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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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break. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. things for mornings on two. >> i'm brian florez. be still your heart steve, cloudiness here. just so you know. >> it was like the sea and drizzly. >> it was. big cooling trend, i talked about this yesterday. i would not be surprised, that low clouds made it out to yolo county. even inland, plenty of low clouds. west of hayward and west southwest. it everything is in place for a continuation of our cooldown. concord and buchanan says 60
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but i know 67 to 66. the couple lows moving in and that will give us lots of drizzle. 70s and 60's, 50's for maybe a few on the coast. >> let's hope today's friday light. >> i will prepare for that. speaks the commute is looking pretty good around the bay area. let's take you to the maps eventually with the dry drive looks like coming out of the tracy area. this is the tracy super commute. coming up and over into the livermore valley. i will show you what the ride looks like, and it's moving along quite nicely for all of those folks heading into san francisco from the east bay. emily we will take it look here from the san mateo built bridge, and it's problem free
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this morning at 4:02 a.m. our top news this morning, health officials revealing that two babies were born in the state with birth defects due to virus. one of them was here in the bay area in berkeley. state health officials say both cases involve mothers who had traveled overseas to zika infected areas. >> the mother delivered her baby at all debates medical center according to a source. she appeared late contracted the virus was traveling in guatemala. her baby was born with an unusually small head, recursively. >> the virus can affect nerve cells early on in developing cause damage. so that is thought to be causing the small head and small brain. >> doctors don't know all of
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the long-term effects. california health officials say to date, 114 californians have tested positive for the zika virus and 21 of them are pregnant women. all were travel related cases. the virus is believed to remain in the blood for about one week and is primarily transmitted through mosquito bites. the bay area health officials say the risk of transmission is low. >> we don't actually have the aedes aegypti mosquito established here. >> we are recommending also that women not travel to areas with transmission. >> people should also be aware that the virus can be transmitted not just through mosquitoes but her sexual partners. >> it cannot only be mailed to female, it can be female to
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male. >> florida is the only us state so far that has reported homegrown zika mosquitoes. spring was conducted very small neighborhood where 15 people have been affected with infected with the virus. it appears that ariel spraying has significantly reduce the mosquito population. florida governor say the state is taking it very seriously. we also have more information on the virus at . >> pulmonary hearing continues to determine whether eight people should stand trial for the death of an oakland mother. 30 -year-old shamil pierce was shot to death while shielding two of her children from bullets outside of her home. rescuers say she was caught in crossfire between confrontation between two groups. the eight suspect is accused of being an accessory with seven suspects.
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former chinatown gang leader raymond shrimp boy child is expected to appear in his racketeering case. two life terms in prison after he was convicted of ordering the killing of another chinatown gang leader and conspiring to kill another rival. his lawyer says challenge the innocent victim of dishonest prosecutors. former senator leland yee is serving a prison term. he received that sentence in february after pleading guilty to taking bribes from undercover fbi agents. former san francisco school board president keith jackson also pleaded guilty in the corruption case and he received a nine year sentence. >> hillary clinton continues to pull ahead of donald trump in key battleground states.
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>> mike pence defends trump's office of style. >> sometimes things don't always come out eq need. and donald trump and i are absolute determined to work together. >> the donald is now trying to focus more on his message. >> today was a good start but, is it going to continue or will he lose focus again? >> trump is also being criticized for not yet and endorsing house speaker paul ryan. but his vp pick is endorsing them. >> i say, mike, you like them? >> new controversy has run up and some democrats are accusing trumps wife of being an illegal immigrant. >> that's one of his signature issues and if it could be proven that his wife, and we would not know that at the time of course, that she had come
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here illegally. >> if somebody wants to be for trump because they are anxious and fearful, maybe they are angry, because there is lots to be concerned about, we need to talk. because we don't want you being sold the same bill of goods that the students who signed up to go to trump university work sold. while clinton heads to washington dc with conference with the black and latino journalists. >> trump was one of the topics that president obama discussed during a lengthy news conference yesterday. instead of the white house, he shared a national security council meeting and that's the security briefings but warned trump that he must protect the classified materials. the president said it coalition airstrikes against isis in
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libya seem to be working. >> they will inevitably be defeated. >> the us forces successfully received. the wildfire was burning along the napa county line. and after the fire has burned more than 3700 acres and is just 13% contained. and evacuation order for one neighborhood was lifted as crews were able to keep the flame safely away from dozens of homes. in the meantime, fire crews in monterey county are beginning to get the upper hand on that huge fire that began two weeks ago south of carmel. the fire is now 30% contained thanks in part to cooler
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weather. the fire has now burned more than 50,000 acres and, it is about the size of oakland. and authorities in monterey county say the super unease fire has burned the use of dollars of illegal california. and authority say they have come face-to-face with the number of suspected marijuana farmers tending to their fields. >> fire crews came across a row or what they believed to be a grow, the second group believed to be hikers but nothing to suggest that is true. they have located that force and believe it has been consumed by the fire. >> there have been no arrests
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due to lack of evidence. >> the time now is for 10:00 4:10 a.m. i california mayor accused of playing strip poker with teenage camp counselors. also, the shock for some drivers in italy is a cargo plane overshoots runway and ends up in the middle of the road. plus, we are keeping an eye on the roadway. we will tell you about the commute in the east bay when we come back and i will also take you to the south bay as well. >> concertgoers heading to the city, you might want to take a parka and maybe an umbrella. it will be cloudy, cool and breezy.
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amazing pictures of the cargo plane over shooting a landing strip and ending up on a road. the plane landed and smashed her barriers at the airport before coming to test on the road. the plane belongs to asl airlines france but was being charted by dhl couriers. no one on the ground or in the plane was hurt. security concerns are even more heightened after an attempt at robbery turned deadly in the olympic park. police say a russian diplomat
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fought with a robber who is trying to kill him. the russians and that none of the representatives were armed. >> kilobit torch is making its way to rio's americana stadium for tonight celebration. and torchbearers also ran on the copacabana beach. and one of the many us teams open to get the olympic gold- medal is the water polo team. >> the bay area was a stopover
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in the men's basketball team to china apart on tuesday. one night later, the women's water poor team to the same for russia. five members of the us team played for the us cardinals and 86 let to high school in menlo park. and one olympic gold still years ago in london. choosing to go through all that training again. >> definitely a tough process, we are in the water five to six hours makes the difference. how many people get to say that they represent the united states of america and, how many people get to call themselves and olympian? >> it's not just my dream but a
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collective dream. and it is a collective dream, winning a gold medal. at something you do for your teammates, something you do for your coach and something you do together. that's the most important part. >> the coach of the us team is also a local story. adam went to high school in mountain view and, as an outstanding player and coach in ucla was involved in 14 ncaa championships. he too experienced olympic gold four years ago. he also knows what happened in london is no indication of what will happen in rio. >> we are going to attack it like it is our first. we've always kind of gone by the mantra that you are only as good as your next game. getting it chance to be philip externalizing your country and feel the energy and enthusiasm from the crowd and the americans are there, but then the millions are watching at home, there's nothing like it. >> there may not technically be
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such of thing is the defending gold-medal champions, but the us team will be favored in that comes with a big target on your back. the team starts play on tuesday against another highly favored team, spain. >> we wish them best of luck. >> not to jinx it, but so far so good. the roadways all around the bay area, we love it when things work out well on a friday. here is your ill roy super commute. if you're going north on highway 101 to the san jose area from gilroy or morgan hill. let me show you east bay, and,
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the golden gate bridge, a quick peek there, you can see hardly anybody out and about. that's an nice-looking ride the nice looking ride coming from marine county into san francisco. 4:18a.m., cool and drizzly. >> that is correct. we have a rather robust fog bank and it's making it pretty good surge inland. and, we have some tonight through saturday. if you are headed to outside lands, i would take the jacket. might be touching 60 degrees but not very long. and there will be some drizzle. easy conditions sent that temperature down, down, down. their low is running about 4 degrees warmer. and still that the pretty warm.
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its way up there making a strong push inland. 70s on some of these inland temps which we're in the 90's couple days ago. and as long as there are 24 gusts, 50's on the temps, or low 60's for some, cooler pattern up north. mid-fifties and low 60's. not much of a difference but it looks like they have a lot of upper 60's and 70s, due west. san jose, the little outlier has some east southeast. on the desert, that monsoon moisture. the little bit in southern california but tensing out more and southern california. but so far it hasn't really done it. russell couple little systems spinning in and we will give you the enhancement of that fog bank. 50's and 60's on the temps, cool here considering where we were last wednesday.
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and, it's not hot. >> definitely cooler. a former bash brother returns to bay area baseball. josi canseco is putting on a uniform once again, so what he says about his controversial past. >> it's the busy weekend in the bay area and we will trot tens of thousands of people to golden gate park.
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a dramatic rescue as san francisco firefighters get an injured worker off of a navy ship. firefighters actually had to be lowered in on they the rope before they could lift the worker back out. workers say was conscious and breathing and only had moderate injuries. if you're you are not going there so play better things to do this weekend. rosemary takes us through in number of events. >> in san francisco, had to japan town for the 40 third annual knee-high much he street fair. culture will be celebrated
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through performance, arts, music and food. the summer award-winning brand of improv. the shows are at the front theater at fort mason center. on the peninsula, could he feel for the islands of the 20 first annual aloha festival. the free fest includes music, dance and island cuisine from all over the pacific. also to do, the east palo alto berlin festival. you can enjoy soulful music, food , crafts and vendors from noon until seven at her day at bell street park. in the east bay, you will find the japanese cultural festival. it includes dancing, food bazaar and children's games. in the north bay you will find the petaluma music festival. also included will be fine
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beers, wine tasting and food vendors. in sports, giants are on the road. that is your weekend watch. >> it's day number two of the southwest airlines it be for mexico party. the event is meant to featuring entertainment as well as some travel giveaways. the new destinations include san jose del cabo, los cabos and portal where time. it will start once approved the mexican government. >> it is august, just most parents know typically mean it is back-to-school time. the kids are already back to class and the rest of the heading that way over the next month. we will be diving back to back- to-school week with our variety of topics. monday, we will talk about transitioning your children out of summer mode and back into the classroom. wednesday, we have and are just
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coming in to discuss different allergies and food options to be aware of. thursday we introduce you to a teacher who raise money to buy supplies and on top of that we have a healthy and fun segment on lunch ideas. the latest in school supplies and everything you need to know about vaccine. tune in all next week, on the nine. working together to draw attention to gun violence. the local rapper teaming up with a parent. plus collecting 60,000 pounds of trash. the efforts of several homeless people to clean up their camp in the south bay. >> as you had out the door this friday morning, we have a very nice-looking commute through the bay area. we will tell you about the ride through oakland and the commute as you return. >> the cooling trend with 15 degrees down for some. we will see if that trend
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welcome back everybody. this is a live picture from what sue paulson calls as the mothership. look at the bay this morning. it will be cooler again today and temperatures will be going up slightly. we will have your forecast in just a few seconds. welcome to warnings onto. >> let's start you off with some weather. >> and i know what people and they took the temple yesterday,
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and, that might last for about two minutes. there's also lots of drizzle. with that in mind, plan accordingly. we had it pretty good fog bank and that's making its way out to parts of the area. 30miles per hour, and that is continuing. media little bit warmer south, and east bay temps are 50. and south wind, west southwest, and and the system begins to move in. and that's to keep the theme going. these temps are


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