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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you that a baby was born at the hospital in the east bay connects -- that baby is one of two confirmed cases now here in california. good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> frank and julie are off tonight. california department of public health says both cases involve
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mothers who have traveled overseas and zika infected areas, more on the new development now from ktvu's jana katsuyama live in the newsroom. jana? >> reporter: public health officials say they cannot release any information for privacy reasons but we have learned from a source that the mother did not contract the virus here but got it while traveling. the mother delivered her baby at the medical center within the past six months. she apparently contracted zika virus while traveling in guatemala. her baby was born with a severe case of microcephaly, unusually small head. >> zika virus can infect the nerve cells early on in development and cause damage. so that is sort of what is thought to be causing the small heads and brains. >> reporter: affected babies are prone to seizures and developmental delays. doctors don't know the long- term effects. california health officials say to date 114 californians have tested positive for zika virus.
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21 are pregnant women. all were travel related cases. the virus is believed to remain in the blood for one week and primarily is transmitted through muscular bites. bay area health officials say the risk of transmission is low here. >> we don't actually have the mosquito established here in san francisco. >> reporter: the most important thing is for pregnant women to avoid traveling to zika infected areas. >> we are recommending also that women not travel to areas with active transmission if pregnant or considering getting pregnant as well. >> reporter: people should be aware the virus can be transmitted not just through mosquitoes, but also through sexual partners. >> we've learned that it cannot be only be male to female but female to male, for six months. for women, potentially for eight weeks and not conceived for eight weeks. after being in a zika impacted area. >> reporter: health officials say most people infected experience mild symptoms such as fever, rash and joint pain. some might have no symptoms at
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all making it difficult. florida is the only state so far that has any reported homegrown zika transmissions by mosquitoes. >> what is next? do health officials have any plans to track that baby's progress? >> reporter: there's a lot of research going on right now. the health officials say they do plan to track the progress. one of the children -- one of the babies born in california, the mother took them out of the country so they are no longer here in california. the other one they are planning to continue with follow-up checkups as well as monitoring and support for that family. >> jana katsuyama live in our newsroom, thank you for that. on you'll find more information on the zika virus from the cdc, our top story right now right at the top of our homepage. president obama issued a warning that money to fight zika is running out. he says he requested $1.9 billion in february to develop a vaccine and control the mosquitoes that spread the virus. but congress left for summer
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recess without approving that request. >> congress needs to do its job. fighting zika costs money. helping puerto rico deal with the zika crisis costs money. research in the new vaccines and by the way, nih announced the first clinical trial in humans, that costs money. that's why my administration proposed an urgent request for more funding back in february. >> the president's comments came during a lengthy news conference on a wide range of topics including the threat posed by isis. as kevin corke reports, president obama detailed efforts at weakening isis and the recent successes on the battlefield. >> our air campaign continues to hammer isil targets. more than 14,000 strikes so far. >> president obama holding a news conference at the pentagon thursday. on the latest u.s. efforts to combat isis. >> i last updated the american people on our campaign in june shortly after the horrifying attack in orlando.
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in the weeks since we have continued to be relentless in our fight against isil. and on the ground in syria and iraq, isil continues to lose territory. in other words, isil turns out not to be invincible. they are in fact inevitably going to be defeated. >> reporter: earlier mr. obama chaired a national security council meeting at the pentagon focused on the terror group. >> tragically however we have also seen isil still has the ability to direct and inspire attacks. >> reporter: the comments come the same day the pentagon released new video of u.s.-led coalition airstrikes on isis targets. military says one video was shot in libya on august 1st. it shows a strike on an isis tank near the libyan city. u.s. plains have been conducting a number of airstrikes lately. after the libyan government asked for help in the ongoing fight against a growing number
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of isis militants in their country. meantime u.s. defense department also released new video of what they say are coalition airstrikes on isis targets in syria. >> the u.s. pre--- is prepared to work with russia to reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against isil and al qaeda in syria. so far, russia has failed to take the necessary steps. >> reporter: the pentagon says u.s. forces in syria have been able to seize control of nearly 70% of a former isis stronghold in the northern part of syria. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. at the same conference, president obama strongly denied a cash payment of $400 million to iran was a ransom. the administration says the money was actually part of the settlement over long-standing iranian claims going back to the 1970s and had been publicly announced. it says the timing at several americans were released from captivity in iran was a coincidence. today donald trump again claimed to have seen secret video of the west delivering the money even though his own camp says what trump really saw was video of the three americans being freed in
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switzerland. the airplane coming in and the money coming off i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians. and you know why the tape was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. >> during that rally, in portland, maine, a number of protesters waved u.s. constitutions. a sign of solidarity for khizr khan, the father of an army captain killed in iraq who held up the constitution as he criticized trump during the democratic convention. hillary clinton rallied with union workers in las vegas today saying voters need to choose between you are hired or you're fired. referring to trump's mantra on his former tv show. she focused on job growth and prolabor policies saying she wants to work with organized labor to put people to work upgrading roads, bridges, water and sewer systems. her plan includes a new power grid, affordable college tuition, more high-tech
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teachers and high-speed internet foreveryone. she says it will be the largest federal economic investment since world war ii. the mayor of stockton was arrested on charges involving minors at his youth camp in amador county. the fbi arrested anthony silva his camp this morning. accused of taking part in a game of strip poker with camp counselors and secretly making an audio recording of that game. he's also accused of serving alcohol to minors. silva had no comment at the charges after posting bail this afternoon, his attorney questioned the timing of silva's arrest. >> charges come as a surprise, and the information they've had is over -- almost a-year-old. >> silva faces three misdemeanors and one felony charge in the case. in san francisco former chinatown gang leader raymond "shrimp boy" chow was sentenced to two life terms in prison, chow was convicted in january of ordering the killing of a leader of the fraternal organization and conspiring to kill another rival.
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his girlfriend said he will file an appeal. oakland parent and a local rapper working together to draw attention to gun violence. they want to put a face to the families of those who lost loved ones. new at 10:00, ktvu's paul chambers is here with new efforts to reduce those senseless shootings. paul? >> reporter: christopher ellis' john -- son was shot and killed, his cousin is a famous rapper. recorded a video for his latest song called no more tears for the parents of those who lost loved ones to gun violence. >> you have to take a stand. >> reporter: christopher ellis wants to reclaim the streets of all the. >> it's to the point where if you are a parent of a teenage boy or girl now, you are waiting for a call. >> a call that no parent wants to receive. a call their child is hurt or dead. february of last year ellis received that call when his 14-year-old son tayvon was shot and killed while walking to a store with two friends.
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>> take me on the journey of the last year for you. i mean, how are you today? >> i'm doing better. it's been tough. i had my time as usually when i see my son. >> reporter: ellis has at least three of his sons friends were killed. two were football team it's, josiah pratt and wilson. they drowned over memorial day weekend. wilson was also with avon when he was killed. the third person regginae jeffers, 16-year-old was shot and killed hours after dancing at the funeral of pratt and wilson. >> with the death of the young lady, -- regginae jeffries, i got mad. i went downstairs and i wrote the song. >> so many kids, man. there's too much violence going on out here, y'all. >> reporter: no more tears is dedicated to families like ellis. he rose to fame in the '90s as a rapper. he latest track is for parents who lost their children. ellis said he was writing a psa about gun violence when he sent him the song. >> when he sent the song it was
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like, damn, that's exactly what i was thinking. you know what i'm saying? >> i've lost my nephew, i've lost my knees. i've lost my cousin. all within a two-year span. >> the two want people to know even though their loved ones are no longer here, they have a voice. and need to be remembered. that's why this week and they will record a video for the song with the parents and family members of those who have been killed. they say together they want to give the community hope of ending gun violence but they can't do it alone. >> us as parents, us as uncles and aunts, brothers, sisters, we got to do better. we have two pulleys our community. i don't have to be in oakland anymore. i'm here to fight for my city. if i'm here, -- you need to help me. >> part of the proceeds will go towards the scholarship fund in honor of dave on. but maybe with his
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influence, the popularity of his music, perhaps he might be able to reach a different segment of the population and make a difference. >> that's the hope. other people that police officers cannot connect with. hoping those people that listen to his music and no he is part of the streets of oakland will listen. >> maybe they will. thanks, paul. gavin newsom is talking about pot. at 10:30, claudine wong one-on- one with the governor about his marijuana initiative going to voters in november. i'm sick and tired of the rhetoric around the war on drugs. i want to do something about it. >> and in weather, a big-time cooldown across parts of the bay area.
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former oakland a's superstar jose canseco back on the field, now making plays in the east bay city of pittsburgh. it has been 15 years since his major-league career ended. now he plays for the pittsburgh the pacific association. am in ktvu's amber lee set down with canseco to talk about returning to the field and also his controversial past. amber? >> reporter: heather, we are at the field. as you can see the game is still going on. the slugger joins the team with
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one month left in the season. he is reflective about his need to be in a game that is still a major part of his life. >> batting cleanup, designated hitter number 33, jose canseco. >> reporter: jose canseco is the newest member of the pittsburgh diamonds. the designated hitter. >> when you talk about being on the field, playing the game in a simple form, it's the best game of the world. >> reporter: against the sonoma stompers. >> it's my addiction. it's what i love. >> reporter: joining this team is more than playing baseball. it's about playing the game of life. >> once you stop being active and moving, once you stop being interactive with something -- that's when you start growing old. >> reporter: now a chance to help younger players to strive for the major. >> and there's a drive to center, back goes shelby to the wall, it is gone.
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>> reporter: in the 1980s, canseco made his mark on the field as one half of the bash brothers with mark mcgwire. he also won two world series championships but the game changer came in retirement. he wrote a tell-all book, juiced, revealing his and other players rampant use of steroids. he named names, a move that he says cost him dearly. >> financially, emotionally, death threats. it hurt me and my family greatly. i don't regret it because it helped the game straighten itself out. and now the game of baseball is the best game in the world. >> reporter: everyone he knew from major league baseball wants nothing to do with him. >> know. they can't deal with me at all. dream job would have been to manage but i think that's gone. >> reporter: he looks forward not backward, he loves life, baseball and to have fun. >> i'm the type of guy that refuses to grow old. i do. i refuse to grow old. i refuse to give him. i refuse to do anything possible
10:17 pm
to hold onto youth as an -- >> reporter: it's about stepping up to the plate and making adjustments. his dream now is to be part owner of the league or team president. >> i see myself as an entertainer and i'm hoping that's what i bring to this game at any level. >> reporter: looking at a live picture of the game, neither canseco nor the team owner would say how much he's being paid. canseco is definitely not doing this for the money. the team did tell me the highest paid players get $3000 a month. as for the fans, at its peak there were about 100 people here. most of them did tell me they were here to see canseco play. live in pittsburgh, amber leigh, ktvu fox 2 news. >> san jose man jumps to his death at a popular swimming hole in santa cruz county. the 23-year-old landed on some rocks at the garden of eden swimming hole inside the henry gold redwood state park around for a -- 4:00 p.m.
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yesterday. witnesses say he was jumping off with three friends and was drinking alcohol. the swimming hole has become quite popular on social media and is drawing more people. several people have hurt themselves recently despite signs prohibiting jumping and drinking. now to sonoma county where health officials are issuing a warning for the second summer in a row about toxic algae in the russian river. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon is live in hillsboro with the signs going up on those beaches right now. debora? >> they went up today. >> reporter: bigger and bolder than last summer. it is still okay to swim in the river but since the algae killed two dogs last year, officials are not taking any chances. the russian river area is rocking with activity. but the final weeks of summer may be marred like last year by mother nature's blue algae. vacation wonderland just became a bit less wonderful for children and dogs. >> there was no signs.
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so i didn't know dogs could die from that. >> reporter: valerie williams at mother's speech in forestville let her to pop slap from the river, she hadn't seen the warning signs. it is supposed to be stable to but it had fallen down. >> i'm not going to let them do this anymore. >> reporter: this is one of four public beaches out of 10 on the russian river where the tocsin has been found this week. since kids put their hands in their mouths and dogs may slurp up lots of water, the advice is to not swallow river water or touch any of the shorelines come that could be harmful. it was last august at memorial beach a san jose couple set out on a floating trip with their golden retriever who collapsed and died while in their kayak. >> water is running -- i don't think there's a problem. >> reporter: some beachgoers associate the still waters a recent drought years. so they are not convinced it's a big problem. >> right now it's colder than normal.
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so i'd rather than swim today. but normally he does swim. >> reporter: other recreational areas have also been troubled by blue-green algae. notably lakeshore breaux in the east bay where three dogs died of it last year. here is the russian river. toxicity is well below the peak of last year. nowhere close to fatal. but since that can change, officials don't want to take any chances. so they are getting the word out now. >> a good idea. debora villalon live at the sebastopol, thanks. more than 900 firefighters are on the scene now trying to tame the cold fire near baek berryessa in low -- yolo county. that broke out tuesday afternoon off highway 120 west winters. it exploded inside in the first 24 hours but his growth has slowed a bit with crews improving control lines. the latest update put that fire at 4700 acres with containment at 15%. in monterey county crews have increased containment of the deadly soberanes fire and
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30%, that blaze south of carmel was sparked by an illegal campfire. in the two weeks since it started, this fire has torn through more than 51,000 acres. that's just over 79 square miles, or about the size of oakland. the cooling weather pattern will help fire crews in the short term for tomorrow and into saturday. we really cooled off today, temperatures from this afternoon, they range from 60 in pacifica the warmest location out toward antioch, 83. lots of 60s and 70s on the board. san jose 74. on the satellite you can see the marine layer clouds, hugging the coast line up towards cape mendocino towards point conception, the bay area in between. pretty good wind setting up right now, 10 to 20 miles an hour. fairfield, winds gusting to right around 34 miles an hour. outside right now looking out toward the bay bridge, low clouds moving back into the bay. they'll continue to be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. deeper marine layer out there, translates to inland cooling four today.
10:22 pm
more low clouds expected first thing tomorrow morning. here's the plan stepping outside the door for your friday morning, temperatures in the 50s to low clouds essentially blanketing a good portion of the bay area. a few pages in length and there's a chance we could have drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. especially coast side and right around the bay. we'll take a closer look at the forecast highs for your friday afternoon and also bigger changes as we head into the weekend. >> sounds good. homeless people cleaning up cans. >> yes. looking to be a part of the solution. how a group of homeless people in san jose is doing their part to cleanup a local creek while breaking stereotypes. a little bit later in sports, the oakland a's go for the -- they go the extra mile.
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new at 10, cleaning up camp, 50,000 pounds of trash collected by several homeless people. they've been working to clean san jose's coyote creek and change perceptions, at the same time. ktvu's azenith smith live in san jose where the group says it wants to be part of the solution. azenith? >> reporter: a lot of times homeless people are blamed for trash along the creek. the group i spoke to admits it's a problem but they have taken it upon themselves to clean up. this is an everyday routine for russell pitts, he lived a long coyote creek for four years, homeless. >> looked like a dumb. pretty bad. trash all over the place. >> reporter: a battle he says to keep the area clean as home to 30 homeless individuals picking up his trash and his neighbors trash keeps him motivated. >> it gives me a sense of
10:26 pm
purpose, self-worth and self- satisfaction. i can go to bed knowing i did something. >> reporter: a group of homeless individuals called the coyote creek homeless stream stewards is part of a massive cleanup effort. >> rolla -- over the last year they say they've collected 24 tons of trash. amanda fujimoto is leading leading the charge. >> we're not stupid that we are humid. that we are out here on a temporary basis. that a lot of people out here need to be educated. >> chronic homeless and they've decided to take a stand for themselves and actually make a difference. not just go along with the situation as it is. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district is responsible for the creek. spending millions of dollars to clean it. >> when we introduce ourselves and say hi, we have a better relationship and more
10:27 pm
productive they are. >> reporter: the district is considering a proposal to house homeless on district property in exchange for work. it's a solution that has a lot of channels of red tape. for now the cleanup helps change people's perceptions about homeless if given the chance. >> let's prove ourselves. we are not bad people. a lot of us got good hard work ethic. >> reporter: this group has a raffle going on for every two bags a person collects, that person has a chance to win a gift card. the group says it's a way to keep everyone motivated. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. one-on-one with gavin newsom. the lieutenant governor talking about his marijuana initiative going to the voters this coming november. >> economic issue, racial justice issue, it's about morality. not about celebrating the drug. >> why he says pushing to legalize the drug even though
10:28 pm
he doesn't condone using it, coming up. ♪
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(vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lieutenant governor gavin newsom sits down with ktvu to talk about his marijuana initiative heading to voters this november. newsom has become an outspoken advocate of prop 64, which would legalize the use of recreational marijuana. ktvu's claudine wong sat down with the lieutenant governor for a one-on-one interview and learned he doesn't actually like the drug. >> i'm a parent. i've got for kids. i don't want to see it. i don't want to smell it. i don't want to see it advertised. i don't want to see those edibles targeting my kids. any more than you do.
10:31 pm
i don't want people driving under the influence of it. but the reality is its ubiquitous. today every survey points this out, kids find it easier to get marijuana than they do alcohol. >> reporter: why is it so important? >> i'm sick and tired of the rhetoric around the war on drugs. i want to do something about it. the war on drugs has been a failure. it's been a war on poor people. that's rather preposterous and outrageous. a million people behind bars right now in this country. the war on drugs, they can't hug their kids. economic issue, racial justice issue, morality. it's not about celebrating the drug. it's not about condoning drug abuse. we can reduce that consumption as we've done with tobacco. >> reporter: opponents will say we're not against marijuana but we are -- we don't think this is the right way to do it. we want it to go through more procedure. >> another 40 years of status quo of making the same argument. >> reporter: how confident are you that these 60 pages are going to fill some of the scary
10:32 pm
parts of it when you are talking about people smoking marijuana and driving? >> they are doing that today. people should be outraged today and we should be doing something about it today. there's a silence about addressing the issues today. we are what we are not talking about in the document is specific strategies to actually make the investments so we have sobriety tests. to make investments with our partners at the uc system to do more research on this drug than any state. >> should we wait to say hey, if someone is smoking a joint there's no way for the c.h.p. to stop that person to say, we can do it for alcohol but not for marijuana? >> we had a system de facto legalization since 1996. the stats don't bear out catastrophic consequences. what we did since 1996, nor by the way do the stats bear that out in terms of dystopian attitudes that some had presented in terms of arguments against the status quo in colorado, washington and oregon. teenage use didn't go up. it went slightly down.
10:33 pm
colorado did the most comprehensive survey. some other unintended consequences. we drafted this initiative and ways we can make adjustments. you have to own up to the fact that there may be some increased consumption but that will be for 60 and 70-year- olds. i don't thing is going to be for kids. nothing is perfect. the status quo is unconscionable. the closest approximation of -- i would argue it's the best initiative that's ever been placed in front of the voters to move away from prohibition as it relates to cannabis. it's much more restrictive in colorado, washington and alaska. we were informed by their examples over the course of the last few years. it allows for flexibility after the voters approve it. so we can address in realtime those concerns. >> i read that your wife doesn't agree with you. >> she is a mother and she is concerned about the normalization. and i get that. and i'm not naive to those concerns. we're getting to a point -- it
10:34 pm
was very compelling for her, the stats coming out of colorado, teenage use increased. it's still illegal for kids. we are not normalizing it for children. we are saying it's not good for brain development. we're also saying we're not condoning the abuse. but what we are going to do with the money, back into the biggest expansion of drug treatment in california history. back into cessation programs. >> reporter: why do you think you can't convince law enforcement? >> they have been hardwired for 50 years. institutionally hardwired. we all have been. this war on drugs, hardwired. >> reporter: you don't think they're open-minded? >> there's a lot of good people in law enforcement, and public positions, those that are concerned about it, i understand their concern. i'm not surprised by the opposition. >> reporter: do you think 64 -- >> unless there's some high- profile incident that's not a guarantee. >> reporter: do you think the public --
10:35 pm
>> we've spent three years -- well, two years, put together a task force. this is the last thing, this is not my issue. it's so ironic. something we can -- >> it's becoming your issue. >> because i can't square my rhetoric about caring for social justice and not deal with the issue of the war on drugs. i can't squarely over incarceration rates. i am -- we all complain about spending money on the prison system. anyone think about why? go back to 1980. we quadrupled the number of people acquired -- because of the war on drugs. >> reporter: are you happy with this? it's the best you could come up with? >> i think it's the best initiative on the topic. presented to voters in any state. i'm not pro-marijuana. but i'm anti-prohibition. i'm anti-status quo. which means i support a regulated market that is focused on adults. and that is taxed and that mature people not drug dealers
10:36 pm
and cartels are in control. and that's why i'm advocating for prop 64. >> opposition to prop 64 is led by the coalition for responsible drug policy. made up of california prosecutors and law enforcement and health groups. they won that legalization will lead to impaired drivers and won't give existing regulations time to work. marijuana in california is not criminalized. we've got medical system that just now we put regulations in place but you could also say why do we take time to see how the medical regulations we just put into place, just signed by the governor, just agreed to by all sides, how that plays out in california? >> more on that argument this weekend on bay area people, claudine wong saturday on fox 2 at 6:30 a.m. and then on sunday on ktvu plus at 9:00 a.m. music lovers from all over heading to san francisco this weekend for this year's big outside lands music -- music festival. plus some of the other big events around the bay area this
10:37 pm
weekend. and a quick look at what's trending right now online. a bay area startup that's tackling rising sea levels.
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10:39 pm
music lovers are getting ready to descend on golden gate park for the annual outside lands festival tomorrow. sky fox overhead earlier today. as crews were preparing for the big three day event, this year people can of course expect a lot of traffic out there, tighter security and the  addition of high-tech bracelets that allow festivalgoers to go cashless. 210,000 people are expected.
10:40 pm
seven stages and more than 100 acts from duran duran to lionel richie. >> not just outside lands. the fair also happening this weekend. >> lots going on. ktvu's rosemary orozco takes us through a number of festivals in tonight's weekend watch. >> into the first weekend of august, here are the events happening around the bay. headed to japan town for the 43rd annual street fair. asian pacific american life and sent physical cultural life will be celebrated through performance art, music and food, the street fair is saturday and sunday from 11 to six at japan town plaza. summer improv festival in the city, through august, players will take the stage to display award-winning brand of improv. the shows are at bayside theater at force mason center. on the peninsula, get a feel for the islands at the 21st annual aloha festival,
10:41 pm
including music, dance and island cuisine from all over the pacific. it run saturday and sunday from 10 to five at the san mateo county event center. also the east palo alto blues festival, enjoy soulful music, food, crafts and vendors from noon to seven on saturday at bell street park. in the east bay the summer oboe and japanese cultural festival. music performances, dancing and a food bazaar, this festival is on saturday from three to nine at the buddhist church. in the north bay, the petaluma music festival also included will be winetasting and food vendors. saturday at the sonoma marin fairgrounds. in sports, the giants are on the road, the a's and quakes at home. that is your weekend watch. it is illegal in 49 states, up next the move to formally legalize lane splitting here in california. and a lot cooler today around the bay area. will that trend continue?
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motorcyclist was killed in an accident this morning in palo alto. shut down a portion of highway 101 for several hours. northbound 101 just south of the oregon expressway shortly after 9:00. highway patrol says the motorcycle was traveling between two lanes of traffic when it collided with an suv. he lost control and was ejected from the bike. then run over by a flatbed truck. the writer a man in his 20s was pronounced dead at the scene. northbound lanes reopened at about noon. california is one step closer to becoming the first state to formally legalize the practice of lane splitting. when a motorcycle passes other
10:45 pm
vehicles by writing between two occupied lands. highway patrol published guidelines three years ago condoning the practice but regulators will the c.h.p. didn't have the authority to create policy. ever since lane splitting has existed in a bit of a legal gray area but today, via unanimous vote, granting that authority to the c.h.p. the bill was authored by assemblyman bill cork out of heyward. >> we have passed a law in the senate now and in the assembly today which allows them to put out educational guidelines to tell motorcyclists what is safe and to tell automobile drivers that lane splitting is legal and please don't impede the lane splitter. that's dangerous. >> california is the only state that allows lane splitting. the bill now will head to the governor's desk for consideration. our weather story changing quite a bit.
10:46 pm
last week we had triple digit heat across parts of the bay area but temperatures down quite a bit across some neighborhoods especially in the east bay, look at livermore yesterday, 93. down to 76 this afternoon. san jose low 80s down to 74. stabilized over the past day or so, at least for tomorrow into saturday. cooling trend sticks around. on the satellite we do have low clouds and fog banked up near the california coastline up and down the shoreline. right here in the bay area as well, good onshore wind transporting the fog back into the bay. we are expecting lots of overcast first thing tomorrow morning. surface winds right now and there we go with overcast over san francisco, hayward patchy low clouds out toward concorde and approaching livermore, at last check. current numbers out there updated for the 10:00 hour, santa rosa 55, san jose 60 and livermore in the upper 50s, 57 wind speeds are up, fairfield that's a gust, just gusting to
10:47 pm
43 miles an hour. pretty strong winds. pretty remote towards the delta or isolated i should say. out towards sfo, only nine miles an hour. funneling through the calcaneus straight. live camera looking out towards the bay bridge, increasing low clouds, tomorrow morning drizzle, sun and cloud mix, we will warm up those numbers beginning sunday. day one outside lands for tomorrow, lots of cloud cover out there, some drizzle for the morning hours, maybe even to the afternoon. temperatures forecast high only 60 degrees. tomorrow no major changes out there. lots of overcast, 60s and 70s out there. saturday probably one of the coolest days of the week as the weather system moves in. once it moves out by sunday we will begin our next warming trend by sunday. and into early next week. forecast model queued up showing you all the overcast first thing tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. once again we could have wet roadways out there. clouds clear back to neil shoreline, probably a sun-cloud
10:48 pm
mix over the bay, lots of sunshine in lint and temperatures tomorrow actually pretty comfortable toward antioch and brentwood, lower 80s there. san francisco 61, lots of 70s in the north bay, more neighborhoods with san jose 75. half moon bay forecast high of 60. a look ahead, five-day forecast, saturday will be the coolest day out there, then we begin our next warming trend by sunday. by monday, tuesday, warmest locations approaching the lower 90s. definitely grab the sweater or the jacket. especially heading outside tomorrow. it will be on -- shivering once again which is typical for this time of year. >> back east, they call it good sleeping weather. >> i like that. nfl hall of fame class of 2016 will be forever enshrined this weekend. >> tonight they handed out the prestigious golden jackets.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
long time coming. finally. >> yeah. well-deserved. there's going to be a party going on in canton, ohio. >> the whole state of ohio. >> eddie debarr to low definitely knows how to throw a party much deserved, long overdue induction into the hall of fame will come this weekend for eddie d. the man is known for the five super bowls he
10:52 pm
helped bring to the bay area but one of those unheralded things that he really did for the players, made them feel like they weren't cattle. for that they will always love him, they've maintained the relationship with him long after they retired. eddie d will host many of them this weekend. however, it was all about eddie d, the recipient of the golden jacket. signifying as he is met by many current hall of famers that he is an official member. i spoke to ronnie lott on the phone today. he said he had an owner of the baltimore ravens call him and say what did eddie d do for you guys when he won the super bowl? how did he party? what did he do to make you guys feel special? so many things about mr. debartolo. he has made mistakes in his life but always remaining humble. >> most amazing night of my life. other than obviously when i got married and i had my children. and my grandchildren.
10:53 pm
i'm totally humbled and honored and especially to be in a class with these fantastic, fantastic football players. icons of the game. i am -- i've come full circle in my life. just so proud. >> another one of those things he did for football, actually made them institute the salary cap. he would pay guys whatever it took to get the best players out here. they had to do something to stop eddie d. one of those debarr to low things done by the current ownership of the 49ers for navarro borman. 44million overall if he plays the length of the contract. today the press conference for navarro borman. >> , i mean, i was a third rounder. and you know, i've done things that people didn't expe for me to do. and reached heights that no one
10:54 pm
thought i would ever reach. and going through that injury and bouncing back and still being able to leave the league and make all pro, all of those things played in a factor. and keep trusting in me. starting to feel like myself, like i did in 2013. >> yeah. celebration time as he snapchatted this picture out there, navarro borman and his family, boy he deserves it, came back from one of the most brutal injuries you will ever see on a football field. he is all the way back. congratulations to him. changing the subject, talking baseball, seems like the a's and giants copycat baseball last couple nights, both were victims of walkoff defeats last night, today, extra inning victory time. it's about time for the giants. they introduce one of their newcomers, matt moore getting a warm welcome as he heads to the mound, six innings work, seven strikeouts, gave up only two runs, he is being squeezed by the home plate umpire.
10:55 pm
he did walk six, that's the only blemish. he didn't get a decision but the giants do thanks to denard span. laser wraps it right over the right field wall, inside the foul pole, solo homer, 3-2. one of the newcomers coming through, eduardo nunez with a beautiful play at third. gets the first out in the bottom of the 10th and makes sure santiago casilla would get the save, giants win it, two upon the dodgers. also victorious. the a's as i mentioned also go to extra innings. this time no albert pujols walkoff. the a's and thank you, coco crisp who had himself a day with the bat and the glove. you've got to see this cat right here. you think this guy can still play? he rubs ji-man choi, choi had actually had two home runs prior. he thought he had his third right there. there you go.
10:56 pm
it is cocoa with the glove, cocoa with the bat in the seventh inning, breaking a 5-5 tie with the shot of the wall in deep right-center field, go ahead run but the angel did come back to tie it forcing extra innings. let someone else do something, cocoa. there it is, yonder alonso with a shot to right-center, that's an rbi hit. and there you go. the a's hold on for a victory in extra innings. down in anaheim out on the road. everybody here boxing fans looking forward to the andre ward fight saturday. we'll have more on that as we get close to that saturday night at oracle. >> should be a good one. >> all right. thank you very much. do you know who is going to present him? >> his daughter. >> very good. >> that will be great. >> a family affair. >> absolutely. keep it in the family. >> thank you for joining us. modern family is coming up next. >> join us tomorrow for "mornings on 2". good night.
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