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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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another shooting. now a man is fighting for his life. it is not yet known if it is linked to the car shootings in the east bay. >> reporter: the driver a 27- year-old oakland man was shot in the eye in oakland. no arrests have been made. this is the 36th shooting in the east bay in november. >> it is happening too frequent lyrics you know. more people need to get involved, really. to stand by and see it happening, seeing it occur. that people need to get involved. that they will not stop. >> reporter: the fact that people don't respect life anymore. somehow in our country life has
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become cheaper. people don't understand the consequence of that violence. it's disturbing. >> they are working on a plan that detects gunfire, installing cameras. authorities say that it is very challenging to solve these crime crimes. many of the victims don't want to cooperate even when they were targeted. now the risk to the public is still minimal. but investigators say that every little tip will help. >> it is scary. they say that they are not random, but innocent people have been caught in the cross fire and that is what is hard for law enforcement?
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>> right. especially if it is the shooting of the other gang member. that they might not know that there is a shooting. all right, switching gears here quickly. >> that's right, we have learned that the name of the suspect, he is from east oakland. and after getting involved in the crash. he was not related to the crash, making some kind of statement, firing a shot as you see there and that the gun malfunctioned, but he raises it anyway and it does not happen.
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with premeditated murder. >> that's right. >> all right henry, thank you. >> you bet. the man accused of killing a morgan hill teenager will go on trial in september despite objections from his lawyer. it's been four years since sierra lamar disappeared while walking to school. her accused killer antolin garcia-torres has yet to be tried. however that the judge said no. lamar's family has said that it has been a long time of waiting. >> the district attorney's office has been good about, you know, advising us that it is going to be a long haul. and that it is frustrating for us. we want answers. we have wanted answers since 2012. >> reporter: they are still ark arguing for -- they are still
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arguing for dna evidence. and a change of motion for the end of the month. however at this point they are still on track for december 19. there are 99 days until election day. the two most disliked presidential candidates cannot seem to steer clear of controversy. joel waldman has more from washington. >> i know the vets. i have tremendous support for the vets. >> reporter: donald trump is not addressing the latest swarm of controversy after speaking at the dnc suggesting that khizr khan's wife was not allowed to speak because of religious reasons. john mccain siding with the khans. that he disagrees with mr.
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trump's statement. the remarks do not represent the views of our republican party as officers or including the running mate tim kaine. >> and about a gold star mom and dad forgod's sake. >> pressed about misleading statements she made to the american people while secretary of state. >> different agency wills come in and say that it shouldn't have been. but that's not what was happening in real time. >> this afternoon they came out in defense of the family telling donald trump that ridiculing a gold star mom is out of bounds. in washington joel waldman fox news. well there, are 99 days, excuse me, the government is
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denying accusations that they hacked into computers. the denial came as they said that there is credible evidence that the breach is linked to russia. julian assange refused to say who the source of the leak was at the campaign trail. hillary clinton said that intelligent forces were behind the hack. that the -- the spokesperson at the kremlin says that hillary clinton's accusations are uncredited. new tonight, fire crews are making slow progress on the soberanes fire destroying dozens of homes, prompting mandatory evacuations. cal fire now says that the fire has burned more than 40,000 acres. and an area larger than the entire city of san francisco. and that it is just 18% contained. 57 homes destroyed and more than 5,000 firefighters from across the state are on the front lines battling the fire.
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>> reporter: rosemary orozco is tracking the weather conditions. how is it for those fires? >> it depends on where you are, closer to the coast within the marine layer that it will be cool that they will be up. you will go away from the marine layer and warm and that it will be down. i heard that it will be tough on firefighters in the cooler air where they will be up and they will get into the other area that will be hot and dry with a look at those current conditions, 65 degrees, about 75%. closer to the coast, but you will get up and above about 2,000 feet, where the marine layer is, which still isn't bad as you have that breeze coming in from the water. keeping them actually up when it comes to the warmer weather. we could see relative humidity
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drop to critical levels. here is a look at their forecast for tomorrow. in the valley about 70 degrees expected along the ridge top up to 50 miles per hour and drop to about 57% in the afternoon. we will continue to see that drift our way in the inner east bay. and home to some of their biggest names, joe montana and hunter pence called the millennium tower home, but today we learned that building is sinking. and that the tower on mission in fremont has sunk16 inches since being built eight years ago according to consultants. that is not sitting well with those condoners. >> reporter: a marvel of glass and concrete that the my len yom tower offer luxury living. and lately some are referring
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to it as the leaning tower of san francisco. >> cracks and dips are visible on the sidewalks and the basement according to residence, this is not normal settling. in 2008 it has tilted two inches. >> i thought something was up. i'm pretty shocked as i need to reevaluate that all. >> that they will settle about six inches of the life span, but it is not 16. as they hired an independent consultant to survey the sinkage, translating to the costly real estate battle. >> and a brand new ferrari that they would have a little nick on the defender as that glass. >> they believe that it will impact their confidence in the short term. >> so you will be buying a beautiful piece of real estate in the most amazing city in the world. but now there will be a little
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blemish because things will become a taboo once there's a story of a building sinking that they might think this will topple over tomorrow. >> reporter: they hinted that the transit project was to blame that the tower is a location where major underground construction work was subsequently performed by the others who were obligated to monitor and protect their existing structures. >> reporter: but according to the consulting firm that was hired by the joint pow -- towers associate, that the construction crews ever broke ground on the center. >> to look at the the investment. this is a small pick up. >> reporter: he says that the association is evaluating their legal options. >> i'm not worried at all. >> reporter: meanwhile his
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condo is up for sale, an indicator on how they are dealing with the sinking snag. and he is scheduled to be released in more than a month. new at 5:30 the chance to impeach a judge for sexual assault. why supporters know that the effort will fall out. trading away on both sides of the bay. how they might have helped one of their rivals on the trade deadline.
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long.
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i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. it is that time of the year as they look to rebuild in the future or add a player or two to take a run at the world
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series. >> reporter: that's right, they are hoping to win the fourth world series as they are looking ahead to next year. ktvu joe fonzi is here now. the a's may have helped the biggest rival. >> yeah, this is time of the year when you decide if you're a buyer or a seller to put that deadline out there today. frenzy leading up to the deadline as we said it on saturday that the a's fire sale had yet to come. more of a brush fire. the fire sale came today as it turns out they may have played a major role in which team will win the national league west. dealing with the right fielder josh reddick. both players are due to be free agents at end of the season. and he was battling .296 with eight home runs on the all-star path. still bothered by their pitching hand with a 2.96
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earned run average making clayton kershaw as their prospect. as they become stars, they can look forward to being traded too. expressing gratitude to their organization. asking them to never change as they need to find a new man for their walk after off hits. and requiring the left hander from the milwaukee brewers. he is 1-3 in 27 games. all to get smith with the bigger one as they would have a reenforcement for the starting enforcement for them as well, headed to san francisco and the 27-year-old will be starting in
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21 games this year. the price to give is high. and more will go from a team in last place. to one that will be in first place. >> it is hard to, you know, imagine myself not being here after nine years. and with the club. you know, just being with the gm and that bruce is, you know, doing something really nice to start thinking about it to come. >> and two baseball teams heading in different directions. they are trying to beef up for a stretch run. they would have two months to go in the regular season. >> i'm an oakland a's fan, i like josh reddick just like i like a bunch of other players.
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>> yes, cespedes, the guys that you like. >> how do they expect people to continue to buy? >> that is a very good question. the ownership would bad mouth their stadium and then they take the player that they will give them the end of the year. so you could ask that question with great regularity, you know, how do you expect them to say when you continue to do this, that you're playing so well and you have those home runs with the prospects and you don't know about that. sorry once again that it will happen every season to see them at this time of the year. >> they have been doing it for the last few years. >> yes, absolutely. what about the giants? how are they looking like when they are trying to beef up? >> once again they would identify where they needed help, they needed help in starting pitching, the bullpen and the big cost for the starter they would get to let matt duffy go as they are expecting that they will be all right with the position player
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as he will be back now. and they are saying that we would address helpwhere we are needed, the bullpen and their starting rotation. >> all right, a month to go. thank you, joe. >> yeah. pleasant weather around the bay area this afternoon. at least for most and a little cooler at the coast, warm inland. we'll continue with this pattern as we get into your tuesday. how about a look at what's happening outside our doors at this hour. that we do have even a little bit of clearing right there along the coastline. mostly cloudy right near ocean beach, but then you will get into pacifica and partly sunny skies at the moment. the breeze will be with us this afternoon, not too strong, but it will be there as we have 14 miles per hour reported in and around santa rosa coming in from the south. the northwesterly breeze at that moment costing about 31 miles per hour there through the delta and oakland will be reporting 16. our apparent will not switch a whole lot for the next few days. a little bit further down the road that we will cool off more
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in concord, 80 for walnut creek and livermore and around the bay the upper 60s to the 70s. and 77 in redwood city to the coast half moon bay. and for san jose. and for the next few days as they will get into thursday and friday and the trough will be to the north of us. and that will bring us the better cool down as we get into thursday and friday and lasting into what looks like saturday at this point. 60s at the coast to the 70s inland and the 60s around the bay. this is what we're looking forward to over the next few days. only subtle changes expected. tomorrow morning a lot like tomorrow and at pacifica, oakland, 67 in livermore into the the afternoon for san francisco. 62 degrees expected for your lunch hour into the afternoon, 65 with mostly sunny skies. around the region, 80 degrees
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in santa rosa with the upper 80s. the hottest spot is looking like 91 for antioch. 82 degrees expected san jose. around the bay another comfortable one, 70 in oakland and redwood city. 77 expected for mountain view. looking at 64, partly sunny skies in pacifica. here is a look at your extended forecast. tuesday, wednesday not a lot of change is going on, but the drop off as we get into the second half of the business week. thursday into friday, and mid- 80s, down into the lower 80s by the weekend. right for their inland community, that will be the warmer locations. the lower 60s at the coast. but a good looking forecast at the fire compared to last week. much more comfortable. >> thanks, rosemary.
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>> sure. solar valley, how tesla will position themselves to power the electric vehicles for years to come. later new at 6:00, the convicted felon will be taking a bay area sheriff department to court over this beating caught on camera. the lawsuit just announced today. and because if our civil rights are enforced when the least of us get their rights violated, getting severely injured, then none of their civil rights are safe.
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fremont-based tesla
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announced today that they will have a deal to buy solar city as they both have musk as their chairman. price tag $2.6 billion. musk say that the deal is a result of a long-term -- says that it is a deal of a long- term deal, using solar panels on the roof to power the the home, even charge the car in the garage. the deal is expected to close in the 4th quarter. uber is merging its china operation with a chinese company. didi will buy uber's brand, data in the cown -- country. they highlight how difficult it is for u.s. businesses to perform in china. the centers for disease control is telling pregnant women not to travel to a neighborhood north of miami after more than a dozen cases of zika were discovered. it's the first time they have warned people to not travel in the u.s. due to the infectious disease. the warning affects a one square mile north of downtown miami where at least 14 people have been infected by local
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mosquitoes. the florida governor rick scott says that pregnant women should avoid that pacific area and that pregnant women that live there should take precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. >> and you can test it now with those individuals around the state that we have tested about 200 individuals how we found the additional cases. >> the virus, which can also spread through sexual contact can cause severe birth defects more than 1,600 people on the u.s. mainland have been infected with the zika virus. but most of those people contracted the virus while traveling abroad. more fallout from the sentencing of the former stanford swimmer accused of sexual assault. today demonstrators made the gesture to get that case removed while they deliver the empty boxes to the superior  courthouse. plus, who says they are too old to figure skate? how this woman is inspiring others with the dedication to the sport.
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♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ in a month and a day convicted sex offender brock turner is scheduled to be released from county jail. demonstrators marched outside superior court and then went inside symbolically delivering over a million signatures from
5:29 pm >> it says the honorable judge, but this is the most dishonorable thing as a woman and as any fellow human being can feel. >> he's in their cross hairs following what many call a light sentence in the brock turner case. this past spring the former stanford star athlete was convicted of a sexual assault of an unconscious woman outside a frat party last year. prosecutors asked for six years in prison, but he handed down six months. >> it is troubling down to my very soul that it happened. people should understand that other people and their bodies are sacred. >> reporter: the miami nurse flew cross country to champion today's symbolic act, adding that she has -- supported two family members. >> they would exhaust all measures available to them to have him removed. >> reporter: the legal analyst stephen clark. >> when we would try to remove a judge for an unpopular
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decision as opposed to what is an illegal decision that it will have the potential to have a chilling effect on the judiciary. >> the people that deliver the signatures realize that their effort will likely fail. the assembly will still need to vote for impeachment. three quarters of the senate need to convict or remove from office with the possibility of successful recall effort next spring. in the south bay bureau i'm jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. the man accused of killing four people in san francisco last year made his first court appearance today. 27-year-old farley lee was behind bars on an unrelated charge when he was arrested last week. today he made a brief appearance without entering a plea. police have long suspected lee in the hayes valley killing last year, but appears the authorities are looking for other suspects. lee's bail was set at $20 million, expected back in court on wednesday. an investigation is underway in san francisco after
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a smash-and-grab burglary at an antique store this morning on the city's financial district. the burglars got away with $45,000 worth of merchandise including sterling candle sticks that date back to the 1770s. along with the sterling silver, the shop's owner fears they melt might the items down and sell the silver. a bay area woman is inspiring others on the time she has put into her favorite activity, figure skating. she didn't pick up the sport until she was in her 60s. claudine wong shows us that she has not put down her skates since. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: all you have to do is watch connie kerr's feet and you'll feel her joy. >> it is just such a deep rich feeling. it is just a wonderful feeling and it feels so good when you have it right. >> reporter: she has been doing it for 17 years.
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>> it is busy out here. i need to catch my breath. >> reporter: an achievement that will be more remarkable when you realize that she did not lace up her skate for the first time until she was 60 years old. >> my 95-year-old father was living with us and i asked him if he had any regrets in life and he told me his regrets and that he said to me what was my regret. and i went, you know what, i don't know how to ice skate, or wear one of those pretty dresses that i want to wear one of those pretty dresses and he turned around and said what is stopping you? go out there. and go tomorrow. >> reporter: she went and she fell. hard. it scared her. but she gave herself a little lex -- a little lecture. >> when you're a kid, you would fall on the snow and i remember that feeling. i have been loving it ever since. there is no point when you say i want this on my bucket list, you know, check it off the list. but you just kept on trucking.
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>> i did. >> reporter: at 77 her list of things to do only seems to grow after learning to skate she tried free style and seven years ago she started ice dancing. three years ago she entered her first national competition. >> it's a great program that i'm going to compete in vancouver at an international competition, my first one. >> reporter: john douting is her coach. >> left, right, left. >> reporter: he is a three-time canadian national champion. in 1980 he competed in the olympics. >> i do it because of the action. connie is such an inspiration to me and all the other skaters around. that it just makes you want to do it. >> reporter: and that passion is inspiring. >> do you feel for the people that are watching you? >> i'm starting to experience it. >> the reaction has been profound that a few years ago they performed in an exhibition at the adults nationals. >> to have the crowd respond the way that they did. it is a standing ovation.
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and because of the enjoyment that she brings to skating and shows that to everybody else because you can tell when she is skating and performing that she is loving every minute of it. oh my gosh, if she can do it, i can do it. >> do you think at any point that she is 70 and maybe we won't be doing some of the things that she wants to do? >> she is going to outlast me. [ laughter ] i'll tell you the truth. she has got so much energy. yeah. >> and she just does that as you lift her and that there is no fear there. >> not as long as she has the confidence in me, i have confidence in her. >> have you always been so great to try new things in >> i've always been great. what i know in my heart is something that i totally love and feel 90% of the time. safe and secure. >> reporter: and it will take their dedication. pre-dawn hours on the ice, practices four days a week. but that their husband will tell you that they tackle ice skating like she does light. >> she is a joyful person that
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sees no limits. >> reporter: she owns her own business and even taking the banjo lessons. >> she practices that day and night. [ laughter ] >> reporter: which lead me to my next question. what are you going to do at 80? >> a new free dance. being a perfect figure skater. i'll try that for the rest of my life to get it all. >> you are on your way. >> reporter: claudine wong ktvu fox 2 news. >> wow, makes you feel bad. >> she looks so amazing. >> she is 77. out there on skates. >> not only just skating, but competing on the national stage. that is amazing. good for her. keep going con knee -- connie, that's amazing. >> absolutely. this is what it looks like when six inches of rainfall falls in a couple of hours. a human chain helping to pull a woman out of the fast moving floodwaters. also 16 people are dead after a hot air balloon hit high tension wires. why the pilot's driving history
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could play a key role in this investigation.
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federal investigators released new information today in the hot air balloon accident in texas that killed 16 people. the balloon hit high-tension power lines before crashing into a pasture about 60 miles outside of san antonio. investigators say the most recent inspection last september found no problems or evidence of any mechanical
5:39 pm
issues with that balloon. the pilot also checked that weather forecast the day before and set up the trial balloon before the trip to see which way the winds were blowing. >> and they put up the trial balloon literally a trial balloon that it will be a 15- inch balloon helium-filled balloon and with a release and so that they could literally watch. and they could see what the winds are doing. >> reporter: this are reports that the balloon pilot alfred skip nichols had at least four dui convictions and a recovering alcoholic. nichols' former girlfriend said he never pilot add balloon while intoxicated. a funeral for a san diego police officer who was fatally shot during a traffic stop was this afternoon. guzman was a 16-year veteran of the san diego police department and a member of the gang suppression unit. investigators say deguzman and his partner got into a brief gun battle with the suspect last week. the suspect was critically
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wounded. officer deguzman's partner was also injured, but expected to recover. the u.s. has carried out a new round of air strikes in libya targeting isis. the pentagon said today that president obama approved the air strikes last week targeting militants of the city of sirte along libya's northern coast. this is the first time the u.s. has targeted isis and libya since february. u.s. officials say that they have been planning this for months. >> we want to again strike at isol. libya is one of those locations. >> president obama will receive an update on the fight against isis at a national security council meeting on thursday. a young make-a-wish recipient near san diego died yesterday just one day after he was made an honorary marine. 8-year-old wyatt gillette had a rare disorder that caused seizure and kidney failure. he had only days to live. like the marine staff sergeant father, he want today become a
5:41 pm
marine. young wyatt was granted that wish on saturday and died yesterday the very next morning. his father believes that his son would have made a good marine if he had only been healthy. a long time there, that is absolutely heartbreaking. >> that is so sad, yeah. >> i guess it is beautiful that he got a chance to live that dream for one day. >> i'll tell you that make a wish is such a wonderful organization. boy heartbreaking. coming up a long-time view on the marin trail boiled over in a dangerous way. rusty nails or spikes into the ground. who some say is behind it. a volcano in hawaii apparently smiling back at the people taking the video. that is pretty amazing. a comfortable day around the bay area. this is a pattern that will stick around for the next couple of days before we will see even cooler weather enter the bay area. when you could expect for tuesday and their extended forecast coming up next.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪
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i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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a group of people in maryland risked their lives to rescue a woman stuck in flash flooding over the weekend. six inches of rain fell in two hours turning roads into rivers in ellicott city outside baltimore saturday night. several people created a human chain to rescue the woman. at one point she gets out of the car. one of the people in the chain broke away, walked into the water, picked her up, bringing her to safety. >> it is a disaster area down there. it's a war zone. as we want to make sure that they will be paramount. >> two people died in the flash flooding as they tore up the sidewalks. officials estimate that it will lead them to the millions of
5:46 pm
dollars. >> he is lucky to be alive after they crashed into his home. and the massive branch crashed right through their roof into a back bedroom. the homeowner was in that room when it happened as he said that he was just about five to ten feet away from the branch and ran for his life when he realized what was happening. >> it was up about 20,000 pounds, and i forget the length of it, but it is buried in the backyard right now. it's kind of shocking that sounded like the airplane hitting the backyard hitting the ground. >> reporter: they would work to remove the tree this afternoon and at last check the family was still waiting to hear if they could safely return to their home. a videographer in hawaii captured some unbelievable video over a volcano. you've got to take a look at this as it will make you smile.
5:47 pm
paradise helicopter tour was over the volcano last week as they grew closer they saw what appeared to be a smiling face in the crater. some say that the image also kind of looks like a halloween jack-o-lantern, but look at that. >> it does, that is crazy like a perfect smiley face. >> yes. >> it does look like a giant pumpkin. i have never seen anything like that. >> a giant pumpkin. >> what do you think of that rosemary? >> it makes you want to smile back at that. >> that will go viral like we were talking about. jack-o-lantern is exactly what i thought about. that's beautiful. >> let's get a check of our weather. much more comfortable this week than last week with all the temperatures in the hundreds. >> yes, we will remain in -- in this pattern for a couple of days and a cool down for the second part of the business week. i will explain that in just a moment. but let's talk about what we have right now with the on shore breeze as they have grown about 2,000 feet deep. those two combined, they equal very pleasant weather for the
5:48 pm
bay area. a little cool at the coast, a little warm inland around the bay just gorgeous. right between high pressure to the south of us, low pressure to the north. eventually the trough is going to sink in just a little bit more, push the high pressure out of the way and that will lead to the additional cooling later on in the week. but right now their breezes there, you'll notice that the  clouds will pull back just a little bit along the coastline giving us partly cloudy, mostly clear skies that, it will come back. we'll see that tonight and into tomorrow morning and widespread once again and around their bay even inland as you can see the upper level and their mid-level winds that will be on shore when we think about their fire to the south of us that it will be easy to understand how the smoke sort of drifts right over the south bay into the inner east bay that it will not change, but we will be hazy and smoky for the next couple of days that we know it will be weeks before they get that fire contained with a look at their still shot and partly cloudy, pacifica and half moon bay. the winds right now are gusting up to 31 miles per hour through
5:49 pm
the delta. again the good sign there that they will continue to be pumped inland. oakland reporting on the northwesterly breeze at 16. napa reporting 18. temperatures right now, the warmer spots, 84 degrees in livermore. 83 in fairfield and 80 degrees walnut creek. that's a good day. here we are mid-summer. 69 in oakland and sfo cool at half moon bay with 61 degrees. very comfortable in santa rosa at 75 in the south bay of san jose. so the deeper marine layer and that breeze will be staying with us for your tuesday as well as wednesday. and then it will be a little bit stronger as we get into thursday and friday and those temperatures tomorrow morning the lower 50s at the coast. the upper 50s to near 60 degrees to start your morning. and afternoon highs for tomorrow, a lot like today. that i have barely bunched these numbers. 64 for pacifica and the mid-60s for san francisco and a lot of 70s around the bay. not bad at all. 89 for con card and antioch and the north bay looking at 89 degrees for santa rosa tomorrow
5:50 pm
afternoon. their extended forecast. just a little change in their forecast through midweek wednesday. and then if it is too warm for you wait a few days to cool down even more on thursday, friday. we will then be below their seasonal average for this time of the year to last far warm up for sunday. but as we were saying in the last half hour compared to the hundred degrees that we were tracking last week. >> it is hard to complain living here. even though that we would have that hot weather last week that you look at that video in maryland with their flooding and what has gone through lately. >> the heat on the east, a whole different ball game with the relative humidity. this will be good for firefighters too with all the fire that they have been seeing every week. thanks for the cooler weather to come in. >> absolutely. >> thanks. we'll see you in a bit. it has been described as a four-feet long rod with rusty screws sticking out of it that it was spiked into the ground on one of those many beautiful trails in marin county. what could have lead to this dangerous situation. in minutes coming up new at
5:51 pm
6:00 a convicted felon taking a bay area sheriff department to court over this beating caught on camera. the lawsuit just announced today. this couldn't have happened without a really corrupt culture.
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after nearly 30 years that the men's track and field program is returning to san jose state university. sports sociologist harry edward and two of the most prominent athletes in olympic history, they were at san jose state this morning when the announcement was made. they made history at the 1968 olympics for taking a stand for human rights. >> that is still indoors, i'm glad to see san jose state owning it, celebrating it, and saying that we were the light that shows the way for the rest of the world. >> and smith and edwards are
5:55 pm
among the track and field athletes who would train at san jose state during their so- called city era. the summer olympics in rio are scheduled to begin on friday. and already that there will be a health warning for swimmers. don't put your head under water. health officials say that the water in rio will be contaminated with the dangerous viruses and the bacteria including raw sewage. one of the dirtiest areas is the sailing races. 1,400 athletes are at risk from become extremely ill as a result of taking part in water competition. problems keep piling up for residence in flint, michigan. first lead-contaminated water, which they are still dealing with, but now it's trash. starting today there -- there will be no trash pick up until the city settles the dispute over the contractor. they are at odds over which to grant the contract after the most recent agreement expired friday because they have not reached that solution frustrated residence must
5:56 pm
decide where to stash their trash in the meantime. in marin county a homemade spike strip found on a popular trail is causing concerns for mountain bikers. ktvu brian flores has more. >> reporter: well there are so many beautiful trails here in marin county. that's a part of the county according to many people we spoke with today. the trails are becoming crowded. in terms of the spike strips and the person that found it, he said it is a harsh message that could have hurt somebody. i want to show you what it looked like. this was posted on facebook. he was one of two bikers riding off the trail in the open space preserve last tuesday. the sheriff's department said that the spike strip was found on private land adjacent to the open space. now it's been described as four feet long with more than 30 rusty screws sticking out of it. the riders who found it say it was fastened to the ground with seven-inch spikes. the rider reportedly took it home as other mountain bikers wouldn't get hurt. it's unclear who left it there
5:57 pm
or how long it has been there. but some say it is all about sharing the trails between the mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders. sharing the trail has been the point of contention to certain degree for several years. >> it's really a shame because we're so fortunate to live here in this place where there are so many open spaces to enjoy. i'm a mountain bike rider, a road rider, a horseback rider, and a hiker. we just need to be polite to one another. >> we have seen over the years things pounded up. there's a lot of different booby traps that people will put out there. >> reporter: they have come out announcing the spike strip that was found. there's been other reported obstructions on the trail including unauthorized signs, logs, and as you heard even reports of other things on the trail as well. we heard from the sheriff's department that say they are aware of the spike strip. it is being investigated by the
5:58 pm
park ranger. in fairfax i'm brian flores ktvu fox 2 news. a convicted felon taking a sheriff department to court over this beating caught on camera. tonight his attorney tells us his rap sheet should not make him a target for violence by law enforcement. >> our civil rights aren't enforced when the least of us will get their rights violated, get severely injured by law enforcement, then none of our civil rights are safe. >> it is just the latest chapter in the video taped beating of the suspect petrov. >> petrov's attorney filed a civil rights lawsuit today against the alameda county sheriff's department. new at 6:00 tonight, ktvu henry lee live in our newsroom. henry, you spoke to that attorney today? >> reporter: petrov is a convicted felon. law enforcement officials have called him a career criminal. he's a defendant in a drug and
5:59 pm
gun case as we speak, but now he's a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the alameda county sheriff's office. now petrov is suing because he says he was the victim of excessive force. two deputies were caught on video beating him at the end of the car chase in san francisco. a third deputy was fired friday after video caught him holding what appeared to be a gold chain that belonged to petrov. a homeless couple told ktvu that they were given the gold chain as hush money because they witnessed the petrov beating in the mission district alley way. he is currently in custody on unrelated drug and gun charges with a number of prior convictions. but the attorney says that his client's criminal history doesn't excuse what happened to him. >> this couldn't have happened without a really corrupt culture in that department. and this case is going to allow us to really dig into that, find out what was going on, and try to fix it. >> now the alameda county sheriff's office did not comment on the lawsuit
6:00 pm
directly, but they did say that they are committed to a thorough fair and cooperative investigation with all involved parties. live in the newsroom henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> so henry what happens next? >> reporter: the two deputies caught on tape allegedly beating petrov plead not guilty. and petrov's lawsuit will now go through the civil process. it's going to take a while. the alameda county has to respond to the suit, and it will discontinue as the month progresses. >> all right henry, thank you. an oakland man was charged today for attempted murder for allegedly shooting at an oakland sergeant on july 23. sergeant crash was involved in the issue. she fired from a .9 millimeter handgun as the sergeant was trapped in her car. sergeant clark was not hit. but moss fled the scene, later arrested in stockton. it's


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