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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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governor talks with us about guns and pot. the four on 2 starts now. ow. >> firefighters battle a 4000- acre wild fire not far from the town of winter. >> reporter: to fire continues to scorch the region where it's burning. there are no homes or structures threatened as the fire incinerates more remote areas. conditions are grueling on the firefighters. >> the firefighters will be dealing in near triple digit heat. they need to stay hydrated. we're concerned with the
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firefighters. >> reporter: this afternoon's winds might send fire in unpredictable directions. >> 20-mile an hour wind predicted to come in from the south. that's why we have all the aircrafts. that's why we have those up there trying to work on the line.
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you look at these pictures and it is hard to believe that 300 people could get off that plane. >> it's totally amazing. ing. that's the way the plane is designed. they have to get everyone off, out of all the evacuation areas, and the crew did that and did it magnificently. >> 90 seconds, 300 people.
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that's controlled chaos. >> they were trying to get their bags or computers. get yourself out of the plane as quickly as possible. >> in terms of what communication, take us through what could have been going on. >> from what i've heard and what i've read, the pilot knew something was wrong with the landing gear. they told the crews and the passengers to prepare for the landing. landing. >> after you land, there's
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other issues, right? what's the damage? what's going to catch on perfect. >> has hydraulic lines ruptured? all these things could come bust quickly. the idea is to get out and get away from the plane as quickly as possible. >> luckily the passengers got out. we saw a similar situation with the asiana flight in san francisco where chaos afterward cost people their lives. >> these are almost a controlled chaos situation. firefighters are trained to when they get the alarm and drive the truck as quick as they can to the scene. there's debris, there's smoke, there's fire. .
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it's surprised more people are not killed in these things. >> you talk about these landings. percentage wise, what is the likelihood when you know you're going to crash land that people can and everyone really besides that unfortunate incident with the firefighter there, walk away? >> more and more the numbers get higher and higher because the aircrafts are designed better, the crews are trained better. there are so many variables. is it on water? on the ground? is the plane intact when it hits? hits? the fact that everything is done from the beginning from the manufacturing, the training, the execution, you get the best odds possible when these things happen. >> this is a boeing 777. this aircraft has a fantastic safety record. what will they do now to look at this? this could have been really, really bad. >> under national law, the dubai government has authority
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on doing the investigation. boeing has a seat at the table. the ntsb because boeing is an american company. amer >> they should have a lot of information from the communications. >> the black box, the voice recorder, and the flight data recorder should be recoverable and get the information from that. >> we've seen some where it's in the water or there's debris and it takes a long time. >> it went into the runway and the plane was pretty much intact although it was burned a great deal. great deal. they should find that information rather quickly. >> thank you for your insight. moving on. the race for the white house. donald trump just lost a major republican backer. the reason she says she's choosing hillary clinton
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despite her loyalty to the gop. >> a lot of women are going to see bad moms with their other mom friends. in florida, two women went together, they brought their infants, and the theater management kicked them out. why they say they were discriminated against. checking out the maze. it's moving slowly into the city. if you're heading into the east bay, not so bad yet but it's still early. ♪ give yourself some time to get home. ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles.
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super poligrip is part of my life now.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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adobe photo shop fix is our app of the week. i like to show people how it works. you just download it off the app store. take us through the idea behind it. >> the whole idea is there are more people shooting and editing with their phones and tablets than there ever have been. tons of people are creating this content. >> normally when i had my nice camera and i wasn't taking all my photos off my phone, i would come back and upload them and
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fix them. can you do the same things you do on your computer at home or is it slightly adjusted? >> you can do things you haven't been able to do before, like make someone smile or open their eyes. >> what? that's what you're doing here. you're changing the face. >> directly manipulating the expression, the face. >> now we'll never know if a photo is real. there's a lot of people who would say photoshop is a little more complex and complicated for people who know how to work their computer. is this geared toward them as well or is this a little bit more photoshop for dummies? >> it's powerful enough for them, but it's designed for anybody to walk up and use it right away. >> people like me, i was playing around with it before.
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is it going to be you're at the most perfect place and you want to have this perfect picture. we're all amateur photographers or is it really for taking it to the next level? >> people take pictures of food and people, primarily. a lot of food. too much of it. and it's natural to want to clean those up. you can pick up trash, you can get rid of branding or lens flare or distracting elements in an image. >> was there a hole in the market for finding that? maybe people just software and app people and developers saying no one wants to bring a real camera anymore? >> this stuff is a difficult problem to solve. putting it in the touch environment has been pretty tricky to do. i think people absolutely want to be able to do this. >> i think scowling turning to smiling is genius.
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thank you so much. go try it out. thank you. former republican candidate for governor is endorsing hillary clinton. whitman is the ceo of hewlett- packard. she's going to endorse clinton and will donate to her campaign as well. whitman said in a statement trump's demagoguery has undermined the fabric of our nation's character. nation's character. he lacks both the policy depth and sound judgment required as president. the republican nominee is in the crucial battleground state of florida today. a battle may be brewing between trump, his campaign staffers, and members of the gop. p. we have the latest on the race
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for the white house. house. >> reporter: donald trump in daytona, florida attacking his favorite target -- hillary clinton. the two separated in the sunshine by just a fraction of one percentage point. >> we let isis take this position. it was hillary clinton, she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> reporter: but far from the florida battleground, threatening to throw trump's campaign into turmoil. his refusal to apologize has some republicans now endorsing hillary clinton. trump's campaign manager says all is fine inside the candidate's camp despite fox news reporting that trump allies are planning an intervention as what they are describing as a disasterous 48 hours. hours. >> i'm in control of doing the
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things he wants me to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton stopping in colorado today, a state she leads by 8 points according to the average real clear politics. as tim kahne made his way to north carolina to drum up democratic support. >> does anybody in this room believe donald trump? >> reporter: when asked about trump's non-endorsement of house speaker paul ryan, mike pence was quick to support ryan's reelection calling him a long-time friend and strong conservative leader. ervative leader. coming up, running for governor. the four on 2 will be right back.
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. 330 striking court employees lose court clerks as well as janitors. their last pay raise was 8 years ago. years ago. a hefty workload for those on the job. court officials have offered a 4.5% raise plus pensions. sions. legalizing marijuana in california, and he is also running for governor. we sit down with ganin new? w? newsystem. four on two will be right back.
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4000 acres already and firefighters are battling windy conditions. tom baker has more from yolo county. how are things looking out there? >> reporter: just a couple of minutes ago the winds were pretty calm. you know, just a few miles an hour. in just the last couple of minutes, they've picked up a
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little bit. maybe 5-7 miles an hour. if it keeps going up to 20, we're going to have some problems. the main body of the fire the burning up incredibly difficult territory. there's a lot of habitat for wildlife and it's a very difficult thing to fight. if you come back down here where we are, there was a fire that got started on the other face of the mountain and it's burned away the face of the hill closest to us. this is a situation still very much not under control and a situation that's causing concern because if the winds do come up, it's going to make these fires go up these canyons in an erratic way. if it goes erratic, it can spread quickly and get much larger. it was 200 acres yesterday,
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it's more than 4000 acres today. reporting live for ktvu, fox 2 news. >> our thoughts are with them certainly. you have the wind and access points. not an easy fight. gavin newsome is running for governor. for governor. in our question of the day, we solicited questions from facebook and twitter from you the viewer who. we're tackling four tough topics. the presidential election, gun control, legalizing marijuana. >> thanks for joining us here. let's start by talking guns.
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your ballot initiative has enough signatures. it will be on the ballot in november. ammunition is a big component. give us the ammunition factor and what this initiative will do to change the gun laws in the state? >> for prop 63, ammunition plays a role because we make the argument we should treat ammunition like we should guns. background checks is a raging debate. 80-90% of people support that background checks. in california, you can buy ammunition anywhere. there's no licensing requirements. day care centers could sell unlimited rounds of ammunition. we want to create a regulatory framework that operates
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precisely like regulations for guns. if you try to purchase a gun online, it has to be sent to a gun shop so you can get a background check. there's five other provisions from lost and stolen gun requirements. >> if someone loses a gun and they don't report it and now that gun is used in a crime later, the person that had the gun lost or stolen has no culpability. >> this is a huge issue for law enforcement. they made this a priority a few years ago. it's not been able to pass the california legislature or at least the governor's office. we'll have the ability to reconcile that and join other states that have a lost and stolen gun provision. it makes gun owners more responsible, not just more accountable. it bans large capacity magazines. this would codify that.
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and a relinquishment requirement. 10s of thousands of guns are in the hands of convicted felons because there's a backlog. there's no protocol to get the guns away from those individuals convicted. we would have the first relinquishment procedure. >> relinquishing guns, that plays right into the nras narrative that they're going to take our guns. is that a component that could kill this in the end? you're going to get a huge amount of money against. >> it's exactly what the nra preaches, which is enforce existing law. >> they can convince people they're coming to get your guns. >> i get the spin, but it's a pretty prerosterous one. if you are a dangerous felon,
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you are not allowed to have a gun. we should have a process to get that gun. this is close to 90% of the public supports that provision. it's common sense. it's a no brainer. i get the politics of it. the nra is opposed to any common sense gun safety legislation. legislation. we've seen a 56% decline in gun- related violence because of our gun safety laws. we know they save lives. california is proof positive of that point. >> we have a couple questions from viewers. from viewers. stats are rarely reported on exactly how many people use firearms to defend their life. could you explain your thoughts on defensive gun usage and your continued proposal, infringements on the rights of citizens? >> i don't know if it's an
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infringement to get a quick background check. there's been 2 plus million people that have been rejected that had felonies, and i'm glad they did. they did. a simple background check isn't an infringement. scalia said the 2nd amendment is not unlimited. you can't answer that question around gun-related incidents is nra has stopped all the federal funding for research. one of the things we need to address is some thoughtful scientifically based research on guns. again, ironically the gun lobby has stopped us. >> when you were mayor, you were so young at that time. you energized a lot of people in the city. looking back, were you ready for that job? >> i absolutely was and passionately so. we won by over 70% so the
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voters had the opportunity -- >> what are you most proud about? >> homeless issues. homeless issues. >> what's your answer to homelessness? >> housing and support services. there's no one answer to homelessness because everyone's unique background requires a unique approach. there's no one size fits all. it's a complicated issue. that said, you have to be on it 24/7. you have to be passionate and intense about it. at the end of the day, it's housing and supportive services to address the underlying reasons people are on the streets and sidewalks in the first place. >> including mental health. >> people self-medicating, physical ailments, all of these things are extenuating factors and make it such a difficult one. >> donald trump, this guy has had a lot of missteps and 99% of any other candidate in our
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history would be gone. >> he is teflon don. this is an anti-establishment candidate. first of all your take on trump and considering how well he's doing when you factor in the things he's said and done. >> bill clinton said something clears ago when we got she lacked in the mid-term elections. american people always support strong and wrong versus weak and right. it's a way of explaning this power dominance aggressiveness that comes out of donald trump. the challenge for the clinton campaign is to be strong and right. he's graded on the curve and he's given a different set of standards in terms of what he says and how he conducts himself.
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reality is the last couple of days, the last few weeks he's shown himself to be completely bankrupt in terms of morals and idol. . it's becoming problematic. >> we have to talk about marijuana. you are a proponent of legalizing marijuana in the state of california. colorado right now is the experiment. that's the number one problem in colorado. the teen usage of marijuana -- >> it's gone down. >> number one in the country. >> since legalizeization, teenage usage has dropped. one of the problems with this debate, there's a lot of misinformation. i'm not pro-marijuana, i'm anti-
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prohibition. >> why not wait? >> wait for black and brown people to be disproportionately impacted by this? continue to waste billions of dollars over the next few years? you can't criminalize your way to a drug-free society. we can get our arms around this. we can reduce consumption for young folks. we can get the cartels out of our own backyard and rationalize this. >> i can't believe -- i'm sorry. legalizing marijuana and usage goes down. there's not happening. usage will go up [ overlapping speakers ] >> you can't argue that. >> if it's illegal now, you say usage goes down when it's legal. >> i said in colorado. you have every right to your opinion, but i'm now trying to deal with facts. with facts. let's deal respectfully, let's
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deal factually. look at the study when we're done. teenage use went slightly down in colorado since legalization. that said, it's still too early. >> that's my point. why not wait? >> you have a war on drugs that for 40 years is devastating communities. how can i say wait and continue to incarcerate black and brown people disproportionate to caucasian people? wait to hug your kids because you're behind bars because you were 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for non-violent possession of marijuana than a guy who looks like me? taxpayers dollars are being thrown to the wayside because of perpetuation of a 40-year failure of a war on drugs? regulate tax. deal with the issues concerning
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our youth. our youth. march in a more enlightened direction. i just don't support prohibition. i think it's failed. >> you can watch the entire conversation on our youtube channel. he answers more viewer questions and talks about running for governor. if instagram's new story feature seems familiar to you, you are right. what they copied from snapchat and what some say it improved upon. that story ahead. ad. and in weather, lots of sunshine for most of the bay area. i am tracking a weather system that will send temperatures in one direction. we'll update the forecast. your weekend outlook after the break. k. let's check out highway 4 in bay point. things look pretty good right now. you are in good shape if you are headed in that direction.
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the key to our forecast is deeper marine layer that helps transport cooler air. ort cooler air. 80s to talk about. low clouds for the coast and near the bay. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures in most areas in the 50s and possibly drizzle once again, especially for places like san francisco. by lunchtime, stubborn cloud cover. 61. by 4:00 o'clock, skies becoming partly cloudy approaching the mid-60s. tomorrow definitely cooler. you will notice the change as the weather system moves in. i think the cooling will be reenforced for friday and saturday. that means for those two days, temperatures inland, the warmest locations around 80
4:46 pm
degrees. the key headline, no triple digit heat. no extreme temperatures out there. in fact, this will help the fire crews across the state as that marine air pushes inland. this forecast model showing that marine layer over san francisco, oakland, hayward, and freemont. even for santa rosa, that's a pretty deep marine layer. layer. still showing you partly cloudy skies there. inland more sunshine. temperatures there only in the 70s to the 80s for afternoon highs. fairfield 83. fairfield 83. lots of 70s for san rafel and santa rosa. oakland, 69. temperatures in the 80s out toward livermore and antioch. san jose will go 76. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast. we will continue to cool things off into friday and saturday.
4:47 pm
that means 60s and 70s. a few spots approaching 80 degrees. we'll warm up by sunday into monday. just fascinating because last week we were talking about the extreme heat and the weather pattern goes the opposite. >> it was a smidge hot. we are joined with a look at the stories we're working on for 5:00. >> it was a brutal home invasion that happened a couple of months ago. the suspect stole a special coin that was given to the victim by president obama. well, tonight at 5:00 we show you how the nation's oldest park ranger recently received a gift to help her feel more secure in her home. her home.
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today we are tackling instagram stories. released the new feature yesterday, and it allows you to draw, share photos with your friends. if it looks oddly familiar, it is. it's almost a direct copy of snapchat, but there are some key differences. joining us to explain those differences and why instagram stories is blowing up. let's talk about it. i read what you wrote on tech crunch 2. this is snapchat, basically. in large part. maybe not some key changes, but
4:51 pm
in large part it's similar to snapchat. >> its brilliance is how similar it is for snapchat. chat. you can upload your snapchat stories to instagram. >> you called it snapchat for adults. why snapchat for adults? >> instagram got popular four years before snapchat did. it has an older audience. a lot of adults have a big instagram following and it was tough for them, no matter how good the tools for creation were on snapchat to join and rebuild their social graph. by bringing those creation tools to instagram, they can do the off the cuff fun creation but with people watching. >> here's what i like. ke. it stays on your instagram
4:52 pm
feed. we don't have to add it. what's similar? it's a 24-hour cycle? it doesn't stay on very long? >> with both products, you shoot photos and videos up to 10 seconds long. you post them to your story. they're there for 24 hours. anybody who follows you can see them, and then they disappear forever. instead of the feed where you post something it lives forever and permanently have that reflected on you, you can put things up that are silly, funny, racy, ridiculous, or you just don't want to be judged by and they just exist for a day. >> for people who don't snap, there's this idea that it's maybe not good enough to be on forever but you are out there with your dog and you want to shoot something really quick.
4:53 pm
if people hate it, it's gone really quick. >> that's the problem for instgram, people strove for this perfection. only the highlights of their life. that meant that people only posted maybe once a day or once a or twice a week. >> you said they made it better. tell me about these differences. you think people will like it better than snapchat. >> they have cool drawing tools. it's easy to pick custom colors and brush types. the thing that's better about instagram stories is the fact that it's on instagram at the top of the feed. 500million people use it every month. by putting it in a much more
4:54 pm
popular place, you're just going to get more people viewing your story. tory. that's really important. when you put a window into the other people's lives at the top of instagram, people are going to fill it with content. they're going to fill it with content. content. it's not in a separate tab. it's right at the top of the feed. people are compelled to go there already. >> it sounds like the secret for success for the new app is people are vain and don't reinvent the wheel. >> what was really special was nobody wants to admit they've copied anyone else, even though no one wants to reinvent the wheel. if someone does something well, other people use it.
4:55 pm
when i asked him about how similar it looks to snapchat, he says they deserve all the credit. that was mind blowing because no one ever says that. no one's ever honest. i hope that pushes product creators in silicon valley to say it's not about who invented something, it's about who does it best and who has the most impact. >> thanks so much for the insight. i'll be on my phone. the four on two will be right back.
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the state that launched president obama into politics will soon be home to his legacy. we've learned the presidential center will be built in chicago's jackson park. chicago has been in the news recently with murders up 40%. the city's mayor calls the library a tremendous opportunity for the community. >> when you look at the one-two punch from the university of chicago, to our museum campus on the south side, there will be jobs, growth, and opportunity, obviously for the entire city, but specifically for the area throughout the south side.
4:59 pm
>> jackson park beat out hawaii and new york as the host as well as another south side location in chicago's washington park. the obama foundation expects the design process to take 12 to 18 months, then the center welcome back open in either 2020 or 2021. that's going to do it for us on the four on two. we go now to heather and ted for the 5:00. crews scramble as a fire near lake berryessa plods in size. good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowlands. frank and julie are off. the cold fire has consumed 4,000 acres. cal fire says 700 firefighters are trying to get a handle on the blaze. the fire is west of winters not far from lake berryessa.
5:00 pm
evacuations are in place at golden bear estates off of route 34. tom vacar is live in yolo county with the latest. tom. >> reporter: before we get to that, i want to show you something. the smoke that is now coming directly towards us, which is to say it it's blowing to the east, was actually blowing to the north. we're smelling a lot of smoke now. we're seeing that the main body of the fire still is over the mountains although there was a lot of fire around here earlier and there's still quite a bit of smoke. the situation is that this thing is growing. yesterday it was just 200 acres. today it is 20 times larger, and it continues to grow. the so-called cold fire continues to scorch the region where it's burning. fortunately right now there are no homes or structures that are threatened as the fire incinerates more remote areas near winters.


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