. >> cristina was this event opened to the public or did you have to pay to get in and be invited to get there? who was allowed to go? >> this was a completely free event and because it was free so many people showed up. there was a line out the door and hundreds wanting to get in and tonight's event is not free. it is a fundraiser and sold out and private. cristina rendon like in down. thank you. national supporters of bernie sanders made their way in the bay area. nurses that were traveling the country by bus showed up to help campaign. ktvu rob roth was there as they made one of many stops to get out the vote. >> the big red bernie bus rolled in this afternoon and the third of four stops in the bay area today. the bus tour is part of the
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nurses' united campaign for bernie sanders and they have been traveling to drum up support and like they do at sonoma state registered people to volt. >> i just turned 1 and this is my first chance to register. >> how do field. >> good. >> bernie sanders' message resonates with them. >> i am big on environmental stuff and global warming and i hate how money has a huge role in politics. >> the bay area bus tour has the nursing association and supports bernie sanders stances on hell health care. >> it is not enough that we have insurance through obama care, we need health care. actual healthcare and we are there with bernie sanders. >> the nurses are learning from traveling around the bay area with stops in berkeley and santa rosa and martinez and san
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francisco. >> what i have learned is that people need information. a lot of them do not have access to adequate information. >> the bus tour continues in the bay and it is off to fresno and sacramento next week. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. donald trump is going to meet with paul ryan to clear the air. that word comes from the chairman of the republican national committee in the wake of comments from the speaker that says he is not ready to endorse donald trump. donald trump then responded by saying that he is not ready to endorse paul ryan's agenda. today at a campaign rally in nebraska. he said he doesn't know why ryan made the comments and wants to put that behind him. >> i won so i don't care anymore. we don't care. i don't care. it is rigged. let somebody else worry about
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it, right? let somebody else. and the only way i one was massive wins. >> former president's george w. bush and bush senior have refused to endorse bush and so has nominee mitt romney. to the weather, a rainy friday around the bay and we caught the showers in oakland's china town. heavier rain in the bay area. the second straight day of unsettled weather. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. i didn't get anything but i live in oakland and today i did. >> and south of here thunderstorms and turbulent weather. we did get significant rainfall south of the bay. san jose coming up on .2 of an inch and same with livermore and then walnut creek a tenth of an inch and less rain in san
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francisco and .80 of an inch. you see the system there swinging and that's where the heaviest rain has been. right now it is heading off south and if you look at this area and your eye jumps out at it. you see the thunderstorms towards halinga and very powerful storms there. most of this shower activity now clearing the area and there are still showers lingering in the morgan hill area south towards the watsonville area as well. showers, tending to dry down and there is still lingering moisture. and that remains in the forecast for your bay area saturday. i will let you know what to expect for your bay area weekend after the break. a jury convicted a man of fatally shooting a 8-year-old girl. henry lee was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. >> and has more on the reactions. >> reporter: darnel williams showed no emotion when he was
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found guilty of first-degree murder, one for killing alaysha carradine and another man at a dice game. there will be a penalty phasein the case and the jury must decide whether williams gets the death penalty or life in prison. williams opened fire through the front door of an apartment in oakland's diamond district killing alaysha carradine and killed two other children there was video played of the little girl asking for her mommy after she was shot. relatives wept as the verdicts were read. we talked to anthony mcdarris. >> we appreciate the closure. thank you. >> a gag order prevents attorneys from commenting and the same jury that convicted williams will return to court
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on may 16th to begin the penalty phase of the trial. i remember going by that house where alaysha carradine was killed. you could tell by the angle of the bullets in the door that the door was opened wide enough that gunman fired the shots and knew full well he was shooting a little girl. you mentioned that in court they played that video where you heard alaysha carradine crying and saying she was going to die. what was that like? >> it was horrific and also in the ambulance when she says i am dying. heart breaking. >> henry lee in the newsroom, thank you. a federal law enforcement officer is in custody after three deadly shootings in a high school and two maryland shopping centers. the 62-year-old man suspected
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of killing his estranged life in the parking lot yesterday evening. police think he is connected to two shopping mall shootings this morning that left one man dead in bethesda and another one dead in aspen hill 9 miles away. he surrendered to police at the scene of the third shooting. >> we do have reason to believe that this incident and the one in aspen hill, potentially the one in prince george's humor and high point was in fact related. >> the mall victims have not yet been identified but police say they don't appear to have any connection to the gunman. eulalio tordil was responsible for federal security and foreign embassies. he was put on administrative duties after an order was issued against him. the hunger strike over police shootings. this afternoon the five protestors dubbed the frisco
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five were hospitalized. tara moriarty is live in the city with more. >> reporter: they are in front of mayor lee's office and sheriff deputies dressed in riot gear and joining me like is gina madrid. she is supporting the movement. why are you here today? >> it is frisco 500 now. we are here to make sure that mayor lee does his job and fire chief suhr that is supporting the killings of the people and we are coming after ed lee. he doesn't deserve to be in that office. >> the police chief is not stepping down and so where do you go from here? >> people power. people are here to create a moment. we need -- if they can make change, the people are here to make a change. we are angry. we can't let them kill one of ours and not do anything. >> as far as the personal five have you heard any update on their condition, i know they
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were taken to the hospital to be monitored by doctors, do we know anything else? >> we don't have any updates. i was there this morning with them and i have been trying to stop by and check in to see how they are feeling. they seem weak. each day counts. we are on the 16th day and we are worried about their lives and ed lee, doesn't care. >> i understand that as soon as the protestors and hunger strikers get out of the hospital they will go back to mission station. >> our people were able to catch ears and not let them get taken away. frustrating to get everything away. it is our street. you know? what are they doing there? let them be. they should be on our side. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it and you can get back with the crowd. that's the latest from city
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hall. i actually received a picture of the folks at mission station and there is police at mission station and a crowd is gathering there. there is a developing story and we will continue to stay on top of this and let you know how things grow. back to you. >> tara, the case of mario woods for example, what do the protestors say about the fact he was holding a knife and he refused orders to drop it? >> you know, it's basically the same rhetoric that we have been hearing ever since it happened. the fact that police need to change their use of force policies and saying there are different ways to cope with people that are holding knives and they want the police department to basically come up with a strategy that will enable you know -- so that people will not be killed in the process and we all know that of course police have argued for tasers and something that went before the police commission and a few days ago. it will be interesting to see
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how things develop because you know as mayor ed lee has said and chief suhr they are not backing down and will fight for change within the department that is the way these people want except for their sayings that they need a peace offering and they want chief suhr out and they want something in good faith to let them know the department will get cleaned up in their words. >> tara, thank you. a former 49er accused of rape. today attorneys for dana stubblefield went on the offensive. why they say the district attorney should be removed from the case. gets a special birthday celebration. one of greatest san francisco giants of all time will be remembered on the historic number 24 cable car. and more communication problems inside the oakland police department. this time police radios and their computers were down at the same time. coming up, we look into the problem that included forcing
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dispatch to write down 911
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calls by hand.
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more problem with the oakland police radio system and the computer that the dispatchers use went down at the same time. our crime reporter henry lee has more on what happened. >> the oakland police cad or computerized aid system went down on thursday for a couple of hours. >> as soon as i hollered, the computers are down. >> to make matters worst police radio system went down at the same time. when cad is down, everything has to be done by hand including info from 911 calls and dispatchers have to walk to
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their colleagues and deliver the information. and dispatchers can't review the places that officers are going and it is risky if license plates can't be run. they are transitioning to a new radio system and they were able to use that as a backup. we caught up with the mayor to ask about what the city is doing about it. >> when the radios went out we were able to get up on the regional system and get everybody out in the field safely and in communication and that's the permanent solution we are making progress. >> the frustration by officers that say they are tired of the break downs that jeopardize the safety. >> the police officers have been patient and been very supportive and complimentary to the staff. >> in 2012 the radios went down during a visit by obama. hillary clinton was in town on friday and the computers failed
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the officers could use their phones to communicate. henry lee, fox 2 news. oakland city administrator says that they are working to permanently transition to a regional radio system and they anticipate making the switch by summer. >> the greatest san francisco giant, willie mays received a special honor his 85th birthday. a cable car has been dedicated to him, a special plaque on number 24, that's the number that mays wore as the new york and san francisco giant during his career. mays joked about when he learned of the cable car. >> i said what do i need a cable car for? i have a car to ride down the hill. and i have been on one. from the fairmount hotel to the hilton and i says it is okay and rides nice. >> there was a video message from mace from president obama talking about two san francisco
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icons coming together. the president says it is clear that city loves willie mays. he went on a ride on his cable car. >> what a treasure. >> i remember seeing that at a baseball game. the all-star game and willie mays was there. he wasn't playing but after his career was over and i got him to sign a baseball and put it in my pocket. and i laid around and when i pulled it out, it had smudged. i was so crushed. i thought i finally got willie mays' autograph and what an idiot i got it smudged in my pocket. >> he looks good. >> what an incredible player. >> bill, did you see him play? >> yes, with willie mccubby against the cincinnati reds at candle stick back in '69. >> the chain-linked fence? >> yes. >> that was back in the day they would do double headers. >> all day. >> and they would drop us at the ballpark from 9 until
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whenever. >> he is a cool guy. >> and pete rose was playing and johnny bench, it was fun. those were the days. >> rain out there guys. and no real thunder and lightning in the north bay or central bay. but some thunder and lightning south and we did get rain. we talked about it earlier. not bad. get the pollen out of the atmosphere and to increase the fuel moisture that will help or delay the fire system. every little bit counts. storms and snow on the higher peaks. the main showers moving out of the area and the lightning strikes south. moving down the spine of the coastal range and a slight chance of a shower tomorrow morning in the bay area. but i suspect short lived and after 11:00 tomorrow morning or noon we are in the clear. so in the morning hours for san francisco, we could have showers or sprinkles likely and
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very similar to what we saw today. light and it clears out by the afternoon. chance of showers stays in the forecast but i don't think it will happen. i think if it does. it will be a little widely scattered. by 4:00 in san francisco, you are warmed up to 62 degrees. partly sunny. it is now starting to eject. as it moves off to the plains and the great basin, big snow in the rockies and the pressure system continues to push weather as it travels across the country. scattered rain showers lingering and it grabs lingering moisture and pulls it south. as we get to saturday and sunday, things start to change for your mother's day week and weather looks much better and saturday afternoon you will see sunshine and pressure moves in and we are back for the beautiful spring weather. forecast highs tomorrow.
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mid 60s and some of the warmest spots and the five-day forecast with the flowers here for mom on sunday. saturday afternoon from lunchtime it is good and sundays not a half bay day. the entire day should be sunny with highs in the low and mid- 70s and warm as we head to next week. i would call this bonus rain. we are deep into may and it is good to get rain and here we are. >> all i thought about was i drank the water. >> my too. >> unusual. >> like in may. >> we will get a little. but the last four years dry that there is a need to keep the rain coming and we will be dry for mot of the week. coming up later. a special mother's day gift for a bay area mom as she and her husband bring her twin boys home from the nick unit. >> i am over with how well they
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are doing.
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steph curry suited up and the warriors are getting ready for the game tomorrow against the trailblazers. steve kerr says that steph would not return despite practicing. he sprained his knee against the houston rocket. here is a look at the schedule. the warriors face the trailer blazers tomorrow night at 5:30 in portland.
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then game five on monday night also in portland and tip-off is at 7:30. the city of san francisco is suing the academy of art over alleged conversion of buildings. dennis ha rarera came out swinging against the art building says the permit laws shows defiance that is breathtaking. reporter tara moriarty tells us why he filed the lawsuit and what the academy of academy has to say about it. >> this is embarrass that we are sitting here fighting this for ten years and i am angry. >> city attorney dennis hararera announcing his lawsuit against the university. >> here we have an entity that didn't just ignore the rules they clouded them. >> there is buildings in the
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empire and cavalierly converted them without obtaining authorization. six of the buildings currently house students. >> what does he want? >> he wants the students to be driven out of the buildings. he wants to close the school. >> the attorney representing elisea stephens says his client spent 9 years and 8 million- dollars on on an environmental report due out in july. it has to be done before any of the properties can be legalized. he says he is out of line. >> it is over his pay grade. >> may be the city attorney of san francisco. he is not the planning commission. >> aau's attorney says the university has made a very generous settlement to the city of ten million dollars and the use of the building. the pierceford manor that has 89 units that could be converted to housing.
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think are pressing forward with the lawsuit because of political reasons. >> >> what it is about when he ran for mayor and did poorly. >> he with drew and backed mayor ed lee. >> alyssa stevens supported mayor lee that you are allowed to do as a citizen last time, i knew, okay? this city attorney has never gotten over that. >> aaron buskin disagrees. >> everybody is aware they are not playing by the rules and it is time for san francisco to step up. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. dana stubblefield's attorneys fight back against rape allegations. why his attorney says that former 49er is not being treated fairly. plus ... >> bay area moms honored as we
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head to mother's day weekend and one mother says her biggest challenges did not come until after her son was born.
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a new development in the case of former 49er dana stubblefield charged with raping a developmentally disabled woman. ann reuben with the demands being made of the santa county district attorney. >> stubblefield's attorney want
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the d.a. to step aside saying the actions are prejudicial and fear the impact on the case. lawyers for former 49er dana stubblefield says the santa clara district attorney's office should be removed. they file a motion saying he is not being treated fairly. >> here we are having to defend ourselves against very curlous accusations. >> stubblefield is accused of raping a developmental disabled woman. she had been applying for a baby sitting job. and while his arrest was bound to make headlines, it is the headline of the d.a. press release that has his lawyers concerned. former professional football player charged with rape of disabled woman. further down in the release it talks about a vulnerable victim being unconsciously assaulted. the attorney says the choice of language could prejudice the case. >> a lot of the statements made about it district attorney's office about his potential guilt and receiving his
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sentence and when he is convicted, we feel are mane to imply prejudices. >> and they list other examples of unfair things, how he was arrested at his children's schools and expect the d.a.'s office is behind leaks to the media. the district attorney says "our response is the evidence we will present in court. we seek justice" steve clark says it is rare that this motion be granted. >> they are going guns blazing against the d.a.'s office. what near lake erie are saying is their client can't get a fair trial if the district attorney is prosecuting the case. >> clark expects the judge will take action if only to keep the media fire storm from brewing. >> what a judge would do and
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taking going on inside the courtroom is issuing a gag order and saying no more talking from anybody. >> the defense team wants the attorney general's office to take over. >> is stubblefield saying this woman came over to apply for a job and they had consensual sex and at some point stubblefield gave her $80 to repair the car and the woman came back to get more money from him. is that essentially the case? >> it sounds like she had gone for an interview to the babysitting job. these are the allegations and she left and he invited her back because apparently he had promised to pay her for her time and then supposedly the $80 was given at that point on the second return to the house. >> all right. ann reuben in the south bay bureau tonight. thank you. the u.s. economy added 160,000 jobs according to the
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number from the labor department. that represents a slow down of hiring but marks the best two year stretch for the job market since the late 1990s. earlier president obama said those 74 straight months of private sector job creation and called on congress to pass a number of economic reforms. >> and if the republican congress joined us to take some steps that are common sense we could have additional wins on the backs working americans. >> among the reforms the president lawyer for money laundering. >> twitter shares dropping as low as 13.90 and rebounded closing up at $14.40 a share. the san francisco based company stock is down 15% in the last month. california superintendent
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of public instruction is recognizing the work being done by students. tom tulleyson visited the school to tour the program, in the environmental science academy. he says it is taking it from textbooks and bringing it to life bringing renewable energy to places without light. the students traveled to kenya to deliver the devices. >> the students from oakland learned about solar and brought some to kenya nairobi and met people that were filled with joy to meet americans from oakland that will help them have better lives. >> tulleyson says that oakland has one of the most comprehensive programs anywhere in the state. it is a special week for moms in the bay. coming up next, we talked to one whose biggest challenge
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comes 16 years after she gave birth. entire towns being evacuated in canada because of this massive wildfire. we talk to a wildfire expert that says fires this size are something we all should prepare
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for. so with mother's day sunday, we set out to meet amazing moms in the bay.
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>> claudine wong talks to a mom that says her biggest challenge did not come until 16 years after her son was born. >> i am joined by an author of four books and a consultant and the mother of ryan and your story inspired the book and it is still remarkable and i wanted to share it with the viewers because it is just so much about the world of moms. tell me what happened. >> my son when he was 16, he is 25 now. he fell off a skateboard and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. with every tragedy, there is a silver liner and the silver lining was that i got to be a mother all over again because when he awoke from his coma, he
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was like a baby. he couldn't speak. he couldn't walk. he couldn't swallow and so instead of approaching him the way i always had which was like the super fix it mom, he had learning disabilities and i was trying to fix him, fix him and i saw the glass half empty and i got a chance to go it over again and to look at him for who he is and celebrate what he has and not focus on what he doesn't have. >> you said for 7 months full time care you left the chronicle and it sound like reinvented your role as a mother but how you envisioned the whole experience. >> i did. when i went back to the chronicle, newsrooms are this strange sub cull where it
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becomes normal and everybody is doing the same thing and you are working these hours and constant stress and going to bed at night and hoping you got it right and there is a big mistake in there and i said i got to step back and spend time with ryan and help him every step of the way. talked about my second chance and what i have learned about being a mother and finally -- i don't know if anybody is exactly what you want to be but i was closer to the mother i wanted to be. >> on mother's day. we celebrate all of the things that our moms do for us and we dream about doing as a mother. the experience is so profound in terms of what does mother mean to you now?
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>> the big lesson i have taken away from ryan's accident and being a mother now for almost 26 years is that you have to raise the child you have. not the child that you expected and not the child that you may be wish you had because we want our little babies in our arms. >> we think what it will be before we met them and they are who they are. >> and i spend so many years trying to turn ryan into the mainstream kid, the kid that would make me feel comfortable and me feel safer in his future instead of him flourish and i got to tell you, he is a great human being. >> and doing great. >> he got a job three week ago and it has been a really long
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recovery but doing so much better. >> that was interesting especially at the end. accept the child who it is and not who you wanted the child to be and parent them accordingly. >> it is nice to hear he is doing better. >> the emotional trip that officers left on today. help needed as entire towns turn into evacuatation evacuation zones. look at that and how people are helping the cars get out of the fire. >> we will tell you more how the weather will be impacted this week after the break.
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it may not sound like good news but experts say 10% of california is not in a drought. that is the highest percentage in more than three years. the weekly u.s. drought monitor shows under 90% of the state is under moderate to exceptional drought. northern california is slowly emerging from years of dry conditions according to the report. but southern california is entering its 5th year of drought. >> a massive convoy of cars and trucks is on the move in alberta canada to get hundreds of people stranded by a growing wildfire to safety. so far more than 80,000 people have already evacuated the city. today police escorted 50 cars at a time.
5:49 pm
evacuees are not being allowed to stop to see if the homes are still standing. air lifts are under way. 300 buildings have been burned and 300 square miles of forest. tom vacar found out that fires like this are california and other parts of the country need to prepare for. >> fort mcmurray fire has got the attention of climatologist and scientists. because canada is cooler, wetter climate. >> climate change has impacted a lot. >> scott stevens is preeminent fire scientist. >> the temperatures have gone up. the snow has not been sticking around. el niƱo from canada is dry.
5:50 pm
>> for those that deny climate change says the numbers don't. >> they have predicted that fires are more common. >> for california, it is a worse at worse fires to according are come. >> seeing what is going on in indiana, they are ahead of us in terms of climate impact and to think what we are going to do to get ready of fire we will study it more. >> a new reality. >> places like the eastern seaboard and the appalachians, they are probably getting a change like canada. the question that everyone wants answered, can we stop it? >> i think it is a great question. we have to learn how to live with it. and it will dictate the terms unless we adapt it ourselves to be more accommodating. there is no way we will get away with it. >> look for more mega fires here in canada. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. yeah, just seeing the pictures out of canada and seeing the flames.
5:51 pm
the fire is massive. >> when you think 80,000 people. i think about the oakland hills fire storm, at most ten thousand people. >> and where do 80,000 people go. >> how do you help 80,000 people. >> the huge wall of flames. >> let's look at our bay area. bill martin has been tracking the conditions. it looks like lit change. >> things will be better. the climate change had something to do with it and you have a deal where we are good at putting fires at. the underbrush that would normally be burned out. we put them out so had the fires get ready, it is going on for 50 years, there shouldn't be this stuff. you talk to firefighters and guys in the mountains and they will tell you the areas need to burn. on that note, the climate change will add to more fires and the fact that we are
5:52 pm
putting fires out effectively. the areas need to burn and that's why in canada i am not versed in the alberta area but here we will see more mega fires because we are not seeing fires put out rapidly. the strikes here, you can see them, there is the system through san jose and they got .15 of an inch. lots of lightning strikes on the coastal range. and the imagery shows kind of a stormy sky and dying down and maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow and tomorrow morning and i think we are done after that. here is tomorrow morning in san francisco. showers and chance of showers and that's how it will go. a spray sprinkle and we keep a chance in the afternoon. but really it is going to be
5:53 pm
over by lunchtime. i think it is over in terms of area rain. not like where it spreads through the area. here is the system. out of here and as it rolls off the high pressure center will drop in and that send temperatures to your mother's day week. soaring and in the 70s. second half of saturday nice, all of sunday nice. tomorrow mid 60s and upper 60s. sunday high temperatures and low and mid-70s. there's the five-day forecast. rain was good and hope it is not slowing down your commute and we dry out by lunchtime. >> a way to remember officers killed in the line of duty. >> why bay area police are joining others in new jersey. >> and a special mother's day gift for a bay area mom as she
5:54 pm
and her husband bring the twin boys home from the intensive care unit. i don't think there are words to describe how grateful
5:55 pm
we feel. >> fox monday.
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>> >> many police officers are
5:57 pm
flying to new jersey for a cycling run to remember fallen officers. >> the officers and supporters on their way to the east coast. we watched as dozens of officers rolled up to the curb and checked their luggage and made their way to the checkpoint to get to the airlines. those officers are part of a solemn group that none of them want to be a part of. we watched this morning as dozens of officers watched as the state rallied getting ready for the police unity tour. the police tour was organized in 1997. cyclists start in new jersey and end up in washington. it started with 18 and now have grown 1900 riders and possibly as many as 2000. including a large contingent from the bay area.
5:58 pm
the officers telling me this morning that they have personal reasons. >> i am riding for the 21,000 officers that have names on the road. and riding for a san leandro officer that was killed in the line of duty on july 25th, 2005. >> cyclists have raised 18 million-dollars for the national law enforcement officer fund. that ride set to get under way on monday. officers expected to roll into washington d.c. on thursday. as they make their way into washington d.c. they proceed side by side and two officers side by side and it is a very solemn and touching site to see. at sfo. fox 2 now. fox 2 news at 6 starts now. >> a warm welcome for hillary clinton as she kicks off the
5:59 pm
bay area visit tonight. her one message for voters. >> this election is make or break even if i weren't running, i would do everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> just about an hour ago hillary clinton wrapped up a campaign event in oakland. >> clinton moves to san francisco where she will meet up with senators boxer and diane feinstein. jana has more. >> reporter: julie at knob hill at the masonic temple. it goes around the corner and
6:00 pm
down the block. these are the vip seats. the general admission is going in a different entrance and hillary clinton arrived just about 15 minutes ago. take a look at video coming up knob hill. she was escorted to the parking lot and expected to address the crowd when they get in there. this is a different event from her previous fundraisers. it holds 3300 people and police were here early to block off the sidewalk to the attendees. ticket prices started at about $45 for a donation for young people and many people showed up wearing hillary clinton gear and others that are undecided, democrats deciding between her and bernie sanders and glad to have a chance to hear hillary clinton in pe


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