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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a lot of excitement here. obviously the june 7th primary is just a little over a week away. he said here today that he feels he can win california and use that as momentum to go into the democratic convention. so we'll see how things go. but obviously a lot of supporters here are getting really revved up, and that is what he needs if he wants to try and get good turnout for that june 7th primary. >> jana, did you get a chance to ask him, if he doesn't win the june 7th primary, does he plan to continue to stay in this race? >> reporter: absolutely, he said he does. he is planning to go all the way to the convention. i asked him even if he would consider a third-party candidacy, a third-party run if does he not get the democratic primary. he said he has said in the past he's only in this democratic race, and that is where he is going to leave it for right now. but we also talked to him about what he has learned in the divorce of this primary race. we will have much more on what his answers were tonight coming
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up on the 10:00 news here on ktvu. >> thank you, jana. >> hillary clinton spent this memorial day in new york, taking part in her hometown parade. clinton was joined by her husband and new york governor andrew cuomo in chappaqua. the former secretary of state will be back on the campaign trail in new jersey tomorrow which like california holds its primary a week from tomorrow. and she will be spending quite a bit of time here in california next week with get out the vote events in california from january 2nd through june 6th. donald trump was in the on the campaign trail today but is expected to reveal tomorrow how much his foundation has given to veterans groups. the presumptive republican nominee is expected to clear up the the matter after the washington post pressed trump to back up claims. he raised $6 million for veterans groups at a fund- raiser in january. you may recall that trump attended that fund-raiser instead of participating in a fox news debate because of his feud with megyn kelly. the u.s. libertarian party has nominated former new mexico
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governor gary johnson as its presidential candidate. this is the second straight time johnson has won the nomination of his party. he is hoping to take advantage of the fact that both hillary clinton and donald trump are of youd unfavorably by a majority of voters. however, in order for johnson to have the right to participate in this presidential debate he would have to have received at least 15% of voter support in five separate national polls. a lockdown has been lifted at the white house after someone threw a suspected -- a suspicious object over the fence. president obama had just returned when a woman tossed a metal object over the north fence along pennsylvania avenue. it happened around noontime. a hazmat squad was called in to investigate. the woman was detained. the secret service says the item turned out not to be hazardous. hat happened again. an fbi agent's gun was stolen from a karen san francisco. the vehicle was parked at hayes and pierce streets. that's on the south side of alamo square park.
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this latest break-in happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. authorities say the burglar took a .40 caliber glock 27 handgun. the thief also got away with an id badge and credentials. the fbi agent is apparently from out of town. this is the second time this year a gun has been stolen from the fbi. the borrow is not saying if the agent could face any sanctions. back in january, another agent had three guns stolen from a lockbox in a car parked in a neighborhood. the most serious case is the july killing of kate steinle at pier 14 in san francisco with a gun belonging to a federal bureau of land management ranger. the gun allegedly fired by a man in this country illegally. the list of agencies that have lost guns is growing longer. it includes the fbi, i.c.e., chp, and hayward police, just to name a few. today the nation paused to remember the more than 1 million americans who have given their lives while serving our country.
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reporter doug mcelway begins our coverage at arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: a somber day as americans remember the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice, president obama laying wreath at the tomb of in the known soldier at arlington national cemetery. remains of fallen soldiers from world war i, 2, and korea are there. >> whether they stood up in times of war, peace, or were called up by a draft board, they embedded the best of america. >> reporter: those currently serving the country honored as well with this memorial day coming up as the administration ramps up the fight by sending more than 400 troops to iraq and syria. >> those who serve today do so in a world that has its challenges and foes for america. our strength will counter and defeat. >> in our fight against isil three americans have given their lives in combat on our behalf. and today i ask you to remember their stories as well. >> reporter: flags around the capital flying at half-staff
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this morning. here on the national mall veterans participate in a wreath laying at the memorial to the more than 400,000 americans lost in world war ii. >> it means a lot. it means i'm not alone in this old world. >> reporter: another ceremony honoring those who lost their lives in vietnam. eight new names have been added to the 58,000 already etched in the vietnam veterans memorial. at the vietnam veterans memorial in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. >> here in the bay area many people marked this day by paying tribute to our fallen veterans. hundreds of people attended a memorial day ceremony at oak hill memorial park in san jose. among those in the crowd were families of military members who lost their lives while serving for their country. >> it's about patriotism, honor for your country, the love of
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your country. it's very important in our family. >> this is the 9 year for san jose's memorial day event being held at oak hill memorial park. search and rescue crews returned to a reservoir near modesto to look for two teen boys from oakland who are believed to have drown. the two 15-year-olds were at the woodward reservoir with friends and family saturday. the teens jumped off the boat with several people but never made it back to the boat. family members identified the boys as wilson and pratt. they say the two were best friends. officials say this could mark the second drowning incident at woodward reservoir since opened in april for water recreation. in placer county the search continues for a missing boater after an accident at camp far west lake yesterday. a boat with six people on board hit the wake of another boat and flipped over and split in half. three people were hurt, and 38- year-old dustin connor is still missing tonight. connor's family took to social
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media asking for prayers and support as they search for clues as to what happened. >> it was every family member's worst nightmare. they're hoping for the best but i think they're prepared at this point. they may not have the good outcome they want, but we're not going to stop searching. >> two people were on the boat. they escaped without injury including connor's young son. in modesto a family is in mourning after their 13-year- old daughter was shot and killed in a driveby shooting. their 15-year-old son was also shot, but he is going to survive. all of this happened early this morning and we're told investigators are still working on a suspect and vehicle description. >> reporter: a family home now the sight of a tragedy. loved ones light candles around a picture of a 13-year-old, a girl who was shot dead, her 15- year-old brother wounded, her family too grief stricken. she just finished 8th grade at
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mark twain and was a beautiful loving spirit. >> reporter: how are you feeling? i know i broke the news to you. >> kind of like -- >> reporter: neighbors recall hearing gunshots just hour before. >> it was really loud. >> reporter: the police department tells fox 40 the siblings were outside their home around midnight on monday when a car pulled up. >> after a short conversation, the passenger produced a gun and fired several shots. >> reporter: the girl died at a hospital. the boy was wounded but will be okay. investigators have no suspect description no, motive, no reason why this happened. >> we don't have any information to tell i couldn't say the shooting occurred. we don't know if it's gang related frkts' a random act of violence. >> reporter: detectives are now hoping the sole survivor will be able to shed some light. >> detectives are currently on the case k. i'm sure they are trying to get information, as much information as they can from him.
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>> the girl's family did say they plan to attend a voyage at 8:00 tonight. we are still waiting to find out how a father and his one-year-old daughter dade after their car and bodies were found in a slew off highway 160. the bodies of kyler jackson and his infant daughter were found. the sheriff's office says there is no evidence of foul play but the coroner is working to determine their official causes of death. family members say jackson was driving with his daughter from antioch to sacramento last week, but never made it home. investigators are asking for the public's help in finding 15-year-old pearl pinson. the solano county sheriff's department says has no new searches planned but is hoping a new tip could help locate the missing teenager. pinson was last seen in vallejo on her way to a bus stop last wednesday. a witness reportedly saw a man later identified as 19-year-old fernando castro abduct the teen from a pedestrian overcrossing.
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pinson was reportedly bleeding and screaming for help it is a the time. the next day castro was killed in a shoot-out with police in southern california. coming up nix, terrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo have turned to public outrage after zoo staff shot and killed this silver back gorilla. the public petition now pointing the blame at the parents whose four-year-old fell into the gorilla's enclosure. also ahead, there is good news tonight for women at high risk for breast cannister. life 1250eu8 choices that can reduce their chances for developing the disease. tracking the heat out there, you did notice it today, especially east of the east bay hills. it is going to be hot tomorrow. i'll let you know which neighborhoods will be the hottest. and a look right now at 880 in oakland. you see the parking lot there on the right. all those folks watching the warriors play the thunder tonight in game seven. the winner advances to the nba championships. look at 880. practically no one on the read
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. police inalameda are looking for an 28-year-old man who is missing and considered to be at risk. ernesto leano is 5' 2" with gray hair and blue eyes, last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, a black sweat jacket and black sweat pants. he often visits the marina village shopping center and the webster street area of alameda. terrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo have given way to outrage following the
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killing of an endangered gorilla that was shot after a four-year-old boy fell into the primate's enclosure. it happened yesterday and was caught on video. the little boy was dragged around by the 400-pound gorilla for 10 minutes as the family stood by helplessly. officials say the gorilla was not attacking the boy but could have easily killed him so the decision was made to shoot and killed that gorilla. the zoo said it had to be done to save the little boy's life. the team chose to kill the animal instead of tranquilizing it because it would have taken too long before the drugs to kick in, and zookeepers worried the gorilla might have had an aggressive reaction while holding the boy. >> that child's life was in danger. people what question that or are monday morning quarterbacks or second-guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silverback gorilla. they're very big. three times bigger than a man,
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six times stronger than that. >> the boy has since been released from the hospital. the zoo is now back open to the public. however, the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. world famous zookeeper jack hanna is speaking out indefense of the cincinnati zoo and the decision the kill the animal. hannah said they had no choice, that the child's life was in imminent danger. >> i mean this is something that's a no-brainer. this animal could have literally taken that boy, and i wasn't even want to describe it. so there was not a mill i will second to waste. there's animal life and human life involved, everyone. >> the little but he's family has released a brief statement thanking the staff for acting so quickly. in the meantime animal rights activists gathered outside the zoo to remember the life of the 17-year-old lowland gorilla. he was raised in the cincinnati zoo. lowland gorillas are an endangered species. critics of how the situation was handled have created a facebook page for the gorilla. so far it has received more
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than 41,000 likes within hours. the person who created the page says its purpose is to raise awareness for the gorilla's murder. all right, to the weather now as we take a live look at the conditions outside. you can see oracle arena in the distance. another beautiful, warm day around the bay area. let's go to bill martin in the weather center with the latest on the forecast. >> it was warm out there. these are the highs we achieved. 80 in vallejo, 93 in fairfield, one of the hot spots. highs tomorrow will be warmer. you saw the flag blowing in that live camera julie was talking over. the winds are blowing briskly on shore. it's much cooler in pacifica and half moon bay. there's twin peaks. you see the fog being capped down like that. the cooling influences don't get inward into the valley. so temperatures with the continued stunting of the fog back against the hills, inland temperature going to get back
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into the mid 90s. by the end of the week maybe some low 100s. the fog right now is right along the coast. you can seat trapped there. santa cruz, highway 1, the great highway tomorrow morning, fog in the avenues, fog out on 19th and sunset. the fog will not push over the east bay hills tomorrow. basically the the fog is going to be all around the basement temperatures right now, you can see that. you can see where the sea breeze is bihow cool it is. tomorrow the sea breeze will encroach about here but these inland valleys will remain pretty much untouched. right now concord 12 degrees warmer. 10 degrees warmer. it is going to be a warm tuesday. warmer than today in some places. the hottest spots inland tomorrow, tuesday, as we head into wednesday and thursday increasing numbers. we'll get to that. no tomorrow, a lot like today, slightly warmer. >> there is new hope for women at high risk of breast cancer.
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a massive study of white women found that women with a long family history of breast cancer or with a jeanettic risk can -- with a genetic risk can reduce their chances by following a healthy lifestyle. researchers at john hopkins school of public health surveyed 17,000 women with breast cancer and 20,000 without. they found women at high risk what were at a healthy weight, avidded smoking and drinking and did not use hormone replacement therapy reduced their risk of breast cancer to the same level as the general population. the average chance of a 30-year- old white woman developing breast cancer before she is 80 years old is 11% without any increased risk factors. coming up, bernie sanders is speaking to supporters in oakland where activists rushed the stage a short time ago. still to come, an update on who they are and more on sanders' campaign swing through the east bay. early holiday fireworks for
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the oakland a's. the big hit from coco crisp. and we are honoring the sacrifice of american military members this memorial day. still to come we will take you to the national cemetery and the presidio where 400 buffalo soldiers are buried. the key role they played in u.s. history. we will be right back.
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on this memorial day we are remembering the brave men and women who served this nation and made the ultimate sacrifice giving their life for their
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country. >> when you talk about the soldiers at the san francisco national cemetery you can't forget about the 400 buffalo soldiers who are buried there. ktvu's claudine wong shows us how this year marks the 150th anniversary of the formation of the unit. >> you have been studying buffalo soldiers your entire life. >> pretty much. >> 50 years. >> 50 years. >> tell us about buffalo soldiers. >> the buffalo soldiers were african-americans who enlisted in the united states regular early after the civil war. and i must tell you black soldiers have fought for this country starting back in the revolution, and even during colonial times. they fought in the colonies. but in 1866 they became a part of the regular establishment. one in five soldiers in the regular army after 1866 was black. 85% of the battles fought against native americans did not include john wayne riding
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to the rescue. it included african-american soldiers. they got the name buffalo soldier not because of the woolly hair and the buffalo robe that they wore and the mat of the buffalo. they got it because of the native americans they fought. they were likened to the clan of the buffalo warrior. and my grandfather -- >> the fiercest warriors. >> that's right. they were the fiercest warriors in the clap. so my grandfather's generation accepted this. >> reporter: anthony is a historian what was inspired by his grandfather who was an army man who signed up in1887. >> my grandfather, his name was samuel nathaniel waller. when i was 13, 14, thinking i knew everything in the world, i asked my grandfather one day why he joined this racist country's army. and the thing that he told me was something i will never forget. he said the army gave me the only part of the american dream
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that america, the nation, would let me share in. many black soldiers of his period, and even today, they used the military as the vehicle for a way up and a way out. the tombstone here is of william h tompkins. at the time he won the medal of honor he was with the 10th calvary. but he served with the 9th calvary, like my grandfather over his 40 years in the army. the tombstone here is another black soldier. his name was john a logan. he was sergeant major of the 9th calvary for many years. >> there are 400 buffalo soldiers buried here. do you think that americans know that story? >> there are 400 soldiers buried here. some were civil war veterans, and if you go to the tombstone you will see james reeves, usct, united states color troops. one of the things that happened as the west disappeared, we
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abandoned military fortresses. and each time we aban -- abandoned a not, we would take the people out of the grave and bring them to the nearest cemetery. so you have 400 soldiers here because of that. >> reporter: but 150 years after the formation of the buffalo soldiers he said their story, just like his grandfather's, is one that needs to be told. >> my grandfather was passing on a legacy of pride that i had nothing to be ashamed of. and so when you look at the tombstones, or you watch a movie of these soldiers, it reflects that pride of what they were, not just as americans, but as men. and so it's a story that i think the nation needs to honor. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton makes an appearance in a memorial day
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parade -- i'm sorry, we were on the wrong place there. >> that was claudine wong reporting. now democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is here in the bay area, and hillary clinton is also campaigning out in chappaqua, taking part in a memorial day celebration there along with her husband, former president bill clinton. also, sanders is on a three- day stretch here in the bay area, as frank just mentioned. the tough questions he felded from the african-american community in oakland today.
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hillary clinton was joined by her husband and new york governor andrew cuomo for a memorial day parade. the former secretary of state will be back on the campaign trail in new jersey tomorrow which, like california, holds its primary a week from tomorrow. analysts say the pre sumentdive republican nominee donald trump has his eye on california in the general election even though it hasn't voted for a republican for president in nearly 30 years. >> donald trump is not going to win california and new york. if he does, it's a 49-state blowout. he is right to focus on michigan, illinois, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and ohio. >> meantime, the libertarian party nominated former new
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mexico governor gary johnson for president over the weekend. some analysts say the 2016 election could provide an opportunity for a third-party candidate since both the republican and democratic presumptive nominees have significant negatives. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. at least three people were swept away by secret service agents after rushing bernie sanders during his rally tonight at frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland. take a look. it happened about 5:30. sources tell ktvu the three people were animal rights activists, and now an animal rights group is claiming responsibility for the incident. we're told that the three people are in custody but we still don't know if they will be formally arrested. this is a live looks now at frank ogawa plaza behind us where bernie sanders just wrapped up his speech. bernie sanders is spending the day campaigning just a week before the california primary wher


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