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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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has of one airline completely shut down all over the world. your mornings on 2 starts right now. >> good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this monday, good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 on this monday, august 8, and i am dave clark in for pam cook.>> i am brian flores, good morning. breaking news out of oakland, they have set up a perimeter not far from interstate 880. they are looking for suspect in a homicide that happened about two hours ago. alex savidge is live.>> reporter: we have very limited information from the oakland police department, we do understand it is a homicide. we had the empire road blocked off at 90 8th avenue by the oakland police officer, and we are not allowed any closer.
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i will show you video that was shot a short time ago, this is from 2 am this morning, a crash in a car caught fire. this is closed to the him -- the intersection at empire road. there is no other access point in the area. we do not know exactly how the crash and fire relate to the homicide, but we understand there was a shooting of some sort, and we do not know how many victims were involved. the oakland police have this area surrounded, searching for somebody who may have been responsible for the shooting, an active showed -- search apparently going on within this neighborhood, we are not allowed to get any further than at this point. there is a neighborhood lot down as the police search for someone -- locked down as the police search for someone.
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there is a crash apparently involving the oakland police officer, 14th at foothill. the crash involves injuries, and all we know is that the officer was involved in the crash and we don't know how badly he is injured, but we have to fire department in paramedics on the scene, that is at 14th at foothill. let's take a look at other things, road conditions are okay on i-80 80, traffic moving well -- i-880, traffic moving well. we have a similar pattern to what we had on sunday, some subtle changes, and it looks almost identical,
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low clouds making a good push, not much going on in one extreme to the other. once this burns back to the coast, stuck in the 60s, west wind at the airport 12 miles an hour and we have eight good delta breeze with temperatures in the 80s inland, 60s and 70s on the coast and the bay, a lot of 60s, santa rosa a cool 50, 60s and 70s, 80s, and it far enough away some 90s. developing news and contra costa county, and the blackhawk community, sheriff deputies investigating the homicide of a 69-year-old woman found dead at 4:00 yesterday afternoon at a home on quail run lane. it appears the victim and the suspect knew each other, and investigators have not released
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any details but they are asking anyone with information to call the contra costa sheriff's office. there was a baseball player shot and killed at the san francisco aquatic park, and the family of 20-year-old calvin riley says he was playing pokimon go with a friend, besting from the east coast and he was killed just after 10:00 saturday night. he was the pitcher for the san joaquin delta college baseball team in stockton, and his coach says he was a standout player hopes of making it to the big legs. >> the kind of kid that you would hope your kid would grow up to be. >> he graduated from the high school in san mateo in 2015 and they have not said anything about the possible motive or sussed that. his family things he was at the wrong place at the wrong time,
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and the police are asking anyone with information to call them. 4:04 am. san francisco health officials investigating why a dozen people became sick on saturday night, and it was the party held for teenage girls, and swollen tongues, rashes and fast heartbeats, and the paramedics were called, and the rest work admitted to the hospital, it including three children. they said that the symptoms are raising several questions>> at first i would think it was an allergy, but 19 people would not have the same allergic reaction, and it brings up the question on whether this is some type of a toxin, edible marijuana or some drug that was intended to be put in their.>>
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the san francisco health officials are questioning those that became sick and also questioning the food at the party brought in by the organizers and guess. they are focusing in on the candy but the cause remains a mystery. the search is being called off for the missing sonoma county man, and experienced hiker that set out two weeks ago on an overnight trip, and relatives and friends alerted officials when he did not return after four days. hundreds have searched for him in the wilderness area around mount jefferson, where the snow is still at the highest points. the marion county sheriff's office says that all of the lead to been exhausted, and the family and friends say despite that they will continue to search on their own. he graduated from the annalee high school in 2013. the attorney for the former san mateo police officer accused of assault is expected to ask for a reduction in vail,
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noah winchester is accused of sexually assaulting five women on duty, and he pleaded not guilty to 22 felonies including kidnapping and break -- kidnapping and rape, thing held on a $3.1 million bail. workers on strike since wednesday, no raises in eight years, and they offered a nine in the half percent pay increase but the santa clara county clerks want another 3%. there also accusing the county to spend millions on a new courthouse instead of giving them their fair wage. they said that the county courthouse is owned by the state and the finding has no direct relationship with them wages. the delta airlines has grounded flights scheduled to take off this morning due to a systemwide computer outage, and delta confirmed the problem while responding to tweets from
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customers and the flights are delayed, and those lights in route are operating normally, and there is no estimate on when the problem could be fixed. delta says if you plan on flying delta today check ahead on your flight throughout the morning. donald trump and hillary clinton both focusing on the campaign this morning, and donald trump may respond to the critics to say he is not provided enough specifics. >> reporter: donald trump may still be drawing the big crowds, but with his sagging poll numbers is hoping his economic proposal he reveals today will provide of rewound.>> we need get it back where it belongs, comparing the economy under obama and clinton versus the growth economy that mr. trump wants to build.
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>> reporter: an increase in domestic energy production, a pause for new regulations coming out of washington, and a much lower 50% corporate tax rate. the clinton campaign is already calling it "trump-onomics" and hillary clinton will be back talking about the mistakes you made on her private email server. but clinton has encouraging poll numbers. >> reporter: she is way up in virtually every swing state, georgia and arizona are now in play for her.>> and that was doug luzader reporting. a professor kidnapped, another
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one australian, and reportedly five gunmen stopped the car that the two professors were riding in an kidnapped them. no group has claimed responsibility. an attack on the government run a hospital in pakistan killing 63 people, the powerful explosion appears to be a suicide attack, and it happened as about 100 lawyers were gathered at the hostel it'll, following the killing of a fellow attorney that was shot by men on a motorcycle while on his way to court. as the attorneys were protesting his killing, and explosion ripped through the entrance of the emergency room. violating department policy, that is what the police chief is saying, the statement made public amid the sex scandal plaguing several police departments in the east bay. what officials in one east bay city are doing to help by and fix up lodging. we are looking at a nice morning commute, a few issues
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that not on the major roads and we will tell you what is going on. not much changed today from sunday, temperatures similar and would take a look coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:13 am. contractors, banks and nonprofit groups teaming up to help first-time home buyers. we are talking about abandoned
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and boarded-up homes, there were used as meth labs, or homeless encampment, making them unsafe and unlivable. the three million-dollar social impact grant is fixing them up and making them available to a specific home buyer. >> this will provide local first-time home buyers that could not buy in the bay area market for a chance to on their home.>> the bank that is behind the program is open to sell 80 of the homes in the next five years and it could become a model for other cities struggling with abandoned homes. palo alto-based test the expanding its stores to the new retail locations opening every four days, and the new store in san francisco on friday. test the posted the second quarter financial statements with net losses of $293 million, up from $184 million in losses the same time last
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year. they say some of that comes from the money spent to build the gig up factory in novato. they came up short of the goal of 17,000 cars during the quarter. the san francisco-based air bnb is now worth $30 billion according to bloomberg, the home share company raise 850 million in a recent equity round, and the filing with the state of delaware does not disclose who is making the investment, making air bnb the second most valuable u. s. tech startup after uber. thieves in texas targeting chrysler vehicles with laptop computers, and looking at the surveillance video from the houston police department, they would start the vehicles using the laptop by taking advantage of the software within the vehicles. they would drive the cars to mexico where the jeep and dodge vehicles attract big money on the black market.>> the module
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that operates the ignition of the car can easily be hacked with the proper software in it start and shut off the car.>> fiat chrysler says that it takes the safety and security of its customers seriously and is incorporating new features to reduce the risk of unlawful and unauthorized access. two people are under arrest in the police believe more people are involved. the mcdonald's restaurant in missouri unveiling what could be the company future, ordering through the touchscreen instead of talking with the person, and they can customized their burgers and sandwiches with ingredients that are not seen on a big mac for example, maple bacon and guacamole. according to the reports, the new mcdonald's is being mobbed by likely customers responding
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to the draw of the unlimited french fries, and no word on how long that offer will last. 4:17 am. and there has been a crash involving in oakland police  officer, and what happened? >> it is a car crash at 14th at foothill in oakland, involving the oakland police officer at that corner, fire and medics are on the scene, and we do not know the condition of the officer, but we do know the officer is being attended to by the emergency medical staff. 14th at foothill, a good area to avoid, and not affecting nearby 880. it is a pretty busy intersection, but it is early, so not a lot of traffic backup. let's take a look at the commute, the bay bridge looking pretty good as you drive in into san francisco, no major problems. looking at the south bay, 280
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san jose northbound, looking good to the valley. coming up on 4:18 am. we have the usual fog and low clouds, and not much of a change as we head into later today, 80s inland, 60s and 70s with the westerly breeze. from the sfo out to the delta, not that strong but there. we will be a breezy afternoon. maybe warmer weather toward the middle or the end of the week inland, but the coast is still stuck in this pattern. low clouds in place, and we know the drill, temperatures warming up, but a little cool for some, and not too bad with wins out of the southwest at the oakland airport, 14. 61 in san jose with the southerly breeze and a few upper 40s at napa in petaluma
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and windsor at 53, mill valley at 53, and statewide 32 in truckee, 50s and 60s from you qaeda sacramento, monterey 55, and 51 in flagstaff, and that monson got kicked out, and we did have a few buildups over this year, but the breeze was the biggest factor. quiet thunderstorms summer for the sierra nevada so far, and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. this low turning up and it is a bit of a push. 60s and 70s along the coast and the bay, 80s and a few 90s inland. after tuesday we could see a slight warm-up and more so inland on thursday and friday, and also into saturday. not one hundreds, but it will be warmer. russia targeted
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in another doping scandal, and 25 minutes the decision announced for the paralympics next month. the obama administration and the hundreds of millions of dollars it paid to iran.
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following the developments out of mexico, torrential rains from the remnants of hurricane earl triggering mudslides, and
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the death toll has risen to 39. this is video and the intense rainfall causing the hillsides to collapse inside the homes. the machete attack that injured two policewomen in belgium, isis has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack near brussels. they're calling it an attempted terrorist murder, and the knife yielding man shouting, "god is great" in arabic. belgium has been on high alert since the march 22 suicide bombings in brussels that killed 32. the united nations expecting as many as 1 million people to be forced from their homes as the military moves to retake the city from isis, and it 3000 people showed up last week boosting the number of people living there to about 28,000, and the iraqi commanders say they are trying to encourage the families not
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to flee the homes, and some refugees said they would not have left if they had known how bad the conditions were in the camps, and others say it is better than the terrifying violence of isis. at the vatican today pope francis addressing the ongoing crisis in syria, calling the loss of lives unacceptable, and he also blamed those in power for having what he calls "closed heart and a lack of desire for peace." some of 300,000 people are trapped in the rebel held neighborhoods. and i'm ron jones. executing a nuclear scientist accused of giving information about the iran nuclear program to the united states, and he was executed for spying. he went missing while in 2009 on a film or group -- on a
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pilgrimage to saudi arabia, and he came back claiming that saudi arabia and the cia kidnapped him, and the u. s. state department said that he defected. the white house is denying the claim of a $400 million cash payment to iran was ransom, and the white house that it was part of a $1.7 billion settlement to resolve a decades-old dispute over the failed arms deal, but critics are questioning whether the timing of the payment and the release of the prisoners was just a coincidence.>> we did not pay a ransom, and we didn't here and we won't in the future. precisely because if we did we would encourage americans to be targeted. >> it does not matter what president obama says, it matters but the iranians think, and what the gangsters all around the world thing. they clearly think that it was a ransom payment.>> the members of the oversight committee want secretary of state john kerry
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to testify before congress about the payment.>> senator charles schumer is calling on congress to come back early to get a zika funding bill passed, crisis for the 850 pregnant women in the u. s. with the virus, pushing them to pass the emergency funding to develop a possible zika vaccine and so far congress is not approved the 1.9 $1.9 billion in funding that president obama has asked for to fight the disease. >> it says that if someone is drowning, congress is a life preserver but are too lazy to throw it out.>> the cdc issued a travel warning urging pregnant woman not to visit the area of miami where the mosquito says fred -- mosquitoes have spread the virus to 16 people. they are going door-to-door handing out bug spray. investigations underway in denise bay city and the search for the gunman.
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it is a tragedy for all of us. >> tragedy in the sky, the probe parachuters, and the one that lost his life over the weekend. we are looking at a commute that is mostly good, a couple of different issues, but on the golden gate bridge, traffic is smooth driving south. temperatures look to be stuck for couple of days and we will show you what is in store.
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welcome back everybody. delta airlines has grounded flights scheduled to take off this morning due to a systemwide computer outage. here are live pictures, and delta confirmed the problem while responding to the tweets
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from its customers, the flights waiting to take off our delayed and the flights in route are operating normally. there's no estimate on when the problem will be fixed, and delta says if you plan on flying delta, check head on the status of your flight. the same with what we saw from the southwest incident a few weeks ago, not a good thing. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this monday, august 8, and i am dave clark. >> i am brian flores and we will check on the traffic. the same, and with the weather, the same but different. in that we have the fog and low clouds, not much change at the coast or the bay, but inland temperatures a little bit different, 86 degrees with the westerly breeze, and


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