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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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reopened. jesse? >> reporter: yes that, is exactly right as they have moved that damage bus from the immediate accident scene. northbound on the 99 freeway just from now. they will try to take them down being wedged into all of the day as they will take the evidence also in that case and to find out what happened here. they will start right now. but until that is done it will be a slow go on the 99. your screen on the left has been opened. the passing lane or fast lane as the traffic you can see will be just increasing along, still a much better sight than what first responders saw early morning today. >> the inside looks like a disaster in there, it is chaotic. it was a traumatic incident for the passengers on board. most of the seats on the right side were taken out because of
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the boat. >> reporter: around 3:30 this morning, a charter bus registered to autobuses cordanadas u.s.a. was making its way from mexico to washington state. it stopped overnight in los angeles and was traveling north on the 99 freeway to the next scheduled stop in livingston. for an unknown reason the bus carrying approximately 30 people slammed full speed into the exit sign pole on the right- hand side of the freeway. five passengers killed, 16 seriously injured including the driver 67-year-old mario vazquez of los angeles. jennifer rivera traveling with relatives said she was trapped inside the wreckage. >> i woke up on the floor. it opened up the bus and that is how i got out and i was stopped. >> rivera and other passengers relatively unharmed in the crash were taken to the chp office.
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those with the serious injuries were rushed by ground and air to four hospitals in the central valley. chp officials say that this is the worse freeway shooting accident in this area in a decade. so the unfortunate circumstance provides first responders for multiple agencies and jurisdictions with the opportunities to implement the scenario that they have been trained for. >> there is a substantial amount of resources that responded to the scene, to assist us, which was great for us. to be able to help the survivors. >> reporter: there is still no clear reason as to why this crash happened. the ntsb is going to search for answers, and officials say that you can also help with that and if you happen to be out here on the 99 freeway early this morning, perhaps traveling in the opposite direction, which means that the southbound direction if you saw anything that you're urged to call them again. that number is 209-356-2958. if you saw anything, give them
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a call. for now jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news live. >> jesse, have you been able to hear anything more about the driver or the other people who were killed about where they were from? >> reporter: we know that they were from mexico and i did some calling this afternoon to find out more about why they were going to washington. i found out that it is a very farming community. some of these people may have been going there for work, some going to see relatives, we're not exactly sure. but that is up in washington state and where they were headed, making a stop in livingston, which is literally a mile down the road then moving on to sacramento then on up into washington state. the accident happened here. that is what we know during the early hours and the people on the bus from mexico possibly headed to see the family up in washington state or possibly looking for work. >> all right, jesse, thank you. now the 16 people who were seriously injured were rushed to hospitals in three cities.
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seven people were taken to the doctors medical center in modesto. four were taken to emanuel medical center in turlock. five taken to mercy hospital. the safety record of the bus company itself is now coming under scrutiny. >> that's right ktvu heather holmes has a look at what appears to be several violations, heather? >> reporter: julie and ted, our 2 investigates team uncovered safety information about the company that owns the bus involved in this morning's crash. in the last two years the company has been cited for 44 vehicle maintenance violations. that is according to the federal motor carrier safety administration's website that we checked. the bus involved in today's deadly crash was last inspected in april. that's when it was cited for three violations including one for not having a working brake warning device. and back in 2015 the same bus also cited this time for four violations including one for the driver being behind the wheel with a suspended license.
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dmv records show that this bus is register today a company called autobuses cordanados u.s.a. incorporated. its registration is up to date. the company has an office in east los angeles. so far though there has been no comment from that bus company. if we uncover anymore details we'll be sure to bring it to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. for more video from the crash site and to see the full press conference from this morning go to and stay with us throughout the evening for updates. officials now know what caused the soberanes fire. an abandoned campfire is to blame. so far the fire has claimed one life burning more than 43,000 acres. it has also destroyed 57 homes and 11 outbuildings. officials say that it is still 18% contained tonight. and rosemary orozco is live
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in the weather center for us. >> a lot like yesterday, a near repeat, even cooler as we get into the second part of the business week. but out there right now depending on where you are checking the temperatures and the relative humidity closer to the coast within that marine layer influence in the mid-60s. relative humidity will be well up as you would get higher up though in the upper 80s, with relative humidity down to about 25%. that some of the highest ridges, that relative humidity is down to about 15% as we will get into wednesday, it'll be very similar to the marine layer that is not quite as thick as yesterday, but it will be back up looking at the valleys in the 70s for the afternoon tomorrow and the upper 80s once again for their ridges with the southerly breeze as we have had a northwesterly breeze today that will help keep the smoke away from the bay area as we get into the coming days that'll also be the case in addition to the marine layer that will be deepening further. ville a look at what to expect for tomorrow and here at home and their extended forecast coming up. a former san mateo police officer accused of sexually
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assaulting women while on duty were back in court today and they pleaded not guilty to the charges. ktvu crime reporter henry lee was in court today joining us live with an update. henry? >> reporter: well julie, the da says that noah winchester used his position of power to sexually assault five victims including a 17-year-old girl. but today he denied those allegations. authorities say noah winchester while on duty approached women on the streets who were vulnerable. sources say he threatened to arrest some of them unless they performed sex acts. the officer allegedly forced some of them to go to isolated locations where he would sexually assault them. on tuesday one chester pleaded not guilty to 22 felony charges including kidnapping, rape, and making criminal threats. cameras were not allowed in court. winchester's hands were shackled. winchester's attorney michael reign said that investigators had initially questioned whether some of the victims were telling the truth. >> and my allegations that are in some cases three years old. that they have never surfaced
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or actually, let me correct myself, surfaced originally in sacramento county and were disbelieved by the investigators there. >> reporter: investigators found three victims from san mateo county and two victims from sacramento county dating back to 2013 during winchester's time as an officer for the community college district. one woman reported it at the time, but the case went nowhere. winchester then transferred to the san mateo police department last year. he was an officer there for 10 months when the first allegation was made last fall. the officer resigned earlier this year. san mateo police chief said that she would have never hired winchester had she known about any sexual misconduct allegations in los rios. but he said that the district will conduct an independent investigation. he said the allegations are proven to be true that the investigation will outline what steps, if any that los rios could take to help avoid a
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similar tragedy in the future. now the former officer is being held in santa clara county jail for their own protection, but i have learned that he has received threats from other inmates. the attorney wants to reduce bail from $3.1 million. live in redwood city henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, henry thank you. the man accused of fatally shooting a san diego police officer was charged today with murder. 52-year-old jesse gomez was wounded in the shootout with two officers. he is being charged with the murder of officer jonathan deguzman and attempted murder of deguzman's partner wade irwin. he was a 16-year veteran of the san diego police department who leaves behind a wife and two children. and now president obama is not biting his tongue when it comes to donald trump at a joint press conference.
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to take a stance against the controversial rhetoric. >> there has to be a point where you need to say that somebody that makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. because a lot of the people depend on the white house getting stuff right. >> the president added that he thinks that trump is, "willfully unprepared to perform the duties of the executive office." it didn't take long as you might expect for trump to respond to the president's comment. the gop nominee took to twitter saying, "president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states." still ahead tonight a local college community is in mourning tonight after learning that a professor has been killed. the latest on the search for
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his killer. and a tourist trash talks san francisco's cleanliness, but it is the response he got from a city leader that has people talking. we can't comprehend the memories that went up in smoke. >> nearly a year after fire ripped through lake county burning more than 1,000 homes. many residents say they are having trouble with insurance companies. why one homeowner said that they may need to take the insurer to court.
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11 months after the fire storm destroyed 1,300 homes, many affected homeowners would find themselves still wondering how much money they will be getting from the insurance company or even if they will
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have enough to rebuild. it is a lesson for everyone that owns a home or is worried about insurance. tom vacar was in middletown today where a lot of people are still confused over the insurance process. >> we have been seeing the home burned to the ground in last september's fire storm. the pain then came mostly from personal losses. >> you cannot comprehend the memories that went up in smoke. >> now the pain comes from state farm as they will be paying them about 70% for what they were insured for. >> we have enough coverage to more than cover what the estimate is to rebuild. and on the personal product it is a whole different category. that we have more than enough insurance, we are fighting for every penny that we will get. >> about two to three months afterwards when they will come up with their first estimate on
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rebuilding that house, which will be half of what they need to do with it. >> reporter: they heard that public insurance claims adjustor, the former insurance industry adjustor who now fights for everything that the the policyholder is insured for. >> i would say probably three quarters of the people that are entitled to benefits that they are not aware of that it could be a small amount or a large amount. >> they also set up their non- profit organization and their policyholder recovery to teach those who have small, but no less important claims of what they could fight for themselves to receive what they have paid for. >> and the insurance company, they might write that estimate to say that this is what we owe you. and that is not necessarily what you can get your home rebuilt for. >> they could do serious research on what it would cost to rebuild their homes including meeting all new building codes and their requirements. another thing, to leave nothing to conversations. and nothing. >> i have folks that will come in all the time.
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once they start putting everything in writing that their response that they will get from their insurance company will be very different and that they realize that they are paying attention to them. >> they will get more money than what they need unless you face the prospect of taking the insurer to court. >> and not only are the dawsons waiting for more than half the money that they paid premium on for rebuilding their structure and contents, but believe it or not that they -- they are also suppose to be paying rent for where they are living now. but that has not happened. state farm is committed to processing claims promptly and courteously. that they might take longer to process due to the complexities that are involved. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. and the ninth annual outside lands music festival will be set for this weekend in san francisco and preparations are already underway. the three-day music festival begins on friday in golden gate park. expected to track almost
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100,000 concert goers each day. some of this year's headliners include radio head, lionel richie and elton john. all three days of the festival are sold out. tonight neighbors and the community is set to gather for a national night out. the idea to take back the streets from criminals to help support police community partnerships. many communities hold barbecues or ice cream socials. oakland is set to host hundreds of national night out parties across the city. it'll be a nice night to do it. rosemary orozco? >> yeah. it is really comfortable around the bay. we may need a jacket into your evening hours. but right now they will be feeling pretty good. oakland at 66 degrees, nice and mild as well. along the the coast it has been cloudy and cool all day, but that has not changed. we're in the 50s for those areas around half moon bay. check in on those current conditions starting at half moon bay. 57 degrees, low 60s right now in san francisco and around their bay that we'll have 70s
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in areas right around hayward. you'll get into the south bay, 78 for san jose. inner east bay in the lower 90s. 91 livermore, 89 fairfield. 90 degrees concord. slightly warmer for the east bay today, but around the bay areas right around sfo actually a tad cooler. take a look by three degrees. just a tad cooler in oakland as well. but back to our inland communities for where we are showing you a little jump there. 70 degrees in livermore right now than 24 hours ago. as we get into tuesday, the same thing will be going on within a few degrees, which is where we are expecting to go along. they will continue 20 miles per hour right now and the marine layer just below about 1,500 feet. 1,000 feet deep. and that it is not as deep as yesterday, but the pattern will remain in place. we still have the trough to the north of us and to the south as we are locked in right in between as they will sink our way as we get into the coming days to lead to the additional cooling on thursday, friday, saturday, low 80s in the forecast for the inland communities. we are talking about august, giving you a look at their
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cloud cover at the coast and their on shore breezes that will continue for tomorrow. with a look at your wednesday mornings. we'll start out with the clouds along the coast and patchy drizzle. into the east bay as well as the north bay to pull back once again. mostly -- mostly cloudy at the coast. 80s to the lower 90s for our warmer locations. the temperatures for your morning hours, a lot like this morning, the low 50s for pacifica. 54 in hayward, upper 50s to concord, livermore, 61 degrees to start your morning in antioch. how about the afternoon highs? we'll go 64 for pacifica tomorrow and the mid-60s in san francisco. low 70s for the east bay shoreline. 71 for oakland and hayward. warmer in fremont. 79 there, low 80s for san jose. upper 80s morgan hill. inland communities, warm once again, but not too bad. 92 livermore, 93 antioch. north bay looking at 84 for santa rosa. here is your extended forecast. wednesday into thursday a noticeable drop in temperatures there. low 80s in the forecast for
5:20 pm
inland cities. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday will rebound some and 60s expected around the bay. for outside lands it's going to be cool. make sure you have plans for that. low 60s with cloudy skies expected at golden gate park for sure. >> you'll need a sweater or jacket for that for sure. >> yes, but not weather. it's mild. thank you. >> sure. coming up, a heated exchange between a san francisco city leader and a tourist. still ahead tonight, why comments about their cleanliness lead to some serious trash talk. later coming up new at 6:00. hundreds of millions of yahoo accounts were compromised. the possible hack that is now being investigated. what information could be at risk. plus, issuing a recall for the item that could injure customers especially children. details new at 6:00.
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some people who live in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood say that they have gone through great lengths to stop a package thief. one resident shows the thief in action caught on surveillance video. you can see the man in the green hoodie and backpack run up to grab the the package. he then smokes a cigarette before stuffing the package into the the backpack. but little does he know that they filled that package with dog waste. they reported the theft, giving police the video. so far no arrests have been made. so trash talk at san francisco's city hall put the office of the president of the board of supervisors at odds with a tourist. david cochran of dallas, texas
5:24 pm
e-mailed london's office last month saying that he thought that san francisco had too much litter. as ktvu tara moriarty reports that it did not go over well with whoever it was that intercepted that message. >> reporter: litter on the streets of san francisco. texas tourist david cochran was so offended by it that he sent an e-mail to the supervisor's office to complain. i was embarrassed to be an american because of the way that san francisco is presented to the world he wrote on july 25. five days later a response. if you are embarrassed to be an american, then you are barking up the wrong tree here buddy. why don't you write a letter to the editor or whatever town you're from. cochran sent the e-mail to the chronical where he continues to call fisherman wharf's a dump. he declined to comment on our story, but said an intern was to blame and subsequently let go. he since has apologized to cochran. we asked tourists how they rate san francisco's cleanliness.
5:25 pm
>> absolutely cleaner than los angeles. >> and we know that it will bescruffier than china town as it will be cleaner and nicer. >> it is the cleanest for san francisco and l.a. or let's take it. >> do you think that it is a problem to plague the cities? >> yes, i do. >> and that we've had 80,000 service requests for the street cleaners. >> reporter: they say that they pick up 32 million pounds of trash off the streets each year. and that the city -- spends $44 million a year on picking up litter. >> we have allocated a significant amount of new dollars towards their street cleaning in the commercial corridor and in particular and so that i really think that it will turn around here in the city of san francisco. >> if you see the garbage that you can stop or pick it up or call 311 and that they will respond within 48 hours. >> obviously it is bread and butter for the city. as we don't like to hear it and i don't like to hear when my
5:26 pm
relatives come from out of town, but look the conditions of your street will be deplorable and dirty. we don't want to come back. >> reporter: blame it on the dirty bugs, if you want the spotless city. >> well copen hegan -- copenhagan is pretty clean. coming up, chasing down the person who robbed him. he was a professor at a local college. still ahead how friends and colleagues are trying to cope with the loss.
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today colleagues and friends are remembering david moldwin. an economics professor who was shot and killed in san jose last week. ann rubin has more from foothill college where the grieving has just begun. >> reporter: at foothill college it is finals week. a beloved economics professor had been killed. >> to learn that a valued colleague is gone and under such circumstances of violence, that it is just overwhelming. >> reporter: it happened near willow and sherman in san jose on july 28. sources say that he was gunned down, trying to chase a man who robbed him. colleagues say it was in his nature to try to write a wrong. >> he would call somebody out on that behavior. he's not a bystander to just walk away, unfortunately it cost him his life. but that's the kind of person he was in his heart of trying to make things right for people. >> reporter: he leaves behind a
5:30 pm
wife and two small children, not to mention dozen of current and former economic students who loved him dearly. >> david was awesome. >> reporter: they knew him as both a student and later as a colleague, calling him a great mentor and a dear friend. he was someone that published his own tests, also his own socially contact rap album. >> it's heartbreaking really. a nice guy. he is young, and just gone. >> reporter: foothill college brought in grief counselors today. they will likely push back the finals for his students saying that everyone here needs some time to grieve. >> he is just a really nice guy. the students, they were so connected to him. he is one we're going to miss. >> reporter: administrators say that they are considering a memorial scholarship in his name and that the homicide is still under investigation. in los altos, ann rubin ktvu news. >> federal prosecutors are in
5:31 pm
the pipeline safety trial against pg&e, giving up on their attempt to get an enhanced fine on the event of the guilty verdict. the jury is still deliberating on 11 counts of pipeline safety violations. in the wake of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. prosecutors had wanted pg&e to pay an enhanced fine of $562 million if there is a guilty verdict. but in the midst of the disputes over how to calculate that fine that prosecutors say they are abandoning their efforts, seeking the normal fine amount of $500,000 per count or $5.5 million if there is a guilty verdict. the san bruno blast killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. we turn to a 2 investigates update. alameda county supervisors are about to vote on a new medical provider for their jail system. the board has been under pressure to replace cortisone health after the death of the inmate in santa rita a decade
5:32 pm
ago. they solicited bids from competitors. today the board rejected recommendations to scrap the bid and start over. they scheduled a vote for this friday to award the contract to a different company, california forensic medical group. if the contract is approved the company will take over september 1. it is what experts have feared active zika transmission inside the u.s. coming up the one neighborhood near miami that health experts are saying to avoid. plus, it is the 49ers first day in full pads. still ahead the players and the position that is being asked to step things up.
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oh i love that music. three coaches in three years for the 49ers. all while learning a new system. today the team put on full pads for the first time. >> something about that music gets you fired up. joe fonzi is here now. he was at training camp today, showing us some of the player who is will face the biggest challenge. >> yeah, it is not an ideal scenario. three coaches in three years. what that means there's a lot of people with clean slates who have a chance to make an impression. the pairings are memorable. clark and solomon. rice and taylor, even crabtree and bolden. fair to say the starting 49ers wide receivers this year will not roll off the tongue like that.
5:36 pm
even the most dedicated 49er fans will have to do some studying to get familiar with this year's depth chart. the chart for the wide receivers is exhibit a. bolden's decision to play in detroit leaves simpson the most experienced receiver in camp. that changes a player's responsibilities. >> i understand, you know, being in this position. even if i didn't know it, they treat me like i'm the old guy. i understand my role and nothing different, you know, i go out to be myself. >> i come here on a saturday and he has three to four receivers on the spring catching tennis balls. he is just kind of the constant professional in terms of his work ethic and approach. and the younger guys in the room kind of gravitate to him in terms of how he studies, watches the films, how he takes notes, compare to practice and after practice. you know, what his mind set is like in terms of being a professional. >> reporter: 2016 will put
5:37 pm
smith in a new role. it'll also signify the time for some of the younger 49ers receivers to establish their nfl credentials. bruce elington is now in his third season. quinton patton in the the 4th. both need to be healthy and solid contributors to the offense. >> i have been around players like boldin, michael crabtree and smith. they show me a lot about growing up on the football field and off the field. and just taking care of the people that take care of you, you know, share the knowledge that will be shared to me. that's the biggest thing about it. >> and to write that stuff up now. >> i guess you know that you're getting old when they call you sir that you are just short of 25 rookies in camp for the 49ers this summer. which one of those will make significant contributions for the biggest story that will win starting quarterback's job. >> and what is the biggest story? who do you think? >> here are a couple of school thoughts. number one, we are dealing with the clean slate.
5:38 pm
colin kaepernick started as the starter. and so with chip kelly it will be a clean slate. here is what you know about their offense with a lot of talk about how high powered it is to have an athletic quarterback. but they also value about being accurate, making good decisions as much as they do with good athleticism. >> and on that standpoint that they will probably have the edge on those two extreme athleticisms that kaepernick will show. and also that we will be in day three of training camp. nobody has played a pre-season game yet. >> if you want to start looking for indicators, that you need to know who will be running the most exhibition games, all those things, but that it will be premature to make any kind of judgment. >> and is he fully healthy now? >> yes, he is saying that it is a 100% open competition. with the new coach, 100% i believe that. >> l keep us posted. >> i will. >> thanks, joe. >> sure.
5:39 pm
coming up, active transmission on zika in florida today. 10 new cases are reported. coming up next, details about the one neighborhood where the virus is being spread. plus an investigation that finds years of safety at a bay area refinery. coming up a look at the list of the safety problems and the incidents that have left four employees with serious chemical burns. our pleasant summer pattern will continue as we get into your bay area wednesday. yes, tended forbe, cooler weather that will move through the bay area. i'll have what to expect for tomorrow and a look at your weekend coming up.
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back to our developing story in livingston where crews are still on scene of the deadly bus crash from this morning around 3:30 this morning. a charter bus smashed into a sign on highway 99 in central california. the crash killed five and seriously injured 16 others on board. these are live pictures of the crew taking away the pole that the bus crashed into. the injured were brought to three different hospitals. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up at 6:00. there are 10 new cases of the zika virus in miami as the governor seeks help from the cdc. the total number of cases has now risen to 14, all in one very small neighborhood. we have more on the area in miami where the the virus is taking hold. >> reporter: it is what experts have been fearing. local transmission of zika here in the continental united states. more than a dozen people in
5:43 pm
miami contracting the dangerous virus from mosquitoes. >> probably close to 50 million tourists already this year, we've had 23.3 million people. we are very active in making sure that we do everything that we can to control the spread of zika in our state. >> reporter: all these cases are believed to have stemmed from miami's hip and happening wynwood arts district, a popular tourist area filled with restaurants and shops, getting rid of the type of mosquitoes, which spreads zika proving to be a difficult task in the roughly one-square mile transmission zone. >> what we see are continued mosquito activities, where adult mosquitoes and cases found in the the community surveys at the florida health department did. >> zika is linked with the severe birth defect in some babies, including a condition, which causes the baby to have a smaller skull and brain than usual. and the centers for the disease control and prevention will be taking unprecedented action by warning pregnant women to avoid the wynwood area. they are urging them to get tested if they will travel
5:44 pm
there since mid-june. >> you can protect yourself by using mosquito repellant, wearing long sleeves, staying indoors. and screened or air-conditioned spaces where possible. >> reporter: the mosquito that spread the virus is present in 30 states. the cdc is now urging all pregnant women who live in the south to take precautions. in miami phil kitus fox news. >> earlier today we spoke to the director of the department of public transportation that the warnings out of florida impact very small sector of the population. >> really the concern for bay area residents and residents of san francisco is if they have plans to travel to that specific neighborhood of miami. otherwise that this warning doesn't impact our community. >> dr. cora hoover goes on to explain the reason why it is so
5:45 pm
localized is due to the mosquito's behavior that these types of mosquitoes that spread zika only fly around in the small area where they hatch. a changing of the guard for the new york city police department. police commissioner william bratton is leaving his post. new york mayor bill de blasio says that bratton will retire at the end of the month. police chief james o' neill will replace bratton as police commissioner on september 1. bratton served as police commissioner in 2014. san francisco's chief stepped down in may and oakland lost its chief in june. california's conserved less water in june after the state mandate was eased. california residents used 25.5% less water in june than during the same period in 2013. but that is a drop of 6% from last year. water officials say that with near normal rain and snowfall over the winter it was expected that residents would ease up on
5:46 pm
their conservation. all right, another beautiful day around the bay area. let's go over to rosemary in the weather center for an update on the forecast. >> yes, another seasonable one today and another one tomorrow. then we actually fall a bit below average. we will be running cool for august. i'll show you that in the extended fork. let's check in on the current conditions right now. 77 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco 62, upper 60s in oakland. still holding on to the low 90s. 78 san jose. cool at the coast, cloudy at the coast, patchy drizzle expected as we get into the evening hours. here is a view into the east bay where we would have mostly clear skies, a little bit of the on shore breeze there if you're going to be out for national night out. just going to be mild and along our inland communities, but you'll get around the bay as you may need a jacket. if you're at the coast, you already need a jacket. half moon bay mostly cloudy in the 50s right now. we do have those clouds that will be returning as we get into the evening hours, slowly working back across the bay for tomorrow morning. the breeze at sfo, 23 miles per
5:47 pm
hour. 13 in northwesterly breeze reporting the on shore breeze at about 14. so the breeze will stick with us tomorrow, the marine layer will be very similar, we are looking at anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 feet deep as we will be going on wednesday and with the low clouds in place. we'll be mostly sunny away from the coastline by noontime. as we get into thursday and friday though, the trough that remains to the north of us will sink in just a little bit further. it will deepen the marine layer a bit and they will continue and then as a result the temperatures will fall off. 60s at the coast, 60s around the bay. 70s inland with a few low 80s for the warmer locations. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees of cooling expected for wednesday and thursday. we'll show you that in their extended forecast. for tomorrow morning a3 degrees to start your day in san francisco and 59 for hayward and concord and then the low 50s for santa rosa with partly sunny skies tomorrow. and san francisco into the afternoon for tomorrow, it will be mostly clear as they will get into the lunch hour and those clouds will be off to the west as we will go 62 degrees for your lunchtime into 65
5:48 pm
expected for the afternoon. 65 has been the number in san francisco and for a few days now. 71 for oakland. upper 70s for fremont and the low 90s expected for the warmer locations, concord, livermore, antioch, to the north bay, you are expected to warm up to 84 with a look at their extended forecast. so the near repeat for your wednesday. and then a noticeable drop off for thursday. we will hold steady there on friday, saturday, temperatures will rebound as we get into sunday. but the lower 80s in the forecast for the inland cities in august. and that will be typical. upper 60s around the bay and the lower 60s at the coast. good for firefighters. and really good for all of us. >> yes, cooler weather. hang on for one minute as we're getting breaking news from cal fire about some evacuations that are going on in yolo county for the canyon creek resort due to a 200-acre grass fire going on there. do you know about what the weather conditions will be doing right now in yolo county? >> they're probably in the low 90s, maybe a bit of an on shore breeze there. >> okay.
5:49 pm
>> not too much of a wind though? >> not too much, no. >> we'll get more information and let you know that evacuations for the canyon creek resort is underway right now in yolo county a 200-acre wildfire right now working to get more information as soon as we do get more we'll let you know. >> thanks, rosemary. oil refineries will dock the east bay landscape today. we learned that one had a very core safety feature coming up. details about the refineries and where multiple workers suffered chemical burns. in minutes coming up new at 6:00, hundreds of millions of yahoo accounts compromised. possible hack now being investigated. what information could be at risk. plus, starbucks issues a recall for an item that could injure customers. details are coming up new at 6:00.
5:50 pm
♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ four chemical, four workers suffered chemical burns at the tesoro factory back in 2014. today we learned that those weren't the only problems with what the safety board found at the plant. tom vacar explains. >> reporter: in february of 2014 two employees suffered serious chemical burns. in 72 hours 80 pounds of chemicals were released. two workers were sprayed and also suffered chemical burns. today the chairwoman of the chemical safety board made no bones about these incidents.
5:53 pm
>> they are indicative of the safety culture deficiencies at the oil refinery. >> sulfuric acid released on february and march of 2014 were preventable. >> reporter: poor safety culture looking back to at least 2010. >> in the four years prior to the 2014 incident, the report identified 13 other sulfuric acid incidents. >> reporter: from understating the seriousness of the injuries and the incidents to removing safer safety systems in adequate temporary ones. that they exposed workers to hazardous materials and they failed to provide proper safety equipment as well as failure to learn from the previous safety culture deficiencies and insufficient safety training. >> and more than tesoro's wrong doings were cited. >> we do believe safety is a
5:54 pm
shared responsibility. and for not doing enough. >> preventing inspections and audits are a part of the state and county regulators. >> reporter: run regulator has implemented more inspectors and better policies in the last two years. >> it doesn't really bother me as i hear this because they said that they have room for opportunities for us. and that we have been moving forward ever since. >> reporter: they are trying to gain passage of new stricter safety standards. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. a new jersey man has filed a federal lawsuit to keep pokemon go players away from their home. the man says strangers started hanging around their house after the game was released last month. asking to get into his backyard to catch a pokemon. the game users walk around real life locations to hunt down virtual cartoon monsters on their smart phone screens.
5:55 pm
it has been a runaway success doubling nintendo's value since the games launched in the united states just last month. the lawsuit seeks class action status for others that have pokemon stops put on their property without permission. well there is word tonight that apple is set to change an emoji that depicts a handgun. a new operating system expected for this fall for apple mobile devices. it is expected to replace a realistic image of a revolver with the green toy water gun. gun control advocates that have urged them to dump their emoji that will be drawing controversy in cases where the students will use it in ways that will be perceived as threatening. they might look like a pistol, but to the recipients that have viewed them on the non-apple device. they have filed a wrongful death and a product liability lawsuit against the fiat chrysler motor company. nelson died in june pinned against the mailbox and the security fence after his 2015 jeep grand cherokee rolled down
5:56 pm
the driveway. the suv was under recall at the time. and financial highway traffic safety administration says that the gear shift indicator in that model will be confusing with drivers complaining they cannot always tell if that vehicle is in park that there is no word yet on what kind of damages are sought. virgin galactic is flying tourists to space as they have been granted a license to start retesting their rocket planes and their spaceship coming after the rocket plane in 2014, in which the pilot was killed. the company hopes to some day conduct flight 68 miles above earth. the cost? $250,000 a seat. the emergency room at john george hospital in san leandro is the focus of the 2 investigates team for months as we look at allegations of dangerous working conditions there. the alameda county board of supervisors held a meeting yesterday as they now appear to push to find solutions to continue to drag on.
5:57 pm
>> having people hang out on maps crammed together is causing people to get hurt. it is causing patients who are vulnerable to get hurt. >> reporter: for the second month in a row the board of supervisors health committee heard about chronic overcrowding at the psychiatric emergency room, revealed in this leaked video uncovered by two invest -- by 2 investigates. >> we're not able to safely accommodate the need. >> reporter: nurses and doctors who work there want the number of patients to be limited to 50. but the emergency room workers and other hospitals around the county said that's not a good idea because their own departments would end up with the spillover. >> we can't close our hospital emergency departments. patients will continue to flow in. >> reporter: officials with alameda health systems, which runs john george say patient numbers dropped last month after they hired on-call temporary doctors. but long-time staff members say it may be too early to tell if it is helping. while the supervisors said that the overcrowding was urgent,
5:58 pm
they again pushed off further discussions until their next meeting in mid-september. >> we can't just keep saying that we are going to fix it eventually. i think that there has to be more definitive solutions. >> and now the full board of supervisors would have to approve their cap on the number of patients. in the meantime staff members tell ktvu that the overcrowding shown in those videos is still a problem. tragedy in the central valley after the charter bus carrying dozens of passengers slammed into a poll killing five people, injuring several others, shutting down all lanes of busy highway 99. >> it is a disaster in there and chaotic and it was a very dramatic incident with the passers on board. >> the ntsb is dispatching a team to investigate this morning's deadly crash. good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm ted rowlands in for frank somerville. more than 14 hours after that crash, lanes are just now
5:59 pm
reopening along that highway. it happened around 3:30 a.m. on highway 99 near the town of livingston where the charter bus was scheduled to make a stop to switch drivers. today, we learned that the bus was from mexico and they were driving through the central valley on their way to washington state. >> and from above you can see just how bad that the crash was, that it appears that the bus veered off the highway right into the pole supporting the highway sign as you can see that they would slash right through their bus. tonight, five people are dead and 16 others are seriously injured. some of those were wounded and they lost limbs. >> ktvu jesse gary is live at the crash scene now where i guess that they are just ready to talk about it. jesse? >> reporter: guys, just a few minutes ago caltrans crews took down that sign that you were just talking about that nearly sheered the bus in half. we have some video that happened just a few minutes ago to take a look at it. they have taken down the pole,
6:00 pm
they put it onto a flat bed trailer. it'll be taken to chp evidence lockers. traffic congestion slowly improving. officials say that they will open up the middle northbound lane on the 99 freeway in about the next 15 to 30 minutes. so we will keep you posted about that. the conditions are far better than when first responders arrived earlier this morning. the inside looks to be a disaster in there, it is chaotic and a very -- very dramatic passers for those on board. >> reporter: the chp passenger was one of the first responders who boarded the doomed bus in an attempt to save lives. around 3:30 this morning, the charter bus registered to autobuses coronadas u.s.a. was making their way from mexico to washington state.


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