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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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longtime girlfriend who up until now has remained silent. >> raymond "shrimp boy" chow spent is more than an hour and a half bashing his previous attorneys including tony cera. at one point he said, i feel i am the victim. prosecutors called for the harshest sentence claiming chow was unremorseful especially during interviews, like this one with ktvu. >> people are thinking, look at me, i'm the bad person. hey, you know what, you've just got to get to know me. >> today the judge sentenced him to two life terms. clow was convicted of ordering the killing of the leader of a china town fraternal organization. he was also found guilty of conspiring to murder another rival who was later found shot to death in 2013.  and there were 159 counts of mon fee laundering and dealing in stolen liquor and cigarettes. >> this is not how justice should work. >> reporter: chow's longtime
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girlfriend says they will fight and appeal. >> i believe in his principle. he is one of the strongest people i've ever known. and to be able to turn your life around like that, not many people can do that. >> after leaving prison in 2003 chow said is is he renounced his old gangster ways and turned to mentoring youth. he started volunteering for a nonprofit in 2010. >> he was sincere and compassionate in helping the community up. not just chinese kids. he dealt with filipinos, samoanas, blacks, whites. >> reporter: chow has maintained his innocence saying he was the target of is unupis you allows fbi agos, agents who handed him cash worth $60,000. >> he had no money and the money did he get, he thought it was out of is respect because many people would give him money as he walked around chinatown out of respect for what he has gone through. >> reporter: chow must pay
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$15,000 to the government and money to cover funeral costs. they say this was simply a case of attorneys and judges who let their egos get in the way of justice. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. former state senator leland yee is serve is ago five-year prison term stemming from the same corruption case. he received that sentence after pleading guilty to taking bribes from undercover fbi agents. in addition to the sentence the judge also handed yee a $20,000 fine. former school board president keith jackson who is pleaded guilty received a nine-year sentence. fire crews say they are making progress on the soberanes fire. hat burned 51,000 acres. that's just over 79 square
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miles, or the size of oakland. firefighters have managed to keep the flames away from homes for the past two days. in yolo county some evacuations had been lifted but the cold fire is putting up a stubborn fight. the flames broke out just after 4:30 off of highway 2 just west of pleasant valley road. crews are battling the flames from the ground as well as the air. tactical aircraft, including several is types of helicopters and a d.c.-x on the firefight. >> essential what they're doing is they're overseeing the air operation. they're ensuring that the air tankers and the helicopters aren't overis lapping. they're worning the air tankers in one area, the hell cop tirns another area. >> so far 4700 acres have been charred. the fire is 15% contained. firefighters are making progress that in fire. mark tamayo is here with a first look at our weather. that is good news. >> is more moisture, more fog. we'll probably have the next update in the next one to two
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hours. hopefully some improvements on the containment but probably the biggest challenge it seems like every fire is the terrain and the breezy conditions. they were ready for it yesterday. as you can see on satellite lots of low clouds extending locally back into the bay. even though it is clear for this area that marine air is making its way into the area so today is cooler than yesterday. yesterday we had temperatures up to 100 degrees. here is a look at winds at the surface. a southerly wind trying to sneak into the area. we talked about the terrain. you can see the fire zone. you have all these canyons here. the access is difficult. you get the air that moves through. it can accelerate and change directions. it's always complicated to put one wind speed because the air is moving around. right now we have a current temperature of 89 degrees. that is an improvement.
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relative humidity 25%. one sensor around 10 miles per hour. for tomorrow it will be cooler. good news. temperatures only in the lower 80s around the fire zone. winds out there are increasing in the afternoon around 10 to 15 miles per hour. the moisture levels will continue to come up as well so i think we should have better news as the fire crews try to get a better handle on this fire as the weather conditions change. we're talking about ally cooler forecast. we'll take a closer look at your forecast highs in a few minutes. by this time tomorrow afternoon thousands will be packed into golden gate park for the annual outside lands festival. as rob roth found out people can expect tighter security, high-tech bracelets and lots of traffic. >> reporter: 210,000 people are expected to converge for the three-day festival. there's still last-minute work but the promoters say outside lands will be ready to rock when the gates open tomorrow at 11:00. here in the polo field in golden gate park crews were still putting extra shine on the main stage which promoters
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say will be an iconic center piece. >> it's an homage to the bay area. it lights up and does many things. >> reporter: the festival features fraction duran duran to lionel richie. >> we're in touch with sfpd and the fbi. there are a lot of different security elements whenever you put on a large event that 10 or 15 years ago we didn't think about. so the lines may take a little bit longer. we're wanding everybody. >> reporter: the festival is also going cashless. ticket holders will get one of these high-tech wristbands. >> there's a digital chip that lives in this piece of the wrist band that you can go onto the website and register is your name and your credit card information. >> reporter: neighbors in the
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nearby richmond and sunset is districts are bracing for the festival. this woman who lives across from the park says what happens when people leave each night isn't too pleasant. >> urinating in the garden, sitting on my front step smoking, leaving all kinds of trash around, just really impacting the neighborhood. >> reporter: people are urged to take public transportation here. street parking anywhere near here will be mission impossible. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> there are new developments in the arrest earlier today of the mayor of stockton, anthony silva. the arrest tack place at the mayors youth camp. as joe kalil reports the mayor is facing number of charges involving youth people at that camp. >> reporter: confronted by fbi agos, arrested and hauled off to jail. stockton mayor anthony silva taken into custody accused of providing alcohol to minors, even playing a game of strip poke we are underis age kids
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and secretly recording them at his summer is camp for underis privileged children. >> reporter: anything you want to say to the people of stockton? >> reporter: he gave no comment on his way out of jail. fox 40 was there as four unmarked fbi vehicles arrived to take silva into custody, the same location where silva allegedly committed those crimes one year ago. according to court documents four video clips were discovered on his cell phone. bun of them investigators say was a game of strip poker with underis age campers. moments after the video began investigators say silva sat down his cell phone, providing only an audio account of what took place next. according to transcripts of the recording silva is heard persuading underis age campers to take their close off, at one point joking that it's quote, an amateur thing for vegas. one of the main nourse, a 16- year-old, allegedly ended up completely naked. minors were heard talking about
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the amount of alcohol they drank in silva's presence. one said is, quote, i'm done with these expletive drinking games. one kid was heard asking for his clothes back. >> the information they've had had is almost a year old. >> reporter: silva is' attorney maintains his client is innocent. he is not ruling out dirty politics despite the overwhelming evidence against silva. >> it does raise sues is spifn -- sues is spifn -- suspicion. >> you guys should be here doing a story of inner city kids at camp. >> reporter: we spoke to him about a handgun registered in his name. silva was upset we didn't highlight the positive aspect of his camp but newly released information shows that something much darker was
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happening there. >> silva now faces three misdemeanors and a felony charge. the year-long investigation was led by the fbi with help from the san joaquin district attorney's office. >> federal investigators say they are looking for answers in that deadly bus crash on highway 99 in the san joaquin valley. the ntsb says is investigators arrived at the scene yesterday and are using lasers to scan the crash site. the bus hit a sign post early tuesday morning, nearly slicing that bus in half. four passengers died and 23 people were hurt. the driver is too badly injured to be interviewed right now. the ntsb says hat issued subpoenas for his medical records. >> we will look at all aspect of this collision. for example, is fatigue an issue? was there a mechanical issue with the bus? any roadside design features that may have contributed or could have helped prevent the
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collision. >> the highway patrol asks anyone who saw the accident to come forward. the ntsb says the investigation could take up to a year. president obama spoke on the fight against isis. he said he was just is briefed by the national security council and that military leaders told him we've made substantial is head way against isis in syria and iraq. he said we've been hammering isis with air strikes, more than 14,000 so far. but when it comes to the fight against a broader network of individuals is launching smaller attacks mr. obama said it's a much more difficult fight but that we will eventually win. at one point he took a stab at donald trump without mentioning his name. >> if we start making bad decisions indisscrim is gnatly killing -- indisscrim is gnatly
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-- indiscriminatelily killing civilians, those kinds of strategies can end up back firing. >> he said it's the law and that if someone is wants to be president they need to start act presidential. there are reports that the isis leader in egypt has been kid. egyptian military officials said is he and 45 members of his group were killed during appear operation on the sinai peninsula. a second straight day of strikes. court employees hoping for a raise find out where one worker tells us she's forced to live because she can't afford rent while working for the court. to show the public how sea level rise is going to impact this area. >> how a local start-up is giving people a new way to look at sea level raises and one of the most vulnerable places in the bay area. and in we that you are big drop i don't have in temperatures for today. outside we have low clouds and
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firefighters rescued a worker from a naval ship this afternoon. the worker fell into a small space as the ship was being worked on in dry dock at the dogpatch neighborhood. firefighters had to be lowered by work, then the victim was lifted back out. firefighters say the man has moderate injuries but was conscious is and breathing --
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conscious and breathing. family and friends of 43- year-old jonathan de guzman paid tribute to him at a catholic church. the media was not allowed in for the mass. de guzman was shot and killed last thursday when he and his partner stopped to question two men on the street. one of the men opened fire on the officers. de guzman was killed. his partner was injured but survived. a public service is planned for tomorrow. recent studies have charted an acceleration in sea level rise. tom vacar now with the new way people here in the bay area can see what's happening. >> reporter: seaside and bayside turns out to be california's most vulnerable
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sea level rise area. using maps from noaa as well as the u.s. geological survey the viewers show what the area will look like as sea levels go higher. the current view, with high tides and sea levels rising, water occasionally creeps ashore. one scenario allows the status quo to be protected in the future. another sen is nare yow, raising the beach, can ward off real problems for decades. the "do nothing scenario" sees the shoreline receding within a few decades. >> i think this helps people look at solutions. >> reporter: the risk assessor says seeing stimulates thinking. >> this really gets the conversation going in a positive way and helps people envision a future that they
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might want. >> when you think about the future it's so important to have a visualization of what it will be like. so this tool will make people think about that future in a very different way. >> reporter: the supervisor says is they should be available bay area wide. >> closer to home, the more people respond to a challenge. >> reporter: unless you're a climate change denier, the real value of this is that you can see what the consequences of sea level rise are by seeing it yourself. that means when young people look at it they can see their future. when older people look at it, it could be a call to arms to do something about it now. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> cool technology. >> that's what i was going to say. technology allowing us to see the future and make up our own minds. check in with meteorologist
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mark tamayo. when you look at that area, one of the most vulnerable areas in the bay area. >> it will be interesting with they put in that san francisco to get another perspective. we get a tiny preview when you get the king tides, then you had a the rain on top of that. maybe for a few hours a day you get an idea. that will be an interesting look over the next few years. hopefully they will continue to spread those observation is posts. as far as weather we're not talking about rainfall today except in the form of drizzle. a solid deck of low clouds toward the coast. here ssks the bay area shoreline, then down towards southern california. that marine lay ser going to deepen. last week it was like this, and now it is going like this. as far as the temperature drop today compared to yesterday at least 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, could you see
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temperatures down a good 14 degrees in concord and livermore. san jose down eight. santa rosa five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. as you can sea right now a big push of is low clouds and fog. it really cleared out over san francisco. increasing out toward oakland. i think we will have more low clouds push into the inland valleys as we head into friday morning. as far as current numbers, livermore 7 2, san jose 71. oakland 64. san francisco checking in at 60 is, santa rosa 6 degrees. look at fairfield. that's a gust up of to 32 miles per hour. typically when you get a southwesterly wind that translates to ally cooler forecast. sfo, a wind gust of up to 26 sues is stained.
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-- sustained. here is a live camera showing you high clouds. around the bay 60s. the beaches only close to 60 degrees. the marine lay ser deepening. temperatures, we're not talk about any extreme heat. last week we had temperatures near 100. not the case for tomorrow. low clouds, possibly some is drizzle to start out your friday morning. temperatures will be in the 50s. here we go with all of the overcast first thing tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy, probably still some leftover patches near the shore. out toward san francisco temperatures will be in the sick is and 70s. warmest locations in the 80s out toward antioch and brentwood. san jose mid-70s. your five-day forecast, saturday, one of the coolest days of the week, then we'll gradually bump up those numbers for sunday, monday, and tuesday. at least we're not talking
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about triple digits. the fog back to the rescue for us. it is going to stick around. >> sound is pleasant. >> actually very comfortable. >> thanks mark. coming up an american dies after a stabbing spree in london. why investigators are not at this pointed linking this attack to terrorism. >> coming up at 6:00, more than a year after a mother was shot and killed during a gun battle, a crucial hearing gets underway focusing on evidence in the case. is and continuing coverage on the fight against isis. more on what president obama had to say about the threat and what he is calling on to do more in the upis hill battle against the terror group. ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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questions remain over a u.s. cash payment to iran that took place as american prisoners were being released. critics are calling the payment ransom. the white house arranged for an unmarked cargo plane carrying $400 million in currency to be delivered to iran on or about the same day that the regime released five prisoners. the administration maintains that that paint was part of a settlement is over longstanding iranian claims for an arms daily in the '70s. secretary of state john kerry added his voice denying that the u.s. paid iran in exchange for those american prisoners. >> the united states of america does not pay ransom and does not negotiate ransoms with any
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country. we never have and we're not doing that now. it's not our policy. >> members of congress are seeking is answers on this. under oath, chairman jason chavez wrote to secretary of state -- secretary kerry demanding all documents related to the transaction and that the secretary appear before the panel for questioning. turning now to london and a knife attack that left an american woman dead and five others injured. police say the stabbing spree happened in london's roughly square late last night. the -- russell square. she was married to professor richard wagner what was teaching a summer class. police say the 19-year-old suspect may have mental health issues. they don't believe terrorism is the cause but more armed officers are now being deployed on the streets of london because of is recent is terror attacks. >> we want to deter the people would might attack us and make clear we're deadly serious.
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>> most of london's 31,000 police officers are unarmed. less than 3,000 of them actually carry guns. across the country there is a backlog of rape kits that has not been tested for dna and other evidence but in alameda county the number of untested kits has been cut unhalf. -- cut unhalf -- cut in half. >> how the district attorney got it done. >> reporter: jesse gary live in san jose. if you have gotten used to seeing is picketers in front of the hall of justice, they have left for today and will not be back tomorrow. i will tell you about that after the break.
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for the second day superior court in santa clara operated on a urn basis, this after the court clerks walked off the job is and vowed not to return until sub is stan active -- until substantive negotiations resume. jesse gary is covering the latest on this. >> reporter: behind me now the lines have ended for the day. plans are underwisconsin to move to a new destination tomorrow. this means at least a three-day strike, possibly more, the toll of this having an impact on
5:31 pm
everyone from court patrons to employees. buried behind the chants and the signs and the bad blood, the second day of this court clerk strike is hitting home for one worker. >> me and my child are at a shelter right now, and i haven't been able the to afford the market rate of rent. >> reporter: this woman didn't want to give her last name but she's one of the court staffers picketing in front of the hall of justice. the 17-year employee says failing health forced her to work a four-day week, then skyrocketing rent, coupled with stagnant pay put her in a homeless shelter. >> i'm out here just like my coworkers so that we can get a pay increase so that i can make it in this county. >> reporter: union leadership says their average salary is about $52,000 a year. it's been eight years since their last race which would
5:32 pm
equal over $56,000 in today's market. they have also lost paid holidays. >> this is the most expensive place to live. >> reporter: the union president said that expense didn't prevent the court from building itself a brand-new home. the $240 million eight-story tower consolidates all the courts and many social is agencies -- many social agencies under one roof. >> part of that money could have been diverted to help the court workers with they consider family. >> reporter: not true, according to a spokesman for superior court. he says is building new -- he says building new saves money. speaking to the changes he says is we didn't have they way to foresee this and that wasn't
5:33 pm
bad planning. he says the new courthouse is safer, more convenient, and the rate thing to do. what should be a celebration for this county is being marred over a labor issue. that labor issue limiting service. >> they were talking about how the clerks weren't available. >> reporter: one worker worries raising back pay to where it was before the recession won't provide relief or a way out of a homeless shelter. >> all i can do is pray that something comes along. >> reporter: she is is hopeful that a pay raise of 5.5% in the first year coupled with a cost of living increase in year number two, that's what the union is asking for, will be enough to get her out of the homeless shelter. union leaders vow that the pick will continue until negotiations resume. they broke down on july 25th. so the lines will be back out
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tomorrow, 7:30, but this time over at the new courthouse over on first and st. james. live in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so people can expect more disruptions. police have arrested a zane car crash that killed two people earlier this year. officers arrested 33-year-old craig allen in connection with that collision at camden avenue and hicks road back on february 20th. christopher durbin and his wife were kid. officers arrested him yesterday and he is due in court to face murder charges tomorrow. a motorcyclist was killed in an accident this morning inpalo alto which shut down the northbound lanes of highway 101 for several hours. the accident happened just south of the oregon expressway shortly after 9:00 this morning. the highway patrol says the motorcycle was traveling between two lanes of traffic, splitting lanes, when it collided with an suv. the motorcycle lost control and was ejected from the bike and
5:35 pm
was then run over. the rider, a man in his 20s, was pronounced dead. a chp officer was involved in an accident as well while riding his motorcycle on interstate 280 in san jose. the highway patrol says the officer was traveling about 60 miles per hour when the motorcycle collided with a toyota corolla that was changing lanes. the officer was ejected from the motorcycle, went over the corolla and landed on the ground. amazingly the officer suffered only minor injuries. a marathon standoff with a suspect ended peacefully which started around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the man allegedly attacked a person in a park and stole an electronic device from the victim. witnesses saw the man go into the apartment and called police.
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investigators say the suspect will likely face robbery charges as well as a mental health evaluation. levi's stadium got a little more family friendly. details about the three new pods and why it means privacy for new moms. two babies born in california with zika-related defects. why the warning is still about travel and not mosquitoes here in california.
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it's a massive problem across the country. rape kits sitting is on shelves waiting to be tested. but in alameda county officials are getting the problem under control. ann rubin explains what's being done. >> reporter: they say they're making progress on addressing this rape kit backlog, but they say there's a lot more work to be done. there are as many as 500,000 untested rape kits on shelves across the country. to tackle a problem of this size, advocates say they need both money and manpower to conduct the testing. congressman mike honda has been working from washington and has been able the allocate $80 million for the program since 20 15. there's another $45 million tin proposed budget for next year. he says is it's a matter he takes personally. also at the forefront, district attorney nancy o'malley. she says when she realized there were 2,000 untested rape kits in her county her office
5:40 pm
began sending is out 100 a month to a private lab. >> we self-funded a lot of is it out of my office budget because it was so important to me to get it done. i didn't want to wait poor somebody else to find money. but we now have gone through over 1,000 kits. >> 500,000 people are not getting justice. these are victims. most of them are women and girls, and it's just unfathomable that we're going to allow that to happen. >> reporter: now, a new law took effect in california in january of 2016 that police must turn in a rape kit within five days and that a crime lab must upload a dna profile within 120 days. authorities are also trying to get additional agencies certified to be able to test the kit. live in newark, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. hastings college in san francisco held a training event
5:41 pm
today that centered around campus sexual assault. there were members of the police department's special victims unit. the workshop focused on several factors including investigation and prosecution, toxicology, and internet technology safety. state health officials announced that two babies born in california have zika-related birth defects. they say the mothers had spent time in countries where the mosquito borne virus has been spreading. there are 19 other pregnant women in california who are infected with zika. they are being monitored. aerial spraying of an insect is side began in miami today -- insect is side -- insect --
5:42 pm
insectici derkz isde. the mayor of miami says the state is prepared to handle it. >> we're a tourism state. we have a safe statement here is what you know about florida. we have tropical storms, sometimes we have -- it's been a long time, hurricanes. this is a state that prepares. we have great emergency management teams. we know how to get prepared. >> researchers are also hoping that three experimental zika vaccines will pan out. they reported in the journal of science today that the vaccines were effective on mice and monkeys. human trials have begun on two. a third is about to begin sometime this year. >> levi's stadium sun veiling a new service for women this season. they are called pods. these mini suites are a place
5:43 pm
where women can use a breast pump or breast feed. >> it's not just about having a room with a curtain. it's power needs. it's privacy. it's noise reduction. it's all these things that keep that woman and her child in a safe, comfortable place. >> levi's stadium says is one of seven is stadiums in the u.s. to install those breastfeeding pods. the city of san jose is setting is aside funds for several places for women to breast feed their babies, but children's discovery museum is one along with happy hollow zoo and san jose city hall. those rooms will have sinks is, seats, and outlets to plug in pumps. construction is set to begin in september. the price tag of a mass in leak of fall gas near los angeles last year has risen to
5:44 pm
$717 million. the parent company of socal gas which operates the underground facility released that figure in a second quarter earnings report today. the previous cost was $665 million. the four-month leak was known and is known as the largest release of methane in u.s. history. the leak forced about 8,000 families from their homes and into hotels with social guests picking up the tab. an injury threatened his career. now this star linebacker is not only back on the field but he's cashing in. details about the big contract that navarro bowman just signed. >> in weather big-time cooling across the bay area. outside thou we still have low clouds already on the increase. this will have a big impact on temperatures for friday and possibly on your weekend. we will take a look at the forecast after the break.
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it was tough for fans to watch. the nfc championship game against the seahawks, january 2014, and navarro bowman guess down with injury. >> now he has a huge contract extension because he played so well last year. mark ibanez is here to tell us more. >> this is a great story for a couple of reasons. obviously people love a comeback, but it's a great message for 49er players.
5:48 pm
work hard, keep your nose to the grind stone. it was one of the most gruesome injuries you will see. i was on the field when that happened. you wondered right away how bad is this going to be. is he ever going to be anywhere near his all-pro standard. this is a guy who is a four- time all-star, great linebacker. but he really came out of college completely up heralded. he was a third round draft choice, and the 49ers love his work ethic. he's obviously a great leader. if you hadn't heard, it's a four-year extension on his daily that will guarantee him 20 million. you know how football contracts go. it is 44 million. it remains to be seen whether he will be able to play that out. but bowman talked about the journey that has led him here. >> i was a third rounder, and i have done things that people didn't expect for me to do and
5:49 pm
reach tight steps. no one -- reach heights that no one thought i would reach, bouncing back, still being able to lead the league and make all pro. all those things played a factor. for me to have the year that i had last year is not going to do anything but keep getting better, just keep trusting in the end and beg more comfortable. as we go on in these weeks and understand the defense, i'm starting to feel like myself liked in 2013. >> -- like i did in 2013. >> he is just 30 years old. a lot of faith given him. it's a great message for the younger players. it was just one of those uglily injuries that you just -- >> you cringe. that we didn't even show you the video because it's that ugly. but i was there and the seattle fans were throwing stuff and yelling. >> did you think he was bog to come back this strong? >> knowing his work ethic i
5:50 pm
wouldn't have put it past him. but he's not quite at the standard. one of the things that makes him so great is that he was great in dropping back in pass coverage. not only a fierce linebacker. he wasn't quite as mobile laterally's used to be but everybody seems to think he's well on his way to getting there. they always say second year after surgery is when you're closest to being back to what you are going to be. >> well deserved. >> navarro bowman. >> thanks mark. >> let's check wynn another mark. >> we're talking about more low clouds and cooler temperatures. we had the same story every day last week. 100 degrees inland, significant cooling this week. especially for today. take a look at the highs. only 60 is out towards pacifica. 83 degrees towards antioch.
5:51 pm
on the satellite right now, the low clouds banked up. still is a good solid deck of -- still a good solid deck of overcast. in fact, here is a closer look. clear skies inland but some of the low clouds will work their way closer overnight into early friday morning. we have 70s for livermore and concord. san jose 71. san francisco definitely cool in the upper 50s. santa rosa 68 degrees. wind speeds, a bit of a breeze, winds gusting to 32 miles per hour toward fairfield. that's a sustained wind at 29. more wind reports for you. here we go, sfo, gusting to 26. so we have a pretty good on shore wind in place to help transport the low clouds back. already the ceiling is over san
5:52 pm
francisco bay and over the bay bridge. tomorrow some drizzle out there for the morning hours. a sun/cloud mix for the afternoon, probably more clouds than sun coast side is, and the weekend, we will bump up those numbers by sunday. outside lands, always a fun event every year, and tomorrow is day one. and out toward golden gate park, definitely bring a sweater, temperatures only warming up to 60 degrees with more clouds especially for the morning hours. here we go. that marine lay ler continue to deepen. that has been the cooling mechanism, especially inland for today. no big changes for tomorrow. 60s and 70s. the warmest locations will be right around 80 degrees. more cooling reinforced into saturday. that will be the coolest day of the weekend, then we'll gradually begin to bump up those numbers. here we go with the overcast. lots of low clouds and drizzle, and then a sun/cloud mix for the afternoon hours. brighter colors, not extremely hot. you can see some 80s out toward
5:53 pm
antioch. san francisco 61. san jose approaching the mid- 70s is. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. i think saturday will be the coolest day of the weekend. sunday we're going to bump up those numbers. the warmest locations mid to upper 80s. i already heard a few complaints about people planning some pool parties. definitely want to bundle up for saturday but sunday will be warmer. >> and concert goers bring a jacket. southwest airlines held a viva mexico party at jack london square to promote its new service. the carrier is set to begin offering nonstop service between oakland and a warm and sunny mexico with daily service to both san jose los cabos and puerto vallarta. they are scheduled to start in 2017. it's been a week donald trump would like to forget. the latest evidence that shows hillary clinton pulling away in the polls. tonight at 6:00, the preliminary hearing for seven people accused of murdering an
5:54 pm
oakland mother in a gun battle is now underway. the latest details from that case as loved ones hope for closure. and president obama sounding off tonight on the fight with isis. the progress he says that has been made and more on what needs to be done to defeat the terror group once and for all.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it's been a week donald
5:57 pm
trump would probably like to forget. a series of mostly self- inflicted campaign gaffes driving his poll numbers down. >> reporter: from being criticized for tossing a baby out of a rally and his refusal to endorse house speaker paul ryan or senator john mccain, just about every political analyst grows it's been donald trump's worst week yet on the campaign trail. but would you never be able to tell watching him in maine today. >> you are going to be again very, very proud of your country. >> reporter: trump is now trailing hillary clinton by 10 points nationally according to the latest fox news poll. the new york city businessman is also behind the democratic nominee in new hampshire, pennsylvania, and michigan. the negative numbers putting trump's vp running mate in a precarious position eliciting a
5:58 pm
poignant question from a young participant. >> i've noticed that you've been mopping up mr. trump's words. is this going to be your role in the administration? >> i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump, and we are shoulder to shoulder in this campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton enjoying her post convention bounce visiting a las vegas tech company talking job creation. >> we're going to have the biggest investment in new jobs that we've had since world war ii. >> reporter: hillary clinton also leads donald trump by double-digit its among hispanics with numbers comparable to those of is president obama in 2008 and 2012. in washington, joel waldman, fax news. -- fox news. a dramatic day in court in san francisco where ex chinatown gang leader raymond "shrimp boy" chow spoke out for more than an hour before beg sentenced to life in prison.
5:59 pm
good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowlands. frank and julie are off tonight. today's sentencing was a stunning conclusion to the federal investigation that led to the downfall of state senator leland yee among others. before he was sentenced chow criticized his defense team and continued to proclaim his innocence. >> reporter: raymond "shrimp boy" chow spent more than an hour and a half bashing his previous attorneys including tony cerra who he said did not protect his rights. at one point he said, "i feel i am the victim in this matter." prosecutors asked for the harshest sentence. >> you just have to get to know me. >> reporter: clow was convict in january of ordering the 2006
6:00 pm
killing of the leader of is a china town fraternal organization. he was also found guilty of conspiring to murder another rival who was later found shot to death in 2013. and there were 159 counts of money laundering and dealing instolen liquor and cigarettes. >> this is not how justice should work. >> reporter: chow's longtime girlfriend says she will fate and appeal. >> i believe in his principle. he is one of the strongest people i've ever known. to be able to turn your life around like that, not many people can do that. >> reporter: after leaving prison clow said is he renounced his old gangster ways and turned to mentoring youth. he started volunteering for a nonprofit in 2010. >> he was sincere and compassionate. he dealt with filipinos, latinos, samoans, and he made kids want to


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