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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 startings mous. an another man shoots and kills an officer in san diego. officers were wearing body cameras but the shootings were not caught. are the cameras helping or providing a false sense of security. >> the latest examples of how body cameras are used in high
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profile cases. >> well the oakland and san jose police departments have body cameras and they were approved for the san francisco p dpshgs as well. they're meant to usher in a new ere ro ra of ---er -- era of transparency. but there's no rules. . >> reporter: bod da camera footage shows officers shooting at a stolen car in chicago but the moment the offer shot and killed the 18-year-old suspect as he ran away was not captured. even though the officer was wearing a body camera. and when a shooter shot two officers last week one of the officers only hit record after the shooting.
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john burr says there should be a general rule to hit record when they interact with the public. if not there should be punishment. >> the alameda county sheriff's department changed the policy after two deputies were caught beating a car theft suspect last year. ten of the 11 deputies who responded didn't activate their body cameras. >> the main point here is that the policy detail that departments put in place are critically important. and across the board in our 58 department study across the country many are failing to do that. >> there was a scorecard offered in 50 u.s. cities including oakland and san francisco he says the goal of body cameras is transparency so
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officers should be required to use them routinely and the footage should be made available to those recorded. >> my departments across the country including the three area departments that we studied these people were not allowed access to the videos. >> police departments argued there are privacy concerns when it comes to the public's access it's a point heage knowledges but -- that he acknowledges. >> i don't ethink those are issues where there should be question about the camera being turned on and made available. >> we reached out to police contacts tonight and didn't heart back in time. the body camera scorecard gave credit to the oakland and san francisco departments that prevent officers from reviewing
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footage before writing their report in most cases. we put it on >> and monty several departments have policies in effect is it just a lack of consequences? >> in some cases that's true. a recent study found they were only recording 6% of what was required. >> and are they required to make the footage public? >> they are not but that could change. bill hayward is working on a bill to make that a law. >> tonight the family of that 18-year-old shot and killed by chicago police wants answers about hiss death. today -- his death. body camera video gives some answers. another camera shows police
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chasing that teen paul o'neill and handcuffing him after he'd been shot. >> it was disturbing. very disturbing. not the way anything is supposed to be done. >> there is a hunt going on. the chicago police are hunting plaque and brown people. >> -- black and brown people. >> making ourselves better starts with acknowledging where we need to improve. it starts out by rooting out the behavior that is lost the trust of the community. >> the chicago police department has stripped those three officers of the authority and determined that they violated departmental policy. >> a survey finds young adults support new efforts to curb gun violence. nine out of ten young adoesn'ts support criminal -- adults support criminal background checks. 70% support banning
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semiautomatic weapons and 47% don't believe limiting gun ownership infridges on rights. a man found shot to death and found lying in the street. >> neighbors say there hasn't been conflict on the street before and still tonight no one knows who this victim is. bill martin has that -- bill martin mar has that story. >> gunshots woke fred and his wife. >> probably about four or five shots. gunshotses i heard. we -- gunshots i heard. we could distinguish it. >> a man's body was found lie fg the road. he had multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors are in shock. many who live near the 200 block stopped to ask us if we knew who the psychiatric tim was. one -- victim was one woman says that she knows everyone in
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the neighborhood and no one is missing. >> i think what's happening crime-wise is not from local people. they're from outside. . >> he may be right. vallejo police say the shooting victim is not from the neighborhood or from the city of vallejo. he's a 26-year-old from san francisco. >> some crimes in here that's been committed and nen you find out they're from other towns. >> police haven't released his identity. the neighbors are eager to find out what he was doing in their neighborhood. in vallejo. lee martinez fox 2. . . >> hayward police released the  name of another shooting victim there. he was found shot dead near west jackson and cypress. they found him with multiple gunshot wounds inside a nearby
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car. police have not identified any suspects yet. now to monterey county where the fire near big sur is threatening condors. the fire has now destroyed six feeding stations and dozens of bird are at risk. so far none of the birds has been killed. biologists have been breeding condors there since the 1980s. as for the fire fight officials say it has burned more than 84 square miles and is 40% contained. in yolo county both lanes of the highway are opened but officials are urging people to drive with caution. 1600 firefighters are battling the blaze which has destroyed 45-u -- 5 #00 acres it's 45%
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contained. cooler temperatures are helping firefighters in both areas. mike has the details for -- mark has the details for us. >> the fire crews have been helped the last couple of days. but things will change into sunday and next week as well. we'll begin with the occult fire we had temperatures close to 100 degrees so that was a big challenge for the fire crews and of course the terrain always a challenge. not only with access but the wind that funnels through and that can generate different circulations. right now 72 degrees in the fire zone. winds not too much of a factor. tomorrow will be warmer than with the temperatures close to 90 degrees and higher. relative humidity down to 25%. the fire we've been talking about the two different weather worlds. on the coast temperatures in the upper 50s as you work your
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way to the higher terrain temperatures in the upper 60s. marine air is in the region and some fog is going to help out the fire crews for the part tofs state. ridge tops mid-80s and the relative humidity to around 30%. as i mentioned warmer temperatures in the forecast over the next few days. that will be a challenge for fire crews. you'll notice the change for us as well. an 18-year-old man who was sky diving for the first time was one of two people killed today during a tandem jump. tonight investigators say it appears their parachute failed. doug johnson has the latest. >> this voin yard southwest of the lo die -- vineyard southwest of the lodi airport.
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>> deputies responded to the scene and locate add tan dpem jumping -- tandem jumping pair that impacted the ground without the chute deplaying. >> sheriff's deputies believe one of the men is in his 20s and the a friend of the instructor. friends say this was was first time skydiving. what exactly went wrong is still unclear. >> handled the coroner's investigation of that. and then the saa will handle the contributing factors. >> according to to old reports this is the 15th and 16th deaths at the lodi drop zone since the early 1980s. two were suicides. the last fatal accident happened in february. >> most of these divers pushing a little bit further limit. which could cause accidents. >> even after today's death the jump center continued to of rate sending -- operate sending
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planes and jumpers into the sky. bill dosz couldn't speak to our cameras but said his is the busiest diving center north of l.a. the business is safe according to neighbors. >> according to numbers we may have a lot less fatalities but they have a lot less divers. coming up new regulations on e-cigarettes hook cas and cigars what's change and why you need to know. two highly unfavorable candidates as the top nominees. voters may reconsider their omgss. how -- options. and legalizing marijuana could the environment be the biggest winner. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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new at sock a -- new at 10:00 a man killed by a train in san pablo. a spokesperson for am track and -- amtrak and union pacific says he walked on the the track and was hit. the train was headed to los angeles. no one on board was injured but it caused major delays. it took tlooe hours to clear the tracks and get the train running. the victim's name hasn't been released. donald trump held a
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campaign rally in new hampshire tonight. it comes after he finally endorsed paul ryan ending that controversy. he is now taking the advice of gop leaders and taking his attack to hillary clinton. >> isis is looking folks. they dream of hillary clinton. they look at her and they say this can't be happening to us. how great is this? now you tell me she looks presidential folks. i look presidential. you tell me. >> but hillary clinton is still ahead in the polls. the latest fox news poll has her 10 points ahead in a national head to head race. and donald trump is using her words against her. clinton told journalists yesterday that she short sishlted when she -- sishted when she -- circuited.
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trump's new add graphically illustrates the short sisht comment. and with -- circuit comment. and with republican sxsz democrats -- and democrats looking at two nominees they don't like people are looking at third party candidates. >> it's libertarian can -- if dibtarian gary johnson -- libertarian gary johnson gets to participate in the debates it could have an impact on voters and the election in november. take a look at the poll. johnson is back at 12%. that's close to the 15% he woed need to be included in the debates this fall. he's been running on a platform of smaller government, less
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military intervention and liberal social policy. he's been an advocate for legalizing marijuana. critics of third party candidates say a vote outside the two-party system is a wasted vote. >> a wasted vote is voting for someone you don't believe in. and if you're going to continue to vote for the lesser of two evils that's still evils. >> the green party nominated jill stein. the green party has been reaching out to disaffected bernie sanders voter and she continues that pitch. >> you have completely changed the political dynamics going forward. there will be no stopping you. there will be no stopping up until we have achieved that change that we have all put on the platform together. >> we will prevail. >> stein is polling at about 4%
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with a four-race with clinton, trump, and johnson. in washington molly fox news. california voters will have a chance in november on whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. there would be a 15% sales tax. what hasn't been mentioned is how legalized marijuana might possibly help the environment. claudine wong spoke with con vervasionist michael -- conservationist michael. >> this is good for society. those are important questions but from an environmental standpoint it's almost certainly better to get it out of the woods out of shadows and subject it to the environmental laws we have. >> what is it doing to the
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environment now the way it's being grown currently? >> the illegal cultivation of marijuana is causing huge environmental damage. the illegal growers use pesticides and fertilizers. they steal water. they found more than 135 illegal water divers h the middle of a record drought. it makes no sense to keep this industry in the woods and illegal. >> but there also has been some concern about the water needed for outdoor marijuana growth. some claim a single plant needs six gallons of water aday to survive. that's double the amount needed by a grapevine. a strong u.s. job's report shows impressive gains but is the economy as strong as the numbers suggest. why consumers worry a spike in interest rates could be on the way. stubborn low clouds and fog around the bay already
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increasing. here's a live camera towards the bay bridge. where the clouds will be tomorrow morning and the one direction temperatures will be trending over the next few days.
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the july unemployment numbers show progress in hiring but on the other side the number of people in the work force is now near an historic low. >> this comes as the obama administration clashes with big business over tax policy. the federalerer serve could raise interest -- federal reserve could raise interest rates. >> as for a record 70th straight month the u.s. job report showed gains. payroll climbing by $250,000. wages also went up .3% with an
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average of 190,000 new jobs but that is raising fears that federal interest rates could be raised as soon as next month. >> the feds going to make their decisions but this is a very strong labor market. >> strong but not strong enough to effect the low workforce participation rate. >> i think the important dynamics here are the people taking on part time work to make ends meet. >> it means we're seeing faster wages, a continued low unemployment rate but that we need to make more progress. this comes as the treasury department is being accused of a massive overreach. a taxes business group suing the administration saying new rules violate the law. >> i am very pleased that the
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treasury department has taken new action to prevent more corporations from taking advantage of one of the most insidious tax loopholes out there. and fleeing the country to get out of paying taxes. >> but in chambers he said they ignored the clear limits of a statute and rewrote the law. this is not the way government is supposed to work in america. >> kevin brady who was the chairman of the house ways and means committee is calling the new rules damaging. much of this is born out of the proposed merger that would have been worth about $152 billion a merger that remains on hold. kevin cork at the white house fox news. new federal regulations are hitting the tobacco industry. the food and drug administration will also regulate e-cigarettes and cig
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ars. the new rules will have no affect on how adults buy products. >> these products remain legal for adults. but starting on august 8th it will be illegal to sell those products to kids. we have a huge public health problem with kids use of e- cigarettes and cigars. it's gone up by 900% many the last few years. glfr there was no law -- >> before there was no law against selling to minors. a machete attack in belgium send two female officers to the hospital. what the suspect shouted that has investigators linking to terrorism. a celebration turns tragic in france. how the most common way to celebrate birthdays led to the death of 13 people.
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in belgium today a man with a machete attacked and wounded two women police officers. it happened outside the main police station. police say the man shouted during the attack. he was shot by a third officer and died no. word on his identity. but police say they presume the attack was ab act of ter -- an act of terrorism. both officers are expected to recover. birthday candles in france led to a fire that killed 13 people. the basement had sound insulating material in the walls which ignited the entire building in seconds trapping the party goers. a man helping plan several attacks. phillip is in custody and faces
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charges after he was found to be linked to terror organizations. they brought him in after tips. >> i'm very happy to that we've interrupted something that could have been very serious in terms of harm to the community. >> police believe the threat of any new imminent attack is over. in brazil a bomb squad blew up a backpack today that was left unattended near the finish line of a bike race. it may have belonged to a homeless man but security rules call for all unattended bags to be destroyed. there were no injuries and the race finished with no incident. a memorial held today for the people killed in the hot air balloon crash a week ago. they're calling it the worst in recent history. a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in central texas. the names of all 16 victims
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were read following the ringing of a bell. dozens gather outside the courthouse in lockhart to recognize first responders and remember those victims. >> they were beautiful people. and they loved the lord and his light shined through everything they did. >> officials at the memorial say 15 of the 16 have been positively identified. the medical examiner is working to identify the final vic film. we were -- victim. we were learning more about the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando nearly two months ago. valerie has the new details in the case giving investigators new insight into how the tragedy unfolded. >> nearly two months after the shootings the medical examiner released autopsy reports on 341 of the -- 31 of the victims.
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most were shot multiple times. a 32-year-old suffered nine gunshot wounds. >> oral orlando -- orlando club goers played dead in the bathrooms. >> the 29-year-old was shot eight times by law enforcement officers including his head chest and foot. he also had blunt force injuries. as the autopsy reports are released new information on the one orlando fund will soon be available. >> it's some type of compensation to relieve us financially and other ways to relieve our pain and hurt. but, you know, we have to accept whatever is given and we appreciate that. >> a new formula how money will be dispersed will be released on august 11th.
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>> they're professionals they've been doing this with other mass shootings and i'm putting trust in them. >> orlando says he's getting back to work but is grateful. >> i want to thank everybody for their support. >> in orlando fox news. a statewide drought in effect but that doesn't mean you can't have your dream garden. the new push to get you to go green while conserving water. and warm up is on the way. mark will be next with your complete bay area forecast.
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tens of thousands of people at golden gate park tonight the
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for the music festival. security is tight this year for the first time. ticketholders must pass through metal dedeck or thes. officials -- detectors are asking that people leave backpacks at home. even the fbi is keeping an eye on the crowds this weekend. here's the reward for all of those who headed out to fest vl tonight and tomorrow. the headliners included radiohead. tomorrow third eye blind. if you're going remember security will be tight and you can learn more about this festival by going to our website on the front page of and golden gate park living up to its cool summertime reputation today. temperatures only close to 60s degrees a little bit warmer as we head boo the -- head into
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the sunday forecast. inland back up to the 820s. here you can -- 80s. the national per speckive -- perspective. and for us here in california the low clouds and fog redeveloping in fact it was basically the same deal that we had this morning. low clouds near the coast and bay. partly cloudy skies inland. we'll show you some of the 10:00 numbers.  san jose and mountainview both 60 degrees. here's our live camera. low clouds. it's not the dense fog but some low clouds still a factor for tonight. tomorrow morning a sun cloud mix for the afternoon hours after some drizzle and then a mild to warm weather pattern but no major heat showing up. beautiful outside earlier this evening. napped this picture. you -- snapped this picture and
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you see temperatures up a few degrees for sunday. 60 degrees the for beaches. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning 50s out there. you can see san francisco 52 and push the drizzle back in the forecast first thing tomorrow morning es pishlgly coast -- especially coast side and right along the bay. golden gate park along the cool side there. morning clouds skies becoming partly cloudy by mid afternoon. tomorrow a touch warmer than today. that will translate to low 60s by 4:00 as we head towards the mid afternoon hours. this weather system cooling off over the past three to four days. it will be on the move towards sunday and monday. this is a weak area of high pressure. this will be the source of some minor warming. lots of 80s inland. no triple digits and not much in the way of 90s.
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forecast model showing you this low clouds noer the -- near the coast and bay. clearing back to near the shoreline. a few break this is the clouds. partly cloudy around the bay and inland neighborhoods more sunshine and temperatures actually fairly comfortable. brentwood 87. san francisco 64. some more neighborhoods for you. san mat owe 63 and half-moon bay 61. your temperatures for the next five days. minor cooling by tuesday and wednesday. temperatures back up in the upper 80s to near 90s. a stable five-day forecast. typically there's one day i could say is hot or cold but cruising along the next five days. >> the cooler temperatures kind of nice. >> especially our true summer in the bay area are in fall as
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we head later. typically the clear days and the record heats we'll keep an eye on that. >> mark thank you. officials at the water district are trying to get people to go green. they held a work shop today aimed at getting homeowners to trade their lawns for a drought- tolerant garden. experts say we're going into another year short on water. the district says gardens with water-wise irrigation systems use about half the water of a conventional lawn. they said it will help offset the cost of making the switch. >> we have a rebait program where they can get money back for pulling out their lawn. but then we have an incentive where they can work with a landscape designer. >> the water district says as much as 30,000 gallons of water could be saved each year.
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the nfl enshines a new -- enshrines a new cast into the hall of fame. next in sports.
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fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> good evening everyone welcome to this saturday night sports wrap. oakland boxer andre ward will get a title fight in las vegas in november that's because of what he did tonight in oakland fighting as a light heavyweight for just the second time. he took on brandon of columbia before the crowd ward was the
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aggressor a fight that went the distance. he was the winner by unanimous decision. 39-0. he's in line for a unification belt. scott reed has more from ringside. >> we got what we expected here at or kl as ward wins by -- other ra kl as ward ones by unanimous decision. >> this is a career defining fight. that's the kind of pressure i put on myself. there's no reason why i shouldn't be able to get that task handled. and that takes nothing away from ser gay because he's -- sergei because he's everything that people say he is. it's 50/50 who's going to rise to the occasion and i plan on doing that. it's going to take a lot of work but i'm willing to go through whatever i got to go through to get where i'm trying to get.
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. >> how he said at this point it's going to be like who's the best. >> it is a tad unusual for a fighter's next poept to not only be -- opponent to not only be sitting ringside but he was more than willing to talk about what should be one of the fights of the year november 19th in las vegas. fox 2 sports. the giants made some trade deadline deals hoping to pump some life into their line up. one paid off big time. the return of hunter pence. here's how tough he is. he hit a foul ball that hit him in the cheekbone that raise as serious mouse under his eye. he shakes it off and stays in the game. buster poesy with a ding l up the middle. -- single up the middle. two runs in the ining and that
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was just part of the contribution by munez four for five. the giants got two more. 4-0 lead. offensive production up and down the line up. pinch-hitter ari back from assignment and a run in the eighth that scored pence. one more run for fun for the giants of the night. 2014 fan will remember the home run belt hit in this ballpark. just about the same place here for his 13th run. it was the third straight win for matt cane who's now 4-6. boston at dodger stadium where l.a. went up 1-0. a.j. ellis doesn't hit it hard but


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