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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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be. fans were ready without green the warriors couldn't close out the cavaliers. game five was closer than the final score indicated. 112-97. the good news green will be back in the lineup after his
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one-game suspension. now the warriors center andrew bogut is hurt. amber, everyone was hoping to see the warriors win the championship at home. they couldn't get it kuhn. >> -- done. the fans were expecting the warriors to win tonight. this was a huge disappointment. it was a quiet crowd that streamed out of oracle tonight. those here stay they will have to wait a few days. fans are concerned about the injury to andrew bogut. >> it's depressing, without bogut and green it's hard to win. >> we'll go back to cleveland and make something happen. it will be a great win in
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cleveland. >> we were hoping game five was it but welcome back. >> we missed green big time. it is different with him in play. we'll be back. we're ready. get the parade ready. >> some fans were chanting agree draymond -- draymond. he'll be back. having covered the other watch parties here you can bet there will be tons of fans cheering the team on. >> it will be packed. >> scott reese is here, the team was micing green and then bogut was hurt. >> the stage was set, the fans were cleaning their thursday calendars for a parade. then they played the game.
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green serving his suspension at the a's game. back and forth, a lot of offense. klay thompson unstoppable. 37 in the game, in the 3rd quarter bow gut comes -- bogart getting a spraining knee. irvin 41 points the deuce and the damage there. lebron james was tough. he draws the foul, up and in. the dubs had no answer. game 6 is thursday in cleveland. back to oracle arena. guys, you could tell the fans were ready to blow the doors
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off. >> you're right about that. somewhere in the building there's champagne on ice that never got used. we knew the warriors would be a man down, we didn't know how badly he would be missed. we saw how important he is defensively, without the normal communication and switches, two players going for 40 or more. >> first time that lebron and cairo scored -- kyrie scored 40. the warriors didn't have green or a guy like him on the court. it wasn't just stopping two guys, this was a performance for the ages we saw tonight. if draymond was there it would have happened. lebron and kyrie couldn't be stopped. you get the cavs to go to
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isolation ball it works out well. but not when they are scoring 41 points each and performances for the ages. it was talked about how much the warriors defense was different without green. >> we weren't very good defensively. we were without devil raysmond -- draymond. no use in harping on that. both of those guys played terrific games. >> we weren't communicating defensively. obviously there's a void with him being out. we can be better and we weren't as good as we needed to be. >> obviously we missed him tonight. it's not an excuse, we had an opportunity to win a game. we liked our position halftime
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tied up. kyrie was great tonight. had my enough. you put your hand up and it goes in. >> you heard klay say no excuses. the warriors don't make excuses. they missed green. they said in the postgame the locker room, they are where they want to be up 2 games to 2 like they were last year. >> they said all year the defense sets up the offense, when you're not getting the stops. the warriors had 13 points in the fourth quarter. never has the team with the 3-1 lead not won it all. >> i asked maybe it's muffled because we're enclosed. about six minutes to go to fans came to life and tried to get
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the team into it. >> it felt like they came and expected the warriors to wrap it up and that didn't have. we have more in sports. joe makes a good point about the defense, you pay so much attention to the offense. but defense wins games. >> let's talk about andrew bogut. i remember in game two he rejected lebron james. how big a deal to loose andrew bogut potentially for the rest of the series. >> it's a knee sprain, we hope it's not worse. a sprained mcl is a 2 to 3 week
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injury. i think he's done. and defensively that's a big deal. he's not a big scorer but such an impact in the back of the defensive line. he's a rim protector. they don't have anyone else. >> you don't see many people recorrect lebron james. >> james and kyrie were clicking tonight. >> lebron james is world class, a lot of people are starting to realize how guy kyrie irving is. he's one of the top 10 players in the world. when they are at their best, think stephan clay. >> warriors up 3-2. from the court we go to downtown oakland.
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a tough loss. >> yeah, we watched game squeezed in with 200 people here at era. it's a popular bar. every seat filled and then some. along with all the waters holes in downtown oakland. . >> the first half so close, the lead back and forth and the room filled with optimism. this would be the championship night and the party would spill into the night. you can see the anxious faces reflecting what happened, and the crowd resigned itself to a game six in cleveland, unless there's a seven no way to bring it back home. the fans said so close without a win made it hard to watch.
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>> very difficult with all the rebounds and second and third chances we gave. but we'll come back. >> i rather it be here and celebrate here than in the opponents stadium. >> i'm a warriors fan, i feel like here it was a game to take. >> you have to give it to the cavs, we're coming back hard. game six in cleveland. we'll take it from them at home. >> thursday night look for fans cheering on their team at the road. a lot of sentiment tonight that the championship should be repeated with draymond in the mix. he's the heart of the team. >> game 6 on thursday. stay with ktvu for continuing
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coverage. we'll keep you posted on boguts a injury. tracking the weather forecast. we're looking at a cooling trend. i'll let you know how cool it will get. coming up, terror in orlando -- tonight a candlelight vigil for the victims. >> i cried so hard. >> new information about the gunman and reports he'd been to the nightclub before and contacted people on a gay dating app.
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denny's red, white and blue slam is here and so is independence day: resurgence. denny's. welcome to america's diner. in theaters, june 24th. . thousands gathered in orlando for a vigil honoring the 49 killed in the massacre in a gay nightclub. there were vigils in other cities. authorities are investigating if someone helped the gunman. the fact he targeted a gay club is relevant. >> good evening to you. authorities are trying to figure out if mateen had help when he opened fire in the pulse nightclub killing 49 and
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injures more. >> it was an attack motivated by hatred and intolerant. if it astricted by isil or radicalized or moat -- vote mated we don't know. he took hostages before being shot by s.w.a.t. members. officials say while the shooters exact intentions are unclear the fact he targeted a gay nightclub is under investigation. >> we want to know the roll bigotry may be. >> the fbi found no evidence the gunman had direct contact with islamic state militants.
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>> it appears the shooter was inspired various extremist information that was disseminated over the special net. at this stage we see no clear evidence he was directed extern alley. >> investigators have their hands full. mateen's current wife is talking and told him he potentially cased a theme park within the disney world parks as a potential target. for some reason he decided against that. investigators asking the question why. >> so many things to answer. the gunman made several visits to the pulse nightclub and used a gay dating site in the past. >> that's a very interesting
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development, there's a report on, this is reporting from the l.a. times and the orlando sun sentinal separately. there were four patrons who say they saw mateen at the pulse nightclub several times. one saw him up to 12 times. the "l.a. times" reporting he was using a tating and -- dating and chat app. he was on that and reportedly had been talking to 1 person for up to 12 months. that person saw mateen the night of the massacre, he recognized him by his eyes. they exchanged glances and that was the last time he would see mateen alive. the story from the
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survivors of the orlando shootings are heartbreaking and terrifying. one woman hid in a bathroom stall for hours. >> i see him peak a -- peek under the stall and look me in the eyes. >> she was shot in the stomach and is recovering. her 18-year-old cousin was shot in the arm, begged for her life but died at the hospital. >> the gunman was a u.s. citizens. her father is from afghanistan, he is against violence. he condemned the actions by his son and apologized to the victims. >> if you were alive i would ask why he did this. why. >> i wish i did know.
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i know as much as you do about him. i didn't know. if i did know this i would have called myself 911 and toll the police officer to take him. >> as a father -- >> the elder mateen says he has an tie homosexual views he may have passed on but god is the one that should punish homosexuality not humans. the eller mateen hosts a talk show out of southern california where he talks his views. the youngest 18, the oldest 50-year-old. one was a mother who raised 11 chirp, beat cancer twice and
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dancing with her son. another, a 37-year-old who was bullied in puerto rico found a new life and the courage to come out in florida. a woman in san francisco is mourning the loss of her ex- girlfriend. morris was a bouncer at pulse nightclub. she and her girlfriend broke up two months ago but remained close. >> you spoke to that ex- girlfriend. >> that's right, hundreds of people have come by this memorial to leave flowers, pictures and cards. many didn't know the victims. for one san francisco woman the massacre is personal. >> i'm crying for everybody.
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anybody that has love in their heart it's hard for them. >> star wilsons phone lit up asking if she heard from her ex- girlfriend. >> i knew shcity was working there. i immediately started calling her phone and seeing if i could get ahold of her. her phone went to voice mail. >> they were living in hawaii. in march they split up. it was morris' first week at pulse nightclub. >> i knew something wasn't right. she watched the events unfold in orlando. sunday afternoon her phone rang. >> i saw it was her mom calling, i knew what she was going to say. when she told me i cried so
10:21 pm
hard. look at that smile. how could something so violent happen to a peaceful good person. >> shelton said she and morris talked every day and were best friends. kj morris is not a stat or a victor a name on a list. >> i'm thankful i had a person like that and call her my partner and friend. she had so many passions. i want people to to know if she was here and saw this occur and was not a victim she would tell the community not to give up, don't run away. stand your ground. >> she's heading to orlando on wednesday and funeral services for morris are thursday.
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. tracking the weather, a lot of wind today. wind gusts up to 44 miles an hour. some winds around the mountains 47 miles an hour. these were the highs today. cooler than you might expect for this time of the year. tomorrow's highs tuesday. pretty much the same deal. temperature will change around, they will get cooler, on the mild pattern it will stick through tomorrow and wednesday. the low pressure center is significant. snow in the higher levels of the cascades. we're seeing rain near portland and seattle. that system is breaking up the higher pattern strong winds and allowing temperature on the cool side. as you look outside, 62 in fairfield, 59 in the napa area, the winds are blowing, gusting
10:23 pm
33 miles an hour in fairfield. in sfo 44 miles an hour gusts at san francisco airport. temperature tomorrow just like today, wednesday will be different and then there's a warmup. strength in standing together. candles are lit in the bay area in memory of the 49 people killed. some see themselves in the victims. we'll go back to oracle and hear why the warriors say their offense sputtered in the second half. more fallout from a scandal involving officers. i found a thai place. oh, good read a review. there's no review it's just a phone number. how am i supposed to eat there if i don't know what other people think about it? get high speed internet from at&t.
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sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet. what? have them start at the beginning. they're not answering. oh, come on! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. . more fallout over the sex
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scandal involving oakland police. the mayor is outraged of officers exploring a sex worker. now the investigation has expanded to other east bay police departments. 11ed a message from the girl at the center of the scandal. >> just three days into the job ben farrow on loan of the bart police department says the investigation has not lost momentum. a fifth police officer has been placed on leave. >> the case began after brennan o'byrne shot and gilled himself -- killed himself. he left a note. the department began
10:27 pm
investigating but the federal judge became angry they weren't notified about the case sooner. then police chief went fell out of the favor. >> i can tell you at this time ben farrow is good at providing notifications when necessary and when something comes to my attention that notifications need to be made i will do so. >> oakland mayor said: there was an about-face monday by the richmond police. >> we've learned that we do have several officers that may have been connected to the lady
10:28 pm
that was involved in the oakland investigation. we have opened an internal investigation into the matter. >> no richmond officers have been placed on leave. the 18-year-old woman said she's had sex with other officers with other agencies. the girl had turned 18 when she had sex with a number of off county officers. so long as no money was exchanged that's not a crime. in a text message the woman wrote me. it breaks my heart it happened the way it did. i feel guilty. it was harmless. still is head. upping security for gay pride weekend. donald trump call for banning muslims from the u.s.
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the colorado rapidsel light vigil to -- candle light vigil
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10:31 pm
. kevin eugene crosby, 25. >> the names of the 49 victims of the orlando massacre were red tonight. a man told us he knows a local couple who was at the pulse nightclub on their money moon. one of the men was shot in the leg, his spouse played dead next to him. several hundred people prayed for the victims and
10:32 pm
showed solidarity. jenna is live with the messages for those who turned out tonight. >> the vigil was emotional and what was so striking see this plaza full of people who otherwise may not have crossed paths reaching out to 1 another. >> for some the candles were sim bells of -- symbols of hope. flags flew at half-staff as several hundred people met in solidarity to pray for orlando. >> we decided to show support with the community and to stand unit the in the face of hate. >> if we're divide our haters are successful. >> some people saw in the
10:33 pm
victims a reflection of themselves. >> it's hard to put into words what we're feeling. >> community leaders spoke about unity, compassion and hope. >> this could happen in any city in america and we need to express our pain and sent thoughts and prayers to orlando. >> you can't fight hatred with hatred, there's a lot of people in the muslim community who are appalled by the tragedy in orlando. >> their faces reflecting the horror and heartache felt by the people across the nation. at another vigil at santa clara university, people we're white ribbons over the heart. it shimmers and captures colors, a solidarity with the
10:34 pm
lgbt community. >> a march past three gay bars, it came with a message. >> and to never let go of the idea of love and acceptance for everyone. >> tonight as the marchers went through down town they had signs they asked the businesses to post inside their windows. today donald trump expanded his call to ban muslim from the united states. he wants to include people from other areas of the world. >> it will be lifted when and as a nation are in a position to properly and perfectly screen the people coming into
10:35 pm
our country. >> hillary clinton condemned "inflammatory anti-muslim rhetoric." >> it is pastime for the squad's, the kuwatis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. >> democrat bernie sanders and his wife attended a march for the orlando victims in vermont. he called for a ban on automatic weapons and keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. police have a way to protect people during the pride weekend. they are expecting more this year because many want to take a stand against hatred and
10:36 pm
violence. the police chief outlined the plans. >> we'll have an increased presence at the pride parade. i spoke in the castro, one of the things i pushed if you see something say something. you worry about a copycat, i'd rather err on the side of caution and put more security out there. the staff will be following the investigation in orlando closely to see what can be learned. new developments following a man from indiana arrested on his way to the pride parade in los angeles. he was on parole. police arrested james wesley howell in santa monica. he's held on a half million dollars bail. the police chief tweeted that
10:37 pm
howell wanted to harm the pride parade. later she corrected herself. he's bisexual and ex-boyfriend said he needs help. he's on probation from a case of pointing a 51 at his -- gun at his neighbors. tracking the forecast, it will be cooler and continued windy. >> flames rip through a southern california office building. ♪ ♪
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. a large fire in downtown los angeles. the fire was reported about
10:40 pm
seven. 150 firefighters are still on the scene. the building was supposed to be vacant but five people are inside. three people had to be rescued. one occupant is a person of interest. three people face charges of selling counter fit oxycodone pills with a potent opiate. they sold 1500 pills to undercover agent. fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine. a surprise move in silicon valley, microsoft is buying linkedin for $26 billion. the professional networking site is 430 million users.
10:41 pm
the deal offers microsoft a way on the edge far size the -- emfar size the brand. the deal is expected to close before the end of the year. wall street took a head as they wait for a fed meeting. dropping 132 points and the s&p lost 17. most don't expect the fed will raise interest rates on wednesday and investors are nervous about the vote to leave the european union. apple unveiled improvements on the maps and messaging serveises. the company unveiled the new mac operating system and software for ipad, iphone and mac computers. in sports we'll take you
10:42 pm
back to oracle arena. >> is warmer weather on the horizon? horizon?
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
. we're tracking temperature. these are the highs from today. they weren't that warm. more like what we will see tomorrow too. the pattern of below average temperature will stick with us for the next day or two. at least the next 48 hours. that's breaking the pattern up. no fog to speak of. patchy fog trying to form, the wind gusting to 44 miles an hour makes it tough for the
10:45 pm
stratus to hold together. the system to the north of us is checking everything around tuesday and wednesday. after that we get a slight offshore wind and the the the -- temperature soar. let's check out sfo. 44 still, gusting to 44, very windy along the coast. low clouds and cool and mild, the next 48 hours. wednesday will be the coolest day of the week. tomorrow similar of today. fog is out there, but it's patchy, hard to form because of the wind. that low makes everything stretch out. the air-conditioning is on not just the bay area or delta. for sacramento, this impacts fresno, fresno is far south. it has a strong impact on the
10:46 pm
central valley as well. sacramento the numbers in the low 80s at best. these are the forecast highs for tuesday. 73 in mountain view, the 5-day forecast, you can see it's the coolest, this is the hottest part of the day, the hottest city in the area, 69, 70 degrees, thursday there's a slight chance for a sprinkle. i wish it would happen. it's a long shot. there's a slight chance for that. temperature work their way up as we head to the bay area weekend. temperature back in the low 90s. a mild week ahead. >> fathers day looks good. >> what are you going to do. >> i don't know yet. >> hopefully i'll be surprised.
10:47 pm
we were hoping for a big celebration, but hopefully it will be postponed. >> talking fathers day, we may be watching game 7. >> we'll see how that goes. >> the warriors will cap their season with a championship in storybook fashion. doing it without draymond was not the proper ending. we get more twists and turns. the fans had plenty to say about the green suspension. free draymond. he's watching the game with marshawn lynch at the a's game. strips lebron, coast to coast and the warriors are on the board first. curry, outside, take it inside. floater, no one better at that. the warriors up three after
10:48 pm
one. 2nd quarter, thompson zoning, splash down. he had 26 in the half. lebron one-on-one with space, who do you like here. brutal and the foul. 61-61, a barnburner at the half. the play that turned the game. bogut comes down on the left knee. he limps off with a knee sprain. mri coming. lebron and kyrie, james for three, he had four threes today. 4th quarter, kyrie down the lane and the damage. his third straight game with 30 or more points. the cavs are up by 10. draws the contact. james and irvin both had 41
10:49 pm
points. the cavs force game 6 on thursday. back to oracle arena. the first half was encouraging the second half concerning. >> no question it was a story of two halves. we started with one story line and evolved into another one. we knew they were a man down, but when bogue it went down i thought i'm not sure they can win. the team known for a deep bench was thin. >> they looked thin. the tale of two halves. >> they couldn't find the net. could not score in the second half. listen to the numbers, it was dire, 26% shooting for the warriors the second half. three of 99 on 3-pointers. not a good point for barnes and steph a quiet 25 points.
10:50 pm
>> what an important part of the defense that green played and maybe you don't miss that if the guys are hitting their threes. this guys that hit those shots were not close to their numbers. >> he led the team in assists. he's a playmaker for them. green was missed tonight but the warriors feel good about where they are at. >> we're in the same place we were last year. up 3-2 heading back to cleveland. if you told me this before the series i would have taken it. we're in a good spot. >> obviously it's frustrating. you want to win here for your fans. they deserve to see us win. you suck it up and move on. like coach said, we're in a great position and obviously it
10:51 pm
stings but we'll come back stronger. >> it sums -- sucks we had the opportunity to close out the series at home. but you work hard early to put ourselves in this position on thursday. >> it's the finals it's supposed to be hard. one thing was interesting. we heard stories about where's green going to watch the game. is it at the a's, there was no green sighting in the basketball arena. >> he was at the coliseum, after the game, if they won't he would have been here for the celebration on the court. he went to the parking lot from the coliseum and headed out. lebron james booed every stretch. it didn't work. 41 points, 16 rebounds and 6
10:52 pm
assists for lebron. >> a player is happy when they are getting booed and have a great performance. the a's bust out the hitting sticks in a major way. the pretty pictures ahead. matt cain celebrates an an versusry of sorts. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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. matt cain twirled the first perfect game in giants history. he celebrated by returning from the disabled list. also be prepared. how about this. first batter of the game. denard spann. that's a splash. 70th splash hit all time at at&t. 1-0 san francisco. the giants get more in the 3rd. buster posey, the park will contain it. it's a double to score span. fast forward to the 7th inning. brandon crawford up the middle. that would fall. belt in, posey in.
10:56 pm
giants win 11-5. a's, rangers, 3rd inning, 1-0 a's. 3-run shot, his 15th of the season. it's a 4-0 game. that's a homer. then the a's open it up. josh phegley in the fourth. it's a 10-1 game. 3-run shot. smolinski finds a hole. season highs in runs and hits. 14-5 they win it. that's it for sports. we play on. cleveland on thursday. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. have a great night everyone. see you later.
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