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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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san francisco acting police chief meets with the community day. the stern warning he just gave to his officers that could end with some being let go. a five-year-old dies and two others injured in a house fire. enable terrell -- tells his heroic story of trying to save the little boy. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. hello everyone. i'm have are -- i'm heather holmes. >> toney chaplin says there may be officers who need to leave san francisco's police force. he made those comments this afternoon in his first community address since he was named interim chief at the third baptist church. ktvu's leigh martinez tells us the chiefs plans for the department. >> reporter: reverend amos brown was blunt. >> to blame one man for what
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some nonthinking, non- compassionate, trigger-happy people did. >> reporter: criticism was for a number of police actions using leaf -- lethal force on minorities not for former chief greg suhr. inside for baptist church, acting chief toney chaplin made his first community address after taking over the san francisco police department last week. he leads the police force, mired in recent officer involved shootings. mario was was killed by san francisco police. he had 20 gunshot wounds. and this past thursday, two officers shot and killed jessica williams after she was suspected of stealing a car. chief chaplain says changes will be coming to the police department quickly under his watch. including if he has to, getting rid of officers. >> get it right away. those in the officers they go to schools and do what they're supposed to do. some get it sooner or later. those of the ones that may slip
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up a little bit. some never get it. those of the ones that we're going to send to the commission with the recommendation that they be separated. >> reporter: several members say despite the trip -- strained community relations they still blame former chief suhr who resigned thursday. >> and none of us perfect. >> reporter: if chaplin doesn't remain as permanent head of the police force, residents wonder if they'll have a say. >> i'd really like to see how are they going to incorporate the community as part of the selection process for a new chief? >> reporter: leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. there's a break in the case in the millbrae father whose body was found in sonoma county a week and a half ago. swat officers raided a home in hillsborough earlier yesterday morning at arrested the ex- girlfriend of 27-year-old keith green, her name is tiffany lee. the san mateo county sheriff's department is not making any comments on this case. jail official tells ktvu that lee's current boyfriend has
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also been arrested in connection with green's death and is being held on no bail on charges of both murder and conspiracy to commit murder. green's roommate reported him missing on april 28 and a hiker found his cell phone in golden gate park the next day. his body was found along a freeway in sonoma county on may 11. a federal child was killed in a house fire in vallejo this morning, two other people sent to the hospital. the fire was reported around 10:00 a.m. at a home on stella street. neighbors were first on the scene and saw the mother running out of the house shouting that her baby was inside. jeffrey ames says he went into the home with a hose trying to find the child. his wife dorothy says the child's mother was distraught and then suffered second and third degree burns. >> she ran. someone, help me. help me. my baby. she was crying. she was burnt all over here. >> i tried to hold my breath. and i couldn't. so i got down on the ground and just i can see the flames
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towards the back of the house. and i just kept that hose on. >> jeffrey ames was on the floor as the windows began popping out and was worried about a gas explosion. he said he squirmed out of the home once firefighters got there. unfortunately by the time fire crews got to the child, it was too late. a teenager suffered minor burns. no word on the cause of that fire. two people died when another driver turned right in front of their motorcycle in solano county. the man and woman riding south on highway 113 near vacaville around 7:00 last night when chp says an oncoming dodge charger turned, failing to yield to the right-of-way. both of those motorcyclists died at the scene. the vacaville woman driving that dodge was also injured and taken to the hospital and released. the chp says there was no suspicion that alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash and right now it's unclear whether that women will face any charges. investigators are working to piece together what happened to the egyptair flight that crashed into the mediterranean
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sea on thursday. will carr has the latest developments including new audio from inside the cockpit. >> reporter: we're now hearing a new audio recording from inside the doomed egyptair flight carrying 66 people, crashed into the mediterranean sea early thursday morning after disappearing from radar. the recording is a conversation between the pilot and swiss air traffic control, everything seemed normal.'s >> >> reporter: this comes as egyptian submarines are being sent to the side of the crash in an attempt to find the black boxes. >> we haven't recovered them yet. i haven't gotten any information from the military operations team that is in charge of the search. we will announce when we get close to them or at least identify where they are. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jeh johnson says this
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could be the result of terrorism but he's urging caution as the investigation continues. >> the crash was just a few days ago. debris is being found. at this point, we cannot rule out some type of terrorist act, but it's still very early. the black box as noted has not been found yet. >> reporter: families in egypt are putting together memorials for those on board as they continue to wait for answers. as the search for the black box continues, investigators in paris are pouring through security footage in the hopes they can find out exactly what led up to this crash. will carr, fox news. there are reports from afghanistan tonight that a u.s. drone strike has killed the leader of the taliban in that country. the afghan intelligence agency said today that the strike killed mensur. not far from the afghanistan border, multiple unmanned aircraft operated by u.s. special forces fired and took
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him out. u.s. homeland security jay johnson said the taliban's lead -- the taliban leader's death is confirmed, could be a game changer in the region. >> we think it's significant because mensur was trying to undermine efforts at reconciliation, he was targeting afghan facilities, afghan interests and u.s. interests. so if he was in fact killed this would be a major development. >> the taliban is denying that he was killed and the u.s. government is working to confirm the report of mansour's death. iraq's prime minister announced the start of a military offensive. the goal is to take the ice is held city of falluja. falluja is about 40 miles west of baghdad and has been under isis control for more than two years now. isis controls significant parts of north and west -- iraqi troops have been retaking cities and gaining ground recently.
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president obama right -- arrived in vietnam for three days of meetings. the goal is to turn the war- torn relationship into one of trade partners. the president wants to roll back and arms embargo which is a holdover from the vietnam war era. the administration also wants vietnam's help to teacher -- deter china's military aggressiveness. obama is considering meeting with dissidents who are fighting political oppression. now to the race for the white house, comments from democratic candidate bernie sanders ahead of the democratic national committee, on the sunday talk show, the vermont senator said if elected, he would remove debbie wasserman schultz as head of the dnc. sanders also said he is supporting her opponent in her reelection bid to congress. i've known better -- debbie for many years. i like her. do i think she is the kind of chair that the democratic party needs? no. i don't. what we need right now is to revitalize democracy in america and bring millions of young people and working-class people
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into the system. >> in the past, sanders has accused the city and state and wasserman schultz of favoring hillary clinton in the democratic primary. sanders also about to stay in the primary race until the democratic convention even though clinton needs fewer than 100 delegates to clinch the nomination. a new national poll shows donald trump with a slight edge over hillary clinton in a general election matchup. the washington post abc poll showed trump with 46% compared to london's 43%. that's within the poll's margin of error meaning that the race is a virtual dead heat. trump has gained considerable ground given that just last month he was trailing clinton in the polls by more than 10 points. the same poll found that six in 10 voters have a negative view of both candidates. trump, sanders and clinton all scheduled to crisscross california in the coming days. throughout southern california, clinton is due there as well,
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then here in the bay area early next week, former president bill clinton also has appearances schedule on his wife's behalf including big fundraiser coming up in san francisco on tuesday. trump has a rally scheduled in san diego on friday. a massachusetts police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop today in this -- the gunman is dead. in auburn about 45 miles southwest of bob -- boston, ronald tarantino stopped a vehicle and was shot by the driver. driver fled the scene and tarantino was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a statewide manhunt was launched after the shooting. authorities say they confronted the suspect during the search of a home about five miles from the shooting. >> as they entered a bedroom, a closet door burst open. the suspect appeared from inside the closet and fired on the troopers, striking one of them. the stop team returned fire and struck the suspect, inflicting rice -- life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: state and local
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police officers lined the street as tarantino's body was brought to the medical examiner's office. he was 42 years old and leaves behind a wife and three children. the suspect was a 35-year-old man from nearby worcester. there is no word yet on a possible motive. a man anyone who reached the summit of mount everest died on their way down from apparent altitude sickness. this was eric arnold's fifth attempt to climb the world's highest mountain. the picture you're looking act actually posted on friday as the group started the final part of that climb, according to reports, the woman was in the same group, but both have been suffering from weakness, they are the first to die on the mountain this year. search and rescue teams are going to a village in north sumatra asking people to evacuate. seven people died when a mountain erupted yesterday. eruption blasted volcanic ash as high as two miles into the sky. the mountain had been dormant for hundreds of years before reviving in 2010 and that's when it killed two people.
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and eruption in 2014 killed 16. it is among more than 120 active volcanoes in indonesia. trading their badges and guns for work gloves. >> we're challenging ourselves this year, hoping other departments follow suit. >> up next the improvements that will allow the homeowners to be mobile again. plus a survival story that will be tough to top, a man attacked by a bear, coming up, he describes what he remembers most.
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officers in benicia went above and beyond the call of duty. the home makeover from the
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heart that will make a difference in the life one- woman. >> reporter: more than two dozen benicia police officers traded in their uniforms for work gloves and spent their sunday helping a resident in need. officers say they first learned about stephanie after an encounter with animal control when they learned that will woman who depends on a scooter couldn't leave her house because there was no ramp, they stepped up. the first on the scene, the chief of police himself. >> she was stuck inside her house, couldn't take her dogs out and so we decided that this wonderful lady needed a little help. and so our department comes together and with just some wonderful staff and we're going to be working all day on this house. >> reporter: while a lot of the work was going on on the ramp in front, crews were busy in the backyard as well. this time lapse video gives a sense of just how much work they did. with the officers explain it, it was a one-stop shop for home
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improvement both inside the home and out. >> we're going to clean up the yard. it's something she's had a honda -- hard time doing so we're going to help. we're also accessing this gate that she hasn't had access to in quite some time so she'll have the ability to go out to an open space. >> reporter: she did express her gratitude and the officers here say they know they were helping someone in need. now they say they want to make it an annual tradition and hope the idea spreads. >> we're challenging ourselves this year but next year we're hoping other departments follow suit within our city so we can get all the neighbors working together to help each other out. >> reporter: in benicia, triston captain, fox 2 news. >> and she's smiling. the man shot outside the white house is still in critical condition as secret service officers shot the man once he approached a checkpoint with a gun and refused to drop it. law enforcement identified the gunman as jesse oliveri from
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pennsylvania. the white house was on lockdown for a short time with vice president biden inside. neither the president nor mrs. obama were there. no one else was injured. lasco man survived a vicious bear attack that included the bear actually biting through his skull.'s -- kenny was getting water during a camping trip when he was confronted by a snarling brown bear. the animal clawed his like and crushed his shoulder blade before it fit into his head. he remembers thinking to himself, this thing is going to kill me. >> i was facing the bear the whole time. as it was running i just remember the sounds really vividly. i remember hearing it. i remember the sound of it breathing and i remember the sound of it snarling. >> things had gone right into -- >> reporter: his wife and other helpers were yelling as they ran to help him. the bear eventually led kenny go. they got a hold of the coast guard for rescue.
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he faces a very long recovery but says he's already doing better than he thought he would be. the solar powered plane making its way around the world has touched down in ohio. the solar impulse to which made a stop in the bay area touched down in dayton last night completing its latest leg from tulsa oklahoma. the plan is powered by solar panels on its wings that run four electric motors. the swiss plane started his journey in march 2015 in abu dhabi. his next stop is new york city. thousands of people came to san mateo event center for the 11th annual maker fair. the unique event is described as part science fair, part county fair and it brings together artists and do-it- yourself enthusiasts from all over the world. one of the big draws was drone racing. 40 teams competed in a glow-in- the-dark course at the fairgrounds. >> we have fire and rockets and robots and homegrown village where you can learn how to ferment, you can have -- learn
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how to compost. we've got a whole host of things. >> the fair wrapped up a short time ago at 6:00 but plans are already underway for next year's fair. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo to talk about your lovely sunday and what's going to happen for the work week. i felt like friday we had those winds, yesterday was a little cool in the evening. what can we expect? >> not a lot of change to talk about. i'm digging for material to make the forecast interesting. but a few subtle changes in the forecast over the next few days. looking for a dramatic warmup, really not shaping up as far as the cool to mild weather pattern, it's going to stick around. taken live right now at live storm tracker 2, you can see clouds and showers approaching the northern parts of the state. there is a chance we could have a few sprinkles approaching the bay area for tomorrow. here is the latest on the satellite, we have clouds over a good portion of the region, some broken clouds as well. been up in the north, to our north right around parts of lake county just outside of
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clearlake, some showers here, more development and for tomorrow, the best chance of a shower will be up in parts of the north bay. sonoma county and napa county extending to the inland areas as well of the east bay. current numbers are in the 60s. not a big change out there. santa rosa 63. san jose 65. livermore right now 63 degrees. as far as wind speeds, winds are up there once again. that has been a constant in our forecast. 17 miles an hour out toward oakland and fairfield. some more wind reports for usfl, gusting 28 miles per hour in san jose, that's against to 23 miles an hour. dramatic picture here looking out towards san francisco bay out toward the golden gate bridge and clouds try to hide the marin headlands there. you can see overcast pushing into the region, or the lower clouds, also higher clouds as well. this was the case today, looking out towards the mountain from our baypoint camera, cool to mild pattern, not going to change too much. lots of 60s over the next few days. the warmest locations for tomorrow and tuesday, right
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around 70 degrees. overnight lows tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid-40s to the 50s out there. look at this in santa rosa in the north bay, mostly cloudy, we'll take this into the afternoon hours by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. mostly cloudy and then here we go, chance of a shower could be approaching the reason -- region that could be by 3:00. this area of low pressure not moving around too much. this first one is going to scout to the north and east. another one set up out here. monday, tuesday, partly to mostly cloudy and cool to mild, we are talking about some shower chances as well. the best chance will be up to the north bay and then i think this could be extended to the east bay as well. by 4:00, that will be the best chance of a shower and once again tuesday there is a slightly -- a slight chance of a shower out there as well. mainly favoring the north bay neighborhoods. temperatures for tomorrow, 60s to right around 70 degrees for morgan hill, gilroy 71.
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here's a look ahead if you want warmer temperatures, a little bit of a bump in the numbers after monday, tuesday with that chance of a shower primarily up in the north bay. and then by the weekend, looks like partly cloudy skies for saturday and sunday. memorial day not on this forecast panel just yet what the latest forecast models -- guess what -- possibly -- i won't do it just yet. >> [ laughter ] >> you know what i'm talking about. keep the umbrella -- >> oh, no. >> still too far. >> i've got plans. i don't want sprinkles. >> we'll keep an eye on it. coming up, final days of the amgen 2016 tour of california wrapped up in sacramento. also the a's are trying to avoid a four-game sweep.
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the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply where. -- hardware. this series was a struggle for the a's. >> not good times for them right now, just a very short time ago not time -- not good times for the a's. earlier they had won four straight games. buddy gray joining josh reddick on the disabled list. the a's trying not to lose yet again this afternoon to the yankees. jesse hahn had given up a home run in the second and gave up another one here, jacoby ellsbury really gets all of one, that ball well into the
6:26 pm
seats in right-center. 2-1 new york. the a's got something going in the fifth against michael pineda. slices one down the left-field line, brett gardner will get there. kelenski and billy burns both score. 3-2 lead. there were only able to keep it for a half inning. in the sixth, one run in, starlin castro with a solid single to left, that will score carlos beltran, 4-3 yankees. new york added one more in the seven, this time it is beltran doing the damage, solid drive that goes for an rbi double. the yankees win it by a score of 5-4. they've now won five in a row for the first time in nearly a year. most of the world cyclists were in california this week for the tour of california which wrapped up today in the state capital. the 80 five-mile final stage started downtown then wound around the sacramento river before returning back to the city. wasn't all fun out there on
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country roads where potholes took their toll on some of the writers. when they got back into town, it was a sprint to the line that was won by mark cavendish over peter sagan. those guys are both cycling heavyweights. but they couldn't take the overall title from julian felipe of france, finished in the main pack today, the 22- year-old won the tour by 21 seconds. byron nelson classic today after sergio garcia and brooks koepka ended up tied after 72 holes, the playoff lasted one whole. here is koepka on the tea. when he finds the water, that puts garcia in the driver seat. in position for his ninth career tour win, he got hit with a routine part on the whole. garcia matches the late 70 -- 70 by izturis for most wins on tour by a spanish born player. something about a playoff go home -- in oklahoma city, we'll have that for you tonight at 10 and then 11 on sports wrap. >> struggling too right now. thanks. >> yes.
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coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, selling items on digit exchange sites like craigslist and others is pretty convenient but it can have some dangerous. >> certainly can. coming up tonight at 10, going to tell you how bay area police working to help keep the community safe by providing exchange zones for people who want to avoid being victims of violence. so a nice way that you can meet stranger to sell your things. we're going to have some tips for you on that. >> thanks so much for watching tonight. we're always here for you online at we're always here for you, facebook, twitter and all of our ktvu apps. we're going to leave you with one shot outside. what's it going to be? there it is. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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