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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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underage boys. and good news for firefighters battling that blaze near lake berryessa. "the four on 2" starts now. he was convicted of all 162 counts in a murder corruption case, and now raymond "shrimp boy" chow is sentenced to life in prison. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowlands. a federal judge sentenced chow to two life terms. it's the conclusion to a long federal investigation is and high-profile scandal that also embroiled former state senator leland yee. >> tara moriarty spoke to chow's longtime girlfriend. >> reporter: also we heard from the judge is who calls chow power hungry. chow basically blamed everything on his lawyers. he said is he did not receive a fair trial but in the end the
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judge was unmoved. raymond "shrimp boy" chow spent more than an hour and a half bashing his previous attorneys, including tony cera. at one point he said, i feel i am the victim in this matter. prosecutors called for the harshest sentence is claiming chow was unremorseful especially during post-trial tv interviews. >> people look at me like i'm the bad person. hey, you know what, you just have to get to know me. >> reporter: today the judge is sentenced the 56-year-old to two life terms in prison. chow was convicted of ordering the 2000 killing of the leader of a chinatown fraternal organization. he was also found guilty of conspiring to murder another rival who was later found shot to death. and there were 159 counts of money laundering and dealing in stolen liquor and cigarettes. >> this is not how justice
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should work. >> reporter: chow's long time girlfriend says they will fight. >> i believe in his principle. he is one of the strongest people i've ever known. to be able to turn your life around like that, not many people can do that. >> reporter: after leaving prison chow said is he renounced his old gangster ways and started mentoring youth in 2010. >> he was sin is sear is and compassionate about helping the community up. not just chinese kids. he dealt with filipinos, latinos, blacks, whites. he really made kids want to make better choices in life. >> reporter: chow had maintained his innocence saying he was the target of unupis you los f -- unscrupulous fbi agents. >> he had no money, and the money that he did get from the agents, he thought it was out of respect because of what he's
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gone through. >> reporter: chow must also pay the government more than $16,000 and the family money to cover funeral expenses. they say they are positive it was simply a case of big egos that got in the way of justice. >> during sentencing what was the tipping point for the case? >> reporter: you know, the judge mentioned that. he said is the most damning piece of evidence against chow were the tapes from undercover officers. you could hear basically in chow's own words what was going on at the time. and he said that was very compelling evidence for those jurors. it wasn't hearsay. it was coming straight from chow's mouth. >> in his own words. tara moriarty reporting in san francisco. thank you. that same corruption case led to a five-year prison term for former state senator leland yee. he received that sentence after
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pleading guilty to taking bribes from undercover agents. in addition the judge also gave him a $20,000 fine. former school board president keith jackson, who also pleaded guilty, received a nine-year sentence. is a that clara -- santa clara county court workers were back on the picket line for a second is straight day demanding higher wages saying it has been eight years since they had a raise. this morning we spoke with the president of the union, and she was very candid about what it is like to not get a raise for several years. >> to be honest, i'm living with my mom right now. i'm 55 years old. in a sense, it's kind of is embarrassing. so over the past eight years it's been very tough, especially living here in this area. it's so expensive. a lot of our members are hurting. >> the union has rejected the court's latest offer of a 5.5%
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raise in the first year of a two-year deal. the main sticking point is there's no increase in pay for the second year. to london now where a knife attack has killed an american woman and injured five others. >> the woman is 64-year-old darlene horton. she is married to a skoal is lar from florida state university. they were in london for him to teach a class. >> reporter ben. is min hall has more on the investigation into the attacker who apparently close his victims at random. >> reporter: an american is dead following an attack in the british capital. the 60 is-year-old woman among the six people stabbed here in the square. >> those injured were australian, american, israeli, and british. we have, of course, spoken to the relevant embassies and will do what's necessary to support them. >> reporter: police used a stun gun to take down the suspect is, a nor begun national. investigators so far finding no
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link to terrorism and officials say the stack spree may have been triggered by mental health issues. >> at this time we believe it's a spontaneous attack and that the victims were selected at random. >> reporter: great britain has strict knife control laws. most police do not carry guns. more cops are being put on london streets following the incidents which happened shortly after authorities announced more armed officers is would be going on patrol following recent is attacks in -- recent attacks in europe. >> it's really important that londoners are reassured that all of us are doing our part to keep londoners safe. >> reporter: in london, benjamin hall, fax nows. a marathon standoff with a robbery suspect ended
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peacefully about an hour ago. that's 24 hours after it began. that suspect is, a man in his 20s or 30s, had been holed up at an apartment on miramar avenue. police say he suffers from mental illness and that he allegedly attacked a person and stole an electronic device from that person. witnesses saw the man go into the apartment and called police. >> we determined that this person does suffer is from some form of mental illness. >> the man appeared at the window several times shouting at officers. all along police believed he was alone in that apartment but did not know if he was armed. he communicated with the negotiator but did not make any demands. investigators say the suspect will likely face robbery charges as well as a mental health evaluation. is oakland native andre ward is back at oracle for what is being called a tune-up fight. >> jason appelbaum joins us now
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with what wood had to say. >> reporter: saturday nights can be pretty big at oracle. ward is an oakland-born guy. this is, you guys said is it, a tune-up file. when you say tune-up, you get in the round, and to us it's going to be a little more than a tune-up, but you can't overis look your opponent. but today they had a press conference trying to generate a little hype for this fight. it's against a little known boxer who fights out of bogota, colombia. he's 25-1, but he's 39 years old. he's fought quite a few times. ward is a 16 to 1 fight. you see the customary stare- down. no bad words exchanged. they were both very respectful. ward says is he is not overis looking brand in any sense. he says that brand has had 400 fights on the amateur side so
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he's very experienced. and then he played up the oakland angle. he says is he hasn't lost a fight since is he was 13 years old. >> for me to have a small role in maybe putting the bay area on the map on a national scale, it's a beautiful thing. i've been running this lake since i've been a kid. part of this area that we're at right now, these grounds that we're standing on helped build me, to make me who i am. to be here and have the media here is sur is real. >> reporter: oakland declared today andre ward day in oakland. he got a proclamation. ward trains out of king's gym. the big fight forward is in november. it is coming up. it'sing ahe is taking this
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very seriously. >> we had him on earlier in the week. he seems to really enjoy not beg in the spotlight like a really humble guy. >> reporter: he seems very humble. i've met him several times. he's the last boxer from the united states to win a gold medal in 2004. we haven't won a gold medal since then. maybe that will change. >> great opportunity for local fans to see him out there. are tickets available? >> tickets are available. they made a point to say at this press conference, hey guys, we want you to support andre ward. don't ask is for any freebies, but they said come out and bay a ticket to this fight. a lot of times steph curry goes. >> a lot of celebs do. >> he's very calculated. he packages himself very well. he's very smart. he doesn't fight too much. he likes to kind of take his time with these fights and
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stretch them out. only 29 fights in 12 years since going pro. >> we wish him the best of is luck saturday. a stubborn wildfire is keeping crews busy near lake berryessa. the tactics that firefighters are taking today as they try to gain the upper hand on the cold fire burning in yolo county. the weather should be helping out crews. cooler temperatures, more low clouds and fog as the marine layer takes center stage. coming up, the coolest day of the upcoming weekend.
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the digital age has redefined how a large number of communicate including kids. with hash tags used to carry on conversations, how is this changing our face-to-face interactions? is joining us now to talk about the shift is common sense's media amy. i was doing a little research is and i saw that the oxford english dictionary's word of the year in 2015 was, in fact, not a word. if you do emojis, it was that face with tears of joy. an emoji, not a word. says a lot about how we're communicating. >> we at common sense media are focusing on kids. kids send is an average of 50 texts a day. many kids prefer to communicate
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via text instead of face to face. >> for parents, describe, explain what these things are. it's a little bit of a slang. >> sure. kids have always used slang to communicate in some is way, shape, or form. it's a very interesting is revolution because kids have been texting for quite awhile. then they started adding emojis, the smiley face, the frown fair, which in some ways is quite good because it actually causes a child to stop is and think about what emotion am i trying to express. and so they're adding some context to the text beyond just the words which is an important part of communication. >> i get it that they are sort of mixing these emojis, but there is something to be said about a face-to-face conversation, and not only the words but our body language,
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our tone of voice. >> absolutely. >> all those things are sort of they gated -- negated when you communicate that way. >> absolutely. we say everything in moderation. so nothing replaces face to face conversation. as you said, communication is partially about what you are saying, but it is about your eyes and your face and your body language and your tone of voice. it's very hard to do that in a text communication. emojis and gifts take you a little bit along that way. our guidance for parents is make sure you actually have time. one, model that face to face conversation, but set is aside time without your device to communicate with the family. >> what other suggestions? is. >> number one bea great role model because kids don't hear as much what you say. they watch what you do. number two, we talk about sacred spaces.
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set a policy as a family. no devices in the bedroom, no devices in the car, definitely don't text and drive. and no devices at mealtime. lots of research is exists about the importance of not having devices before you go to bed. the other thing that we talk about is device-free time. at our house we have days-free dinners. >> so is it's like everyone is on board with that. they know there's not going to be any of that. >> device-free dinner. >> there's research is that suggests even having a phone -- that phone on the table in between us changes the nature of our conversation. >> so you want this put away. >> not even on the table. off the table, out of is line of sight so we're just having a conversation. >> it sounds is like what's most important for parents is to get to know your kids.
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do you encourage parents to communicate with kids in a digital manner as well? >> sometimes text is a far more efficient way to communicate. that's okay but it is not a replacement for live discussions. in fact, one of our researchers at common sense, and i'm thinking about this because my 12-year-old is as a summer is camp. they found that kids who spend a week away at camp, unplugged, are better able to show empathy, better able to read facial cues is just from beg a week in nature unplugged. profound. >> it is. i will leave you with this, a smiley face emoji. >> right back at you, heather. now let's swing that smiley face over to mark tamayo with good news. >> i will just call them out of the blue and say, stop is
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texting, we'll just talk to each other. but weather-wise, we have some good news. i've been hearing lots of comments about the cool-down. some lingering clouds that will have an impact on the firefighting efforts. taking a look at the cold fire, we started to talk about this yesterday, coming closer towards lake berryessa, we are coming tight to show you the terrain because that's a very challenging feature for the crews, not only for access but you get the shifting slopes, and that can change the wind direction and the wind speed as you get a funneling effect. right now good news, it is cooler than yesterday. yesterday we had temperatures near 100 degrees. right now in the upper 80s and a bit of a breeze. for tomorrow winds do pick up to around 15 miles per hour. the temperature is cooler, so improving conditions, but still a bit of a breeze to contend with for the fire crews as we head into friday. it is an on shore breeze. look at this. you can see banked up to the
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coastline, some of the overcast hugging parts of our shoreline. some stubborn overcast over a good portion of san francisco. you get the faint wind direction. that's a westerly wind. that's really picking up, especially out towards fairfield. it's having a big impact on temperatures. 74 at livermore, san jose 7 2, oakland 64, santa rosa 70 degrees. look at fairfield. that is a gust, that smaller number, up to 31 miles per hour. oakland airport, winds westerly at 17. more reports for you with half mon bay checking in at 3 miles per hour but stronger out towards sfo, 17. for tomorrow most areas will be the same is as today or cooler, looking out towards the oakland estuary. inland neighborhoods near 80 degrees. lots of upper 70s on the coast. definitely on the cool side. upper 50s to around 60 is. low clouds and drizzle. you may have encountered some
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drizzle earlier today. the plan in san francisco, 7:00 a.m., 53 degrees. by lunchtime mostly cloudy 59. by 4:00 temperature around 60 degrees. the cloud deck is going to be out there first thing tomorrow morning waking up to a lot of gray friday clearing back to near the shoreline and still some leftover patches near san francisco. tomorrow warmest locations only in the lower 80s. lots of 60s and 70s. san jose 75. half moon bay 60 degrees. your five-day forecast, saturday will be one of the coolest days of the week, then we'll gradually bump up the numbers. today felt like a day of change. >> definitely. >> more clouds, the jacket. it is going to stick around tomorrow. >> a little bit of breeze in the air. kind of felt like fall. >> exactly. even some drizzle. hats off to people with the umbrella today. >> thank you mark. coming up a series of campaign missteps some say are
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self-inflicted by donald trump. now the gop leadership is working with trump to turn things around. still to come, the hit trump is taking in the polls and what his base thinks about this rough week. all of that and more when "the four on 2" returns.
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while some evacuations have been lifted the cold fire is putting up a stubborn fight. >> the flames broke out tuesday west of is pleasant valley
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road. 47 acres have now -- 4700 acres, rather, have now burned and the fire is just 15% contained. here's the latest on the firefight. >> reporter: gusty winds yesterday fed the fire pushing it to more than 4700 acres. steep terrain is making it tough for crews to effectively control this fire. we do however have some good news for residents of the golden bear estate. the evacuation order was lifted at 8:00 this morning. so is 35 homes, those residents now allowed to return home. for the time being cal fire is continuing the evacuation order for canyon creek campground. we did see some campers in the area yesterday who told me that they felt comfortable staying in that area because that is a spot that cal fire is using as a staging area so they say with all those firefighters they actually feel pretty safe there. their strategy today is to keep that fire contained to the north side of lake berryessa to
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the north of is highway 128. the big factor of course the weather. yesterday there were some is high winds. that helped push the fire and cause small spot fires, firefighters hoping to keep that contained today. in the meantime progress is being made against the biggest wildfire in northern california. the soberanes fire is now 27% contained. hat burned 51,000 acres. that's just over 79 square miles, or the size of is oakland. firefighters have managed to keep the flames away from homes the past few days. a california mayor is taken into custody at a youth camp. he is accused of providing alcohol to teenagers and playing strip poke we are minors. the crime outlined in the criminal complaint against stockton's mayor. new polls show donald trump
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is losing ground to hillary clinton after a series of missteps along the campaign trail. still to come i will ask an outspoken supporter of donald trump what does the republican thom knee need to do to turn things around. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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the mayor of stockton faces
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felony charges including providing alcohol to a minor. 42-year-old anthony silva was arrested at the camp morning and has since is posted bail. investigators say a recording of cell phone audio shows strip poker. this comes just a week after the mayor was in the headlines for another reason. authorities said is it turned out that a stolen gun used to kill a 13-year-old boy in stockton last year belonged to the mayor. stockton police said silva did not report that the gun was
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stolen until a month after the boy's death. silva said he didn't live in the house where the gun was stolen sew was not immediately aware of the theft. he also denied being uncooperative with the investigation. stockton police recovered that stolen gun during a domestic disturbance call. it has by all accounts been a very tough week for donald trump. a series of campaign gaffes appear to be driving his numbers down. >> reporter: from being criticized for attacking a muslim american war hero to talk of an all-out campaign intervention, the tossing of a baby out of a rally, and his refusal to endorse house speaker paul ryan or senator john mccain, just about every political analyst agrees it's been donald trump's worst week yet on the campaign trail. but would you they ever be able to tell today. >> we have a movement going on like they haven't seen.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: trump is now trailing hillary clinton by 10 points nationally according to the latest fox news poll. the new york city businessman is also behind the democratic nominee in new hampshire, pennsylvania, and michigan. the negative numbers putting trump's vp running mate mike pence in a precarious position eliciting a pointed question from a young supporter. >> i eve been watching you lately, and i have been noticing that you have been mopping up on trump's words. >> differents in styles should never be confused with differences in conviction. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the trail leads donald trump by double digits with hispanics.
4:33 pm
in washington, joel is waldman -- joel waldman, fox news. >> i'm joined is by leo, a donald trump supporter. i want to get your take on several things but let's start with the khan family. still no formal apology from mr. trump. >> mr. khan was forced to bring down his website because he's suffering is horribly. mr. trump has never attacked the soldier, number one. number two, the khans attacked donald trump because they're political peons in this game by the dnc. the fact is that cleveland saw hillary with less than 100 people in a church, and people are coming out by the tens of thousands to support donald trump. the numbers speak for themselves. the real numbers. not the skewed numbers made up by the media. >> so no apology needed in your
4:34 pm
opinion. what about the purple heart joke? at some point it was obviously a joke. most people understand it was a joke. but do you wish he would stop being the one-liner candidate and be a little bit more careful? >> we're preoccupied in this country with a man what can produce jobs. donald trump makes jobs. >> i know, leo, but the joke thing. >> get away from the reality. we need jobs and we need security. the rest is baloney. it's from the media who is receiving millions of dollars every month in advertising dollars from hillary's campaign. >> you don't want to talk about the joke. i'm sure you don't want to talk about the baby crying incident, either. how about paul ryan? i understand that paul ryan's opponent in wisconsin is a donald trump supporter, but first of all, from a practical standpoint paul ryan is going to win that election. >> the establishments is over. paul ryan took money from the
4:35 pm
clinton campaign. he is finished. this establishment stuff has got to stop. this has to come back to america for the people, not for the people that are upstairs. good-bye, mr. ryang bye ms. meg whitman, good-bye any of these bozos who think they can attract any votes. you are going to see a landslide in this country and will you seat on the street. every time trump appears and every time he speaks, and nobody has to tell him how to talk. >> what about the polls? >> he doesn't need a prompter to avoid speaking to the press and then coming out for 10 minutes. >> the polls, due attribute that to the dnc bounce or do you think hat something is to do with -- >> the only poll that counts is election day, and that's the one that's going to tell the truth, and we're less than 100 days away. watch. you are going to be surprised by the number of people that come out and support trump. not only that, you are going to be surprised by the number of hispanics that will vote for trump because they believe that
4:36 pm
we need jobs and security, not 100 million americans out of work. we need people back to worth. >> leo, always appreciate your can door. he is the northern california chair. >> and soon you will see me in a bigger role in the trump campaign. >> he willo thank you. president obama updated the fight against isis. he said is even though u.s. and allied troops have made head way in syria the terror group still has the power to inspire external is attacks by small cells or individuals. >> what isil has figured out is that if they can convince a handful of people or even one person to carry out an attack on a subway or at a parade or some other public venue, and kill scores of people as opposed to thousands of people,
4:37 pm
it still creates the kinds of fear and concern that elevates their profile. >> the president said the fight against this widespread network is more difficult but he said is as we work hard to dismantle it, our intelligence gets better and that eventually america will win. he also took a stab at donl domestic by staying killing of terrorist families or the borrowing of islamic immigrants is not the way to go. still to come oakland schools have reached a settlement with the family of an autistic boy who was held down by staff over and over for nearly a year. why this east bay family says their case will help others. and in weather a big drop i don't have in bay area temperatures out there. right now we have clear skies in san jose but still lingering clouds near the coast and bay. we'll let you know how long the cooling trend will last.
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president obama commuted the sentence of 214 more federal inmates yesterday. most of the prisoners are low- level drug offenders like thomas ross of fairfield who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing supplies used to make meth. joining me now to discuss the impact of the president's actions is and drug crime
4:41 pm
convictions of dr. kirk james, professor of social work at new york university. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> so 214 prisoners will be released earlier. that is the largest single-day grant of commutations in history but you argue more should be released. >> absolutely. i think more americans believe that our justice system should be impartial, yet what we're seeing is a system that has predominantly played on poor people of color. we see disproportionate rates for people of color versus whites, for instance. >> so some people at home might be wondering how the president determines this. so there is a list of criteria that the administration puts together. most of those have served long drug crime sentences that would likelily have been much shorter under current law. can you talk to us a little bit about why that is, in fact,
4:42 pm
such a role here, plays such a factor here? >> well, i think we really -- it's great that obama is allowing so many people to be released, yet we're really not addressing why these people are there in the first place. i think it is more important than actually looking at the issues that are utilized in allowing people to be free. so if we look at the laws, specifically racial aspect of these laws, we see truth in sentencing, we see the drug wars, and these policies have predominantly affected people of color. i think it's great that we are now looking at these laws saying, these people shouldn't be in jail in the first place. but i think if we are going to change this problem, if we're going to reduce the problem of mass incarceration we really need to look at the root of
4:43 pm
these issues. >> what do you suggest that we do? what needs to be done? >> well, i think there needs to be a radical examination of our justice system is. we can look, and these things are not contemporary issues. these things are historical. when we talk about mass incarceration, mass incarceration started with the 13th amendment. right after that we had black code. it essential criminalized every facet of black life. 200 years later we've seen the same thing, laws that target people of color. there needs to be a radical examination of the policies and the processes and the theories that have allowed this. >> to those critics who say these folks did in fact commit crimes and were sentenced to that should not be released? >> to the people who believe they shouldn't be released? >> correct. >> well, here's the thing again. why are these people in prison in the first place?
4:44 pm
if we're going to solve the mass incarceration problem we have to look at this. i think maybe the elephant in the room is maybe black criminality. it's okay that so many people are in prison because they're of color. but why are they in prison? we need to look at the -- we need to look at the s is ocio -- we need to look at the socioeconomics. what's interesting about this, but not to be the bearer of bad news but 80% of people released from prison actually end up back in prison in three years. it's not that people want to go back to prison, it's that opportunities are not there for them to be successful. so a lot of the president's language has been around,
4:45 pm
giving people a second chance, but in reality a lot of these people have not had a first chance. we see that people in prison lack education. we see the previous lens of mental health in prison. we see the previous lens of is poverty in prison. so all these challenges are now exacerbated by the criminal justice system is and these people, once released, are going to have these same challenges. >> dr. kirk james from new york university, thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. let's check back in with mark tamerlan and our weekend weather looking good. >> a big temperature drop out there. in fact, over 10, 12, 15 degrees. you can see what's happening on satellite. lots of low clouds. it looks like summertime for california. there's that fog bank towards eureka, the bay area, and here's point conception for southern california. a little bit of clearing off the los angeles county
4:46 pm
clothesline. the low clouds will roar back in overnight. that is the plan for us as well. we have been cooling off as you can see these numbers compared to 4:00 yesterday. livermore 17 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. concord and fairfield down 14. santa rosa down eight degrees. that has been the main headline. you can see the main reason why. there's the low cloud deck out towards the marin headlands. still some is leftover patches for oakland and al immediateda. that's going to cap our temperatures over the next couple of days. i think today is probably the biggest day of change in temperatures. right now we have 70s. remember last week at this time we had temperatures close to 100 degrees. not the case for today. san jose 72. san francisco 60 degrees. santa rosa at last check reporting 70. here is our live camera. you can see the low clouds. tonight increasing low clouds. tomorrow we could have some drizzle again. i saw some drizzle last night and this morning near the bay.
4:47 pm
that could be a factor for friday. the weekend, looks like our next warming trend that will begin on sunday. for the second half of the weekend. outside lands begins tomorrow, and i think most years there's a shiver at golden gate park. that will be the temperatures tomorrow. maybe the lower 60s at lunch tame, then mid-50s by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. but typical summertime weather near the coast and out towards golden gate park for tomorrow. plan on that if you are headed to day one of outside lands. as far as our cooler forecast, earlier in the week we had the the dense fog but the marine lay hear deepened. with that we had that cloud deck making its way inland. tomorrow essentially the the same deal. 60s and zentz out there, maybe a few neighborhoods approaching the 80 degree mark. tomorrow essentially the same deal with clouds in the morning. a sun/cloud mix as the clouds gradually clear back to near the coastline. here we go.
4:48 pm
tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. waking up to a lot of gray. once again some drizzle. in fact, this forecast model pretty aggressive trying to shoot that fog out toward the sacramento valley. let's keep an eye on that. as you can see the clouds pull back to near the shoreline, temperatures inland to right around 90 degrees. that's for the central valley. temperatures for tomorrow, you could see 80s out towards antioch and brentwood. 70s for santa rosa. san francisco only 61 degrees. definitely bring the jacket. half moon bay 60 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, saturday will be the coolest of the period. sunday will gradually bump up those numbers and maybe some low 90s by monday into tuesday. but outside lands tomorrow, duran duran is playing, so they're going to be shivering. >> what a great group to take the stage. >> absolutely. >> mark, thank you. coming up "the four on 2" will be right back.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. ♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ time for us to get social. a couple of apple-related stories. >> the tech giant says is hat closed the pay gap between male and female employees. the company released its annual report on diversity and says is every employee earns equal pay for equal work. the company subpoena 1% female from last year. the report says that new hires from june 2015 to june of this year are more diverse than current employees. >> it's great to see a tech giant like apple making those sort of strides. hopefully other companies
4:52 pm
follow suit. meantime a youtube host has apparentlily gotten his hands on the new iphone 7 plus. yesterday they upis loaded this video thank ago chinese manufacturer for giving them a mock-up of the new phone. >> you can see it looks like it's a different color, blue. everyone is going to want it. 15th deed this is a look at the new phone it apparently has two cameras and is blue, and it does have a different jack i guess. >> and also the iphone 7 plus is expected to have a lightning port, and that's where that chinese manufacturer comes into is all this. it is now crowd funding to develop a lightning powered headphone set for the for the
4:53 pm
new phone. we shall see if there is a rush for the new iphone. >> "the four on 2" will be right back. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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a settlement is has now been reached between the oakland unified school district and the family of is an autistic boy who was restrained in school over and over for nearly a year at a school that special is lieses in serving
4:56 pm
autistic children in concord. as cristina rendon reports on what the u.s. department of education found about the treatment and the changes the district is now changing. >> they held me down a lot, like even when i did small things like disrupting the class. >> reporter: 12-year-old stewart of is oakland is autistic. he recalls a dark tame when he was nine at the anova center for education in concord. he was restrained 92 times over an 11-month period for more than 2200 minutes. >> every time it happened, it seemed like it was getting longer and longer, the amount of time they held me down for. eventually they took me into a separate room for it. >> reporter: bonnie says is they were called prone restraints. two to three people would hold her son facedown for an average of 29 minutes a day for his issues. >> we kept telling them, something is not working, and they would tell us, it is going
4:57 pm
to have to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: she says her son would spend more time out of that room to do his work. >> it's just a cycle of horrible pain. >> reporter: this report found the autistic boy was restrained for a number of reasons. running into the classroom screaming after stepping in dog droppings, throwing a claire and expressing frustration over a card game. in one case he urinated on himself during the frustration. the district is cano longer contract with schools who use prone restraint. >> i feel very proud and hopeful that this is going to change for other children. >> i think it's great because it was very -- it was horrible. i am very glad that i'm making a difference. >> reporter: the oakland
4:58 pm
unified school district says their highest priority is a safe environment for all children. they are working to comply with the terms of that agreement. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the federal government has looked into the practice of restraining students in response to behave i don't recall issues. in may 2009 the u.s. government accountability office found that no federal law existed to prevent educators from restraining or placing students in seclusion. >> they also found that state laws varied widely. the research was prompted by cases of children who were diagnosed with autism, learning disabilities, and even posttraumatic stress disorder. in one case in texas a 14-year- old boy died after a teacher put him in a prone restraint and laid on top of him. the death was ruled a homicide but a grand jury did not indict the teacher. in february of 2014, iowa
4:59 pm
senate democrat tom harken introduced a bill to end those practices. it would have banned those restraints and only allowed a child to be restrained when a student's behavior posed a physical risk to other students. the bill died during the session. ,an organized crime bust ends in two life sentences for raymond "shrimp boy" chow. good evening. i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off tonight. his prosecution was part of a major organized crime investigation that also entangled a state senator. the judge caused chow dangerous and power hungry. she also spoke to chow's
5:00 pm
longtime girlfriend who up until now has remained silent. >> raymond "shrimp boy" chow spent is more than an hour and a half bashing his previous attorneys including tony cera. at one point he said, i feel i am the victim. prosecutors called for the harshest sentence claiming chow was unremorseful especially during interviews, like this one with ktvu. >> people are thinking, look at me, i'm the bad person. hey, you know what, you've just got to get to know me. >> today the judge sentenced him to two life terms. clow was convicted of ordering the killing of the leader of a china town fraternal organization. he was also found guilty of conspiring to murder another rival who was later found shot to death in 2013.  and there were 159 counts of mon fee laundering and dealing in stolen liquor and cigarettes. >> this is not how justice should work. >> reporter:


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