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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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43,000 acres, blamed for one death. it has destroyed 57 homes so far, only 18% contained. thousands of block parties are getting underway this evening across the country for a national night out. here in the bay area the city of oakland has more than 500 parties planned. the idea is to get residents outside at night and take back their streets from criminals. organizers want people to talk to their neighbors and to law enforcement officers to open up the dialogue about how to make neighborhoods safer. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. president obama today went after donald trump. he said trump is, "unfit to occupy the oval office and lacks the most basic knowledge of foreign policy. >> donald trump fired back with this tweet as you can see it right here. president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. reporter kevin cork has more. >> i think the nominee is unfit. and i said so last week, and he
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keeps on proving it. >> reporter: unfit. the president's remarks coming on the heels of the controversy surrounding trump's criticism of a gold star family. and comments he made expressing doubts about whether russian president vladimir putin was ever authorized on the attack of the neighbor ukraine, even though that he annexed crimea in 2014. >> the fact that he does not appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues. and in europe and the middle east and in asia. it means that he is unprepared to do the job. >> the president even went a step further. urging leaders of the republican party to withdrawal their backing for mr. trump's candidacy. >> there has to come a point to which you say enough. and the alternative is that the
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entire republican party endorses or invalidates being platterred -- particlated by trump. >> reporter: trump fired back, linking them together calling them obama/clinton, criticizing the rival saying that hillary clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office. adding, "we need change now." at least one gop congressman is heaving the president's plea to dump trump. his name is richard hannah. he's 65 years old, a congressman from upstate new york. and he is retiring at the end of this term, but says he will not throw his support behind the billionaire. instead he'll support hillary clinton. at the white house kevin cork fox news. the bay area tom styer is spending $25 million out of his own pocket on a campaign to get young people registered to
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vote. >> please register and vote. he made a fortune as a hedge fund manager. he's an environmentalist who founded next gen climate action. earlier this year he spent $1 million getting prop 56 on the november ballot. and a measure that would raise cigarette taxes. some analysts say that styer may be positioning himself to run for office. >> by the end of this election cycle, people in california are going to be very familiar with tom's name and image and that is certainly a great strategy to follow if you want to run as governor for california. >> the former governor arnold swarzenegger used the same technique before his election backing proposition 49 and after school initiatives for kids. the current ads may help him raise his profile, but at this point he's still largely a political unknown. after promoting transgender rallies in the state capital to raise awareness about discrimination. advocates want to shed light on the discrimination that people face every day in the
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workplace. some speakers spoke about violence. many of them would face it on a daily basis. >> i have so many friends that have been killed. actually i grew up with 15 transfriends and they're all dead either from hiv or from being killed on the streets. >> last year there were two dozen reports of transgender people being killed in the united states. three of those happened here in california. from trash talk at san francisco's city hall put the office of the board of supervisors president at odds with a tourist. that tourist e-mailed london breeds office last month saying san francisco had too much litter. and as ktvu tara moriarty reports that didn't go over well with whoever it was that answered the message. >> reporter: litter on the streets of san francisco. texas tourist david cochran was so offended by it, he sent an e-
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mail to supervisor's office to complain. "i was embarrassed to be an american because of the way san francisco is presented to the world," he wrote on july 25. five days later a response. "if you are embarrassed to be an american, then you are barking up the wrong tree here buddy. why don't you write a letter to the editor or whatever town you're from if your panties are in a bunch." cochran sent the e-mail to the chronicle. they told the chronical an intern was to blame and subsequently let go. then apologized -- they then apologized to cochran. we asked tourists how they rate san francisco's cleanliness. >> it is absolutely cleaner than los angeles. >> we know that it is a bit scruffy around china town. >> around here there is trash say like golden gate park it's cleaner, nicer. >> new york is the cleanest, then san francisco and l.a. and las vegas. >> do you think it's a problem that plagues big cities? >> yes, i do, and the homeless. >> last year alone we had 80,000 service requests for
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extra street cleaning. >> reporter: public works says they pick up 32 million pounds of trash off the streets each year. the city spent $44 million a year on street sweeps picking up litter. >> we have allocated a significant amount of new dollars towards street cleaning in the commercial corridors in particular. and so i really think that it is going to turn around here in the city of san francisco. >> reporter: if you see some garbage you can either stop and pick it up or call 311 and crews will respond within 48 hours. >> our tourism industry is bread and butter for the city. i don't like to hear when my relatives come from out of town and say look the conditions of your streets are deplorable and dirty, we don't want to come back. >> reporter: blame it on the litterbugs. if you want a spotless city. >> copenhagen is pretty clean. >> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, growing concerns especially among pregnant women about the spread of the zika
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virus. what's being done to keep people healthy. we're very active in making sure we do everything that we can to control the spread of zika in our state. >> and starbucks issues a recall for an item that could injure customers. especially children.
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william bratton is leaving his post. mayor bill de blasio said that bratton plans to retire at the end of the month.
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police chief james o 'neill will replace police commissioner bratton september 1. he is known as the stop and for example technique, a former -- frisk technique, a former l.a. police chief. the cdc is warning pregnant women and their partners about a zika outbreak in miami. florida health officials reported 10 new cases for a total of 14 cases in a small neighborhood north of downtown. it is a one-square mile area that includes the trendy wynwood arts district. city officials are taking a quest of action against the spread of the disease. spraying so far has failed to have a big affect. the cdc has sent out emergency response teams to help out. >> what we have seen is continued mosquito activities, more adult mosquitoes, and cases found at the florida health department and what they did. >> here in california the state health officials received a $750,000 grant from the cdc to
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study the effects of zika on pregnant women and their babies. 21 pregnant california women have tested positive for zika. all of them acquired the disease from other countries or an infected sexual partner. starbucks is recalling stainless steel straws because they could be dangerous for children. the straws came in two sizes and they were sold in pack -- packages of three. starbucks says they received four reports from people in the u.s. and canada about children cutting their mouths on the straws. almost three million of them were sold. starbucks says that parents should not allow their children to use them. well bringing dentists into california classrooms. >> the real system is bringing care to where the people are. coming up next a look inside the virtual dental office meant to help kids take better care of their teeth. minor changes are in stored as we get into your week on wednesday followed by additional cooling. a look at what to expect for
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tomorrow and the extended forecast coming up. and we are following breaking news out of yolo county where the vegetation fire is burning near the lake. these are live pictures now from sky fox as you can see the large plume of smoke from the fire that will bringout latest coming up after the break.
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it is a place that many of us will dread heading to as they might be coming to your child's school. >> yeah, the idea is to get more children into the chair to improve their dental health.
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>> the reporter of sacramento station kcra shows us the school with the virtual dentist office right on campus. >> reporter: a simple teeth cleaning could often bring anxiety and fear. from a dentist, you cannot avoid this friendly reminder. >> there is a little spot in between your teeth that it looks like and that it will be my favorite part of the cavity. >> it is recommended you get a check up every two years. here at this school they will make it very easy for the students as they have a dentist office right on site. here a dental hygienist takes x- rays for the review. this virtual dental home started harmon johnson elementary six years ago where they are eligible for -- medical. >> we can keep two-thirds of the children healthy at the school. only a third will be able to go
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physically. >> reporter: and the university developed this program targeting more than a dozen communities, showing the greatest need. >> we have children who have never had any care their whole life up to that point. >> it is really hard to concentrate. >> reporter: and it becomes challenging for the busy families. >> i'm making an appointment, that i'm seeing how it works and their missing thoughts. >> reporter: they help fill the gaps. >> the real system is bringing care to where the people are. >> reporter: a preventive process so that oral health could be relatively painless. in sacramento cahtriona white ktvu 3 news. well more now on breaking news. we want to show you the live pictures from sky fox right now as the fire was first reported about 4:35 this afternoon at
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highway 128. smoke is visible and winners as we want to go to the weather center in the lower 90s. >> the winds will be generally light. relative humidity about 25%. of course, you will be higher in the relative humidity dropping down to 15%. the warm dry day, but the winds are not too bad and that it could be worse. if you take a look, you can see that the winds are coming in from the south and southwest that will be in this direction. they will actually draw that for you, but it will not work for me. southeast at times, you can definitely see how they are on shore here at home and for that area as well with the clouds
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along the coastline here as home and those temperatures will be a lot like yesterday as we were a little warmer for the inner east bay this afternoon. we were a little cooler right around the bay. but all in all the weather pattern has not changed a whole lot to remain with high pressure to the south of us to the north of us with the low pressure that will continue there and that it will deepen a little bit throughout the coming days. our seasonal temperatures, they will actually go below average as we will get into thursday and friday and lasting into saturday. but for tomorrow, we will start out with their morning clouds and minor changes that will be expected for your afternoon. by thursday though, a noticeable drop off will be coming with the numbers in the extended forecast. then we will sort of cruise along there for thursday, friday, and saturday. 60s at the coast. we'll have 70s. 60s and 70s around the bay. 70s to the lower 80s expected for the inland communities on thursday. numbers outside our door. 88 in lever more and fairfield and 74 in napa. 67 in oakland. we have the lower 70s in mountain view. after the few readings, they
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have not been able to get them back just yet. but napa and nova doe in the -- novado in the lower 70s. 53 san francisco. we have clouds across the bay once again. 54 in hayward and 57 to start your day in concord. afternoon highs look like this the low 80s expected for novado. upper 60s to the 70s for the east bay shoreline. upper 90s for the inland communities. into the south bay 82 for san jose. the peninsula for tomorrow, 78 for redwood city. 65 degrees expected for san francisco. remaining with the low clouds, 64 for pacifica and half moon bay. transitioning to the cooler pattern as we get into thursday. notice our inland communities are expected to drop off anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees. so you'll notice that as they get into thursday. you won't change a whole lot. 60s, 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. then we do rebound as we begin the second half of their weekend there. but mild pattern that will be
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going a bit cooler. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, rosemary. you're welcome. coming up, the dodgers made room for newly acquired josh reddick today by sending one of their former all stars to the minors. the giants are in philadelphia in an offensive battle with the bulls. mark is up next with sports. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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all right mark ibanez here. wild one in philly. >> you know yesterday we had a wild trading day. today back on the field, to see if some of those new products that will pan out. nothing so far, but i'll tell you when can you see this? they just did not have it at all. the giants say they were roughed up bug -- big time. and here comes that comeback. that it will be high and deep with the solo shot that is still trailing 6-1. however, giants will be getting started offensively. and again brandon with a little chance to do it for their rally. bases are loaded with the two- run single. and with two outs. suddenly that they will be within striking distance and
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the very next pitch brandon belt delivers. they are pumped up, as they approach the lead. the bottom of the 6th inning they will tie it up again, the base hit up the middle to score the run to make it 8-8. broncos by the way with a three- run homer with four rbis. that is just an excellent game with no decision. that's where they are. the bottom of the 8th inning. remember a few years ago when puig came in to the national league? this guy is just a sensation. they would have laughed in your face. they tried hard to unlode them as nobody wanted them. but today they would send them to the minor league to make way for josh reddick and apparently that he would have no problem with accepting the new role as minor leaguer. we will see how that will pan out as we are getting ready for
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football up in napa, we were there last week as we will talk about their football. their roster, we will say that it will be a challenging year for the san francisco 49ers that they could use all the talent that they could get as they will get a guy back as they would want that. anthony davis, just seen as the premier offensive lineman in the nfl and remember that he took a year off voluntarily, retiring temporarily. age 25 as he would need to heal his body and mind and after the severe concussion that he's back ready to go. >> i knew that. that is a decision on me to have to live with it. building on it, that it wouldn't have gotten me any good that i would have a lot of work to do with their mind and body and that they will be ready to come back to play that it wouldn't have done any good. how much did you have to give back? >> a lot. >> no, i don't want to make
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people sick. >> that much? >> yes. >> let's change their subject to basketball as you can remember that they signed kevin durant. everybody was saying will it mess with them at all? i don't know for sure, but maybe just a little sign and that it will be the total harmony as you can see what they could do with their warrior fans that are looking forward to that. to make sure to get to clay thompson. and that they will be advancing to the word sacrifice when it will come to him having to sacrifice for kevin durant or the team having to sacrifice that we all want to see each other do well, but i'm not sacrificing you to fill in your own word and because of my game that has not been changing. that's clay thompson, like i said, that you don't want to blow things out of proportion,
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but could it be? >> yes. they are just getting to know one another. hopefully. >> but i'm not changing anything. >> nice hesitation. >> that's right. our coverage will continue right now over at ktvu plus with frank and heather. >> well thank you. we have the very latest on the tragic bus crash in the san joaquin valley that left five people dead and 16 others injured. the company has numerous violations. we will take you to middle town to see how residents are dealing after suffering big losses from the valley fire. tips on ensuring your home as well. a president with rather harsh words for donald trump. it's coming up on ktvu plus. we'll see you soon.
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