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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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dog? i'm installed by that. >> reporter: sergeant yolanda williams is a member of the san francisco police department. she's also president of the officers for justice. she says as a black woman she understands the struggles. that's why she's not only offended by the picture but the caption next to it which reads, maybe it's time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric. >> this is why the public doesn't want to trust certain people, because these types of tricks are pulled. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor made a statement about the picture. >> given the backlash, let's all do better. let's get on that road. >> reporter: the caption turned picture says it was forwarded by a friend and supporter of the p.o. a, but some say the association is responsible for would goes into its publication. >> ignorance is no excuse.
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and the poa newspaper is viewed by several people before it's approved, and i know members of the board actually look at it. >> and for our association to cheapen the issue, to be so insensitive to the pain says that we have a lot to do. >> reporter: we reached out to the poa and did not get any response to several e-mails and phone calls. as for police department the only thing being said there is that it's a matter for the poa. >> boy, i'll tell you, it's a head scratcher there, and then not get back to you. >> that's very interesting. when i talked to reverend amos brown, he said they would have had no problem if they had used people. >> the sheriff's deputy would shot and killed 13-year-old
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andy lopez has received a promotion. the sonoma county sheriff's department confirms he has been promoted to the rank of sergeant and also received a bump in pay to $55 an hour. he shot and killed lopez in october of 2013 in santa rosa. the teen was carrying a bb pellet rifle which the officer mistook for a real rifle. the deputy claims he told the boy to drop the gun, then shot him seven times when lopez turned around and raised the barrel in his direction. the case prompted widespread protests, but prosecutors declined to bring charges against the deputy. happening now, tens of thousands of music lovers coming together in san francisco's golden gate park for this year's outside lands music festival. tonight's big headliners, lcd sound system, jay cole, and duran duran. tara moriarty now with more on the excitement from the weekend-
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long event. >> reporter: this year tickets sold out within 45 minutes. >> who are you looking forward to seeing? >> jay cole. >> reporter: this year's headliners include lionel richie, radiohead, and duran duran. >> how do you guys know who duran duran is? >> actually by going to the outside lands festival. >> reporter: there's wines and gourmet food. >> $1 egg rolls! >> it lasted less than five minutes. >> this is the ring master. it's our signature dish. it is a doughnut bacon clees burger. bacon optional, but if you're already doing a bacon cheese
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burger, you might as well do bacon. >> i've got a backpack for carrying the essentials, empty water bottles. >> things that will keep you warm. >> exactly. i've got a nice pouch here for phone. we've got a map if you ever get lost. >> this one you can go to your bed after you're done. there's others where you're camping. this one you can walk home or go to your hotel. >> we noticed security was tight. concert goers must go through metal detectors for the first time ever. police were also out in full force by foot, by bike, and by horseback if you want plan on coming down here, do expect traffic. mass transit is advised. >> on you will see a link to the full lineup and schedule for outside lands plus a live stream of some of the biggest performances. >> always a fun event. if you are heading out there you might want to bring a jacket because bill says it is going to be chilly.
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>> it is out there now. folks in the park, temperatures are in the 50s. it's breezy and cold. so you need jackets tonight. you are going to need them tomorrow, too. right now in san francisco proper, but outside lands, maybe the same, 58 degrees at this hour. as we press into tomorrow's forecast, maybe you do have tickets, it's chilly in the morning. remember we had drizzle this morning. it could be even a little wet out there in the early morning because you are going to get there around 9:00 to get your car parked and whatever. by 11:00 a.m., 57 degrees, cloudy. lunchtime, you might see a little sunshine, low six. late in the day you're 55 degrees. come back in and do it again on sunday. as is par for the course, it is going to be chilly out there. it is almost every year. it's actually better to have this pattern than a real hot pattern, because it can get nasty in the park when there's not a lot of wind blowing. that's the details on this weekend. the details for the rest of your bay area weekend in just a
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few minutes. >> thank you bi. download the free ktvu weather app. bill and all the folks in the weather team are also posting constant on facebook, twitter, and instagram. now to monterey county where tonight the soberanes fire near big sur continues to burn, and now we're getting our first look from inside the fire lines. cal fire says the soberanes fire is now 35% contained. jesse gary has the latest from the front lines. >> reporter: late today firefighters proved an old adage is also a true one. they're using fire to fight fire. >> that fire is backing down and is actually burning along the slope under our control, how we want it to happen. that's how we like to fight fire with fire. >> reporter: fire's need of heat, fuel, and oxygen is met on a daily basis here because of dry, windy, warm conditions. officials are using these types of controlled burns to keep the flames there moving further
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south into the miller section of the national park. that area has lots of fuel that could help the fire grow. helicopters are also being used to draw a defensive red line in this battle. the area near the peak points to the true target. the second concern is for the hundreds of trees torched by this three-week-old illegal campfire. the root systems are weakened. >> trees that have burned halfway through, that you mate not be able to see, sometimes there's interior flame, those trees become weakened and become an extreme danger to the public. >> reporter: ground crews are clearing and cutting the clutter. the marine layer kept humidity levels high. that, too, helps in this 5,000- person firefight. with more fog and favorable conditions, officials hope
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residents forced from their homes could return by next week. in big sur, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> crews are also making progress on the so-called cold fire. highway 128 reopened today. containment remains at 15%. it started tuesday west of the town of winters. cal fire says so far hat burned more than 4700 acres. coming up, a critical endorsement by donald trump. at 6:30, the announcement he made just minutes ago meant to help unify the republican party. i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. but first, new developments in a deadly knife attack in london. what we're learning about a former bay area firefighter injured in that attack.
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we're learning more about the suspect in the deadly stabbing in london that killed one american. officials say the 19-year-old nor begun national was suicidal -- nor we gun national -- norwegian national was suicidal. cristina rendon live in the newsroom. >> reporter: well ted that
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retired firefighter was vacationing with his wife in london. they were in russell square wednesday when that attack happened. today police charged the suspect. he's facing five counts of attempted murder for those he injured. the times of london is reporting that he called an ambulance three times in the past six months because he wanted to kill himself. our retired san jose firefighter is among those who survived that stabbing. he posted the following statement on facebook saying thanks to everyone for reaching out. we're still very saddened about the woman who was killed. very unreal experience, but we're still having an unbelievable time over here. this isn't his first brush with danger. take a look at file footage from 1999. it shows him being rescued from a building after a roof
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collapsed during a firefight. it ended up fracturing his pelvis. he retired from the fire department in 2009. he now lives in nevada. back to the london attack, investigators say they believe the stack rampage was triggered by mental health issues. they have found no link to terrorism. >> good thing he's okay. thanks, cristina. court clerks in santa clara county are keeping up their strike over wages for a third day now. more than 300 employees picketed outside the hall of justice in san jose. the union represent clerks, mediators, and janitors. the court has offered most of its workers a 9.5% raise. the clerks want an additional 3%. they say they haven't had a raise in eight years and aren't worried about going without pay. >> we're fighting for justice, a cost of living raise in one of the most expensive places,
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and those type of threats don't scare us because we are determined to be out here as long as it takes. >> the union criticized the county for spending more than $200 million on a new family court including $3 million for imported stone from italy rather than raising pay. while the court is operating with limited staff, officials say essential functions will continue. today the mayor of stockton declared his innocence over allegations of misconduct involving teenagers. anthony silva was arrested yesterday on charges including secretly recording teens as they allegedly played strip poker at a summer camp he runs in amador county. the calls for silva to step down are growing. >> reporter: it has been a wild seven days for stockton mayor anthony silva. >> for those of you that have been missing your episodes of house of cards, scandal, or "game of thrones," then i'm sure you've been following stockton politics the last week, and it's also been
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equally as entertaining. >> reporter: it started last friday when the district attorney revealed the mayor's stolen gun was used in the 2015 murder of a 13-year-old. >> i have never seen the victim of a theft be trashed in the media the way i have. >> reporter: news of the stolen gun broke the day before mayor silva and about 80 kids and teens left for his annual youth summer camp. on thursday the camp's final day fox 40's cameras were rolling as police arrested silva on three misdemeanors and a felony. the 41-year-old mayor is accused of playing strip poker, drinking alcohol and secretly recording communication with underage camp counselors in 20 15. silva denies wrong doing. >> number one, everyone there was 18 years old. number two, i never, ever, ever endangered a child, ever. number three, i never provided
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alcohol to anyone. and i certainly did not secretly record anyone. >> reporter: court documents show one participant was 16 years old and that prosecutors have at least one video clip from the alleged game of strip poker. >> my opinion, i think it's time if the mayor really truly cares about the city of stockton and its citizens, i think he should resign immediately. >> reporter: city councilman michael blauer calls this an international embarrassment for stockton. >> i don't know how he will recover from that. >> i definitely lost all trust in him. >> reporter: anthony silva is not stepping down's waits for his day in court. >> i'm innocent. we're tracking the clouds out there today. it is foggy out at the coast. it's foggy in golden gate park for outside lands tonight. there's going to be a lot of fog in most bay area neighborhoods tomorrow especially around the bay, san
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jose, fremont, san rafael. we'll come in close. look where that fog is. it's up and over the hills. the marine layer is a solid 1800 to 2,000 feet deep so it's spilling in. fog in richmond, fog working its way into mill valley, tiburon, san rafael. we'll come in close to the park where there are a lot of people out there now. it is foggy. and it will be foggy throughout the evening hours into tomorrow morning's events. so the fog is back, the temperatures are down. current temperatures, 77 fairfield, 77 con cord. i would expect this time of year, this time of night, these numbers to be in the mid-80s, even low 90s. plenty of fog, and you seat up over the buildings. it's going that way. it's going towards the east bay hills. so it's going to get into that livermore gap and cool the valley, out towards moraga.
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cool marine flow, or the del da breeze -- delta breeze. saturday morning just like today. maybe a little warmer, but the warmest spots are going to be in the 90s inland. sacramento. for us, most of our hot spots are going to be mid and low 80s, in the hot spots. that's saturday. we'll see you back here with the rest of the weekend. >> coming up, more cases of zika hr in the bay area. up next what we're learning from health officials about several new patients who contracted the virus. and later in sports, the giants struggle to score runs yet again, and how they're having trouble on the field as they open a three-game series in the nation's capital. mark has highlights in sports. plus, a good day on wall street. the jobs report that sent stocks soaring today. j?j?j7
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there are new developments tonight involving the number of cases in zika in the bay area. the health department reported two new cases of the virus today bringing the total number of cases in san francisco to 10. health officials say all ten patients contracted the virus while traveling abroad and that zika is not circulating in san francisco, in the bay area, or in california. now, a baby born in berkeley appears to have symptoms consistent with the zika virus. hospital officials say the baby's mother had recently traveled to guatemala. the virus causes severe birth
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defects including underdeveloped brains and small heads. there are 10 confirmed cases of the zika vierns alameda county. those patients also contracted the virus while traveling outside the u.s. on the national front, all eyes are in miami where health officials have confirmed a 16th case of zika transmitted by a mosquito. as phil keating reports, aggressive efforts are underway there to keep the virus from spreading. >> reporter: miami-dade county's zika air assault is now underway with plans to spray over a 10-square-mile area. the county laid mosquito traps first and after the flyover, the traps reveal 100% kill. >> government inaction is the height vier responsibility. >> reporter: florida's senior u.s. senator, bill nelson, the
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latest to descend on miami's zika situation. he is calling on congress to return early to pass the president's $1.8 billion zika funding request. >> what about when it's discovered in another state? the fact is that this is a health emergency, and it needs to be dealt with straight on. >> reporter: he follows in- person on the street visits thursday by florida's governor and south florida's congressional delegation all saying florida's zika crisis is real here and now with today a 16th case confirmed. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here. so from my perspective whatever it takes to get this done, whether it's a special session, if the senate went in tomorrow into pro forma serks i would be pleased with that as well. we need these funds. >> reporter: the cdc still says the only active zika transmission zone is in this one-square-mailbox north of downtown miami although one of the 16 local cases is not tied
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to a visit here. exactly how that happened remains under investigation. as the county and state intensified their war on the zika virus from the skies and house to house on the ground, president obama reit the tear rated from the pentagon thursday current zika funds at the national institute of health dry up september 30th. >> the situation is getting critical. for instance, without sufficient funding, nih clinical trials and the possibilities of a vaccine, which is well within reach could be delayed. >> but for the british company wanting to release 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes into the florida heat, a big win as the fda gives final approval for a field trial. the company claims it will reduce the local mosquito population by 90%. it is now up to voters this november. in miami, phil keating, fox news. a major change in an east bay jail healthcare system.
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>> this has been a long time coming, and it's now happening. >> the decision today by alameda county officials after a yearlong investigation by our 2 investigates team. plus, a critical endorsement by donald trump. the announcement he made just minutes ago meant to help unify the republican party. and a bay area veterans memorial vandalized. the efforts now to find out who did it and why. k ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the event this weekend. this year's headliners include radio head, third eye blind, duran duran and lionel richy. tickets sold out in just hours. a san francisco police officers association is under fire for a controversial photo in their journal. it appears people of color to dogs. . the poa hasn't commented but mayor ed lee says time for better communication.
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flames have charred more than 53,000-acres since it broke out on july 22. it's 35 percent contained and investigators say an illegal campfire sparked the blaze which has destroyed 57 homes. you're watching the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a yearlong 2 investigates has led to a major change in the jail healthcare system. >> they dropped their provider after 2 investigates uncovered serious concerns with their healthcare provider and even deaths in the jail. >> ross has the story. >> live wills at risk when you make this decision. take your time and get it right. >> despite a passional plea from corizon's top doctor, they awarded the new $135 million jail healthcare contract to a different private company. california forensic medical group. >> we want to add an extension,
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motion passes. >> 2 investigates began looking into this more than a year ago after mario martinez died in the jail. they failed 600 lawsuits nationwide and our investigation revealed a series of questionable medical decisions and gaps in oversight from the sheriff itself, martinez's mother filed her own lawsuit against the company and the county. >> you're a healthcare provider and supposed to be providing healthcare, that's what you do. if you can't do that, you're in the wrong business. >> this comes a year after the almeida county settled an $8.3 million lawsuit for the death of another inmate. the largest of its kind in the history. >> yes, you're incarcerated but that does not mean you go to jail and die in there.


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