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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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there has to come a point at which you say enough. >> president obama takes aim at donald trump saying the republican nominee is unfit to serve. good evening. i'm heather holmes in virtually. >> i'm frank in for frank somerville. the presidential election 98 days away but the gloves are off. >> yes. i think the republican nominee is unfit. to serve as president.
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i said so last week. >> president obama offered a scathing critique of donald trump saying trump lacks basic knowledge of foreign policy and called out for his feud with the parents of a muslim army captain killed in a rocket. >> somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. because a lot of people -- >> trump fired back on twitter, his tweets as president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. >> the back-and-forth has not helped donald trump's poll number. hillary clinton hillary clinton now enjoying a
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postconvention bump. she's now opened up in nine- point lead in a new cnn poll that was out just yesterday. clinton has 52% to trump's 43%. ktvu's jana katsuyama live in san francisco and she's been talking with republicans about the divisions in the party and a growing backlash against trump. >> heather, two weeks since the republican national convention and we did want to find out what republicans think about the divided loyalties around their unconventional nominee and their hopes for the future of the republican party. in ashburn, virginia, donald trump shook hands tuesday with lieutenant colonel lewis dorfman who gave trump his purple heart, a military metal the veteran received. >> i said to him, is that like, the real one? or is that a copy? and he said that's my real purple heart. i have such confidence in you. >> reporter: that confidence shared by some but not all conservatives. in a battle for the heart of the republican party. trump says he will not back paul ryan or john mccain in
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their reelection campaigns. on tuesday, retiring republican encouragement richard hanna from upstate new york announced he will not vote for trump calling him unrepentant and unfit to serve the republican party. longtime trump supporter chris christie joined a growing number of republican officials distancing themselves from trump's criticism of the gold star family. dave ehrlich of the bay area has supported trump since day one. >> when he first started running they made him sign a pledge that he would back the nominee. now it's time to back the nominee. and the establishment is not. >> some republicans are refusing to back either. mason harrison is joining a coalition that launched on tuesday called republicans for johnson and wells. two republican foreman governors who are running on the libertarian ticket. >> it's heartbreaking to not support the republican nominee but i got into politics for a reason. and voting for donald trump would betray those reasons. this year. >> very upset with with those republicans. >> reporter: this republican says she was a mitt romney supporter but can't believe republicans would defect. >> they are going to put
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hillary clinton in the white house if they don't vote for trump, if they don't support our nominee. >> reporter: also today another prominent republican meg whitman the former gubernatorial candidate said she will put her vote and her dollars behind hillary clinton. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. tonight other republicans are weighing in with advice. newt gingrich commented to fox news on the mccain ryan rift, trump needs to figure out sooner or later how many fights does he want to get into? conservative commentator laura ingram said that trump shouldn't get sidetracked with all the side criticism and side issues like -- now developing is where a fast-moving fire exploded burning across 1700 acres. the fire was first reported around 4:30 this afternoon near cold springs canyon and it's been named the cold fire.
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at the southern end of berryessa, the fire is putting up large clouds of smoke that are visible from miles away and in both napa and solano county. the fire is burning presently in yolo county west of winters. evacuation orders are in place at the canyon creek campground and the golden bear estates off county road 34. cal fire says 35 homes are threatened. cal fire officials announced an illegal campfire sparked that massive soberanes wildfire in monterey county. investigators say the campfire had been left unattended in an area of the state park not open to the public. prosecutors say whoever is responsible could face criminal charges if caught. a bulldozer operator from fresno county died while fighting that fire and 57 homes have been destroyed, 44,000 acres have burned so far and officials don't expect to have full containment until the end
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of the month. now to news -- new development of the bus crash. the bus drifted off the road and hit a steel pole. 's liking -- slicing into the passenger compartment. this afternoon crews removed that pole and the c.h.p. and ntsb investigate how this crash happened. that bus was on highway 99 near the town of livingston where the charter bus was scheduled to make a stop to change drivers. the bus had come from mexico and made a stop in los angeles and was driving through the central valley on its way to washington state. as jesse gary reports, first responders encountered a very disturbing scene. >> the inside looked like disaster in there, chaotic, it was a very traumatic incident for the passengers on board. most of the seats on the right side were taken out because of that. >> reporter: luis lara was one of the first responders who ordered the doomed bus -- who boarded the bus in an attempt to save lives.
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a charter bus registered to -- was making its way from mexico to washington state. it stopped overnight in los angeles and was traveling north on the 99 freeway to the next scheduled stop in livingston. for an unknown reason, the bus carrying approximately 30 people slammed full speed into the hammett avenue exit sign pole on the right-hand side of the freeway. five passengers were killed. 16 seriously injured including the driver, 57-year-old mario david vasquez, 12-year-old jennifer rivera says she was trapped inside the wreckage. >> i woke up and i was thrown on the floor. crashed into a ball, open up the bus and that's when i got out. i was scratched up and it hurt a lot. >> reporter: rivera and other passengers unharmed in the crash were taken to the c.h.p. office. those with serious injuries were rushed by ground and air to four hospitals in the central valley.
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c.h.p. officials say this is the worst freeway bus accident in this area in a decade. the unfortunate circumstance provided first responders for multiple agencies and jurisdictions with the opportunity to implement a scenario they've been trained for. >> there was a substantial amount of resources that responded to the scene to assist us. which was great for us to be able to help the survivors. >> reporter: c.h.p. officials say the charter bus driver has a valid drivers license but that's as far as they'll go. they do say that you can help them in this investigation if you happen to be in the area, perhaps southbound on the 99 freeway. if you saw anything, call the c.h.p. in merced. 209-356-2958. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. 2 investigates uncovered a safety information about the bus company operating that charter. has an office in east los angeles, it has been cited for
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44 vehicle maintenance violations in the past two years that's according to several motor carrier safety administration's. the bus involved in today's crash was last inspected in april and was cited for three violations including one for not having a working brake warning device, and back in 2015 the same bus was also cited for four other violations including one for the driver. driving the bus with a suspended license. tonight is national night out promoting community policing in the bay area and across the nation. this year it takes on special significance. amid strained relationships between police and some community numbers. ktvu's amber lee live in richmond where the police chief and officers there visited several different neighborhoods. amber? >> reporter: heather, we're at veterans hall where the last event of the night took place. many neighbors told me they enjoy a good relationship with police but that it wasn't always this way. it took time and hard work.
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live music fills this neighborhood in south richmond after the celebration of national night out. people got out of their homes to mingle with neighbors and the law enforcement officers who police their community. >> this family says they've been pulled over and stopped by police unjustly several times in various bay area cities. >> i've had bad experiences with police officers. >> reporter: they don't allow certain officers behavior to taint their view of all law enforcement. >> if you feel like it's unjust, -- everything -- conduct or you got the ticket -- whatever it is, then ask for his badge number and you know, then make a complaint. >> arguing with a police officer, in that moment is not the right thing to do. >> reporter: community leaders say officers need to go into neighborhoods regularly, not once a year for national night out. and not only when there's a call for help or a problem. >> they know the people. they know the good, the bad and all the ugly.
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makes a difference. >> reporter: recent violence in other parts of the country paint a picture of a fractured relationship between police and black and latino communities. one neighborhood leader says a similar distrust existed here in richmond in the past. >> sometimes there's a level of fear, anger, resentment. >> reporter: it took years to build trust and a strong relationship with richmond police. >> providing officers with special training has yielded significant improvements in our police community relations. >> reporter: on this night, the police chief and teams of officers fanned out in caravans driving into various neighborhoods to attend gatherings. >> it's in a good place but a place for us to build. not really mission i compassed. this is in the works. >> reporter: chief brown's has four communities that don't have a good relationship with their police department, to demand more interaction and hold regular meetings with the police, chief brown's has the
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key really is to have the officers out into the community. >> seems like too what's really important right now is that people are talking. thank you so much. low clouds moving back across the bay. we'll wake up with partly cloudy skies tomorrow, temperatures very similar to where we landed today before we begin a cooldown. more on that in just a bit. also a student from the north bay missing in the oregon wilderness.
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it is a move that could cripple santa clara counties legal system. hundreds of employees plan to walk out on strike for the first time in 14 years. ktvu's azenith smith is live now at sent -- to tell us exactly what this means. azenith? >> reporter: bottom line if you have any court matters to take care of in any of the santa clara county courts, you may want to hold off or expect long wait times, long lines, the court clerk's office may even be closed, court workers telling me they are bracing for a train wreck. tonight a group of court clerks put the final touches on picket
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signs they'll be carrying outside san jose's hall of justice wednesday as they plan a walk off the job. >> we have been without a raise for eight years. we are very frustrated with this court and them being unwilling to work with us. so i think it's time that the frustration turns into action. >> [ chanting ] >> reporter: this is video of them picketing monday. the threat of a strike and now a reality after negotiations fell through. the union representing 300 clerks, janitors and legal researchers is demanding better pay raises and high-priced -- in high-priced silicon valley saying they are underpaid and overworked. >> there's a little bit of uneasiness. what's going to happen. everybody is trying -- we are trying to support each other. >> reporter: uneasiness as officials scramble with a contingency plan that includes limited staffing and assigning managers to clerical work. all of santa clara counties nine courts from palo alto to morgan hill are affected. >> i'm kind of upset about it. >> reporter: this woman is
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concerned about filing paperwork on time for a criminal case. if that doesn't happen -- >> i'm going to jail. yeah. that's not cool. it's like, you know, we pay our tax dollars for this. >> reporter: lawyers telling clients their cases may not be heard and trials could be delayed. >> no court tomorrow according to our judge. he's going to give us a call, when he knows anything. >> reporter: officials declined to talk on camera but in a statement to ktvu, the court values all its employees but firmly believes labor you negotiations should be done on the table, and not through the media. the union rejecting its last offer as the county is facing a $5 million deficit. and i'm told the bail hearings, anything dealing with criminal law and family justice will take priority. strikers plan to be here all day tomorrow, starting at 7:00 in the morning. i asked them how long they plan to be her.
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they say as long as it takes. >> azenith, quick question. any notable cases that might be affected by this? >> reporter: obviously we've been talking about the cases of sierra lamarr. i talked to the prosecutor and he tells me there was a scheduled hearing for tomorrow, that has been pushed back to monday because of this clerk strike. the prosecutor also told me he doesn't believe as of right now that this strike will have a significant impact on the case but he doesn't know how long this strike will last. >> let's hope they can reach an agreement soon. azenith smith, thank you. pg&e scored a huge victory that could save that company half a billion dollars. a judge granted a request by federal prosecutors to reduce the maximum fine in pg&e's on -- ongoing criminal trial. a jury has been deliberating for four days. the case involved 11 alleged safety violations in the wake of the deadly san bruno blast. one count of obstructing investigation. today prosecutors asked the judge to reduce the potential
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fine following a dispute over how it should be calculated. each count will now carry a $500,000 policy for a total of $6 million. prosecutors have previously suggested a maximum penalty of $562 million. that blast in 2010 killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. a new twist in a story 2 investigates under -- uncovered more than a year ago. the company providing healthcare at alameda county jail may soon be out of a contract. today the alameda county board of supervisors took steps towards awarding that multimillion dollar contract to a competing company. corizon health performance and track record has been the focus of a two investigation after the death of an inmate raised some serious questions. >> you people have the power to do something about corizon. and i am asking you as a grieving mother to do that. >> reporter: more than a year after martinez's son died, the charges she demanded may finally becoming.
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the supervisors took a step towards awarding the contract for inmate health care a different company. corizon correctional health filed a protest claiming the bidding process was unfair. but despite recommendations from the sheriff and the county auditor to scrap all the bids and start the process over, the board discrete. >> i know we practice effective and efficient compassionate evidence-based medicine. i know that's what we do. >> reporter: supervisors will vote on whether to award the contract at a special meeting on friday. if their bid gets the okay, they say it's staff will take over on september 1. >> we are going to have a full team of nurses, transition team, to make sure that we start from day one delivering the care we're supposed to. >> reporter: for staff members, changes can't come soon enough. >> i think there's a sense of too little too late. that this has been a long time coming and it's now happening.
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>> reporter: unclear what would happen if corizon decides to sue the county over the contract dispute. they would not comment on that possibility today. 2 investigates has been on top of every turn in the story. you can see the full investigation at a nice day around the bay area. another nice one coming our way for tomorrow. santa rosa 55 right now, san francisco 56. oakland upper 50s, livermore 70 outside your door, livermore one of the only spots in the inner east bay where we had warmer temperatures than yesterday. by seven degrees. san jose at 66 and a nice view in and along the bay bridge. going in towards treasure island. we have the low clouds and fog along the coastline. we'll creep back across the bay into the evening hours. tomorrow wake up with partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies, onshore breeze continues and muirfield 22 miles per hour, 22 for most of the afternoon. now into the evening hours.
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so that isn't going to go away. temperatures a lot like what we had this morning. 52 expected for pacifica, 55 at oakland, upper 50s low 60s to start your day for the inner east bay. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, a little change. 65 in san francisco, 70s around the bay, 80s inland and low 90s for hotter spots. 93 antioch, 92 for livermore. cooldown as we start thursday, that will last into the first part of the weekend. i'll have a look at your extended forecast coming up. five robberies within minutes. a warning from police. coming up at 10:30, boxing legend andre ward sits down with claudine wong about coming home to oakland. later police ask for help in the killing of a 15-year-old boy.
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police in berkeley are warning people to be aware of their surroundings following five robberies last night that took place within minutes of each other. the robberies happened in berkeley southside neighborhood near the uc berkeley -- berkeley campus. the first robbery happened about 10:00 last night when a suspect told a pedestrian that he had again. people should be sure to walk in well lit areas preferably with a group of people. your cell phone should always be in your pocket or your purse while out walking. to attend the search is intensifying for a northbay college student who set off on a hike in the pacific northwest nearly one week ago. and hasn't been seen since. that young man attends college in oregon. and headed into the mt. jefferson wilderness area southeast of portland. it was supposed to be an overnight trip. ktvu's debora villalon live in sebastopol where 21-year-old riley sickle grew up.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: his hometown is worried, heather. riley left last wednesday, he was supposed to return thursday. he had plans for saturday which he missed and that's when his folks raised the alarm. he is very experienced back -- backpacker. >> reporter: riley zickel, a senior, his parents are in oregon as dozens of searchers on foot and by a look for their son. a young man described as capable in the back country. >> sent -- spends all his money at rei. he's got real good gear. and a very sensible kid. and besides music, this is his favorite thing to do. >> the music community is really tight. >> reporter: many no them, father and son both musicians. >> and i remember riley coming in and sitting down behind the drums, just a little boy, you
10:26 pm
know? >> reporter: now that he's missing the years fade away. >> it does kind of hit you pretty deep. just because there's that history. >> reporter: riley played bass, a standout in his high school orchestra and graduated from high school in 2013. >> adventurous, loved backpacking. >> reporter: he is fun but responsible. >> always a sweetheart. we were in band together. he was always super enthusiastic about everything he played. he was really good in all his classes. >> we have no intention of stopping at this point. >> reporter: by phone the marion county sheriff's department says it is shifting the service -- search north to an area known as park butte and quizzing other hikers on the chance riley is on the pacific coast trail. >> we are literally intercepting hikers as they come off the trail at almost every point possible and talking with them so the word is out. >> reporter: riley had packed food for four days but hikers often leave food along the
10:27 pm
pacific coast trail which could extend his supply. >> my thought is that he really is lost. >> reporter: no one knows what to think. but everyone is hoping for the best. >> he's not hurt, then he's going to be walking out of there hopefully sooner than later. and we're all praying for the big what you do when he does show up and they find him. >> reporter: another hiker snapped this picture from a distance a few days ago, a man standing by a tent. rate hope it might be riley but the sheriff's department says it's too blurry to be sure. there were no new clues i found today which was disappointing but everyone sounds very optimistic and the search resumes tomorrow at daybreak. >> hopefully they find something when they resume the search tomorrow. thank you. he tried to right wrongs, the professor killed while trying to chase down a thief. first, olympic boxer andre ward on his upcoming fight at oracle arena.
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on segment 2, champion boxer and olympic gold medalist andre ward, he made an appearance at kings gym in oakland ahead of his big fight this weekend. ward as you probably no undefeated with a record of 29- 0. saturday he returns to oracle arena in oakland his hometown. ktvu's claudine wong sat down with ward on the importance of this fight, and why fighting in oakland is so important. >> reporter: big fight coming up in august. bigger fight in november. how are you feeling? >> i feel good. everything going according to schedule. oracle arena, there is no november fight for the championship -- i don't take care of business and win august 6th -- not only win but when a spectacular -- in spectacular fashion. we didn't fight as much as we
10:31 pm
wanted to but i didn't -- my body got arrest. i'm coming up on 23-year career. 11, 12 years as a professional. >> reporter: where do you think it cost you? >> it cost me time. i don't know what could have happened in that time. if i could have maybe had some extra fights, made some more money or won another championship. i don't know. >> reporter: how important is it to do it at home? >> is extremely important for us. it's a dream of mind. i used to drive down 880 coming to kings boxing gym and wondering if i would ever fight there much less headline there, it was almost pathetic, he was like you are going to headline there. i was like, whoa, really? i had my first championship fight against miguel kessler. that opened up the floodgates. the bay area received me with open arms. fighting it home is as much for the fans as it is for myself. it's a treat for them. everybody's excited. something positive going on in
10:32 pm
the city. >> row five, ringside, baby. >> people talk about going to vegas and having that big fight atmosphere but we bring that big fight atmosphere to the bay area. and i truly believe we have the best fans in the world, the passion and i like it here. this place keeps me humble. keeps me grounded. and i was born and raised here. this is all i know. i don't mind going to the bigger markets to handle business. but i'm always coming back here. >> reporter: in terms of the other bay area athletes, steph curry was at your last fight. >> steph curry, draymond, they are not always go to show up. we show up for each other and we appreciate each other. guys that were born and raised here, marsh and lynch, -- marshawn lynch, we support each other. these guys show up to my events. i show up to their events. >> reporter: kevin durant, what would you tell him most about the bay area? >> he said something different about being in this arena.
10:33 pm
he'll understand that once you are a part of the bay area, you are part of it for life. >> world champion andre ward. >> reporter: i don't know if you had a favorite experience. i'm sure 2004 was a great year. tell me about that. >> the olympic experience will probably always take preeminence above everything. it wasn't about money or fame or notoriety. it was just for the level of the sport. that was my biggest goal that i had as a young 9-year-old walking into the gym. one day i want to win an olympic gold medal. my father who passed away and virgil used to count on their fingers, you have seven years last. -- seven, six years left. a lot has to go right for you to make the team much less get a gold medal. to be able to represent my country, it will always take preeminence no matter what happens in my career. i'm in history books with the likes of muhammad ali and george foreman. it's a surreal thing to even think about, even today when i look at my metals, hard to believe that's mine. the professional career has
10:34 pm
been tremendous as well. something i've been groomed to do since i've been a kid. i've just been blessed and god has really blessed me with a work ethic and desire to work hard. saw me through it and here i am. trying to win more championships at the end of this year. >> reporter: tell me about your training. how do you train differently as a 32-year-old? >> when you are in your early 20s, you don't have to warm up as much. that's for sure. you just kind of get in and go. you recover a lot faster. the next day, your back. i used to get body work done like massage and ice baths as a luxury. now i have to do that. >> reporter: what are those years in terms of an edge giving you? >> you don't realize how important experience is until you have those experiences and you can draw on them. i know it feels like to fight another champion, alexander brandt, august 6th, he is trying to stop me from a bigger goal.
10:35 pm
a two division champion. super middleweight and light heavyweight. finishing is extremely important to me. i started out good. i've had a tremendous career. how am i going to finish? >> reporter: you don't have any practice at losing. >> i actually do. i've had five losses as an amateur. 14 years old. i remember what it felt like. that will keep me going every day. >> reporter: how important is that oracle crowd? >> every guy that was eager to come here says i'll fight him again but not at oracle. not at oakland. they represent the hometown team and in my case the hometown fighter. i love them and appreciate them for that. and i couldn't ask for more. >> reporter: philip to the rafters. >> yes, please. let's continue to put the bay area and oakland on the map. there's a lot of positive things coming out of the bay area. >> it all happens saturday night, andre ward at oracle. you can catch stories about bay
10:36 pm
area people each weekend, join claudine wong saturdays on fox 2 at 6:30 a.m. and sundays on ktvu plus at 9:00 a.m. two bay area hospitals considering -- considered among the countries beth. and the 49ers put on the pads for the first time.
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overflowing toilets, humiliating strip searches and unsanitary conditions are just a few of the claims made by four women who sued alameda county after being held in the women's section of the jail in dublin. the board of supervisors approved a $130,000 settlement in their lawsuit. the women who were arrested during a protest at the state building in 2014 say they were shocked by the conditions at the jail intake area. >> there were women who were on their menstrual periods who were not given sanitary napkins and were bleeding all over themselves and they asked for change of pants and were not provided that for hours. >> there's blood and feces on the floor, on the walls. in one corner there's a bunch of old bloody clothes and menstrual pads. in the other corner old food like bologna sandwiches. and was -- the stench was remarkable. >> as part of the settlement the county has agreed to regular cleanings as well as garbage bags and sanitary pads for female inmates and a
10:40 pm
privacy curtain during strip searches. police have released a surveillance photo of a woman who robbed a bank today. it happened at about 10:20 this morning at the star one credit union on el camino real near page mill road. investigators say the woman waited in line and then gave a teller a note demanding money. you can see in this picture she is described as heavyset, 5'10", in her 20s or 30s, with long dark hair. a former san mateo police officer accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty pleaded not guilty to all charges today. the district attorney says noah winchester used his position of power to force himself on five victims threatening to arrest them if they didn't comply. he's been charged with 22 felonies. including kidnapping, rape and making criminal threats. his defense team says some of the victims were deemed not credible by investigators during initial questioning. winchester is being held in the santa clara jail. richmond police looking for
10:41 pm
a second suspect in the deadly shooting of a 15-year-old boy. 21-year-old parish roles of richmond is on the run following the killing of malika barnes earlier this year. he should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. barnes was shot to death, he was found in the 100 block of mcdonald avenue near the st. john's apartment complex. he died at the scene. one suspect has been arrested. 17-year-old was taken into custody last month. he is now facing murder charges with gang enhancements. two hospitals have made a list of distinguished medical facilities. u.s. news and world report ranks san francisco's ucsf medical center as number 7 on the best hospital on a -- honor roll. stanford ranked number 14. u.s. news says it evaluated the hospitals by using data including patient survival, patient safety and care related factors such as the amount of nurse staffing and the breadth of patient services. the mayo clinic in minnesota
10:42 pm
was number 1. on wall street the dow lost 90 points, sliding for a seventh straight day, longest losing streak in almost a year. the nasdaq is down 46 points. snp lost 13. economic professor shot and killed while chasing a thief. colleagues say it was in his nature to not be a victim. meteorologist rosemary orozco complete forecast. honey, is the internet back yet?
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grief counselors were on hand in los altos hills today after news surfaced a beloved teacher had been shot and killed. david markland taught economics at the school. he was gunned down in san jose last week while chasing down a suspect who had robbed him. colleagues say it was in his nature to try to write a wrong.
10:45 pm
>> he's the kind of guy that would call someone on behavior. not someone that's a by standard and would walk away. unfortunately it cost him his life but that the kind of person he was in his heart. trying to make things right. >> leaves behind a wife and two small children. no arrests in the case. california residents continue to save water even after statewide mandates were eased a bit. california residents used 21.5% less water in the month of june than during the same period in 2013 but that compares to 27% a year earlier. one official says with near normal rain and snowfall of the winter it was expected residents might ease up on their conservation. microclimate summer pattern will continue into wednesday, cooler the coast, mild around the bay and warm inland, not too hot, temperatures very similar to where we were this afternoon, a view of the low clouds along the coastline, the marine layer a little bit compressed today, yesterday was near 2000 feet. today 1300 and as a result some of our inland areas especially
10:46 pm
in the east bay a few degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. expected to stick in and cross over the bay, we'll wake up with partly cloudy skies away from the coast. if it does second to 2000 feet by morning time, widespread once again. so perhaps partly cloudy to mostly cloudy to start the morning with that afternoon burn off expected once again and onshore breeze not going away. from the wind bars, the onshore breeze continues at this hour, continue for the next few days. pattern not going to switch a whole lot, not until about thursday. high-pressure to the south of us, low pressure to the north, this trough is going to sink in as we get into the coming days. thursday, friday saturday, temperatures falling below average, especially for our inland communities. tomorrow, start out with morning clouds perhaps a little bit of patchy drizzle, afternoon sunshine with temperatures similar to today. into thursday, 5 to 10 degrees of cooling expected for inland areas.
10:47 pm
coast around the bay, not so much but again it will be a very mild pattern all the way through about saturday. temperatures will begin to rebound on sunday. thursday, friday saturday looking at 60s at the coast, mostly cloudy skies, 70s inland, low 80s expected for some of the warmer locations and i'll show you that extended forecast. for tomorrow morning low 50s in pacifica, upper 50s in livermore, low 60s for entering -- antioch. 82 expected for petaluma, 78 san rafael, upper 60s to low 70s for the east bay shoreline and 90 for pleasanton, 93 antioch, south bay 82 san jose, saratoga 85, peninsula 78 redwood city, 71 san bruno, 65 san francisco, extended forecast again, pointing towards thursday, where our inland communities will feel that cooldown cooldown, low 80s in the forecast, upper 60s around the bay, low 60s at the coast, we write that trend for a few days into the weekend, temperatures will rebound on sunday but very nice weather
10:48 pm
coming up. >> a far cry from a couple weeks ago when we saw hundreds. >> so warm. >> scorching. good news for the firefighters as well. >> that's true. thanks. sports director mark ibanez up next.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
apparently if you change
10:51 pm
uniforms in last couple days you did not play well. >> no. look at the box scores tomorrow, a lot of guys who change uniforms and they didn't have that he wrote beginning they were hoping with their new teams. starts with the giants. will smith gets the loss and eduardo nunez winds up making an error for the giants at third base. so two of the three newcomers help in the giants defeat you could say. it was an ugly one to say the least. not often you can say madison bumgarner didn't have it but the giants were at one point down 6-0, brandon crawford homered earlier, comes in with a two out, two run single as part of a five-run fifth. giants are within three and on the next pitch, brandon belt takes care of that. 12th of the year, three-run shot. 6-6. brand-new ball game but again, the phillies taking the lead, giants nab it right back in their half of the sixth,
10:52 pm
angel pagan with a man on cracks one, two-run shot, 8-7 lead. philly tied at 8-8, bottom of the eighth for philly, two runs charged to will smith in his giants debut. sergio romo didn't have it as aaron altherr went 3-5, 5 rbis, the big two run single helping -- they are now 12-4 -- 4-12 since the all-star break. but you know what? the story is pretty much the same for the dodgers. their new guy josh reddick goes 0-4 in colorado, and the l.a. dodgers to lose to the rockies. 7-3. so the giants are still two games up. as for the a's, who did lose josh reddick, downey disneyland tonight. and i'm the place, home runs were the game. five of them between the two teams, it was the east, the albert pujols double play ball polluted by marcus simeon. his eighth a in the last 18
10:53 pm
that led to this, we get jefry marte of sean manaea, three-run homer, deposited well over the wall. the a's down 5-2 in the eighth. yonder alonso, over and yonder with that one. a two-run laser to right. 5-4 but shawn but trojan closes the door with a save, first of his career. the a's lose another. change the subject a little, talk about football. you know it's going to be a challenging season. let's be honest for the san francisco 49ers. they can use all the talent they can get. they wind up getting the new guy in the off-season. they maybe didn't expect -- that would be anthony davis, right tackle. figured to be one of the best in the business before he
10:54 pm
retires for a year at 25 years old. sat out all of last season after a concussion. said he wanted to heal his body and mind. and he was asked if he regretted that decision of sitting out for a season. >> i knew that that was that this -- the decision i have to live with. dwelling on it wouldn't have done me any good. i have a lot of work to do on my mind and body. so i knew i was not ready to come back and play. so missing it wouldn't have done me any good. >> serious decision he made. you had to get back the money. >> yes. >> how much? >> a lot. i don't want to make people sick. >> [ laughter ] >> he did not get paid during that off time but man, he is really good. get him healthy and back in the ball game. meantime, remember everybody was talking if the warriors were to get kevin durant, might mess around with that chemistry. are we seeing a sign or two of some disgruntled players at the early stage? the warriors getting ready and that would be one of them right there, kevin durant the slam
10:55 pm
dunk. you will see another one klay thompson get assisted by kevin durant. on this next highlight. today, thompson was asked about what he called something that's been a little resentful for him, the word sacrifice. we all want to see each other do well, but i'm not sacrificing , fill your own word there, because my game isn't changing. at all. so kde, going to get your shots but he's going to get his too. keep an eye on that as we get closer to basket all season. a very interesting season. finally, you go out to the game and see something new every day. when you take care of things. take a look at this, i've never seen this happen before. >> bob davidson, i don't know what's going on -- did he just toss a fan out of the game? >> that's -- get that guy out
10:56 pm
of here. i've never seen that. bob davidson for the giants game tonight went over to the railing and signaled for security to eject that fellow in the blue shirt right there and later, the umpire bob davidson said he was using explicit language, sexual references, and he evidently got the power to take care of business and get a guy -- >> who knew? >> i've never seen that. >> i had my mom thrown out of the game once. she showed up with a megaphone. i kid you not. was yelling at the umpire. out you go. >> she's yelling for your team? >> yeah. she was a little upset. >> that is a mom. >> that's little different. >> i wonder if the remarks were aimed at him. >> a lot of kids around. >> just found it inappropriate? there you go. >> we're out of here. good night.
10:57 pm
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