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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 12, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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♪ a mom carefully closes up her suv, but there's one little problem. >> the kid was left in the car. >> why cops say this video busted her story wide open. >> look at that. he knows what it is, do you? what the dickens is that? >> the rare sight to bring tears to a snake lover's eyes. we've got an exclusive clip from "money monster" with hollywood's biggest names. featuring us! >> my iphone is blowing up. >> how "right this minute" big screen dreams came true courtesy of jody foster. >> you never know. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad
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miniand -- how the avocado is trying to become the sexiest fruit. why it faces stiff competition from the other contenders. >> passion fruit. >> oh! >> banana. [ laughter ] pulled up at 3:56 p.m. four kid get out including a teen. she returns into a store after covering up the window. she does a quick check of the car. around 4:08 they go back inside. s moments after that a tow truck shows up. down the road, a driver notices something. >> a 3-year-old was asleep inside the car. the teen comes back out and starts freaking out. mom calls police. the police call the tow truck over. the driver couldn't believe he made the mistake.
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mom said i ran in to go to the bathroom. it was an emergency. she may have gotten away for the story. if not for the video. witnesses say she had a meal at the restaurant. she parked in front of. >> with the child asleep in the car. come on, mom, that's a little irresponsible. >> police are investigating this case to see if there will be any charges against the mom. it is fall in australia. it doesn't look like it was particularly hot. either way, scary moment to see your car gone. >> this one captured in ukraine. security cameras focussed on a train platform. watch what happens moments before the train comes speeding into the station! [ yelling ] >> it looked like two people pushing him. >> it was actually three people. a mom and two children. daughters aged 10 and 7. >> were they -- she jumped --
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>> yes. >> no. >> thankfully all three landed between the energized rail. reports say they were underneath the train for about ten minutes while workers deenergized the tracks and got them out with nothing more than minor scrapes. the reports suggest the mother was admitted to the hospital for a mental evaluation. ♪ who doesn't like a trip to the circus. it's a fun night. >> that's what happens hering. one of the clowns managed to get -- one of the guys is there with his kid. they're shooting it now. he's out there expecting all kinds of she man begans from the clown. maybe throw a bucket full of n
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confetti. this is where the clown starts describing to them. starts giving them instructions. a countdown. then ta-da. it is quite loud. he's unconscious. now we see other workers start coming in the entire time. you see he's still out. they lift up his legs. lift him. what happened to the guy? everybody has that exact same concern. a couple of first aids in the crowd went backstage to help out. then they called an ambulance. he was in a neck brace for about four hours. they checked him out at the hospital and had a little bit of a cut and swelling on the left side of his face and had a monster headache. it wasn't really explained to him what was going to happen.
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this looks like a wwe opening act. he feels he's lucky to be alive. a lot of people who understand first aid said she was lucky he wasn't paralyzed. they offered him a full refund. it raises awareness for paramedics to be on scene just in case. >> our friend peterson is in costa rica. not only seeing a beautiful landscape but beautiful animals. [ yelling ] what the dickens is that? >> that's a wolf spider. >> oh. >> but then not far away spots this snake that he's dreamed of seeing. look at that! you know what that is? that's a viper. >> any snake that is bright yellow in the forest so i can see him and avoid him is my kind. >> they hide out in banana
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trees. >> oh. >> yeah. he can hide out. they're basically predators that wait for something to cross their path and boom! you're dinner. you see the two prongs above the eyes? that's where it gets the name from. >> probably a little nervous at the moment. >> he's nervous. at one point, gets a little closer to coyote. >> look at those eyes. it's neat to see how well he understands the animal he doesn't seem to be fearful. he has a lot of respect for it, as we should. >> this is something you don't want to approach on your own with a stick, if you're going
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through the forest in costa r a rica. >> don't worry. we're good. >> hey! time to win the ipad mini. you need thursday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. the buzz word is coming up in a bit. standby for the ipad minigiveaway. you're seeing the result of a driver who lost control of his truck. it ended up rolling over and amazingly landed right side up except the top is completely crushed. there's debris everywhere. the driver stuck inside. but he the accident happened and rolled over and using their own force to take the cabin, grab it where the windshield used to be and pull it open to try to pry the driver out of the cabin of the truck. >> see how difficult their job is without that equipment that safety crews have.
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the cab of the truck is relative ly. the driver doesn't appear to be that injured. the driver did suffer some injures but none seem to be life threatenin threatening. >> these two guys in peru are having some kind of altercation. it appears they worked for some transcription company. no word on what they're angry about. you see on a busy street they're pushing each other around. but then watch what happens! >> oh, jeez. >> one of the men is pushed down to the road as a bus is pulling up. the man barely missed from being run over. fortunately these two dummies made it out alive. >> this model actor gets swooped up by red bull. >> they're tiaking to the bridg
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to nowhere. why it makes the perfect adventure. a high stakes thriller is hitting the big screen. we've got some hollywood insight for you. see the exclusive "money monster" clip featuring some of your favorite familiar faces. >> it's one o coolest things that has happened to us on the show. olive garden is bringing tempting new layers to our famous lasagna. with three new irresistible dishes like chicken parmigiana lasagna. and seafood lovers lasagna. all with our unlimited salad and breadsticks. and all starting at $11.99. olive garden. hcalluses and bunions ymake them unbearable?s, introducing dr. scholl's cushions with advanced duragel technology. they provide a thin, flexible layer
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craft." the guys at red bull got ahold of him. they're taking him to the bridge to nowhere. it's in california. it was a bridge part of an abandoned 1936 road project. the bridge literally goes to nowhere. it's just there. the only way to get there is either a 10-mile round-trip hike or take a chop per taps perfect location for bungee jumping. he stares into the camera with the baby blues. it looks like he had a fun day out. he's back flipping, forward flipping, eating a banana. >> this guy has no fear. he jumped off. this is basically a promo for the cover story he's done. we'll put it on our website oh, have we been excited
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about this moment. you all know this is no surprise, but for our viewers out there, we have got some hollywood insight for you! the new movie "money monster" directed by jody foster, sorry george clooney, julia roberts. this movie is coming out friday. it's a really cool financial thrille thriller. >> here i am. >> man up! >> who is that guy on camera two. >> who is it? anybody know? >> is this a union thing? >> cut the scene. >> get the cameras on. as you know, we had a little bit of something to do with "money monster." well, we have got an exclusive clip only to be seen here on "right this minute" of the film, and quickly featuring us!
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[ yelling ] and, drum roll, here is the exclusive clip. [ sirens ] a drama feature iing lee and ky. it's greating crazy. look at this. >> my phone is blowing up on this. if kyle makes it out of this thing, we have to get him on show. yeah! it's so exciting! "money monster" with george clooney and julia roberts. we love you, jody foster. >> george was so nice. it's a vibrant imagination. [ laughter ] i mean, without a doubt this is one of the coolest things that has happened to us on society. having the opportunity to play a small role in such a big movie is really a drink --
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>> what is tough is keeping it a secret. we couldn't tell anybody! and there were times where i wanted to. i wanted to drop a bomb on facebook like guess what i'm doing? >> i encourage everyone out there to go see "money monster" and watch for your favorite daytime stars! >> if you do go out and see this, tweet us and let us know you saw it and what you thought. >> huge thanks to sony pictures, george, julia, and jody foster. a video that will get you pumped for summer. >> a young, ridiculously gorgeous couple. next "right this minute." >> and still to come grandma rolls up ready for a surprise. the story behind the big gift that leaves her speechless. . plus, stick around to get the thursday buzz word forororo chance to win an ipad mini. fight off fleas and ticks.
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promotional considerations provided by -- here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. we're going out in an hour...? fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra® is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra® gelcaps... not just fast. allegra® fast. on average we spent about $163 on mom this past mother's day. cards, candy, perfumes, purses. the list goes on and on. this family up the and tee a little bit. you see grandma in the car. she has on a blindfold. it looks like they're in a car lot. >> they are. watch the look on her face as she takes her blindfold off. >> no! >> i knew it! >> it is almost like she's going
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to put it on again. this isn't happening. >> yeah. she can't believe it. >> they surprised grandma with a new 2016 toyota sione im. she's been driving her other car for the last 15 years. they thought it was time to upgrade grandma. >> that's a hip youngster car, too. grandma is going to look fly. >> oh, yeah. she starts hugging everybody. look at it! it's nice and shiny and red with a big bow on top. she can't believe her eyes. >> oh, my goodness. beautiful. >> the car is cute and she's cute in it. i guess the rest of us have to step our game up. >> now i feel crappy. >> yeah. you should. ♪ >> a gangster. he's a gangster of magic.
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because the prank he pulls in time on a poor uber driver is hilarious. you see he dresses up as an old man. right. a jacket has a tear in the back. which allows him to take it up quickly, take the mask off quickly, and then you've got a young man in the back. >> it looks like a different guy. suddenly it's a young dude and you're like what? >> i might take a nap. >> he lowers his body down and starts taking off the mask almost immediately. >> nice weather we're having, right? >> he's like stay calm. stay calm. keep your hands at 10-2 and eyes forward. >> how does she not notice the camera? he has to get her reaction. that's hard to pull off. >> the hoodie over the passenger side. the jacket is rigged with cameras. that's why we're getting the
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shot of her. >> three angles of his frame. come on. >> wow. you woke up -- >> did you just play it off? >> no! >> i don't understand. >> who are you? >> you're the person i picked up, right? >> we don't know if he reveals the prank or not. the video ends. for all we know, she's at psychiatric trying to figure out what happened. that's time again. it's time to giveaway another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, at least 18 years old, and legal u.s. resident. head to and click on "win the ipad." enter on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each and every day. today's buzz word is "iron."
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click on the win ipad button and enter "iron." >> and tomorrow we'll have a bonus giveaway day. that's right. you can win a flat screen tv. good luck everybody. keep watching "right this minute." it's a smooth song all about the sexiest of fruits. hear the perfectly ripe tune sure to put you in an avo test it
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out. fry up an egg. >> yeah. >> after he's done he eats it with his dirty hands. >> oh. it's about to get sexy. >> sexy time. ♪ >> oh, yeah. ♪ avocado". >> a sexy song about the sexiest of fruits. peaches. >> passion fruit. >> oh. >> banana. [laughter] >> no, no, guys. avocado. ♪ avocado ♪
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♪ sexy time. technically it's actually a berry. you may have been tempted by the banana. did you know that the avocado has twice the potassium of a banana? >> no! ♪ avocado ♪ if you're still not convinced that avocado is the sexiest fruit out there. avenocados do not self-pollinat. they need another avocado tree nearby to make baby avocados. it's the symbol of love and fertility. >> bye, everybody.
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we'll see you on the next "right this minute." ♪
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[ yelling ] >> it's late night chaos at the food counter and decision to call the police. how a woman argued her way into the back of a squad car. >> oh, yes. she's getting handcuffed. >> a kid waits for mom at the airport. >> there she is. >> oh, no. >> what goes wrong that is a warning for all parents. a four-legged intruder plays a game of catch me if you can. >> the raccoon going all spiderman for a great escape. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> some guys applying for are the position of boyfriend. >> they've got a résume. >> see if their credentials can help them score. >> i want the reference page. a whole lot of late night drama for this woman in


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