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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> i am ted rowlands in for mike mibach. a police shooting in chicago killed an unarmed teenager, video was released today. dash cam and body camera video of the incident shows a car being pursued by officers. the pursuit then turns into a foot chase and officers can be seen running after the teen while shots are ringing out. one officer catches up to the suspect. he is cuffed face down with blood on his shirt. autopsy results show that the suspect diedrom a gunshot wound to the back. although officers were wearing body cameras, one of the officer's camera was not on during the deadly shot. officers have not given the reason for that absent body cam
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footage. they say the video does show evidence of the officers involved acting against department policy. today a memorial for 43- year-old san diego police officer jonathan deguzman. hundreds of law enforcement vehicles and motorcycles escorted the hearse carrying his body. he was shot and killed last thursday while sitting in the driver's seat of his patrol car. his partner was injured but survived. the suspected shooter is in custody. this marks day three of picketing by santa clara county court clerks who say they haven't had a raise in eight years. >> today they are hoping to draw attention to a new $2,440,000,000 courthouse built during that eight-year period. ann rubens is live in san jose. >> reporter: this was originally planned as a one-day work stoppage. as you can see, it continues and stretches on. so santa clara county courts are preparing for limited service into next week.
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this has meant headaches for those trying to take care of court business. court workers say it's important to drive home their point. they say their average salary is $52,000 a year. in addition to not getting raises for last eight years, they have been forced to take furlough days and lost some holidays. a new courthouse has been constructed. union members believe if there was money for that, there should have been money for them. >> the court administration chose to spend its money on this extravagance instead of these workers you see here today. they chose funding, a trip to a quarry outside rome, italy, and imported travertine over paying court workers a living wage.
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it's shameful. >> reporter: a spokesman for the superior court says it's not true, that the courthouse project was underway well before the contract dispute began. he said it's safer, more convenient and by consolidating court functions under one roof it saves the county money in the long run. while the court is operating with limited services, he says all essential court services will go on as planned. >> thank you. a 54-year-old cyclist was killed trying to cross some train tracks in san jose this morning at 8:00 at the virginia street crossing in san jose. law enforcement sources say the man went past the crossing gates to get to the other side when he was hit by train number 329. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. no other injuries were reported. a vta bus bridge was put in place to move passengers. this is caltrain's eighth
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fatality this year. an accident claimed the life of a motorcycle in milpitas. it happened around 50:30 a.m. on calaveras boulevard between milpitas boulevard and able street. the rider died at the scene. calaveras boulevard was closed while police investigated. the name of the rider is being withheld pending notification of family. fears over the zika virus hit close to home after a baby born at an east bay hospital has birth defects connected to the virus. the baby was born at alta bates summit medical center within the past six months. the baby's mother recently traveled to a zika infected areaof guatemala. her baby was born with an abnormally small head. >> zika virus can affect the nerve cells early on in development and cause damage. >> state officials stress there is no evidence that zika is being spread in california. so for the state has identified
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114 cases, all of whom contracted the virus in other countries. meanwhile, florida is the only u.s. state so far that has reported homegrown zika transition by mosquitoes. yesterday in miami aerial spraying was conducted where 15 people have been infected with the virus. it appears the aerial spraying has significantly reduced the mosquito population there. florida's governor says the state is taking this seriously and is prepared to handle zika and the fight against it. more information on zebulon at it is our top story right now on our home page. now to san francisco where the outside lands music festival is getting underway in golden gate park. gates opened up an hour ago for a three-day festival. >> it's expected to draw more than 200,000 people. and ktvu's tara moriarty is just outside the park and joins us live. tara. >> reporter: yeah, we found some of those people headed inside. they are here with their
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blankets and backpacks and banana sticks, i guess. are you guys excited? >> [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: who are you here to see? >> jake the rapper. >> reporter: this girl needs a blanket for sure. she is from new york. she doesn't understand how san francisco works. they will be headed in. whitney is the band that is going to be kicking off first. now, we are not allowed actually inside the event just now. we will show you some footage from last year's event. we know that tickets for this year sold out within 45 minutes. that's the sixth sellout in a row. there are only two other festivals that can make the same flame. coachella and lal la palooza. duran duran performing tonight. all right. other big names include radiohead, lionel richie, third eye blind. one up and coming bay area band is set to perform tomorrow. here is a clip from their very
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first music video. t music video. you might notice the backdrop of their video. much of it was shot on the streets of oakland. most of the album was inspired by the death of the singer's foster. he was killed by texas police two years ago. they will be here. j cole. lcd sound system. event organizers are encouraging folks to take mass transit to weekend. apparently the food is going to be amazing. gourmet all the way. delectables from 80 different restaurants. there is a raspberry sorbet in honor of prince. can you guys twerk? >> [ cheers and applause ]. >> reporter: i don't know if we will do that now. are you guys excited?
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>> i can twerk. >> reporter: i don't doubt that you can. are you going to be here all day? >> all weekend. >> reporter: are you from out of town? >> we live up the street. >> reporter: all right. a couple usf folks here. we will send it back to you. still ahead at noon, we are learning more about the felony arrest of the mayor of stockton. the allegations that the mayor secretly taped himself playing strip poke we are a 16-year-old boy. and heavy drizzle around parts of the bay area today. ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco will be here to tell you what we can except for the weekend. plus, trying to reduce senseless shootings. what one bay area rapper is doing to draw attention to gun violence.
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now to rio where protesters are taking to the streets just hours ahead of the summer games opening ceremonies. they are demonstrating against what they call the wide corruption and financial mismanagement of the government. among other things, brazil has double dij i had inflation and unemployment rates. billions of dollars in relief funds have gone missing and its president was impeached late last year. >> organizers are getting help from 1,000 spies. this information is coming from a classified report that
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outlines the security operation in rio involving u.s. intelligence agencies. the report indicates that u.s. resources including spy satellites, electronic eavesdropping devices and social media monitoring software are being used to help brazilian counter terror officials. you could call them the hometown favorites. the u.s. women's water polo team. >> a good portion of the team comes from here in the bay area. joe fonzi talked to two of the players. >> reporter: the bay area was a stopover for a couple of u.s. olympic teams last week. the men's basketball team took china apart on tuesday. one night later the women's water polo team did the same to russia. it was appropriate that the u.s. - russia match was played at stanford. five members of the u.s. team played for the cardinals, and a sixth went to high school in menlo park. two of those stanford players, maggie steffens and melissa
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sideman went to bay area high schools and won olympic gold four years ago in london choosing to go through that training again. >> definitely a tough process. we are in the water five to six hours a day. we are lifting weights. you are sacrificing friends, family, whatever it may be to dedicate yourself to this team and this process. how many people get to say that they represent the united states of america and how many people get to call themselves an olympian? >> it's not just my dream. it's a collective dream. that's the important piece that the fans and the people at home don't necessarily get to feel. it's a collective dream. winning a gold medal is something you do tore your teammates, your coach, it's something you do together. that's the most important part when you are up on the podium knowing you put it on the line for that person next to you. >> reporter: the coach is also a local story. he went to high school in mountain view and has an outstanding player and coach at
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ucla was involved in 14 ncaa championships. he, too, experienced olympic gold four years ago. he also knows what happened in london is no indicator of what will happen in rio. >> every olympic games is its own. we are going to attack it like it is our first. we have always kind of gone by the mantra that you are only as good as your next game. getting a chance to be at the olympics to represent your country, to feel the energy and enthusiasm from the crowd and the americans that are there, but then the millions that are watching at home, there is nothing like it. >> reporter: there may not technically be such a thing as the defending gold medal champions, but the u.s. team will be favored and that comes with a big target on your back. the team starts play on tuesday against another highly favored team. spain. at stanford, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. we are five, even ten
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degrees below the seasonal average today. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast. low 80s for some of our warmest locations and a live view there at all of that gray. we are still dealing with it around the bay area. the coast and into san francisco, a lot of drizzle this morning. it was a sonny soggy start to friday. our bayside communities in san francisco along the peninsula and into the east bay, hayward, oakland, richmond all the communities in between still dealing with the gray skies. if we go to the north bay we still have a little bit of cloud cover from healdsburg to santa rosa, petaluma, novato stretching across american canyon. this will continue to burn away. for the afternoon we will have partly cloudy skies away from the coast. mostly cloudy at the coast. it has to do with this low that will continue to track across our area into the next few hours before it begins to shift out of our area by tomorrow. but it is not going to change
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the pattern. we will remain with this cool pattern at least through the start of your weekend and then things will change up as we get into sunday. a deeper marine layer in place about 3,000 feet today. the onshore breeze continues. 57 degrees at half moon bay. 56 in san francisco. getting to the east bay low-to- mid 60s oakland, hayward. 60 degrees in berkeley. into the north bay cloudy and cool in santa rosa. 60 degrees for you right now. our inland communities where we're enjoying some sunshine, 71 livermore, and into the south bay of san jose 71 for your lunch hour. here is a look at the afternoon highs expected in the north bay. low 70s santa rosa, novato. we are looking at the east bay shoreline. mid-to-upper 60s. mid-to-upper 70s for the inland east bay. a beautiful day in pleasanton. 77 for you. low 80s expected for antioch today. how about the south bay? going to be mild here. 75 in san jose.
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saratoga 75. on the peninsula for the afternoon 66 san bruno, 60 degrees for san francisco, and at the coast upper 50s pacifica, daly city, and 60 degrees for half moon bay. here is a view of your extended forecast. so getting out the door tomorrow morning a lot like today. we will have the clouds, perhaps the pretty much drizzle. upper 70s, low 80s expected for our inland cities. 60s around the bay. 60 degrees at the coast. outside lands will continue to be mostly cloudy and cool as well. sunday things start to turn around. temperatures come up some. it's a warm day inland. around the bay mild conditions expected and temperatures will continue to climb monday into tuesday. for today unseasonably cool. i have had folks message me saying i had to pull out the jacket this morning, it was so cool. back to you. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. hillary clinton is going after donald trump with the help of some republicans. this says the republican nominee finds himself having to correct the record when it comes to claims he made
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campaigning this week. >> the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump walks back a claim that he saw a secret video of an airplane that unloaded $400 million in cash to iran. >> the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians. you know why it was given to us? because they want to embarrass our country. >> reporter: a 24 hour turnaround trump tweeting the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane from switzerland. >> that's ridiculous. >> reporter: president obama meanwhile challenging another trump claim that the election might be rigged. and then in the same press conference yesterday went on to suggest trump start acting more presidential as the gop nominee prepares to receive classified briefings. trump's campaign fired back. >> we are not using him as a
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role model. he is apologizing for everything the united states has done over the last 100 years. >> reporter: the clinton carm out with a new ad hoping to score points with republicans and independents. it features gop voices who are skeptical of a presidential trump. >> if you governs consistent with some of the things he has said as a candidate. i would be very frightened. >> reporter: while endorsing hillary clinton, the former cia director said trump pose as threat to national security. donald trump pointed to hillary clinton's home email server as possibly putting america's classified information at risk. in washington, fox news. we are learning more about an american woman killed in a knife attack in london. she has been identified as 64- year-old darlene horton of tallahassee, florida. she was married to a florida state university professor who was teaching a summer class in london. they were hours away from returning back to the united states. the stabbing happened wednesday
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in russell square. five other people were hurt, including another american. police used a tasetory restrain the suspect as he continued -- taser to restrain the suspect as he continued to stab people on the street. police say they believe he may have mental health issues. it is one of the most talked about propositions on the november ballot. the push to legalize marijuana in california. coming up our claudine wong sits down with lieutenant governor gavin newsom as he explains why he is supporting this controversial measure. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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taking a peek at stocks, surging in afternoon trading on wall street after that strong july jobs report. labor department said employers added 255,000 jobs. more than we expected. banks stocks higher. tech stocks higher. the dow jones industrial is higher itself. gaining almost one full percentage point. the story is very similar on the s&p and nasdaq as well. california lieutenant gavin newsom has become an advocate for prop 64, which would legalize the use of recreationalmarijuana in the state. >> i think the war on drugs has been a failure over 40 years. it's a war on poor people, on people of color, and i think that's preposterous and outrage us. there are a million people behind bars in this country.
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it's a racial justice issue. it's about morality. >> newsom says he is parent. he hates marijuana himself and doesn't want to smoke it and doesn't want people smoking it in parks and he doesn't want children around it, but he believes the government can be the responsible regulators and he thinks it would reduce consumption of other things like tobacco. opponents of prop 64 include a coalition of prosecutors, police and health groups. they fear that legalizing pot will lead to impaired drivers and not give existing regulations time to work. >> take time to see how the medical regulations that we just put into place, that were just signed by the governor, that were just agreed to by all sides, how that plays out in california. >> this weekend see more on "bay area people." join us 6:30 a.m. and sunday on 9 a.m.
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we have it on a taped interview with lieutenant governor gavin newsom. it's ran on the 4. he talks about issues ranging from marijuana and gun control. one of the biggest and richest pop stars in the world had what she calls a mortifying moment in the bay area. adele performed in san jose sunday night. before the show she said she tried to pick up a few things at h&m. when she went to pay for them, her credit card was declined. her dog clawed another dog during the shopping trip. she said it was embarrassing. >> that's great. >> we have all been there. as we told you earlier, outside lands is in full swing in san francisco's golden gate park. but if you don't have tickets, that's a problem because it is sold out. there are other things, however, going on around the bay area this weekend. >> there are. our own rosemary orozco takes us through a number of festivals in this edition of weekend watch. >> into the first weekend of august here are events
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happening around the bay. in san francisco head to japan town for the 43rd annual street fair. asian pacific american life and san francisco's cultural life will be celebrated through performance, art, music and food. the street fair is saturday and sunday from 11 to 6. players will take the stage to display award-winning brand of improv. it's at fort mason center. on the peninsula get a feel for the islands at the 21st annual aloha festival. the free fest includes music, dance and island cuisine. it runs saturday and sunday from 10 to 5 at the san mateo county event center. also the east palo alto blues festival. you can enjoy soulful music, food, crafts and vendors from noon 7 saturday at bell street park. the east bay you will find the summer japanese cultural
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festival. it features music performances, dancing, a food bizarre and children's game. this is on saturday from 3 to 9 at the buddhist church of oakland. in the north bay you will find the petaluma music festival. also included will be fine beers, wine tasting and food vendors. it's saturday at the sonoma- marin fairgrounds. in sports the giants are on the road. a's and quakes at home. i am rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. still ahead, there is also a more serious event scheduled this weekend to draw attention to gun violence. after the break we will hear from a well known rapper from the bay area as he teams up with a father whose son was a victim of gun violence. what they are doing to help reduce senseless shootings. and we are learning more about the allegations against the mayor of stockton that led to his felony arrest involving a game of strip poker and an underage boy. ♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ an oakland parent and local rapper are working together to draw attention to gun violence. they want to put a face to the families of those who have lost loved ones. >> as paul chambers reports, this weekend the two are teaming up to record a video for his latest song called no more tears for the parents of those who have lost children to gun violence. >> christopher ellis wants to reclaim the streets of oakland. >> it's to the point in oakland
12:31 pm
where you are the parent of a teenage boy or girl now, you are waiting for a call. >> reporter: a call that no parent wants to receive. a call their child is hurt or, even worse, dead. february of last year ellis received that call when his 14- year-old son devon was shot and killed while walking to a store with two friends. take me on the journey of the last year for you. how are you today? >> i am doing better. it's been tough. i have my times. it's usually when i see my son's friends. >> reporter: he says at least three of his son's friends were killed. two were his football teammates. they drowned over memorial day weekend. wilson was also with devon when he was killed. the third person, reggina jeffers, was shot and killed hours after dancing at the funeral of pratt and wilson. >> with the death of the young lady reggina jefferies, i just got mad. and i went downstairs and i
12:32 pm
wrote the song. >> ♪ so many kids, man, too much violence going on out here ♪. >> reporter: the song is dedicated to families like ellis'. pooh-man rose to fame in the '90s as a rapper. ellis was writing a psa about gun violence when pooh-man sent him the song. >> it was like, damn, that's exactly what i was thinking. you know what i'm saying? he it did in rap form. >> i lost my nephew. i lost my niece. i lost my cousin all within a two-year span. >> reporter: they want people to know even though their loved ones are no longer here, they have a voice and need to be remembered. that's why this weekend they will record a video for the song with the parents and family members of those who have been killed. they say together they want to give the community hope of ending gun violence, but they can't do it alone. >> us as parents, us as uncles, us as aunts, brothers, sisters, we got to do better. we have to police our
12:33 pm
community. i can move. i don't have to be in oakland any more. i am here to fight for my city. if i am here to fight for my city and i have already lost my son, you need to help me. >> part of the proceeds from the song will go to a scholarship fund in honor of devon. mr. ellis is still awaiting for the man who is accused of killing his son. cross-examination is set to get underway to determine if eight people should stand trial for the death of chyemil pierce. prosecutors say she was an innocent victim caught in the crossfire of two groups fighting. seven defendants are facing murder charges. an eighth is accused of being an accessory. officials in alameda county are vowing to address the problem of untested rape kits. half a million rape kits are left untested, and they need both money and manpower to
12:34 pm
conduct the tests. congressman honda and district attorney o'malley have been working to secure $45 million in federal grant money for testing. the d.a. says when she realized there were 2,000 untested rape kits in her county alone, her office started sending out 100 a month to a private lab. >> we self-funded a lot of it out of my office budget because it was so important to me to just get it done. i didn't want to wait for somebody else to find money. but we now have gone through over a thousand kits. >> 500,000 people are not fetting their just -- getting their justice. these are victims. most of them are women and girls. it's just unfathomable that we are going to allow that to happen. >> a new state law took effect in january requiring police to turn in a rape kit within five days and a crime lab to upload a dna profile within 120 days. authorities are also trying to get additional agencies
12:35 pm
certified to test those kits. the mayor of stockton is denying charges he played strip poker last august with at least one teenager. anthony silva was arrested yesterday at a stockton youth camp. he faces charges including recording confidential communications, contributing to the drunksy of a minor, and -- delinquency of a minor and serving alcohol to a minor. authorities say he made a audio clip of the strip poker game in which one of the players was 16 years old. his attorney questions the timing of the arrest. >> the charges come as a surprise. the information they have this is over a year -- almost a year old. >> silva posted the $20,000 bail yesterday. he maintains his innocence. right now he is getting ready to speak at a news conference in stockton. if and when that happens, we will have that for you on "the 4 on 2". he is running for re-election in november. two former pittsburg police officers say they were forced out because they raised concerns that the police department was concealing crime statistics that put the city in
12:36 pm
an unfavorable light. the two former officers filed separate lawsuits in federal court yesterday. they claim that higher ups in the department instructed officers to falsify crime reports by not documenting use of force incidents and classifying crimes as less serious when they actually -- than they actually were. the two former officers are seeking back and future lost wages. the pittsburg police department says it cannot comment on pending litigation and personal matters. the latest on the wildfire burning along the napa county line. the cold fire is 15% contained now but it's burned through more than 4700 acres. an evacuation for one yolo county neighborhood was lifted yesterday. meantime, the soberanes fire in monterey county is now 35% contained. this fire has burned through more than 53,000 acres. it's just over 79 square miles b the size of the city of oakland. investigators say an illegal campfire set off the fire,
12:37 pm
which burned 57 homes. because of the poor air quality, it's forced them to can cancel a marathon. mayor ed lee issued an executive order to speed of protections for cyclistes in the city. leigh martinez reports on the safety changes ahead. >> reporter: after two cyclists were struck and killed on the same day last month, the mayor is pushing for changes to make things a little bit safer for bicyclists. out here on howard and 7th streets this is where a cyclist was struck and killed on june 22nd. it will undergo some kind of engineering to make the streets safer for cyclists. the mayor didn't elaborate on what the physical changes will be. also out on john f. kennedy drive in golden gate park will also be featuring changes. heather miller was fatally
12:38 pm
struck. mayor lee is also asking for a study on traffic restrictions in the park. one walker out this morning says he has seen drivers speeding through that howard street intersection not watching for cyclists and pedestrians. >> it is a very busy street and a lot of people cut through these yellow lights like crazy on this corner. >> and the mayor is also supporting automated speed enforcement cameras and for police to start ticketing more speeders when they see them. and a third component of the mayor's plan in order to prevent cyclist deaths is education. getting the public aware of the changes that will be taking place in the city, which could be the hardest part getting people to understand the changes and getting them to pay attention to them. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. well, following breaking news out of san francisco. there is a crash on westbound 80 blocking all lanes on the bay bridge.
12:39 pm
this is just after the point the bay bridge touches into san francisco not far from the fifth street exhibit. what we're showing you is a live picture of a virtual stand still on the bridge. keep in mind that right now all westbound lanes are blocked. there is an effort to clear the accident scene. boy, when you are on the bridge, there is really nowhere to go. cars just at a crawl. we will stay on top of this story., facebook and twitter will keep you posted through the afternoon. >> take notice if you are headed to san francisco this afternoon. one ofhe bash brothers makes his return to professional baseball in the bay area. >> why he says the game means so much to him still and where you can see him next.
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every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt
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with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge. so take the activia probiotic challenge! visit to learn more. take the activia probiotic challenge now. it works or it's free! bay area boxing star andre ward will weigh in for tomorrow's big fight at oracle arena. it takes place minutes from now at 1:00 at oakland city hall. it's open to the public. the livermore gold medalist and long time super middleweight champion has an undefeated record. the last fight he lost was when he was 14 years old. he must win tomorrow's night against alexander brand to get to a fight in vegas this november. the san francisco giants avoided a sweep after beating the phillies in extra innings last night 3-2, thankfully.
12:43 pm
newly acquired pitcher matt moore looked great going -- striking out seven batters and only giving up two runs. the giants went into extra innings, tied at two, and in the tenth denard span hit a solo home run to give the giants the lead. they held on to win it 3-2. tonight they are in washington, d.c. to face the nationals. in anaheim the oakland a's back on track in extra innings. coco crisp made a spectacular catch to take away a would-be home run in the fifth inning. then two innings later he went to hit a double. this one right over the outfielder's head. in the eighth the angels tied it up. but in the tenth yonder alonzo hit a double to put oakland ahead. the a's win 8-6. the team returns home tonight to begin a three-game interleague series with the chicago cubs.
12:44 pm
former oakland a's bash brother jose canseco made a return to pittsburg. it's been 15 years since his major league career ended. >> amber lee sat down with canseco to talk about returning to the field and his controversial past. >> designated hitter number 33 jose canseco. >> reporter: jose canseco is the newest member of the pittsburg diamonds. he is a designated hitter. >> when you talk about being on the field and playing the game in a simple form, it's the best game in the world. >> reporter: they are playing against the sonoma stompers. >> it's what i love. >> reporter: he said joining this team is more than playing baseball. it's about playing the game of life. >> once you stop being active, once you stop moving, once you stop being, you know, interactive with something, i think that's when you start growing old. >> reporter: now a chance to
12:45 pm
help younger players strive for the majors. >> 800 runs this year. and there is a drive to center. back he goes to the wall. it is gone! >> reporter: in the 1980s canseco made his mark on the field as one half of the bash brothers with mark mcgwire. he won two world series championships. but the game changer came in retirement. he wrote a tell-all book, juiced, revealing his and other players' rampant use of steroids. he named names. a move he says that cost him dearly. >> financially, emotionally. death threats. i greet it because it hurt me and my family greatly. it helped the game straighten itself out and now the game of baseball is the best game in the world. >> reporter: canseco said everyone he knows from major league baseball wants nothing to do with him. >> my dream job would have been to manage in the mange in the majors bah that's gone.
12:46 pm
i am the type of guy that refuses to grow old. i refuse to grow old. you refuse to give in. i refuse not to do anything possible to hold on to youth as long as i can. >> reporter: canseco says it's about stepping up to the plate and making adjustments. his dream now is to be part owner of the league or team president. >> i see myself as a entertainer. i hope that's what i bring to this game at any level. >> amber lee reporting. neither canseco nor the team owner would say how much he is being paid. the highest paid player makes about $3,000 a month. >> the final score was 9-2. canseco's team lost. tomorrow he is participating the league's home run derby and he may be pitching later next week. he apparently has a great knuckleball. we will see jose. former san francisco 49ers owner is set to cement a spot in nfl history when he is inducted in the pro football hall of fame tomorrow. yesterday he and six other hall
12:47 pm
of fame inductees received their gold jackets. jerry rice, ronnie lott and steve young lined his path to the center stage. he said he felt surreal after receiving his jacket. >> most amazing night of my life other than, obviously, when i got married and i had my children were born and my grandchildren. i am totally humbled and honored especially to be in a class with these fantastic, fantastic football players. icons of the game. i am -- i have come full circle in my life. i am so proud. >> the late raiders quarterback ken stabler is among the other inductees. his grandson will be at the ceremony at the hall of fame to receive a commemorative plaque. he led them to the super bowl
12:48 pm
xi. let's check in with rosemary in the weather center. chilly weekend. concert goers bring a jacket. >> great advice. it feels a little bit like fall out there. temperatures are way below average this time of year, and especially out to the coast and golden gate park. it's going to be cool and cloudy at least for most of the day. across the bay we continue with the clouds. i put a three hour time lapse for you to see that the clouds are slowly eroding along the coast. we will be partly to mostly cloudy day. a little bit of clearing around santa cruz around the bay. clouds continue. we will watch these as they burn away. late afternoon sunshine expected. partly cloudy for our bayside communities. to the north bay we also have it a little bit stubborn as well. clearing in the last half hour. it was more widespread along 101. santa rosa partly cloudy. the winds are onshore.
12:49 pm
fairfield 25-mile-per-hour gusts some the onshore breeze, the marine layer about 3,000 feet deep and as a result temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below the seasonal coverage. partly cloudy skies. 60s at the coast and around the bay. 70s with a few low 80s expected for our inland communities. saturday going to be a lot like today. we will wake up tomorrow widespread clouds, patchy drizzle. definitely a possible there. and temperatures aren't going to change a whole lot. we will be unseasonably mild once again. 60s at the coast, around the bay and our inland communities 70s to low 80s expected. right now we have 58 at half moon bay. 58 in san francisco. low 60s oakland. our inland communities nice and mild, especially for august. 74 in brentwood. 71 livermore in the south bay of san jose 71 degrees. for outside lands for the afternoon 60 degrees at 4:00. then as we settle into the evening hours 57 degrees expected with the onshore breeze there. partly to mostly cloudy skies expected for the entire day.
12:50 pm
here is a view of the afternoon highs for the north bay. 73 sonoma today. 64 sausalito. to the east we go. 77 walnut creek. 78 in livermore. 68 closer to the water. areas like san leandro and hayward there. for our south bay locations 57 san jose, upper 70s morgan hill and gilroy. 68 in santa cruz with partly cloudy skies. afternoon highs in san bruno 66 for you. 72 redwood city. cool at the coast. remaining in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. daly city, pacifica and half moon bay, here is a view of your extended forecast. again notice a near repeat to start the weekend. on the back side of the weekend temperatures will rebound some. mid 80s for our warmer location. 70 around the bay. low 60s at the coast. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a little bit warmer monday an tuesday. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the villains are taking over the spotlight this weekend as the new film "suicide squad" hits theaters. after the break a preview of that and other movies out this
12:51 pm
week. stay with us.
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12:53 pm
back now to breaking news we first brought you a minute ago out of san francisco. there is a crash involving a motorcycle and two cars on westbound 80 that is blocking the left lane. this is just after the point the bay bridge touches down into san francisco not far from the 5th street exit.
12:54 pm
you can tell from this live picture at least the left lanes of westbound are blocked. there are two lanes that traffic is using to squeeze by. sky fox is giving us a good look at the backup on the bay bridge. if you are trying to get from the east bay to san francisco on the bay bridge, perhaps give it a second thought. there is a major backup right now as a result of this accident that has yet to be cleared. no word yet on the extent of injuries of those involved. let's switch gears and take a peek at stocks. they have been doing great all day. this is the story. moments ahead of the close it appears the dow is on track to gain one full percent. s&p and nasdaq very strong. there is something for everybody on the big screen this weekend. >> that's right. if you are thinking of heading to the theaters, jonathan hunt as a look at some of the new releases. >> i want to build a team. >> reporter: summer isn't just for superheroes as the villains take the spotlight in the
12:55 pm
highly anticipated "suicide squad" starring will smith, margot robbie, and jared ledo as the infamous joker. >> i can't wait to see him. >> reporter: the action follows the imprisoned group as they are recruited by a government agency in exchange for reduced sentences. >> wait a minute. i'm a cat. >> reporter: the new pg film in wide release is nine lives starring kevin spacey as a dad transformed into the family's pet cat. >> i can't tell you how happy i am that your kids have new friend. >> reporter: smaller films make their debut like little men about two young friends having fun and following their dreams of going to an art school together until their parents feud over money takes its toll. >> what is most important is invisible to the eye. >> reporter: and the animated flick the little prince featuring the voices of jeff
12:56 pm
bridges, james franco, rachel mcadams and more. >> jason bourne. >> reporter: plus, audiences can still check out the current box office champ matt damon as jason bourne in the fifth installment of the spy franchise which took in $60 million its debut weekend. >> bad moms! >> reporter: and for those in the move for an r-rated comedy, mila kunis, kristen bell and cristina applegate of "bad moms" are still entertaining and hoping to keep audiences laughing at the movies. >> pta meeting at two. will we see threw? >> no. >> reporter: in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. we showed you at the gym of this newscast that chicago police released several different body camera and dash cam videos in the deadly officer-involved shooting of an unarmed african-american man. >> there are several critical pieces of information.
12:57 pm
there is one glaring omission. the moment that paul o'neal is not on camera. on "the 4 on 2" we will talk about that. >> we will see that on "the 4 on 2". thanks for joining us here at noon., twitter and facebook all day long when you need us. >> have a good weekend.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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>> today on oz --. >> there were many days i really didn't want to live anymore. >> real housewives of beverly hills star yolanda foster speaks out about her fight against an invisible disease. >> somebody must have a cure. >> her desperate search for answers. >> you went to 11 countries, visited with more than a hundred doctors. >> and her response to the critics who say she is making it all up. >> people started insinuating i was crazy in the head. >> coming up next. r. oz: we'll save lives today. [applause] a dr. oz


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