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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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70 at best for those inland today. and we have that monsoon moisture in arizona, but not making it to southern california as that system heads to the east. 50s, 60s and 70s, upper 70s for many, and it should be much warmer than that. 5:00 in the morning and is a quiet or picking up?>> not bad, looking at the commute in tracy, a little bit windy on 580. a solid line of slow traffic coming in from tracy and 205, and after the 205 interchange over to the altamont pass, not bad once you get into the livermore oh -- livermore area. san mateo bridge traffic looks okay, traffic continues to move all the way over to the highway 101. at the bay bridge, light so
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far, 5:00. topping the news this morning, investigators are still searching for answers in the fatal shooting of the three officers in baton rouge. three other officers were wounded in the gunfire, less than 1 mile from the police headquarters, and authorities have identified the gunman, gavin eugene long, a former marine that reportedly carried out the deadly rampage on his 29th birthday. he was later killed by the police and the motive is unclear. president obama addressed the country shortly after the latest deadly attack on police officers.>> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. attacks on police are an attack on all of us. in the rule of all.>> they have identified montrell jackson and matthew gerald as to make officers guild, and the third is a sheriff's deputy, brad
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groff alone. -- brad groff alone -- brad garafola. in the post saying in part, "these are trying times. please don't let hate affect your heart. the city must and will get better. i'm working the streets, so any protesters, officers, friends or family, if you see me and need a hug, or want to say a prayer, i've got you." we will have more coverage on the police shooting coming up in about eight minutes. 5:02 am. there will be a vigil on the uc berkeley campus today, a cal student among those 84 killed in the nice, france terror attacks. in france on the study abroad program, and uc berkeley officials were notified of the death and three other cal
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students were injured in the attack. the vigil for nicholas leslie will be at 4:30 pm this afternoon at the plaza. and just three weeks ago another student was killed in a terror attack in bangladesh. in paris, thousands gathering at the notre dame the a girl -- notre dame cathedral to remember those in the attack killed. the second day of mourning in france as hundreds stood in long lines outside of the cathedral for the service. >> we arrived on vacation from the u. s. and we are impressed how everyone is getting together from france to pray for the people of nice and the people of the united states against terrorism. we believe that unity of people is the way to be, the way to show our faith.>> security very tight getting into notre dame,
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bags and backpacks checked at the entrance. two more people detained in france in connection with the deadly truck attack in nice, a man and woman detained in nice according to the prosecutor's office, suspected of helping the attackers get a gun that was later found in the truck. that brings the number of people detained 26 people. -- to a number of six people, and 85 are still in the hospital, 18 including one child in life-threatening conditions and 41 bodies have not yet been identified. secretary john kerry in belgium meeting with the foreign union, and it was supposed to be about the years migration crisis, but the failed to in turkey and the deadly attacks in nice, france are topping discussions.>> there events in the recent weeks have underscored the importance of our relationship,
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the importance of the road ahead. back the eu, foreign ministers also discussing strategy for a smooth transition as britain prepares to leave the european union. 5:05 am. here at home, a boy in serious condition after being hit by car in danville yesterday afternoon while riding his bike at an intersection, and the child suffered head and liam injuries, but is expected to survive. the danville police say the driver is cooperating with the police, but it did not say whether the driver would be facing charges. the walnut creek police officer in his k-9 partner are expected to survive after a suspected hit and run driver crashed into their patrol car. this happened saturday night around 10:15 pm at the carts i drive and hillside avenue near interstate 680. the driver, rolando gonzalez of walnut creek had just been involved in a felony hit-and-
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run crash with another car before crashing head on into the police car. boats -- both of the officer and gonzales are hurt but expected to be okay. the police dog was also hurt after gonzales stabbed the dog several times in the dog is expected to recover, and gonzales was booked on several charges, felony hit-and-run, dui and assault with a deadly weapon. taxi drivers said they had taken a hit since rideshare begin operating at the airport, uber and lift, wings, skyrocketing in oakland, and san jose and taxis down by 23% and the airport officials say that the biggest challenge with the increase in rideshare is staging the drivers while they wait for their ride. donald trump and mike pence giving their first joint interview. i said yes in a heartbeat to run with this man because he
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embodies the american strength. >> what donald trump believes his selection of mike pence has done for the republican party and the convention begins today. more coverage of the police officers killed in baton rouge and we go to louisiana for an update, next. looking at the south bay commute is so far not bad on 280 in san jose, a nice- looking drive into the valley. a big fog bank is roaring inland and along with a decent delta breeze, all equaling a cooler monday.
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from back to the coverage of the police officers killed in baton rouge, louisiana, and brandon todd is live in baton rouge, and it is been almost 24 hours before the gunman ambushed the police officers, and thank you for being with us. what is the latest from what you know?>> reporter: the state police are calling this an ambush saying that the gunman was "certainly seeking out police." the community is reeling after the alton sterling shooting and not a lot happening over the last several days and sunday morning a frantic cry over the
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police radio, shots fired in officer down, and that happened around 8:40 am yesterday on the airline highway in baton rouge at the shopping center. they were responding to a 911 call describing a suspicious person walking down the street with a high-powered rifle. the shooter was dressed all in black, carrying extra ammunition and wearing a mask. as soon as the officers pulled up on the scene he immediately began shooting at them. the gunman, gavin eugene long, from kansas city, missouri, and turning 29 yesterday. serving in the marines from 2005-2010 and add includes iraq. -- and that includes iraq. three officers were killed, 32- year-old montrell jackson, tenure veteran of the force and a new father. also 41-year-old matthew gerald and he served in the marines
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before joining the force a year ago, married with children. and deputy brad garafola was ending his shift and about to go on vacation, a deputy with east baton rouge sheriff's office, and this community is reeling from this. i spoke with a woman earlier that said she knew two of the officers, and their first response was to organize a prayer vigil for tomorrow night.>> you are reporter for texas were the five police officers were just killed and now in baton rouge, compared the two vaccines and also the impact on you.>> reporter: this is not anything easy to report at all. and what we have been through the last week, by the funerals of officers, all heartbreaking listening to these men in their
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lives, their families that they leave behind. the officers that they work with, how hard they work, and what excellent officers they were, and now we are hearing baton rouge, and the law enforcement community has not even had a chance to catch its breath from the dallas shootings a week and a half ago, and now here in baton rouge with three officers killed, and another one that is clinging to life after a major head wound. this has really been tough for the law enforcement community. >> brandon todd in baton rouge, louisiana. the time is 5:13 am. one of america's biggest hip-hop stars urging gang members across southern california to stop the violence, the gang spoken california yesterday in response to the gang violence in many american cities, and on a campaign for peace and a
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positive message for those together for the town hall meeting.>> it is a bus going to the city, the bus of love and positivity, keep the doors open and let everybody get on the bus. >> he said was moved to campaign for fees after the recent killing of his brothers. president obama bestowing the honor on betty reid soskin last year, and the coin was stolen from her during a violent home invasion last month .>> here is a replacement coin and letter from the president. [ applause ].>> she was surprised that, betty soskin was given the coin by president obama and he was deeply saddened by everything she had been through recently.>> to get it back, i don't know how i can
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tell you. that was a moment in my personal history that stood out so much.>> everyone has fallen in love with her, and the original coin was stolen last month when an intruder broke into her home, 94 years old and living in richmond, and she was assaulted. betty says she will keep this new going safe and secure, and so far no suspect was identified in that attack. >> we love her, and incredible woman. people are beginning to start a brand-new day and a look at the commute.>> looking pretty good, but there are people on the road, but not crowded yet. good morning and i hope your monday is going well. looking at gilroy to san jose, not picking up a lot of slow traffic. gilroy, nor the morgan hill in san jose remaining a nice drive. showing highway 17 on the picture, also looking good from the scotts valley to the
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silicon valley, and over the hills. moving to the live pictures, a look at interstate 880 in oakland, both directions classic traffic moving well. if you're driving to the bay bridge, more of a crowd and not a lot of stop-and-go traffic. 5:16 am. and people do commute from tracy, 42 mile an hour wind at the altamont pass. >> pretty gusty.>> we have a big fog bank, low clouds making it out to travis, and that is a good push with wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. low clouds for every reporting station, then arose the in concord, livermore in san jose, hayward in oakland, low clouds. there are always some breaks in the clouds, and some made it out.
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we are breezy with a broken fog bank, some breaks in the clouds but a cooler pattern today and tomorrow, as will warm up starting on wednesday, 50s and 60s on the coast, 60s on the bay and mainly 70s inland. san jose yesterday was 80, today 75. livermore was 81 and today it is 77. seven the rose 79 and now 77, temperatures down. santa rosa 77 and now temperatures down. estelle looks like it will be a hurricane later today, and taking a northerly route. it looks like a low cloud deck and fog bank will be with us today and tomorrow, maxing out when you get this kind of a push with that low dropping down from the pacific northwest, vacaville at 25.
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even the napa airport with a west at 12 and that delta breeze as a turbocharged to at this morning. 50s on the temperatures, everybody stuck, 57 in santa cruz, 53 santa clara, and cupertino is a little bit cooler. it is an onshore breeze, southeastward san jose, otherwise a cooler pattern. 59 in truckee and hayward, san jose in mountain view, south lake tahoe with the southwind sending up the temperatures. and here is that 59 at truckee, tahoe city 55 in south lake tahoe on the warm side. the monsoon clouds made it into arizona the pushing off toward new mexico and not making it to the sierra. this system is the reason why is it brushes it out of the picture. morning fog and drizzle, taking into tuesday with temperatures
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below average. a couple of low 80s in vacaville and clearlake, but 70s in between and 60s close to the coast, 65 in alameda, 80 in brentwood, and look at morgan hill and gilroy, upper 70s. 50s and 60s on the coast, 60s in the city, and not much changing on tuesday, warmer on thursday and friday and hot by the weekend.>> did you get that pam?>> at first we thought it would be cool for the month.>> no, up and down one week cool in the next week hot. for the first time ever, a swedish man wins the major golf tournament, henry stenson -- henrik stenson one the golf tournament yesterday, and phil mickelson had a chance to take the top spot, and the putt sat on the edge of the whole and would not fall in.
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and the regulation play with stenson hitting a long putt and it did drop in right there, and it is the first major victory for stenson, two years after his last finish in the top 10 at any major golf tournament. 5:20 am. a man and woman were stuck in a storm drain in phoenix and we will show you the rescue to get them out and why they ended up there in the first place.
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welcome back, 5:23 am. an officer accused of carrying a college student in a suspected drunk driving crash in brooklyn, officer nicholas back to -- batka and killing three others walking with them, and the deadly accident happened in one of several horrified witnesses.>> i saw a driver and someone was trying to hold the door against him so that he could not get it out, and i guess he was trying to get out.>> the young man graduated from hillsborough high school in 2013 and attending mit. a woman in phoenix arizona, trying to rescue a puppy from the storm drain and ended up having to be rescued themselves. fire crews used power tools to
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cut open the storm drain and after one hour they were able to pull the man and woman out, and firefighters say they had crawled into the storm drain to try to rescue a lost dog early sunday morning, and the cyclist riding by heard them screaming and called 911. the couple was not injured, and the dog was not found. 5:24 am. pay -- space x has two celebrations, after the launch of the rocket, the rocket booster landed safely and vertically. on the left side of the screen you can see how it looked from the distant. the right side shows the viewpoint of the rocket as it touches back down on the pad, the second time that a booster used or an actual launch was safely able to do that. the spacecraft is delivering to it have tons of supplies to the international space station, including a docking hacked.
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the previous attempt to deliver the hatch was not successful in the rocket blew up. the pokimon go game creating demand for the old pokimon merchandise including the original pokimon cards and games, and retailers including walmart and target are seeing a brush to purchase the characters. and along with the toys and t- shirt, and the sales of the pokimon related items of 91% during the first week that the game was available, and that is expected to grow as pokimon go is released in more countries. the merchandising analyst say the licensing the -- that could bring a licensing fee windfall to nintendo.>> there are several poky stops -- and a lot
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of the fair attendees are paying admission just to be able to play the game. >> i saw it earlier and i was looking for that. i am kind of old and out of the scene, but a lot of people are playing it.>> the state fair will run through sunday at the cal expo in sacramento. the republican national convention beginning today in cleveland ohio, and the security concerns, and the donald trump campaign manager doing damage control. in proving the tesla autopilot and what the ceo says is being done after the system may have been a factor in a recent deadly crash. good morning, looking at the morning commute, not bad if you're driving on the maccarthur maze, approachable coming around the corner. low clouds out to fairfield, and a wind turbine showing this good surge even out to the sacramento valley.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, on this monday, july 18 and i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. when will it heat up?>> over the weekend, from one extreme to the other. last summer the water temperatures were warm and it never really cooled off, and
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this summer we are getting a week, and the next week hot, but the low clouds out it fairfield, and the wind turbine farm showing a good search. it is still clear inland, but a good breeze, and windy for some. the low clouds making a strong surge, every reporting station showing cloudy. santa rosa, concord, livermore and san jose and everybody in between. the breeze is rolling out at the delta, 50s on the temperatures, half moon bay, santa rosa, brentwood and livermore, everybody is pretty close. i know woodside on the peninsula, calistoga and 50, and that is cool for them. the cool air making it, and 31 at travis. this system will sweep off toward mexico keeping that
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monsoon out of california. 50s and 60s, mainly 70s inland. this is when things get busy. >> we are looking at more slow traffic as we come up on the commute. looking at the solano county commute, vacaville, fairfield and vallejo looking good from vacaville to fairfield, not a bad commute at all. we do not see anything when it comes to the road sensors firing up in the red or even yellow. and that is to the cordelia junction. the san mateo county southbound 101 and highway 92, a truck crashed in it appears to be injuries. just before highway 101 on 92, going past san mateo, you may think about using 280 as the alternative route. it could be southbound traffic
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blocked and even northbound a slow down if this remains their long. taking a look at the bay bridge, meeting lights on in a 10 minute delay. northbound 280 looking good in san jose, and so does 101 and 85. 5:32 am. investigators in louisiana said that a decorated armor u. s. marine is responsible for killing the three law enforcement officers and baton rouge, louisiana, three other officers were wounded. the gunman, gavin eugene long, a former marine that reportedly carried out the deadly rampage on his 29th birthday. he was later killed in a shootout with the police. this hits close to home for the community leaders in the bay area police, and we have alex savidge joining us live from the oakland police headquarters, and the reaction from the local police officers. >> reporter: good morning.
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certainly the local police officers in the bay area are deeply troubled by what to let's and baton rouge, and local departments are continuing to do whatever they can to keep the officers safe. we are in oakland this morning, and officers are writing two in a squad car in oakland, a tactic put in place following the deadly ambush of the officers in dallas earlier in the month. we are also seeing the same tactic put in place, the same safety measures being taken in san francisco and san jose as well. local officers are mourning the loss of the life, but some policing unions will go a step further. taking a look at the statement from the san jose police officer's association, "it is past time for our political leaders to step up and support law enforcement with the necessary staffing and equipment to keep our neighborhoods safe. we do not need anymore statements of condemnation of the heinous acts or pledges evermore's for the latest murders, we need action."
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the community leaders across the bay area are weighing in on the baton rouge killings in the meantime. we spoke with pastor mike mcbride of the wade church in berkeley, and he recently visited baton rouge following the shooting death of alton sterling. back -- >> i think this is a ridiculous assertion to a this at the feet of anyone in our movement. especially with everyone in our movement consistently emphasizing that we are engaging in nonviolent protest.>> reporter: has to mcbride also tells us that he is planning to return to baton rouge on thursday, and that is to counsel the young men in the city, and to also emphasize nonviolent protests. some local officers say that the tension between the police and communities that they serve appears to be at a heightened state, an all-time high. a lot of police officers are worried and hoping that what we
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have seen take place in dallas and baton rouge does not become the new normal.>> abby's -- alex savidge in oakland, and thank you. in the meantime, jesse jackson speaking out against the shooting of the baton rouge police officers, condemning the attack while speaking before the national organization for black law executives in dc, saying that. has taken over and that now is the time for togetherness. >> we have some obligation to speak out now and not allow this rage of violence to become a race war. him is not degenerate that way. this is not about black and white, it's about wrong and right.>> reporter: several other baton rouge police officers were wounded, this violence coming after the killing of the five police officers in dallas in the shooting death of alton sterling and baton rouge, and philando castile in minnesota.
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there are new concerns about security at the republican national convention getting underway today in cleveland with huge crowds expected to protest. we are in cleveland with what to expect as the can -- convention kicks off. >> reporter: protesters are prepping for another busy day outside of the convention and the party is open to unify around the candidate. >> we started this project about a year ago. >> reporter: the venues at the republican convention are now ready, recent police shootings causing security concerns in this armed gun rights activist is worried after taking advantage of the ohio open carry law's.>> the purpose of the venue is not just the open carry of ohio, but also very important about constitutional carry. >> reporter: the campaign manager of donald trump is doing damage control after
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rumors of him wanting to back out of his presidential pick, and saying that mike pence is a repeat pick due to the attacks in france.'s back we spent time on the phone and things he had to do before getting out of the airplane and rearranging things for friday and saturday, and there was no second thought on the part of donald trump. >> reporter: and praising the record of mike pence as governor of indiana. newt gingrich. >> mike is frankly star than i am. mike is steady and solid.>> reporter: donald trump will officially accept the nomination on thursday. donald trump and his running mate mike pence presented a united front and how to battle isis as they sat down for their first interview together.>> we have to declare war against isis and wipeout isis. >> reporter: with troops on the ground? >> with very few troops on the
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ground, and we will have unbelievable intelligence which we need, we don't have the people over there. >> i'm confident that donald trump will give directed to the military commanders, bring together and used enormous resources of the united states to destroy that enemy.>> he says he believes that is selection of pence as a running mate has unified and help to unify the party. the wall street journal polls shows clinton at 46%, trump at 41%. the washington post polls shows clinton ahead of trump 47% and 43%. ross palombo is in cleveland for the republican national convention and we'll talk with him live on the number nine updates throughout the evening. a san jose man drowned near
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the beach at the san mateo county after being hit by the way and pulled underwater early saturday morning at about 3 am. the county sheriff deputies say that the 34-year-old man was in waist deep water and went under. the family members and friends searched for him and found him several minutes later unconscious on the beach. emergency crews tried to revive him using cpr but could not. the investigators did not suspect foul play. this week cameras going up along highway 4 in contra costa county haunted by the string of shootings along the highway. the pittsburg city leaders approved spending $100,000 to install them back in may with 14 cameras being installed at the pittsburg police department and the cameras will be up and running this week, and additional cameras are planned for the area. the tesla ceo elon musk safe that they are taking steps to improve the autopilot system, working with company suppliers to make changes to
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the driver assistant system which could be the factor in the recent deadly attack in florida, and says he has talked with the german company that makes the radar for the autopilot, and it is possible that a "significant improvement could be sent to the car to using wireless." and he is also talking to other suppliers about changes, tweeting that he stands behind the autopilot and that the criticism should be directed at tesla and not the suppliers. the time now is 5:40 am. the last earnings report to yahoo, and the final bids to purchase the company. the police are keeping an eye out for a mountain lion spotted on the city street in san mateo and we will tell you what to do if you see it. looking at a morning commute that is getting busier as we look at the east shore freeway, getting busy on the way out to the maze. impressive fog bank making a
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push inland equaling cooler for everybody.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:42 am. police looking for a gunmen, and one man died at the scene and the other taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, and the police have not given any more details about the suspect or the suspect vehicle. reports from people on the peninsula that saw a mountain lion in two separate residential areas, and the police were very concerned this morning, trying to catch them outline last night.
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and we are in san mateo right now, and did they catch the big cat?>> reporter: no, they did not and search for an hour and were unsuccessful. this area is off of hwy 92, and while getting off of the exit this morning we saw a deer and had to swerve around the it. there is wildlife year even though it is residential. take a look at this picture, someone in the neighborhood snapped this, and it shows them outline slinking along the sidewalk at 8:00 last night, and this was taken near west 20th avenue near the sarah high school. and residents were told to shelter in place while they searched for the cat, and the third mountain lion cited in san mateo county in the last several days. in one spotted by the deputy, and spotted again last night in the same area and then of
5:45 am
course the siding is san mateo. here are tips about might lines, do not feed the deer, that will attract them, and avoid hiking and jogging at the dusk and dawn. keep your pets are inside and if you encounter the line, faced the animal and make noise, and try to look big and throw something like rocks. do not run. and for more tips you can go to and click on the tab. and wildlife was contacted and is supposed to be coming back to the area periodically to see if there is another sighting. a little bit unnerving. 5:45 am and we will check in with the traffic. hopefully no mountain lion's are on the road.>> no, but we do have slowed traffic already, westbound 580 as you drive over the altamont pass, you will see
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traffic that will be slow, especially on 205, the slowest traffic coming out of tracy. it will stay that way onto 580, not a bad commute but the traffic is low. southbound 101, san mateo at 92 clearing an accident. and the fire department and medics are on the scene and you could see slow traffic. near the san mateo bridge not looking bad with westbound traffic moderate from hayward over to auster city. -- foster city. and a's seven minute -- at seven minute backup making it onto the bridge. low clouds in place pushing inland even out to the eastern contra costa county in some areas on fairfield and rio vista. there is plenty to work with, and it is gray skies over the bay. a little drizzle, and also inland, so be advised that this is a big fog bank translating
5:47 am
into a cooler pattern. it will not last, signs of a warm up in a week, but today and tomorrow 70s, santa rosa 77, livermore at 75, cooler than yesterday. speaking of san jose, the 75-59 averaging 84-59, well below on the high, and most record set in 1998, 48 in 19 48 in 1939 -- 1939. seeing wind gusts at 40 miles an hour at the altamont pass, so be careful. water temperatures have not changed much, and still near average temperatures in slightly below. low clouds with plenty to work with with water temperatures. this onshore breeze, and 50s on the temperature, and i don't think it will change. a lot of 50s in a few 40s, and 55 that danville, walnut creek
5:48 am
at 56 and a good breeze going through for some. west southwest at 17, and up to 30 in fairfield, and wind gusts in vacaville at 35. 59 in truckee with a robust south breeze bringing in mild temperatures, warmer than sacramento at 57, and the monsoon made it into arizona but clicking on the brakes and staying out of california and the sierra. this system is carving itself out off of the pacific northwest and bring in those low clouds and fog. i think this will take us into tuesday with 70s inland, and that should be warmer than that. clearlake and vacaville at 82. 60s on the coast, 70s inland, sonoma at 75, petaluma in there and low 80s for prince board -- pittsburg, brentwood and
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antioch. low clouds will be slow to burn off, 70s including morgan hill in gilroy, 50s and 60s on the coast, 60s in the city and mid- 70s on the peninsula. warming up on wednesday, and warm to hot by the weekend. the time is 5:49 am. 49 years ago and army pilot helicopter pilot thought he was doing his job and his act of courage and the vietnam war earning him the nation's highest military honor.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:52 am. now facing a possible desert -- a possible death sentence in turkey for overthrowing -- trying to overthrow the government. so far the turkish government has detained more than 6000 people believed to have been tied to the coup attack, and including three turkish top generals.>> at every level of government the period of cleaning the virus will continue because this hottie before metastasis like the cancer virus that spreads all around the
5:53 am
government. >> the turkish government is removing the abandoned military tanks from the city streets, and the military rebel soldiers it used the tanks in the uprising. a fire in downtown san jose apartment tower, starting at the start vintage tower on santa clara street across from city hall just before 4:30 am yesterday. they managed to get everyone outside the but the building is heavily damaged by the water that was used to put out the fire. the contractors say it will take several days for everything to dry out. the fire started in a ceiling light on the ninth floor lobby, and it has businesses on the street level and apartments on the upper floors. thousands taking part in the a to walk in the golden gate park over the weekend, kicking off at 10:30 am yesterday morning, 20,000 people participating. the president of the aids walk foundation says there's been a big shift in the aids epidemic,
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people are living longer and learning how to manage it. the money raised will help to fund various programs, including project inform at the sf general aids clinic.>> we were one of the first responders to the hiv and aids crisis in san francisco, and this year through the funding of the san francisco foundation, we were able to create and aids and aging program, the first in the country because we never had people living with hiv.>> this event raises an estimated $2 million. 5:54 am. the san francisco giants are probably happy to get out of san diego after being swept over the weekend, and the ace pitcher johnny cueto only lasting five innings and allowing for mac runs, including two padre's solo homers in the fourth inning, and getting a home run in the
5:55 am
seventh inning, and the padres at won, 5-3. the giants are off today and will start the interleague series tomorrow in boston. the oakland a's fell short yesterday of sweeping the toronto blue jays at the coliseum, and they lost two pictures, rich hill and andrew trigg with injuries early in the game, and minaya stepped up to pitch five innings and gave up a two run homer in the fourth. the a's tied the game in the former star josh donaldson knocks in the winning run in the ninth inning and the jays beat the a's, 5-3. president obama will award the highest military award the michigan man nearly 50 years after his acts of courage, lou turned -- lieutenant colonel charles candles was in vietnam
5:56 am
helicopter pilot during the vietnam war, and it 1957 he led several helicopter pilots on a mission to rescue 80 members that were ambushed. he was told that everyone have been brought out and received a call that eight soldiers were made any returned to pick them up even though his helicopter was so badly damaged it could barely fly, but they all made it out safely. and he is now 86 years old and receiving that award today.>> bravo. 5:56 am and more information coming up at 6:00, the memorials for the victims and the nice attack and the uc berkeley student that was killed in the attack. looking at a commute that is getting a little bit busier including here on the san mateo bridge as you head out to the peninsula. low clouds and fog in place with drizzle, and that color pattern for a couple of days.
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another deadly attack on police officers, this time in bad loose, louisiana, three officers shot and killed in ambush by a former marine. -- baton rouge, louisiana, three officers shot and killed in an ambush by a former marine. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning, thank you for joining us on this july 18 and i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. we need to be prepared for the weather today.>> it is cold out there with a big fog bank, and making it out to fairfield and rio vista, that tells you there is plenty to work with.
6:00 am
there is a lot of fog in place up and down the coast and moving over the bay, and a good breeze for some. if you are stuck in this, it is pretty cold. 61 the high-end san francisco, and right here on the low, and will blow on the high with most locations here for couple of days. it was 84 and 1964 the record high in these clouds making a big push, and winds 12 in oakland, and kicking up its heels. 50s on the temperatures, woodside is low 50s, menlo park, after 10, stanford all in there, and a cool day for many. when we have wind gusts over 30, especially at travis, that is a sure sign that it is ushering in that cool pattern, at least for couple of days. 50s and 60s by the water,


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